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Meteo City (*HV2*)


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[I]Club Skylax[/I]

[i]Rico Tranzrig, now 6 months into the Meteo City police department gears up for undercover work at a local rave party in centeral Meteo with his partner, Tasha Adelle. Both in leather jackets, they casually walk past the bouncer and settle themselves down at a table in the corner with the electronica pumping.
The place looks pretty normal, but within the club, a suspected drug trade is going on at this very moment among the large crowd of people.[/i]

Rico: You remember your mission, right?

Tasha: Of course! I don't need you to take care of me, I can take care of myself.

Rico: Okay, okay...sheesh. What are you so mad about?

Tasha: You didn't have to embarass me at the breifing room when I ask stupid questions.

Rico: Oh, sorry about that...

Tasha: I'm gonna go take a walk around.

[i] Tasha gets up and mingles with the crowd, carrying a simply harmless fan that records audio and video through its hidden cameras. She talks to diffrent people, but with her present mood, she becomes short tempered when she approaches this one guy named Pimp.[/i]

Pimp: Hey, you wanna go to the back with me and get it on.

Tasha: I- don't think so. Go away!

Pimp: You know, no one says no to Pimp!

[i]He summons his body guards, to surround Tasha and try to hold her and drag her to the back alleyway.[/i]

Tasha: Did you hear me? I said hell NO! Leave me the F-k alone!

[i]One of the bodyguards tries to grab hold of Tasha's shoulders. She elbows the guard in the stomach, then delivers a powerful back kick to the Pimp's groin area, causing him to fall to his knees in pain with his guards helping his unconcious self.[/i]

Tasha: Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way.

[i]Tasha walks away unscathed and finally confronts a dealer[/i]

Dealer: Here, try this. [i]holds up a vial filled with blue powder[/i]

Tasha: How much?

Dealer: §50 a pop.

Tasha: I think I left my purse at the table.

Dealer: Come back now, okay?

Tasha: Sure thing...:rolleyes:

[i]Rico walks up to Tasha and they start to dance to be unsuspected[/i]

Rico: You sure did a number on that Pimp guy...did you scan their minds? (This will be explained later....)

Tasha: Oh, yeah...the they're all strange here. I dunno what it is, but some of these people aren't, normal.

Rico: It's probably that new drug we got breifed about...acts a lot like adrenaline... Should I call for backup?

Tasha: I was gonna ask the same thing.

Rico: I'll have em at the front, waiting, until you give the signal.

Tasha: See you then...

[i]Rico walks out of the club and drives back to Meteo Police headquarters for backup...[/i]
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While rico is gone Tasha gets into some trouble with the pimp.

Pimp-No one disrespects me!

Tasha-I said i don't want to!

Pimp-It's not about what you want!It's about what i want!Get her!

The guards take Tasha to the back alley.

Pimp-Now we're going to get it on if you like it or not.

Tasha-I said no!

Pimp-Get her undressed!

Cloud-She said no.

Pimp-Who are you?

Cloud-Someone you don't need to know.Now let her go!

Pimp-Get him!

Cloud-You asked for it!

Cloud takes out the two guards quick and easy using martial arts.

Pimp-Alright man!Just don't hurt me!
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meanwhile zaden is still asleep snoring away when....
voice: wake up you lazy @$$!
zaden: uhhhh-- huh what the???
voice i said get up we have a busy day 2day!!!
zaden: you know i dont just take orders from anyone!!!
voice: just get the f*ck up!!!
zaden: just who the h*ll are you anyway?????
voice: you know me im........
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CF-*Yawn*, *Sigh* Another boring, simple day.

Charlie has been working on a factory to pay for a vehicle and enough food to return to New Chicago (now Meteo City). He had once fough alongside hybrids on a battle that changed his world. Now that peace has come, his life has been meaningless.
CF-I really miss the good old days:( . But in a few days I'll have enough money.

He put on his factory uniform and began his crate-moving job, the same way he has been for a year now. During lunch, the workers watch TV. While they were watching some raunchy shows, a News Broadcast was shown.

Reporter-Last night, at 11:30 PM, a dangerous drug dealer was captured by the Meteo City police. The agents didn't leave their last names, but their names are Tasha Adelle and Rico Tranzig.

Once the photos were shown, Charlie almost fainted.
CF-:eek: It's Valik and Trell! I wonder why the name change? And why the police job? Guess I'll find out in a few weeks.
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meanwhile sage is sitting at his desk as the police chief walks up to him and throws some papers on his desk

Sage:whats this?

Police Chief:its a backround on some guy i want u to check it out for me

Sage:uh ok

the police chief walks away as sage looks through the papers and gets up throws his jacket on and walks out of the police staion gets on his police cruiser and leaves
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*Outlaw sits at a table to a large club drinking a beer. A short weasly guy comes up to him.*

Man - Hey buddy, want a hit of something that will rock your word? *Holds up a small tube filled with a blue powder.*

Outlaw - No thanks.

Man - Come on, I'll give it to you real cheap.

Outlaw - I said no, you ask me one more time and I'll break your hand.

Man - Hey man, you don't know who your de...AHHHHHHHHH!!

*Outlaw grabs the man by the hand than jerks quickly and breaks 3 if his fingers. He than stands up, still holding the guys hand, and pulls out all his money from his pockets. He lets go of the little guy, who scampers off into the crowd, leaves a few bills for his drink, than leaves.*

Outlaw - **** I hate raves.

*As Outlaw walks out, he sees a small scermish in the ally next to the building, as A tall guy with blonde hair takes out two big guys. He wonders over couriously.*
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stops his cruiser infront of the club gets off and looks around

Sage:hmm seems pretty normal

sees a man walking towards the alley and heres some noise coming from that way

Sage:is that Tasha i hear better check it out

runs over to the alley and sees a blond man takin out two guys he wonders to himself who that is

Sage:hmm dont know him

looks over and sees the man walking towards the alley

Sage:Who are u?

the man looks over at him...
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[i]Rico comes back in his criuser to the club and sees sage peering in the alleyway[/i]

Rico: Sage, I couldn't find any spare officers at the station, are you my backup?

Sage: I guess so...I was just patrolling my usual area.

Rico: Hey, what going on there?

[i]They hear commotion, and Tasha's voice. Rico and Sage arm their pistols and walk toward the scene.[/i]

Rico: Looks like my partner's in trouble.

Sage: Why'd you leave her alone anyway?

Rico: Like I said, I was gonna call for backup...but I didn't find anyone.

Sage: Wait, so you're gonna bust an entire club without prepping up with backup...

Rico: It was just a reconnicance mission before the bouncers wouldn't let Tasha out of the club...

Sage: Since she's out now, maybe we can get her out of this mess.

[i]Rico and Sage proceed forward and spot the Pimp and his two bodyguards, Tasha, and two men they've never seen before[/i]

Pimp: Hey, It'll only take five minutes, then you two can have her...

Cloud: I'm more of a gentlemen than you'll ever be, now let her go!

Outlaw: Hey, you better not mess with me. I'm pissed off right now so F-k off!

Pimp: [i]pushes Tasha out of the way into the wall, knocking her unconcioius[/i] Looks like I'll have to take care of you two for now.

Rico: [i]Joins up with Cloud and Outlaw[/i] Make that 4...you're under arrest!

Sage: It looks like they're gonna put up a fight before they'll listen to us.

Pimp: Meteo police...you weaklings'll never match with our Occult.

Rico: Occult? What're you talking about.

[i]Three bodyguards get up and backup the Pimp with machine guns as he takes out his metal cane with an electric tip.

Cloud charges after one of the body guards and strikes the gun out of his hand. Sage riddles the unarmed thug's feet with bullets, causing him to drop to the ground. Sage runs up to him and slaps hand cuffs around the wrists.

Outlaw picks up a metal trash can and walks slowly to the other bodyguard as Rico keeps the Pimp busy with light gunfire. Outlaw blocks the bullets with the can and pummels the second body guard, leaving a face imprint on the can.

They regroup to engage the Pimp.[/i]

Pimp: Looks like I'm outnumbered.

Rico: Ya got that right you pervert!

Pimp: I don't have time to deal with insolent weaklings like you four. [i]Throws smoke bomb, spraying gas all over the alleyway.[/i]

Cloud: He got away...

Sage: But not his bodyguards. Thank you for your help...what's you're names?

Cloud: Cloud

Outlaw: Outlaw...

Sage: Okay [i]writes names down on pad[/i] You'll be receiveing your pay of §2,000 each.

Cloud and Outlaw: Thanks

Rico: I'll take care of my partner...

Sage: I'll put these two in a cell...sorry about your mission.

Rico: [i]Picks up Tasha[/i] It's okay...just make sure they don't get away. [i]goes inside car[/i]

Sage: You're gonna be okay?

Rico: Yeah...Tasha's pretty good at healing quick with my care so I'll just meet you back at the station tomorrow. Again thanks for your help.

[i]Sage and Rico drive off in seperate directions...Outlaw and Cloud head back home, wondering who or what the Pimp meant about the word "Occult."[/i]
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Cloud-You hear that?


The Pimp jumps out with 5 big men.

Cloud-*sigh*I'm going to kill you this time.

Pimp-Your outnumbered!

Cloud-And your stupid.*pulls out Gunblade*

Outlaw-Same here.*takes out hard edge*

Pimp-Get them!

Cloud-Don't do this!

Cloud slahes 3 guards and goes for the Pimp.

Pimp-*takes out cane and hits Cloud*
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meanwhile sage gets to the station gets out and takes the bodyguards inside to there cell

Cheif:who are they?

Sage:some bodyguards for some guy named pimp

Cheif:hmm dont know if i've heard that name before

Sage:yeah he was talkin about some kinda occult

Cheif: occult huh well where are rico and tasha

Sage:dont know they left in the other direction well im gonna go and lock these guys up

Cheif: ok

walks the two bodyguards into there cell takes the handcuffs off and locks them in then returns to his desk and finishes up his work

Sage:im gonna go now ok cheif

Cheif:alright bye


leaves the station gets into his car and heads for home...
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[I]The facility was filled with the wailings of alarms and sprinklers. Raynor egded around a corner, pistols in hand. Raynor shouted into a microphone connected to his ear, and lowered to near his mouth. [/I]

Raynor: "The mainframe door's jammed. I need the explosive's here now!"

[I]Raynor got a reply through the speaker on his ear.[/I]

Speaker: "No can do. You're going to have to get in another way..."

Raynor: "Rodger that."

[I]Warlock looked around, and spotted an air vent leading in the direction of the mainframe. He destroyed the cover with his pistols, and was soon crawling through.[/I]

Raynor: "How on earth did they get this so advanced, so near Meteo City..."

[I]Raynor headed for the other end of the air vent, blew off the cover, and dropped down into the mainframe room. Several guards aimed their gun at him, but were all shot down.[/I]

Raynor: "This is Raynor, the mainframe is breached..."

[I]An hour later, Raynor walked over to a military hover-car. He was greated by his fellow squad members.[/I]

Member #1: "Great work down there!"

Raynor: "Thanks. Well, I'm heading off to Meteo City. See ya in a few weeks..."

[I]Raynor got in a car, and drove through the outskirts of Meteo City, hopping maybe to find some old friends...[/I]
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In case anyone's wondering, that drug dealer that Rico and Tasha arrested was not the same one from the bar. What Charlie saw was an earlier case. Now back to the story.

Charlie has been working overtime at the factory to get his new jet-bike sooner. He has only one more day before Pay Day, so he has to do as much as posible or else he'll have to stay for another month.
CF-*panting* This job is killing me!

1 day later

CF-FINALLY PAY DAY! All this time has finally paid off! Soon, I'll be back in Meteo City!
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[i]Rico drives Tasha back to their apartment and sets her down on her bed as she begins to wake up[/i]

Rico: Sorry I wasn't there for you, Tasha.

Tasha: Don't worry about it, I can...take...care...of...Zzzzzz

[i]Tasha falls asleep[/i]

Rico: Hmm...Sweet dreams...:angel:

[i]Rico closes the door to her room and prepares dinner for one. Rico gets a call from their superior officer, Detective Kani around midnight[/i]

Kani: How's everything?

Rico: Tasha's asleep, she's pretty beat up right now...

Kani: Do you have the stuff?

Rico: We weren't able to get the drugs cause Tasha got in a bit of a mix up with another person. We have the entire thing on Audio Video if you wanna take a closer look.

Kani: I'll be expecting it in the morning in my E-mail inbox. As for your partner, just let her rest. We have a lot more undercover work for you.

Rico: I understand...

Kani: Good work, Rico. Sorry I'm putting a double workload on you.

[i]The transmission ends and walks to Tasha's room to check up on her. Awake, Tasha gets up with much pain around her body. Rico joins her eating dinner in her bed.[/i]

Tasha: This is really awkward...

Rico: How else are you gonna keep from starving to death.

Tasha: Well, you can stuff a tube up my nose and pump food...then again I'm dangerously underweight. Thanks.:D

Rico: No problem...You up for some more work?

Tasha: No...

Rico: I'll just have to go at it alone tomorrow then.:rolleyes:

Tasha: I can monitor your activities from home and aid you from there.

Rico: You sure you can get up and take care of yourself?

Tasha: What did I just say tonight!?:) Just kidding...I can barley move.

Rico: Okay, okay...I'll help you out as much as I can tomorrow:rolleyes: I'm gonna get some shut eye.

[i]Rico cleans up, preps up Tasha for bed, then goes to sleep

Little do they know they are being watched by a cloaked stranger, a member of the uprising occult...[/i]
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gets to his house and gets off his cruiser grabs his stuff then goes inside his house makes himself dinner eats it then cleans everything up

Sage:hmm time for bed

gets himself ready for bed as he walks into his room he notices a dark shadow in the window

Sage: (hmm what could that be)

walks over to the window slowly as he pulls his pistol out when he gets to the window and quickly looks out it with his pistol in hand he finds nothing

Sage:guess it was a cat or something eh well time for bed

puts his pistol gets into bed and falls asleep not knowing that it was actually a member of the uprising occult watching him....
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[i]Rico Stayed up all night thinking about what the Pimp said about "The Occult" Who were these people, did they have a connection with the drug dealings and random acts of violence around the city because of those drugs?

Rico woke up later than usual and got ready for work. As Rico got out of his room, Tasha woke up and tried to get out of bed...eventually falling on the floor in pain and giving up.[/i]

Tasha: S-T!:flaming:

[i]Rico rushes in the room to help Tasha back up to her bed[/i]

Rico: Looks like you're more busted up than I though.

Tasha: Shut up! You don't have to remind me!

Rico: Okay, fine...but you're not going anywhere or doing anything until you get better.

Tasha: And how do you plan on stopping me...

Rico: I don't have to, you'll stop yourself when you fall on the floor again.

Tasha: [i]Starts crying softly[/i]

Rico: I'm sorry....it really hurts huh?

Tasha: Yeah...

[i]Rico set her flat on the bed and started checking her body for massive injures. He found a broken collar bone and fractured ribs.[/i]

Rico: We gotta get some medical supplies. Don't move.

Tasha: Won't you be late for Kani's breifing?

Rico: That can wait, she's already pleased about the video we took of the drug dealing last night.

Tasha: Rico?

Rico: What?

Tasha: Thanks for remembering my little secret...

[i]Rico heads out to the local hospital near the center of the city. He didn't want to send her to the emergency room directly or the doctors would have probably ran scans on her, revealing her Telepathic abilities that both of them posess. They can't explain why they have it...but it proves useful in missions.[/i]
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[I]The doctors view Flash through a 5-inch thick window of bullet proof glass... he is in a white, padded room, on a bed, with a triple strength straight-jacket on... he is strapped up to a large number of monitors and machines, and a huge screen is situated in front of him...[/I]

Doctor: "Now, we're going to study his bio patterns again."
Doctor 2: "Alright. It's all ready."
Doctor: "Roll the tapes.."

[I]The screen in front of Flash flickers with images of Hybrids. Hybrids walking, Hybrid children playing, Hybrids leading happy normal lives... Humans and Hybrids side by side, living together in harmony... Flash cringes... his Heart pumps rapidly, and his temperature rises...[/I]

Doctor 2: "What's happening?"
Doctor: "He's furious."
Doctor 2: "But why?"
Doctor: "It's the Hybrids. He utterly despises them in every way..."

[I]But Flash is more than Furious... he has gone into a trance... his eyes are closed, his fists clenched tightly... He begins to collect energy....[/I]

Doctor 2: "What the..."
Doctor: "Dear god, he's collecting energy!!"
Doctor 2: "I thought we restrained his magic abilities!?"
Doctor: "...he's too strong..."

[I]In a giagantic blast, Flash destroys the complex...[/I]

Flash: "I'm back..."
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[i]As Rico drives towards the hospital, he gets a message on the Meteo Police Bulliten system[/i]

Message: Attention all Meteo Defense units, regroup @ the encoded cooridinates.

[i]Rico looks at the positioning system of the city and sees that the disturbance is coming from the Outer Section of Meteo City...Tasha messages Rico from the apartment[/i]

Tasha: Rico, are you okay?

Rico: What's going on?

Tasha: Police reports say that a huge explosion took place at a lab facility in OuterSection Meteo.

Rico: What caused the blast?

Tasha: I don't know...but detective Kani called and said you should make your way to Police HQ after your trip to the hospital.

Rico: Got it...I'll see you in a bit.

Tasha: Take care then [i]End Transmission[/i]

[i]Rico speeds towards the main hospital building, takes a few bandages and tissue regenerator devices and heads to HQ to meet up with the undercover squad with Kani leading the pack. Rico doesn't know what's in store for him... [/i]
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Cloud wakes up in the alley badly hurt.


Outlaw wakes up after Cloud.


Cloud-Where did those punks go?

Outlaw-My ribs!

Cloud snaps his leg back in place.

Cloud-Can you walk?


Cloud-Once i find them i'll...:flaming: :devil: :mad:

Outlaw-Lets go man.
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[I]Flash has retrieved all of his gear from the destroyed facility... Some security guards run at him, Machine Guns blazing, but Flash simply raises one hand, and engulfs them in a stream of Fire... He looks over his shoulder, and sees some Police officers screaming towards him in Hover-cars... He begins to gather energy...[/I]

Flash: "Ha ha... [B]AQUALUNG!![/B] "

[I]A huge burst of bubbles smash into the oncoming Police cars... They explode, and the Police car goes with it....[/I]

Flash: "I'll destroy everything..."

[I]Flash begins to walk off, towards the Highway...[/I]
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[i]After getting the supplies for Tasha at the hospital, he stuffs it inside the trunk of his cruiser and speeds towards Meteo City Police Headquarters to be breifed on his next mission alone. Rico quietly enters the preperations hall with Kani at the podium.[/i]

Kani: Thank you for joining us, Rico. Have a seat...as I was saying, a few hours ago, a squad of Meteo Defense Troops were sent to investigate an explosion at the research facility in OuterSection Meteo. Unfortunatley, we haven't gotten word from them back.

Officer: Kani, you have a message from the Defense squad...

Kani: Patch it through...

Meteo Defense Trooper: We need major backup...a single survivor of the explosion just walked out and started throwing some kind of energy discharge at us. Most of our squad's destroyed and we're retreating on highway junction 10...our GPS's are fryed and we're approaching the residential sector of the InnerSection. We're being followed...I----[i]End Transmission[/i]

Kani: [i]Loads a map on the screen behind her[/i] The squad, or what's left of it, is located 20 miles from the first residental blocks of the city...We need to set up a defense perimiter at the 5 mile mark to disable the threat.

Rico: What was that energy he was talking about?

Kani: We don't know for sure...but our mobile suit division should be able to absorb any energy discharge, whether it be elemental or synthetic. We need anyone here with Mobile Suit experience. Stand up and prep up in the launch bays.

[i]Half the people in the room stand up...Rico isn't one of them[/i]

Kani: Okay, we have 2 hours left until the threat reaches InnerSection Meteo...get to it! Rico, over here now.

Rico: [i]Walks up to Kani[/i] What is it?

Kani: Highway 10 passes by the apartment complex you live in right?

Rico: Yeah.

Kani: I want you to go there with a team of Artillery Soldiers, lock down the area, make sure no one's outside except you and your team. If the threat does get through our Mobile Suit Defenders, I want you to use any means neccesary to take him out.

Rico: I understand...I'll get started.

[i]Rico walks out into the Artillery department and gathers a group of 10 people armed to the teeth with Shock Cannons and Surgical Missiles they ride in their cruisers and go to the roofs of complexes nearby Rico's apartment...they take position and wait...[/i]
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Cloud-Hmmmm...What's going on?

Cloud walks over to the apartment complex to see people on the roof and outside the entrances.

Cloud-Let me through.

Officer-Sorry we can't let you...

Cloud takes out the officer and walks to his apartment.

Cloud-Now where is my assault rifle?

Cloud gets his assault rifle and goes to the roof.

Rico-Huh?What are you doing here?

Cloud-I live here.What are you people doing?

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