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RPG Dragonball X (sign up)


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Lets just get one thing clear before I even start. Your place is not garunteed in this RPG. Your acceptance will be based on the quality of your sign up, as well as my knowledge of your RPGing skills. If your not upto standard, then your not in this RPG.

It is hundreds of years after Dragonball GT, and Goku's dissapearence. Saiyan's have slowly been multiplying (well, half saiyan's technically), and they now are equivalent to almost a quarter of the world's population. Since GT, there have been no real threats to the Earth, and so everyone, even the saiyans started getting lazy. Soon, the Super Saiyan level was nothing but a myth again.

Dende soon passed away, and without an heir, the Dragonball's dissapeared along with him. The world was finally considered to be at peace. Mother Earth slowly healed herself, growing new plants, and rebuilding much of te scenery that ferocious battles had destroyed. Armies were lessened, weapon production decreased dramatically....... the world thought that nothing would bother them again.

Human's lost all knowledge of Ki, and only a very small portion of Saiyan's still practiced it. The saiyans were well aware of their former glory, the legends and tales of Goku and Vegeta, but because of their idleness and decreasing power, most refused to believe that such powerful beings could exist. The saiyan's were still more powerful than humans, and so they considered themselves to be unmatched............ how wrong they were.

One day, a large space craft landed on planet Earth. The Military were sent to investigate what they believed to be a meteor. When they found it was a space craft, they readied their weapons for whatever may emerge. Out of the ship came a few creatures, built like cockroaches, with human characteristics. Somehow, all the saiyans knew who these creatures were....... they were a race called Arleans, a race that had rebuilt itself after the mythical Vegeta had wiped them out.

In their arrogance, a few saiyans thought they could do the same. They rushed to fight the Arleans, but were quickly destroyed by the aliens. The other Saiyans fumed. Such a weak race, in which only 2 saiyans had wpied out almost their entire planet and race, were now making sport of their descendants.

Regardless of the anger the saiyans felt, they knew they were no match for the Arleans. They decided it best to acquire weapons, and other such things to fight against them. Unknown to them, the Arleans were far stronger than when Vegeta and Nappa had met them. This time, they were prepared.
Okay, this is what you need:

Weapon: (optional, but I seriously recommend it)


Name: Craig

Race: Saiya-jin

Age: 15

Height: 6'6"

Weapon: Dragon Katan (A golden bladed Katana, with a black dragon rune forged into it. It is considered unbreakable)

Bio: Craig was not born naturally. He was made in by altering a woman's blood. This dangerous process changed her blood from Human to 100% Saiyan blood. Then the woman was artificially impregnated, using sperm with Brolly's DNA pattern. In this was, they created the first pure saiyan for hundreds of years, also with the legendary saiyan blood flowing through his veins. The process was a success. He was unusually strong at birth, and had some of Brolly's characteristics, his personality is very similar for one, and he also was born with extansive Ki knowledge. His unusual strength has dubbed him a 'freak' by most of his saiyan race, except the few people that he consirs his friends. He found his Dragon Katana one day, whilst he was training up by the North Pole. He has carried it with him everywhere ever since then.

Description: Brown hair like teen SSJ2 Gohan (think when he went mad at the WMAT when Videl got hurt). Hazel eyes, a white vest, black trousers with a chain coming from the front to the back. He has boots like Trunks, and fingerless gloves. He wears his Katana sheath on his back at most times, but often transfers it to the side of his leg when battling.

Personality: Quiet, almost always pissed. He doesn't listen to reason, and acts on instinct 100% of the time.
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OOC:First I like to jion this thread Some of my Info is on my
Bio but I tell you my for this one if your pick me....

Name:Tero Valor
Race:GSJ Goldgo Jin
Weapon:Draco blade
Bio: He's past is unknow to him.He's looking for clue to his past
Des:Gold Hair,Green-Blue Eyes,White Pants,Black Boot with Gold
Lineing,Black Belt,Black Arm Protecters with gold lineing,Black under shirt,and a Blue upper shirt.Hair that spikes up when inraged and gold enegy flows from his body(like a super Saiyan but not)
Personality:Nice,Harm hearted,Skillful,Wise,Peace but can be dangersous if angered....

Please pick me I like RPG's and to tell you
I have a Thread to it's Dragon Ball X:A New Story
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[color=teal]Name: Li
Race: Saiya-jin/Chronoton
Age: 17
Height: 6'5
Weapon: Green Destiny (See crouching tiger hidden dragon)
Bio: Descendant of Vegeta, lived on planet Chronos with his family and friends as a prince, one day he decided to try and find where his father lived. He arrived on Earth and trained in a ninja dojo for 5 years until he finshed his training and recieved the legendary Green Destiny sword
Description: Looks like Jin from Tekken only he wears a black Gi
Personality: Calm, cool, just don't piss him off[/color]
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Sounds cool, I'll join :).

[SIZE=1]Name: Tayfon

Race: Human

Age: 16

Height: 5'5"

Weapon: [b]Pulse Handgun[/b]- A normal handgun, but with plasma cells so that it fires powerful laser pulses at the enemy.

Bio: Unknown.

Description: Long, shoulder-length brown hair in dreadlocks. 3/4 length shorts and a black T-shirt with a long coat over it.

Personality: Quite curious usually, loves to fight, but regrets killing things for some reason...[/SIZE]
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Nice to see a new DB RPG.

Name: Andrew

Race: Saiya-jin/Enhanced human

Age: 22

Height: 6'

Weapon: Gun Blade (the one Squall uses on FFVIII)

Bio: Andrew's father was part of a genetic experiment to give a human the abilities of a saiyan. This didn't go as planned and his father became strong with KI but nothing compared to Saiyans. His mother was one of the only Saiyans left that actually trained. Although she wasn't strong as far as Saiyans go she was much more powerful than a human. Andrew's mother was captured by the military to train his father to be more powerful and they eventually fel in love. They had 2 sons. Andrew was the second son and nobody knows what happened to the first one. Andrew was taught by his mother to train every day or 2 and he follows her wishes. He travels around the world searching for clues to his brothers whearabouts but to no avail. He is quite strong but is pretty weak in Saiyan standards. He met some people on his travels who he considers 'friends' but he doesn't tend to get very close.

Description: Andrew has short spikey hair like teen Gohan. It is black and thick as is expected with his saiyan blood. His eyes are a very dark black. He wears a black tight vest, slightly baggy blue jeans, white trainers and a blue denim jacket.

Personality: Andrew is very quiet. He keeps himself to himself and has very little friends who are close. Although he does have a very short fuse and when he's angry he tends to get a little mental. very rarely laughs
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pssh...might as well

Name: siren kojia
Race: saiyan
Age: 15
Height: 5'11
Weapon: katana, shurrikens, and assortment of daggers
Bio: if i have to i'll post this but only if...i prefer to live in the here and now...
Description: her long black hair had been plaited into tiny braids capped in silver and held back by a green strip of cloth...her pants were a deep pine green silk that are tied at the ankles and waist...a split in the cloth ran the length of each leg...her shirt was a tight black tank and her depthless green eyes sparkled mechiviously
Personality: strong willed and arrogent. her sharp tounge and shaper wit make her one to treat with caution...
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Meh...... Here I am, joining yet another RPG in which I shouldn't be doing and I should be making Saiyan Games....Hmm.......*makes up SG as well*

Name: Warhawk (Hey, it's my new nickname....PM for details...o.o)

Race: Saiyan

Age: 16

Height: 6' 5"

Weapon: Energy Spear (It's actually an attack, but you'll see)

Bio: Descendant of Brolli...... For some reason, his body quakes with anger when he hears people who speak about Kakarot and Vegeta, for some reason..(If you don't know why, tell me. That way I can drop a semi on your head for your stupidity...)

Description: Black hair which resembles....uhhhh........Brolli.......but with no ponytail-type thing in the back.. Looks like Brolli..... Wears the same clothes as Brolli......Sounds like Brolli, so-on, and so-forth... Hell, can't I just BE Brolli? :p

Personality: "Spur of the moment" type of guy. Blows **** up, kills some people, blows s'more **** up... You know, my normal "I'm gonna deatomize you because I feel like it" attitude...
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Guest Shift
[SIZE=1][COLOR=royalblue]Hmmm...let's see...
Name: Herman
Race: Saiya-jin
Age: 13
Height: 5ft1
Weapon: Z Sword
Bio: (i hate bio's) Born into a family of Saiya-jins...that's all i got...(that's why i hate bios!!!)
Personality: Cool, short tempered, and strong..

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Guest QuickSilver
name: Seifer
Race: saiyan
Age: 19
Height: 6''5'
Weapon: triple barrel sawn off shotgun(like on alone in the dark) and a silver blade( looks like blades sword off the movies) he prefers the sword
Bio: he his the son of vegeta jr. his mother was some desendant of pan but none of this is clear to him as he was kidnapped as a child. his as one gaol in life and that is to disscover who his parents are.
Description: looks like vegeta when he had his hair cut in GT. he also wears the same clothing as vegeta did in Gt( red tank top, blue pants and blue gloves with cut off fingers.)
Personality: he his the usual teenager type, laid back. but he he easy to temper and when he his p***ed off he goes on a destructive rampage.
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Guest Shift
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by MajinVegeta [/i]
[B]Oh by the way Herman, Craig said that the SSJ level was a myth so there's no SSJ's from the start or for a while. Change it. [/B][/QUOTE]
Thanx...I changed it though now it's really short....
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Hope i aint too late...

Name: Cruiz
Race: Saiyan/Human
Age: 14
Height: 5'7"
Weapon: Ki Sword (An old sword found as a child, made out the legendary substance known as Ki)

Bio: A teen, who during his child years, was tortured by his parents and siblings for his abilities. As he grew up, so did his anger and rage, which led to fighting. Which led him here.

Description: Wears a orange gang shirt, wearing its symbol on the front. Wears gold and blue finger gloves, and a flaming 8-Ball hat.

Personality: Mostly serious and to the point, and could care less for the lives of others.
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Ok, these are the people I think are worthy so far. Sign up's are still on, but please, if I didn't pick you, don't question me about it. If you aren't in the list, it's because I think your are too biased, or don't have good enough posts. I will not leave anyone worthy out, so don't question me if your not on the list.


SuperSaiyan/ Neil (Somewhat of a shoddy sign up by your standards........ but there wouldn't be a DBZ RPG without ya dude.)

ShadowGohan (What can I say....... keep up the good work)

MajinVegeta/ Andrew (Even though your mother and father are brother and sister....... your a good RPGer and deserve a spot)

Zero-Dude (Good sign up, I hope it reflects in the proper RPG)

Herman Nation (Not too good of a sign up, but I believe you have a lot of potential. But if your not upto scratch, your out. Make sure that doesn't happen)

Super Goku/ Gruffy (You need to sharpen up with your spelling a bit, and take more time with the quality or your posts, but i know you've got one hell of a creative mind somewhere in that dense skull o' yours.)

Now, to make sure you don't ask any questions, I will now give reasons why the others aren't accepted.


TeroVaylor (My first advice would be learn to spell. Then, learn how to punctuate. Then, learn how to sign up properly. Then learn how to RPG properly.)

Red XIII (Dude, you can have excellent post quality when you try, but you need to get out of the Forte* style of RPGing.)

Stormwing (I would've picked you....... but apparently it was either you or Neil.)

chrisOOK (Good God dude......... your is even worse than TeroVaylor's....... atleast he had some creativity. You can't even spell sword.......)

Cruizr (Once again, you can have a very good post quality...... but your also into the Forte* style of RPGing)

*The Forte style of RPGing is a king of RPGing that the member Forte has. You make yourself out to be very powerful, untouchable by anyone else.... until someone tells you off. Then you asslick the person who told you off like there is no tomorrow. You have to learn that you aren't unstoppable. You must understand that you can be beat, and be prepared to do so.
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Hey this sounds cool Ill join

Name: Zeke
Race: Saiyin
Age: 15
Height: 5'9
Weapon: A Powerfull sword that mysticly lights up whenever he uses it. Bio: Everybody always said that Goku and the others are just a myth. But he didnt believe them. He believes they were real
and wanted to be just like them. He also loves to listen about their adventures. Description: Wears a black T-shirt, And white baggy shorts
Personality: He is a friendly and a brave guy. He always helps people out.
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Okay, your in Firedude....... but on a trial basis, just like Herman Nation. If i don't think your good enough, or if I get a complaint off Neil or Andrew about your RPGing, then your out. Lets make sure that doesn't happen. ;)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS Trunks [/i]

*The Forte style of RPGing is a king of RPGing that the member Forte has. You make yourself out to be very powerful, untouchable by anyone else.... until someone tells you off. Then you asslick the person who told you off like there is no tomorrow. You have to learn that you aren't unstoppable. You must understand that you can be beat, and be prepared to do so. [/B][/QUOTE]

Just teling ya:

I got my character strong in the last RPG...and let your character beat the shyt outta me cuz you were stronger...Anywho, if im being like Forte, somethings wrong...*runs to doctor*
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Hey SS Trunks, you may try to make ppl think that i am a bad rpg'er, well, first off, that was ONCE, and ALSO, i have changed, as i have said, but if u do not believe me then thats too bad, cuz its your fault, if you dont trust me, then thats also tough, and one more thing, Lay Off, and trying to make everyone think im a bad rpger, Cruizr, puh-leaze dont listen to SS Trunks
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No-no, Forte, [I]every single[/I] person you have been in an RPG with KNOWS how cheap you are. I don't have to make you out as a bad RPGer, you've already done that for yourself many times. Ask any respected RPGer; Neil, Flashy, 'Locky, Andrew. If you really have changed, prove it.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS Trunks [/i]
[B]Ask any respected RPGer; Neil, Flashy, Andrew. [/B][/QUOTE]

...Haven't you forgotten someone!?

Name: Warlock

Race: Saiyiajin/Human/Zork

Age: 26

Height: 6'4"

Weapon: Wrist Ki-Swords; two ki swords which form attached to Warlock's wrists.

Bio: A descendant of Goku and Gohan, Warlock is a basically a loner, who prefers to stay away from civilisation and train in the wilderness. His knowledge of his mother is limited, and all he really knows was that he was not of this world. He is one of the few who still practices with ki, and has learned to manipulate it.

Description: See atachment.

Personality: Basically a loner who prefers not to have company, he will most likely sit back and watch as a fellow man is been beaten.
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