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Sign Up Star Wars: The Battle of Ruusan

Boba Fett

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[B] Star Wars: The Battle of Ruusan[/B]

[I]It is 1000 years before the Battle of Yavin. The Sith and The Jedi are engaged in a titanic battle on the planet Ruusan, the outcome of which will decide the fate of the galaxy.

The Jedi are led by a Powerful Jedi Master named Lord Hoth. The Jedi have taken a beating, and are recruiting force sensitive individuals and pressing them into battle to make up for their horrific losses. They are in dire straights, and must hold out until a transport of Jedi reinforcements arrives from Courscant.

The Sith are lead by a Sith Lord named Kaan. He is not a very powerful sith, but is a brilliant tactician. He is defeating the Jedi so far and needs to finish them off before their reinforcements arrive. His rival among the Sith is an extremely powerful warrior, Darth Bane. Bane is a master of the dark side and feels that the Sith shouldn?t fight the Jedi in ground engagements. He wants the Sith to combine their powers and create a firestorm that will destroy the remaining Jedi.[/I]

You can be a Jedi, a Sith, a bounty hunter (recruited by the Sith), or part of the Jedi army (non force sensitive).

This is what you need to sign up:





Force Powers (ignore this if you are in the Jedi army or are a bounty hunter):

Vehicles (no spaceships as this battle is on a planet):




Note: NONE of the characters from any of the movies are alive, not even Yoda. However you may be one of the main characters (Lord Hoth, Darth Bane or Kaan).

I will post my bio later. For now, enjoy. :D
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[COLOR=blue]Okay, I'll sign up. What's the age that padawans finish their training? I'm guessing it's 20.[/COLOR]

[B]Name:[/B] [I]Trynn Rykehart[/I]

[B]Age:[/B] [I]20[/I]

[B]Species:[/B] [I](whatever race Luke was. Is he human?)[/I]

[B]Weapons:[/B] [I]A green lightsaber.[/I]

[B]Force Powers:[/B] [I]Force jump, Force speed, Mind trick, Pull, Push, Force seeing. (Sorry, I took these out of the game because I don't know what they call them in the movies.)[/I]

[B]Vehicles:[/B] [I]None.[/I]

[B]Bio:[/B] [I]An old resident of Tattooine, Trynn's twin brother, Jelta, was an innocent casualty of a fight between two dark jedi's. Kyle dyed his hair to match his brother's, and joined the Jedi Academy.[/I]

[B]Description:[/B] [I]Black hair, blue eyes, brown jedi padawan suit.[/I]
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I don't know much about Star Was, but I do know a good amount about tactics. (All those years of Warcraft and Starcraft)

Name: Kaan

Age: 35(?)

Species: Humanoid

Weapons: Poison Gas Grenades. Kaan has developed an immunity to them from his years of using them.

Force Powers: He can convince people or animals that they did not see/sense/smell him.

Vehicles: A mobile command base with heavy armor and shields. The base relies on a fleet of small fighters to defend it.

Bio: Has travelled the galaxies for years, providing guidance to anyone who can pay enough to get it. He has gained years of experience from his many battles and wars, and has not developed any enemies, due to the fact that no one ever found out who he really is.

Description: I think I might be able to find a pic of him, I'll attach it later.

Other: He has analyzed every known security system and has developed ways to escape from every one of them. His years of experience extends to many fighting styles as well.
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Name: Darth Raider

Age: 23

Species: Darth Maul's race

Weapons: Bloody red laser sabre

Force Powers: just pull and push, lightning, just jump and lift up (he throws an enemy high in the air)

Vehicles: just a speeder. (that thing what Darth maul was sitting on)

Bio: unknown bio. They only know that he was found on a deserted planet and trained to become a high sith.(I mean Darth :D)

Description: Looks like darth maul, but he has his spikes on his head in one row and a scar throu his right eye.

Other: Nufin really
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[I][B]Name:[/B] Darth Mayhem

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Species:[/B] Zabrak

[B]Weapons:[/B] Double bladed crimson lightsabres

[B]Force Powers:[/B] All your basic powers, plus balls of hatred, sith lightning, and his special attack. *winks twice*

[B]Vehicles:[/B] A speeder bike, stripped of weapons and shield to maximise speed.

[B]Bio:[/B] A Zabrak born of Iridonia, he was taken into the Sith law when he was just a child. He excelled in his training, his determination and natural ability making him the most talented Sith of his age. He is completely loyal to his master, and does not have a real opinion on who to back between Kaan and Bane, he is happy to go on whatever side his master chooses. He has trained with a double bladed lightsabre, showing his expertise in the darkside. To show his loyalty to the Sith, he had intricate red and black tatooes done all over his body, matching those of Darth Maul's. Although young, Mayhem is one of the most talented Sith alive, and is a match for almost anyone in battle. Of course, his piercing yellow eyed gaze is enough to petrify most.

[B]Description:[/B] Looks exactly like Darth Maul, as you should have gathered from the bio, but he is a good 15 centimetres taller than Maul. His suit is also identical to Maul's.

[B]Other:[/B] I don't want to ad anything else, I just want to say that I don't want any-one to say they are my master.[/I]
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[color=teal][b]Name[/b]: Zen Darksabre

[b]Age[/b]: 29

[b]Species[/b]: Human

[b]Weapons[/b]: Two silver bladed lightsabres, Zen's lightsabres hilts have been lengthened so that they allow his strikes to be much more powerful.

[b]Force Powers[/b]: All the usual Jedi powers, however when Zen was finished his training he went on a journey by himself to learn more in the ways of the living force. While on Yavin 4 he found a Jedi holocron in one of the temples, this belonged to an ancient and powerful Jedi master who taught him many new techniques which I will not reveal just yet

[b]Vehicles[/b]: Speeder, this model has better firepower and shields but trades these new upgrades for speed making it slower than most

[b]Bio[/b]: Born on Coruscant to a wealthy merchant Zen's parents died in a shuttle accident on Alderaan when Zen was 3. Zen haad a normal medi-chlorian count and so was brought to the Jedi academy for training. He passed the trails but has yet to take on a padawan in the war because he is busy fighting in the front lines as a leader of an all Jedi squad. Not much else is known about his past

[b]Description[/b]: Looks much like Obi-Wan Kenobi but has black hair instead of brown, he does not have a beard like Obi-Wan but rather a small goatee. His eyes are a bright green and his is 6'5. He wears regualr Jedi armor

[b]Other[/b]: Nothing else much to tell other than anyone who is a Jedi may belong to his team[/color]
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Since there has been aple intrest, I will now post my sign up.

[B]Name[/B]: Abob Ttef

[B]Age[/B]: 34

[B]Species[/B]: Human

[B]Weapons[/B]: Abob wears a suit of black and orange Mandalorian body armor that is ingrained with cortosis ore and Ysalamiri hairs. He also carries a sniper rifle.

Ysalamiri hairs- The Ysalamiri is a salamander like species that has a unique ability to push back the force. The hairs engrained in Abob's armor produce the same effect.

Cortosis Ore- One of the few substances in the known galaxy that can stop a lightsaber blade. It causes the lightsaber to deactivate on contact.

Kneepad Rocket/Dart launchers- On each of Abob's knees he wears armored kneepads (part of his Mandalorian armor) there is an orange rocket/dart launcher. Abob currently had them loaded with deadly poisonous darts

Mitrinomon Z-6 Jet pack- An orange jetpack that has a homing, high explosive rocket attached.

Kelvarek Consolidated Arms MM9 Rocket system- On each of Abobs wrists he wears an orange rocket launcher. The rockets on his right wrist are Locris Syndicates 12A explosive rockets. The rockets on his left wrist contain FGA-583, a nerve agent that will knock its victim unconscious in seconds.

Mer-Son weapons sniper rifle- This rifle is highly accurate and can shoot from extremely long distances. A zoom scope and a night vision scope are mounted on the top of the rifle.

[B]Vehicle[/B]:An Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike (for on planet travel)

[B]Bio[/B]: Abob Ttef was born on the farming planet of Concord Dawn during a civil war. His family was indiscriminately slaughtered by one of the warring factions shortly before his twelfth birthday, and he was sent to live with relatives on Coruscant. His relatives didn?t want to have a young boy to take care of, so they dropped him off one day in the deepest depths of Coruscant, figuring he wouldn?t last long. Abob survived, and even thrived. He learned to be street smart, how to convincingly lie, when to run and when to fight. At age fifteen he stowed away on a smuggling vessel bound for Nar Shadda. There he worked for Shug Nix as a mechanic until he was twenty. Then he bought the Idiots Array directly from the shipyard, and went into the bounty hunting profession.

He has since become an extremely respectable bounty hunter and has his own set of codes and morals he lives by. He usually takes imperial bounties and refuses to hunt Jedi; he considers them too dangerous to mess with.

[B]Description[/B]: Abob never takes off his armor in public so nobody knows what he looks like underneath. His armor is standard Mandalorian combat armor; it is midnight black, with the weapons highlighted in a glossy orange. His T shaped visor on his helmet is indistinguishable from the rest of his helmet.

[B]Other[/B]: None
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Red XIII, kindly read what I just said in the post above yours.

I specificly said there was to be [B]NO[/B] posting of [I]anything[/I] other than sign ups after that post.

So lets try this again, from now on there are to be NO posts besides sign ups.

Thank you,

-Boba Fett
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[i]Name: Ion Jinn

Age: 40

Species: Human

Weapons: Two Navy Blue Bladed lightsabars

Force Capablities: Ion is a very powerful Jedi. About the same as Mace Windu at the end of Attack of the Clones. He is the second most powerful jedi, right behind Lord Hoth.

Vehicle: A modifided swoop bike.

Bio: Droped on the door step of the Jedi temple at the age of one, Ion was taken by lord hoth when he was only 15. Ion grew up as a padawan, and became a jedi at the age of 17, the earliest age of anyone before him. He has an incridible connection with the force, it being his "best friend" as he says. Ion is now in first command of the Jedi Army, he takes order from his adopted "father" Lord hoth.

Description: he looks like Obi-wan from AOTC's but he wears what Luke did in Rotj.[/i]
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[color=red][size=1]OOC: Heaven forbid! I'm playing as a Jedi...
Name: Mara Heartlock

Age: 17

Species: Human

Weapons: One bladed jade green light saber ( Double's are over-rated and over-used...)

Vehicles: None

Force Capabilties:

[i]Telekenises:[/i]Moving objects with mind

[i]Speed:[/i]Incresing speed for a limited amount time

[i]Mind Control:[/i] Erasing one's memory, planting false images and the simple mind trick.

Bio: Mara's parents died many years ago on the planet of Coruscant, leaving Mara, who was at the time the age of five, alone to face the dangers or poverty for herself.

Three weeks later, she found herself at the Jedi's Temple, and with great curiousity, sat down on the front steps. She remained there for several days, as Jedi walked in and out.

After passing the girl several times, a certain Jedi Knight took great interest in the girl and her obvious force abilities. He befriended her and, in time, presented her to the Jedi council.

When Mara had become fifteen, her master was killed in the war, and her training was suspended. She drifted from master to master, her quietness and capability of understanding winning favor of every master, but she was disatisfied, which in turn, has made her passive and a bit naive.

Description: She has jade green eyes and fine, straight raven hair. She is very thin and has great dexeterity, which means she's more ample with her light saber styles and can be very flexible. Her skin is a pale white (Duh...:rolleyes: ) and so are her jedi apprentice robes. Her hair is tied loosly behind her back, but often falls out.

Personality: Mara is very quiet, naive, and passive. She is quick to befriend and learn. She has a temper, but gives in slow to anger. She may be slow to anger, but she is even slower to forgive. She basically holds grudges.[/color][/size]
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Guest Zero
Name: Hayato Kazuya
Age: 23
Species: Human
Weapon: Crimson Lightsaber
Force Powers: The basic stuff plus, force shield(creat a shield for a short period of time), and Mind Trick/Control.
Bio: A orphen and found at the age five by his master Char Link. Link found that this boy has a talent and skill to one day become a power Jedi. And maybe that day has come.He look up to Link more then just a teacher but as a father figure. But soon after Hayato become a Knight Link was killed by a Sith. So now he is on his way as reinforcement
Description: Since his favorite color is black he wear nothing but black. Hair short black with deep hazel eyes. And a cross shape scar on his left cheek.
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OMG?!? Mist is gonna be a jedi?!? :eek: :D

Name: Kaikei (kei) asamiya

Age: 16

Race: human/azelean.

Weapon: one-sided yellow lightsaber.

Vehicle: almost finished putting together old one....

Force capabilities:

Telekinises: ability to move things with mind.

Mind/heart change: azeleans all have this capability. They can make their hearts/minds seem clouded, with make them perfect for spying.

Bio: Kei was born on the planet azelea as the azelean princess. Kei and her family were on a trip to naboo, for her parents were to meet with the senator and Queen of that planet. While they were on the ship, slowly being pulled in near the land, they were attacked by a dark force. Kei was just knocked out, the dark force thought, when the ship crashed, she would die anyway.. The dark figure escaped, leaving kei helpless on the floor of the ship, her parents and brother killed. Days later, she woke up in some sort of junk pile (which happened to be her ship). Kei couldn't reemember anything of her past except that her parents were killed by a sith, and they had told her many stories about the jedi, saving galaxies, and being the keepers of the peace. Kei flew to corusant after 'borrowing' a ship, and flew to corusant. She was tested, then began her training at the late age of 8. She was trained by her jedi master, which helps her regain her history of her past. As they find out of her history, they find out about Relee, which is a podracer on tatooine, and her brother, which is her master. She then finds out about the fact that she is a princess, but decides to let her younger sister take the throne as princess. Her brother falls in love with a sith. But later on, his love is killed by another sith, which makes him quit the jedi councel, and retire. Kei lives a normal life of a jedi from then, most of the time spying on the sith for the jedi. Kei was trained to be swifter, and uses many fast lightsaber styles.

Description:Kei has long, dark brown hair, with streaks of ice blue near the ends. She has dark brown eyes that can quickly change to ice blue when angered. Kei wears the same thing Padme wore in the end of ep. II, but also wears the jedi robe, unless she is spying...

Personality: Kei prefers not to trust many people 100%. She is determined, and tries her best to do her job. Kei can be very kind, but since she has to spy often, she tries to hide it...
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Name: Lei Sun Shing

Age: 29

Species: Human

Weapons: Rifle Blaster (used by the clones in Star Wars episode II)

Side: Jedi army

Bio: Join the Jedi army at an age of 18, became an brilliant fighter and stratagrist, by 21 was made a Sargent and somtimes helps other people prepare for the coming war.

Description: The uniform of the Jedi Army
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