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[color=indigo]Why don't you just post up a question, and then let anyone answer and ask their own question if they get it right? That's how we've been doing it in the Zelda one, there aren't really specific people that are in the quiz or anything.[/color]
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[color=blue]*sniff sniff* I won't be able to do this when I go into the house. Might as well get one in now.

1) Use a Paralyzcure Berry.
2) Use Heal Bell.
3) Use Rest.

Q: At what level do all baby Pokémon that don't evolve due to happiness factor evolve?[/color]
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[color=blue]Nopers, that's not it either. Okay, here's the answer. All baby Pokémon that do not evolve by happiness evolve at level 30, except for Tyrouge, who evolves at level 20. Here's an easier one.

Q: At what level does Flaffy evlove to Ampharos?

Bonus: What move does it learn right after evolving?[/color]
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Guest Zora's King
hmm..i think it at 1'09lbs

am i right

and my question is

what is the pokemon ID

[color=blue]The Snorlax question has already been answered, and no offense, but the way you worded your question is confusing. Everyone just disreguard this one and G/S/B Master's question still stands. -Lady K[/color]
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Q: how much exp. points do you get from a lvl 100 mantine from a trainer? (you fight with a caught pkmn)

Q: on what lvl does politoed learn swagger?

Q: what is tm24?

:) answer them all :)

how you can get the answers easily? pokemasters.com and then in pokedex :devil:
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Hard: I don't know because I never battled a Level 100 Mantine! :bawl:

Medium: 51

Easy: Dragonbreath

Here's a few questions about the show:

1. Where did Ash earn his fourth badge?
2. What is A.J.'s best Pokemon?
3. Which Pokemon did Ash trade his Butterfree for?

Note: For #1, you should have 3 answers: the badge, the gym leader, and the place where the gym is (example: Saffron City)
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Sorry, G/S/B, you got #1 wrong. I'm talking about the [B]show[/B], not the game. I'll give a hint: Not only is the gym leader's Pokemon dangerous, the gym leader also is!

Oh, and Morty is the Ecruteak Gym leader. The Fog Badge was Ash's [B]sixteenth[/B] badge, since he earned all the badges in Kanto and the Orange Islands first.
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