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    I wake up to the cold of the static and a little taste of hypocrisy leaves me in the wake of the mistake that you were sitting next to me...
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  1. WOW! Crimson Spider, where'd you get the god items??? lol I think I posted in your PSO thread but I'm not sure, it has been a while (also has been a while since I've been on!). Well, I have a level 146 Hunter, or to be more specific a HUmar (Yes, I know, how original :rolleyes: ). The rarest item I have would probably be the Sealed J-sword And BTW, does any of you know how to unlock its special? "Ancient sword with its power sealed by an unknown stamp. The seal opens when all techniques are used." It has me very stumped. "All techniques"... Only Forces can learn all o
  2. Hope me no too late ^_^ Name: Walton (yes a Geek!) Year: 1 (but being me, I'm in Calculus 2 ^_^bingo!) Team: Wizards Label: The geek that has a chest full of rage on the bullies Description: The harry Potter glasses, black High-waters, A white collar shirt with a pocket protector (~_^) Bio: Lived out whole life studying and reading, while at age 7, when kids where out playin he was reading text books at 8th grade level. If given the chance he can give it all away, just to be noticed for once as not a geek, nerd, dweeb, but a person
  3. Heheheheheh.... Yeah... I remember that quote.... I'm sorry I just can't stop laughing. Ok. I'm done. My favorite quote would be from Trigun: Wolfwood begins to shoot the bad guys... Vash - What happened to "Thou shall not kill?!?!?!?! its always funny when he says it:D. If you never heard of Trigun, Wolfwood is a priest... sorta...
  4. Ummm.... just to let you guys know Inuyasha can do [I]unlimited[/I] Windscars (not sure what the move is called) which can kill 100 demons in one swipe and Kenshin is called "The man-slayer." Hmmmm... 100 demons in one swipe (unlimited times) or a Man-slayer. Oh and BTW I'm not a Kenshin hater I'm just saying that even though Inuyasha's half demon doesn't mean he still can't be a full demon (remember when he loses his sword?) and I like Kenshin better than Inuyasha O_o... hes so cool with the seriousness when he gets all pissed^_^
  5. Well it kinda depends on if its the Inuyasha [I]before[/I] he defeated that giant dragon thing with the head on the head(does that even make sense?!?!?!) or after. So if its before then maybe Kenshin but after Inuyasha shall be top-dog (hahahahaha top dog... get it? no? ok....)
  6. Well I'm all around pretty good with everybody (I you don't believe me bring your GC over here and play me) [I]but[/I] my favorite would be Fox because he's fast, easy to control, and keeps all the other players off balance. I also enjoy using Luigi because he's funny:D
  7. I thought about this today... Its not a [I]real[/I] story, just something that I made up. Part of the story is true though just not all of it... This is just something that I assumed that happen so here it is: Why? Why do they fight? Is it because of money? Is it because of their way of life? No? They fight because they have their own view of the world. They are screaming now. At the top of their lungs. Why? When has it gotten to the point where feelings have to get hurt? Is it because of their view on things? ?Everyone is special in their own way.? Does that mean that ?their
  8. Well if I were to be an anime character i would look something like this (from head down): >normal grayish blue hair somewhat long (kinda like Ryu's) >hypnotic hazel eyes that don't seem to care >Maybe a battle scar or two >basic everyday teeth >a ripped sleevless black shirt with a chinese character (yeah a cliché) >ancient inscriptions on left arm >razor sharp claws >A stick that has cloth tied up in the middle (you know like Donatello) >a silver ring on left fourth finger >a belt... to be descriptive a black version of Goku's belt >Black Goku pants but with a bluish fi
  9. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mai_Minase [/i] I know this has probably been posted a trillion times already but who's your favorite .Hack charactrer and why? Mine is Sora because of he's individuality and lack of awarness of other's annoyance.[/QUOTE] Yeah I also picked Sora because he is just like me... well sorta I tend to [I]not[/I] realize that I'm getting the people around me hella pissed.:confused: I would have picked Mimiru because I like her personality but... pick who you are:love:
  10. I never really played Billy Hatcher but I felt the same kind of feeling. I think the game I played was Animal Crossing. Inside my mind I was like "What the hell am I doing, why did I buy such a dumb game?" But my other side was like "Come on!!! Must get the golden items!!!" So yeah... I think I might buy Billy Hatcher:freak:
  11. Ok... sorry Chichiri's Girl but I didn't read the second part... I could get a good picture of whats going on and how she was feeling... and you know how everytime Miaka gets hurt (Fushigi Yuugi) in the story and Yui gets effected? Well... yeah... except for the effected part.... I think....
  12. I live in California San Jose. Not much excitment around here... maybe a street race or two but that's the most as it gets here:sleepy:-_-...
  13. Well you can get kazaa lite++ as long as you don't share your files with anyone you won't get caught (ancient chinese secret:D)
  14. Well beer is hard to beat but what about marijuana? :D illegally though
  15. No its not that I didn't know that you were in middle school. What I was trying to get across was that "all of the high schools shouldn't give a ******* when you swear. So yeah...
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