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    RPG Unraveled Destiny

    Etna stood as she realized that they were all there, looking up at the older man he gave her a crooked smile before turning and swiping a key card on the wall. The large doors began to slowly open to show a large, dark hanger on the other side. She frowned as she began to see the glint of lights on what looked like giant eyes. The older man flipped on the light and Etna felt her breath catch as she looked up at 5 large, metallic animals.  "These are your new partners. If you'll all line up right here." He gestured to the middle of the hanger. "You will meet your partner by they're choosing." Etna stood where he had gestured, her eyes scanning over the large creatures, the small white fox stood under the black wolf, the little black nose twitched this way and that taking in their scents. Etna's eyes locked with the wolf who stood over the fox, the piecing eyes boring into her, with a slow step the animal took a step forward, the soft metallic click of it's claws on the cement floor echoed around them. Bending down it met it's eyes with her's levelly and took a deep breath taking in her scent before letting out blowing her hair back away from her shoulders and back. A voice suddenly resounded within her head.  'Young one, who are you?' "Etna Rhodes, I've been chosen-" 'I did not ask what you're here for, I only asked your name.' She stiffened slightly before nodding. She could tell the others were starting to go through the same thing she was at the moment but dared not break eye contact with the wolf before her. He pulled his lips back in a large, gleaming wolfish grin before laying down in front of her. A loud hiss resounded throughout the hanger and Etna watched as his chest seemed to break apart and open widely.  'Enter if you have the courage young one. I think you and I shall make a good pair. If you have what it takes.' Taking a deep breath Etna stalked forward and entered the cockpit of the wolf in a fluid motion watching as it closed in around her leaving her in a dark closed in space. Taking a deep break she closed her eye and let it out trying to keep her nerves together. All though suddenly fled her as a sharp pain invaded her from all around, mainly at the base of her skull. When it subsided she opened her eyes and had to keep her self from choking on her breath. She could see everything outside of the animal she currently sat in.  'This is a system link. I have linked my senses with yours. You can now, see, hear, smell and feel everything I can. Enjoy it young one.'  Etna took a deep breath and found the wolf was right, she could smell grease and oil in the hanger, the metallic scents of the other animals and the scents of the pilots.  "This is amazing. You have my name, am I allowed to have yours?" 'In due time young one. Once I see your worthy of it, then you shall have it.' "And til that time comes?" 'Whatever your please.' "Alright partner." Etna reclined back within the plush seat as she waited for whatever was next to come. 
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    RPG Unraveled Destiny

    Etna threw her cards onto the floor with a slight curse, her cheeks slightly flushed as she looked up at the man in front of her.  "I have no idea what I'm doing." "I couldn't tell love, you were doing so good. Had me on the ropes there for a good while. Let's give it another try shall we?" "No thank you. The last five times were enough for me. Although the distraction is welcome from the waiting." Etna looked up at the man waiting with them and cleared her throat.  "What exactly are we doing here?" "Soon enough you lady, soon enough. As soon as Akieen brings the rest of the chosen we'll open those door and show you why you're here." Etna sighed before looking back at the man in front of her, her gaze shifting to the younger woman who had joined them recently. The girl set Etna off in a way that made her frown, her attitude wasn't really all that great from the first impression, and if they were supposed to be working together, her standoffish personality could clash with that. She looked down at the floor as the man began to shuffle the cards again. The man in front of her looked drunk, and he smelled like an ashtray; albeit an exspensive one. But the vibe she got off of him was no matter how he seemed on the outside, he could be ready for a fight in a matter of moments if something were to come up. Even though she could smell the liquor on him and see that his eyes were bloodshot, he neither wobbled or slurred his words. Something that told Etna not to underestimate him. She placed her cards down and extended her hand with a smug grin.  "Etna Rhodes. Western faction. Nice to meet you." He smiled, the action raising a few weathered lines on his face.  "Dakota Storm. Southern Faction." "You think we'll be working together?" "You get that feeling too then." It was a statement, not a question and it gave Etna the impression he was much more observant then he let on. She leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes as she went over what had happened so far. Her normal life had been disrupted, she had been brought here and given instructions to wait for gods knew what and now she was seeing that she wasn't the only one. Picking up her cards she returned back to the card game she had been playing with the man named Dakota.    Akieen strode back into the loading bay where the chosen soldiers were being dropped off at. She stopped next to the man who was greeting them. He looked down at her as she came up next to him.  "You heard then, I can tell by the way you keep tensing up when the shuttles come into the station." She sighed and nodded.  "His father won't be pleased to hear about this, hell I'm less the happy about it." The man nodded, his dark violet eyes meeting her ice blue ones. "How's froggy doing anyway?" Akieen rolled her eyes at the man's joke. "Still hating that nickname for one. Other then that, he's out on the field doing recon missions about the terrain to see if there's any hope of vegetation growing any time soon." The man nodded.   "Damion. He'll be alright, won't he?" Damion looked away from her towards the tracks as he waited for the next man or woman to join them.  "He's a strong boy Akieen. I'm sure he'll be fine. You and Froggy raised him right. We've been friends for a long time and I was there all that boy's life. He's a strong kid and a smart one too. He'll be just fine." She nodded and folded her hands behind her back and waited as well. 
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    RPG Unraveled Destiny

    Etna yawned as the shuttled lurched to a stop, sitting up in her seat she looked around and frowned. The dim lights in the shabby station gave her a glimpse or the area, it was the same as the eastern base, run down and lacking anything that looked like it worked. One the bright side it looked cleaner if nothing else. Sighing she stretched and grabbed her bag as the door slid open to allow her to step out onto the small loading bay. She frowned more as an older man approached her with his arms crossed behind his back.  "Etna?" "That's me. And you are?" "I'm the commanding officer of Central base. Good to have you join us. If you'll follow my assistant she'll take you where you need to go." Etna nodded and looked behind him to where a young woman stood, she had long, unusual white hair and ice blue eyes. Looking more then a little uncomfortable about something.  "This way if you please." Etna followed her, noticing that the woman was walking at a quicker pace then was probably necessary. "I'm sorry to ask, but are you in some kind of rush ma'am?" "I am actually. I want to get you where your going so I can get back to the loading bay. There's someone who is supposed to be coming that I would like to see." Etna didn't push the subject, the woman made it clear it was none of her business. Following the woman through the base Etna could see that the Central base was in better condition then most of the other bases. Still shabby and dusty, but in better condition. Rounding the corner Etna blinked as she saw a large set of double doors that looked like they led to a hanger of some sort.  "The professor will meet you here shortly." Etna nodded and watched as  the woman walked away, her white hair now swaying back and forth, lifting from her back as she put more speed into her stride. Etna leaned back against the wall and placed her hands behind her head. Her eyes had just started to drift shut when a loud rumble came from behind her startling her. Gaining her balance back she spun around looking at the large doors before her. Frowning she put her ear against the door and jumped back as a growl emitted from the other side.  "What the hell is back there?" "You can hear them then." She started at the statement that came from behind her, turned she came up short as the large man stared down at her. His left arm looked as if it were prosthetic, his shoulders were broad and wide, looking as if he could carry a toddler on each with ease. His eyes were grey in color and the scar that ran from his cheek to chin gave her the impression that he had seen his fair share of battle. She crossed her arms over her chest, blowing a stray strand of hair from her face.  "Hear who?" He laughed and leaned on the wall next to her. "You'll find out soon enough young lady, once the others all get here, you'll see them your self." Etna hated riddles, and she hated waiting just as much. But just as the large man she leaned back against the wall and shut her eyes once more, opting to wait for 'the others' as he had said to see what was going on.      
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    Sign Up Unraveled Destiny

    Ok, I'm either gonna start this tonight or tomorrow depending on when our last member get signed up for it. That being said, Zien i'm gonna ask you to make just a few tweaks to your sign up. Mainly just the part on how your character leaves. Keep in mind we're supposed to be chosen to protect humanity and save the world. The fact that your character is in and runs a gang doesn't bother me. But all of us are supposed to be a member of the underground factions put together to put a stop to the threat of our world. Your supposed to be approached and spoken to by one of the higher ranking member and told your transferring stations. Once that change is made and our last member gets signed up this is will going up and getting started. Either tonight or tomorrow so keep an eye out. 
  6. *headdesk* in a writing mood, with nothing to write. Story of my day.

  7. The year: 3018   The small base creaked and shook as the desert winds outside howled, slamming against the metallic walls, the plexi-glass windows shuddered with the force of the winds as an older man stood behind one of them staring into the swirling sands. His hands clasped together behind his back, his graying hair was slicked back away from his weathered face, dark brown eyes clouded by his deep thoughts. His white lab coat hung loosely from his shoulders as he simply stared out the window. The howl of the winds outside made him uneasy as nothing could be seen in the distance, no way of knowing what was out there. The times were hard, the once beautiful, thriving earth almost nothing but a dusty rock now, the remaining bits of humanity clinging for survival across the dying planet. The older man's mind went back in time as he remained vigil in his observation of the wold outside his window; he could remember back to 10 years ago when this very place had been a thriving forest, full of life and beauty. But that was before, before they came. The Utherians, a proud race of alien creatures, they stood over 7 feet tall, their skin came in a multitude of colors. Thin and skeletal like they were ruthless and wicked, they had claimed peace before breaking that vow. And now they were at the mercy of a bloodthirsty race that had invaded and enslaved the human race, mining the planet of its resources til all that was left was what the man could see in front of him now.  The wind howled once more, louder, as if the planet herself were in pain over the loss of her life force. He unclasped his hands and crossed his arms over his broad chest as he saw a small space open within the vortex of sand giving him a small glimpse of the blue sky above them. Proof that there was indeed hope among the people of earth. The Utherians had brought with them technology that was far beyond the people of Earth, and as they retreated from the planets surface to survey her death from a distance, safe in their ships that linger in the Earth's atmosphere some of that technology had been left behind.  That was why this base was so valuable, it was here that the technology found had been brought back to life, the machines being much more then what they first appeared to be. The large beasts had proved to have minds of their own, agendas and opinions; and once they had been revived they had proved to be quite the handful. The beasts themselves had once been slaves to the Utherians who had brought them here, disposing of them once their usefulness was done. They swore revenge on the alien life forms but only once the right person had been brought forward to pilot the massive beings. The man's mind wandered to the massive forms in the underground hanger below the base now, there were five in all, all of them resembling animals and creatures from the man's past that he could remember clearly. The fiercest one was the large Golden dragon that bellowed from the depths of the base, his rage was potent as it mingled with the howls of the wind outside. The second held a soul that was deep and wise, the Tiger would lay there as if deep in her own thought, only opening her bright green metallic eyes to glance at the professor when he walked in to check their diagnostics. The third was a large black wolf, he was withdrawn and to himself, his glowing blue eyes focused as he watched the humans shuffle about. The fourth was the smallest of the beasts, she was no less a threat though; she was the most social of them as well. She would speak with the man, her voice echoing deep within his mind asking if he had found their pilots; each time the small fox would lower her metallic ears in sadness at his decline. Her white metallic fur off set by her jet black nose and black outlined amber eyes. The last of the beasts was the most magnificent, regal in standing and demanding of respect the Griffin would only hold it's head high, the professor and the rest of the mechanics restoring them not worth his time to notice. His bronze body glimmered, even in the dank depths of the underground hanger.    Finally pulled from his thoughts the man turned as a slight woman walked in, her oval glasses hanging low on her nose, her black hair pulled back into a tight bun as she entered, a clipboard in her hands.    "Sir, word has come from the underground factions." "What word?"   She handed him a small stack of papers, five in all.    "Each of the factions has presented us their top combatant, they believe that these five people might be worthy of being our pilots. Sir."   Looking through the files he nodded at each before handing them back to the shorter woman.    "Its the best hope we have. Send for them immediately. If they are indeed the chosen pilots, the bonding process will have to begin as soon as possible."    She nodded and left the man alone once more, a small spark of hope building within his chest, they might finally be their time to strike back.    The most important question being, would these five men and women rise to the task of being the Earths defenders...?   Sign ups-   Name (first and last): Age: Gender: Personality: Appearance(photo, description or both): Region: Speciality(hand to hand combat, firearms, demolition ect): Mech-animal: Snippet:     Here's mine as an example if needed.    Name: Etna Rhodes Age: 27 Gender: Female Personality: Quiet and fierce when on the field she differs slightly off the field around her peers. Still quiet and reserved she will join in occasional conversations but prefers to listen to those around her rather then out right join. Seemingly standoffish on the outside, on the inside she is rather friendly and social; once she gets to know the people around her.  Appearance: Etna stands at an average height of 5'6, lean and toned in body she has flaming red hair that reaches the middle of her back and seemingly glowing blue eyes. Her attire is always simple, blue jeans with tank tops or sleeveless shirts that are normally covered by a black, sleeveless leather duster coat that reaches the back of her knees. When not being worn her black, finger-less gloves are tucked into the back pocket of her jeans. Being a part of the underground factions in the West sector she carries a few weapons on her person. a black pistol that resides in the holster that hugs her left shoulder and a small belt that contains petite, yet deadly throwing knives. Black boots don her feet, thick soled and reaching the bottom of her knees, they zip on the sides for easy wear but are decorated in several buckles.  Region: West sector Specialty: Etna is a well versed fighter, trained efficiently in hand to hand combat and blade mastery, the pistol she carried is usually a last resort. Being top in her class in both marital arts and blade use in the Western faction she feels most comfortable with a blade in her hand, but if need be she could strike out bare handed as well.  Mech-animal: Wolf Snippet:  Etna's head snapped up from the tattered book she read as there was a knock on the door to her dismal living area. Only half the size of a one bedroom apartment with a bathroom barely big enough for her to squeeze into. The shower built onto the wall with the drain in the center of the tiny bathroom. No mirror and her bed was elevated and bolted to the wall, able to be folded against the wall if the extra room was needed. Her clothes resided in the small baskets that hung from her ceiling as well as what ever personal effects she had, no that she had much. Sliding gracefully from her bed she landed on her toes gently, the cold from the cement floor seeping through her socks and into her skin. Padding lazily towards her door she placed an old worn book mark between the pages of her book to keep her place, dropping the old book into one of the baskets smoothly as she made her ways across the small room. She was thankful for the few things she did have, but she near hated the base she lived in; the West faction was the poorest of all the underground factions out there, five in all, North, South, East, West and Central. All of them the same; dusty, barren, and lifeless. Reaching the other side of her sparse surroundings she pressed a small button on her wall to open the door, not reacting as the faction commander stood in front of her. The larger man was tall and broad, his black hair had streaks of gray throughout it now as he aged, his face was graced with a large scar that ran from his hair line down to his chin; his right eye constantly forced to stay closed due to the damage. His skin was dark and thick, littered with scars, small and large. Clearing his throat he grabbed her attention and handed her a folder with her name on it.  "Your being transferred to Central faction, the shuttle leaves in an hour." She nodded, not really caring where she went, anything was better then the prison like room she resided in now. Reaching her bed she pressed her hand on a small spot to the left of it causing a small cubby hole to appear.  Reaching in she pulled out a large green bag that she filled with her clothes and personal items; the bag remained only half full by the time she was done. Looking at the holographic clock on her wall she nodded, it was time to leave. She headed for the small underground shuttle system that all the factions had made for communication and transportation between them. Climbing on the fairly small shuttle she took a seat and reclined back in the seat as after a few minutes the shuttle took off.
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  9. Laying on the couch facing her large bay window Satsuki closed her eyes and sighed as the sun beamed through the glass to warm her lightly tanned skin. Twirling a strand of her sky blue hair around her finger she smiled slightly as the dog on the floor snored loudly before growling and letting out a whine in his dreams. Life was wonderful, peaceful and slow; just how she liked it. Letting her hair go she shifted her weight and stood her full height of 6ft, stretching her back before padding silently towards the kitchen for a glass of water. Standing next to the sink she cocked her hip to the side letting it rest on the counter, looking out the sink window she watched as the dried, colored leaves of the fall spun around the ground as the wind blew. It was getting colder, but she had never minded the cold to be honest and she loved the snow most of all. She had bought this house and moved her for the only reason that it sat on a snow belt and white was promised every year. Her mind drifted for a moment back to her old job, the one she had retired from less than 5 years earlier. Her team had been the best of the best, and had done some damn good work in the 10 years they had worked together. The loud growling of the dog in the other room caught her attention and pulled her from her thoughts; gone was the lazy dream growling and in it's place was the sound of an agitated pit bull. Putting her glass in the sink she began to walk back through the house, her muscles tense and ready for anything, or at least she thought. Rounding the corner into the living room she stopped in her tracks as a blast from the past stood in front of her bay window. "Helix?" The young man bowed his head, his brow was knitted into a frown and she could sense unease all around him, walking over to her dog she put her hand on his back and patted him lightly.  "Easy Tank, he's a friend. One I'm kind of curious as to why he's here actually." Sighing the man in question finally spoke.  "You might want to sit down for this Suki...you're not gonna like it." "I already don't like it Helix." He nodded slowly as she did as he asked and sat down on her couch, the red nose pit jumping up next to her, keeping his eyes on the stranger. "Satsuki, the PDA has asked me to gather you and your old team back to headquarters. There's been an emergency." "What kind of emergency?" He leaned forward and handed her a large envelope, it was slightly thick and a little heavy. "What's this?" "This is a report of all the issues going on in the last 6 months that have led me here to you." She threw the envelope onto her coffee table and leaned back into her couch; crossing her arms and legs she pined the young man with a glare. "Why don't you tell me what's been going on." "Satsuki, there is reason to believe that they are back." "They who Helix?" You and your team retired after your final assignment, the one that almost cost you all your lives...The PDA thought that would be a reasonable way to repay you for all you had done. Buying you all houses where you wanted and making sure you were all set for life. All of you. They never expected to ask for you to come back, at least not come back and do it all over again." Satsuki's stomach flipped slightly, she frowned and shook her head. "No, your screwing with me, there is no way you're saying what I think you're saying." "Just look at the files Suki, you'll see." Sighing she reached for the envelope and opened it slowly, the first page was details of the dead rising from their graves, the second was the file of 4 different towns being at war within themselves, the third was files of strange illnesses that had no cure and no explanation, and the last were reports of strange deaths up and down the east coast, people dying from overdoes, or liver failure due to alcohol poisoning. Others were more disturbing, but with each report she read her stomach dropped. "These can't be real, the only way any of these thing could be happening is if the master is out. And that's never going to happen." "It already did Suki, there was a massive earthquake 6 months ago, and right after it these reports started to flood in from all over the country. We checked the tomb, it was cracked...and empty. The earthquake must have cracked the tomb and he escaped. Now his men are out there causing chaos so he can recreate hell on earth." Satsuki pressed her fingers to her forehead as if she were getting a headache.  "Your telling me, that for the last 6 months the PDA has just been what sitting around and drinking on the job before they finally checked the tomb?" Helix shook his head before he spoke.  "They didn't connect the dots til a story of the people rising from their graves came in. At first we just thought it was a necromancer at work, but than the town just went dead. No people, no animals. Nothing. Everyone and everything was just gone. No living source to be found. Even the vegetation was dead. Only one being can do that, you know that as well as we do." Slamming the small pile of papers on the coffee table Satsuki stood up and cursed, her Fuchsia eyes blazing in fury as she began to pace across her floor. She finally stopped and looked up at the young man. "They're loose. All of them?" "All four, and their master." Cursing again she kicked her table causing it to flip a few times before smashing against the far wall. "What the hell do they expect us to do about it?!" "Your being reinstated. As of now you are once again a member of the PDA, The rest of your team is being gathered as well. For those who refuse to rejoin or can not be found replacements will be found for them. You on the other hand have no choice. You led them, you have to lead them again." "No choice huh?" "That's right." "They are demanding that I either risk my life or die to put these a-holes back in their graves." He nodded slowly. "Of course. How hard can it be to hunt down the Four Horsemen and Satan himself?" "Be ready in an hour Satsuki. I'll be back to collect you then." A small pop could be heard as the man vanished from her sight. Screaming she flung her arm out, ice shards flew from her skin at the movement, shattering windows and sticking into the wall.  "I was supposed to be dead before they ever even thought of returning to the earth...the horsemen alone were hard enough to put away...but now they want us to hunt down satan too? We're trying to stop the damn apocalypse and no one gives a damn about the lives they're gonna throw away doing it." She took a moment to read over the files once more before stalking to her bedroom to get her things together, calling her sister to come and pick up Tank that same day as well. There was no telling if she was coming back from this.      Signups: If your interested in joining I'd like a snippet like the one I just posted above telling how you were either reinstated or chosen to be a possible replacement for an old member that refused or could not be found. More character detail will be asked for once people have posted.
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    RPG Bleach: Spirit Age

    Miyako dashed across the rooftops, small beads of sweat falling from her hairline as she held tightly onto Raikan. Catching sight of another captain she dropped down and smiled as she saw it was Chiniiro.  "Aren't you gonna go to Rukia's thing?" He looked over at her briefly before he was gone with a flash step, pursing her lips she let out a small huff and returned to making her way towards her destination. She let her mind wander slightly as she continued on her course. It was only a few days ago that the Kuchiki messenger had come to her and the fact that they had threatened her brother worried her that they might do something to Rukia during her test. She increased her speed with a slight growl as the thought angered her.  'The old woman wouldn't be that stupid would she?' Her worry mounted more as she began to get closer and saw that no one was around. Landing lightly on her feet she looked around the seats and sighed. She'd missed it.  "Damn..." She smiled as she spotted another of her captains and ran over.  "Ari! Did I miss the excitement?" He looked at her with an almost bored expression as he nodded. "Yeah, you did. As usual your late. Your brother keep you or something?" Miyako felt a blush steal across her cheeks as she looked away.  "N-No..I uh...I got lost." He sighed and shook his head at her. It was no secret that Miyako had a terrible sense of direction, even with her keen sense of smell and hearing she normally got turned around very easily. She sighed and hung her head in shame.  "You've lived here how long and you still get lost?" She knelt down and began to draw doodles in the dirt in a childish fashion. "Yeah. I know. I'm hopeless." He chuckled slightly. "That's an understatement. So why were you trying to rush here for anyway?"  She stood up again with a smile. "I was worried about Rukia, since that creepy old lady sent someone to try and bribe me I was afraid she'd try some thing stupid." He nodded. "Yeah I think a lot of us were. But everything went smoothly for the time being. We'll see with how things progress though." Miyako nodded and put her hand back on Raikan, she had a very close relationship with her zanpaktou, she cared for it and seemed to be able to connect with it on a different level than most other shinigami. Sighing she scratched the back of her neck and shook her head.  "I get a feeling of unease everytime I think about this." "Your not the only one. I think a lot of us feel that way." She nodded at Ari and put a hand on her shoulder.  "I have paperwork that needs done, if anything happens let me know." He waved her off as she flash stepped away and began to head back to her office. Her face etched in a frown. The test would have been the perfect place to get Rukia out of the way, but now the only way would either be direct combat or assassination. Both of which worried Miyako more than she'd like to admit since Ruki lived under the same roof as the crazy old bird. Sighing she continued on her way back to her office, she arrived after get turned around once or twice and entered her office feeling a tic enter her jaw instantly as she saw her chair swinging back and forth. "Sol...how many times do I have to tell you stay out of my seat?" Her bother spun around and looked up at her with a smile and she felt her heart leap as she saw him donned in the black and white shinigami uniform.  "You passed?" He laughed and nodded running his hand through his short cut brown hair. "You doubted me?" "Not at all, who are you under?" "Not sure yet they haven't given me a squad, but I'm really hoping its not under the psycho." Miyako laughed and pulled a small bottle of sake down from a shelf and a couple of small cups.  "Arashi isn't so bad. Just strict." "Yeah, and crazy." She laughed again as she poured them each a cup and put the sake back on the shelf. Taking him a cup she held her own up. "There are a few strict captains, but all of them are okay in their own ways." He took his drink and shook his head as he raised his cup to her's. "Don't you have anything bad to say about anyone?" She laughed and sipped her drink as she fell into easy conversation with her brother, her mind still on the problem at hand with Rukia as she glanced outside and noted the red tint to the sun, an ominous sign.   
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    Sign Up Summoner's Road

    Cool I'll get to work on it and try to have it up soonish. Gonna try and give Darth some time to finish but I'll start writing it up in the meantime.
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    Sign Up Summoner's Road

    Soooo. I might try and get this going again if those of you who signed up for it would be willing to continue it with me. Just let me know folks.
  15. I'll get a post up for this tonight or tomorrow. Just gotta get everything in order.
  16. [font='comic sans ms']Name: Miyako Nimashima[/font] [font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']Gender: Female[/font][/font] [font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']Age: 230[/font][/font] [font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']Position: Squad 4[/font][/font] [font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']Appearance: Miyako is a full figured woman, wide hips and slightly broad shoulders give her an hour glass shape. Having an average build at a height of 5'6 she is a rather simple beauty compared to some of the other woman is Soul Society. Her long, dark brown hair and chocolate colored eyes give her a relaxed and calm appearance.She usually wears her haori in normal fashion with a small blue belt tied around her waist instead of the standard black. When in uniform her hair is pulled back into a high pony that is tied off with a small white ribbon that has a small silver wolf charm on the end of it. This wolf charm usually hangs from the ribbon down to her waist. Since acquiring Raikan Miyako's has taken on a few small canine-like features. Her canine teeth are slightly elongated and sharper than normal, her ears are just barely pointed. She as also taken to growling low in her throat at times of agitation or anger. [/font][/font] [font='comic sans ms']Personality: Upbeat and somewhat childish she is the ice breaker in groups most of the time. She enjoys having fun no matter where she's at. Smart mouthed and sarcastic she can sometimes boarder on the edge of annoying, but in the end most people wind up warming up to her and enjoy her company in the long run. On the other hand though she has a semi dark side, serious and quiet when it's time to work or when things seem to hit the fan. When she gets this way it's best to leave her alone until the proverbial water has settled. [/font] [font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']Background: Born and raised in the slums of soul society it took a long time for Miyako to make a name for her self in order to gain the attention of a higher ranking citizen. Her life began to take a turn for the better when an older gentleman from a slightly prestigious family known as the Nimashimas took her in for training; telling her that he could sense she had power in her veins. He trained in her weaponry and hand to hand combat, but he focused her mainly in the reading of a special branch of kido, known as Kaido. Healing kido that she took a large interest in. She read every book he had from front to back as many time as she could. A few year later he sent her to an academy where she was to learn in more depth. She spent years there honing her skill and learning as much as she could until she graduated and was assigned to a squad. Miyako had been a part of the fourth division for some time before she began to climb the ranks. She had to prove herself adept at combat as well as her healing ability. Most people seemed to look over her due to the rather low status her true family(which she never denied or hid) had. Most if not all of her family was born and raised in the slums of the soul society. She alone seemed to be able to escape, and once she did and made a better life for her self she turned around and brought her family with her. Her mother and father having refused her offer she has a younger brother that seems to roam the grounds and show up from time to time to annoy and bug her. Mainly in her office while she's trying to work. [/font][/font] [font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']Noncombat Skills: Though not many would consider this a skill Miyako as impeccable instincts and intuition. [/font][/font] [font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']Zanpakto: Raikan(Lycan) "Let your howl echo!"[/font][/font][font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms'] In its sealed form her Zanpakto looks more like an aikuchi than a katana. Solid white with no distinguishable markings other than a few spots of light grey saya. [/font][/font][font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms'] In shikai form her katana takes on the form of a sai. A hand guard forms around the hit with two small, golden horn like blades from the sides keeping the main blade in the middle. The sheath remains pure white. [/font][/font][font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms'] Raikan's Shikai ability allows Miyako to make a person, or patient translucent to her eyes so long as she wields him If used on an enemy she is able to see through the person's skin and into their body seeing vital points and organs making them easy targets. When used on a patient she is able to see the same way, but able to pinpoint an injury or sickness in the body with out having to waist valuable kaido trying to do so. This makes healing and surgeries much more simple and has given her a higher success rate than most of the previous squad 4 captains. [/font][/font][font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms'] In Bankai form Raikan seems to break into pieces and form around Miyako's hands into a pair of clawed gauntlets. The appearance of the gauntlets relies on the cycles of the moon. During a full or half moon they will remain pure white, during a quarter or new moon they will turn black. [/font][/font][font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms'] She releases Raikan into Bankai by calling out to it " Claim your place, Arufaraikan" Raikan's Bankai ability also relies on the moon phases. During the full and half moons Raikan can emit bursts of light that can either heal a minor wound for an ally or blind a foe for a short period of time. The other side of Raikan is much darker. During a quarter and new moon Raikan will emit bursts of darkness with each hit delivered. This side of Raikan relies solely on how many people Myako has saved up to that point. If the damage healed by Raikan was minimal Raikan will only be able to do minor damage in his dark form, if the lives Miyako saved during the full and half moons was enormous(say during a war or large battle) Raikan could very easily level a small city block. [/font][/font] [font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']Other Notable Combat Skills: Miyako isn't widely known for her fighting prowess, but her stamina and courage are worth mentioning. Miyako puts all others before her-self, she is rumored to have many notable scars due to her recklessness on rushing into a fight to save another person from injury or death. Having risked life and or limb for most of the other captains she's earned a whispered title of insane. Her stamina also supports this title as she seems to have endless energy as she bounces from place to place with the enthusiasm of a small child. Her true talent however lies in her senses. She has extremely keen hearing and a sense of smell that can detect blood from at least a mile or so away. [/font][/font] [font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']Writing Sample: Miyako reclined back in her chair as she looked up the back of the chair and out the window behind her, it was a beautiful day and she longed to be out in the warmth of the sun. She heard her-self groan slightly at the thought of laying on a roof somewhere soaking it up and relaxing. She snapped forward into a sitting position as a meek knock sounded on her door. [/font][/font][font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']"Come in." A young man cracked the door to her office open and peered in somewhat nervously, they all seemed to be wary of her for some reason. She blinked as she realized he was holding a large envelope under his arm. "I have a message for you Captain Nimashima." "I see this. Who is it from might I ask?" She smiled widely at him, trying to get him to lighten up around her. Sheesh kids these days. "C-Chinatsu Kuchiki" "Whoda-wasa?" He arched an eyebrow and presented her with the envelope which she took with a sigh and ripped open, her eyes instantly fell onto the Kuchiki family crest at the bottom of the letter, Frowning she went back to the top and read it through, once, twice and a third time to make sure she hadn't missed anything. "So what your telling me is I have to choose a side?" He didn't seem to have an answer for her, of course not, he was just a messenger. Sighing she dropped the paper onto her desk and crossed her arms, spinning her chair around she looked out the large window once again. Her mind reeling slightly, they were going against Byakuya just because of Rukia's heritage. It infuriated her to no end, and than they had the nerve to ask her to side with them knowing full well that she too had been a lower citizen at one point in her life. Sighing she turned back around and faced the young man standing before her. Her face still set in a slight frown she stood from her chair and put her hands on her desk firmly. "You can tell the old bag, Chinetsasu-" "Chinatsu" "Don't care, that I decline." He seemed to turn pale at her words. "I was told that if you were to decline I was to give you this." Again he held out an envelope, and once again she took it from him and ripped it open. Much like the first time she read it three times over so as not to miss any details, each time through her frown deepening. Letting out a low animalistic growl she rounded her desk and came face to face with the young man. [/font][/font][font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']"Listen here, I don't care what or how you people think, but I will not let you use my brother as leverage against me. So help me if I see any of you near him I will not take mercy on any of you. My mind is made up and I will not join this power battle. If the wishes of a dying man can't even be honored what makes you think I'll believe anything you have to say."[/font][/font][font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms']He shied away slightly at her anger. "I-I'm just the messenger." Scoffing she turned away from him and went back to the window, she spoke, her back still facing him. "I refuse." He left a few seconds later, no doubt to deliver the message, she grit her teeth as the letter came back to her mind once again. The old woman had a lot of gaull to write a contingency letter in case of her refusal promising to send her brother back to the slums should she refuse and side against them. Shaking her head she leaned against the window and clutched Raikan tightly. This was bound to turn into a rather large mess. [/font][/font] [font=helvetica] [font='comic sans ms'](Hope this works, if not lemme know what I need to alter or change. ^^)[/font][/font]
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  18. In the northernmost reaches of the Forgotten Realms lies the frozen and untamed region known as Icewind Dale.A brutally cold and harsh place, the small villages of the region are home to a vast of array of good and evil. These small villages, referred to as the "Ten-Towns" are home to the nomadic Barbarian tribes, as well as bands of class-driven societies, such as the Druids of Kuldahar. Kuldahar is a wondrous valley and quaint town wrapped in and around the Great Oak Tree, a tree that symbolizes the Druid's unity with nature. The village of Kuldahar, like all of the Ten-Towns, is full of personality. An unforgiving environment of merciless beasts and ultimate sacrifices. Journey deep into the Spine of the World and put your valor to the test.  A grave new threat has arisen in the North, a threat that seeks to seal off the Ten-Towns from the rest of Faerun in a bitter power struggle. The town of Bremen has fallen, and a vicious horde of goblins, orcs, and bug-bears have gathered beneath the mysterious banner of the Chimera and are marching on the port town of Targos. Fearing that they will be overrun, Targos has sent out a call for all able-bodied adventurers, soldiers, and mercenaries to sail north to stand with the town's defenders against the encroaching horde.  How many will answer the plea for help by the tiny port town of Targos, will there be a fleet of fighters or just a few? All the help they can get is needed and asked for. Targos is on the brink of falling, and it is quickly being overrun by the hordes of the Chimera. A band of fighters is needed to rescue the town and it's inhabitants. Many have perished already, but life is still there as well as the other towns that need saving. But who has the courage and strength to challenge the power and forces of the Chimera? ------ Walking across the deck of the Sea Wench Elmerha scoffed at the grey clouds. "Hederdon, how many people do you think will answer the plea?" "I would imagine not many little one." Elmerha grit her teeth at the nick name, her forest green eyes flaring slightly.  "How long will it take to get to Targos?" The old man scratched his thick white beard, the cigar moving around in his mouth as he chewed on the end of it. "A couple of days, give or take. Depending on how much trouble we run into. And how quick it can be disposed of." Elmerha gripped the saber at her side and nodded.  "Anything that stands in the way will be dealt with quickly." The old man nodded, his eyes taking on a sad glint. "Your on a death's mission you know that." She gripped her blade tighter, her lightly tanned knuckles turning white. "If death shall have me, it'll have to wait, I have more to do." Hederdon nodded slowly as he left Elmerha to finish getting the ship ready for sea. Elmerha leaned on the side of the deck, her eyes sweeping the horizon as the sun slowly rose, tinting the sky a deep red. Goosebumps rose across her skin and a small shiver took her as the wide blew across the sea, the salt overpowering the scent of anything else as her golden hair billowed behind her slight frame. Her stomach twisted in knots as she thought about what this voyage meant. It meant death, it meant that Chimera was closing in on the last of the free towns, and it meant that she would most likely never come home.  ------   Name : Age: (depending on race, Humans and Hlaf elves, no younger than 20 please...) Gender: Race/Subrace(Will explain) Personality: Appearance: Bio: Weapon(s): Magic(s): (If any) Class:   Races- Humans-Humans compromise humans and two sub-races, Asimar and Tiefling HUMAN: Humans are the predominant race in Faerun and they rule most of the significant empires and kingdoms in the Forgotten Realms. Humans may choose any class and excel in it. AASIMAR: Carries the blood of a celestial being, the begotten offspring from a mortal and a deity. Aasimar are usually good aligned and fight against evil int he world. They typically have fair skin, golden eyes, and often a birthmark in the shape of the deity's holy symbol. Aasimar are blessed with insight and personal magnetism and are typically paladins. TIEFLING: The infernal counterpart to Aasimar, Tieflings are humans with a hint of diabolical in their bloodline. Though their appearance is mostly human, they often have telltale signs that belie their ancestry. Tieflings usually have dusky skin and dark reddish hair. Though many sport small horns, cat eyes, or other bizarre features, most tieflings try to hide their abnormalities from humans. Favored Class, Rouge. Elves: Elves compromise elves(moon elves) and two sub races, the Drow(dark elves) and wild elves. ELVES: Elves tend to be shorter and slimmer than humans with delicate features. Elves are generally looked upon as being frivolous and aloof. Elves have a natural resistance to charm and sleep magic, possess dark-vision, and are skilled in the use of the bow and long sword. Elves gain a bonus to Dexterity, but a penalty to Constitution.  Favored Class: Wizard  DARK ELF: Dark elves, also known as Drow, are the subterranean cousins of high elves. Their black skin and pale hair are a curse for their allegiance with the spider goddess, Lolth. Drow societies are usually ruled by cruel priestesses of Lolth and their noble houses. Dark elves are known for their arrogance, cruelty, and penchant for civil war.  Favored class: Wizard WILD ELF: The very rare wild elves are rarely seen by others, because they live in the heart of thick forests and they have incredible skill at keeping hidden. Also called green elves, their skin tends to be a dark brown, and their hair ranges from black to light brown, lightening to silvery white with age.  Favored class: Sorcerer  HALF ELVES  Half-elves are a mix of human and elven blood. They are handsome folk, combining the best of both races. A half-elf has the curiosity, inventiveness, and ambition of their human ancestors, and the refined senses, love of nature, and artistic tastes of their elven heritage. Half-elves have a limited resistance to Charm and Sleep spells and can see in the dark with dark-vision.  Favored Class: Any Half-orcs Half-orcs are born from the union of human and Orc parents. They are as tall as humans, but a little heavier due to their muscular builds. Their greenish pigmentation, sloping forehead, jutting jaw, prominent teeth and coarse body hair make their lineage plain for all to see. Half-Orcs are known for their great strength. Favored Class: Barbarian Classes: Barbarian- A brave, almost reckless warrior of the wilds. Bard- A wanderer who uses the magic of music and his own cunning to survive. Cleric- A master of divine magic and a capable warrior as well. Druid- One who draws energy from the natural world to cast divine spells and gain strange magical power. Fighter- A warrior with exceptional combat capability and an unequaled skill with weapons. Paladin- a champion of justice and destroyer of evil, protected and strengthened by an array of divine powers. Ranger- A cunning, skilled warrior of the wilderness. Rouge- A tricky, skillful scout and spy who wins the battle by stealth rather than brute force. Sorcerer- A spell-caster with inborn magic ability. Wizard- A potent spell-caster schooled in the arcane arts. Monk- A martial artist whose unarmed strikes hit fast and hard-a master of exotic powers.   Name: Elmerha Gant Age: 26 Gender: Female Race/Subrace: Half-Elf Personality: Distant and unsocial, she comes off as unfriendly; loyal to those she is close to she is determined and driven to prove her self. Short tempered and fire spirited she is quick to mouth off and tongue lash anyone who comes across her the wrong way.  Appearance: Elmerha is short for a Half-Elf, her growth stunted as a child from a sickness she had, only about 5ft tall she is easily mistaken for a child most times. Her golden blonde hair falls down to the backs of her knees and is left loose and somewhat untamed. Her deep forest green eyes are piercing and cold, the scare that mars her fair skin goes down over her left eye. She wears a green long coat over a white blouse and brown corset which accents her slight, shapely form, a pair of dark brown leggings and tall, slight heeled boots.  Bio: Elmerha was raised by her human mother, in her fathers village; her father having fallen to the hordes almost 4 months before her birth. Her mother constantly spoke fondly of her father, telling her of his kind heart and fair features that she her self seemed to have inherited. Her mother never missed a chance to dote on Elmerha, trying her best to make up for the loss of affection she would have gotten from her father. At age 10 Elmerha came down with a terrible flu like virus that stunted her growth keeping her in a almost child like body for the rest of her life. Though her body developed she never grew past 5ft. For the rest of her years in her father's village she was made fun of, and looked down upon; she was told she would never be the warrior her father was, and would never be as womanly as her mother Elmerha battled the diversity of others til her 18th birthday. At 18 Elmerha bid her mother farewell and dismissed the village that doubted her skill and ventured on her own. Training and growing stronger on her own, taking what her mother and some of the kinder people of the village had taught her she learned to fend for her self. Almost 6 years later she returned to the village only to find it razed to the ground, the scorched earth permeating the scent of blood and burnt flesh. She never found her mother, or any survivors. The blackened banner of Chimera ignited a fire of hatred within her soul she had never felt before, digging though the ashes she found the small, katana like saber that had belonged to her father she strapped it to her hip and left the dead village for the last time never to go back. Her soul now burning for a revenge that would only be sated by the blood of Chimera and his ilk.  Weapon(s): Elmerha is divers on her wares of weaponry. She is able to use a sword effectively, though she prefers the small blade from her father due to her smaller frame. She also uses a bow, her arrows able to hit their mark with immaculate precision. She keeps a small hunting dagger tucked safely in her right boot and another in a thigh sheath on her left leg.  Magic(s) She is slightly skilled in small Earthen spells which includes minor healing spells.  Class: Ranger
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  21. Allura shifted her body slightly to look around the corner and grit her teeth. "Dammit..." The guards at the end of the road were talking gruffly back and forth, the captain pointing this way and that, telling the others to look for her. She looked back down at the flyer in her hands and growled as her face stared back at her. "Guess I've been here to long..." She'd been in the town so long they had a bounty on her. Crumpling the paper she slipped into the building next to her and put her back against the wall, the sound of paper made her jump and turn. She was staring at a wall that had different fliers on it, one catching her eye.  "Seems like they're leaving fairly soon...might be a good chance to get the hell out of here..." Grabbing the flier she sprinted to the back of the building and slipped out the back, she made her way through the town as quickly as she could, doing her best to keep her head down and face low. It took her at least half an hour to get the docks. Slipping onto the dock she found the ship on the flier and ducked inside swiftly. "Welcome. Can I help you with something?" Alliura spun around and threw a steel card at the woman, shocked as it went through her. "I did not mean to surprise you, are you here to join the crew?" Allura frowned as she picked up the projectile she had thrown. "Sure, what ever. I just need to get out of this town. If I can do that here, so be it." The woman nodded and motioned for Allura to follow, Allura nodded and followed the hologram slowly, she kept her hand on the pouch on her hip. 
  22. Hope sign ups are still open. Been itching to write at something for a while and this seems interesting.    Name: Allura Kane Appearance: Skills: Proficient kick boxer, she is keen with throwing knives of any kind, her quick hands and dexterity also gives way to her being a very skilled pick pocket. Weapons: Allura doesn't have many weapons on her person, except for the single pouch of thin, razor sharp steel playing cards strapped to her hip. The cards are consisted of a full deck of poker playing cards; having all the suites and cards of a normal playing deck these cards have been personally order by her.Thin and sharp, these seemingly innocent cards can become a tool for pain and damage if needed. Personality: Quiet and somewhat intimidating when first met, Allura is a kind person with a big heart who, having been hurt to many times doesn't trust easily.
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