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  1. I really don't' have any actual phobias that I have encountered, mostly I am just a bit paranoid and dislike some situations. For instance, I dislike heights- yet you will still see me on the ladder climbing onto the barn roof to repair the damage of a storm, despite knowing full well that the ladder wobbles with each step. Amusement park rides as well, if they don't look solid I will usually say so before riding them, though once the ride starts I enjoy it. Roller Coasters are the worst about this. (Yet strangely the Darien Lake Predator was one coaster that I didn't complain about, and it was entirely wooden) Looking at this list, I suppose there are a lot of things that I suppose being afraid of is only natural, such as Atomophobia (Fear of Atomic Explosions) Oh, do chalk up doxophobia- fear of being praised. I hate that. As for philas, I have: Pyrophilia : I love fire, the higher the temperature and lower the smoke output the better (What. I'm a green pyro. My fires burn as hot and clean as possible) Karaunophilia: Yes, I love thunderstorms. Though it is kind of a love/hate relation, while I absolutely love witnessing the raw power of nature's fury, it is also terrifying because I know better than most people just how destructive that kind of power can be.
  2. ~Alutri Arrow, Bridge~ [I]At least Michael finally paid up.[/I] Martel thought. She had bought the replacement fuel rods to bring Michael’s ships back to full power, installed them, and even though he just about had to pull pennies out of his ears to pay for the parts he did pay every last cent of it. [b]“I don’t know what you all are doing, but I for one am dumping these cling ons and getting back to my business.” [/b] Martel called into the radio. [b] “And I want no part of being a marked bounty, I am going to see to it that my name is cleared. I had no idea that you guys were criminals, I was just doing my job and fixing ships that needed it.” [/b] She seemed irate having seen her face on the wanted posters; and who could blame her when she was only guilty by association. Likely she would have no choice but to reveal the names of the group to clear herself, ad she would do it too if it is what it took. [b]“Odin, you ready?” [/b] Martel called across her ship’s bridge. The rather odd man she had picked up had decided not to depart at the station, and agreed to ride with her as a partner in business. [b] “As ready as I will be. Still, you’re scary. You just about blew that guy’s brains out because he didn’t want to pay you.[/b] Odin answered, strapped into the copilot’s chair, as the books and junk that had formerly decorated that chair were fastened to the next chair back. [b] “How does the KN1 handle relative to a KN2?” [/b] he asked, only to realize it was a big mistake as Martel got a huge grin on her face and pushed the throttle to full. In back of the ship, there was a thunderous roar, and the main jet lashed out as the Arrow blasted away from the other ships, since they were all powered they had released the docking and grappling mechanisms. Sadly she was already driving hard away from them when the vamtyrs showed up. [I]Oh well. I’ve had enough vamtyrs, and since they are perfectly fine without me, my work here is done.[/I] She thought, not slowing down or turning back. Odin was examining his control panel, it was just slightly different from the KN2 controls he was used to- though all the main functions had not changed. [b] “The remains of my ship shouldn’t be too far away, and you picked up enough shipping tubes to salvage all of the fuel rods in addition to the remaining mechanical stuff.” [/b] Odin commented, looking at Martel. She was in a driving anger, her jaw clenched tight and her hands firm on the controls. It didn’t seem like she would stop her ship, even though it was free parts if anything was left. Soon though the floating debris from what was once a sister ship of the Arrow came into view, and with a series of bursts from the braking thrusters the arrow slowed down, allowing the debris to be captured by the magnetic field, while the frame of the main hull was grappled. [b] “Your former crewmates won’t mind if we salvage their stuff right?” [/b] Martel commented, somehow a disturbing humor in her voice. She was still mad about having been marked as a bounty, though seeing what remained of the KN2-1701D made her feel a little better. [b]Well, most of them their bodies were flung into free space, and are likely sublimating as we speak. I doubt they would object since this is actually company procedure for the ship to be salvaged for all it is worth.” [/b] Odin commented, suiting up to help with the salvage.
  3. [quote name='MistressRoxie'][color=#9933ff]I guess my "life goal" if you could call it that is to work for the EPA, and then get into politics. So, I'm in school and I do all my work with that goal in mind (of course, I also do my work so that I can keep my scholarship, not fail classes, etc.). [/color][/QUOTE] Which EPA? The Environmental Protection Agency? It sounds like a good goal to have.
  4. OOC: I wouldn?t worry about Momishin?s previous post with regard to the memories deal, that is part of her character and is not true for the real her. Also, what did happen to the other people who signed up? There were supposed to be 10 people, not 3. ____________________________________________________________________ ~Knotthole Ruins~ [b]?She didn?t go far though, if she went to the place where I think she did then I can find her fairly quickly. But yes, we shouldn?t go anywhere alone because Lucy may still be nearby. Also, do you think that the others who saw the crystal fall survived? It is entirely possible that Lucy already killed them, leaving only the three of us.? [/b] Picking up a piece of scrap metal, Odin put it in the campfire and put more wood around it to heat it up. A few minutes of hammering, and the scrap had been salvaged into a workable lantern, that way they would have light and a way to start another fire when they made camp again. Picking up some of the burning branches from the fire and putting them inside it, he said [b] ?Might want to put together some bundles of dry sticks to feed this. I?ll be ready in a minute, I want to put my remaining tools into the root cellar and lock it up again so that they will be here if we return to this place.? [/b] He set the lantern on the ground near the fire, and started picking up the tools that looked salvageable, finally taking the anvil and putting it into the cellar as well. Fastening the latch and securing it tighter since it no longer had a house to cover it, he picked up the lantern and turned. His hammers were visible in their loops on the apron, and the soot and dirt stains on his face made him look like he had just finished a day?s work. [b] ?The meadow of dreams I call it. It is at the top of a hill overlooking the town, and we pass through a small woods to get there. Likely Sue is in that woods. [/b] He turned towards the trail, just in time to see Sue coming back towards them, a haunted look on her face as though she had just seen a ghost.
  5. Money and objects never motivated me for more than a few days. Actually, I only know of one thing that motivates me and keeps me motivated... When it's for my lady, I keep working until I can't work any more.
  6. [quote name='Tetra of sound']I can predict 1 more thing: YOU WILL ALL DIE!!! Kiddin. Tough, seriously, we all will eventually unless someone discovers the Fountain of Youth.[/QUOTE] I've seen my death. However, I didn't see just one. I saw many possible deaths, any of which are just as likely to happen as the next time I see it. Something like that usually takes the form of a dream, in order to capture the full details of what you are seeing. And it is kind of a useless prediction when you get 20 others that are all just as possible. What interests me the most is when I will predict what someone will say before they have said it, because sometimes I will say it before they do and give the illusion that I am reading their mind. I'm not the only one to use that trick actually, and some people I know do the same thing to me from time to time. It's not mystic or even a matter of faith. Prophecy is kind of like rocket science, once you learn the rules of how it works you can use it whenever.
  7. Yes, High School is very much meant for just that- making and breaking relations, feeling out your preferences and what you look for. It's not the end of the world if you get rejected, and in many cases it means that whoever you were with decided there was something about you that they didn't like. Just don't lose hope, that trait that you got rejected for may be your deciding point to someone else. The fact is love on the first try, while it does still happen, is extremely rare. Most people will go through several relationships before finally learning their preferences enough to be able to choose someone to settle down with, and even at that they can be wrong as shown by the high divorce rate. College things get a bit warmer, because the people there are older and most of them have learned their preferences while in high school, hookups in college are far more likely to survive because of the environment they form in, and also because the people involved are older and more experienced. Then every once and a while you get people who do it all wrong, who everyone would say will die single, and all of a sudden they are a couple with someone else who is just as much misfit, and end up staying together. Just while we are along these lines of conversation, what are your opinions on rejection? Personally, I feel that it is best to drop them fast and cold, if they hit the ground hard enough they will bounce right back up into someone else's arms and would be better off like that that if let down slowly. Trying to let them go gently you run a much higher risk of accidentally misleading them to think they have a chance, and when they finally do realize what you were doing they had gotten some feelings for you and it hits like a brick wall, from which it takes longer to recover from based on observations.
  8. To answer your question simply: Nobody knows, even many of the girls who are presently looking for a guy don't know what they will like or not like because they haven't experienced different guys yet. Many guys are like that too- they don't know what they want in a girl because they haven't been with enough girls to know their tastes. [quote name='AzureWolf'] Anyway, although the way to every girl's heart is different, you should also know a few things: [LIST] [*]You have to actually talk to the girl, not admire her from afar. [*]Learn from her past relationships, if she has any. Know why some girls keep going back to that jerk who beats her or treats her like trash? It is because she feels she deserves it, she has insecurities. [*]There are two ways to approach girls: molding to that kind of guy, even if it means showering her with insults; or finding a girl that complements you. The former gets you a lot of action, while the latter is a little more frustrating but less controversial. [*]Know what you are looking for in a partner, and know that fixation, no matter how much you justify it, is not a good thing. [*]Learn from your past relationships. Do you like what you have been doing? Are the girls you have been with really your type? [*]Approach opportunities and encounters as practice, not the final exam, so to speak. That is, don't be afraid of failure. Not every girl will accept you, especially not your first crush. [*]Stay the hell away from her friends prior to being officially in a relationship with her. Even afterwards, keep it superficial and light. Making a good impression is all that you need to do with them. Don't make friends with her friends. [*]While honesty is the best policy in a long-term relationship, a few white lies in the beginning to get a date with her is ok. She will forgive you if she digs you and had a chance to know how awesome you are. [/LIST][/QUOTE] I agree with all but your last point, if she likes you and you truely care about her she deserves the truth, and in my experience any lies only cause more pain than they prevented in the first place. Also, your tactics really depend on how you are, and what you are looking for. Myself, I am a rather nerdy guy who apparently is quite the romantic and lives by a chivalry to rival a medieval knight. The girl I am dating absolutely loves that kind of deal, herself being a warm and caring person who wants someone who will protect her but also love and care about her. Companionship is very high between us in addition to love, even though we are almost perfect opposites, we do very well together and understand each other. That same mix might not work for another pair, their preferences might be very different, and being opposite like that would result in them fighting untill they broke up. And yes, for many people conversing online is easier than conversing in person, not only is it easier to open up to someone because of less risk of embarrasment- but if you do start getting relations with someone you will get to know their mind before you have the influence of their body on your relationship.
  9. Right here. [url=http://www.centaurforge.com/prodinfo.asp?number=COAL][img]http://www.centaurforge.com/images/COAL.jpg[/img][/url] Yes, I want coal. The coal on that site is a special coal for forges like mine, it burns far better than the local coal which is meant for stoker furnaces and doesn't handle very well in the forge. I did always find it interesting how back when I first got into blacksmithing the santas whose lap kids would sit on to have their pictures taken would get this really strange look on their face when I asked them for coal. Usually I would have to explain what it was for before they would realize why I asked for it. Other than that and maybe some steel rods to replenish the material rack I should be set.
  10. It cannot be classified as anything more than puppy love untill it hits at least the three month mark- starting at the date you confessed your feelings for each other. Though it might work out, since I never expected to meet my present date the way I did and yet we're going strong after 7 months- and hoping for many more. Also, have you met in person yet? Be careful with your first meeting, I recommend places like stores where there are some people around but also security cameras as well so that if anything bad happens they have some way to find 'her'. Other than that, good luck with it ^^
  11. ~Alutri Arrow, Cabin 3 (Across from Martel?s cabin, which is #1)~ ?Martel, give me a hand with this please.? Odin remarked, lifting a crate out of the unused cabin that Martel had made a sort of storage area out of. They were cleaning it out so Odin could stay there. ?It?s easier if you just do this first.? Martel remarked, going to the control panel near the door and turning down the room?s gravity. Smiling, she picked up an even larger box with one hand and looked at a rather surprised Odin- who had just about thrown the crate he was lifting to the ceiling as she turned down the gravity. ?Of course you wouldn?t have known about that, that was a feature of the KN1 that was not implemented in the production versions for cost reasons. The prototype though had it, as per my design specifications, while the production versions the gravity generators had their controls tied together for each section and not independent like that.? She turned to hide her laugh at the surprised look on his face from the crate he was carrying having burst open to reveal some of her old clothing, a bra on top of the pile, and took the crate she had out to the hallway. [I]This woman is weird, and kind of annoying. Is she really the genius who designed the KN-series craft?[/I] Odin thought, hastly packing the clothing back into the crate and following her to the cargo bay she had unlocked to put the stuff into. ?Hey wait up!? ~Alutri Arrow, Cargo bay 12~ ?You can just put that there. And careful how you go, I have the gravity turned down along the entire route- it is still high enough to walk normally but is about half of what normal ship gravity is, if you jump you will hit the ceiling.? Martel chimed. It was not like her to take to somebody like this, but having found someone who knew about her she was rather excited ?It still feels weird to be lifting objects that my mind says are a lot heavier than they are when I actually lift them.? Odin remarked, stacking the crate he had brought with him and helping her rearrange the others to make more room. ?What is in all of these anyway?? ?Clothes, tools, parts, in some of the other bays there is food and fuel, and one of the bays has no boxes- it is about half full of warm water, and serves as a swimming pool.? ?The KN2 had that bay as well, only ours the water was cold, and was used as a reservoir for clean water. I would assume you modified yours, but then where did you put the clean water storage?? ?It uses the tanks in the room with the water and air filters, dunno if the KN2s had it but the KN1 uses waste heat from the reactor to filter and distill waste water into clean water for drinking and cleaning. Likely they disabled the feature in the KN2 to free up power for extra cruising speeds, since the reactor core in the KN2 is smaller than the KN1 core.? ?So that?s why those valves were closed and locked out. Neat.? Odin commented, following Martel back to Cabin 3 to get another load of crates. He stumbled briefly in the low gravity, before figuring out his stride to match it so he could walk freely.
  12. I think if you made a greenhouse-plate type ceiling, you could then use a heavy canvas shade with a motor to roll and unroll it to block the sunlight when you don't want it. Just pointing out that devices to make shade do exist.
  13. [quote name='SunfallE'][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]I've never given it a thought really. But if I could pick anything I wanted, I'd want a simulation of the night sky, much like you'd see at a show in a planetarium. And the reason I never give it a thought is I'm not interested in a painted version but a more advanced one that changes to reflect the current state of the sky. Well except for the part where the sun comes up. lol [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] Mine was supposed to be similar, painted sky blue with clouds on it, and inside the clouds there were to be spots of a white glow-in-the-dark paint.I had hoped to have it so when the lights were on it was partly cloudy, while with the lights off I had a full starfield. Sadly my room never got redone as planned, had to replace some furnishing in the kitchen that decided to break right then and drained that year's budget.
  14. OOC: Since I wasn’t aware of the situation change, having been waiting for Lilt to post, I will fill in the timeline gaps where I can. ________________________________________________________________________ ~Alutri Arrow, second docking ring as the ships were transferring crews to talk~ [I]To think I almost had to get my ship bloodied up like this a few times keeping myself from getting ripped off. And since when do they put a bounty on repair crews, all I do is fix ships and call in when I spot a pirate.[/I] Martel thought, moving clumsily through the docking ring in the gravity- she was used to her ship having it’s gravity disabled in that area so she could float gracefully through the cramped rings. Looking out the side port she caught sight of the burst condenser plate again, and clenched her fist and teeth before moving forward, still not used to having gravity inside the docking ring as she followed the newcomers ~Pirate Ship, meeting room, after the comments about lee's smell~ “In any case, it would be more to the point to actually transfer this file into each of our ship’s computers so we captains can analyze it and discuss it privately with our respective crews before deciding what to do next. I don’t know about you guys, but after my last round of rabble rousing I have had enough of that. I just want to sail the stars and fix ships.” Martel remarked loudly, breaking the silence that had ensued in the room. She was very unnerved by all of this; the stench of drying blood was bothering her. “I’ll be completely honest here, I am going way beyond what I normally do. I will usually only fix a ship and collect my repair fees, and then I am on my way to my next service call. I’ve missed 10 customers already because I have had to haul that powerless ship somewhere to get fuel rods for it, and I do hope you guys can afford the rods I gave you since they aren’t free.” She continued, starting to rant and bitch because she was upset. “I want nothing to do with getting rid of the vamtyrs, though I will fix any ships damaged in the battle for 25% off since the vamtyrs are a nuisance to free trade.” She stepped heavily on the floor plates, and left the room, headed back to her ship. “You guys do whatever, when you are done let me know so I can turn the gravity back on in the docking rings. I don’t like moving through them with gravity, since I am a bit clumsy.” ~Alutri Arrow, bridge~ Sitting back in her chair, looking at the stars again while the other captains conversed onboard the strange pirate ship, Martel still was rather moody. She was not happy about the delays, nor was she very pleased about having been marked as a bounty- she would see to it that she got paid and then would address the bounty issue. The radio crackled to life, apparently a ship had been destroyed by pirates and a man in an escape pod had drifted nearby. “KN1-001 Alutri Arrow answering your 909. I have you on visual, and will attempt to retrieve you to cargo lock 3.” “Roger, aim for the support backpack so you don’t puncture the capsule suit.” Came a young man’s voice, along with the power hum of one of the remaining grappling hooks reaching towards the capsule suit life pod. It caught it, and soon brought him to one of the airlocks. ~Alutri Arrow, Cargo Lock 3~ Martel stood there impatiently as the young man that was inside the life pod opened the hatch and climbed out. She was used to this too, picking up survivors after a wreck and delivering them to the various stations where they would make their way home on the commercial passenger ships. “Identify please.” Martel said as soon as he was standing near the pod, apparently having a small backpack that he brought with him. “Odin M Renegade; Copilot, mechanic, cook, and chaplain of the late KN2-1701D long-range cargo. And you are?” “Martel Alutri, captain of KN1-001 Alutri Arrow. But no kidding- you were a crew member on a KN2 long range cargo?” “Yes, did that for several years. Actually knew more about that ship than the mechanic that was hired to keep it running. Pity it’s gone now, pirates attacked and by the time all was said and done the glorious ship wasn’t even worth selling for scrap metal. They even took the airlock, which is why you found me in this instead of the dead hull of that ship. But what of yourself, you said KN1… That was the prototype of the KN2, and there was only ever one built, which back when my ship was bought they said the KN1 had been given to it’s designer, who was now somewhere in space with it.” “Yes, this is the only KN1 in existence, KN1-001, and I am the designer of the KN series. You were not lied to.” Martel answered. “But anyway, I am headed for Deep Heaven Station with this customer’s ship in tow, since he lacks fuel rods.” “I noticed the ruptured condenser plate while I was outside actually.” Odin commented. “ I almost think, that if we can catch up to the KN2-1701D, you can strip out the condenser plates from it, the pirates didn’t take them, nor did they take the fuel rods since they didn’t have any empty shipping shields to put them in.” “I have four empty rod holders, if I can ever get rid of these clingons I’ll likely grab anything that is left in there.” Martel commented. “Well, welcome aboard. I suppose since you know a good bit you can help out with my mechanic business until you decide where to get off. Just be warned, I am going to work you until you can’t stand with normal gravity active.” “I expect no less, your reputation precedes you by 20 light-years.” Odin remarked, follwing Martel towards the bridge.
  15. [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]You are a fool. :animesmil :p[/FONT][/QUOTE] No, that's just Konata. Determined to amount to something, she is. Very precise in her work, and delivering results without fail. Odds are she is more than capable of it, otherwise she wouldn't be able to do that like she does.
  16. I'm fine with having friends- as long as you and them know and keep it very clear that you are only friends. Also, no physical contact- even hugging is too much in my book aside from a playful glomp when cosplaying.
  17. [quote name='Lunox'][font="trebuchet ms"]What? lol I think Boo meant lifting women up and putting them on a shoulder in a playful/flirting way, not a take-down method. [/font][/QUOTE] Either one works, and you don't have to knock them down when you glomp them. Seriously, if she likes you and you glomp her she will almost certainly turn bright red.
  18. [quote name='Lunox'][font="trebuchet ms"] Seconded. :catgirl:[/font][/QUOTE] The easiest method to restrain a violent woman is to glomp them, and not let go. Just mind the feet, and some will knee in the crotch. Use caution though, some girls can and do beat the crap out of guys very easily, I've had a few run-ins with those, and if I ever pissed off the girl I am dating now I'm sure she could too.
  19. Name: Odin M Yggdrasil Race: Half Elf- Human Elf 50% Age: 20 gender: Male Appearance: Mid length dark blonde hair, reaching roughly to his shoulders. Dark blue eyes, pale skin with freckles. Fine arms and legs that while they do have muscle it is hard to see it. He usually will switch between an elven robe and human working clothes (a dull color shirt and sturdy pants), depending on if he is resting or working. Weapon: A hammer and a hatchet Magic: Healing and holy lightning, though his abilities are more geared towards support and enchanting than combat. History: Born to the granddaughter of the elven elder, he always different from the other elves- being slightly weaker in magic and expressing human-like quantities that others of his age did not have. When it was finally discovered that he was half human at age 13, the father that had taken in him and his mother due to the absence of this real father went into a violent rage, expelling him from the house and killing his mother (He would later be welcomed into the elder's home, but the offer was turned down because Odin wanted to get away from his stepfather. Acting on the elder's advise that was given when he refused to take up residence with the elder, he made his way to the human lands- where items produced using his elven crafting techniques were in high demand because of their quality. By the time he was 16, he had already built up a significant amount of money, and was operating a large shop while also working on one of the many tinkerings that he had become involved in since arriving in the human capitol. The result of his tinkerings was most peculiar- a steam powered wagon that was a complete traveling workshop. Eventually, his workshop in the town burned during a firestorm. Having lost his home again, he made his home in the wagon, and now travels from town to town selling his wares. Over the course of his travels, he met up with Lily Flamberge, and now they are traveling together. Other: Currently working as a traveling blacksmith. Name: Lily Flamberge Race: Half Elf- Demon Elf 50% Age: 17 gender: Female Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, warm brown eyes. Her demon blood is almost fully masked by her elven blood- the telltale being the wings that she will call forth from time to time. Pale skin, the interaction of demon and elven blood causes her to get a skin rash on the full moon, and during that time she becomes very sensitive of her appearance.She wears her outfits in a similar manner to Odin- working human clothes when at the forge, elven robes for leisure, and once in a while she will wear a demon's garb at night. Relatively small, abnormal for both elves and demons, she stands only 5'5 and about 170 lbs, her body is plush and voluptuous, and yet harbors strength that is even greater than Odin's - though she only rarely is able to tap into it. Weapon: Knuckle weapons and kicking plates, the one she normally has is formed by calling her shadow together and then hardening it, though when she is not in her best shape she uses a knuckle made of wrought steel, forged by her and Odin together. Her kicking plates are formed similar to the shadow knuckle, though she doesn't usually need them- her boots are more than ample to disable a male foe when she puts her strength into her strikes. Magic: Shadow-supernatural, she is capable of projecting words into the minds of others and reading their thoughts back, she is capable of basic first-aid and several destructive shadow abilities such as dark sphere. There is also the direct shadow manipulation by which she formes her knuckle and greaves, though it is limited severly because at her current level the amount of shadow energy in her body is proportional to her shadow- at night it is easily much higher. History: Born to an isolated elf that lives on the border of the demon lands, she was always afraid to enter the demon city because her elven mother had given her freedom, and was afraid that she would become assimilated into the demon's supposed hive mind structure if she got too close. Making her way towards the human lands, she met Odin when the hardships in her life had just about driven her to end it all, and he said what she needed to hear the most, in effect saving her. She now clings to him faithfully, learning and working the ways of the forge, and being an honest and loving companion. Other: Currently living with Odin and working as a travelling blacksmith.
  20. [quote name='Avenged666fold']Physical abuse is for punks...mental abuse is always the way to go! Butcher her with words. Learn to dodge her weak blows and hit hard with witty retorts.[/QUOTE] Or you do like I swore I would never do again, and absolutely make her life miserable. It takes connections, you have to be able to feed information to the right places and then pull the strings so that she cannot escape the hell you have ordered for her. When properly executed though, it will be like living in hell for her, and she won't even know why it happened. Karma is so delicious when served like that. Typical punishment runs last from a single day to a full month, though the longer runs require more care in executing because they are more prone to being messed up.
  21. I would look in the mirror, were it not for the fact that it breaks every time I do. It's just my face that does it is all. That's one of those where don't tell him directly- instead get a middleman to do it, or even subtile hint untill he figures it out. Telling him directly [i]might[/i] make him hate you. And somehow this whole story seems familiar, though I know for a fact that neither of my younger brothers even have a girlfriend.
  22. I asked Lilt about it , and she said I could run a second character. So I give you my second character. Haven't decided exactly when to bring him in, though it won't take me long to figure that out. Name: Odin M Renegade 'Renegade of Life' Age: 20 Gender: Male Race: Believed to be a pure human, though there were orphans about 4 generations back, making it hard to tell. Birthplace: Deep Heaven station (he was actually born on the docking platform, since the ship his parents were on had no medical facilities and he was born while being transferred to a ship that did have them) Area you currently call home: Presently, KN2-1701D cabin 4. It is a freighter using the second version of Martel's design, and has been seeing heavy freight traffic between the Lunar Stations and Mars for some time now. He is the copilot, but also runs the kitchen since nobody else has any skill cooking. Something strange about you: He seems like more of the kind of person you would find in a great laboratory, inventing ways to change the future than you would expect of a simple cargo driver. Many wonder why someone of his intelligence chose such a simple living instead using his full potential. Appearance: Shoulder-length Blonde hair, sky blue eyes. 6'1", 150 lbs. He's a very finely muscled build, with a little bit of a belly and sailor's arms. Normally he wears a black t-shirt and bluejeans, along with a utility belt containing his radio, a flashlight, a few common tools, and a pendant given by his late parents. Other: "Ger R Done they say. Well, it's as good not done as it is not being done right. Especially when you're riding a potential mushroom cloud around."
  23. [quote name='SunfallE'][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Oh and Odin M Yggdrasi, when you say ride a bull, that can be taken so many ways. Oh the image that came to mind that I wish had not! XP[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] I was referrring to the rodeo event, not whatever innuendo you made out of it. The reason it ranked so high is because I don't plan on breaking 3/4 of the bones in my body without enough money to pay for the resultant hospital bill. And it's not the ride that's the danger, it's the dismount- getting off the bull and out of the arena before I get killed. [quote name='The13thMan'][COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Century Gothic] Jeeze Odin, for a million you'd do anything besides the illegal and marriage? How about... have sex with a pig in antartica while naked and....no protection. Would you do that for a million? I don't think that's illegal... but if it is then change antartica to wherever it wouldn't be illegal. Would you eat a years supply of laxatives after stapling your butt hole shut? ...I'm kinda messed up. BUT WOULD YOU!? [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] That's a lot of parameters for the antarctic one , however if it was agreed on in writing and either paid for in advance or the money held by a neutral agency I would have little recourse. The other one is just plain sick and is quite impossible. Odds are I wouldn't do something that crazy, since being nude in antartica would result in me being turned into an ice cube on short order, and I should have considered someone suggesting that when writing out my terms. So by the time all is said and done, no. I wouldn't agree to that, intercourse with anything other than a human of the female variety (or maybe a female body android) is not going to happen for any price. And I should have considered people with sick minds when writing out my terms, I was not expecting stuff like you guys have suggested at all.
  24. OOC: Character obsessed hmm? Perhaps it is because she was being thrown so far out of character it was no fun for me that you guys got the rant you did. Also, the last few paragraphs of this post were arranged with Lilt by IM. ______________________________________________________________________ ~Alutri Arrow, Bridge~ Martel leaned back in her chair to watch the stars move as their ships passed through space, the autopilot managing the ships. Even with Michael’s ship docked, all was quiet, though that quiet was a relative term with the whining of the turbine echoing up the ventilation system from the drive compartment. She had shut down the main jet, it uses up too much helium, and really was waiting for the signal to attempt to slipstream. Suddenly an alarm began sounding, and like an avalanche the indicators turned red as the malfunction and it’s resultant overloading pattern spread. Jolting back to reality from her meditation, she soon was skillfully operating the control switches to stop the fault condition from affecting the whole ship. In the ship behind her, the main lights were replaced with the red emergency lights, and there was a metallic thud that sent a shudder through both ships as the emergency shutdown rods were slammed into the core. Of course, it would remain hot for some hours so she would still have plenty of ship power, but the engines were offline until the fault was corrected. [b]Goddamit! I knew pushing my luck using the emergency override to get off of a planet. [/b] Martel shouted over the blaring sirens on the Arrow. Fortunately the fault condition was easy to isolate, just an overpressure condition in one of the condenser shells that got rid of the extra reactor heat. It really only needed to cool down for a bit before it would reset, as long as nothing burst from the pressure. Sadly fate was not with her today, even though she had completely isolated the fault and shut off the feed to that panel so it could cool off it was already too much for it. There was a resounding bang and another shudder- shaking both ships, as the alarms again began to blare though the fault did not spread further. Outside the ship, one of the outer condenser plates that made up the back half of the hull had been blown off by the steam pressure, and been captured by her magnetic shield. Small wisps of ice could be seen escaping from it, as the remaining water sublimated out of the frost that had been thrown down when it burst. [b]“This is what I get for helping people. I’ma become a selfish bitch and never be generous again!” [/b]She shouted, banging her fist on the side portal she was near when she caught sight of the panel that had blown off while making her way back to the equipment room to suit up so she could inspect the core. Changing her plans, she returned to the bridge and reconnected her still charging leg brace, then cleared the fault condition with the bad condenser disabled and reset the autopilot. Checking the computer, she brought up a station map. Bringing it to her current position, she noticed that one of her favorite stations- Deep Heaven, was only a few minutes away. “Michael, Loreley, sorry but we are going to Deep Heaven station. I’ve got a malfunction over here, using the emergency power strained it like I knew it would and sure enough something broke. I don’t exactly want to leave you in free space when you haven’t paid for the fuel rods yet and also don’t have enough power of your own.” She said over the radio, which was relayed over the entire ship Michael and the others The thunder of the main jet soon started again, and with a hissing and trembling of the thrusters the two ships changed course, headed for the station that looked like a city in the sky.
  25. ~Odin's strange Price Chart~ #1, at a cost of $5000. I will kiss another guy full on the mouth. #2, at a cost of $7500. I will wear women's clothing for a full day. #3, at a cost of $10000. I will ride a bull for 8 seconds. #4. at a cost of $12500. I will shoot a category-5 rapids using only my body- no boat. #5. at a cost of $25000. I will climb a nearly impassible rock face of your choice, with only a belaying line and harness for equipment. #6. at a cost of $50000. I will expose myself to 10,000 volt electric wires with no protective equipment, for 1/10th of a second. (No it won't kill me, it just... tingles. #7. at a cost of $100000. I will run around fully nude in a thunderstorm, carrying a steel rod pointed skywards. #8. at a cost of $250000. I will allow a boa constrictor to wind itself around my body, and will not panic. #9. at a cost of $500000. I will bungee jump off of a bridge, the type of jump where the cable at maximum stretch dips my head into the river below the bridge. #10, at a cost of $1,000,000. I will grant any wish you desire, crimes and marriages excluded. [size=1]Wishes have a non-negotiable duration of 24 hours, and may not be refunded for any reason. Wishes must also not have a total expense greater than $750000. [/size] All prices must be paid in advance, and are only available in-person. Any services not listed may be obtained at the #10 rate, otherwise are not available. So yeah, there's a lot I would do that I wouldn't normally if I had cash in pocket for doing so. Note the fine print on #10 though, and you will see how I work. [quote name='Aaryanna'][COLOR="goldenrod"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"] Though I suppose the milk deal or other bizarre stuff like that might be interesting. Though drinking an entire gallon? I gag on drinking just a small glass of the stuff. Blech. [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] Only a small glass of the stuff? I drink a gallon of milk on a regular basis. It helps living on a farm, where the supply of it is rather large. One of my classmates downed a shotglass of diesel once, supposidly he actually liked the taste of it.
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