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  1. Hey Guys! What is your favorite opening theme in an anime? which one really gets you motivated to get out there or anything else?
    check out this top 25 best anime opening theme list here!
    Comment on the otaku or here and let us know what you think! :)
  2. So a good friend of mine made a top 10 list of best and worse female and males in an anime harem.
    I wanted to help him get the words out as this is very well written. check it out! and don't forget to comment and let us know what you think :)
    Top 10 worse types of males in a harem:
    top 10 worse types of females in a harem:
    Top 10 best types of males in a harem:
    top 10 best females in a harem:
  3. Ok, so I've watched anime along the lines of D-Fragments, school rumble, the world god only knows, durarara(in progress), toradora etc etc, so you can probably like school comedy anime, I also like bright colors, art is super important to me in an anime, got any suggestions? Then if you would also recommend some of your favorite horror ones! Oh btw plz no yaio or yuri, thx.
  4. Hello everyone!

    I am here to announce Animethon 22 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada running from August 7 - 9 2015. 

    Animethon is Canada's longest running Japanese Animation themed festival held annually in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. We have expanded our focus beyond screening anime and now also include voice actor guests from North America, musical acts from North America and Japan, improvisation groups, as well as various related activities such as gaming, costume contests, and more. 

    For more information, please visit
  5. iv'e only recently started watching anime iv'e seen quite a few but i need some recommendation for some new things
  6. So I stumbled across this old 13 episode anime by watching a top 5 craziest anime characters video. Oddly enough I don't even think Hamdo was the craziest person in that anime.
    Anyways the old school, cartoony animation and the optimistic nature of Shu hides the terribly dark subject matter. I was pretty sad through the series, not because of what I was watching but the real events that this was inspired by.
    If you haven't seen it and don't mind being depressed about how scummy humans are, you should watch it.
    [spoiler]If you already saw it there are things I'd like to talk about. Firstly... the reason why I liked the show. I like how mostly whats wrong with the world is blameless. Hamdo is insane, but he either can't help his mental illness or was corrupted by power. Both of these things happen all the time. The people following him were cowards or sympathisers. both of these things also happen. The opposition were greif stricken or people attempting to defend themselves.
    The only real evil things here are he people who gave Hando his power.  Abelia's loyalty and skill keeps Hando from self destructing years too late.  She lets him die, but at that point his dream and empire was dead. Her insane devotion to Hamdo is the sole reason any of these events happen... but is loyalty so wrong?
    Lala-Ru and her water powers save Shu... but she fuels Hamdo's invasion plans. its impossible to say what happens if she never got involved... but its likely that Hamdo would never be able to control the world, and assasins would eventually succeed. Lala-Ru never wanted to come though. Is her existance her fault?
    I really just end up hating how scared and corrupted we humans can become.
    On a different note.. in the episode where Sarah tries to abort her baby, Shu stops it and forces her to keep it. The english dubbed translation doesn't seem to match at all. I wondered if that was because Americans could relate to Sarah and dislike Shu for telling her what to do. [/spoiler]
  7. Did everyone stop caring about this series or did I just miss the hype-train. I didn't know it even came out, let alone its friggen amazing! Anyways I am on episode 8 so I gotta jump back in... I'll post more when I am done,
  8. I think this is the best non-Ghibli anime movie I have seen so far. I liked the story, characters, (especially Porta, the real hero) and the cool setting. I guess maybe it is Ghibli like in terms of tone and an overbearing moral lesson being crammed into our heads... but I was happy to have a break from globy Ghibli tears.
    If any of you saw it,what did you think? What is your favorite non-Ghibli movie?
  9. NOT Soul Eater
    this review has some general spoilers
    This anime drove me a bit insane. I loved the original Soul Eater, and the atmosphere and world it took place in but NOT was different. I was totally tricked when I watched it. The original started off as a creepy action anime, and when things got dark I really was into it. NOT however started off as a super cute and pretty funny slice of life anime using the awesome SE setting. When it got dark I was thrown for a loop.
    When you have a mood set for happy, childhood friendship building and self advancement, taking those same characters and throwing them into hell is just crule. I kinda put this in the same catagory as Madoka, But less constant dispare and slightly less brutal (Both shows made me have to pause and leave just to process what was shown at times.)
    With that said, anything able to draw out that kinda emotion has got to be a fantastic story. I really liked it, even if it tugged to hard on the heartstrings at times.
  10. Hello everyone,
    I am posting on behalf of Playing Grounded Puzzles, a start up toy company in Pennsylvania.  We are currently in the process of starting a Kickstarter for unique artwork, photography, and anime to be produced as 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles!  We're undertaking this very unique and fun endeavor to license so many artworks and bring them into fans' homes in a fresh and affordable way.
    We are working on gaining rights for a few anime artworks to be featured (can't disclose which ones quite yet ;) ).
    Why am I posting here?  Well, we are interested in gaining as much feedback before we launch the Kickstarter.  We would love to know where you, the dedicated fans, stand on such an idea?  Would you be interested in puzzles or do you think it's a silly idea?  Any specific series you would want to see as a puzzle?  Would you be interested in backing this if we launch the Kickstarter?
    Feel free to throw any ideas or feedback you have this way.  Your input is very much appreciated!!
    While there is no anime up on the site yet, it will be in the coming weeks so please check back. :D
    Thank you very much!

  11. Post on Anime Death Note in Otaku Central

    By Madoka, posted
    I am absolutely in love with all things Death Note. I could talk for hours about the anime and live action movies. I have NOT read the manga. That's my Christmas wish.

    Just watched L: Change the World, for probably the twentieth time. Now watching The Last Name again.

    So... I want to start a new conversation about anything whatsoever having to do with Death Note.

    First thing on my mind...

    (That's a 2 part question.]

    IMO, Rem is cooler. More empathetic and concerned with the welfare of others.

    Ryuk is so sexy. He's got "tall, dark, and handsome" nailed.

    Death Note fans, spam your thoughts here.
    Hope you like it ^^ Please write what are you thinking about it ^_^
  13. Konnichiwa,
    This posting is a writing/request.  I am an aspiring composer/producer/writer who enjoys the world of anime and manga. I have written a few short stories that i have composed music for and produced them as audio stories; attempting to follow in the manner of anime and manga. The first is called Blood Wind and is available at
    I have written a sequel called Blood Wind Song and i am looking for voice actors who would like to be the voices of 3 female characters and one or two male characters.  I am also looking for someone who would like to do some drawing of the scenes and characters within the story. if you are interested please email me or would care to share any comments or feedback. Also if anyone would like to help translate into Japanese i would like to know.
    Arigatou gozaimasu,
  14.    Hey guys, I'm the Unusual Otaku. I hope I'm posting this to the right forum, the videos are something I "Create" after all...
        Anyway, The channel is a gaming channel I've been working on for the past couple of months. I went from 5 to 19 subscribers over the past week and have been looking for places to help spread the word of my channel. However, I don't like Facebook or twitter and Tumblr confuses me so I was at a lose until I stumbled across this site. Fellow Otakus are my kind of people so I feel more comfortable posting on here asking for help.
    Here is a list of what my channel CURRENTLY entails(it will change as I find/think of more stuff to do on it):
    The Stomping Land-
           This is a Multiplayer series I'm doing with a few of my otaku friends. The game involves survival crafting elements with dinosaurs. Though based on how the series has been going I'd say that other players pose more of a threat.
    The Walking Dead-
           I know a lot of people have already done a let's play of this series, but my subs voted for it. So far I've been enjoying it but I think my commentary quality isn't that good in it as I'm mostly trying to focus on the story.
    Otaku Says-
           This one hasn't been made yet. Its a review show I'm planning on making where I will review different Anime, Manga, Movies, and other things should people request it. The reviews will be in-depth looks at the content so there will be spoilers and stuff.
    That's about it for right now. As I said its a brand new channel so there is still a lot of growing to do. I still need to have a custom banner and profile pic made (right now I'm just using pics I googled a while back)
             The channel's name is also Unusual Otaku if you wanna check it out.
    here is the Url:
  15. I've been out of the anime loop for a couple of years, Some suggestions would be a nice place to start re-wallowing in it. ^.^
  16. Hello, as Iâ??m sure many of you are, I'm also very sentimental about some of the films I grew of watching however there was one film my brother and I loved that we can't remember the title. I'd give anything to know what it was so we could watch it again. So basically I was wondering if anyone on here might know what it is? I've spent years trying to find out and so far no luck.

    I'm making the assumption it was an anime and Japanese as it was at least drawn in that style. It was in English so it would have been dubbed if Iâ??m right about it being an anime film.

    I'm guessing its early 1990's or before that as Iâ??m in my early 20's now.

    My parents recorded it on to a VHS (which we donâ??t have anymore) which they took from the channel TCM(a UK/Irish movie channel), if that helps.

    Also these are vague memories I have of the film. I could be wrong with some of the things I said as I was a kid when I watched it last. I'm just trying to give as much details as I can from my hazy memory.

    The film centred around this boy who lived with his sister and the beginning of the film had him and a load of animals arrive home and have a meal. My brother and I used to call what they were eating potatoes as weâ??re Irish lol but also because thatâ??s what the food looked like. Plus I can remember the animals fighting over who got out and some losing out and the boy giving them his. Also I can remember the boys bed was basically a mat on the floor. I believe his sister was then kidnapped and he went after her. There might have been a sword involved. He climbed a mountain and was trained by this old man. I remember carrying water was involved. Also I remember the film was very eerie and my brother and I at times were quite scared. There was who we used to call a witch in it. But as I remember she was a beautiful tall woman, geisha like. With long, dark, probably black hair, tied up maybe. I remember her doing a fan dance. Maybe wearing a red, Japanese style dress with white flowers. There was also very eerie Japanese style music. However I can remember her as very sinister, maybe she was the villain. I can remember her transforming. She might have come from a lake or turned into a wind type thing. I can remember Japanese flowers. I can also remember a town being ambushed, fire and a little girl. Also when the boy was travelling I remember him meeting a girl and them talking and fighting. Thatâ??s all I can remember for now.

    Unfortunately I donâ??t know any directors or actors in the film.

    If anyone can remember the name of this film Iâ??d greatly appreciate it.
    Or if anyone knows of a way I could find out what it is let me know that too.

    Thanks anyway :)
  17. If you don't understand the title, it asking if you like watching anime that has a lot of episodes and that's on-going, like Bleach for example. If you do, why, and do you get bored if you keep watching it?
    Thank you for replying!

  18. It died right in front of me!!! It was devastating!!!! :sad: Like one minute it was there streaming my shows and when i clicked on the next episode it was *kah-puts*  gone!
    Time of Death - Jan. 26, 2013 @ 10:25 pm
    Spread the word! People need to know; this site had ALL the anime episodes you could possible want all in high quality - and i am very picky about quality. This site was one of the best, no broken links, no excessive lag times and plus the embed code for the video was at the bottom, right there for anyone to use. If you get any new info please let me know, i just had to tell everyone one of the grates had fallen........

  19. Are there any anime quirks that you just can't stand?
    Here's mine: I hate when characters do that weird gasp/chunky breathing thing every time there's more than 2 seconds of silence. Who even does that? There's no reason that anime characters have to whimper quietly just because no one's talking.
  20. I think that the title pretty much explains what this is. Any antoagonist that was just so cruel, or not cruel enough, a crappy villain or too good of one, too manipulative, too soft... I could go on and on. And, if you would like to, give the reasons why. That always makes it more interesting to read.
    I'll start.
    Naruto: Sasuke. He just has to have somebody to hate and blame for all of his problems. He can't seem to let it go, and it's tearing everybody else apart :(
    Inuyasha: Naraku. He's such a manipulative son of a gun, and he just keeps messing with everybody until the very end.
    One Piece: Crocodile. I have to say that I hate almost every villain in this show because I love the main characters and don't like the people that hurt them, but I choose Crocodile as my very most hated, because he is the villain of my favorite story arc.
    What about you guys?
  21. 2012 is almost over so I would like to ask the members of this community of which series got your attention.
    If you're going to ask me.

    I'll be picking Sword Art Online and next would be Chu2Koi (chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai)
  22. Any otaku should know what a waifu/husbando is, right?

    If not, basically a waifu/husbando is basically who you would marry if you could marry an anime/manga character.

    So, who is yours?

    Mine, mine is Tohru Honda of Fruits Basket. I know Kyo has her, but still! She's very caring, nice, and cute!

    Hahahaha, I'm interested to hear yours!

    [b][font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Hey Zooper, since your thread has to do with anime characters/otaku culture I've moved it to Anime Central.
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  24. [media][/media]

    My Bonus ASMV about Naruto & Kyuubi, enjoy... [Full HD]
    If you like the video and wants more, sub to channel [img][/img]. Thanks in advance.
    Anime :
    Naruto Shippuden

    Musiques :
    MFuture World Music -Final Judgement

    Logiciels utilisés :
    Pinnacle Studio 15 Ultimate

    Work: 20 Hour

    *NOTE: This AMV Naruto are made with non-profit or does not represent another company. This is purely made for Naruto Fan, Bleach and other Anime. Credited to TV Tokyo and Association.**

    'Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use'
  25. Pic: [img][/img]

    Title: Redline

    Year: 2009

    Studio: Madhouse

    Watched Dubbed or Subbed: Dubbed

    The movie starts out with a qualifying race for Redline. Redline is a racing event involving creatures from many different planets. As it turns out, this Redline will be held on "Roboworld" where the government swears to kill anyone who enters their atmosphere.

    The visuals in this movie are amazing. I wouldn't expect much less from Madhouse, who are known for making some good anime. You may want to watch the dubbed version if for nothing else but the fact you're free to gawk at the visuals the entire time (unless you know Japanese...then i guess this would be a moot point). The voice acting wasn't too annoying and it almost reminded me of some of the older Saturday morning cartoon shows.

    The music in this movie is also very good. It's techno-ish music that just seems to fit the mood. I could have maybe done with less vocals, but overall it was very good.

    A lot of the movie is made to look as if it's being broadcast on television. There's an overview of many of the different racers on the news. I thought this was a very refreshing take on this kind of movie.

    This was one of the better anime movies I've seen recently. I would have to give it approximately an 8.5 out of 10.