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The Animetrix


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[color=crimson] [center] [B]The Animetrix. [/B][/center]

The year is 2090 AD. Computers have controlled the world for fifty years now. Something has started, something is happening the machines did not expect. Randomly people are awakening. Many die upon being flushed, the older people, but a few teens and a bit older have escaped. After being flushed they survived, eating what waste they can find. Most stuck in sewers, searching for others, some made it out, walking across the barren remnants of the world hoping to find others, but the ones who make it form the sewers die from the cold. One or two who knew each other inside the matrix make it out. It is the age of death. The Teens will rise, and the computers will fall.

Your char¡¦s age CANNOT be younger than 15, or older than 21. I¡¦d like for you to not make up a new char, but use yourself. You, being you, waking up from the matrix, leaving the life you know now. Actually, You MUST use your real name. Ya can make up a last name, but use your Real name. Anything you carry MUST be primitive; clothing must have been made by things you find, scrap junk etc.

Everyone will eventually meet to form one big group. Then they will make their way to the only free city near the center of the earth¡K an abandoned ship might be found on the way¡K.. ^_-

Oh yeah, This RPG Will not be in the usual third person, ¡§ She walked across the wasted land¡¨ Its in first person ¡§ I walked across the waste land¡¨. OS talk like your talking, But when you talk to another char, don¡¦t put like ¡§ HI, ¡§ I said. No no no. Just put Ex: [b]Danni[/b]: Hiya. Seeeeee??? :) hehehe ok now to your char, aka you. ^_^

What Ta Put:




Eye color:

Hair color:[/b] (remember if you just awoke your bald. And girls have short hair, pending on how long they¡¦ve been out.)

[b]Life Bio inside the Matrix:

Time of awakening: [/b](now, how many days, weeks, months ago etc)

[b]Equipment:[/b] (including clothing, remember if u just awoke ur naked and needa find clothing)

Ok datz all ?º

[b]Name:[/b] Danielle aka Danni

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Height:[/b] 5¡¦3

[b]Eye Color:[/b] Purple

[b]Hair:[/b] Short, down to my chin, and blond. (Was red, died, inside the matrix)

[b]Life Bio:[/b] I was a complete waste of life, I was headed down a one way path to nowhere. I was mostly alone, but for few friends. One or two of which have awakened as well. I was recently expelled from school and sat at home doing nothing; my life was in need of a jolt. Well, I got it.
Time of awakening: I woke up about six months ago. Without the sun it had been hard to keep track of time. I keep track by the emptying of the swears I sneak around in.

[b]Equipment:[/b] While scrounging around I found a big piece of what looked like a plant. It¡¦s a dark greenish and kinda leathery feeling. It doesn¡¦t smell like other stuff I saw so I took it and ripped holes for arms and the seam is in the front, kept together by a piece of rope like wire I found. So I stitched the top together. Its really short, a bit higher than my waist, I used a piece of smooth waxy feeling silver stuff that I washed in the clear water for bottom under garment, (I couldn¡¦t find anything for a bra) and for shorts I found what looked like a old time armor, it was a dark dirty looking gray, and it had two holes in it so I slipped my legs in and keep em¡¦ around my waist by more thin wire I found. It¡¦s almost completely solid but it makes some noise when I move around, it¡¦s very flexible. I used the rest of the stuff from my shirt and the wire to fashion a back pack like thing I carry what little edible stuff I find and stuff that looks worth holding on to.

[B] People who Definatly Made it:
Mystic's Knight
The Harlequin
Etarah's Maverick

[/b][/color][B][center][color=red][SIZE=5]OK sgnups are CLOSED, Thanks for comming out![/SIZE] [/b][/color][/center]
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[b]Name:[/b] Michael

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Height:[/b] 5"10

[b]Eye color:[/b] hazel

[b]Hair color:[/b] Brown

[b]Life Bio inside the Matrix:[/b]

A run of the mill hacker, making his extra money by dealing with ilicit goods. He isnt well known in this particular industry because (unlike Neo) he focuses on his office work.

Thus, simply put, Michael is a straight shooter, looking for extra money in the illegal business. Thus far he has not been caught nor is he stupid enough to leave traces. He lives alone and has no intention on growing attached to anyone or thing, mainly he just wants to grow strong at his two callings. Computers, and Go.

[b]Time of awakening:[/b] 23days

[b]Equipment:[/b] Black trench coat he stole off a carcass (major luck!) and a twelve inch bloodied shank, which he found on yet another life-drained body. He also wears the general scum clothing underneith his overcoat. He attained a pair of sunglasses from more sheer luck. Other than these articles, he remains dry of luxuries.
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Name: Kevin

Age: 20

Height: 5"8

Eye color: Dark Brown

Hair color: Black

Life Bio inside the Matrix:

A college student near graduation, I spent most of my time either studying or partying. I was deep and poetic but a sarcastic at the same time. To calm my nerves I wrote songs or practiced my kickboxing. Clever is the word that best suits my personality. I am appalled when I find myself in the remnants of some city.

Time of awakening: 17days

Equipment: I wandered around naked for awhile, I have no idea how long. When I made it to the surface I was in front of what must have been an old clothing store. Everything was ratty, if not totally moth eaten,but hey it was better than being in the buff. I put on a pair of really holey jeans and a faded black shirt that is missing the right sleeve. I also found a rusty screwdriver in the street and I figured that it might just come in handy. Now if I could only find something to make shoes out of....
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Flynn

Age: 15

Height: 5"9

Eye color: Blue/grey/green.

Hair color: Black

Life Bio inside the Matrix: I was a highschool student with not enough motivation to match what ability I had. I never studied, and acheived reasonable marks anyway. I never really thought I'd do anything with my life anyway, so I never really tried. My only real interests were Tae Kwon Do and my girlfriend.
Time of awakening: A few months now, long enough for my hair to grow back decently.
Equipment: I've been scavenging for a while now, and has picked up some semi decent stuff. A pair of black cotton jeans, slightly faded. A black t-shirt with a white flash design on the back, and a pair of black boots. Nothing in good condition, but it's all sturdy.[/font][/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Boris

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Height:[/b] 1.90 mtr

[b]Eye color:[/b] green

[b]Hair color:[/b] dark grey

[b]Life Bio inside the Matrix:[/b] I was like one year ago from my graduating. Most of the time I was spending on Tai Boxing. And when I wasnt training I was mostly studying. I didnt have much of a great appartment neither did I have a big saldo to spend. My life wasnt like you say a role model life but I kicked through it, not knowing it wasnt real...

[b]Time of awakening:[/b] Just a small month ago. My hair has grown a bit. Just enough to cover my head skin a little.

[b]Equipment:[/b] As soon as I got out of the matrix it was cold. I had to find clothing, so I found a small house. Looking through it I found a left fingerless glove. Of course this didnt realy keep me warm so I went upstairs finding a cloth chest. I looked through them, hoping to find something that wasnt ripped off everywhere and finally I found a pair of jeans with a whole in the right leg, a dark red and a little muddy, T-shirt with orange text on it and a black jacket to wear over it. Also i found some socks at the bottom of the chest. They hardly had any hole in it luckily for the others I found rarely had a nose. Behind the chest I found a pair of good black boots. With this clothing I left the house and when I let the door fall in his lock it totally crashed in bahind me.
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Name: Starlight

Age: 15

Height: 5'1"

Eye color: light blue(lighter than light blue)

Hair color: shoulder length hair(it was up to my knees)

Life Bio inside the Matrix: I worked under the instruction of Trinity. She taught me that the Light must come from within. Never knew what that meant, but anyways, she taught me everything there was to know about the Matrix and the One, a.k.a. Neo.

Time of awakening: 2003, 1 month(i learn pretty fast)

Equipment: stretchy black pants, long black jacket, sunglasses, 1 tatoo on back of hand(star), white skechers, two earring piercings on lobe of ear and one on upper on both ears, black halter top
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I hope the signups are still open.
Name: Melondy aka Mel
height: 5"8
eye color: Seagreen
hair color: Black (falls down to waist usually kept up with a black ribbion)
Life bio inside the Matrix:
I was just finishing 11th grade. I wasen't your typical "A" student. I had no friends. When I finished studing I pracitecd my track skills. On days I wasen't running. I just spent my time playing my flute. Sad notes fallin from the window streaked with rain...
Time of awekeing: About 8 mounths ago. Or atleast long enough to learn more skills.
Equiptment: Just wandering around. Well atlest long enough to find some makeshift clothes. Colthes: Blue tanktop. Red shorts. Black gloves. A hat so I could keep the hair out of my eyes. Unfortunally I fond no shoes. I also found two knives and a sling shot.
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[color=teal][b]Name:[/b]John Schock



[b]Eye color:[/b]Midnight black

[b]Hair color:[/b]Midnight black

[b]Life inside the Matrix:[/b]Once, a strong-willed young man, best of friends with everyone around him, John was an exceptional youth from an abusive family. Repeated beatings from his father drove him to the point of manic schooling, learning all that he could so that he'd never have to be like his father. He met a young girl, he loved her with all of his heart, and the two made plans for ther future together. It wasn't about to happen. The girl, when she and John were fifteen, died. Her father, an alcoholic, got them into a car crash. John's grief was consoled very lightly, only by his spiritual sister, Danielle, who was older than him in the Matrix. He loved Dani with more heart than he'd loved the young girl, but John acknowledged that it was a different kind of love, the protective kind of love a true brother gives his younger or injured sister. But when Dani awoke, John was alone.....so he awakened to!

[b]Time of Awakening:[/b]Five and a half months ago.

[b]Equipment:[/b]Luckily, I found myself near a sort of shop warehouse with clothing available in the back. I took what was the least moth-eaten, and found myself in a pair of blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a nice leather jacket. I carry a hatchet with me, one I found in the ruined fire escape. All i need now is matches and I could fry the rats I live off of. Oh, I kill them with my combat boots.....[/color]
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Name: Randy

Age: Sorry i'm not between 15 and 21 so i'll put my age. ~23Yrs old~

Height: 6feet or 72inches/182.88cm

Eye color: green

Hair color: Bald currently but will have reddish hair.

Life Bio inside the Matrix: Just your average high school graduate that never really went anywhere. somewhat anti-social. internet addict and proud of it though I only use it for the games and chat.

Time of awakening: "Today"

Equipment: My birthday suit and a large metal pipe he used to fight off
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Ah nice nice nice. Well lemme get to work lookin over people so I can post how made it. :) ITs not to lte to sign up if ya hurry, I'll be going over it all day and ill post tomorrow. :) SO if ya wana sign up better doit today or tonite. :)
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AH! I just noticed this and it looks AMAZING!

Name: Ewan Denny (known as Denny)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 6"3'

Eye color: Light blue

Hair color: Brown, long hair to the bottom of the neck covering my ears.

Life Bio inside the Matrix: Life was great...wealthy family, good grades, then it hit me. My mind was being distorted, people called me insane but i knew i was right i could sense an uprising. No on believed me, it became so bad that i faught everyday at school and eventually ran away. Luckly i did too!

Time of awakening: 5 months ago. I woke up with a pounding head, i lay in a ditch covered in mud...naked. I scurried off with exctreme embarresment until i noticed that i was somewhere else...

Equipment: I scrambled around the dark, cold, metalic allies. I found an old t-shirt...it looked like it was from the 19th century or something in an old dumpster! It had a torn sleeve so i ripped off both sleeves it was much comfier that way. It was a light blue top with a large logo on it...an S or something in a red diamond (for the less imaginative people it is a superman shirt). A piece of leathery material...most likly from a cows heind was also in the dumpster, after attacking it and ripping it to suit me it made a fine pair of trousers. It did become itchy without any underwear though. An extra piece of cow hiend was left so i tied it around my waist to hold up my trousers. About a month or two i also found a huge piece of cloth...like a towel. I decided to create a small bag from it with some rope and wire, the wire held it together and the rope worked as straps for my two shoulders. Luckly two days ago i found a pair of boots, bage in colour they are called "Cat" boots...they also must be from AWAY back...
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Alright Danni, I'm here now...

Name: Ron

Age: 16

Height: 5'8"

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Crimson

Life Bio inside the Matrix: Will edit when I get home...

Time of awakening: Two months, four days

Equipment: Black Cloak, black jeans, and a white shirt that I found while raiding a town that had been destroyed, a saber that I stole from a museum,
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[color=blue] I hope it's not too late to join.


Age: 16 (eh' up 2 years lol)

Eyes: Brown


Life in the Matrix: I've been searching for answers. My life was taken and I want to know why. I've been here about a month now and have mainly survived on old food stores in a mall that I've stayed in. Luckily there was a store with clothes that fit me. I've seen only one person sice I woke up and he died in my arms. I've only ran from the robots that wish to kill me since I'm not a fighter.

Clothes: I found an old blue shirt that had a single slash on the chest of it. It doesn't show anything but still. I've also managed to get a pair of jeans. They also have cuts in them. [/color]
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I'd like to take a shot at this, though I know absolutely nothing about the Matrix (my parents won't let me see it! :bawling: ).

Name: Daina "Dee"
Age: 15 (would you believe me if I said I was a Leap Year Baby?)
Height: Five feet, four-and-a-half inches
Eye color: Somewhere between green and brown... looks like a dog crapped in ?em
Hair color: Dunno. All I?ve got is stubble, and that does not look good on anybody except perhaps Eminem. (it will be kind of a light orangish brown color)
Life Bio in the M: I was hooked on computer games. Little did I know I was living one. I was really good at math, as in the Gifted/Talented (G/T) program at school, but I was less than mediocre in my other courses (Lessee... a D in Geography, a B in English and Science). In my spare time, I would play with a GameBoy. Games like Pokemon (Blue and Gold versions), Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, and Golden Sun, with lots of anime, storylines, and cut scenes. My dream man was Ivan from Golden Sun.
Time of Awakening: Three days ago, I think. I just now made it to the surface.
Equipment: I?m starving, cold, helpless, and half NAKED! I?ve got a piece of an old Coke can, and I?m trying to shape it to make a half-decent knife. There are some viscious rats around here. I managed to kill one, and I tried to eat it, but I just vomited it. Maybe they got rabies or something? I got a few scraps of grimy cloth and stuff I tied around myself, but it?s more revealing than a thong bikini (which I hate because they show too much).
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lol Cute. U seem younger than 15 but i like ur style..normally ide say no but someon just dropped out so u can take his place, out ur first post but dont find us ill find you ok? so go post now. And u better be able to post at least once a day. :) and Add me to ur buddy list! :)
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I am too 15! I may act a little immature, but that's just me! I am 15!
Also, I can't post every day. My parents don't let me have Internet access every day, not even to check my e-mail. If that means I can't be in this RPG, PM me about it and let me know.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Name: Adam

Age: 16

Height: 5'9

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

Life Bio inside the Matrix: I had nothing, except for a few friends. I felt alone though, I want to do something with my life. Everything became dull. I had no wish to go any further. Then one day, I decided, I can't keep doing this. I must fight them (aka Computers)... don't worry either, because I [i]will[/i] win...

Time of awakening: 3 and a half moths ago

Equipment: While I was searching for answers to things I didn't know from my life, I stumbled onto an abandined werehouse. I thought there might be clothes. I went inside, checked, but found nothing. I went to back and found a dumpster filled with some pants, shirts, a couple of cloaks, and a couple of pairs of shoes. Desptie the fact that a cloak had some holes here and there, I managed with some black pants, a white shirt, and the midnight colored black cloak.[/color][/size]
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