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Aeris ressurection?


Can aeris be brought back to life?  

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  1. 1. Can aeris be brought back to life?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Depends if Square didnt finish the game

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A good debate here, Can aeris be brought back to life? my opinion, she can, below is a paragraph(or 2) about it, sorry if this is from ur site, it brought up a good argument..also, can i have ur views and opions


Could someone please explain to me why there are all these hints and clues in the game pointing to Aeris's resurrection? There has to be a way of resurrecting her, there has to be. Allow me to present the evidence (some I scabbed off Mike Lenzo's letters off the Leviathan FF7 Page. Hope ya don't mind.)
1. Aeris dies relatively early in the game (on the 1st CD). This leaves plenty of room for her resurrection on disks 2 and 3.

2. It's near impossible to develop her 4th Limit Break before she dies, possibly hinting she's meant to come back and use it later in the game when she's stronger.

3a. While Bugenhagen gives a lecture in his observatory about the Planet when you first enter Cosmo Canyon, he says something like: "Children are blessed with Spiritual Energy and are brought into this world. They die and return to the Planet. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is the way of the world..."
What does Bugenhagen mean by 'exceptions'? It can be a hint at the possibility of a resurrection (when people die, they don't necessarily return to the Planet. They can come back.)

b. Then there's Aeris's ghost in the church. Is it just a glitch in the game or not? I don't buy the story it's just Cloud's memory acting on him. Another weird thing about Aeris's 'ghost' is that it appears in the church even when she's still alive. Maybe it's just a glitch after all. If it's not a glitch, then what's the point behind it? Everything in a game has a point. (Aeris mentions that the church was the only place in Midgar where she could hear the planet's voice. Maybe there's something special about it)

4. Most of the time when you play the game, you'll end up going out with Aeris at the Golden Saucer. During the date, she hints she likes you and wants to 'meet you.' She wants to meet the real Cloud who didn't make it to SOLDIER. How can she have the opportunity if she dies before Cloud regains his memory?

5. While on the cargo ship from Junon to Costa del Sol, you can promise to take Aeris on board the Airship in the future. The thing is, you only get the Airship after her death. What's the point of the promise if you can't supposedly keep it?

6. If you're nice to Aeris and go out with her, in the Temple of the Ancients, Cait Sith predicts a 'great future' between the two of you. How can there be a 'great future' if Aeris dies?

7. Before the final battle against Sephiroth, there's an extra ledge that no one is standing on. I know, I know, you may be thinking 'Big deal. Maybe no one's meant to stand on it, fool,' but then, why would the ledge be there?

8. During the battle against that Sephiroth robot-thing near the end, you can have the opportunity to form three parties. Because Aeris is dead, only one party is made up of two members, severely disadvantaging that party. Each party should have three members.

9a. There are some peculiar things about the location in the Forgotten City where you find Aeris (the one with the Save point, before the altar). In the background, behind the pillar steps and on the floor underneath the entrance of the area is another door. You can't go inside it, though.

b. Then there's the spiral steps you can see underneath the altar where Aeris is kneeling in. In the scene where Cloud tries to kill Aeris, if you look at the floor, you can see these spiral steps leading down. Is it merely just a reflection of the spiral steps above, or is it another stair case? It can't be a reflection as the spiral steps appear in an area where the glass around the altar has been shattered. The floor may be reflecting the spiral steps above, but if you think how the area is structured, the spiral steps is too much to the side and should be beyond the floor's line of vision. Maybe I'm dreaming, perhaps. However, the orb in Aeris's hair falls into the water when she dies. How can you get to it though?

Answer: The unenterable door leads to the spiral steps, forming a route to the orb, which you can use to resurrect Aeris. (and/or perhaps to retrieve Aeris's body as it was sunk pretty deep)

10. Aeris's body hasn't been decapitated or mutilated (I hate talking about her like that), so it's perfectly intact and dumped in the clean waters of the Forgotten Capital. Therefore, we can assume her body will be preserved for a resurrection later on. Think about it. Why didn't Cloud cremate her or bury her in a grave or something? Why didn't Sephiroth do more damage to her?

11. It may be unrelated to Aeris's resurrection, but there's a bloke in Mideel who disappears into the Lifestream after the earthquake. His wife says he may've emerged in 'another country.' What does this mean? Perhaps you could do it with the Guidebook or something and visit Aeris? The Guidebook is described as a 'map of another world'. I've gone to Mideel with the Guidebook but nothing happened, though. Ask yourself this. What is the point in this guy disappearing into the Lifestream anyway?

12. During Cloud's dream of Aeris before she dies, she says she'll be 'coming back when it's over.' An obvious statement indicating she will be resurrected.

13. And now, the most powerful piece of my argument. While on board the Highwind, Tifa and Cloud have a conversation-

Tifa: "I wonder what Aeris felt... when she was on that Altar..."

Cloud: "I'm sure she wanted to give her life for the planet...'

Tifa: "Really? I wonder? I don't think that's it at all. I think she didn't think she would die at all, but that she planned on coming back all along. She always talked about the 'Next time.' She talked about the future more than any of us."


Whoa, now. Come on! Think about it. What are all these f*cking hints doing in the game? There has to be a reason behind them, surely. All of these things point to Aeris's resurrection. Hell, even Aeris herself admits she'll be coming back.

I've tried alot of resurrection theories so far and I'm beginning to give up. What I can't understand, however, is why did Square intend on misleading its players with false hopes about Aeris being resurrected? Why? What's the point? What will they gain? If Aeris can't be resurrected, then why bother putting in all of these f*cking hints in the first place!? Can someone please explain that to me? This really pisses me off. Is it a hint that FF7 will continue in FF8 or what?

And the ending of the game is the worst I have ever seen in all the years I've spent playing games. Sure, it looked pretty good. All the characters looked slick and the animation was smooth and everything. The content of the ending, though, was absolutely pathetic. It shot the finest game of all time into pieces. Instead of answering questions it just presented more confusion. Did humanity get wiped out after all (as bugenhagen indicated)? Was it Aeris's hand we see or was it Tifa's? Did Cloud actually fight Sephiroth in the Lifestream or was it just a hallucination in his mind? In the short second at the end when we see Aeris with those green bubbles around her, is that her in the Lifestream or her being resurrected? Did Holy reset things and we are seeing her in the beginning or what? What the f*ck does Cloud mean when he says 'I think I can meet her there...'? Did Cloud actually see Aeris's hand after all? Or is he just fooling himself? You see!? I felt I was cheated of a proper ending. Square robbed me of what could have been the finest moment in the game. Everywhere I go, people say FF7 was excellent, until they saw the f*cked up ending and realised Aeris won't be resurrected. Can someone please explain to me, not just the hints about Aeris's resurrection, but the ending as well? FF7 is the biggest let-down I have ever played in all my years of videogaming. And if you're reading this Square, F*CKING LEARN FROM THIS CATASTROPHE!!!!! There will be no second chance with FF8...

also there is a poll
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I also thought that the ending was a let down, but I seriously doubt that resuriction is possible. It has been years since that game has been out. All those hints just made it a better story. When did you right this? It sounds like it was before ff8 came out because you seem to think that the story was contuned or sumthing. I belive that ff8 was a very good game, so was ff9.

It like Safer said, you just cant do it with out a cheat divise (Which I think are for wimps that havnt beaten the game).
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well cloud is a clone of sephiroth/anceint that went wrong, right, well, the man had the same tattoo as red and sephiroths clones so that shows hojo had experimented on him as well, as hojo new he was an anceint, it also shows why aeris was so insistant you help him and the noises the man made were the same as those of the cries of the planet in the observatory in cosmo canyon, and thats how i figured the man was an anceint
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[SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]while yes i was upset at her death... it didnt even occur to me she would be brought back... while yea it did kinda suck to lose ur best char of the game... while i was playing i never expected her to come back... and i hope they dont change the game in the remake... it is fine the way it is... her death saved the world and that is the grandest death anyone could have... she knew she was going to die... and if you remember she saved the world after she was dead... and she is w/ her mom where she wanted to be, so y bring her back? when she is happy where she is... oh yea your a selfish human[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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Ahhhh, very clver mr. ssj_Kakkarot:) i never(*gasps*) woulda noriced that, i was too engrosed on trying to resserect aeris and search for holy

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ssj_kakkarot [/i]
[B]well cloud is a clone of sephiroth/anceint that went wrong, right, well, the man had the same tattoo as red and sephiroths clones so that shows hojo had experimented on him as well, as hojo new he was an anceint, it also shows why aeris was so insistant you help him and the noises the man made were the same as those of the cries of the planet in the observatory in cosmo canyon, and thats how i figured the man was an anceint [/B][/QUOTE]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]
[B]Aeris wasn't Killed by Sephiroth. Cloud drowned her when he dumped her in the Water... [/B][/QUOTE]
lol :laugh: anyway maybe Aeris can be revived. Maybe it'z a Squearsofts trick 2 make us play the game again and again tryin 2 revive her...
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