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The Who Would Be The Most Fun To Hang Out With From OtakuBoards Contest [1st Voting]

Dragon Warrior

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The second part of the WWBTMFTHOWFOB Contest is here! In this part, I shall post the people whom were nominated and you vote for whom you think is the #1 person for the spot of the finals.


1. You can only vote for 6!

2. You do not have to explain why you voted for them, but if you want, there's no stopping you.

3. Only post if you are voting. Do not post telling people that they posted wrong or something. I thank you if you wished to, but let's leave that to the mods :)

4. Only vote for those on this list.

5. You can't vote for someone more than once.

6. You can't vote for yourself.

7. Enjoy this!

Vote for 6. No less, no more.

Dragon Warrior
Taylor Hewitt
Transtic Nerve
Silpheed Pilot
Yami*Maho Keno
Treton Nior
Lady M

[b]My Votes Go To:[/b]
Yami*Maho Keno
Taylor Hewitt

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Would be nice if we were allowed to vote for a wildcard person. There are people I'd like to vote for that weren't nominated at all. I don't even know much about half these people. I mean... no Sara? No amibasuki? No Tori? No RPcrazy? No Alex? No Zidargh? No Mitch? No whoever else I forgot?


I guess I'll go with Lady M, Jenna, Charles, Shy, treton noir and James then.

wrist cutter is my number 7, even if he doesn't count. Someone I'd need to know better than I do, but he kicks *** obviously.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragon Warrior [/i]
[B]Semjaza Azazel, that's a creative idea, but it would still be a complete waste of the nominating thread if I did that. Plus, D_A and I gave it a week for people to nominate. I'm sorry if certain people weren't nominated :( [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=green]Well Bleh to you too.

I choose you!

:ball: Juuthena - We go way back :)
:ball: Jenna - My favorite Mod, er... former mod.
:ball: James - He created this place.
:ball: WristCutter - I can always use more laughs
:ball: Raiha - Post count... crazy...
:ball: Dragon Warrior - Daily Comic! Yay!

Sorry about that... *stumbles away*[/COLOR]
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[color=#707875]Hm, I probably should have nominated someone. Semji is right...there aren't enough people on this list. But, I'll have a shot.

1) Shy
2) Charles
3) wrist cutter
4) Desbreko
5) Dragon Warrior
6) Transtic Nerve

Blah. Only 6. There are at least two dozen people that I would vote for off the top of my head. ^_^;[/color]
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[color=brown][size=1]Hmmm Well if any of you didnt know.. I got my named changed from Stuart.. SO yeah just make sure you u remember that ^_~

For me I would have to say [b]Stardust[/b].. Because I have been talking with her for like a really long time and she is sounds cool to hang with

Its hard to say.. I would like to hang out wit all my OB friends but not as much as [b]Stardust[/b][/size][/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Boba Fett [/i]
[B][COLOR=green]I choose you![/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=deeppink]Oh my goodness, you're alive! ::stamps her name into your Star Wars fan club list:: Shame on you for not adding me, lol :p

What a small list to choose from :( There's so many others that I'd love to choose that aren't on there.

[size=1]I hate to bring this up, but shouldn't Taylor Hewitt be, eh, 'disqualified' or something, seeing as how he's not technicaly around here anymore? :huh: I wouldn't vote for him anyway [or ever], but eh...::shrug::[/size]

[list]1. Lady M
2. Transtic
3. Raiha
4. Shy
5. Juuthena
6. Desbreko[/list][/color]
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[size=1]Too many people to choose from, but here's my list:
[*]Semjaza Azazel
[*]Babygirl (Jenna needs to meet Jenna, my car.)
[*]Queen Asuka
I've already met Juu and Syk, which made these six a little easier to choose from. Still I left a lot of people out, oh well. Round 2 will be harder to decide.

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[size=1]Six seems like either too many or too few.... /

Haha, I love the :ball: bulletpoints.

:ball: [b]Shy.[/b] Because.
:ball: [b]wrist cutter.[/b] I think we'd either get along great, or try to kill each other. I'm not sure which.
:ball: [b]Deborah.[/b] Because she's always been cool. (Well, I mean "always" in the sense of, "for a long time, but not actually since I first saw her." Because she pretty much freaked me out when she first registered. / Oh, well, heh.)
:ball: [b]AJeh.[/b] Hm, I put him on my hit list a long time ago....I don't remember why, exactly, but I did. We had some fun chats in the v2 days. And there was a funny rant of his about a bad day, or something....all I remember is "and my name is out of date!" Heheh.
:ball: [b]Jenna.[/b] I don't think we ever would have spoken if we'd first met IRL, but since we didn't, heh. I love her sense of humor.

*flips a coin*

:ball: [b]James.[/b] He's funny, and I have tremendous respect for his patience. / I don't know what we'd talk about, though, hm. He probably take me to the library and make me check out [i]Telling Lies for God,[/i] heh.[/size]
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[size=1] I only wish to vote for one person. thimoc (uncapitalized for you, Sara ^_^~)

Heh. Joking.

1. Deb.
2. Shy.
3. trenton nior
4. Charles.
5. Jenna
6. James.

I hate these kind of selective things. Eh. There's a lot more people I'd love to hang out with from here than this. Stupid popularity-only-can-vote-for-certain-people-thing. Heh.[/size]
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Dragon Warrior- Funny
Spikey- HAD a cool banner
Charles- 'Junior'.... what more can i say. lol
Lady M- She seems like a nice person
James- Smart guy
Shy- Coz i didnt really like anyone else there, and Shy sems nice.....

[center]Thats [b]My Votes[/b][/center]

I would of put wristcutter, but i dont really know him ver' mucho. He seems funny
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Here are mine. It was hard choosing..

1. OtakuSennen
1. dbzanimegrl17
1. Charles
1. James
1. Dragon Warrior
1. Yami*Maho Keno

T_T Darn... I cant count...

Edit: Oops, sorry. I never like to read the rules, ^^'
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