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What's your stereotype?

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Queen Asuka [/i]

And one thing that REALLY bugs me...because my sister falls into this categorey...is what I like to consider the "Hot Topic Goths." They claim they want to be different and that everyone sucks because they dress alike and don't listen to their music, but HEY GUESS WHAT? All of you are trying to be different in the same way and you're just contradicting yourself! It's stupid! It's futile![/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

I wanted to respond to this... mostly because it is very true. It's also just ironic. The thing that always got me, is that most people that force themselves into the whole "goth" trend don't really embody anything it represents.

You could at least be interested in the music, but generally when I ask someone claiming to be goth what they listen to, I get bands my mom probably heard of. I imagine it can be very frustrating for the people who are just into this stuff because it's part of who they are, rather than just trying to look cool or different to some other select group.

Whatever though.

I bought this cool German army coat at Hot Topic for $10. I can't lie about that heh. That's really it.
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[size=1] The [i]only[/i] reason I entered Hot Topic was to get Invader ZIM shirts.

This whole 'goth' thing at my school makes me turn away from some people. Ever since Hot Topic has come to our mall, many people decided to spend $200 buying black clothes that are outrageously over-priced. Oh yeah, and downloading bands' songs we've never heard of but decided to download them anyway because we saw a t-shirt with the name on it and then continue on to act like eveybody else is mindless sheep, unless one is wearing all black and listening to obscure bands.

I love N'Sync!
*one year later*
I hate N'Sync! Avril Lavrigne rocks!
*two days later*
Avril is SUCH a poser. Good Charlotte is the [i]real[/i] thing!
*one day later*
I hate the world. Watch me be evil. [/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Vegitto4 [/i]
[B]See, you say that, but I know so many people that would say the same thing about themselves. Thus, forming the "individual" stereotype. [/B][/QUOTE]
[FONT=arial]you said exactly what I was thinking. my little sister is getting all into to the high school bit, and how everybody's classifying themselves. since she and her little friends don't fit in anywhere, she's actually saying, "well, we're not into that whole thing. we're 'individuals'." then they walk around thinkin' they're all special because they're 'different' from everybody else, and that everybody else is just following the crowd. but you know that they'd ditch that title and call themselves 'freaks'/etc. in a heartbeat, if they were accepted into that group. not exaggerating in the least. they do it so they won't feel like nobody's. as long as they've got a group of people who they can relate to, they feel like they're worth something.

it's all fine and dandy if your friends all like to dress alike or like the same music, or however people group stereotypes, but shunning other people or other types of music soley because they/it doesn't fit into your style description is the same thing as shunning blacks because you're white, or shunning whites because you're black (at my school, this situation happens a lot more than the other way around). I still don't get how people can do that. my tastes differ greatly from a large percentage of what the people I talk to like, but I don't go around thinking I'm better than everybody because they don't like the same things I do. [/FONT]
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No Clue what I would be, any input....

Clothes: What comes out of my dresser

Music: Musicals, Classical, Classic Rock, Techno, J-Pop

TV: Star Trek, TechTV, Nick@Nite

Movie: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek

Planned Profession: Psychology or Anthropology and Foreign Studies

Major Interests: Reading, Talking, Anime, and Personal Study

Any clues on me from this descrip?
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I personally don't think I fit into any catagorey. I'm just me. I tried to think of what group I'd fit into and I couldn't think of one. I don't really care either. But, if you go what people at school say I'm a punk, dork, loser, crazy, band nerd, and poser. I agree most with the dork and band nerd. I hate being called a poser though. I wear a tie to school every once in a while and I'm a poser. Whatever.
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Well, since I wear baggy (boys) clothes almost all the time, I think most people consider me 'teh kewl sk8R' . Which is rediculous because I can't skate at all :) Which immediately makes me a prep of course.. Oh yeah, I also think they think I'm lesbian. Because I'm one of the few who don't constantly drool over boys and shout "OMG, he's liek, totally gorgeous!!!!!11!!11" all the time... Um yeah, 'liek whatever'....
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ratix [/i]
[B]Well, since I wear baggy (boys) clothes almost all the time, I think most people consider me 'teh kewl sk8R' . Which is rediculous because I can't skate at all :) Which immediately makes me a prep of course.. Oh yeah, I also think they think I'm lesbian. Because I'm one of the few who don't constantly drool over boys and shout "OMG, he's liek, totally gorgeous!!!!!11!!11" all the time... Um yeah, 'liek whatever'.... [/B][/QUOTE]

Just a little input... Most tomboys act just like girls except they are like 10 times cooler. My school has a couple of tomboys.... all of them are straight ( well... they like guys..... And maybe the same sex. But normal people are like that.) And what makes a girl lesbian is if she's frenching another girl in the hallway and ten guys are standing around watching.

And I have to fit in a small category with 30 year olds. I listen to hard rock of the 80's and 90's. AC/DC, The Clash, etc.
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I was always catagorized as the quit, shy, skinny girl to most people. To my family I was a loud, tom boy who loved playing outside. That still holds true today in a way. I wear whatever I want, mainly t-shirts and baggish pants; comfortable clothes. I hate jeans and dressing up.

People don't see me as the type of person who listens to rock; I've been told this. Its stupid how people always place you into a specific catagory based on you're appearance.
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Actually I'm just my self considering that I don't listen to any one type of music and wear all sorts of clothing wether it's in style or not. All I care about is wether it's comfortable or not.

According to other people I'm beautiful and very attractive. All I know is that I'm very smart, but I'm always treated like I'm a stupid idiot because of the fact that I'm blonde.

In other words alot of guys try to get their way with me, but it never works. ^_^
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by wrist cutter [/i]
[B]I fit in the "loser" stereotype. [/B][/QUOTE]

hahaha, me too!
well, i don't fit into any of those others. sometimes i dress like a guy(rightnow a baggy pair of jeans and shirt that makes me look flat) and sometimes i ware that black punkish? mini-suppoesed-to-be skirt, and random stuff in-between.
well, that or otaku!
or screaming fan girl.
my group is so diverse, one of the main things that hold us together is anime, so i guess that makes me otaku.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Heaven's Cloud [/i]
[B][color=indigo]If you were going to pigeonhole me into a sterotype I'd have to say I definatly fit right into the eighties hair-band clique, even though I don't have long hair nor do I wear make-up or spandex...[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=hotpink][size=1]Are you making a deep statement or are you serious? Because I have interpreted this statement in a very deep and intellectual way.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=darkblue]I don't really like to stero type me either. If you do sterotype me there are many things that people call me and have called me in the past:

[b]Depressed Chic[/b]- My freshman year, I was always depressed because I didn't have many friends and when I tried to fit in with the Drama crowd, they ignored me and that was why I was always so down in the dumps.

[b]Quiet/Shy Girl[/b]- When I was depressed, or with a group of people I don't know, I am really quiet and shy.

[b]Crazy/Hyper[/b]- I am like this online a lot and when I hang out with my friends

[b]Punk wannabe[/b]- The title says it for itself... I have a lot of punk friends.

[b]Brainiac/nice girl[/b]- I am really smart and nice

People call me the last four because I am no longer depressed, or so it seems...anyways, those are the sterotypes that people give me...some are annoying, but I am getting used to it.
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Who cares what steriotype people think you fit into. It's never a correct assumption, people are way to complex organisms. About all I've ever found steriotypes good for is some good old fashioned exploiting.

I hate people who walk slowly or get in my way at a shopping center or whatever when I'm trying to get somewhere, so if I can tell I am not going to have the energy to put up with that, ill break out the black, head to toe, not exactly outragous, but it's amazingly good fun to watch people take great pains to get out of your way just because your dressed in black and look like you have a purpose. Another good one for getting places quick is the total hobo, or generally odd, a greatcoat will get you alot of odd stares, but you'll get where you want to go real fast and a field jacket combined with some scruffy hair will deter all but the most persistant of sample vendors.

Be who you want to be, and use peoples opinions to your advantage, in my experience, thats all you can do. For some reason, those who know me well will wonder about this as much as I do, people who dont know me yet, apparently see me as a somewhat imposing figure, and im not by any means the kind of guy who looks like he could snap you in half like a twig. I've been told by one girl who "summoned up the courage"- yea, I cant see it being nesicary- to get to know me, that her first impressions of me were that I was, quote, "hardcore and a bit intimidating", since getting to know me better shes now come to the conclusion that I am totally whacked-out, very kind and considerate (sometimes) and has the notion that I'm totally harmless - which I am not sure is a compliment, or at all correct.

So as you can see first impressions are almost never correct, and unless you make a total tool of yourself with your real personality, they dont last all that long.

My advice, have fun with steriotypes, it makes life alot more interesting to play around with peoples opinions. I know I sure enjoy it. If they're going to make them, let them make the ones you want them to.
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