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Welcome to the Remix. This is a little RPG that I wrote up partially in my head about 15 minutes ago and have been just refining and polishing since. There isn't really much of a story-line per say but you'll learn more as you'll read on. If you like the idea, read on and join and I guarantee that you'll enjoy the RPG.

[i]If you've ever watched an episode of Dragonball Z then you'll have almost certainly said things like: "Huh that was stupid thing to do". "I sure as hell wouldn't have done that if I was him", or "Stupid git, why did he bother letting him live, you know he's gonna double-cross you later." If you have said all those things and more then Remix is the Dragonball Z RPG for you. If you've ever asked yourself what you have done in that situation then Remix answers it for you.

There is one subtle yet very important difference between the Remix Universe and the regular DBZ Universe. It is that in Remix none of the original main Z Senshi characters exist; they're all replaced with 100% OB conceived characters. Yeah that's right, no Son Goku, no Son Gohan, no Piccolo, no Vegeta, no Krillin, no Yamcha, no Tien, none of them. All replaced with our own characters which take their places and experience each different Saga for themselves and do exactly what you want them to. This is a strange RPG I admit, and actually isn't one of my own, but a friend of mine's who started a similar idea on a different website (who's name eludes me). I've adapted the idea on a much larger scale and I hope to see it make a good headway in OB. Why? Because I think it's an idea that (to my knowledge) has never been done before and I hope that it'll unfold into a very addictive little RPG.

I think I'd better clarify my above statement a small bit more before I continue, as I'm guessing some people are lost already and are cursing me for not explaining the story of the RPG better. OK instead of the regular Z Senshi, there are only OB created characters in their places that will go through the Sagas, the same as the regular series would but with changes made in the story as people post. It will start in the Saiya-Jin Saga and who knows where it will end if the input is good. All the secondary characters like Kame, North Kaio (King Kai), Master Roshi, Puar, Oolong, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Ox King and the rest still exist as do all the Bad Guys (Frieza, Garlic Junior, Cell, Majin Buu, Babidi and their minions) [except Vegeta] and go about the story-line as per usual.

If you're interested there's not a great deal of thinking to the RPG and I will be happy to answer any questions as long as they are posed via a PM. As I don't want the Harlequin to lock it because of certain individuals over enthusiastically posting pointless talk and spamming up the thread.[/I]


[b]Pre RPG Rules[/b]:

Yeah everything needs rules and in this case it will help to keep the RPG in place and going fairly, I'm not gonna go nuts with people but just stick to them and we'll have a good time with this, so follows the rules:


[b]Rule One[/b]: No God-Modding, I hate God Modders, such individuals will be hunted down and Spirit Bombed into the next dimension. When posting try not and have your character overly powerful and defeating every enemy with ease. That's cheap and lousy and I'll ban you from the RPG at the drop of a hat if you break this rule more than once.

[b]Rule Two[/b]: Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza (as normal) and there were only 4 Saiya-Jin survivors (not counting movies), this means that there can only be 4 pure blood Saiya-Jin to this RPG and I'll be taking one of them. Nameks are all right since there's an entire planet of them and the same goes for humans so there can be as many of each as is wanted OK. I will allow people to create their own races in the RPG but just try and keep it realistic.

[b]Rule Three[/b]: Remember that every action has a reaction and that it will affect the NPCs and Players. Let me give an example: [I]Character X goes to Namek, Namek Elder 1 refuses to hand over 3 star Dragonball to Character X. Character X kills Nameks Elder 1 and wipes out Village A. Character X repeats process in 4 Villages in effort to get Dragonballs. Enter Nail, kills Character X for attacking Villages and so ends Character X's participation in the RPG.[/I] Its a bit drastic but I want people to get an idea of what will happen.

[b]Rule Four[/b]: Just keep to the Above and make quality and detailed contributions in posts to the RPG and Enjoy the game.[/list]


[b]Sign Up Sheet[/b] (it seems long but it's not really)

[I]Name[/I]: (Your Name)

[I]Age[/I]: (Your Age)

[I]Race[/I]: (Your Character's race, Human, Namek, Saiya-Jin)

[I]Character your Replacing[/I]: (Which Z Senshi member are you replacing)

[I]Signature Technique[/I]: (Your Character's unique move)

[I]History[/I]: (His/Her Biography)

[I]Appearance[/I]: (What he/she looks like)

[I]Personality[/I]: (How he/she reacts to others)

[I]Powerlevel[/I]: (Your character's powerlevel, keep it equal to that of the character you're replacing at their start, i.e.: Son Goku was 600 in the Radditz part of the Saiya-Jin saga)
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[b]OOC:[/b]This is all going by when Radditz arrived on Earth


[b]Race:[/b]Half Saiya-Jin

[b]Character your Replacing:[/b]Gohan

[b]Signature Technique:[/b]Masenko Wave,Element Attacks

[b]History:[/b]Chris is the son of Koga.He has the tail of a monkey but he doesn't know the purpose of it just yet.He knows the history part of his father's life so he knows a bit about his half saiyan heritage.Chris likes to play with his father whenever they can but his mother says he might get hurt so he's rarely allowed to go and play.His mother wants him to become a scholar when he's older.

[b]Appearance:[/b]Look at attachment but he's younger of course so just chibi him up a little.

[b]Personality:[/b]He's a kind and caring boy.When he gets angry his power level can shoot up.He loves his friends and family and will do anything he can to protect them.

[b]Power level:[/b]710 - 1130 when angry[/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][U][I]Sign Up Sheet[/I][/U]

[U]Name:[/U] Tream

[U]Age:[/U] 28

[U]Race:[/U] Full Saiya-Jin

[U]Character your Replacing:[/U] Nappa

[U]Signature Technique:[/U] Deselation(sp?) Beam

[U]History:[/U] I'll edited to match up with Zagats 'cause we're partners (right?)

[U]Appearance:[/U] Tream is 5' 8" and has long black hair like all members on the Saiya-Jin race. His eyes are a vivid green and his tail is normally wrapped round his waist like a belt and is always wearing the Saiya-Jin armour given to him by his farther. His scouter has a green tint. He may not look as strong as he is, but the enemy think better when one of his punches connect with them.

[U]Personality:[/U] Tream could destroy an entire city with a single montion, if he could be bothered. He's not very enthusiastic(sp?) about his job but he still enjoys doing. He has the bad habit of toying with then enemy before destroying them, much to the annoyance of Zagat, who finds it a waste of time when their powerlevels are much higher than the enemys. When he gets down to work, he gets down to work being able to take down a whole squad of enemy fighters in one motion. Some consider him over confident in his abilites, but he says if he is he will have to train even harder to get to his own belief of his power level.

[U]Powerlevel:[/U] 4,000[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Sign Up Sheet

Name: Wisteria

Age: 27

Race: Full Saiya-Jin

Character Replacing: Radditz

Signature Technique: Rage of Gingetsu

History: Will edit later.

Appearance: Short black hair (like Videl's), brown eyes, is 5'2", weighs 119 lb, has a red scouter covering left eye, and Saiyan armor

Personality: Quite, cold, and aloof. Wisteria ignores what most say, unless it has to do remotely with some sort of battling or the task at hand. Although she may seem cold and heartless, she'll fight for her what or who she believes in. Cares only for her team mates, and won't abandon them.

Powerlevel: 1200
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Guys, OK, the sign up's are OK, the main problems seem to be the Powerlevel parts of the Sign Up. Remember I said that the powerlevel of your characters is to be the same as character your replacing. The following would be an appropriate correction:

[b]Radditz[/b]: [i]1200[/i]

[b]Nappa[/b]: [i]4000[/i]

Now for the person who signed up as Trunks, Xaru this gets complictated, I'd rather you signed up as a character who appears a bit earlier in the series.

Just one thing people, spots in the RPG are not final if other see a character they would like to be that is already taken I'll judge who's is better and award them the spot. That's your heads up so your now warned.
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name: Kazuma
character replacing: Piccolo
signature technique: Sonic Flash
history: moved to Earth at age 20 and trained with an undefeated street fighter.
appearance: green and stands 5'11" with dark eyes. wears a white and red martial arts uniform.
personality: headstrong and arrogant. Doesn't like to socialize. Strong and quiet type.
power level: 408-1440 when angry
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[B]Name:[/B] Koga

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Race:[/B] Saiya-jin full

[B]Character Replaceing:[/B] Son Goku

[B]History:[/B] Was sent to earth inorder to conquer it as a small child. When he came, he was adopted by a kindly old martial arts master who took interest into the boys tail. Shrugging it off, he raised him as his own son. When the old man died, Koga travelled the earth, making many freinds and on occasion saving many lives. He took to full with his powers as a Saiya-jin without knowing what it was. He has since grew to a man and had a son with his wife.

[B]Appearence:[/B] [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=24[/url] but with a shaved face. cOntrare to his intemeidating looks, he is pretty goofy.

[B]Signature Move:[/B]

[B]Combuster Slash:[/B] Unsheetes swords and slashes a furiously, unleashing a powerful wind attack on the enemy, whihc often times, destroys them and the surrounding area.

[B]Jet Stream Cannon:[/B] Puts hands together and unleashes a huge cannon of ki at the enemy, decicrating them and the surrounding area.

[B]Personality:[/B] Lazy, sarcastic, never serious, arrogant and a ferocious fighter. Every thing a good hero needs. He has a heroic soul at core, but only shows it when needed. He confuses his opponents with his lazy fighting style.

[B]Power Level:[/B] 400-600 for now.
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Name: Damien

Age: 24 (but u can't tell, which is the case with Changlings)

Race: Changling

Character your Replacing: Ginyu Force

Signature Technique: Damio Diablo Blast(dA-mIO dEahblO Blast)

History: Born on a planet that was later destroyed, he is the Son of frieza. He has been raised to be just like him, and has 3 'fathers' Colla, Frieza, and King Kold. Little is known about how or when he was actually born, but he was always told he was 24, so that's what he belived.

Appearance: I'll post the link to the picture when i find it again..

Personality: Self-centered, Selfish, cokcy, mean, everything a good vilain has.

Powerlevel:uhm..i guess..around 40,000
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[SIZE=1][FONT=courier new][COLOR=tomato]I hope this is aloud
Name: Gaul

Age: around 20

Race: Human

Character your Replacing: Krillin

Signature Technique: Death Ball: A ball of mass destruction

History: A Strange human that joined the Z fighters for unknown reasons.

Appearance: a tall and hooded character. He wears a thick hood that covers his entire body. His has only shown his eyes that would scare the living daylights out of anyone that would look into them. He also only shows his mouth that always seems to smile when he's in the heat of battle.

Personality: Calm, Level headed, Respects others, disrespects those who dont care for others.

Powerlevel: 206 [/color][/font][/size]
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SSJBrolli, I think he said to not be Trunks.... I wanted to replace Trunks also. >.> but the max is 15,000. For what reason..... I don't know. We are in the early stages in DBZ like the saiyan saga. As for Shinobi's character..... The Ginyu force was in the Namek saga.... So, I'm not sue about that. Outcast.... Why don't you [b][i]explain[/b][/i] who we can/cannot be.
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If you would care to read my second post Xaru, I informed you that I'd rather people picked characters which were available from the Saiya-Jin Saga. You decided not to follow that and I also said that you were to choose a differant character instead. The only Z Senshi left are the Humans so that's what your limits are now.

I also said that in the event of two people picking the same character I would moderate between them and choose who had the better Sign Up and award them the place. In the event here [b]I'm not going to allow either of you to be Future Trunks[/b] as he appears much too far ahead in the series and you'd be wasting massive amounts of time.

Ahh yes powerlevels again,

Shinobi your character is a changeling, therefore his powerlevel should be a little less than 530,000, about 400,000 is fine by me.

Diago, Goku powerlevel should only be between 400-600 when Raditz enters so please edit.

Yet again I'm saying that all places are not final, so try and improve your posts in anyway you think you can.
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Name: Astral
Age: 30s
Race: Human
Character being replaced: Tien

Signature Technique: Life Beam - Fires a blast of energy that drains the life energy of the user. The more life energy focused into the blast, the more powerful the attack

History: He was trained in martial arts but used the abilites as an assassin. He worked alongside with his brother and one mission they were assigned to kill Kakarot, and what better way then during a marital arts tournament? His brother was killed in the process and now all he wanted to do was kill Kakarot. But after a tough fight he lost but Kakarot let him live. After that he stopped being an assassin and became a friend of his. He is always traveling, training himself.

Appearance: Has blue eyes and short silver hair, Wears all black vest, pants and boots with a brown cloak. Tall and muscular.

Personality: Silent and protective to his friends.

Powerlevel: 250
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[I]Well Gav, you?ve caught my attention. As much as I?d like to have it you?ve already taken the place of Vegeta so I?ll try my hand at Goku, at least then I?ll have the pleasure of fighting you later on.[/I]

[B]Name:[/B] [I]Kakarot. I know OHKami said his name was Koga but can I change it please?[/I]

[B]Age:[/B] [I]27[/I]

[B]Race:[/B] [I]Saiya-Jin[/I]

[B]Character your Replacing:[/B] [I]Goku[/I]

[B]Signature Technique:[/B] [I]Galactic Smash[/I]

[B]History:[/B] [I]Originally sent to the planet Earth as a baby to destroy it, Kakarot was taken in by Gohan, a kindly old man. Gohan taught Kakarot martial arts and the basic skills of fighting. Although Kakarot was a fierce fighting machine he later calmed down when Master Gohan taught him how to use his Ki, at which point he realised the boy was extremely talented in controlling his powers.

Kakarot was given the four star dragonball as gift from his master before passing away into the next dimension. Kakarot shared a quest with a young girl named Bulma in a search for the other six balls to grant them a wish of their choosing.

During and after the quest Kakarots Saiyan blood boiled every twenty-eight days with the light of the full moon. After many years of this transformation Kakarot learned that he could control this transformation and use to boost his already incredible fighting potential.

After many years Kakarot shared a brief relationship with Bulma before finally settling down with Chi-Chi. Despite the ending of their relationship, Kakarot and Bulma remained firm friends and shared further quests for the dragonballs to revive lost friends and other such trivial things.

Soon after, Kakarot and Chi-Chi birthed a half Saiyan, half Human son who shared Kakarot?s amazing power. They named their son Chris. They now live peacefully in a small house in the mountains, with Chris happily being trained by Kakarot to fight and to stand up for what you believe in.[/I]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [I]Traditional black Saiyan spikes forced upwards in a disorderly manner. Quite short hair with an ?M? shaped hairline and pure black Saiyan eyes. Generally described as handsome and good looking. Kakarot stands at around 5?11? and is fairly muscular. His muscles are clearly defined yet he isn?t bulky and can move relatively fast. He generally wears a tight fighting black jump suit with no sleeves and white wristbands and boots(which are weighted). He also trains with a weighted cloak.[/I]

[B]Personality:[/B] [I]Unlike the happy-go lucky attitude that Goku has, Kakarot is generally more realistic. He does sometimes do things for himself and isn?t always concerned with saving others. He cares for his son and wife dearly and would protect their lives with his own. The Saiyan blood flows strong in his veins giving him a fairly large ego and even larger hunger for fighting. Although generally he is fairly casual, with a dry, sarcastic type of humour.[/I]

[B]Powerlevel:[/B] [I]458 with weighted clothing and 657 without weighted clothing.[/I]
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[I]Actually, if you actually read it you?d notice that there are many differences. Anyway, you?d also notice if you read the first post that Gavin said that you use the original DBZ story and just change it where you want to suit your own needs.

We?ll leave it up to Gavin to decide, so that?ll be enough from you. I don?t wish to begin an argument.[/I]
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