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Your Christmas List 2003


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Well winter has came early here in Scotland. This week it has been sub-degree temperatures with a helping of sleet and snow. This has really got me in the winter/Xmas mood! I know some might think this is pretty early to start a thread like this, but since i was 4 years old, at this time of year i already knew what i really wanted for Christmas. This year (and last thinking about it) is an exception, i don't have a clue what i want. I know that quite a few of my fellow Otakuites here might have a good idea of what they might be getting or buying for someone this year.

I'm not quite sure what i want this Crimbo. I was thinking about buying one of the cheap £35 DVD Multi-Regional Players up at ASDA (Part of the Wal-Mart Family, so it's the UK's equvilent). I was alos thinking about getting a Digital Camera and then the usual like some money and clothes etc.

So, what is it that you want this Christmas? What are you going to but for other people?

Also, if you know a good deal or great gift that you can help out people with then tell them! Like for exmaple:

Shinobi: I might be getting a Digital Camera this year.

OBMember1: I want a Blah Blah this year, oh and by the way there is some great deals at [instert website here] for digital cameras.

Get me? We are a community, lets get into the Christmas spirit and help each other :D. Also if you don't celebrate Christmas then talk about your equivelant of Christmas and so on :D.
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[size=1][color=CC00000]Christmas! *looks for Santa smilie* awww..

Hmm... well I want a latex practice sword (a Sabre! Woo!) first off. Then I can take it outside without being killed or something Oo.. Umm.. I would like also maybe F-Zero X, and some other games that come out. I would also appreciate any money given to me to save up for a $699 bass guitar very much. Few CDs, maybe some AFI ones.. NFG and BFS... yeah. That's about it..

PS. I don't know anywhere for cheap Digi-cams Shinobeh, sorry :([/size][/color]
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[color=royalblue]ASDA! PERMANANTLY LOW PRICES! Yeah, I remember that. My friend was freezing so he bought three black sweaters for £6 a pop. It was hilarious. To the rest of us anyways.

My X-mas List for the Fiscal year... [in my house, we're weird like this]

[u]iPod[/u] with earbuds, adapter cable, 2500 song capacity.
[u]New crab[/u] to replace my recently deceased one.
[u]Desklamp[/u] My old one doesn't fit on my new desk.
[u]Money, The Mean Green, The Ca-Ching, The...you get the idea.[/u]

But other than that, I am passively content.[/color]
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[color=#707875]For Christmas...I want...OtakuBoards v7!

Hehe. But you already knew that. ~_^

Seriously though, I don't know what I want. I never do. I have everything I need, pretty much...I mean, sure, it's nice to buy new video games and clothes and things...but eh. I can live without that stuff.

I'm happy with my life as it is. Anything else is just a bonus. ^_^[/color]
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Lion King on DVD
art supplies (drawing)
new tennis shoes
Japanese kanji wall scrolls

That's it really. I doubt I am going to get the katana. It is about $400. Expensive! I don't think that I can get Japanese kanji wall scrolls either because they are hard to find. (I can't order stuff of the internet) I know that I will get the rest because I am in dire need for new shoes. Money is an easy gift. Lion king, just because my VHS version broke from over play. Anyways, that's really all I want for Christmas. I am pretty content.
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[color=chocolate][size=1]I live in America, but what the heck post my Christmas list here anyway.

[b]Keyboard-[/b] It might sound stupid but when I went to my friend's house, she has one of these keyboards that you can play a song and to play it, the keys light up to show which keys you have to play to play the song. I played the Titanic song over...and over...and over...until she yelled shut up and then I played Star Wars. *hee hee*
[b]Money-[/b] You know, who DOESN'T want money for Christmas?

$150 dollars and a keyboard is really all I want for Christmas. I used to be a bratty stuck up kid which wanted everything in the world, now knowing you can't get what you want all the time.
Yep...my Christmas list.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][I]Hehe. I have a few things:

[B]Just a cool bow(real one) with NO arrows!!! I won't hurt anything with it!!!!!!*isn't allowed one*

A laptop I'm getting one any way.

Samsung S300 I just love that mobile!!!

Edge hovercraft. IT'S ONLY 80 QUID FOR PEET SAKE!!!

Gradn theft auto 5!!!!! (I think it's coming out...)


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My Christmas list is kind of short because my Christmas present is going to happen in summer with a trip to Spain and France with my school's french club :):) I can't wait... But for my small Christmas list that I probably won't be getting anything off of...

Ranma 1/2 Mangas (I only have a few and it makes me sad :'()
Inuyasha Anime Movies or Seasons on DVD
Some new clothes
Money (I love it when I get moolah!! Then I can buy whatever I want!! :D)
The Otori Clan book set (Kick *** book series)
Glasses that actually fit (mine are too big for my head and me mum won't go get them fixed :()
Slippers with froggies!!
Froggies anything
Sesshomaru anything (I'm an official member of FLA..someting I just made up a few days ago)
Anything else...I really want an anime calander but I can't decide which one of the many animes I watch will get the honor of being on my whall a whole year...
And anything else someone decides to get me. :)
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[color=royalblue][size=1]Well, heres my list:

Bow, quiver, target, armguard, arrows, all that archery stuff.

iPOD, and all that junk that goes with it.

Wooden or bamboo practice katana. I'd rather have a real one, but, yea right. My parents would never let me.

A WORKING scanner so I can finally post some of my artwork.

Art supplies.


Thats pretty much it. Unless of course, you count turning the world into an RPG.[/color][/size]
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I'm glad to see lot's of people are in a Crimbo mood and know what they want ^^.

Raiha and Arch, IPods, are they those small handheld computer/mp3 player thingies that are really expensive? If it's the same thing i'm thinking of then...LUCKY BUGGERS! lol. Yeah, well i was at my Uncles house today, it's his birthday and i was checking out his digi-cam. His is pretty old, but he was telling me that i can get one twice as good as his, double the picture quality, a bit more memory AND half the size his is....for....wait for it...[b]£80!!![/b] I was shocked, so i think it's deffinet that i am getting a digital camera! HURRAH! Lol. It probably will be more than £80 though. I'm just gonna search some sites to see their prices just now.

I'll also get that DVD player i was talking about (YAY! and probably one or two DVD's with it). Maybe a couple of PS2 games (my Mum, yes Mum not Dad, always gets me a PS2 game at Xmas becuase that's when all the good releases are!). Probably money and clothes...oh yeah and these little Remote Control Battle Tanks from The Gadget Shop! They are great! Me, my brother (17) and my two cousins (21 and 23) sat and played with them for like half an hour lol. They are mini tanks and the turret moves and you try adn shoot each other with laser beams and if you get hit then your immobilsed they're great and they're only £25, mind you...add a tenner on and you can get a DVD player! ROFL!

Anyway, that's what i will be getting, so i gotta start shopping about for my camera :D.
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Christmas this year... hmmm...
-$600+ dollars worth of PS2 products, icluding the system, wireless internet connection, additional controller, and several games
-A car. I should have my permit by Christmas, right?
-Giftcards to Best Buy, Tower Records, FYE... You get the idea.
-various art supplies
-a new cell phone/MP3 player/2-way
-a domain name
I think that's about it for the moment.
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I'd normally get an iPod, but at this point I'm not bothering. I've been keeping my eye on the new RCA Lyra, which has a really nice color screen and plays more types of media. I can't seem to find a picture of it for some reason, but it's really nice. That or an Archos MP3 player. They have a line in for recording live... iPods finally have that officially working, but it only uses a monaural microphone that you have to buy through them. No thanks. That and these two offer more for a cheaper price.

The only real difference is that Archos players aren't as attractive looking... but honestly, I'm more about function than style. Unfortunately I get mixed reactions about their products... when I hear very little bad about Apple's iPod.

If you do get an iPod, I suggest you get a skin for it because they scratch up [i]very[/i] easily. Shame to mess up something that expensive.

Other than that... I don't know. I need a new PS2 still, as mine is busted. I also need a GBA SP since mine was stolen.

That's about it. Maybe some Sour Patch Kids.

Edit -- Here is the Lyra. I'm waiting out on that currently. $400 for 20 GBs currently.
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[SIZE=1][I]Hehe, I've got a GBSP. I love it!! Light in the screen and all! I play Pokemon ruby at night.

BTW, has any one heard of this.... Windows XPO? My computer-geek uncle said my laptop is a windows XPO, the newest thing, and isn't in many shops yet. (me uncle works with stuff to do with computers)
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[SIZE=1][I]I got a new up-date for my list:

1. A new bro (hehe)

2. A space ship!!! *is dreaming*

3. I would really want a Legolas figure. I saw this Legolas figure for...£45, and it looked mint!!! I wanted that...

4. Samsung S300 (did I put that?)[/SIZE][/I]
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[color=blue][font=arial]Hmmmm.....we're having an early christmas with my family since I'll be leaving for Air Force basic training on December 16th...don't be jealous

Organizational stuff for my dorm (when I get to my first duty station....in June)
Khaki-Colored Cargo Pants (I hate Old Navy commercials, but don't mind the clothes too much....)
Playstation 2 with Madden 2004 and/or NCAA 2004 (Yes, I know, I'm not exactly 'updated')
Cash (if possible)

If I get that, I don't mind anything else really...thats all I need....[/color][/font]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[B]That's about it. Maybe some Sour Patch Kids.[/B][/QUOTE]
[size=1]Now I know what to get you this year....

What I want most this year is just a bunch of DVDs, since I can't possibly afford to get all of the boxed sets that I would like to have. Family Guy Season 3, Simpsons Season 3, Looney Tunes Goiden Collection, Disney the War Years, the Chronological Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse in Color vol. 2, , the Uncensored Bosko volumes 1 and 2, etc.

Any of those would be nice, but it's not like I need to have them or anything...

Final Fantasy X-2 would be nice to own, if it's out by then. I'm having a lot of fun playing FFX right now, so hopefully the sequel will be equally entertaining.

There isn't much that I'm looking for, all of the things mentioned above would be "nice," it's not like I desperately want them or anything. Hm.

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[SIZE=1][I]I don't know how people can live without a PS2....I've got 2...their amazing trust!

D'you think I should bother my family to get me a petrol scooter? I want one of them too. Oh, and a this sword, it's a really amazing on, with a cobra on the handle.

I want! I WANT! I WANT![/SIZE][/I]
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[FONT=arial]pretty much what I want consists of CD's and DVD's, nothing over $25 apiece (not that cheap, but not quite as expensive as something like a laptop, lol)

so as for the stuff I've already got in mind,

-Roald Dahl Treasury
-Complete Poems of Robert Frost
-Clay Aiken's debut album
-Josh Groban's live album
-Phantom of the Opera soundtrack
-Spirited Away DVD
-Anger Management DVD
-Sleeping Beauty DVD

if I want to get adventurous (and steep in price), I'd like a good-lookin' trench coat/long coat, or something of that sort, that's long enough to reach my ankles. that'd be pretty awesome.

course, money's good, too. but I'd just be buying what's on my wish list with it, lol. or save it, I guess :shifty:. [/FONT]
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Here's my Christmas List:

1. Sword of Mana for my GBA.
2. Mario and Luigi for my GBA too.
3. I've been wanting a GBA SP for a while but since I don't have enough money for that, I'll put it on this list.
4. Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie 2 DVD, I've been excited about this one. I might even get it before Christmas. ^^
5. Some new clothes would be nice.
6. I also want a GameBoy Player. Well, maybe. I'm not sure if I [i]really[/i] want one yet.

Well there's my list. It's just a bit expensive, though. My oldest brother better not send another gift card. I mean, come on, just give me the money not a gift card!
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