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RPG Black Horizon [Rated R for Language, Violence, Heavy Gore, Sexual Perversion]


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[color=2244CC][size=1][i]Please see the Black Horizon recruitment thread for a listing of those that have made it. If you show up here uninvited, I may have to roughly hand you over to the nearest moderator.[/i]

A ship. Metal. Plastics. Glass. At the most basic level, atoms.
The Event Horizon.

Over fifty years ago a great man, Dr. Weir, pioneered an experimental engine capable of bending time and space and therefore sending a ship anywhere in the blink of an eye... by harnessing a manmade black hole and ripping a hole in our dimension. The ship disappeared near Neptune. Seven years later it came back, transmitting a scrambled message. The ship Lewis and Clark and their rescue crew were sent on a mission to rescue the crew and salvage the ship. After arriving they found the crew massacred. The ship seemed to have opened a gateway, or ripped a gateway, into a dimension of pure chaos. It went in a ship. It came out as a living thing. Dr. Weir aided in the deaths of many crewmembers of the Lewis and Clark, eventually succumbing and becoming one with the Event Horizon. Ina last valiant gesture, Captain Miller destroyed part of the ship, saving the remaining members of his crew. Miller and Weir, along with the portion of the Event Horizon that housed the engine core, were sent to what could only have been the hell dimension.

Now it's the present. The year 2101. Earth Tactical has picked up a distress signal from none other than the Event Horizon. A team has been assembled. A ship has been given. It's time to finish the mission and bring that ship home.
"The crew is dead. Your ship killed them."
The stasis pods whined shut. Everyone had barely enough time to mutter a 'hi' before they were shoved into the pods for the month long journey. With their newly enhanced ion engines, they would be pushing about 50 Gs. Plenty of force to easily liquify one's body. The pods were filled with stasis gel. Their bloodstream was pumped full of sedatives. They all went to sleep.
"I am home."
===--Mission Day 27. Stasis Pods Open. Crew Revival Begin. Injecting Stage One Recesitating Fluid.--===
Allen slowly got out of his pod. His head ached and the cold metal of the floor wasn't very enjoyable either. He slipped slowly over to the showers and began rinsing the gel off of his body, dropping the tight and extremely uncomfortable stasis clothing. The stuff, in his opinion, felt like snot. And being submersed in it for almost a month tended to make you feel slimy when you got out.

A few others were getting up as well. He toweled off and slipped a pair of boxers on. Another thing he hated about the pods, you were submersed virtually naked. It got into every crevase of your body. He shuddered as he removed a string from his navel and flung it to the floor. He cleared his throat seeing that everyone was either up, or awake. More of the latter.

[b]Allen-[/b] "For those of you that don't know, I am Captain Allen Chubb. We have a mission to do here, obviously. Hopefully you all know the gist of it. There will be a briefing in the mess hall in one hour. Be ready by then." He looked everyone over, studying them. Perhaps this mission would go better than the last. The Lewis and clark had lost the remaining parts of the Event Horizon. The official cause of disappearance was, once again, reactor overload. Three months ago, the part of the ship that had made it back also vanished. They were to recover the entire thing. It would not be easy. The damn reactor better not explode again.[/size][/color]
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Tex was the second to wake from her nauseous slumber. The hatch to her pod released and she crumpled to the floor. The muscles in her body had been rendered in sleep suspension and were very weak. She woke up a few seconds early and swallowed some of the disgusting gel. She began to vomit and choke. The air was freezing, it didn't help that she was covered in sticky, slimy.

After she caught her breath, Tex stood up and leaned against the pods, making her way to the showers. The sound of water gave her the idea that she wasn't the only person awake. The other pods started to stir with life. The other crew members started to do the same choking and propping themselves up on their pod.

"For those of you that don't know, I am Captain Allen Chubb. We have a mission to do here, obviously. Hopefully you all know the gist of it. There will be a briefing in the mess hall in one hour. Be ready by then,'' Allen walked down the corridor, leaving everyone to take in what he had just said.

Tex shrugged and turned on the hot water and began to scrub herself free from the sludge. She peeled off her sleeping suspension suit and dug the slim out of the crevices of her body. Places where one would think nothing could hide was everywhere the slim was. Tex pulled the gel from her belly button, under the breasts, from her inner thighs, her ears, even her nostrils. She began to snort and clear her throat, spitting a nasty and nausiating clump of goop into the drain on the floor.

Satisfied that she was clean, Tex covered herself with her hands and frantically searched for a towel. She found a towel and dried off quickly, nevermind the other crew members. She did not care, as long as she was clean. Wrapping the towel around her body she looks at the confused and contorted faces.

"I am Detective Tex Crandell of the USAFSpecial Investigations. It's not so much of a pleasure to meet everyone like this, but I am sure it will be later,"Tex coughed up a little more slim and walked down the corridor to find her quarters.[/color][/b][/size]
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Arthur winced as his bare feet touched the cold floor. Groaning a groggily he wiped a strand of goop from his forehead and made his way to the showers, mumbling non-commitedly as he only half heard the captain speaking.

Turning on the hot water full blast, he sighed. That was much better. Scrubbing furiously, he removed as much of the...stuff from him as possible. God, there was even some up his ass!

He toweled off and slipped on a pair of boxersand an undershirt, followed by his dark green cover-all. The cover-all was a dark camo green, with strps and pockets all over it, many with tools or other such equipment. He watched as Tex walked off down the corridor. Detective, huh? Interesting.

He walked to his cquarters and opened the door, picking up a small, rolled up mat from the end of his bed. Laying out flat, he faced roughly in the direction Earth would be, and began saying his morning prayer.
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[color=blue]Vincent clambered out of his pod, trying to ignore the cold, and the disgusting stuff clinging to his body. He snatched a pair of underwear and a towel from a nearby table, and headed for the showers. This was going to feel good.

He walked into the showers, nodding a greeting to the other members of the crew. He quickly showred, wipingthe goop of off his skin, and watched it flow into the drain in the middle of the floor. After a few more minutes of soaping, and scrubbing his hair, he turned of the water and toweled himself dry, humming "From the Halls of Montezuma" under his breath.

He quickly slipped his underwear on, and found himself some socks. He found his jump suit and slipped it on, and headed for his room. Once there he sat down on the bunk and looked around. Great.

"My quarters in the Navy were bigger then this.." he muttered to himself as he tried to make the place look more organized and, well, homey.[/color]
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Tex found her quarters about twelve yards from the pods. It was a single bed quarter. Very small, no bigger than nine feet by nine feet. Metal was the decor, grey and white, white being the bed sheets only. There was a small desk that had a single over head lamp illuminating the entire cell. To her right was the cot, the left was a six foot tall locker.

Tex walked up to the locker and opened it up to find her attire. She quickly slipped on her socks, camo pants, a brown tank, and black combat boots. She was still freezing. She rummaged around and found a grey heavy, knitted sweater. She towel dried her hair and sat down in the swivel chair at her desk.

Tex leaned back and folded her hands behind her head. Gazing around the cell of a room and sighed heavily. A small, black briefcase on the corner of her desk caught her attention. Tex stared at the case for a moment, then realized that it was hers.

"Ah, this will prove useful to the mission. I should bring this to the meeting," Tex shuffled through the papers and files within the briefcase.

The were detailed reports of the [i]Event Horizon[/i] mission. Things that went wrong, things that were unexplainable. Then there were papers on the mission at stake.

"Definately taking this," Tex pulled out her glasses case and put on her rectangle frames and read over the grotesque details of the mission that took place fifty years ago.

[i]What the fuck kind of mission is this? This isn't just a mission of military confinment, this is a mission to save sanity......Sanity, tis something that we are all going to have to keep in order to survive..[/i] Tex scribbled down notes in a small notebook.[/color][/b][/size]
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[size=1][b]"This shower feels good," is this first thought that comes to mind when Sam steps into his shower after what felt like an eternity in that stasis slime. He was one of the first members awake. "Sleepy-heads" he though as he looked at their pods as he was lathering his body and peeling off slime. Except for Chubbs. Man that guy is punctual. First up, and ready to give a pep-talk. Good thing I woke up a little late, or else I would have had to listen to the whole thing.

He finished his shower and dried off, putting on his boxers on the way out into the crew quarters. He popped into his room to put on some clothes. He found a black T-shirt and some khakis. He looked forever for his slippers, but finally found them under the bed. Of course. Now time to find out who's awake. So he popped in next door.

"Ah! Vince, the gun-man himself is up and at 'em," exclaimed Sam in a loud, happy manner.
"Morning Sam," Vincent droned, obviously not ready to be talking to people right after his deep sleep.
"How was the jelly this morning? Get everything cleaned out? I have but one place where I can't get it out. It's right up in...." Sam finished his sentence with a very obvious hand gesture.
"Get out of here Sam, you sicko." Vincent laughed, finally becoming fully awake.

Down the hall, he found another active life-form. It was our shrink/forensics investigator, the lovely Ms. Crandell.
"Good morning sunshine" Sam said, testing his luck. She gave him a cold stare. "How you like your room, pretty eyes?" he should probably stop now, so he doesn't get slapped.
"It's small," she responded simply.
"Some might say it's cozy," Sam said, trying to be a smart-ass, which he was doing very well. She showed a shadow of a smile. "See, I knew I'd get a rise out of you." The smile vanished. Sam ran away. It's not always a good thing to get beaten up. Wait, it's never a good thing.

Last, but most definetly not least, was the Chubb-miester. Captain Chubbs-alot.
"Mornin' Al-man. What's happening?" Sam was going to have some fun with this guy, mission commander or not.
"Go and check on the flight status, Tiller."
"How bout we talk first?"
"This ship isin't going to fly itself"
"Yes it will. It's called Auto-Pilot, c'ptn."
"Well I'll override it and we'll all die," Captain Chubb retaliated, not wanting to be messed with, "now go check on the flight status.
"Fine. You're no fun." Sam said leaving. He wonder as he was going up to the bridge, what was up his butt. Oh yeah, the stasis gel.[/b][/size]
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[color=2244CC][size=1]OOC: I'm dissapointed to not see everyone that signed up participating. You'll all be getting a PM.
Quite an annoying person the pilot was. Even after reading over his personel file Allen decided he didn't like him. He was obnoxious. He was an antagonist. But most of all, he had a smart mouth. A smart mouth wasn't something that fit well on a ship led by Captain Allen Chubbs. He sat up on his bed and skimmed over the information USAF had given him. Of course he had been briefed of the previous Event Horizon mission before volunteering, but these went far more indepth. The Lewis and Clark had a sort of 'Black Box' feature that, if the ship happened to be destroyed, the data module would make it's way to Earth. What they had found was extraordinary.

But that was for the briefing.

Allen walked from his room to the mess hall, hoping to get a bit of coffee and take a stroll around his ship, the USAF Bladerunner. It was the fastest and most heavily shielded ship in the fleet. Weapons weren't all that important when you could weather an assault from two hundred Stinger missles. The doors to the mess hall slid open to reveal blackness. Allens eyes grew wide and his heart skipped a beat. The lights flickered on, illuminating a large room with a circular metal table and sevral white plastic chairs. He cursed himself for being startled at such a thing as darkness when they were surrounded by it on all sides.

The room had that sterile smell that often came with new things. Though his ship wasn't new. Just remodeled. Given a few upgrades for this mission, you could say. He rummaged around for a coffee pot and came up emptyhanded. Worry set in and he began to rip things from the cabinets.

[b]Sam-[/b] "Problem captain?" And right on cue was the pilot. He was leaning on the doorway, a smirk on his face.

[b]Allen-[/b] "Didn't I tell you to drive?" He smiled and pulled a compu-pad from under one arm.

[b]Sam-[/b] "I am. Complements of USAF." He waved the pad. A glint of metal shone from the backs of one of cabinets. Allen ripped it out and grinned. It was a stovetop coffee maker. "You know, I bet they did that on purpose just to mess with you."

[b]Allen-[/b] "You would know, right?" Sam made a little bow.

[b]Sam-[/b] "But of course, captain." He strolled down the hallway chuckling to himself. Allen filled the pot with water and set it on the electric stove. He stopped, breath catchign in his chest.

[b]Allen-[/b] "Where's the coffee..."[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]"...you mean this?"

[i]The voice caressed his ears and he turned. Either he was brain dead or just tired, because he sure as hell had missed the long legged female sitting on the table top, holding a canister of Kona coffee. She grinned at him and held it out.[/i]


"....ah. And you are...?"

"Your Communications Specialist. I was dropped off here quite recently. ....and now, I am at your disposal."

[i]Was she purring or was it simply his imagination? Skin tight body suit, pen over her right ear, hair spiked up, skin glowing under the halogen lighting.... was the world suddenly perfect or what?[/i]

"I hope this works out."[/COLOR]
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Emerging from one of the last pods to open, Ruben Thorne stood and stretched. His muscles were sore after 27 days of inactivity, only stimulated by machines, his neck was protesting.

Grunting, he headed for the showers, totally unperturbed by his nudeness. Rinsing the goop from his body, he belched loudly. God knows how long that had been waiting to escape.

Wrapping his body in a towel, Thorne exited the showeroom and headed towards the benches in the corner where clothes were stacked up. Seeing his name imprinted on a pair of overalls, Thorne rightly deduced that they were his. There were a few suits left, but most of them had been taken. Just his luck to wake up last. Slipping into the shirt, then pulling the overalls on over the top Ruben felt naked. He was completely clothed, but he had no weapon. No gun, no taser, not even a fucking truncheon. Ah well, not like these scientists could really do anything that he couldn't handle. Feeling a slight chill, he pulled on a pair of socks and headed out of the room. Somewhere on this massive ship the rest of the crew were surely to be found.

Feeling slightly unsettled at all the silence, he followed a corridor which was labelled as leading to the mess area. His stomach rumbled.

[i]Yeah yeah, we'll get there soon. Hopefully they'll have some decent tucker[/i].
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[color=2244CC][size=1][b]Allen-[/b] "I think it might." He walked over to her, taking the can of coffee and setting it on the tabletop. He wrapped his arms around the womans waist and kissed her. She pulled him closer and hung her arms around his neck. The captain broke the kiss he started reluctantly. "I thought you weren't coming. Actually, I thought I asked you not to come." She gave him a quick kiss on the neck and vaulted off the table, and out of his embrace.

[b]Satell-[/b] "I know, but USAF asked me right after you. They also offered me a small fortune." He nodded, 8.5 million Federation cedits wasn't a bad deal no matter what they wanted for it.

[b]Allen-[/b] "Well why didn't I see you in a pod?" She smiled again and slipped back against his body.

[b]Satell-[/b] "That's my secret darling." He smiled and closed the door to the mess hall.[/size][/color]
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Tex's eyes began to burn and her lids felt of lead. She placed her pen on the desk and took off her glasses. She leaned back and swiveled in her chair. Loads of questions ran through her mind, she started to get a headache. Sam's little conversation didn't help much, granted she did get a small laugh out of his sheer nuisance attitude.

She looked at her papers and sighed heavily. Deciding she had seen enough words, she decided it may be nice to see some faces. She packed the files into her briefcase and stood up. Stretching felt so good, the blood finally starting to warm and send sensations through her numb body. She slid her glasses back on and snatched her case.

The stale, artificial air felt as slimy as the stasis gel. Tex yawned and headed towards the mess hall.

[i]Maybe there's a coffee pot. God, I hope so..[/i] Tex rolled her head around her shoulders to stretch her neck. She pressed the button to open the doors. They made a hissing sound as the hydrolics forced the glass doors to slid open. She looked up to see that Cpt. Chubbs and Satell.

"Detective, how is your morning thus so far?" a hint of sarcasim in Cpt. Chubbs's voice brought a small smile to Tex's tired face.

Satell back away a little and fumbled with the coffee pot.

"Well, if you cancel out the reanimation process, the vomitting of stasis gel, the pulling the gel out of unimaginable places, and having a jail cell to sleep in, I'd say it's been okay," Tex sat down infront of the captain and ran a hand through her wavy hair.

He chuckled and handed her a cup of steaming coffee. She took the hot cup into her hands and held it to her breast. Slowly and cautiously, Tex took a swig and sat back. It had been too long since she had her last cup of coffee.

"What's that?" Chubbs nodded to her briefcase.

"USAF information on the [i]Event Horizon[/i] and [i]Lewis and Clark[/i] missions. I plan to go over it during the briefing," Tex took another sip and sat the briefcase on the table.

"Nice to see you, Det. Crandell," Satell sat down across from Tex.

"Likewise, how was your stasis? " Tex started to dig through her briefcase.

"I've had better," Satell winked.

Tex smiled, "So, Cpt. Chubbs, wha-" Tex started.

"Please, call me Allen, Detective," Allen sat down at the end of the table.

"And you can call me Tex," Tex nodded.

"Alright Tex, what were you going to say?"

"I forgot," Tex sipped her coffee.[/color][/size][/b]
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The last awake, Kenneth woke up in his stasis pod calmly. However, the door mechanism was jammed, entrapping him. He started slamming his palms against the glass, suffering from nausea. The barrier was sound proof, though, and noone was in the room to see him struggling. Luckily, he was still connected to an oxygen mask. He remembered that the oxygen would shut off in two minutes, though, recognizing his vital signs. He started to panic, screaming through the gel. A red light blinked in the corner. It was the sign indicating that his oxygen was about to shut down. At the last moment Arthur walked in and hit the "Manual Override" button for the door. Kenneth fell out, breathing heavily. "Th-," he coughed. "Thank you." Arthur stared down at the struggling body, "No problem. I won't be there everytime though," he walked off.

Without hesitation, Kenneth stood up, looking for Captain Chubbs. He didn't even think about showering, for he wanted to know where the hell they were and what they were doing there. Kenneth had been rushed into this mission without a briefing. He was given a phone call at 2 AM the day of the launch, requesting his assistance at NASA headquarters. Without notice, he was rushed into the shuttle, clueless. He was stripped down and thrust into the stasis pod, beating his fists against the glass. Now that he thinks about it, that's probably the reason it jammed.

Kenneth happened upon the mess hall, Captain Chubbs leaning over the coffee pot, propping himself on the cabinet. Kenneth approached him slowly, tapping him on the shoulder. Allen turned around to see the new face. "Who are you and what is your position?" Allen asked.

"I'm Kenneth Rales, Security Officer of the Bladerunner."

"That's good, always comforting to have security about."

"I need to ask you about our mission." Kenneth said. "Where are we, and what are we doing? Let's speak outside in the hall."

They walked into the hall, to have a private conversation.

"We're on a salvage mission. You've no doubtedly heard about the Event Horizon, correct?"


"Well, we've recently obtained a distress signal around-"

"Another one?"

"Yes, and if you interrupt me again, I will personally launch you into outer space. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Captain Chubbs."

"As I was saying, we've obtained a distress signal from around Neptune, the [i]entire[/i] Event Horizon sent it out."

A look of terror overwhelmed Kenneth. "The whole ship?"

"Yes. After the disappearance of the front half, we had no clue where it could have gone. We now understand that the ship is completely connected and we're going to find out just what the hell is going on."

"Personally, I don't believe what I've been told about the Event Horizon. The surviving crew of that ship must have seen something real out there to be that traumatized. I know it's a coverup," Kenneth said.

"That may be so, but we will follow our mission briefing and try to recover that ship for the second time."

"What about what happened to the other crew, Captain?" Kenneth asked.

"What about it?"

"Aren't you concerned that we're in danger? Don't you care for the well-being of your crew?" Kenneth spouted.

"That's why you're here, as Security for the entire ship."

"Damnit! You don't understand what I mean! That crew was tortured, both physically [i]and[/i] mentally. If you take us to that ship, our fate will be the same! It's suicide Captain!" Kenneth roared.

"We will follow the mission briefing to the exact orders! It's not my choice! Raise your voice toward me once again and you'll have an even worse fate than what that ship has in store for us!" Captain Chubbs yelled in return as he exited the mess hall.
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[color=blue]Vincent decided he liked the pilot. He was funny. Vincent decided to take a walk and find the armory. After a few minutes of wandering around and looking for the damn thing, he finally found it. He walked in and looked around. This was good. All of the weapons were new, and looked to be in excellent condition.

He took a rifle off the wall, slapped a clip in, and chambered a round. e sighted down the barrel before removing the clip and the bullet. He replaced the rifle and headed for the mess, whistling cheerfully. He ran into Arthur along the way.

"Hey, Arthur."
"How are you doing so far? Like the ship?" He gestured at the surronding bulkheads.
"I guess..."
"Alright. See you later."

Vincent took off again, still trying to find the mess.[/color]
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Stasis Pods. Brooke enjoyed nothing about them. Experts say you dream every night, just not everyone remembers.
Bullshit,Brooke remembered every tortured second in chryosleep.
The cold dark gel holding you in suspension as you are hurtled through space in a blind ship.
It was a like adrenaline in reverse, those who had never experienced the pleasure longed for it. It probably sounded like a roller coaster ride,hell, she'd been curious.
She had managed to avoid the pleasure of a stasis pod until now. But she knew it would become inevitable eventually.


Haven was hurled upon the rubber topped steel grating as her hatch flew open without a warning. Her muscular blue tinted body landed with a rolling thud. Not used to landing on anything but her feet, Haven stood quickly. She shot a look upward daring
a comment, to an empty room.

Haven enjoyed being fashionably late consciously but doing so unconsciously made her grin in sordid satisfaction.
There was a clean towel lying nearby. With blood on it.
The drastically deepening tint seemed to morph before her eyes.
After a few dramatic blinks, she realized it was just spots over her eyes. Chalk up another effect to stasis chambers.

She snatched up the towel as a personal victory and commenced to rub herself off. Scrub was more like it, she showed her skin no mercy as she removed as much slime as possible.
Haven gritted her teeth as she felt the vibration of someones footsteps.


"How's our early riser?", came a dry attempt at sarcasm.

"Off to take a shower.", came the curt reply

"What's your designation?", rang out in the hall as Haven continued on her way.

"Bitch", was the only thought on Captain Chubbs mind. At that moment anyway.
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[color=2244CC][size=1]Allen watched the man go, a little red in the face from yelling. He picked up his cup of coffee and downed the last. Checking his watch he walked out of the mess hall and into one of the many corridors. There were a few things that needed to be picked up from his room before the briefing started in fifteen minutes. Mostly some film crystals and audio recordings.

The door to his quarters hissed open and he stepped inside. His suitcase, black and unremarkable, stood open just the way he had left it. He quickly put the papers in and everything else he needed. The audio files. The film crystals and such. The suitcase snapped shut.

He turned around to find Satell standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorjam.

[b]Satell-[/b] "Well that was rude how you just tromped off." He gave her a half smile. "You know, there aren't all that many quarters on this ship of yours. I was thinking I might have to stay in here. With you." His smile widened.

[b]Allen-[/b] "I was thinking the same thing, but right now we have to get to the briefing." She sighed exasperatedly and walked out, Allen behind her. His door slid closed. He stopped at the nearest compad and pressed the hail button. Three tones came out of every speaker. "This is Captain Chubb. The briefing for the mission will start in approximately five minutes. I expect everyone to be there." HE released the button and continued down the hall, his arm around Satell's waist and hers around his.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Her eyes sparked and snapped playfully in the dimmed light. Satell seemed to be considering something.[/i]

"Five minutes?"


"How far away is the briefing room?"

"One. If we saunter."


[i]He was about to say something to the effect of, "How does this...relate?" When he felt Satell's breath on his cheek, her body pressing against his, and his mind swiftly leaving him.

She was just like he remembered, perhaps even better. More settled into his skin, definetly an improvement....[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]"Dick," Tex sat her glasses on the files and stood up to get another cup of coffee.

"Good morning," a sour voice bellowed through the silent hall.

Tex looked over her shoulder to see Kenneth burst into the room. He sat down in a chair and folded his arms across his chest. He then rubbed his hand vigorously over his face. Tex smiled and grabbed another cup. She sat down infront of him and handed him the cup of coffee.

"Thanks," he took a slow sip,"You must be the detective."

"Yes, Tex Crandell, USAF Special Investigations," she extended her hand across the stainless steel table.

"Kenneth Rales, Security Officer of the Bladerunner," he took her hand and nodded his head towards Tex's briefcase.

Tex followed his eyes and reached over to take her files. Kenneth grabbed her wrist. Tex shot him a stabbing glare.

"Release me, Mr. Rales. These belong to me," Tex spat.

"I am sorry, it's just a habit to be cautious," Kenneth loosened his grip and sat back, sighing.

Tex stuffed the papers into their folders and she slid her glasses onto her slender nose. She keenly eyed Kenneth, he stared right back.

"Relax, will you? You're making me nervous," Kenneth shifted his weight in his chair.

"Why would I make you nervous? Is there something you need to be nervous about?" Tex leaned over the table, propping her elbows and crossed her arms, smiling deviously.

"Not at all, Detective. How did you get assigned to this fucking suicide mission?'' Kenneth folded his arms in his lap.

Tex sat back and looked away, "Back home, I am the most prostigious investigator for the USAF. I had recently finished a case that I had been working on for a year. My officials approached me on this mission and asked me if I was interested. I knew of the missions of the [i]Event Horizon[/i] and of the [/i]Lewis and Clark[/i], and I decided I would take up the job."

"You volunteered?! What the hell is wrong with you?" Kenneth nearly jumped out of his chair.

"Calm down, Mr. Rales. I have never backed out of a job, nor have I turned one down," Tex looked up at him curious as to why he reacted the way he did.

"You know about the risks, and what happened to those people went through. Why would you deliberately do this? You were given the option to stay on Earth, and you chose to come?" Kenneth couldn't believe what Tex was doing.

"Yes, I did," Tex swirled her coffee.

"But why?"

"I have my reasons."

"That's it? That's all you have for a reason?" Kenneth protested.

"I had a family member on the [i]Lewis and Clark[/i]. I want to know what killed him and why. Is this a problem?" Tex stood up and threw her hands down on the table.

Kenneth stared solemnly and shook his head.

''I do not question your personal life, so don't question mine," Tex looked away from his stare.
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Arthur wondered into the cafiteria, wrinkling hsi nose at the stale and sterile scent of the room. He poured himself a mug of coffee and sipped it, wincing again. Godawful stuff, that was. Sauntering over towards Tex and Kenneth, he sat down, nodding at both of them

'Morning, I guess"

"And there's nothing good about it..." muttered Kenneth quietly, though Arthur remained blisfully unaware, busy with the coffee he was downing.

"I'm Arthur, Arthur Sayed. I'm the mechanic and fix-it man for this trip. Nice to meet you both."
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[color=2244CC][size=1]Entwined in a deep kiss, the two made their way into an empty room. It looked more or less like a closet of sorts, but the setting didn't truely matter. She broke the kiss, allowing him to nip her neck and dart his tounge along her collerbone, purring like a predator on the prowl. She slid her shirt off easily and set it down on a random box. Allen removed his own with ease, Satell raking his chest and leaving long white marks down his military toned body. His shirt landed next to hers and they embraced again, kissing with feriosity only love combined with lust can produce.

She bit the tender skin of his jawbone carefully and longingly. Nearly a month in stasis pods tend to make you a little... Well, horny. He kissed her again and traveled downwards, his tounge darting over her bare chest, flicking her nipples to full erection. She gasped and ran her hands through his hair, roughly. They burned for eachother. Like two flames aching to join into one harmonious pillar of light.

But it wasn't yet the time. He stood and kissed her fully on the mouth, his tounge dancing with hers. He stepped back, both of them breathing rather hard, and handed her the shirt she had discarded.

[b]Allen-[/b] "It's best we get going... We have about-" He glanced at his watch. "A minute." She smiled and kissed him again.

[b]Satell-[/b] "Until later then." She slipped on he shirt and waked out of the door, her color high. He smiled and put his own shirt back on, grabbing the suitcase he had dropped outside the door and walking toward the mess hall.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]They released eachother's hands moments before the doors opened. Nearly everyone was in attendence, with a few stragglers on their way. Either that or Satell's senses were dulled from her recent dive into the sensual. She turned and sat down in her marked chair in the corner, legs crosed, white lab coat covering her chest. ....in the words of her big brother, she was just a "tit bit nipply."

The Captain stood at the whiteboard, hands behind his back. The lucky bastard didn't have anything to show for his own interractions with his Communications specialist, and lover. The final two officers entered and the doors hissed shut behind them. Satell rasied her eyes up to him and removed the pen from her ear without breaking eye contact. This was going to be interesting.[/i]

"Hello everyone. Let's introduce ourselves please. .....and our ranks too, if it's not much trouble."

"I'll start."

[i]Several heads turned in her direction. .....none of them had ever seen her before, save the Captain himself. She stood, holding the clipboard in hand, pen resting between her fingers like a cigarrette.[/i]

"Officer Satell Megelani, Communications Specialist and Registered nurse."[/COLOR]
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OOC: I just love it how everyone is dying to meet me. It just fills me with glee and team-spirit. ~_^

Ic: Ruben was wandering through the corridors when the announcement came over the speaker. He continued down the corridor marked [[b]Debriefing Room[/b]], when, out of the corner of his eye, something skittered inside a room. Pausing, Ruben flung the slightly ajar door wide open, slamming the light-switch on with his palm. The room was bare, absolutely empty.

Feeling slightly worried, breathing hard from the sudden exertion, he grinned, glad that there had not been anyone around to witness his foolishness.

Besides, who could blame his nervousness. The ship was large and empty, and it was his first time off Earth.

Coming out of the room, he glanced down the corridor, only to see a man and a woman come out of a doorway. Grinning slightly, he followed them down the hall.
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Tex looked around the room. No one else stood up after Arthur. It was like school when the teacher asks the class to participate, no one would raise their hand. Tex sighed and stood up.

"Detective Lt. Tex Crandell, USAF Special Investigations," Tex nodded at everyone in the room.

"Aren't you a shrink as well?" Sam smirked (I just put him in, I thought he should have already been there).

"Psychologist and if you insult my intelligence again, I will shrink that mesely dick of yours. Got that?" Tex's voice was emotionless, her face reflected her voice.

Sam blinked and nodded after some hesitation. There was a little bit of snickering. Tex sat down.[/color][/b][/size]
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Looking around, Ruben saw that most of the people were reluctant to stand up, so he rose from the bench he was sitting on and stretched. In a lazy drawl he said "I'm Queen Annastice and I'm here to have a good time"

The Captain replied in a scathing tone "Thats wonderful your Majesty. Now, why is the name Ruben Thorne on your overalls, and why do you have security division emblems on your shirt?"

Ruben grinned "Oh, I found this guy wearing them, so I chucked him in a closet and stole his clothes."

Grinning, Ruben sat back down on the bench.
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[color=blue][i]"oh well,"[/i] thought Vincent, [i]"Might as well get this over with..."[/i]

He stood up.
"Hello everyone, I'm Midshipman Vincent Hope, I'll be in charge of boarding security and weapons. I kill people for a living. That's about it."
He sat down, and sipped his coffe.[/color]
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