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Sign Up Kurookami High School: Where Sanity Is Rare ((AGAIN!))


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[color=chocolate][b]Note: Yea, you might recognize this. I've decided to put this up again. I thought the first one was going well, but then it died. So I want to see if I can really make something out of this, so I'm trying again! Here it goes!

Wecome to Kurookami High School! This school is not, I repeat, not your normal highschool. Oh sure, students go to classes, make friends (well, most of them), and stress over exams. But there's something different. Within the school, there are multiple clubs. Each club has it's own unique set of rules and code. They range from normal school clubs to some seriousley strange ones. These clubs can challenge each other to duels whether it be to settle a score or to win a bet (one might be reminded of Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School) . At the end of the of the year is a giant tournement where the best of the best of the best compete for the title of School Champion! That is what this RPG is centered around: the Kurookami High School Fighting Championship Extravaganza! Here's the application for enrollment:

Year: (1, 2, 3, or 4, 1 being somewhat like a freshman and 4 being like a senior)
Team: (You can start your own team or join someone elses. The team can have any kind of name and style)
Label: (Sorry to use that term, but couldn't think of anything else. What I mean is, what are you? Geek, hero, psychopath, goth. You know, just to add to the insanity of it all...)
Description: (physical description)
Bio: (Some background on your character)

Okay then! Heres mine:

Name: Aiko Mitsume
Year: 3
Team: None
Label: Tournament Announcer/Avid Reporter
Description: Strawberry Blonde hair, Blue eyes, glasses. Wears a red tanktop, blue shorts and always wears her hair in a ponytail. Also, always has a notepad, pen, and microphone with her.
Bio: Aiko is the announcer for the annual Kurookami High School Fighting Championship Extravaganza. It's a position that's been passed down ever since her grandmother became announcer when she was in high school. Then it went to her mother, oldest sister, second oldest sister, and then finally to her. She's also head reporter for the school newspaper and will never be found without her trusty "Notepad and Pen of Doom".

I will also be offering the position of referee/principle of the school (same person). If you'd like to take up that position, PM me and we'll discuss it. Well, have fun and c-ya on the other side! *flys off on one of her winged monkey soldiers*[/color][/b]
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Name: Kuriah Samoson
Year: 4
Team: Dragon fighting clan. The leaders of the clan are able to transform into dragons.
Label: Hero/ Loner except when in clan
Description: A brown dragon vest with a black tank top, black pants, a pants chain, a dog chain chocker around her neck.
Bio: Kuriah is a tough loner feared city wide. People on the streets know her as the shadow, they know her in the school as the Fiend of the Underdesk.
No friends
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Oooh, snoogens. This is going to be fun*rubs hands and smiles mischieviously*

Name: Annie Rogers

Year: 4

Team: Parental Advisory

Label: Team Captain/skater-punk/ "The Godfather"

Description: [url]http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/1-2.htm[/url]

Bio: Annie is crazy, witty, a clutz, and extremely playful. She's one of those people that you love to be around. It wouldn't matter what mood you are in, or if you were the lone wolf, Annie has a way in making people smile. She is a very powerful leader, doing anything in her power to protect her teammates. If someone were to mess with a teammate, and Annie found out about it, she'd personally see to it that that person was renderred from speaking for weeks. This is why they call her "The Godfather", she takes care of her teammates and friends. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and loves to fight.

When it comes to fighting, Annie is a completely different person. Well, she's still crazy and witty, but in a fight, she is deathly serious and ruthless. Annie doesn't care how old you are, how much bigger you are to her, or how well you fess up, if you pick a fight with her, you'd better hope she's in a good mood.

At the age of 15, she entered the Kurookami High School. Her first day, Annie was jumped by a school team. She fought as best as she could, but was greatly outnumbered. Thankfully, Parental Advisory rescued Annie. Triston Pratt, the Team Captain at the time, took Annie under his wing and taught her everything she knows about fighting. Throuhout the rest of her high school years, Annie quickly became the Team Captain.

Eventhough she is a pleasant person, many students and other teams cowered before Annie and her team. Her tough leadership and cooky personality makes her teammates show respect and loyalty to her.
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[i][color=lightpink][B]name:[/B] Rina Aiuchi

[B]Year:[/B] 4

[B]Team:[/B] Parental Advisory

[B]Label:[/B] "The popular one"

[B]Description:[/B] [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-10/454379/kih.JPG[/img]

[B]Bio:[/B] Rina always seemed to be the most liked throughout her life. She loved the attention and fame. Everyone looked up at her in someway. During her years at Kurookami High School, she treasured them in her mind. There was always one thing she could never get to have time for and wished that she did. That was a boyfriend.


Crappy aint it?[/color][/i]
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[color=chocolate]Yes [b]sir Mister[/b] Harlequinn ((I'm really sorry, I didn' know :sweat: )). The main attraction is, of course, the fights. But I have more than one card up my sleeve. Oh yes, that reminds me! Please keep your team offers/requests to PMs and sigs. And lastly, Kieko, if you wish to be in the tournament ((as in fighting in the tournament)) you must be on a team. Okay?

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Amazing. I was just about to send you a PM about this RPG, erinzyger. Thanks for saving me the trouble. X_^ Do you mind if I use my old character? I didn't get to develop him as much as I liked in the last RPG. Thanks.

[B]Name:[/B] Eli Harris

[B]Year:[/B] 3

[B]Team:[/B] Digital Starlight [b](For Future Members: Keiko will be the only goth of the team. From now on, if you want to be in this team, you must be a raver or have something to do with techno or raves in some way. Thank you for your attention.)[/b]

[B]Label:[/B] Raver

[B]Description:[/B] The skinny, hyperactive Eli has green eyes, and he keeps his midnight blue hair constantly spiked. He likes to wear a dark blue, star E-shirt, a red backpack, (where he keeps his glowsticks, message writers, glowing gloves, and his photon micro lights,) white cargo pants, atomic neon sunglasses, Star-Star MPG energy bracelets, and white sneakers.

[B]Bio:[/B] Although he hasn't always been a raver, Eli is the leader of the Digital Starlight club because of his unique fighting style. It's a mix between dancing and kickboxing. Techno is his main interest, but fighting, which he has been training at for most of his life, comes in a close second. He also loves flashy things; If it's not bright, or attention grabbing, then he's not interested. Eli will make friends with almost anyone except for the goths. They're his worst enemies.
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[b]look familiar? Muhahahahha! Thank the lords of copy and paste![/b]
Name: Suziki Kowi
Team: Weapon club
Lable: bad@$$
Description: Dirty Blonde hair partly dirty because of genes, partly because of all the time she spends praticing with her weapons and getting sweat and dirt in her hair. She normally has her hair up in a bun with some tendralls hanging down framming her face except for the seldom special accasion when her anut forces her to do something different with it. She nomally weres a red shirt that shows middrift and baggy pants that she loves. It's VERY rare that you see her without a weapon because she tries to make sure she ALWAYS has one on her. (note I drew a pic of her but haven't scanned it yet)
Bio: As president of the Weapons club (which she founded herself) she can use most every hand weapon know to man. Gun, swords, bow and arrows, dagggers, crossbows, whatever, she can use them. Her best friend is Aiko Mitsume and they are constently together. She dosen't have many other friends. When she was 10 she went to a sleepover with some of her new friends and when she got back to her house the next day her parents and her younger brother were murdered. The house had been robbed in the night and her parents woke up to the noise and killed. Then her brother woke up at the gunshots and went to see what was happinging when he too was killed. Since that day Suiziki has lived with her aunt she has not made any new friend for fear that if she left her aunt she would meet the same fate as her parents. she strted practicing with her weapons so if anyone did try to hurt her aunt she'd be ready. After her parents died most of her new freinds avoided her. Only Aiko stood by her. Suziki has never had much of a love life for fear if she fell in love that person would meet the same fate as her family...
If ya wanna be on my team just post that you are. The advantage to the weapons team is the weapons *laughs evily*
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[I]This RPG is full of girls. Maybe it needs a few guys to balance the scales. Plus this just sounds cool.[/I]

[B]Name:[/B] [I]Andrew John Curtis (shortened to AJ)[/I]

[B]Year:[/B] [I]4[/I]

[B]Team:[/B] [I]Weapons Club[/I]

[B]Label:[/B] [I]Quiet and mysterious[/I]

[B]Description:[/B] [I]AJ is Just over 5?10? tall and is the type of muscular that you can?t see through clothes and the only way you can tell is if he is wearing none. He has short, light brown hair, which is constantly spiked upwards and he has warm brown eyes. This is contrasted completely by the great black bags under his eyes, which he has no idea of their origin, more than likely a lack of sleep. AJ?s skin is a little pale generally but his smouldering good looks make up for that. He occasionally wears glasses.[/I]

[B]Bio:[/B] [I]AJ has always been a very introvert person and talks to only a small number of people. Despite this those that he does talk to he is very open and trusting with. Although he is in the weapons club his interest isn?t purely in the fighting aspects of things, although he can fight very well. He has a love interest in a certain member, which he tries to pursue but falls short when it comes to talking with the opposite sex. Although many tell him he?s good looking, AJ can?t accept this and as soon as he begins to talk with a member of the opposite sex he loses all of what little confidence he had and makes a fool of himself. Also, despite being able to fight AJ isn?t short of brains, the opposite is in fact true and one of the many reasons why he screws things up with girls. He?s really logical and intelligent and tries to explain too much. AJ is very open-minded and tolerates most people to a degree. He also has a somewhat short temper but keeps control of his emotion.[/I]

[I]Hope that?s ok Let me know if it needs any changes or it isn?t good enough.[/I]
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Name- Kira Karasugi


Club-loner she's not in one

Label-strong fighter all the guys like to challange her a bo-staff queen

Description-long navy hair strung high in an ponytail
5'4 with sea-green eyes. She has a tatoo of loyalty around her arm. Kira wears a blue salior school uniform and is quiet. Her skin is quite light and she is very well built.

Bio-Her father was assainated and she does not talk very much.
She moved to live with her aunt and has just started at the school.
She is a Judo/Tai Kwon Do black belt and is a fan of the bo-staff. which she carries with her. It was given to her from her father before he was killed. She is a loner but fights for causes unknown. At times she seems quite distant but will give her all to save a friend.
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Name: Meis

Year: 3

Team: Senketsu Blurr

Label: The Lotus Of Kurookami

Description: A young light brown colored boy with jet back hair that is collected back in a ponytail. His hair drapes over his forehead, he also wears black pants and a black long sleeved shirt that sleeves are well rounded. Over this, a small sleeveless yellow jacket that has pockets and a white outline, and on his face he wears small tinted black glasses.

Bio: A young boy who lives in a shrine a few blocks away from Kurookami High, his older brother Kentaro (Who has now moved to college) and his team won the championship and had the title of champion on their heads. But then went the college, and now it is Meis?s time to shine. In his first two years of going to Kurookami he hadn?t joined in the tournament fun, his brother and grandfather being the case of it, just kept training him in two different styles.

His brother trains him in the style that he uses, Jet Kun Duo, as his grandfather teaches him Tekken-Fu. So, with these two martial arts under his belt, he combines them together to try and create his own type of style. Now, he enters the tournament in Kurookami High, so he can be known in his own type of light. He doesn?t want to be Kentaro?s shadow anymore.

OOC: If anyone wishes to join my club, just PM me with your character profile and a small RP sample. When writting this sample I'd expect so see things that an English teacher would want. I'll only be accepting a few, but there are key points that'll probably automatically get you into the girl. (Like if you were a female samurai, or someone who knew some sort of ninja art, etc.)
Anywho, I hope people feel the need to join my club. Hurry, I'll only be accepting around 5 members. ^.^

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OOC: Thanks for letting me join Shanghai.

Name: Jordan Espinosa

Year: 3

Team: Senketsu Blurr

Label: Class clown/friendly guy

Description: stands at about 6 ft. he has short cut brown hair. his eyes are brown and sparkle with a charismatic, and mischeivious light. weighs 152 lbs. (slim built, in other words.). He wears baggy cargo pants, and shirts of dragons curving around swords.

Bio: Jordan grew up in the U.S. before moving to Japan (That's where the school is right?) He earned his blackbelt in Ninjitsu before coming to japan, and loved anime. He's only gone to the school for a few days (subject to change, depends on how close to the tournament we start.) He met Meis while he was training at the local shrine, and later during school was accepted (or initiated into the Senketsu Blurr club. He loves anime, and drawing anime, cooking, and Playstation games of all kinds.
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[b]Name:[/b] Vincent D'Lyon


[b]Team:[/b]Parental Advisory
[b]Label:[/b]Evil Genius

[b]Description:[/b] Vincent stands at 5'9" and has chocolate brown hair, which match his eyes. Glasse sperch upon his nose, which tend to give a scholarly look, though once you look into his eyes, you may see something a bit more sinister. He usually wears black slacks, a white Oxford shirt, black tie, a black buisnees jacket, and usually has 2 or more goons following him around.

[b]Bio:[/b]Born in France, he was raised by his mother and has recently moved to Japan to join his father. His father is the head of a mysterious corporation that dabbles in genetic engineeing among other things. He has always been smart and is always at the top of his classes. He plans to fill his father's shoes someday, whether his fathe rlikes it or not, and has already begun forming his own evil association.

EDIT: I'm now on a team
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_Name: Juan Kirii
_Year: 1
_Team: Digital Starlight (she doesn't like the fact of being in a club, but it was the only way she could be allowed to fight.)
_Label: Loner/goth (she likes her solitude)
_Bio: Juan has never had a real family. When she was five her dad deserted her and her mom, and at age seven her mom died in a car accident. She was sent to an orphinage in a big city, where a couple adopted her. But, since she didn't want a new family, she stole, gambled, and cut school. She went through eleven couples in the city, all the while treating them the same. The only real thing she looked forward to was school, and that was only when she felt like it. She went to a Christian school where nuns taught, and her favorite teacher was the Principal. She never really had any friends, until they sent her away to a high school. She is currently living with another couple who are about 50 years old, but she'll probably be on the streets again in a few days. She was thrilled when she found out about the championship at the end of the school year, she loved fighting and is ready to kick butt!(Sorry the bio isn't long! I accidently deleted it and so I had to write it again and it didn't come out the same way as before
_Description: (Pretend the wings aren't there)
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OOC: Bwahahaa!!! You honestly didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you!?!? Ah, but resurrection is tough; I will have to make a new and improved character for this new and improved RPG ^_~... heh.


Name: Will Thorne
Year: 2
Team: Kurookami Player's Troupe ( club president )
Label: Drama geek / con artist
Description: Has straight, light brown hair down to his shoulder blades and emerald green eyes. He always wears flashy clothes, expensive, almost gaudy clothes every day, but one of his favorites is a very showy, deep purple tuxedo, satin lined, short, deep crimson cloak and a black top hat. Despite his affinity for constantly changing clothes, he is never seen without one of two different masks on.

Bio: When he was little, he suffered a tragic accident, leaving the upper half of his face horribly scarred. To hide his scars from the world, he started wearing masks. After a short few years, he quickly grew to love his masks, which led him into the world of acting. He had always been somewhat greedy, and his newfound talent for acting led him to becoming one of the best pickpockets in the city. After being expelled from two separate schools for the arts because of his stealing habits and for getting into fights, he enrolled in Kurookami Highschool, which, of course, is his current school. He fights using a combination of Jiu Jitsu and drunken boxing. However, he is not one to play fair, and will use any sort of trick or deception to win a fight.


OOC: I hope that works. And, if someone could help me figure out the attachment thingy, that'd be great, cause then I could put those masks up for you... yes, I know, I'm stupid... :bow:
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Hope me no too late ^_^

Name: Walton (yes a Geek!)
Year: 1 (but being me, I'm in Calculus 2 ^_^bingo!)
Team: Wizards
Label: The geek that has a chest full of rage on the bullies
Description: The harry Potter glasses, black High-waters, A white collar shirt with a pocket protector (~_^)
Bio: Lived out whole life studying and reading, while at age 7, when kids where out playin he was reading text books at 8th grade level. If given the chance he can give it all away, just to be noticed for once as not a geek, nerd, dweeb, but a person
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Guest Inuyasha7575
Name:Anthony Keith
Label:New Kid
Description:Is 5'9 with wavy black hair and brown eyes. He likes to wear Fubu,Polo,P.Miller clothes but usually gets some new clothes and shoes later than others. He usually wears Reebok,And1,or Nike shoes and since hes new he travels alone.
Bio:Grew up in a town miles away from Kurookami High he lives with his mother and every know and then visits his father his mother is a banker and he plans to earn a reputation as a popular and dependable guy at Kurookami High School.
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[color=royalblue]lol this looks like its gonna be fun.

Name: Matt Rawding
Year: 2
Team: Weapon club
Lable: The jester
Description: is 5'6 and has light brown hair and hazle brown eyes. usully wears one of those jester type hats and a shirt that says "boards and babes" and blue jeans.
Bio: a few years ago when he was 12 he and his friend were taking a shortcut home through an ally way and someone attacked them and killed his friend. ever since then he's started training with a battle axe and is ok with a gun. he also knows some Martial Arts. when he saw there was a weapon club he joined it.[/color]
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[COLOR=darkred]Name: Sousuke Sagara
Year: 4(senior of course)
Team: Weapons Club(and since know one is the leader I'll be)
Label: The popular jock around the school who every girl loves and every boy either hates or wants to be friends with.
Description:[/color] [url]http://www.full-metal-panic.com/image.php?file=images/recon/characters/sousuke/sousuke01.jpg[/url]
[COLOR=darkred]Bio: Coming from a rich family and being the greatest football player in the world; he is very full of himself. He has had many girl friends in the school and is known as a player and cheater. Either love him or hate but you gotta respect him.[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hells Fire [/i]
Team: Weapons Club(and since know one is the leader I'll be)
.[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]
[i]What?![/i] Um dude I thought you read my post. Just to refreah your memory...
[QUOTE][i] Originally posted by Chichiri's Girl[/i]Bio: As president of the Weapons club (which she founded herself)[/QUOTE]
Yeah um so I'm the leader tony. You can be co-captian if ya want. But um yeah thanks for finally postin! Oh and Erin when exactly is this gonna start? Cause Dougie's comin home Thursday and you remember how much of a computer hog he is....plus the computer is in his room and I have a feeling he'd laugh his a** off if he found out I was in an RPG. The teasing would never stop. never. So inless I can clean my room and get back on my mom's goodside(did I mention I'm basically grounded?) so that I can use some of my savings account money to buy a laptop I won't be on much.
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Guest Inuyasha7575
I was wonderin when is this thing going start we have been waiting for a good while now and I am hoping that it will start soon.
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People! This can't start anytime soon! First of all, these teams need [b]alot[/b] more members. Second of all, you people who are on no team/club, will not be able to participate. The [b]teams[/b] are competing in the Tournament. If you'll read through other peoples bios, you'll see that there are many teams who don't have nearly enough members...Except for the Weapons Club...o.O That filled up quickly.
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Yo Annie! Cut the spam, or get stabbed in the foot with a proverbial fork...Or something. Chichiri's Girl, handle stuff like that through PMs. Inuyasha7575, by the look of it you would benefit from rereading the apparently less than much vaunted sticky thread at the top of the forum.

As for anybody intending to sign up after this post...it had better have a damn lot more content than those previous. And it would be rather beneficial if certain members edited their sign ups so that they actually contained enough information to be worth anyone's while. I mean, really people, we've been over this several times. It should be rote by now, and quite a few of you should know better anyway.

Really erinzyger, this thread's lifespan is looking limited.[/font][/color]
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