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Gundam Wing: Legends Revived [R for gore, language, and inuendos]


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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]We turn our attention on a house in the urban section of colony VX-28791, its white with a small porch, but it appears empty; that is until you step inside.

A young man of 17 is standing around what appears to be the living room, his name is Alexander, or Alex. He glances around the house one last time with his brown calm eyes, he lets out a small sigh and shifts his duffel bag around.[/i]

"I sure am gonna miss this place." [i]The house seemed to sigh back in sadness, the room was still furnished, Alex would be renting the house out, all of his clothes, or what he took with him was in his suitcase and duffel bag, the rest of his personal belongings were in storage. He thought back over the last year, about Chris and how everything seemed to have changed when he died, he looked around once again and turned, his black boots quietly tapping against the tiled floor.

As he exited his house he pulled out his keys to his car and slowly neared the driver's door. But just before he could even slide the key into the keyhole a massive explosion hurtled Alex over backwards and onto his butt, he stood up, the air blowing the dust off his black pants, something was wrong, as he glanced towards the buisness district he saw a huge pillar of smoke appearing. Some sort of explosion, without hesitation Alex dropped his stuff and ran for the car, opened the door and headed into the buisness district to see what was going on.[/i]


"You incompetent ass!! I told you to fire a warning shot! Not a direct hit on the colony! What do you have, shit for brains, well dammit! ANSWER ME!!!!" [i]Une screamed at his tactical officer who was now cowering in fear. Une snorted in disgust and looked at his security officer,[/i] "Get rid of this trash and now."

[i]The young female officer nodded, she walked over to the man rather calmly, her presence seemed to calm the scared officer down. Her presence in his lap must have really calmed him down because he was no longer shaking, letting the woman onto his lap was the worst thing he did, because in an instant the woman pulled out a 9 inch knife and drove in into the man's jugular, so far that the point of the blade came out the other side, blood gushed everywhere and the woman seemed to enjoy the very sight, no the very existence of it on her hands because she grinned and then jerked the blade out as fast as she could and blood spurted everywhere, on the seat and all over the officer's uniform.

Once the man had died Une punched a button on his seat.[/i]

"Yes, I need a cleanup crew to get rid of some failure on this ship, and make it fast!" [i]With that Une released the button and slumped back into his chair glaring at the colony.[/i]

"Son of a bitch! A man can't think with some trigger-happy freak firing missiles every which way!!" [i]Raul screamed as the firing ceased, he then set about the task of launching the secondary part of his ship out of the dock so as to distract Une from where the real ship was hidden. Hopefully, just hopefully the lunatic would bite the bait. This in turn would give him more of a chance to hide the gundams more easily, instead of those four seperate warhouse jobs he did last night. He was just was glad Tanya was making a good recovery, she even got her attitude back. Demanding to go and fight and beat the tar out of Une, but now that was suicide, he just couldn't allow that to happen.[/i]


[i]The damage appeared minimal to the colony, Une grinned happily. That dead officer had proven worthy, pity he was dead. But his attention on that was soon cut short when the viewscreen caught sight of Winner's ship leaving a dock from the colony.[/i]

"Well well.. Little Winner is trying to run away eh? Lock onto him and fire the beam cannons, I won't let that filth get away with his supposed "weapons of peace" peh, weapons of peace my ass. Have you gotten that lock yet?!" [i]The new tactical officer nodded, locked on and fired. Une had fallen for it, he attacked the secondary section, but one of the beams over shot and hit the same spot that the previous missile barrage had hit, this caused the hull to rupture on the colony, which thus activated the emergency forcefields which prevented any oxygen loss.

Une laughed at this site, and then his look went dead serious.[/i]

"Prep my Scorpio, and also prepare two more, I plan on invading the colony myself."

[i]Another more violent explosion erupted from the same area, Alex in turn sped up to see what was going on, but he soon found himself stomping on the breaks. Just in time too, otherwise he would have fallen a large distance down because the entire section of road was gone, as well as the buildings surrounding the crater. Alex slowly stepped out of his car, air wizzing about his hair played around in his eyes, he reached up with a gloved hand and brushed the hair out of his eyes, just to see three dots getting larger, they were Mobile Suits![/i]

"Dammit this is not good!" [i]Alex bolted down a sidestreet at a full run, but his run was soon cut short when he came upon a dead end, he had two choices, duck into the warehouse to his left, or turn around and run like a madman down to somewhere else. Alex went with the first choice and ducked into the warehouse.

The place was pitch black except for a few windows, as he looked around he could feel his heart pounding in his head and he could hear his heavy breathing. As he walked around trying to find someplace to hide he bumped into something, it sounded metallic, he brought his hand up and rapped on it again, it was metallic, he pulled the cloth off and his jaw nearly dropped, there before him was a Gundam.....[/i]

"Just my luck, I think I found just what these freaks are looking for, but I won't let them have it." [i]Alex said with determination, he fumbled towards the cockpit and climbed in, the door shut and he flicked on the systems, this got the viewscreens acitve and Alex could see around the warehouse, thing was though he was laying on his back.[/i]

"Now, I'm gonna guess this moves the gundam's legs, and these move the arms." [i]Alex mumbled as he pressed down on two pedals and moved two joysticks forward, this in turn manuvered the gundam's arms so that they supported it and the legs moved forwards, this in turn got the gundam into a squatting position, Alex then sat and wondered what his next plan of action would be, well it didn't take too long when one of those Mobile Suits stopped right in front of Alex's postion, it stared for awhile and then opened fire.[/i]

"Crraaapp!!" [i]Alex throttled forward and the gundam shot out of the warhouse and shoulder drived into the Mobile suit.[/i]

"Weapons..Weapons..Dammit where are the weap...Wait a minute!" [i]Alex saw the button for the beam saber, he pressed it and a handle shot out of the shield that was equipped onto the gundam, just as the handle landed in the gundam's hand the green blade flared up and Alex went into a fighting stance.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=olive][i]An explosion. A rumble, then the ground shook, throwing Gen clean off his feet, propelling him to a nearby dumpster. He coughed slightly, spitting out the faint after taste of rotten banana, then stood up slowly, looking towards the distant explosion. Mobile suits. Three of them, a type he didn't recognize. Another rumble quaked the colony, sending him flying off his feet again. This time it sent him face first into a brick wall. He stood up, blood trickling down his face, then looked up, more curious than angry. A gundam. Which model it was he couldn't tell from the distance but judging from the fact that it was holding a beam saber, he guessed it to be Wing.


He watched, entranced by the majestic figure of the mobile suit in the distance, then clapped, the sound echoing through the dank alleyways. A slight laughter escaped his lips, then he proceeded to stroll through the alleyway calmly, the distant explosion music to his ears. He hummed a military tune lightly, then walked over to a seemingly abandoned warehouse. He searched his pockets for a moment, then took out a single key, given to him a few hours ago before his superiors scurried off with worried looks on their faces. He never understood their motives. But anyway. He inserted the key, then with steady hands, turned it, the door creaking open slowly.

The inside was pitch black, save for the shaft of light from the open door, though it wasn't much. A faint rumble was heard every now and then. Probably those Mobile Suits touching down. Gen groped in the darkness for a moment and his hands flicked over a light switch, suddenly radiating the entire scene in bright white light. A giant figure lay before him, covered in a dirty white cloth. A Gundam. So is this why they wanted him? To pilot this?

"Heh... hehehe...."

He couldn't help it. The thought of the very instructors who feared him, who trailed him, who kept strict watch on him giving him such power was preposterous. He smirked lightly, then walked over leisurely to the giant figure. He slipped under the cloth, touching the gundanium steel, excitement rushing through him... something he didn't feel for a long time... a faint laughter, muffled through the cloth echoed in the warehouse.

A titanic sound of the inanimate legend reviving. The eyes flashed green from under the cloth, ripped apart momentarily later as the Titan stood up. The warehouse erupted from within as the giant stood. Gundam Heavy Arms, back in action. [/size][/color][/i]
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[color=indigo][size=1][i][b]"Son of a bitch! A man can't think with some trigger-happy freak firing missiles every which way!!" [/b]Raul screamed while scrambling about to launch a decoy ship.

[b]"Then don't think,"[/b] Tanya smiled and ran over to help.

[b]"How is your wound?"[/b] Raul looked concerned.

Tanya winced slightly and gently patted her side. She had gotten shot while distracting Une's forces the night before. She looked down at her side then back to Raul.

[b]"All's well,''[/b] both pilots fell to their knees as an explosion viberated the warehouse.

[b]"Damn that bastard!"[/b] Raul shook his fist as he helped Tanya to her feet.

Her wound reopened and began to blotch the white bandages with speckles of red. She quickly threw on her jacket so Raul wouldn't see. She rushed over to the control panel and flipped a few switches. She grabbed Raul's arm and drug him out of the decoy.

[b]"I'm going after Deathscythe. We have to stop this sick fuck,"[/b] Tanya jumped down to the deck and took off out of the warehouse.

[b]"Tanya!! Damn that girl,"[/b] Raul watched the decoy take off to make sure it did its job.

Meanwhile, Tanya's boots slapped and pounded the concrete of the streets. Deathscythe's warehouse was blocks away. An explosion sent Tanya sprawling into a window of a store. She stood up and dusted the glass from her body. The civilians screamed and held onto eachother as the brawling outside continued to shake the colony. Tanya shook her head and jumped back onto the streets.

The sound of clips and rounds, bullets whizzing past her, debris from crumbling buildings, hissing from the mobile suits' hydrolics systems, screaming from the colony citizens, all was but a symphony to Tanya. Her adrenaline coursed through her veins, a shudder of excitement as she drew closer to Deathscythe. She rounded the corner and faced Heavy Arms battling a mobile suit. She stared in admiration, the sheer magnitude of these machines always amazed Tanya.

She snapped out of her daydreaming and bolted for the warehouse her love was in. Occasional explosions forced Tanya to her hands and knees or into buildings or parked vehicles. She staggered through the alleyways and finally reached the warehouse. Tanya's heart raced with joy and anxiety, she burst through the heavy doors and ran blindly into the darkness.

Tanya skidded to a halt infront of a gargantuan, black tarp. The fireballs from random explosions lit up the warehouse. Tanya's heart was ready to burst from her breast as she walked up to the tarp. She grabbed the corner and pulled as hard she could. The tarp crinkled and rippled down, teasingly revealing the beauty underneath. The tarp finally fell to the floor, Deathscythe stood magnificantly. The titanium alloy glittered in the light from the fire. Deathscythe's eyes twinkled as Tanya climbed the ramp to enter the cockpit.

She lifted a small latch and pressed a button. The hatch hissed and clanked open, beckoning Tanya to enter. She smiled and sat down in the pilot's seat. She ran her fingers lovingly over the control panels and computer screens. She pressed and flipped switches, the cockpit lit up with greens, reds, and blues. Tanya's face flushed with excitement as the computer screens flickered on. She punched in the codes for Deathscythe's systems and sat back.

A low, octave hum signaled Tanya that Deatscythe was waking. The eyes glew bright blue, a soft whistle of computers starting the hyper drive and thrusters, a low viberation of Deathscythe's anxious movement. Tanya shuddered, aroused by the pleasure of Deathscythe's power and grace.

[b]"Tanya, where are you? You are with Deathscythe, right?"[/b] Raul's voice broke through Tanya's revered thoughts.

[b]"Yes, I am heading out,"[/b] Tanya looked to the computer screen and gave Raul a wink,[b]"Did the decoy work?"[/b]

[b]"For now. Let's just see how long it will take for Une to realize it was fake,"[/b] Raul smiled, pleased by his slight victory.

Tanya gave a chuckle and thrust forward on the controls. Deathscythe took off through the wall of the warehouse. She smiled and looked around for a mobile suit. Tanya saw Heavy Arms to her left and another gundam she recognized to be Wing to her right. It looked like he was having a little bit of trouble, Tanya thrust forward.[/color][/size][/i]
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Naomi had been lost with the confusion and chaos through out the colony. People who were running for their lives pushed and shoved her in all sorts of directions. Explosions also came in many directions. One sent her into a door. She wasn`t badly hurt but she did have a small wound on her head. She mangaed to escape from the crowed of people and hid in an abandoned store. She looked out the store window and saw 3 gundams and two moble suits.

"Wow, moble suits. What are they doing here? I always wanted to see one up close." she said.

She ran outside in the direction that the gundams and moble suits were. When she finally arrived, She watched the gundams and moble suits battle. There was another explosion and Naomi was sent flying into an old warehouse. When she recovered from the fall, she looked around and noticed that the place was pitch black, except for the windows that lumanated the flashes from the blast outside.

She looked around the warehouse until she bumped into something. She looked and saw that it was a sheet and she felt something matalic and cold under the sheet. She pulled the sheet off and saw the gundam.

"Wow, this gundam looks like the one my grand-uncle,Quatre, use to pilot. This is the gundam, Sandrock. This is so cool, I actually get so see a gundam up close." she said.

She climbed into the cockpit of the gundam and started it up.

"I hope no one minds if I borrow it for a little while." she said.

She left the warehouse and joined the battle outside.
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[size=1][color=olive][i]Gen laughed softly, the control of the entire gundam at his finger tips. In other words, power at his finger tips. However, an otherwise perfect situation was... not perfect. He would have loved to have full power, but nooo.... there were three others. Wing with the saber. A dark shadow looming... deathscythe... and a new addition... sand rock.... He would have attacked them all if he had it all his way. But as his former instructors said, "Do not attack the Gundams". Pity. He would have enjoyed it. First things first... He smirked grimly, then took the control, ready to decimate the MS... however...

"This is Tanya Maxwell, piloting Deathscythe. Pilots aboard Sandrock, Wing, and Heavy Arms, identify yourselves."

In the upper left hand corner of a screen before him a smaller screen flicked on, portraying the face of a young girl, probably his age. Deathscythe's pilot. Two more screens flicked on at the bottom left and the bottom right of the screen.

"Alex... piloting Wing..."

"Naomi here, piloting Sandrock."

Gen faltered for a moment, then pressed a small button to his side which activated the screen.

"Gen.... Heavy Arms..."

"Our current mission is obvious. We need to take out the three MS deployed by Une."

Gen yawned, a bit bored. He hated these little briefings. Consequently, he didn't listen into whatever Tanya said after her little greeting. He blinked a bit, watching the other two in their respective screens nod in agreement. Whatever she said.

He closed the screens, not fond of anyone intruding into his private space. He smiled at the silence, then activated the controls. The Gundam took up the gatling gun, the token weaponry within Heavy Arm's arsenal. Gen chuckled for a moment as a shudder went through his body, then squeezed on his control tightly, sending a barrage of bullets at the MS...[/size][/color][/i]
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[COLOR=indigo][i]Une watched as the four Gundams united. That left one that wasn't there, un-doubtably in the convoy that he had destroyed. He smirked and turned on the com link.[/i]


[i]One of the pilots accompanying Une stapped to attention as the solid voice of Fuir Une came resounding through the com.[/i]

"Yes Sir?"

[i]Fuir Une growled for a second noticing the visible snap to attention. This would'nt have upset Une save the fact that they were facing a battle situation and he wasn't even close to prepared nor was he even paying attention.[/i]

"Get your ass farther away, last thing we need is one blast destroyin us all!! Haven't you learned anything you idiot!! Now pay attention!!"

[i]Fuir Une closed the com link as soon as the last syllable left his mouth and shook his head. "Idiot..." he let the word run out of his mouth slowly. He shook his head and turned his attention to the four gundams. As he focused on them one of them, seeming to be Heavy Arms, raised its gattling gun and let out a barrage of missles.

Immediatly the Lutinent he had just spoken with was torn to pieces.[/i]

"Serves you right idiot....."

[i]Une shook his head and rolled to the right to avoid any stray bullets that might come his way. The other MS that was accompanying him had boosted forward to the Gundams in a suicidal charge.

Une stared at his screen in dis-belief as he saw the MS get split in half by the blades of Sand Rock. He slapped his head against his forehead. What the hell were these kids learning in the military academy!? He was going to have a long talk with them.

He shook his head again and set his attention yet again the Gundams. One versus four. He smirked. Great odds. He sighed and aimed his beam rifle. Still flying towards the Gundams he let off a shot in between Deathscythe and Wing to see how'd they react. Both stepped aside easily and turned their attentions towards him.

Une immediatly threw his boosters into reverse and drew his shield out in front of him as he saw Heavy Arms launch another barrage of bullets and shot four missles to accompany his bullets. Each bullet hit the shield falling down harmlessly or flew by the Scorpio. As the missles neared Une threw himself into a barrel roll to the right letting the missles fly by him harmlessly hitting a building easily kill a couple hundred people.

Une laughed and shook his head. This could turn out to be amusing. He didn't care how many civilians died, hell the more the merrier! Une took aim again this time at Sand Rock and fired. Sand Rock moved to the side just in time for the shot to miss. Now all four Gundams were heading towards Une ready to fight their own style. He turned on the com and connected to the Gundams grinning. Each Gundam's view screen was suddenly filled by the face of an arrogant man smirking at these [b]Children[/b][/i]

"What a sloppy bunch, I'd expect more from Gundam pilots."[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]Alex froze for what seemed like an eternity... It was him, the man that had taken his parents away, he couldn't believe it, here he was yet again attacking his home!!

He still wasn't used to the controls yet but Alex felt like going straight at Une and killing him, he knew the man was here just for the gundams. Alex unfortunately made the mistake of opening his big mouth on the Audio only channel.[/i]

"You pyschotic freak of nature! You find this amusing do you?! Well I'll show you amusing!!!" [i]With that he pressed another button which fired off the head-mounted vulcans, but the bullets fell pointlessly to the ground due to Une's Mobile suit's shield. Alex gritted his teeth together and his brown eyes became slits as he focused all of his remaining attention on that black mobile suit Une was in, but the beam saber wouldn't do much damage, he needed a gun. That's when it hit him, there had been another thing covered in cloth near Wing Gundam when Alex found it, he looked back at the warehouse and there it was, the cloth had been blown off and there before Alex was his gun, the Buster Rifle.[/i]

"Okay, I can do this, I just need to...." [i]Alex was about to finish his mental pep talk when Une started barraging him with missiles, Alex looked up and saw that the suit was just hovering there almost taunting him. Alex raised Wing's shield up in protection as he ducked for the warehouse and grabbed the gun, as he did so he then thrusted upwards and brought Wing level with Une's Mobile Suit and cocked the Buster Rifle at him.[/i]

"I'll shoot if you don't leave now!" [i]Alex said through his Audio channel, but Une brought up the visual channel instead.[/i]

"Now you wouldn't do that. You're just a kid, and I know kids can't..."

"Shut up you ass! You think you can come in here and do whatever, well here's my promise for ya! I swore three years ago that I'd killl you if I ever saw you and here's my response!!!"

[i]The beam particles within the rifle started to speed up and heat up and a ball of energy started to form at the very tip of the rifle, and Alex smirked as he looked at Une again.[/i]

"I know the destructive capabilities of this rifle, the most damage will occur to your suit and then what's left of the beam will either hit the internal forcefields and disappate or it will puncture through and cause a massive hull breach which will then activate the emergency forcefields. So either way I get to kill you, but since I'm feeling nice I'll give you to the count of three to get out of here."

"Hah! I'd love to see you try and pull that trigger kid. You really don't have it in you. You're too soft-hearted and kind, you haven't mercilessly killed your own men for disobiedence have you? Well I have, I have the ability to pull that trigger." [i]Alex froze again and that was a mistake because at that moment Une fired off a blinder flare which flashed brilliantly for a moment and then a large sillouhete rushed fowards at Alex, it was Une's suit but in a different form, it looked like a scorpion. This was not good, he needed to avoid that at all costs, for some reason he noticed a cliche red button and pressed it, good thing he did, Wing then flared its wings out and the shield shot up over the head and connected with the Buster Rifle and the lower torso turned a full 180 degrees. Alex had activated the Bird jet mode. Now maybe the playing field would be evened out, hopefully.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1]The battle between the gundams raged on and Anya watched it in silence from her spot on one of the colonies older, abandoned radio towers. Her eyes narrowed until they were little slits, not only giving her better side but they also served as deterrants against the gusts of wind the suits created with each movement. It was a sort of ballet, she thought. The pilots all had a grace of their own with the suits, flowing and elegant and strong. She remembered Wufei having said as much about them.

A small smirk pulled at her lips then and she turned to climb down when something happened in the battle that she hadn't expected. The Wing gundam changed form, into a streaming, sleek bird. The rifle was still operational, as far as she could tell. It had changed form, and thus the course of the battle.

"Fascinating," she murmured, raising her hand to shield her eyes. She stayed a moment longer before climbing down the tower with an almost cat-like agility, and then scampered across the cracked pavement towards the spot where Wufei's associates had directed her.

Towards her very own gundam.

Shenlong had been sleeping, dormant for years, in not a warehouse, but an old, abandoned opera house. Anya thought it oddly fitting, although she didn't exactly have a reason for it. Just seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

She crept in easily enough, having been given the access codes, and then hurried through the dark building towards the large, bulking shadow that sat dreamlike on the stage. It was a beautiful sight, but the view was even better when she caught hold of the edge of the tarp and pulled.

Anya stepped back for a moment, gazing up at the gundam with an appreciative glint in her eyes before grinning at it.

"Hell yeah."[/size]
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[size=1][color=olive][i]Gen watched the scene for a moment, boredom playing at his eyes. He also received the little message from the man piloting that MS, pretty arrogant, most likely with absolute confidence in his own abilities. He toyed lightly with his trigger for a moment, trying to get a clear shot off the now morphed MS... it was pretty hard, especially since Deathscythe took off towards the fray, dodging, charging... three mobile suits up there total. Honestly speaking, they were all the same to Gen. One target to be destroyed. Two distractions. Military training commanded that obstacles were to be destroyed as well. Gen smiled a bit, then unleashed another barrage of bullets on the three up in the sky. Immediately, the three broke apart as the bullets streaked past them.

"Heavy Arms Pilot, what the hell are you doing!?"

The face of the girl who he vaguely recognized to be the pilot of Deathscythe popped up, glaring at him with annoyed anger. How come they could just pop up on his screen? There had to be some way to disable it... Gen flicked some switches and lo and behold, the annoying screen disappeared. There. He turned his eyes towards the three in the sky again, then fired off another barrage, adding on a half dozen missiles to accompany them. The three Mobile suits broke apart again, but this time Gen was not interrupted by another transmission. Much better.

Gen followed the scorpion shaped MS with his gatlinger and continued to fire off, not a care or worry in the world. Unfortunately, Une was no fool. He swept his MS closer to the ground and waded through the buildings, dodging all the bullets with ease. Where did the bullets go? To the civilians of course. As Une swerved, the background of his movement was lit up with explosions, most likely taking out at least a dozen innocent bystanders each time. Perhaps he thought this would deterr Heavy Arms. Wrong. If there was one pilot who couldn't care less about the life of the innocents, it was Gen.

"Heavy Arms pilot, stand down!"

An authoritative voice rang through out his cockpit, then his transmission was forced open. Raul Winner. Gen growled slightly, then lowered his weapon. He had no need to listen to the other pilots, but he was a different matter. As Heavy Arms lowered its gatling gun, the opera house nearby burst open, revealing another Gundam. Shenlong. [/size][/color][/i]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]Alex sped off after Une, both mobile suits obviously had the same speed capabilities, but Wing was just a bit faster, it was catching up and quickly, but Une was no fool, he was leading the gundam the very way he had invaded the colony.

Alex's bangs were nearly plastered to his face, his gloves were clenched on the controls and his index finger and thumb were hovering around the trigger button, just then both suits shot out into the docking hub, it was a large empty area that was mainly kept in zero-gravity because small ships etc. docked here but this place was comepletly empty.

Alex brought Wing to a comeplete halt and glanced around, as he did so he soon found himself being picked up and thrown around. He looked up and saw that Une had transformed his suit back into its MS form and this time it had unsheathed its heat rod, if that thing got hot enough it would melt through Wing's armor and severly damage or even destroy it.[/i]

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! How's it feel boy?! The thrill of MS fighting, isn't it stimulating!? I just love being able to toy and torture my prey before I kill them." [i]Une said while chuckling, Alex's eyes opened fully as he drove his feet into the pedals which shot Wing forward and dragged Une along with him, but Une was ready for this and started to reverse thrust his MS.[/i]

"One thing Une, I never give up so now I will kill you!!!" [i]Alex screamed at the top of his lungs and he flipped the button again and Wing transformed back into its MS form, this in turn forced the heat rod off because the shape had changed. As soon as the shape changed Alex manuvered Wing over to the main hub hatch, opened fire and the force sent both him and Une reeling into space.

Meanwhile, on Raul's ship he was watching the whole thing unfold before him, Shenlong had finally shown up and Wing and whoever the hell the pilot was were fighting Une. He'd been sure to order the others back to the ship, if anything the pilot would find his way back, or Raul would simply activate the manual override and get Wing back into the ship.

Alex's head was spinning, he had to have cartwheeled about 12 times since he blew the main hatch, he was a little dazed but that didn't keep him unfocused. He did some more sweeps and found out that Une was heading back towards his ship, thing was, Alex wouldn't let him get back to a ship. He brought up the sniper scope, focused on the ship's main engine, which hopefully would chain and blow the whole thing to kingdom come. The shot charged and Alex fired..[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]It seemed as thought she'd brought the dragon back to life just in time to.. do absolutely nothing. Anya wasn't happy that her enemy had disappeared - as well as the Wing gundam, she noted - but there was nothing for it. She highly doubted that this was the end. Plenty more where that came from, and so on and so forth.

Leaning her head back, closing her eyes, she just listened to the humming around her, every creak and groan and computer whirl that Shenlong emitted. She felt familiar with it already - as though they were reunited, or something. Anya wondered if that was normal... then again, when was anything she did ever considered normal?

A small screen in front of her lit up and she found herself looking at another girl - probably one of the other gundams.

"Shenlong, thanks for joining us," The woman said, and Anya thought it could very well have been laced with sarcasm. Arching an eyebrow in response, Anya glanced towards some of the other controls, checking to make sure everything was in working order.

"Yes, well, some party."

Unphased, the girl continued, "This is Deathscythe, specifically, Tanya. You would be..?"

"...Anya," she replied after a brief moment, "With Shenlong." There was another moment of silence in which Anya tinkered around with the communication line, checking the other two gundams present. Both had been quiet so far, and it looked as though one of them wasn't even on the channel. She raised her eyebrows, going over the stats in her head, before shrugging to herself.

"What's next?"[/size]
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[color=indigo][size=1][i][b]OOC: Metatron, bro.."The face of the girl who he vaguely recognized to be the pilot of heavy arms popped up, glaring..." Tanya is Deatscythe..You might want to go back and edit that^^..

"Shenlong.."[/b] Tanya smiled.

She glared at Heavy Arms for a split second then turned her attention to the battle. Wing was preparing to fire at the scorpion MS, Une. Tanya's eyes trailed to Sandrock, who seemed to be holding ground.

Bullets rained in Tanya's direction and she spun around. Heavy Arms sprayed more bullets and launched a few missiles. Tanya slammed her left foot down and Deathsycthe swerved to the left. She growled lightly and took off towards Heavy Arms, moving fluidly side to side.

Tanya lifted the scythe into Deathscythe's right hand. Heavy Arms raised his arm and launched another attack. Tanya raised the scycthe and leapt into the air. Heavy Arms took to the air and the hatches on its chest swung open. Deathscythe swiftly spun to the right and slashed the scythe at Heavy Arms. Heavy Arms blocked and prepared to fire with its chest-incased machine guns. Tanya thrust Deathscythe forward and tackled Heavy Arms through an abandoned building. The two gundams landed on the debris littered streets.

Deathscythe stood above Heavy Arms and brought a foot onto the chest hatches, the other on the gatling arm. Tanya held the ionic blade of the scythe to Heavy Arms face. Tanya's voice sunk low and full of anger.

[b]"What in the crap are you doing, Gen? Do you wish to fight with me? I will warn you, I will not stop until you are dead,"[/b] Tanya's eyes raged.

[b]"You would kill your own?"[/b] Gen smirked.

[b]"You attacked me for no reason, you are not of my own,"[/b] Tanya inched the scythe closer to Heavy Arms,[b] "Now, give me one good reason as to why you attacked me and Wing. And I do not want to here that 'Any obstacles of interferrence shall be removed from all objectives at hand...' bull shit. I want a legitimate reason."[/b][/i][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]The energy blast tore through space and barely missed Une's MS, but the heat from the blast and being so close to it caused Une's suit's armor on that side to bubble and melt just to the smallest extent. But the shot hit its target dead aim and the engine of Une's main ship had been blown away. Alex grinned and transformed Wing back into its bird form and started to return back to where he'd seen the other gundams when an alarm started blaring, basically it was warning that Alex was coming under fire, he turned Wing around and saw that Une was in his MA form and was firing on Alex....[/i]

"You just can't leave me alone can you!?" [i]With that he wheeled around, turned Wing back into its MS form and rushed Une, he too in turn switched his MA back into its MS form and they both locked Beam Sabers. If Alex couldn't get away from Une he might as well be dead. Maybe it was a bad idea even trying to fight with this guy, he had no clue.[/i]

"Screw it, I don't have time for you!" [i]Alex did a weird move, he first transformed back into Bird Mode and zipped behind Une and changed back and stabbed Une's Mobile Suit's legs and then changed back into Bird Mode and flew back as fast as he could to the area with the other gundams in the area.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=olive][i]Gen took a quick glance at his side screen which portrayed the position of his 'comrades'. Sandrock a bit in the distance... same for Shenlong... the annoying ***** on top of him... and Wing bailing out with top speed.... trailed immediately by Une's MS... First off, Une. But in order to do that.... With a sudden flip and thrust of the controls, Heavy Arms's shoulder hatch burst open, launching half a dozen missiles upon Deathscythe at almost zero range. The impact propelled it away just enough for Heavy Arms to slip out from under it. Gen laughed as he swerved back away from the ragen of the scythe, and looked at the surprised look on the pilot's face.

"You overestimate yourself... or you underestimate me... as for your question, you answered it yourself. An obstacle is something to be destroyed...."

Gen smirked slightly as Tanya's face seethed in anger, then quickly shut off the transmission before his silence was ruptured by the incessant nagging. Now for Une...

Gen glanced up and sure enough, Wing was blazing down, Une's MS pursuing it... Gen laughed at the comical scene, then rattled off his gatling gun again, accompanied in full with the missiles launched off from Heavy Arms's shoulders. The missiles streaked dangerously close to Deathscythe (a bit closer would have been even better), and lit up the space right before Une, forcing him to stop his pursuit. Before he could move, the bullets slammed home, beating down his armor and knocking him out of the sky. Gen grinned softly, then with a loud crash, released the gatling gun as the blade flipped out from the arm... Now for melee... [/size][/color][/i]
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Naomi looked around her. She watched as the pilot of Heavy Arms flew toward Une.

"Well, this has been an exciting day." she said to herself.

She watched as Wing Gundam flew toward the area where the rest of them were and she looked at Une`s MS.

"Une is the guy that`s causing all this trouble huh? He`s one heck of a pilot He`s really fast and powerful, we don`t stand a chance against him." Naomi said as she watched Une.

She turned on her com link to talk to the pilot of deathscythe.

"Excuse me, what should we do next? Should we fight or retreat?" asked Naomi.
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[color=indigo][i][size=1]Tanya was greatly annoyed at Gen's arrogance. She turned Deathscythe around to face the battle in the sky. She glared up at Heavy Arms and took in a deep breath.

[b]"Don't let him get to you...Concentrate on the matter at hand.."[/b] Tanya released her breath and began to thrust forward towards Une.

A flicker on the screen and a crackle of static coming through her headset. Sandrock's pilot appeared on the screen.

[b]"Excuse me, what should we do next? Should we fight or retreat?"[/b] Naomi scratched her head.

Tanya sighed and looked around. The colony was being destroyed, innocent people murdered. Tanya ran a scan check on all of the gundam's systems. Wing's was winding down from all of the morphing and the Buster Rifle's blast. Heavy Arms was running low on ammunition. Sandrock was fine, as was Deathscythe. Shenlong just showed up and all systems were go.

[b]"Tanya,"[/b] Raul's face appeared on the computer screen,[b] "Have all pilots stop their fighting and come back to the ship. We cannot stay here anylonger, we are endangering the colony. Is that understood?"[/b]

[b]They could continue,[/b] Tanya thought, [b]but I cannot allow this colony to be ripped apart.."Understood..Attention all gundam pilots: Discontinue your fighting at once. We need to get back to the ship. Heavy Arms, your ammunition is running low. Wing, your system is showing signs of wear from all of your morphing. Stand down pilots and return to the ship.''[/b]

Wing reluctantly stood down. Heavy Arms on the other hand continued to fight with Une. Tanya sighed and shook her head.

[b]How did I know that.."Heavy Arms, that's an order,"[/b] Tanya's voice remained calm.

[b]"I take no orders from any pilot other than myself,"[/b] Gen's voice crackled through Tanya's headset.

[b]"The order comes directly from Raul Winner. If you have a problem with that, take it up with him,''[/b] Tanya smirked and narrowed her eyes.

Heavy Arms hesitated for a second then lowered his weapons. Une took the opportunity to retreat, his armor was still melting from the Buster Rifle's attack. Heavy Arms turned to face Deathscythe. Tanya knew she had really irked Gen. She didn't care.

[b]"All gundams, follow me,"[/b] Tanya pressed down on the foot pedals and thrusted forward towards the ship.[/color][/size][/i]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]Alex had unzipped his gey T-shirt and was breathing a little rapidly, this had been his first experience piloting a MS, let alone fighting in one! His hair was plastered to his forehead and he had some sweat dripping down the bridge of his nose, and his eyes were a little wide, either Alex was scared shitless or he was getting over the adrenaline buzz, either way he needed to get out of this thing and set foot on solid ground.

As Alex followed Deathscythe he wondered who this Raul was and why exactly he built these gundams, to him these gundams were curses. While he was lost in his train of thought Alex realized the rest had stopped in front of a massive ship.[/i]


"Welcome to Raul's ship, the [i]Peacemillion II[/i]. Its a new class of ship that was personally built for Raul." [i]Alex let out a small whistle to himself, this ship was massive! just then a hatch on the port side opened and Deathscythe entered first and then Shenlong, then Sandrock, Heavy Arms, and finally Alex walked in slowly, as soon as he'd entered comepletly the hatch closed again.

At that moment a small track started moving under all the gundams and they soon were taken to their own docking parts on the catwalk, Alex was first, as soon as his gundam was locked into place he slid the cockpit hatch open and fell to his knees gasping, he looked over from under his hair and saw the others climbing out, several of them looked like it was a walk in the park, the girl that was piloting Sandrock though needed to brace herself against the MS for a little bit. Once Alex steadied himself on the catwalk he heard feet walking down the hall towards him, and into the light steeped Quatre Winner, no, he was by far too young to be Quatre, but he sure looked like him.[/i]


"Hi, I'm Raul Winner the owner of this ship and the maker of these fine machines you have here. I'm sure you've met my only real designated pilot, Tanya Maxwell. Anyways, I think you four should clean up and get to the bridge, I'll brief you there, Tanya will you come with me to the bridge?" [i]Tanya nodded and followed him with a slight limp in her side, Alex guessed she must have been hurt before getting here.

Raul made sure he and Tanya were in the elevator before he started asking questions.[/i]

"Well, how'd they all do?"

"Shenlong didn't even show up till the last leg of the fight, same with Sandrock basically."

"Well I can understand with Sandrock, she's one of my cousins, one of my grandfather's sister's daughters, very pacifistic, that's probably why she asked you wether to fight or retreat. But I'm very interested in Heavy Arms' pilot. He constantly disobeyed orders until I had to intervene... I want you to keep an eye on him, got it?" [i]Tanya nodded quietly and held her side a little more. Raul noticed this and softened his tone.[/i]

"You shouldn't have gone out there, your injury could have worsened, I'm serious Tanya and don't give me that look I know how you Maxwells are, I met your grandfather awhile back ago and he was doing insane things." [i]Tanya glared at Raul a little and then grinned, this guy was too much like his grandfather, over protective and always worried about other people, that what was what made the Winner family so popular amongst most of the colonial populus.

Once the elevator came to a halt Raul stepped out slowly and took the helm controls, Annie took the tactical. Hopefully once they got somewhere that was against Une Raul could get some pilots for this ship.


Alex stood in his shower letting the water stream against his body, he felt so weird, so different. It felt like he was another outsider again. As he stepped out of the shower and dried himself off he looked around and saw that his clothes for some reason had been cleaned, he threw on some boxers and then his clothes again, except he left his two spiked bracelets and gloves laying on the desk next to his bed. He walked out the door and towards the elevator when he bumped into another guy, who just happened to be Gen, or the pilot of Heavy Arms.

Alex clenched his teeth and spat out venomously.[/i]

"What the hell were you doing firing into the buildings?! You killed a lot of inoccent people!!" [i]Gen simply stared at him with his cold, uncaring eyes which at that instant flickered with some emotion, but he just walked off and left a seething Alex standing in the hallway staring at his back.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1]Tanya stood under the shower head. The hot water cascades down her smooth body. She winces as it flows down her wound. Ignoring the pain, Tanya washed off the sweat and blood from herself and got out. She took a towel and dried herself off.

[b]"Tanya, how did you meet my cousin?"[/b] Naomi was getting dressed.

[b]"I signed up for this mission and was accepted. I just met Raul three days ago,"[/b] Tanya slipped on her undergarments and her jeans and tanktop.

[b]"Why did you take this mission?''[/b] Naomi sat down on the bench beside Tanya.

Tanya looked at Naomi and thought about how silly the question was. Nonetheless, Tanya answered,[b] "Because, Une cannot continue with his lunatic antics. He will be stopped."[/b]

Tanya laced her boots and stood up. Naomi stood as well and went to her locker. Tanya walked out of the showers and down the corridor. Her boots made dull thuds on the rubber-matted metal grate. She looked down at her side, satisfied that the wound was healing.

[b]Why do I have to keep an eye on Gen? I'm not a babysitter, damn it...[/b] Tanya's face flushed in anger.

She sighed heavily and looked up towards the ceiling of the corridor. Tanya continued to think but was suddenly jolted from her thoughts as she ran smack into someone. She stumbled back and looked up.

[b]"Hello Maxwell,"[/b] Gen gave a half-ass smile which quickly faded to sheer annoyance of seeing Tanya.

She gave him a cold, irritated glare. Tanya brushed her hair from her face and began to walk towards Gen. He did not flinch, rather kept his cat-like smirk.

[b]"What in the hell is your problem? You just murdered hundreds of innocent bystanders,"[/b] Tanya stood firm, just a few feet from Gen.

[b]"Terminating the target by all means neccessary,"[/b] Gen shrugged, careless of the crime he had committed.

Tanya's eyes flickered with fury. She grabbed Gen by the scruff of his shirt and slammed him against the wall.

[b]''May I remind you on the Rules of Engagment?! Those were innocent, unarmed men, women, and children! Children, Gen! They never had a fucking chance!"[/b] Tanya's voice cracked.

Gen just sneered and remained calm, [b]"You are too soft to be a gundam pilot."[/b]

[b]"Enough!''[/b] Tanya brought her knee hard into Gen's stomach, sending him to his hands and knees.

Tanya glared down at Gen and shoved him to his side with one foot. She turned and walked away.

Tanya walked into the briefing room and sat down on the table. Her face still flushed from her encounter with Gen. She wanted to kill him, but her morals were too high for that. Tanya took in a deep breath and relaxed.

[b]Why does he defy me? That's not good for the next time we face Une..He's a good fighter, I'll give him that..I just wish he'd quit being..so..ugh![/b] Tanya shook her head and looked up to see Alex enter the room.

[b]"Tanya, was it?"[/b] Alex looked at her curiously.

[b]"Yes, I am Tanya Maxwell. And you are Alex, right?"[/b] Tanya stretched her arms above her head.

[b]''Yes. You look pissed,"[/b] Alex smiled, he guessed she had run into Gen.

[b]"You could say that. But, now I have more of a pleasant person to talk to,"[/b] Tanya gave a smile and slid off of the table.[/size][/color][/i]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]Alex pulled up a seat next to Tanya and grinned a little, he flicked some strands of his hair out of his face and behind his ear. He was just glad he didn't have to deal with Gen.[/i]

"So, you're related to the famous Duo Maxwell, sounds pretty awesome. What's he like?" [i]Alex blurted out unexpectedly, he was a little shocked with himself, but Tanya simply chuckled and leaned back into her chair and her eyes half-way closed.[/i]

"Well, you could say he's pretty upbeat, but he also has a sensitive side too. I mean he always sticks up for anyone that is inoccent or people who can't defend themselves. He says he was taught that at the church he was raised at. One time when I was four he took me to the colony he grew up on and we visited the reconstructed Maxwell church, which he took his last name after. He introduced himself to the father there and asked if he could see the catacombs that the father that was there he was living there. Of course the father approved and down we went into the catacombs, it was quiet and cold, but very clean. As we apporached the place with the man's coffin in it grandpa placed a bouquet in the flower holder next to the man's name. So yeah he has a soft side." [i]Alex nodded quietly, he then looked around and started to wonder where the heck Raul was.

In fact Raul was just leaving the bridge of the ship, he'd brought the ship's A.I. up and had it go into cautious mode, meaning the shields were up but the weapons were not active. As he did that he rushed for the lift and took it down to the briefing room level and just as the doors opened he bolted out and down the hall and skidded to a stop in front of the briefing room doors, as the doors slid open he sighed mentally , only two of the five had arrived.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=olive][i]Gen coughed up slightly, then stood up unfazed. The encounter wasn't exactly thrilling to him either, but like he was ordered, he was not allowed to harm the gundams or the pilots. Thus, no retaliation. Let's say, for instance, that Tanya was not a pilot and just some hot-headed girl. An immediate act of violence, perhaps resulting in a few broken bones, would have been the result. Gen brushed himself off, then started walking off into the opposite direction from Tanya. He didn't want to see her anytime soon.

As his legs wandered about the all-too-large ship, Gen surmised the battle and his little run-ins with the pilots. The Wing pilot, Alex. A bit reckless, too soft, and the worst possible attribute of all - controlled by his emotions. If anger and revenge were his chief motivational factors in going after Une, he would simply become an obstacle time and again. All in all a disappointing pilot. Deathscythe pilot, Tanya. Fiesty, reckless, authoritative, soft, annoying, and like Alex, controlled by her emotions. Even without going into any form of analysis, a disappointment. The other two... he did not know about them enough. How Raul Winner selected his pilots Gen did not know, but he hoped the remaining two were better than those two... Gen sighed slightly as the corridor before him broke up into the maintenance bay, before him his prized gundam, Heavy Arms.


He pilotted many Mobile Suits thus far in his career, but he had to admit the Gundam before him exceeded all his expectations. Fluid movement, powerful thrusters, excellent accuracy... and though he did not really have a chance to engage Une up close and personal, he expected its melee capabilities to be just as capable. A beautiful and destructive peace of work. Pity that two of the other four were in unworthy hands.

He took a quick look at his watch, then groaned. He had to meet the other four in the briefing room. Though he would have preferred scrubbing the entire complex clean compared to meeting those two again, an order was an order... Gen grimaced, then headed off towards the briefing room...[/size][/color][/i]
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[size=1]Anya didn't head off towards the showers right away. Instead, she stuck around her beautiful gundam, jumping around and poking at controls, getting a better feel for it. Frankly, she didn't need to - there was something about Shenlong that warmed her blood and made her feel giddy. Which was something, as it didn't happen often. Whatever it was, Anya took to the suit like a duck takes to water. Maybe it was the way she was trained. Maybe it was a natural born grace. Or maybe she was just the only person crazy enough to pilot it.

Eventually she did jump back down to the catwalk, landing with a thud as the metal gratings rattled with the impact. She grinned a little, jumping a few times to test the catwalk, before continuing down it towards the showers. Like the others, she'd been given a special coded file that explained the ship, and she took no time in memorizing it.

There were two others in the shower by the time she got to it. Judging by the clothes and other odd items on the floor, it was the two other girls. Anya just shrugged half-heartedly before stripping down and stepping in the last tiled shower. She kept the water luke-warm, and then turned it cold slowly, a maniac grin creeping across her face. It was a thrill - definitely helped wake her up a bit, after such a disappointing episode with the gundams. [i]Heh, of course, when you show up late to a party, that's what you get.[/i]

Anya had a feeling that she might get bitched out about that. In her defense, though, she'd been there the entire time - she'd just taken her sweet time getting to her gundam, that's all. From her spot on that radio tower, she was able to analyze her new comrades more efficiently, as well as the man Une. More freedom when no one knew you were there. And Anya was fiercely protective of her freedom.

Fifteen minutes later she was out, bouncing up and down lightly to keep her blood warm. The cold water had obvious effects on her body, but unfortunately no one was there to see it. She grabbed a clean towel and hurriedly dried herself down, glancing at the clock on the wall. [i]Ten minutes till the briefing. Shit.[/i] Picking up the pace a bit after that, she pulled on her undergarments rather hastily, following with her pants. Then, with her shirt and jacket in hand, she started out the door. She wasn't really one to be modest, so when she noticed another guy down the hall - hell, she had no idea who he was, maybe he was a pilot, maybe a mechanic, maybe even a rapist - she only arched an eyebrow before starting in the direction of the briefing room. Eventually she did pull on her shirt, and left her jacket to hang over her shoulder, taking her hands to her hair. As she shook it out, she stepped into the room, glancing at the two already there before taking a seat on the other end of the table. Minutes later, the same man she saw in the hallway appeared at the door, cool and collected.

[i]Great way to make a first impression,[/i] she thought dryly to herself, hanging her legs over the arm of the chair as she picked at her nails. A small smirk had found its way onto her face. [/size]
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[color=indigo][i][size=1]Tanya sighed and rubbed her hands over her face and raked her fingers through her hair. She leaned back in her chair and covered her eyes with an arm. Tanya heard the doors hiss open, she peered from underneath her arm and saw the female pilot of Shenlong, Anya. Shortly after, Raul walked into the room. He gave Anya a surprised glance and walked forward. Anya smirked and continued to pick and preen at her nails.

[b]"We will wait for the last two pilots before I start the briefing,"[/b] Raul announced and sat at the end of the table.

Tanya nodded and leaned onto the table. She folded her arms and lay her head on her hands. The encounter with Gen was really eating at her skin. Why had she retorted like that? Tanya never lost her cool during battle, or on fellow piolts for that matter. She closed her eyes and sighed lightly.

[b]"Tanya? Is something wrong?"[/b] Raul spoke softly.

[b]"Wha-? Oh, no, I'm fine.."[/b] Tanya kept her head down.

[b]What's wrong with me? He killed children...He ignored my commands...But, even so..I shouldn't have taken my rage out on him..That's not like me to do that..no matter the situation...Gramps taught me suppression of all emotions is vital to becoming a good and deserving pilot and fighter..Gen's a great pilot and fighter..probably the best that I've come to know...But his attitude towards his fellow pilots spoils my respect for him..Then again, that attitude is exactly what a pilot should have..."Damn it!"[/b] Tanya abruptly stood up, knocking her chair over.

The others in the room just stared. Raul began to say something, but decided to keep to himself. Alex did nothing. Anya looked curiously, arched an eyebrow, and shrugged. Tanya's face flushed in slight embarrassment. She turned around to pick up her chair, the doors hissed and Gen walked into the room. He stopped and glanced at Tanya. Immidiately, he looked away and walked back to the rear of the room.

Tanya stood up, chair in one hand and gently placed it where it belonged. Instead of taking the seat, Tanya leaned back against the wall and waited. She gave a quick glance at Gen and quickly looked to the doors to see Naomi enter.

[b]Okay, now everyone's here....I need to relax. I need to keep my mouth shut. I need to listen and observe. I will not let my emotions take over again....I will better myself, for Gramps, the gundam, my fellow pilots, and the people...[/b] Tanya thought and brushed the hair from her eyes.

[b]"Right, now that everyone is present, I would like to begin briefing you all on the mission. But first, I'd like us all to get acquainted a little more friendlier than on the battle field. I introduced myself as Raul Winner, grandson of Quatre Winner,"[/b] Raul started.

[b]Here we go..[/b] Tanya took in a deep, annoyed breath.

[b]"Tanya, we'll start with you,"[/b] Raul pointed.

[b]Damn.."I don't understand why we have to do this, but anyway. I am Tanya Maxwell, pilot of Deathscythe. Yes, I am granddaughter of Duo and Hilde Maxwell. I've been accompanying Raul on this mission for the past three days..um..what else.."

"Give some details about you. What are your expectations?"[/b] Raul suggested.

Tanya shrugged, reluctant to be put on spotlight. Normally she wouldn't mind, but she was not in the best of moods due to her own ignorance.

[b] "My expectations are cooperation and teamwork. It's going to take all of us to complete our objectives successfully and properly. No one can take on Une and forces by themselves. Hell, if that were true, we wouldn't be here in this briefing room doing what we all disgust,"[/b] Tanya folded her arms across her chest.

Raul sighed lightly and nodded,[b] "Fine, fine..Next?"[/b]

Tanya smirked in relief. She scanned the room at the other pilots. Not one of them showed the slightest interest. She didn't blame them. Tanya just wanted to get out and put a stop to Une. She wanted to be with Deathscythe.[/color][/size][/i]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]Alex groaned mentally and rolled his eyes and flicked his hair as he stood up and placed his hands against the table.[/i]

"Well I'm Alex, I originally am from Earth but Une murdered my parents when I was fourteen and shot me in the left leg. That's why I want to kill him so much."

"Well, what kind of expectations do you have?" [i]Raul asked a little awkwardly, and he recieved a poisonious glare from Alex, but he grinned a little goofily in the end.[/i]

"I really don't know anything about piloting a Mobile suit, or fighting against another one, but I just know that Une has to be stopped once and for all." [i]Alex said a little confidentially, he was a little proud of himself, he'd have to ask Tanya if she could give him some training on MS piloting if they got some free time. Alex quietly took his seat and started fidling with the zipper on his jacket, he had no clue who would now speak up and introduce themselves.. There was the most awkward silence and then Raul just clapped his hands together and his blue eyes sparked with a buisness look.[/i]

"All right, onto the briefing. We're going to Earth!" [i]Everyone suddenly looked right at Raul, who was now grinning[/i]

"That's right, we're going to attack Une where he least suspects it, right on earth! Specifically we'll focus our attention here." [i]Raul pointed to a highlighted area that was part of Austrailia.[/i]

"This area is Une's major force area, his backup area is then in California, and then the final and third stronghold is in Germany. Mainly we'll want to hit California, that's where all of the Mobile suit production is going on. Then we will hit Austrailia which houses all the spacecraft production." [i]Alex raised his hand unassuredly.[/i]

"Umm. Wouldn't it be smarter to attack the Austrailia base first rather than the California one?" [i]Raul simply chuckled at this.[/i]

"If we get ahold of the MS production base first, then Une won't be able to continue to fight us with his MS forces. Plus its been rumored that Une has a top secret weapon there. If so we must either destroy it or capture it."

"But Raul, it would be much smarter to destroy the spacecraft production base!" [i]Alex said haughtily. As he did so Anya spoke up slowly.[/i]

"Excuse me, but wouldn't attacking that base in Germany be more discrete? I mean really I think it would be pretty obvious that we would be heading for the big pieces first, so why don't we head for Germany first?" [i]The proverbial lightbulb then went on in Raul's head, it would be a lot more smart to do that. Une then wouldn't know which base to protect. Granted if they kept the ship well hidden.[/i]

"Okay then, we will be going to Germany. I suggest now that you all get some food in your stomachs and get to know each other more and also do some practice runs with your gundams, as in take them out into space, but keep close to the ship, because I've got the shields up and if you get too far you'll be liable to get damaged if we got into a firefight." [i]And with that the main screen flickered off and Raul walked out of the room leaving the five pilots to themselves.[/i] [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Naomi sat in her seat and kept quite. She looked at everyone else and then at the blank black screen.

"We`re going to Earth huh?" she said thining aloud.

"Yeah, that`s what Raul said." answered Alex.

Naomi giggled a bit and looked at Alex.

"That was a retorical question." She said.

"Oh, sorry."Alex said.

Naomi got up out of her seat and walked toward the door. She was going to the area where the Gundams were being held. She wanted to get acustomed to piloting Sandrock.

"This is wonderful, I have my own Gundam, I can`t believe it. I never would of dreamed of having my own Gundam."

She walked into the room and got into the cocpit of Sandrock. She looked at all the controls around her.

"Let`s see now. These levers controll the legs and these the arms but, where are the missle controls...Oh I found them. Having a gundam is fun but also dangerous. I can`t believe I`m entering into battle. This is so not like me." she said to herself. "I wonder what the others are doing?"
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[color=indigo][size=1][i]Tanya looks at the pilots in the room. Naomi left, which seemed like a good idea to Tanya. She pushes herself from the wall and begins to walk to the exit.

[b]"I thought we were supposed to get to know one another,"[/b] Alex stood.

[b]"You three do what you like, I'm going to Deathscythe,"[/b] Tanya pressed the airlock and the doors slid open.

She walked down the corridor, she sighed. Her mind exhausted from too much excitment of the sudden battle with Une and from Gen. The very thought of him made Tanya cringe under her skin. She shuddered slightly and growled under her breath. It had been years since she last lost her temper with anyone or anything. Why now? Tanya felt like screaming, but instead took in a deep, meditative breath.

Tanya enters the docking bay. Gundams lined the hanger, side by side. Such gentle giants, yet extremely fierce creatures. Tanya smiles, overwhelmed at the sheer mechanics and technology. She walks lightly up the catwalk and faces Deathscythe. Leaning against the railing, she shoves her hands in the pockets of her brown leather jacket and skims over the machine. Tanya walks over to the gundam and runs a hand over the smooth gundanium and titanium alloy.

Deathscythe, her one true love. Such elegance the gundam held. Such grace, wonderful poise and posture. Deathscythe sent shrills of tingling sensations down Tanya's spine, clear down to the tips of her fingers and toes. Deathscythe's cockpit was a cradle of emmense power and security. Tanya felt at peace in Deathscythe's presence, even with her mind scattering in several directions.

Deathscythe soothed Tanya's mind, body, and soul. She gently lay her forehead against the cool metal body. Both hands grazed the slick surface, lovingly. She smiled softly, she was at peace. Serenity swept over Tanya's body.[/color][/size][/i]
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