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Harry Potter: The Search for Truth


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[COLOR=blue]The train whistle blew loudly as students filled the station platform. "Well, here we are!" came a voice that Karen had known almost as long as she could remember. Mr. Weasley came through the portal with his wife, and 5 red-headed children.

"Are you exicted Karen?" Mr. Weasley asked as Fred and George pushed through the crowd and entered the train.

"Yeah...i guess. I'm kinda nervous." I said as i looked from him to the tons of kids gathering around the train.

"It'll be great fun!" Ron said as he walked past and bumbed me on the shoulder. "I'll get us a cabin." Ron pushed his trunk toward the train, while Percy followed.

"Mr. Weasley, please look after Uncle Remus." Karen said as she grabbed her trunk with her new owl, Grant, which had been a start of the year gift from Uncle Remus. "I'm worried about him. Make sure he takes his potion."

The horn of the train blew loudly as kids started running for the train. "Come here children, and I'll give you your sandwhiches!" Mrs. Weasley yelled.

"Don't worry I will. You just stay safe. And try to keep Ron out of trouble." Mr. Weasley said as he winked at her.

"Bye, Mr. Weasley," Karen said as she gave him a hug. Karen ran over to Mrs. Weasley, grabbed a sandwhich, and gave both her and Ginny a hug. "Bye everyone!" she said as she rushed onto the train. The whilstle blew, and the train started to leave the station. Everyone was waving at their family members as the train pulled out. Karen couldn't help but think what her Uncle was doing at this very moment, while she started a completly new life...

Karen walked through the halls of the train looking for Ron. She felt sort of out of place with all these different people she didn't know. She heard a commotion in front of her, and knew it must have been Fred and George. After taking a few steps, she finally game across the cabin Ron was in, only he wasn't alone.

"Hey Karen! Come in!" Ron said as he moved over so she could sit down.

"Thanks," Karen said as she sat down. The boy across from her was lounging back in the seat. He had glasses, black, messy hair, and green eyes.

"I'm Harry. Harry Potter." the boy said as he looked her in her direction.
[I]Potter...i remember that name from somewhere. Wasn't Uncle Remus telling me about it...[/I] "I'm Karen. Karen Black" she replied as she looked over to Ron who was reading the The Daily Prophet.

"Looks like some more Muggles were killed in the forest again." Ron said as he read the headline. "Dad will have to work late again tonight it seems."

Harry looked confused as he listen to Ron talk. "Muggles...what's that?"
"Non-magic folk." Ron replied as he sat down the paper. All of a sudden there was a crash in the hallway, and we all turned around to look what had caused the commotion.

alright everyone! have fun!! :)
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Yay! This will be fun! Feels strange having the name 'Remus'... meh...

IC: [B]Remus looked down to see what was going on. It seemed someone had ran into someone else, knocking a load of stuff over. Remus sighed and ran his hands through his black hair. By just looking at Remus you could tell he was strong in the arms, which is very true since he would lift heavy things like his father used to do.
"This is such a bad idea..." He grumbled to himself. He was stood up on the train, since there was no room left, and he had no friends. He would sometimes stand alone most of the time; having no friends didn't seem a big problem. He heard mumbles and things, and a few people stick theirs heads outside to see what was going on. Remus rolled his eyes and shifted to the side.

"What's going on?" A girl asked.

"I dunno..." Remus replied looking down. "I've just been stood here...." Remus shoved his hands in his pocket and shrugged.

"Are you planning on standing there the whole trip?" A boy asked with ginger hair. Remus shrugged again. He was crap at making friends.

"If I have to... yeah..." Remus mumbled. He blew it again, like in most chances to make friends. He was crap at this kind of stuff.[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=orangered]Ron blinked. The trip was turning into a fiasco already. Quickly he looked up and down the corridor, trying to see what all the commotion was about.
"What is it Ron? Can you see?" Karen impatiently tried to push past Ron, who was hanging in the doorway of the cabin.
"Give over," he grumbled, pushing her back over with his elbow. He then looked towards the [i]other[/i] dark haired boy. "So, are you just standing there, or what?" He sighed as the boy just looked at him dumbly. "Come on, in here with us. We don't bite or anything y'know." Ron gestured impatiently, stepping back as Karen and Harry made room for the other boy.
"So," Harry inquired, noting how jittery the other boy was. "What's your name?"
Karen, registering the name, blinked. "Remus?"
Remus nodded, looking fearful of having done something wrong already. "That's right."
There was a silence then. And Ron, desperate to break it, declared: "So, Harry. Is it true?"
"Is what true?"
"Well, y'know... that you survived," the redhead lowered his voice, as though suspicious Voldemort could be lurking outside their very door. "[i]You-know-who[/i]?"
"I... don't..." said Harry slowly, looking at the freckly youth as though he'd gone mad. "What're you talking about?"
"Well, y'know! [i]Him[/i]!"
Ron blinked broadly, totally at a loss at how Harry could possibly have no idea who, [i]You-know-who[/i] was. He looked at Karen. "Go on Karen, you tell him!"
"Yes, you!"[/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Remus laughed, and noticed Ron look at him. Remus thought he better shut up before he has to do anything. Remus shoved his hands in his pockets and listened to the others talk about You-Know-Who.
"If you won't say it why don't youo write it down?" Remus suggested quietly.

"What?" Ron asked not hearing what he said. Remus shook his head.

"Nothin'" Remus replied looking down. He didn't mind talking about You-Know-Who, infact he didn't care and believed he was dead, gone, and would never come back.

"Just tell him!" Ron told Karen.

"Why me? You started the subject! YOU tell him!" Karen replied. Remus looked up and sighed. He looked down again and smiled. He understood why they might not say anything about [I]him[/I], but Remus wasn't afriad to, the only thing he was afriad to do was make friends.

"You-Know-Who is... erm..." Remus began, suddenly stopping. Ron looked at him.

"We don't you tell him?" Ron asked. Remus scratched the back of his head.

"Err... You-Know-Who's... not gonna hear... and you could put it into better words..." Remus began, "I mean I never really heard anything important about [I]him[/I], just stories... so... you'd better because you could word it... erm... better..." Remus said.

"If he won't hear, why don't you tell him? C'mon, you're the one who isn't afriad, well that's what it seems like, so..." Karen said.

"Erm... well..." Remus looked down again. "No... you tell him." Remus laughed.[/SIZE][/B]
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"Voldemort," said a voice that had just appeared at the door, "They mean Voldemort. I'm sure someone told you of him, Harry Potter."

Harry was about to say something, when everyone else flinched.

"Why the Hell did you say his name?!" Ron spoke first.

"What's gonna happen? You people need to stop being so scared. It's not like he's right around the corner or something like that." The kid replied.

There was silence. The kid shrugged and started to leave.

"Whatever. Stay scared, if that's what you want." He walked off towards the cabin across from Ron, Harry, Karen, and Remus's. He almost made it to the door when a bushy-haired girl walked up to him.

"Excuse me," she said,"have you seen a frog? A boy named Neville lost his."

"Sorry, no." He replied, then continued into the door. Right before he closed the door behind him he could hear Harry say something to Ron,

"What was that all about?"
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[color=orangered]Ron scratched the back of his neck quietly, blushing beet red at being shown up so abruptly. "I really have no idea... He's a nutter. A complete and bloody nutter. Doesn't he know that... [i]You-know-who[/i]... that's he's just... ruddy scary?"
Karen shrugged. "Maybe he doesn't care."
Remus nodded in agreement, still not saying much.
"Maybe he's [i]insane[/i]?"
"Listen," announced the bushy haired girl, leaning in the door. "Has [i]anyone[/i] seen a toad?"
Ron shrugged. "Nope."
With a sigh, the bushy haired girl disappeared again.
[i]A nuthouse[/i], decided Ron to himself. [i]The whole place is a bloody nuthouse.[/i][/color]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: This is fun... just reading the post!

[B]Remus raised one eyebrow.
"Toad...?" He mumbled. After awhile he leaded back and shrugged. Remus thought it would be fun after all, and if he did get lonely when no one was around, his Owl would be there, the one his father had for years.

"Ron, what was he talking about? You're telling me he was telling about nothing..." Harry asked. Ron folded his arms over his chest.

"Tell him when we get to the castle..." Remus mumbled. "No one would hear, and there would be people around so you can't get hurt." Remus suggested. Ron shrugged.

"I wonder what it's gonna be like... I mean..." Ron started. "My brothers are there, and I wonder if it will be fun..."

"I bet I'll be good in Creatures and things..." Remus laughed. "I really would be..." He was starting to get a bit more... himself now.

"You like creatures then?" Karen asked him. Remus nodded.

"Yeah... I know a lot about them, my father was good with animals and creatures, and he used to work with them. I love birds most." Remus replied looking out of the train window. Harry looked out of the window too, it was a nice view from their point.They all turned around when they heard another crash. Remus raised his eyebrows again.

"... weird..." Ron said poking his head out. Remus nodded in agreement.[/SIZE][/B]
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Karen once again stood up to look down the hall. She opened the door, just a little, to see what was going on. "Ha, it's nothing. Just your brothers again," Karen said as she looked at Ron. "Looks like their ambushing an old lady...with a cart?"

Ron stood up and swung the door all the way open, he had to see this. "Those two," he said as she shook his head with a smile on his face.

Remus too looked out the door, and a smiled appeared on his face as well. "Those two, are you're brothers?"

"Yeap!" Ron said, the smile on his face getting even bigger.

The old lady had proceded in breaking free from the two twins, and stopped outside the open doorway to the cabin.

"Snacks, anyone?" she asked merrily, as her hair was all dishelved.

Ron sat back down, and took out his sandwhich. "Got mine, thanks." he said as he eyed it warily.

"Me too," Karen said as she sat down next to Ron, and pulled hers out.

Harry eyed them, and then made a move for his pocket. "We'll take it all," he said as he pulled out a handfull of Sickels.

Karen and Ron just eyed him, suprised that he could have so much money with him.

Remus sat down next to Harry, as the witch began passing out treats, which we eaten, in Ron's case, just as soon as he got them.
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[SIZE=1][B]Remus looked at the snacks in his hand and slammed them down next to him, most of them he didn't like. He looked over at Karen and Ron, who seemed to like most things. Remus ate only a few snacks before sitting back and staring at the ceiling. The only thing he would really like where Chocolate Frogs, which he already ate. Harry's jumped out of the window.

"I've got about five hundred-" Remus heard Ron talking to Harry about the cards in the Chocolate Frogs. Remus looked at them and shooved his hands into his pocket. He pulled out his wand, and wondered what it was doing in there...

"Every -Flavour Beans, be careful with them." Karen warned Harry.

"What'd mean?" Harry asked. Remus put his wand away and looked at Harry with a grin.

"You get [I]every[/I] flavour. Sprouts and things, you name it they have that flavour!" Remus told him.

"My brother said he came across a Boggie flavoured one once!" Ron told them. Harry's face changed when he heard that, which made Remus laughed. Remus never touched Every-Flavour Beans, he was more into chocolate and stuff.

"Hey-" Remus looked down and saw a green frog looking at him. "What the?" He asked himself picking the Frog up.

"It must be that frog the boy lost." Karen said. Remus got up and began to walk out.

"I'll give it to them, what-" He began again, but the Frog jumped out of his hands and off down the corridor. "So much for knowing about creatures..." Remus mumbled.

"Oh well..." Ron sighed.[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=orangered]"Go on Ron," urged Karen, shoving the redhead. "Go catch it! That girl was looking for it!"
"So?" mumbled Ron, stuffing several sweets into his mouth without even looking to see what they were. "Let her get it then."
"Don't you have any manners?!" she snapped, glaring at him as though she were actually his sister.
Ron shuddered. "But Ka-"
Remus sighed and then said, continuing out of the door. "Look, I'll go get it."
Karen continued to glare at Ron. "See? Remus is polite."
"But..." Ron trailed to a stop and then stood as well, putting his sweets to one side. "Fine then, I'll go help. Let's go Remus." And with that they stepped into the corridor in search of the frog.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Remus looked around for the frog.
"It won't have gone far, and hopefully it hasn't jumped out of the window." Remus said. Ron looked around too.

"There it is!" Ron shouted pointing. Remus looked ahead and saw it too. He nodded at Ron and slowly made his way to it, with Ron behind.

"I need to stop doing these things..." Remus sighed to himself. He was right near the frog, ad was about to grab it when something banged into him, hard. Remus fell on his back, and noticed someone had knocked him over. He looked to the side and saw the frog leap off. "Ouch..." Remus mumbled. A boy with brown hair said sorry and ran off down the train again, while Remus rubbed his head.

"Are you okay?" Ron asked pulling Remus up.

"I'm fine... that frog better not run away again..." Remus growled. "This is going to take ages if people keep running around and shouting." Remus scratched his head and turned to Ron. "Let's go back and tell them someone else found it. My head's hurting..." Remus grubbled.

"See? Remus is polite!" Ron mimiked Karen following Remus. Remus heard him and laughed to himself, before stopping near the compartment door.

"Someone else might have found it because we looked all over." Remus told them.

"That was quick...." Karen said looking at them. Remus sat beside Harry and rubbed his head. Suddenly, they all heard a "ribbit" sound, and Remus looked down and saw the frog, AGAIN!

"Oh... it must have ran off again." Remus said picking it up. This time it didn't run away, and it just sat in Remus' hands croaking. Remus sighed in relief when he thought Karen would drop the subject. "Who was looking for it again?" Asked Remus.[/SIZE][/B]
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OOC: Sorry I'm late!

[color=green] Hermione was still helping Nevil look for his frog, but was having no luck. She had tried every compartment at least once. [i]I might as well try that one again.[/i] Just as she was about to knock, she saw the frog in a boy's lap. "So, you haven't seen it, hm...?"

"I've only just found it. We were going to come and find you."

Hermione blushed, "Oh, well, thank you then." She took the frog, and as she was turning she caught a glimpse of a scar on one of the boy's foreheads. "You're Harry Potter, aren't you?! I've read about you. I'm Hermione Granger." She held out her hand. Harry shook it. Everyone else obligingly introduced themselves, except Remus. "Who are you, then?"

"I'm Remus."

"Oh, well, hello Remus." The general small talk carried on until Nevil showed up to see if she had found his frog. More introductions were made, but Remus seemed rather uncomfortable. Eventually Nevil and Hermione found their ways back to their own seats.[/color]
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[COLOR=blue]"That girl seems nice," Karen said as Hermione and Nevil left the compartment.

"A little crazy if you ask me," Ron said as he watched her leave.

Harry laughed at this remark, as Karen gave him a stare.

"What?" Ron asked as he looked at her. Karen just shook her head. She looked over at Remus, who didn't look so good.

"What's wrong, Remus?" Karen asked as she looked at him.

"Nothing," he replied as he looked out the window. Karen followed his gaze, and saw out the window, the most beutiful forest she had ever seen. "Wow, look at those trees!" she said as she pointed to one that stood higher than the rest. "We must be getting close. I'm sort of nervous." Karen said as she looked back at Ron.

"There's nothing to worry about," Ron said in reply. "Fred and George always say they have a blast at school. Come on, you've read the letters they've sent to me."

"Yeah, but so many new people..."

Remus looked at her. He knew exactly how she felt.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Remus continued to stare out of the window. He hardly knew anyone, only the people he met just now, on the train. He had no brothers or family there, and his parents wouldn't be the kind to send letter since they're always busy. If Remus ever did get lonely, he had his owl... but that was a bad and good thing...

[I]Sometimes I wish I had brothers of something... yeah... if they went to this school first, and they had no problems I'd be okay... Familysucks...[/I] Remus thought to himself.

"Hey, Remus...?" Karen said. Remus looked up at her.

"What?" Remus asked. Karen pointed outside, and when Remus looked he saw a whole lot of small birds flying over the trees. "Didn't notice that..." Remus said with a smile. He truly loved birds, all kinds of flying creatures!

[I]Maybe this place won't be a bad idea after all... I guess if I can still be friends with these guys, it would be okay. I hope I'm in the same house, since these 3 are my only 'friends' right now...[/I] Remus thought to himself.

"Are you guys as.... nervous as I am or excited?" Remus asked them.[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=orangered]Ron glanced at Remus for a few seconds. "Oh, I'm bloody petrified!" he announced, causing a relieved ripple of laughter to float through the compartment. "Seriously, the horror stories from that place don't bare thinking about. Honestly! They say the Potions master's really strict. In fact," Ron lowered his voice, causing his captive audience to lean in closer around him. "In fact they say that he's actually a cross-dresser. Us lads need to be careful, okay?" He glanced at Karen then with a slight smirk. "But you'll be okay. I on the other hand, have to be extremely careful. What with my dashing good looks and everything."
"Come off it Ron!" announced Karen. "Just because you love yourself doesn't mean we have to put up with it too!"
"Che," responded Ron, rolling his eyes. "Just because you have no sense of humour."
"Just because you have too much 'humour'."
"Owchie Karen! That was cold!"
Suddenly Harry interrupted their conversation with a cry of: "Look!"
Remus, despite himself, was shocked. "Is that...?"
"...Hogwarts?" finished Ron.[/color]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Sorry if there are any mistakes in this post, my kitten it bothering me...

[B]Remus looked at the castle, which was HUGE.

[I]There is no way I'm even going in there! It's spooky! Forget this![/I] Remus gulped and stood up, walking out.

"Where you going?" Karen asked. Remus turned back and sighed.

"To find the next train home." With that Remus turned back and began to walk out.

"You can't be serious." Karen laughed. "C'mon! Please, how're you going to get home anyway?" Karen told him. Remus slupped back down next to Harry and sighed heavily.

[I]I can just walk out right now... maybe walk home... yeah right who am I kidding? Fine, fine! I'm giving this place a shot![/I] Remus thought to himself. The train began to slow down, and it suddenly came it a stop.

"Bye." Remus said as Ron and Karen got up. He waved to them and looked down. Harry got up too.

"Don't be an idiot!" Ron told him. "It's really going to be fun! You really should see the letters my brothers send!" Ron added. Remus jumped up and followed them.

"Atleast you have brothers..." Remus mumbled to himself. He could hear someone outside shouting, and he wondered who.

[I]As soon as I get outside, I'm going the other way...[/I] Remus convinced himself. He shook his head and looked at the girl down the train he saw before.

[I]Atlest them lot are happy...[/I] Remus thought.[/SIZE][/B]
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[COLOR=blue]Karen followed Harry and Ron out of the compartment, and down the coridoor. Remus was following her, still looking down. Harry was the first to hop off the train and into the crowd of students who were jaming the platform. Ron jumped down next to him. "Looks at all these people!" he said as he looked around. Karen jumped down next to him. "Look at the castle! It's so big and pretty! I can't wait to get there!"

"First years this way!" came a voice above all the rumbling of the crowd. In front of them, was a man of giantic size. He was easily taller than everyone else, and he had very bushy brown hair, and a beard to match.

"Who's that?" Karen said as she got closer to Ron. "I don't know," Ron said in reply, his voice a little shaky.

"It's Hagrid!" Harry said as he walked over to the huge man. "Hiya Hagrid!" he shouted up to him.

"Oh Harry! It's you! How was your trip? Are you ready?"

Harry nodded in agreement as Remus jumped off the train. He looked at the huge man, and started to walk the other direction.

"Oh no you don't!" Karen said as she grabbed his hand. "We started this journey, and now were going to finish it."

"I don't know if that's such a good idea," Remus said as he tried to pull away. "I mean....just look at it!"

"Well, if he's a friend of Harry's he must be nice," Ron shrugged as he walked up to Hagrid.

"First years this way!" he yelled again as he held his lantern up.

Karen saw the bushy haired girl from earlier walk by, and a boy holding a toad.

"Come on," Karen said as she pulled Remus along. "If they're going to, it can't be that bad!"

"That's just what she thinks," Remus thought to himself.[/COLOR]
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[color=green]The first years were all loaded into boats and set to row across the moat. The sky was dark and everything was rather spooky. Hermione sat in quiet anticipation. She was terribly excited. When the boats finally reached the other side, Hermione practically leapt off the boat. She saw some familiar faces from the train...the red headed boy caught her eye first. How can you miss hair like that, then she saw his companions, which included Harry Potter. She was suddenly filled with a competetiveness that she quickly quelled. [i]Friends, Hermione...you want to make them your friends.[/i]

The First year students were shuffled into a room where a stately elderly woman explained to them that they were to be sorted into their houses. A murmer went through the crowd of students. Hermione suddenly took notice of a blond boy sneering in the direction of Harry. He looked angry, and had high-dollar robes. She wondered wo he was.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Remus shuffled back a bit, behind Karen and Ron. The old women was still talking, and Remus wasn't play atention. He saw a blonde haired boy (More white haired) walk over to Harry and asking him something. Remus didn't pay a blind bit of notice, and just looked down.

[I]I'm so dead... I haven't listen to a word she said... oh well... I could always walk out... nah, to many people. Where's that Owl of mine when you need him?[/I] Remus sighed to himself. The blonde haired boy walked off, and Remus saw the girl he met back on the train... Hermione or something. Remus looked over at her, and when she noticed him he looked down straight away.

[I]Why can't we just go in and get this over with? People talk to much these days...[/I] Remus looked back at Karen and Ron, and Harry who was in front of them.

"Now if you would all follow me..." Said the old witch in front of them all. She walked off, with all the other students following. Remus mimiked her moving his lips and not speaking. They all suddenly came to a large hall, filled with long tables, and at the top where witches and wizards, maybe the teachers. Remus almost laughed when he saw the one with greasy hair. Maybe it was the teacher Ron was talking about on the train.

[I]Hey look... I haven't turn back yet... that's good! No.. that's bad... I wish my Owl was here right now... no I don't... Damn why do I have to think to myself all the time? It's becoming a hobby![/I] Remus rubbed his eyes for a few seconds, then noticed everyone stoppped.[/SIZE][/B]
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Karen walked into the Great Hall with a feeling of much anticipation. She looked up to the enormous ceiling, which looked exactly like the night sky. Stars where scattered everywhere, and the moon gave off an omnious light. Candles where lit everywhere, which gave the room a homely feel. Karen looked to her right, and saw the familar faces of Fred and George, who were grinning most triumphantly, and pointing to Ron and her. She gave them a slight wave, as she bumbed into Ron, not realizing they were stopped.

"Ouch!" he said as he turned around.

"Sorry," Karen wispered back.

The old witch in front of them stared at her. And she felt herself shrink at least two feet. There was an old man sitting at the head position of the table, his eyes glistened, and twinkled like the stars that shown in the ceiling. Karen couldn't help but feel better when she looked at him, as the witch began talking once again.

OOC: ok, the sorting is about to start, which i will do. so if you have anything your character wants to say or do before he/she gets sorted, please do it now.
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OOC: And you thought [i]you[/i] were late, Molleta? lol

It had been a harrowing trip to the school for Elizabeth, but now that she had arrived, she knew she didn't want to leave. Where could she have gone anyway? The Malfoy household was the worst home she'd ever known. She certainly was not in a hurry to return there.
She gazed about in utter awe and amazement as she and the other first years were shoved into the Great Hall. Suddenly, she realized she was still clutching the book she'd been reading on the train. It was a muggle book she'd had since childhood, a collection of fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson. Somehow, the simple book comforted her. She could remember her father reading stories from it at bedtime every night since she was three years old. She knew that it a sign of weakness to still be so dependent on it, but, somehow, she couldn't help it. Her parents' deaths were still so recent, so fresh. Who could blame her for still mourning?
Despite the good reasoning for still having the book, it embarrassed Liz to be clinging to it in front of so many of her new schoolmates. She attempted to hide it in her robes. Something important was to happen soon. One of the teachers was preparing to speak.
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[color=orangered]Nervously, Ron shot his gaze about the hall. There, on the Gryffindor table, were Fred, George and Percy. Percy, as always, looked high and mighty, his Prefect's badge seeming to be "blowing its own trumpet". Fred and George, well they were sniggering to themselves about something. Heaven only knew what. It could only mean trouble.
"Wonder what's so funny..."
Quietly, Ron flicked his gaze about some more. Around him, were clustered Harry, Karen, and behind them straggled Remus. A little further ahead, the dark haired boy from before, on the train caught his eye. And walking near him was the bushy haired girl with the toad. A little to his left in the gaggle was another girl, her auburn hair striking him for some reason. She seemed to be trying to stay away from Malfoy, who was also to Ron's left, and having... "exchanged words" with Harry only minutes before. She kept looking over at Malfoy and moving so as to be even further away. Idly, Ron wondered if there was a story between them.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Remus looked around at them all.... so many people...

[I]Next time I drag myself into things like this... well... I'm never going to drag myslef into these kind of things again! There is no why![/I] Remus said in his head. He looked over at the blonde haired boy who was looking Harry.

[I]That kid needs to change his hair style. He looks like a snake. Must be a posh kid with these kind of robes. Why does he looked at Harry look that anyways? And why can't I stop thinking like this for 2 seconds?[/I] Remus looked down again, then noticed the other girl on the train. Ron looked over at his bothers, and Remus did too. Ron's brothers where sniggering and laughing.

[I]NO fair.... everyone has some sort of family or friends they know, except me... I guess the only real friends are those lot.[/I] Remus sighed heavily, and looked up as the hat on a stool began to speak. Remus laughed alittle at first. After awhile, the old witch unrolled a parchment and began to read out names.

[I]Bet this is the sorting and stuff...[/I] Remus thought.[/SIZE][/B]
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Illidas looked around at all the people that looked extremely excited. He sighed, and adjusted his scarf.

[I] 'All these happy people... I don't know what Hogwarts is all about...' [/I]

He paused.

[I] 'Come to think of it, I don't even know why I came here... What's really the point....?? [/I]

He looked over at the Gryffindor table.

[I] 'Well they sure are cheery... A little TOO cheery... It's almost as if they WANT to come to a school.... But I do have to admit, this is unlike any school I've ever seen before...' [/I]

He looked around at the students.

[I] 'I remember them from the train... But that is just a small bunch in this large amount of people,' [/I] he thought while looking around the room (If you could call this huge place that...).

He looked over at McGonagall.

[I] 'What is that old witch waiting for, how long have we been standing here. The suspense is simply killing me,' [/I] he thought to himself, the last sentence drowning in sarcasm.
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O.O.C:Sry i'm sooo late

Alex looked to the ground hopeing the sorting wound start soon.Her hair kept changing its color.
"Hey whats with your head"? A red haired boy asked he had some other people with him.Alex's hair stopped on bright blue a strad fell in her face and she moved it behind her ear.
"My hairs fine why"?She asked.
"Well it was changing color really fast".One of the girls asked.
"Really I didn't notice I really need to calm down."Alex said.
"Time for the sorting First years line up".A woman said and every first year started to line up.Alex stood behind the red haired boy and her hair started changing color again.
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