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Manga What new manga/manwha are you reading now?


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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Hello all!

I'm assuming that if you somehow wandered into this thread, then you must at least have some remote interest in manga/manwha right? :D

Okay. Then let this be a place of gathering and discussion of the current or latest manga/manwha we are reading.

I shall begin.

I honestly didn't start reading manga until last year--so my collection is somewhat minimal. There are 3 series that I am currently reading [B]Fake[/B], [B]Demon Diary[/B], and [B]Kare Kano[/B]. Well, actually I've been reading other series too but they just haven't been licensed for the US yet like [B]Yami no Matsuei[/B] [which will be available soon, I hope].

Both [B]Fake[/B] and [B]Demon Diary[/B] are laced with Shounen-ai. And [B]YnM[/B], too. I'm not quite sure why I've been drawn to such types of stories. I think it's a girl thing, ne? As for [B]Kare Kano[/B], it's pretty much your typical romantic comedy. And sometimes, it can get a bit too sappy.

[U]Here's my reading progress so far:[/U]
Fake-up to volume 5
Demon Diary-up to volume 5
Yami no Matsuei-up to volume 5
Kare Kano-up to volume 7

Ahh yes! March will be an exciting "manga" month for me! Why?

[U]Here's my list of March Manga/Manwha "to-get":[/U]
[B]Fake 6[/B]
[B]Demon Diary 6[/B]
[B]Saiyuki 1[/B]
[B]Hana Kimi 1[/B]
[B]Angel Sanctuary 1[/B]

And that's it! What about [I]you[/I] ?
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[color=darkblue]I've been waiting to see if someone would make a thread like this. Kudos. ^^

I've really only just gotten to be a heavy manga reader myself. I used to only check them out artwork first and story second, but that's been kind of flipped in the past few months.

I work at a library and luckily, through out inter-state library loan system, I can check out a variety of manga. The most recent ones I've started reading are:

[b]Kare Kano
Magic Knight Rayearth II[/b] (having just finished MKR I)
[b]Inu-Yasha: Sengoku Otogi Zoushi[/b] (I'm a sucker for original titles when I know them, lol)
[b]Various Pokémon mangas
Revolutionary Girl Utena
CLAMP School Detectives
Dragon Knights[/b]

That's only the ones I've read so far, lol. I have plenty more I'm waiting for to come in, such as:

[b]Jing, King of Bandits
Demon Diary
Excel Saga
.hack- Legend of the Twilight
Urasei Yatsura
Rumic Theatre
Marionette Generation
Kodacha Sana's Stage
Boys Over Flowers
El-Hazard: The Magnificent World

Whether or not they'll all come in is yet to be determined, lol. I hope they do, though. They all look like promising series. But that doesn't even scratch the surface of everything that I want to read. ^^[/color]
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Appleseed. Again. I own the four collections released as well as the Databook. The Databook is pretty amazing in and of itself because it explains so much about the universe that the manga takes place in. Government, weapons, characters and a detailed timeline. It is incredibly indepth, but I don't expect any less from Masamune Shirow.

If you've only seen the anime... [b]please[/b] don't ignore the manga because of it. They're incredibly different. The anime, while having a decent main point, is really just not very good at all. The manga has so much more going for it and is really fleshed out. Much more enjoyable.
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[QUOTE=Lady Katana][color=darkblue] I work at a library and luckily, through out inter-state library loan system, I can check out a variety of manga. The most recent ones I've started reading are:

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Wow! What a wonderful selection!

The selection at my library is horrid. I've seen some [B]Sailor Moon[/B] here and there. And once, I even spotted [B]Angelic Layer[/B]...but that's about it.

Perhaps I should try out your approach. Can non-library workers use that feature as well? I've never really done it before. [/COLOR]
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[font=comic sans ms][size=1][color=indigo]I buy the following titles regularly: Naruto, The All New Tenchi Muyo!, Shaman King (my new obsession), Trigun, and...Yu-Gi-Oh.

I also have two volumes of Excel Saga, and both volumes of Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star. Oh, and I've got the first volume of The Big O.

I have many, many more American graphic novels, though.[/color][/font][/size]
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[QUOTE=Monkey_Orange][color=darkorange]Wow! What a wonderful selection!

The selection at my library is horrid. I've seen some [b]Sailor Moon[/b] here and there. And once, I even spotted [b]Angelic Layer[/b]...but that's about it.

Perhaps I should try out your approach. Can non-library workers use that feature as well? I've never really done it before. [/color][/QUOTE]
[color=darkblue]Well, I suppose I should have said [i]intra-state[/i] library loan, lol. Forgive me for using the wrong terminology.

I'm not exactly sure if your state (if you don't live in Ohio) has the Intra-State library loan system currently available, but if it is, it's totally available to the public. It would be in your best interest to ask the next time you go, or check online. A lot of libraries nationwide have their catalogs online and have features set up as to where you can reserve and renew items. You could just run a Google search for your county's library to see if they have a website.

And Ayashi, checking things out from the library is a good way to preview a series before you actually go out and buy it. That way, you know it wasn't a waste of money, lol.[/color]
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Well I have quite a little library of my own horrible creation, let me list then elaberate on a few:

[b]Dothack: legend of the twilight[/b] (Vol. 1, 2)
[b]King of bandit Jing[/b] (Vol. 1, 2)
[b]Hellsing[/b] (Vol. 1)
[b]Magic knight rayearth[/b] (Vol. 1)
[b]EVA.[/b] (Vol. 1)
[b]Viz Pokemon[/b] (Col. 1-4)
[b]Wish[/b] (1, 2, 3 & 4)
[b]X-1999[/b] (1, 2, 3)

well it may not seem that big right now, but I suppose buying food would be more important than the newest volume of [b]Jing[/b]. Ah well.

Anyone who looks at my collection can see that I'm CLAMP junkie, my favorite series so far being [b]Wish[/b]. I love the Shounen-ai hint in it (although kohaku is predominantly called a "she"...).

My newest favorites would have to be the [b]dothack[/b] and [b]Jing[/b] series, I guess I'm an idiot for weird Manga.

I have been thinking of starting a collection for [b]FAKE[/b], I hear there's a lot of shounen-ai in it, so I suppose I could starve for a week for a good read.

Another thing I find odd, is tokyo pop's Iron grip on the american Manga market, not as if I'm complaining, because they just dirrectly translate and leave everything else alone with the manga (yay!), the only other brand of manga I have is Darkhorse's [b]Hellsing[/b] and VIZ comic's magazine-like pokemon manga.

Well who likes what better?
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[color=crimson]Not two days ago, I picked up a copy of the new manga [b]Juvenile Orion[/b]. I saw it in a magazine the day before I got it. It may be based off a card game, but it is pretty damn good. If anyone wants more info on this new title, just pm me or something.

I am also reading [b]Ragnarok, Fake, Gravitation, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Fushigi Yuugi, Demon Diary, Samurai Deeper Kyo,[/b].....>walks over to bookshelf<[b]Demon City Shinjuku, Gatekeepers, Fruits Basket,[/b] and [b]GetBackers[/b]. These are all series that I own that are not complete. >cries<

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]My first manga purchases ever were the first volumes of [B]Fake[/B], [B]X/1999[/B], and [B]Rave Masters[/B].

I gave up on buying [B]X/1999[/B], and decided to invest in the anime series instead. Upon learning that the manga series itself is still going on in Japan, perhaps I will pick up the last few volumes just to see how the actual story ENDS. I guess I'm just one of those types of people who must know the truth of all things. :D

As for [B]Rave Masters[/B], I decided that I'll just be my lazy self and watch the anime that's now licensed--and will also be shown on Cartton Network too. I can't wait too see Haru in action!

For me, I tend to buy manga if it hasn't already been made into anime [like [B]HanaKimi[/B] and [B]Fake[/B], not counting it's OVA] , because if I watch the show first, then I won't likely buy the book version.

There are only 2 exceptions to this rule (1) a high level of enjoyment from the anime, and (2) the lack of story completion, as presented in the anime. For example:

(1) I thoroughly enjoyed watching both [B]Yami no Matsuei [/B] [Descendants of Darkness], [B]Gravitation[/B], and [B]Angel Sanctuary[/B]. So even if I have watched these shows, I am still willing to invest in their manga equivalents--well, I know that I'll definitely be buying [B]YnM[/B] and [B]Angel Sanctuary[/B]. [B]Gravitation [/B] will come later, eventually.

(2) Anime stories that were not animated and thus incomplete. I hate it when THAT happens! Don't you? Titles under this exception include [B]Fruits Basket[/B] [only getting volume 8+] and [B]Rurouni Kenshin[/B] [only volume 18+].

(3) I forgot to mention that I have a third exception to my rule. Due to hearing very bad complaints about it's anime equivalent, I have decided to buy the [B]DNAngel[/B] manga and bypass the anime series all together [well, maybe i'll just get the the first dvd volume, maybe not].

[I]What about you? Do you buy manga before or after you watch the anime/OVA/movie? Or do you read manga based on your sheer interest in the story? What are your manga buying habits and/or patterns?[/I]
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
Currently I am reading Oh My Goddess!, Love Hina, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I picked up the first volume of Seraphic Feather, but I wasn't too thrilled by it.

I don't really have "manga reading habits," since I only read three titles and I read each for different reasons. Oh My Goddess! simply has the best lineart I've seen in manga, ever. After reading 17 of the volumes, I also started to get attached to the characters. Still, though, if the artwork suddenly went down the toilet, I'd stop reading.

Love Hina I picked up because I watched the anime and it didn't really have any actual closure to it. I know that the manga actually has an ending, so I decided to read it. I started from the beginning rather than from where the anime story stopped, simply because I didn't feel like owning the last 5 volumes (or whatever number) and not the first 9 (I buy the books I read, because I am an idiot and because I occasionally come back to a book/comic and reread it just to waste time).

I'm reading Neon Genesis Evangelion because it has a unique story, interesting characters, awesomely designed biomechs, and I'm hoping it fills up some of the loopholes the anime left. If it does it'll be the best-written manga I know of. Not the best comic overall, but the best Japanese comic.

I can easily buy a manga I haven't seen the corresponding anime series of, because I'm primarily drawn to manga for its artwork (another reason I have so few titles). Also I don't watch too much anime because I simply don't have the time. The animes I have recently seen (Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL) have manga that are in my opinion a good deal worse than the animes, so I won't read those.
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Let's see if I can remember all of these titles:

--Gundam Wing (all three)

--Gundam Wing: Battlefield of Pacifists

--Mobile Suit Gundam: Blue Destiny

--.Hack//Legend of The Twilight (wish TokyoPop would tell me when the third one is due out)


That is all I remember for now, though I think that is all I have. As for my opinions on them, here goes. The three Gundams are nice, and Blue Destiny is a must read for any Gundam fan (IMO). THe .Hack books are great since they go more towards humor then the deep plots in the TV series and games (though I do love the deep plots). X-Day is a bit unusal for me, since its style is differs greatly from what I normally purchase. However, I would suggest it many people (age 13+) because of the way it looks at society and school's effect on high school students (namely the "outcasts").
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currently I am in the middle of several series but my very most favorite that I wish they would hurry up & publish another volume of is Paradise Kiss. I am a big shoujo fan & it is just such a beautiful and emotional series. My top wishlist item right now though is a manwha called Moon about girls who go around kicking boys butts & calling themselves the future rulers of the moon. :devil:
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Love manga!!

Series finished:

Currently reading:
Demon Diary
Snow Drop
Confidential Confessions
Petshop of Horrors
Kare Kano
Forbidden Dance
Alice the 19th

And I'm going through some others, and finished some too, but they're not coming to mind at the moment. Has anyone else seen Suki? It's a new series from CLAMP, and it's so cute. I mean that in a way that it really touches my heart.
As for Petshop of Horrors, it's surprisingly interesting...kinda creepy, but it's fun. I know it looks horribly corny, but it's actually pretty good, and very witty.
How do you people own all your own books??? Where do you get the money? I just have to go to Barnes & Noble and read them there.
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Okay here are the ones I am currently reading and keeping track of:

Kingdom Hearts :love:
Fruits Basket

Here are ones that I have read and will check on once in a while:

Ranma 1/2
Ruroini Kenshin
YuYu Hakusho
Shaman King
One Peice
Pet Shop of Horrors
Vampire Game
Samurai Girl - Real about Highschool
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword
Demon Diary
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances)
Tokyo Mew Mew
and other ones

Collections I have finished:

Sailor Moon
Magic Knight Rayearth
Magic Knight Rayearth 2
Angelic Layer
Baby Birth
Cardcaptor Sakura
Cardcaptor Sakura - Master of the Clow
Clamp School Detectives
Peach Girl
Marmalade Boy
Man of Many Faces
Zodiac P.I.
Sorcercer Hunters
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Saint Tail
and others

Yup! I am obsessed wit manga!
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Well I started to get in to manga the day I learned that there was a pokémon manga out there, that was back in 2000/2001! My collection has grown from the 4 pokémon graphic novels and the 3 No Need for Tenchi Graphic novles that I started out with. I have like 100+ books! and I'm running out of room for all of them....

But I'm curently reading the following seires:

Big O (Curently being orderd)
Love Hina

I also have alot more, but the bookstore never seems to have them in stock. so I end up buying the other ones whenever they have them. those are the only ones they have in stock most of the time. exsept for Big O which I'm ordering.
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OK manga as of now* the numbers are what ive read up to*

Yami No Matsuei-book 6
X-book 14
Demon Diary-Book 5
Fake-book 5
Love Mode-book 1
LudwigII-book 2
Count Cain-book 4
Chobits -all
Magic Knight Rayearth-all
Shojou Kakumei Uten-book 3
Rurouni Kenshin-all
Gravitation Remix-books 1, 2, 5
Love Hina-books 1-4
Clamp School detectives-book 1
Kare Kano-book 6
Mars-book 2
Hana Yori Dango-book 13..i think
Tokyo Babylon-random chapters
Fruits Baskets-book 5
Angelic Layer-all
...um...i guess i should stop now..because the list is not even half finished...yeah ima geek that reads too much manga XDDD
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wow, and I thought I was obsessed.

I see that a lot of people read FAKE and I mentioned in an earlier post that I would check it out. Well on a recent trip to borders (where I blew about fourty bucks!) I picked up the first volume and LOVED it! I also picked up the following:

fruits basket vol 1
Digimon 01 vol 1 & 2
FAKE vol 1

well, it's a start.

as far as watching animes with their manga counterparts, I do watch the anime, just to see how they do it wether I read it first or not. I suppose a good example of this would be King of bandit Jing, I watched a good eight episodes of the series before I bought the manga. It may have given up some spoilers, but with some animes, the plot is completely different from the manga, wich gives it a pretty good change as I see it.

and I also didn't know that there was a FAKE OVA series, if there really is, I think that shall be my next purchase *cough*yippie!*cough*.
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]I'm at the end of reading "Planet Ladder". I think this is a great series, but seing as how it's one of the first ones I've ever read, I guess you could say i'm ignorant. I think one of the main reasons I like this series, is it kinda has the same feel as the book I am currently writing, and its helping me think of new ideas.

The first manga that I ever bought was "Gundam Wing: Eposide Zero." i then bought the other GW mangas. ALl of which are good.

I would love to get started on a new series, but since I'm broke, i can't buy any. I think i might see if our library has any, but it doesn't even have a good selection of Anime, so I'm not that hopefull.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Guest LuvInuyasha
I'm reading or have finished these series:
King of Bandit Jing
Fushigi Yugi
Real about high school (whatever)
Oh My Goddess
Paradise Kiss
Card captor sakura and master of the clow
CLAMP school detectives
Ranma 1/2
Sailor moon and stars
Gundam wing and endless waltz
One Pice
Pet shop of horrors
Battel Royal
Yuyu Hakusho
and maybe some other ones I can't think of right now... :sleep:
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[QUOTE]and I also didn't know that there was a FAKE OVA series, if there really is, I think that shall be my next purchase *cough*yippie!*cough*.
yep the fake OVA has been our for a while and its basically just vol 2 of the manga...yumm i lvoe berkely..* i have a things for semes*..ok more manga...
Angel sanctuary...lovelt lovely kaori yuki,
Alice 19th,
and recently ive been reading this manga called Angel Dust ...its quite pretty
West End-very yaoi and fun
No Money-sweet
Gohou Drug-CLAMP shouneen -ai need i say more!!
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:twitch: I read mangas out of order, I just grab whatever looks interesting at the time, which is sometimes volume 6 of a manga I've never read before. Sometimes this is because they don't have the first volume at the evil library or bookstore, sometimes it's because volume (insert random number here) looks more interesting. Though I do normally try and read them in order. I own about five manga graphic novels currently (well, one's manwa, but same difference). I own:
-Wish (volume 1)
-Dragon Knights (volume 1)
-Cardcaptor Sakura: Legend of the Clow (volume 4)
-.Hack//Legend of the Twilight (volume 1)
-Demon Diary (volume 6)

I also go to the library a lot and supply myself with other manga (mostly Evangelion and Inu-Yasha, I get Wish an some other manga there sometimes, too). Anyways, my current favorite mangas (or manwas) are Dragon Knights, Evangelion, and Demon Diary, though, .hack//Legend of the Twilight is pretty high up there, too.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]My newest addition to my collected 'manga titles' is [B]Hana Kimi[/B]. I heard about this series from some friends who highly recommended it. The story is about a girl who enrolls as a male student at a school in Japan. She did this because she wanted to meet her favorite track & field star. Of ocourse, it's not easy to keep up the guise of being a guy, right?

So far, I really enjoy this series. It's not too lubby-dubby, it's funny, and it features a non-annoying female lead.

What else...?

Oh yeah, since [B]VIZ[/B] is soo horrible at distribution, I probably won't be getting my [B]Angel Sanctuary[/B] until April. :flaming: It's very upsetting! I already know someone who got their copy like 2-3 weeks ago!

*sighs* Must have patience :(
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