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Yu-Gi-Oh: Forgotten Past [PG]

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As Rikku walked down the empty streets of Gala City there was suddenly a blinding light. She put her hands over her face to shield her eyes from the bright light.

When she put her hands down she looked down at them and noticed they were see throught! Her attention was quickly drawn when she heard a women scream. She turned around toward the sound where she thought it came from and there was a door. "That wasn't there before," Rikku said as she tried to grab the knob but her hands bieng transparent and all went right through.

A second later she looked down and noticed her whole body was see through. Not thinking she walked throught the door and ended up in the center of the city. Then right there in front of here there was a women, just as Rikku was about to walk up to her she saw what looked like a warp hole.

As she kept looking someone dressed in a black and red cloak walked out from it, they raised their hand and a ray of blue light came from the sky and hit the woman who looked really familiar. As she looked on she noticed the woman didn't move...she was like...like a statue frozen in a trance. "Who are you?" Rikku yelled as she looked toward the person in the black and red cloak. She couldn't see the person becuase she was looking at them from behind. "You already know!" ??? said as another warp hole appeared and she, who Rikku knew was a girl now becuase of her voice, disappeared. "What!" Rikku said as another blinding light appeared and she covered her eyes.

When she opened her eyes she found that she was in her room laying in her bed. "It was all a dream," Rikku said as if releived to know it wasn' real. Rikku got out of bed and went over to her closet to get dressed. A couple of minutes later Ethan opened her door and walked in. "Do you ever knock!" Rikku yelled at her brother frustrated. "What if I was getting dressed!" "Don't flatter yourself sis," Ethan said as he began to laugh. "I just came to tell you that Yugi called and we're supposed to meet him and the others downtown." "Alright I know," Rikku said as she pushed her brother out the room and slammed the door.

Twenty minutes later Rikku and Ethan were heading downtown though for some reason she couldn't stop wondering about what the girl in her dream ment when she said you already know. "What you thinking about sis?" Ethan asked questioningly. "Oh nothing," Rikku said as she still wonderd and headed downtown to meet their friends. :worried:
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[color=teal][B][I]OCC: Nice One! Now I'll move this on! :D

Amber was standing next to Joey. She was looking around inpatciently. See spotted Amanda looking at Seto as she turned redder and redder. She also spotted Michelle hugging Tristen's arm. Amber let out a sigh as Joey looked down at her.

"Be a tad more patcient," Joey said as he smiled at Amber. Amber smiled and hugged Joey's arm. Joey turned a slight pink as Rikku and Ethan walked up. Ethan looked at Joey. He looked as if he was about to laugh.

"Do you have something stuck to you Joe," Ethan asked as he raised an eyebrow. Joey looked away from Ethan. He didn't like his attitude too much. Rikku looked around. She spotted Duke and started to blush. :D Amber looked at Rikku and Ethan.

"Do you two know why we're here," Amber asked as she tightened her grip on Joey's arm. Ethan shook his head as Rikku countinued to stare.

"Yugi invited us here," Ethan said with a sigh, "But I don't see him anywhere yet." Amber nodded. She might as well just wait for Yugi even though she was bored half outta her mind.[/I][/B][/color]
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[COLOR=Red]Terry was surrounded by a darkness in his uneasy dream. It swallowed him whole and beat at his mind. He knew that these dreams are influenced by the depression of loosing her. She has been gone for so long. Then in the darkness he made out a form. He ran towards it but never moved. It didn't seem to grow any closer until he stopped moving. Then it floated towards him. He saw her frozen as if in suspended animation. Her skin looked blue but she was as beautiful as he remembered.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Then she faded into the palm of a hand darker then the black space around him. An evil soul had stolen her away from him and he could see this being represented in his dream. He wanted to yell at whoever it was that was taking her from him but no noise would come from his mouth. He was mute in this dream. Then three figures covered in shadows moved to surround him. He wanted to strike out at them. Anything to get his beloved back. Then the shadows dissappeared on them. He found himself looking at a man. He had brown hair and looked powerful. His eyes had an intensity that belonged to a master duelist. THE MAD ONE. He turned to the next one and saw those same eyes but they glowed with a strange evil. His white hair and freakish smile didn't help his look. THE BAD ONE. Then he turned again and saw a shorter man. One with the eyes of a innocent child. His oddly black and yellow hair stood on end in places and around his neck was a chain holding an upsidedown pyramid. Then he transformed. His eyes gained the same intensity that the others had and he seemed to chane in size. THE SPLIT ONE. Now only two words could be heard. "Domino City"[/COLOR]
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[color=darkorchid]Yugi quickly ran up to the group. Everyone turned to look at him. He was tripping over himself. Everyone shook their head at Yugi.

"What's up Yuga," Joey asked as Yugi stopped in front of the group. Yugi put his hands on his knees and tried to catch his breath. Duke noticed Rikku staring at him as Yugi caught his breath. Duke grinned and waved slightly. Rikku turned really bright red and turned away from Duke. Duke shook his head and looked at Yugi.

"I found out something that might help us with all of our Yami's pasts for those of you who have one," Yugi said as he stood up straight. Joey looked down at Amber and then at Yugi. Tristen and Micheele looked at each other then at Yugi. Seto and Amanda also looked at him.

"Lead the way Yuga," Joey said as he grabbed Amber's hand. Yugi nodded his head and started walking. Rikku and Ethan looked at each other and quickly followed. Duke caught up to be walking right next to Rikku. Rikku turned a pinkish color and tried not to look at Duke. Everyone was heading for a big discover.[/color]
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Kopnner walked down the street and noticed some other teens running towards each other and he shook his head as he sat down on a bench. "Why did I have to come here?" Konner pondered when he was interrupted. "It has been decided for you. It's your destiny." Konner jumped. Instinct told him to sit. Konner made out a figure next to him. "Who are you?" Konner asked.

The figure stood and streched out his hand. "My name is Yami. I'm with them." Yami said, pointing to Yugi and Joey.
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[I]I was supposed to meet Yugi and the others around here. He said he found out something about the millenium items...Maybe I'm too early.[/I] Hyo thought staring at his hand wearing the Millenium Glove. He looked at his left wrist to check the time. [I]I'm definately not late.[/I]

"[I]Stop worrying Hyo. We'll be there shortly. Just be patient.[/I]" Kai had contacted Hyo directly within his mind.

"[I]You're probably right...sorry...[/I]" Hyo replied in the same way he was contacted. "Is that Yugi? No...it's Joey. Joey!" Hyo shouted upon noticing him further ahead.

"Hyo! 'Bout time ya showed up. What took ya?" Joey replied.

"Unlike you guys, I live a while away from here." Hyo answered sarcastically.
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Megumi had seen Seto and was following the group closly but she was far enough away that no one wouldn't notice her. At least not yet. They all rounded a corner and she waited a second beforer going around herself. Except she found herself running directly into some gothic looking guy. "Why are you following them?" he asked her.
"What are you talking about?" Megumi was confused. She had never seen this person moving with Yugi or Seto.
"Why are you following the Mad One and the Split one?" He questioned. "Are they your friends?"
"Not really." She replied. "They don't really hang out with me."
"Then maybe you can help me." He said. "It may even help you to find what you seek."
"I'm listening." She replied.
"I need you to challenge three people seperatly to duels." He held up a deck. "This is a cutom deck that I have created to be able to battle all three of their decks."
"Who are you?"
"Someone who needs to find someone else." He sighed. "Your first opponent will be Yugi Moto."
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[INDENT]It had been three weeks since his visit with Ishizu, but it felt like it was just yesterday when sahe sent him to battle city looking for the answers he sought. The plan was to find Yugi and protect him, but from what? That was what Jon had to learn, and quick before the tournament came to a close. The reason for his visit to Ishizu was the visions which started in spurts but soon became the most vivd and realistic dreams he had ever known. They were of a duel persisting of a young pharoah and his high mage caught in the heat of a war between the two. But it wasn't these two, nor their high resemblence to Yugi and Seto that sent him on his mission. No it was the third guy who started off in the shadows, but soon became engulfed in the light of time and truth. The third guy who sent chills down Jon's spine. The third guy who watched in terror as the duel continued. The third guy forced to what until the end for the answer. The third guy who couldn't help his falling pharoah and fulfill his duty. The third guy who cried out to Jon in his dreams. The third guy destroying Jon's hopes of a normal future. The third guy who plagued Jon and scared the hell out of him. The third guy who resembled Jon himself.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]So here he was looking for Yugi and for the remaining Milenium items. the original ones, not the newly created ones running around throwing off the signal of the Milenium ring with their false signals. For although they may be what everyone claims them to be, there was no denying the fact that it was the original ones who controled true power and could destroy these "fake" items getting in Jon's way.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]According to Ishizu, Jon's ancestor played a crucial part in the life of Yugi, or rather the spirit in the puzzle, and Jon had to take his place by Yugi's side for the final battle in the war which began in ancient Egypt. So Jon obliged and agreed to play in Ishizu's little game, and maybe unlock the answers he sought for his dreams. In the Bible, Jon had read of many men whose dreams revealed to them God's plan. Perhaps his dream too was communicating to him. It was obviously not from God, for the fact that otherwise Jon would know what to do, but at the same time, it had to have been from someone. All Jon had to do was obtainsix of the seven Millenium Items, and leave the puzzle with Yugi. But what didn't make sense was the second part of the instructions. What was Jon supposed to protect Yugi from, and what would happen if he failed? [I]No point worrying about it now I guess. The main thing to do is to make sure I have enough locator cards to proceed to the finals. For even if I do find Yugi before they begin, if I don't have the cards, it will all have been in vain.[/I] [/INDENT]
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"So where are we all headed Yugi?" Ethan asked as he looked through his deck then looked at his sister who didn't look too good. "Are you alright Rikku?" Ethan asked with a confused look on his face. "Yeah I'm fine I just need to sit down. You guys can go ahead without me, I mean I'll catch up later it's not like I have a Yami anyway." "Are you sure?" Duke asked as he looked at Rikku. "Yeah I'm sure," she said as she walked over to a bench and sat down. "Well we'll see you later sis," Ethan yelled back as they continued to walk.

When everyone was out of site Rikku laid herself down on the bencha and closed her eyes. When she opened them she was in her room. "What, how did I get here." "Put it in the basement Ethan so Rikku won't find it and hide it well." Alright dad I'll put it under the lose board. She never goes in the basement anyway so she won't find it." "I hope not, there's no telling what might happen if she does." After Rikku heard all this she was about to open her door but another light appeared and she closed her eyes.

When she opened them she was back on the bench downtown. "What did Ethan hide in the basement?" she asked herself as she sat up. "I don't know what they want me to find but I'm about to find out!" Rikku said as she got up from the bench and headed back home.
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[INDENT]Jon was walking around the city hoping to find the clues he so desperately seeked, and wished ravely that the tournament would start sooner so that all the duelists would be brought into this one spot. Oh how that would ease the tension off his mind. Jon always felt at peace during a duel, no matter how important or tense it became. That was the best edge he had on his opponents, that and the fact that he could quickly devise new and more effective strategies in the middle of a duel. Not to mention the fact that his deck itself was created to hold different strategies depending on how the duel fared. While most duelists relied on one set path or theme, like that contemptous Weevil Underwood or Rex Raptor, Jon foumd it more relaxing with seperate options on hand. Besides, he was way too smart to paint himself into a corner, or lose the duel because of his own mistakes. But even thinking about dueling made Jon twitch in anticipation. That wouldn't do as Jon had to remain focused and maintain that aire of confidence that most people try to fake in order to intimidate their foes.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Just then a wind began to ruffle Jon's white overshirt and played with the legs of his jeans and the surroundings seemed to take on a different appearance. This was obviously another vision presenting itself in Jon's view showing him more of what he needed to see.[/INDENT]

[I][COLOR=Red]Seto! Quit playing around and finish this duel! The power of the pharoah must be mine and quick or it's your head, hear me![/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Calm down Marik, there is only one outcome left for this duel, and I gauranty that I will be victorious. It is time for the Mages to rise up and conquer the pharoah and rewrite the history of Egypt.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Well, I am growing tired of this game and the more you toy with Yugi the more chance he has of drawing his cursed Magician. Now do what I tell you or I will destroy your mind with my Millenium Rod.[/COLOR][/I]

[INDENT]Just as quick as it came, the vision vanished in mid air leaving Jon with little more information to work with, but answered a lot of questions swarming his mind. Now he understood why the duel was going on, but who was this Marik guy and why would Seto give the power of the pharoah to him?[/INDENT]

[INDENT][I]At least now I know who to look for and who has the Millenium Rod I seek. The only question left is where is he? What the!?! Who is that?[/I] [/INDENT]

[INDENT]Just then a girl with dark blue hair with purple streaks and tips went running by. She was wearing a short blue skirt and a purple bellyshirt. What really caught Jon's eye was the blue vest she was wearing. He remembered her from somewhere, but didn't know where. All of a sudden it hit him. [I]She's that Rikku kid from Gala City![/I] Jon quickly took off after her hoping to find out where she was heading, and hoped she would lead him to Yugi.[/INDENT]
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[INDENT]Jon had just about caught up to Rikku when all of a sudden, someone ran in front of him causing Jon to trip over himself from surprise. What had really surprised Jon was the fact that after Jon regained himself, there was no one there anymore. Rikku had managed to run around a corner, but the other guy just vanished completely. Then it happened again, people started to run all around Jon in a panic, but as soon as they appeared, they disappeared. This had to have been the wierdest vision Jon had ever witnessed before. Then in the distance it loomed bigger than anything Jon had ever seen. It was dark blue with a menacing glare on its face. Its arms were huge and bigger than the waist. Even with Kaiba owning the card, this was the first time Jon had ever seen Obelisk the Tormentor. The one card that struck fear into even Pegasus himself, but it wasn't a holograph that Jon was looking at, it was the real Obelisk, and unlike the other visions, it seemed to stare right at Jon.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]A vision or not, there was no mistaking this threat as being directed right at him. it became clear that time was running out for Jon, but he still needed to find out what he needed to do, and how.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue][I]I need to find Yugi and tell him what is going on. I am sure that he has the anwers somewhere. But I still need to find the other Millenium items. If only I had more time to figure this out. And where is Ishizu anyway?[/I][/COLOR]
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As Rikku ran she swore she heard something a little far off behind her but didn't bother to turn around and see what it was. "I need to find out what my brother hid in the basement. I need to find out what my dad and brother are trying to hide from me and I don't have time for any side trips!" she said as she continued to run. When she got to her house she ran up to the door and unlocked it, but, since she was in a hurry she didn't bother to shut the door.

As soon as she got in ther house she threw her bag on the floor and went to the basement door. She put her hand on the knob and hesistated. When she finally got up the courage she heard her phone ring upstairs. She couldn't ignore it because it might be her dad calling from work.

"Hello, " Rikku said as she sat down on her bed. "Hey Rikku, it's Duke. I was calling to make sure you were ok because you didn't look so good earlier. I didn't know if you'd be home but I thought I'd try." "Oh," Rikku said as she started smiling. "I'm ok, I was just tired earlier but I feel better now. So did Yugi show everyone his big discovery?" "No, we didn't get there yet," Duke said. "We decided to take a short break so I wanted to call you on my cell." "That was nice of you," Rikku said as she got up and looked out her window. As she looked she saw something far off and a little around the courner but couldn't make it out. So she decided to go down there and see what it was.

Rikku was heading out the hall to the front door but when she got tho the steps she dropped the phone and when she when she went to go get it she thought she heard someone behind her and screamed as she fell down the steps. She had saw what looked like a ghost of a girl in the black and red cloak from her dream earlier.....she had pushed Rikku down the steps! When Rikku landed at the bottom of the steps she landed close enough toward the phone so she could hear Dulke yelling her name. She tried to get it but couldn't seem to move and everything slowly turned black.

When she opened her eyes she found herself in the middle of a city. When she turned aroud she saw a sign that read: Welcome to Gala City. Just then she seemed to float in mid-air and the floor beneath her seemed to move until she was standing directly in front of her old house. "What", she said as she walked up to the door and opened it. Then she saw it.....she saw her brother carrying a golden box with a symbol of an eye on it, then she heard him say,"I'll hide it in the basement under the loose floor board. She won't find it, she never goes down there anyway." Then he headed for the basement.

But Rikku couldn't move, she felt the pull and intensity of what was in that box literally calling her, she felt the pull and it was stronger than anything she has ever felt before. Maybe even stronger than her crush on Duke. Just then everything went black again.

This time when she opened her eyes she was laying in Duke's arms. "Rikku are you ok! I found you on the floor, you must have fell down the steps when we were talking. I called your dad when you didn't wake up and he's on his way and your brother too." "But," she said as she tried to get up. "I gotta get that box," she said as Duke laid her back down and said,"You need to rest and don't worry I'm not going anywhere until your better." Then she looked up at him and smiled.
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[INDENT]Jon ran on back to where he had first seen Rikku and the others. He was just about to get there when he saw Duke Devlin run by. Jon stopped long enough to decide whether he would follow persuit, or try to track down Yugi. After a split second, Jon shot off towards Duke and tried to find out where he was going.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Hey Duke! Slow up a sec won't you?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Who are you?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]The name's Wheeler, and I will soon show the world that I am the best duelist out there.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Look, I don't have time for you, I think that Rikku is in trouble, and I must get to her now. So stay out of my way or else.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Or else what, you'll throw your pathetic dice at me? Sorry man, but I was hoping to tag along with you. And if Rikku's hurt, maybe I can be of help.

[COLOR=Red]Fine but don't get in the way. Besides, how do you know Rikku?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I used to live in Gala City, but there is more to it than I can remember. All I know is that there is something in her past that her brother and father hid from her, although I can't remeber, I know she can't find out, or something bad may happen.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]What are you talking about Wheeler![/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I am not sure, but we need to get to her quickly.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]Jon and Duke had just arrived in time to find Rikku start to wake up. Jon decided to leave Rikku and Duke alone when all of a sudden he saw a girl in a black and red coat go running by. Jon tore off after her knowing that she was a key part to Rikku's threat.[/INDENT]
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[B][I][color=teal] Amber's earrings started glowing and jumping all over the place. Amber did a dead stop. A vision was flashing before her eyes. Her earrings have never done that before. They were only met to pick up people's emotions. Why were they doing this and why now. The funny thing was, she wasn't the only one that stopped dead in their tracks. Joey, Tristen, Michelle, Amanda, Seto, and Yugi had stopped too. The same thing was probbly happing to them too.

"I'll hide it in the basement under the loose floor board," Ethan said as he carried a golden box with the Millennium symbol on it, " She won't find it there. She never goes down there anyway." Ethan was headed for the basement as Amber and everyone else tried to shake the vision from their head.

"We've got to confront Ethan," a strange female voice said from behind Amber. Amber quickly turned around to discover a spirit like girl with long brown hair, shoulder length blond bangs, and purple eyes looking down at her. She was wearing an Egyptian Priestess outfit, she had golden tie sandels on, a golden tira, golden arm bands, and the Millennium symbol tattooed on her arm. Amber let out a sigh as she looked at the girl.

"But why Joy," Amber asked as the girl crossed her arms. Joy shook her head and looked over at everyone else. They were all having a conversation with their yamis. Joy shook her head again.

"Ethan hid something from his sister," Joy said with a sterdy look on her face, "I have a feeling that that something is a Millennium Item. An evil Millennium Item. We have to confront Ethan so that we can prevent Rikku from finding it." Amber nodded her head just as everyone else did. Amber quickly started heading toward Rikku's house. Everyone else wasn't too far behind. They all were on a mission. They had to help Rikku.[/color][/I][/B]
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[INDENT]Jon had followed the strange girl for two blocks when she just stopped in mid tracks and turned to face him. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but her piercing eyes told him that the beauty was only skin deep.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I have questions and you will answer them understand me?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]It is my sworn duty to comply with the wishes of the Gaurdian. What is your bidding?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]What is the Gaurdian suppoesed to do? And what connection do you have with Rikku?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]The Gaurdian is the sworn protector of the Pharoah and has devoted his enitre life to make sure no harm befalls the Pharoah. Rikku is connected to me through the past. I was forced into her company by the excavation of the Millenium Ring.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]But I hold the Millenium Ring, not her. I "found" it by Jow Kaiba's brother, he didn't seem to understand its true power, so I relieved him of the job of figuring it out.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]Not that ring. The one in the Forbidden Chest is the ring which belonged to Obelisk a thousand millenia ago. He that controls the ring will threaten the entire existence of earh and will bring about its ultimate destruction. That is why Ethan hid it form her years ago, and why she must not remember her past or find the ring. It is my job to gaurd the gods items and make sure they are not found again.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]What items? The only true Millenium Items are the ones I am seeking, though I am not sure why.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]These items were worn by the gods and granted them ultimate power. Obelisk owned the ring, Ra wore the true Millenium Necklace, similar to the one you seek, but bigger and more powerful. Slifer possesed the Millenium Bracelette. Should these items be found and brought together, they will become unstoppable even by the Pharoah. You must gaurd the Pharoah and provide him your deck once more Gaurdian.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Tell me, why have there been creation of new items, how am I supposed to provide my deck, and what makes me so powerful that you are bound to my service?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]You were once the right hand man of Yugi and protected him through the intervention of the shadow games. During the duels, you could master the shadows with the light found inside you. That shall not take place again until you gather the original items again. As for the creation of the new ones, hte descendent of Heishen, the High Priest of Egypt, has created those and scattered them around in hopes of their power resurecting the three gods whose power threatens all. I am bound to you for you are the chosen protector of the Pharaoh and leader of all gaurdians and protectors found in service of the Pahraoh. But for now I must leave you and see to it that the Ring is not found again.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]With that the girl disappeared leaving Jon to find his own way to the others. Finally Jon had recieved the answers he needed, and for the first time ever knew exactly what to do.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue][I]I must find Yugi and provide him my services once again.[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Orange]So you have finally faced your destiny I see.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Ishizu, where have you been?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Orange]Seeking the location of the Millenium Items. I have found you the Millenium Eye, and am now forced to surrender the Millenium Necklace I posses to you. This will be the last time we meet youg Gaurdian. But another shall come to test you and you be will forced to prove yourself to him. He is the bearer of the Millenium Key and will test not your strength, but your heart. Prove yourself to him, and he will make all else clear to you. Now I must go and leave you to your destiny.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]Again Jon was left there by himself, and this time he obtained three of the necessary items he searched for. But what of this new guy, and when will they meet?[/INDENT]
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Konner watched all the excitement of the chase freom a roof and wondered why everyone was chasing her in human. "Fools, get you're spirits to help."

Konner jumped down and ran to cut her off. He tried to connect to Jon in his mind.

[i]Jon, you don't know me. I'lll try to stop Rikku for a little bit.[/i]

Konner jumped out and landed in front of Rikku as Yuri, his millenium spirit.

[i]Rikku, you're destiny awaits. Stop running. Let them help you. You make the choice but remeber me.[/i]
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[INDENT]Jon suddenly jumped startled by what he thought he had just heard. Although he couldn't of heard it for it was literarily in his head![/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Who is that? How do you know my name?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray]I am Konner, the Yami of Jagan, and I am here to help you if you will only open up to your Yami. It is crucial to the usage of your three items Jon. Not until you open up will you truly be able to use the Millenium Items.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I don't have a Yami, I am my own man and don't need to rely on some "spirit' or whatever you are, to be able to use my items. So go away and leave me alone![/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray]As you wish, but you will soon have to face your dark side, just as they all have. Not until then can you truly understand. But non the less, I will help you out despite your doubt. You will need our help, so at least embrace that.[/COLOR]

[INDENT]Konner's voice vanished just as quick as it had come, but then another weird presence seemed to fall upon Jon. It was more secretive yet skeptical than all the others and sent a shiver down Jon's spine. He thought it might be another vision about to come, but instead a strange man in Arab clothing approached Jon and removed his cloak from his face and pulled out the Millenium Key.[/INDENT]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Who are you and what do you want with me, 'cause to be honest, I am a little tired of all these strange people and voices just appearing in front of me. So tell me who you are, or I will be forced to see right into you with the Millenium Eye.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]I am Shadi, the Gaurdian of Heart. I will see soon enough who you are, and if you are truly worthy enough to be the Ultimate Gaurdian.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]With that, Shadi thrust the Millenium Key into Jon's heart sending a blanket of black across his vision. When Jon regained his sight, he was in a hallway with doors all down it. As he entered the first door, he saw a room of gold and pure items. He closed it and started towards the second door when he saw Shadi approach him.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Welcome Wheeler. We have arrived.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Arrived where? What is this place, how did we get here, and why?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]So full of questions you are young one. The answer lies here in your heart. This is the key to all hearts, and can see the truth that you have hidden, even from yourself. Behold the rooms of your being Wheeler, for here is the ultimate test of who you are.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]They entered the second room which was red and had a sweet scent lofting through it. On the walls were pictures of everyone Jon had ever loved. The third room they entered was Blue and full of the times Jon was saddened. They traveled through these rooms for what seemed like hours until they reached a black room. In the corner sat a guy that looked just Jon, but was slightly smaller than Jon. Behind him was a door made of gold with the Millenium Symbol on it. They entered, and once again Jon saw the vision of his dreams. The duel was suspended, and Jon saw an Egyptian version of him watching in horror longing to step in and take over. Shadi left the room pulling Jon with him and shut the door. In a flash Jon was back on the street staring at Shadi wondering what the significance of this "trip" was.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]You are worthy and the true Ultimate Gaurdian of the Pharaoh. I shall follow behind and answer when you beckon for me Gaurdian. But for now I must go for there is threat upon us I must stop. Farewell.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]Jon started back to Rikku's house at full speed haunted by the vision of the guy in the corner. All of a sudden Konner came back in Jon's head as if summoned.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=SlateGray]Jon, we have her back in her room, but you must get there quickly, she may be in trouble.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Konner I have a question for you.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray]Ah, so I see you have accepted my existence after all. Fine then, how may I help you?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]What are you guys and why does it seem like everyone has one inside of him? Are you evil spirits?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray]Hahaha, of course not. We aren't spirits at all. We are the persona of your dark side. That is why I said you have one. No matter how large or dominate it is, everyone has a dark side. We are just more powerful than normal due to the power of the Millenium Items. Therefore we seem to take on a mind of our own. It just so happens that Yugi is the descendent of the great Pharoah dethroned after a cataclysmic battle between hm and a high priest three generations after Ramses the Great.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Then why was mine smaller than me?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray]It means that the good side of you has conquered the dark. Yet when he comes out, such as Yugi's he is taller, signifying the importance of it. Without a dark side, how do you know you have a good side. Just because he comes out bigger, doesn't mean you are darker than you are good. Understand?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Yeah. Sorry about the rude welcome I gave you earlier by the way. I have had a trying day and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. But thanks for the help.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray]Sure thing Jon, I will leave you alone now, because you have to get to Rikku quick. But in case you were wondering, your dark side has a name as well. It is Rik, that is who Rikku was named after. Rik was a great duelist of the past and was an ancient Egyptian Gaurdian under the rule of Yami, who we are named after, and the Ultimate Gaurdian, Wheeler. Wait a second! Isn't that your last name? That must mean that you are his direct decsendent, adn the choosen Gaurdian of the Pharoah, and ruler of all other gaurdians! I can't believe I have finaly found you after all these years! I must go and tell Jagan my discovery. Farewell my Garudian.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]Jon continued running until he got to Rikku's house and was stopped by the same vision of destruction he had just earlier that day. The familiar voice rang through the streets stopping Jon right in his tracks. The only difference this time was, that this time he wasn't scared or shook up by it, but was rather confident as a sly grin crossed his face while Obelisk once again filled the horizon booming out his threat.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]I have heard the threat and have come at once Gaurdian. It is time for you to reveal the location of the Millenium Bracelet once worn by Slifer the Sky Dragon, so you may summon him and fight off Obelisk should he return.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]But I don;t know where it is. How can I reveal something I just heard of a couple hours ago?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]The Millenium Ring you own will point the way if you demand it to. But now I leave you with the possession of my Millennium Key.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Fine then, but for now I must see Rikku and help her out. Then I must find Yugi to protect him from this threat.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]With that Shadi left and Jon ran inside to find Rikku and Duke.[/INDENT]
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Alex idly sorted through his cards. Giant Orc, Goblin Attack Force, Man-Eater Bug...ah! There it was! His Airknight Parshath! Alex sat there, reading the two fantastic effects over again. Glancing at the stats, he frowned. They certainly weren't the best for a five star monster, but the effects far outweighed their inadequacy.

"Come on already!" the other duelist urged.

Alex started visibly. He had almost forgotten he was in a duel. He looked to the playing field. His opponent had just destroyed Alex's Witch of the Black Forest with his Goblin Attack Force. The duel was tied, 2000 to 2000. Alex pulled his Airknight Parshath from his Deck and added it to his hand.

"Are you done?" Alex asked.

"Not yet. I'm going to set two cards face-down and end my turn." the kid looked smugly at Alex as if there was no possible way he could lose. "Your move."

Alex felt his Millennium Seal activate. The Seal was embedded into his forehead, much like the Millennium Eye had been in Pegasus. The light shone forth, and Alex willed it into dimming. There were Millennium Items nearby. He'd look into it after the duel.

"Make your move already!" shouted the impatient duelist.

"Okay, okay." said Alex. "Hold your horses."

Alex drew a card. Ceasefire, his other favorite card! He looked at the field. His opponent had his Goblin Attack Force in Defense Mode, one monster card face-down, and the two face-down magic or trap cards. Alex had just a Zolga and a Banner of Courage on the field, plus the cards in his hand. He decided to make his move.

"I'll set one card face-down." he declared, and played the Ceasefire face-down. "And then I'll sacrifice my Zolga for Airknight Parshath!"

Alex's LifePoints doubled, and yet his opponent still looked smug. "Go ahead and attack!" the kid jeered.

"Okay." said Alex. "Airknight Parshath, attack his face-down monster."

The armored centaur galloped towards the face-down card, which flipped up to reveal a Bubonic Vermin. Just then Alex's opponent activated two Mask of Weaknesses, his two face-down cards. Airknight's attack was decreased by 1400, bringing it down to 700; just enough to destroy it. Airknight's effect activated and Alex drew one card. It was a Harpie's Brother, not really useful right now. The score was 2000 Alex, 1900 Other Duelist.

"You've done it now." sneered the kid. "Because you flipped my Bubonic Vermin up, I can Special Summon another one to the field. And as soon as it's my turn, I'll flip it to get another one, and sacrifice them both to bring out this card!" he dramatically turned a card in his hand around to reveal a Garnecia Elephantis. That could cause Alex some problems.

"I end my turn." said Alex simply.

"Ha! You're done for!" the kid chuckled. "I'll flip up my Bubonic Vermin to Special Summon another one to the field!"

"Activate Trap!" Alex said suddenly. "Ceasefire!"

"Wha?" The kid looked at Alex stupidly.

"Ceasefire flips all monster cards on the field face-up, negating all flip effects. Then it inflicts 500 points of Direct Damage to your LifePoints for every Effect monster on the field. Because there are four Effect Monsters on the Field, your three and my Airknight Parshath, you take 2000 points of Direct Damage. You lose."

Sure enough, the duelist's Lifepoint counter drained to zero and the holograms disappeared. He took the kid's Don Zaloog as his prize. The tournament hadn't started yet, and so there were no locator cards to be found. The two had been dueling in a quiet arcade on the outskirts of Domino City.

"Now." Alex said. "To find those other Millennium Items..."
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[INDENT]Jon ran into Rikku's house to find her and Duke cuddling together on the sofa.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue][I]Great! So much for her being in danger. Maybe in danger of kissing Duke, but that's all.[/I]Hey guys what's up? Just stopping by to see how y'all are doing.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SandyBrown]Oh hey Jon, Duke and I were just sitting here thinking about this morning. You want to sit down for a minute?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Thanks but I have to find Yugi real quick. It's nothing big, but I kinda want to find him now.[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] Just then something caught Jon's eye from off to his left. After examining it, Jon found it was teh Millennium Scales, another of the real Millennium Items he had to find.[/COLOR][COLOR=RoyalBlue] Hey Rikku, do you know what those are?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SandyBrown]No, they're just something my mother bought in an Egyptian flee market. You can have them if you want. My mom won't notice, and I hate those things.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Thanks. I wonder what they are for. Well, sorry to have to run like this, but I have to find Yugi now. I'll catch up to y'all later.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]Jon left Rikku and Duke and cleaned up the Millennium Scales getting off all the dust that had collected on it over the past years. He started heading to the park and soon found Yugi with Kaiba, Joey, Tea, and Tristan.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue][I]The others must have left. Well I must get Yugi alone so I can talk to him.[/I] Hey Yugi whatcha doin' man! Hey can I talk to you for a second?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Orange] Sure thing Jon. What's on your mind?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I was hoping to speak to you alone over here.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Orange]Okay, hey guys I'll meet you at Rikku's house in about an hour.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]The others left for Rikku's leaving Jon and Yugi alone.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]This is going to sound weird, but I need your Millennium Rod and Slifer the Sky Dragon card. It is important that I own those.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Orange] I am sorry Jon, but I need the card and the Rod is a very dangerous item. Marik couldn't control it, and I have trouble with it sometimes. So I am sorry, but I can't do it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Then you must see what I see. I shall balance this all out and show you the events of the past.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]The Millennium Necklace and Scales started shining as Jon thrust the Millennium Key into Yugi's chest sending him back to the ancient duel Jon had seen hundreds of times before.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=DarkRed]What is the meaning of this?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue] I thought you would come out if I brought you here Yami. This should actually look familiar to you. This is an ancient duel fought between you Seto. But that isn't the important part, if you look to the left of your vision, then you will see me.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Yes I remember this now. Weren't you supposed to protect me? You were the.....[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Ultimate Gaurdian I know. But I don't know why I didn't step in to take over. But perhaps we shall learn soon enough.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]Just then the vision started to play again. [COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]I MUST TAKE OVER FOR PRINCE YAMI! HE CAN'T LOSE THIS DUEL. I AM SORRY MY PRINCE, BUT THIS HAS GONE ON FOR FAR TOO LONG AND IT IS MY SWORN DUTY TO PROTECT YOU. I AM TAKING CHARGE OF THIS DUEL, AND YOU HAVE TO STEP DOWN.[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed] NO RIK I WILL FINISH THIS DUEL MYSELF. MARIK AND HEISHIN WILL LEARN SOON ENOUGH NOT TO CROSS ME.[/B][/COLOR] Rik started to intervene anyway and started to summon his god monster Slifer the Sky Dragon.[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B] I SUMMON THE MIGHTY SLIFER THE SKY DRAGON TO VANQUISH SETO'S BLUE EYES![/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed] I SAID NO![/B][/COLOR] Slifer was summoned behind Rik but was stopped in mid motion by Yami's command. Just then the vision stopped and Jon brought Yugi back to reality.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=DarkRed][I]Yugi he is right, we must give them to him for it is his destiny to possess them. We must not stand in his way.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Orange] But I too need those cards. I trust Jon, but I can't help to think that he just wants our items for his own gain.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]You must believe me Yugi, for you have not seen what I have.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Orange]Then we shall do as you wish Yami.[/I] Here you go Jon. Here is the Millennium Rod and the card Slifer the Sky Dragon.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Thank you Yugi, I can fulfill my duty to protect you and Yami now that my power is complete.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][I] Jon, you must now use all the items together so that the Millennium Ring you wear can point you to the Bracelet. The threat is growing stronger than ever.[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue] I harness the power of the six Millennium Items, now show me the location of my Bracelet so that I may once again control the mighty Slifer.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]The items all began to glow and the Ring pointed Jon to the location of the Bracelet in Egypt. Using the power of the Items Jon summoned his Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Yugi's Winged Dragon Gaurdian of the Fortress #1 into the real world and they rode them to the temple the Item was buried in. It was nightfall before he and Yugi arrived, but the flame from Jon's Red-Eyes lit their way until they got to wall with the inscribed picture of Slifer. Jon then summoned the Mech Mole Zombie to dig it up. After about 20 minutesd of waiting, Mech Mole returned with a chest similar to the one in Rikku's house. Jon opened it up and a red flame seemed to burst out of the chest lighting every torch in the chamber. Jon picked up the Bracelet which was the size of his waist, but when he put his hand through it, it shrank to fit him.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Alright, now we must get back to the others, they might be in danger as we speak, plus it has been way more than an hour since they left us.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Orange]Yeah. Besides, I can't wait to tell them about your ability to bring the duel monsters to life. This is awesome.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I have a feeling that I can now do way more than just that Yugi, but we will have to find out later. Right now we must go.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]They once again mounted there dragons and returned home. They reached it just before dawn, and slipped quietly into Rikku's house where they waited for them to wake so they could debrief them of everything they had discovered. Jon was entranced by his new bracelet and hardly noticed that his other Items seemed to be shinier and radiated a much stronger power than before. This was because of the combination of them all which gave Jon the ultimate power second to only two others. It took everything Jon had to resist from summoning Slifer to his world and awakening the Dragon from thousands of years of sleep, to once again welcome back his master.[/INDENT]
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[B][I][color=teal]OOC: I'm confused. How would Yugi and the other be at the park when they were all heading toward Rikku's. Oh yes, one more thing, Zanarkand Abes, my brother's character had the orginal Millennium Necklace. Not to sound rude or anything, but you're kind of turning this RPG into your own. I go to school with Lexy and I don't think this is how she wants the story to move along. Sorry for sounding so rude. Anyways, I'll kind of pickup where I kind of left off.

"Do you think we're just in a wild goose chase here," Joey asked as he caught up to Amber. Amber shook her head as she rounded a corner. Tristen, Michelle, Amanda, Seto, and Yugi weren't too far behind. The had left Tea behind because she didn't have a yami to tell her what was going on.

"I believe what Joy said," Amber said as the group approched Rikku's house, "We have to talk to Ethan and help Rikku out." Joey nodded as he slid to a stop. Everyone else did the same. Amber looked up at the house just as Ethan and his dad pulled up. Ethan got out of the car and looked at the group. Amber quickly ran up to him.

"What's up," Ethan asked with wounder in his eyes. Amber shook her head and pulled Ethan over to the group. His dad shook his head and quickly ran inside to check on Rikku. Ethan had a confused look on his face.

"We know you hid something from your sister," Amber said as she placed her hands on Ethan's shoulders, "Mind telling us what it is?" Ethan looked away, but something made him look back. Seto had his arms crossed and the Millennium Rod in one hand. A unhappy look was across his face.

"We'll force you to talk if we have to," Seto said without changing position or exspression. Ethan started to look nervous as he looked at everyone's Millennium Items. Thought started flowing through his head. Joey had the wristband which predicted physical movements, Amber had the earrings which sensed inner emotions, Michelle had th chocker which changed people's thought patterns, Tristen had the pendent which made him physical stronger, Amanda had the necklace which could predict the near future, Yugi had the puzzle which contained a powerful Yami with mysical powers, and Seto had the rod which could control people's minds. Ethan was scared by the thought of what all the diffrent Millennium Items could do. He let out a sigh of hopelessness.

"All right," Ethan said as he looked at Amber, "My dad and me hid the Millennium Headband from my sister. We knew there was something evil about it and we didn't want Rikku anywhere near it. You don't have to worry though, it's hidden under a losse floorboard in the basement of our old house." Amber took her hands off Ethan's shoulders. She sensed the worriment deep within Ethan. Something was bothering him.

"We'll still try our best to keep your sister and the Millennium Headband away from each other," Amanda said as she crossed her arms. Everyone else nodded in agreement. Ethan smiled and nodded as well.

"Thanks guys," Ethan said with a smile, "I needed that. Your the best friends anyone could have." Everyone except Amber nodded again. Amber was troubled by Ethan's mixed emotions. He seemed happy one the outside, but deep within there was a little boy crying his eyes out. Something had scared him and he's still scared. Amber wanted to find out more. She would have to travel to Ethan's and Rikku's old house to find out the answers she wanted.[/color][/I][/B]
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Later that evening, Alex lay quietly in his bed. A lot was happening, he knew. He could feel immense forces moving throughout the city; throughout the world. Something was happening. Something to do with the Millennium Items. The Seal in his forehead burned, and Alex squinted with pain. What should he do? Should he try to find the others with Millennium Items? Would he be able to help them? Would they [I]need[/I] his help?

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]Hello, Alex. My faithful warrior. My Ultimate Guardian.[/B][/COLOR]

[I]"Who, who are you?"[/I]

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]"It is I, Obelisk the Tormentor. But do not fear, I am here to help you. For you see, you have already helped me. When the Millennium Seal activated and embedded itself in you those many months ago, you released my powers. You freed me from my chains."[/B][/COLOR]

[I]"Obelisk the Tormentor? Isn't that the name of one of the God cards?"[/I]

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]"It is [I]my[/I] name, Alex. [I]I[/I] am Obelisk, and I am not a mere card."[/B][/COLOR]

[I]"What was that you were saying about me being your warrior, or something?"[/I]

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]"In ancient times, it was your ancestors that served me. Even as the boy, Jon, served as Yugi's Ultimate Guardian and bearer of Slifer; so did [I]you[/I] serve as [I]mine."[/I][/B][/COLOR]

[I]"If this Jon kid has Slifer, and was protecting Yugi, how do I fit in? I'm not protecting anybody, and I don't have your card; Seto Kaiba does."[/I]

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]"Your purpose was unique in that you did not protect any given person. You were [I]solely[/I] my Guardian. Your only responsibility was to serve [I]me.[/I] I have come to reclaim that loyalty."[/B][/COLOR]

Alex didn't know why, but suddenly the Seal didn't hurt anymore. It was as if this was what he was destined to do. What Obelisk said made sense, kind of. There was still a few problems, though. And a few questions.

[I]"But, I don't have your card."[/I]

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]"That can and will be taken care of tomorrow. Go to the KaibaCorp building nearest you. I will arrange for Kaiba to be there. He will have no choice but to hand over the card to you."[/B][/COLOR]

[I]"I don't think he'll willingly give the card up."[/I]

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]"Destiny will compel him, even as it did in the Battle City Finals. There, he was forced to play his Blue-Eyes White Dragon in place of me. His Destiny changed the future predicted by the Millennium Necklace. He will again be compelled."[/B][/COLOR]

[I]"Another thing, I heard that these Millennium Items have some sort of powers. All mine has done is embed itself in my head and heat up whenever a Millennium Item is around."[/I]

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]"The Millennium Seal is unique in its powers. All Millennium Items can detect when another is near. The Millennium Seal is the only Item that none of the others can detect; not even the Millennium Ring. Also, it inhibits the powers of the other Millennium Items. If any of the other bearers of a Millennium Item tries to tap into the power of their Item, the Seal traps the powers inside. Even their Yami forms are trapped inside, unable to communicate."[/B][/COLOR]

[I]"Which Item does this Jon guy have?"[/I]

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]"Jon has seven of them. He has the Millennium Scales, Necklace, Rod, Key, Ring, and Bracelet."[/B][/COLOR]

[I]"Oh, geez. How am I supposed to do anything with him running around with so many Items? Won't he try to stop me"[/I]

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]" Jon will certainly try to stop you from bringing me to this world. But, Your Millennium Seal makes any and all of the powers of his Millennium Items useless. While you are around him, their powers are negated. He has been summoning monsters to this world with their power. Should any of the monsters, even the mighty Slifer the Sky Dragon, come within range of your Seal's power, they will disappear."[/B][/COLOR]

[I]"Is that it, then? I go and get your card, and then somehow bring you here?"[/I]

[COLOR=DarkBlue][B]"Yes,that is all. For now. Sleep, my Guardian. We have much work to do tomorrow."[/B][/COLOR]
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Konner stepped out of his house, feeling the fresh breeze on his neck. His Yami had gone to see the Jagan, who noone had ever seen in the light. Konner searched with his millenium orb to see where Yugi was. Konner and Yuri had questions to be answered now.

[color=royalblue]Yugi, I need your help. My name is Konner. I have the Millenium Orb. What does it do? I don't kow anything about it or Yuri.[/color]
[color=red]Well, I don't know anything about it. You have to find it out alone.[/color]
[color=royalblue]Another, what was my part in your pharoahnic reign? I know I was there.[/color]
[color=black]Yami was providing no help. Maybe Jon would be useful. Where was Jon? Last time he knew, Jon was headed to Rikku's house. Konner started walking, trying to figure it out.[/color]
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[COLOR=Olive]OOC: I did mess up with the park reference, so I changed it back in that thread. And I am sorry if it seems as if I have taken over this thread, but based on the other posts being put up, it just seems to be moving that way. No to mention the fact that Lexy hasn't posted in probably a week, so I guess it's like Kaiba taking over on Gozuburo, not that I am trying to or had that intention. I am sorry about stealing the necklace from your brother, but it makes no sense why he would have it and not Ishizu, who was the rightful owner of it in the series. But I will leave it up to the others, if y'all want me to quit and start my own thread instead of continuing on this one, then before your next post, vote yes or no. If the majority votes yes, then I will leave to make my own. Until then, I will continue on with my story until the designated time. Again, I am sorry for the unintentional coup de etat, and for stealing the story.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]The others were still sleeping when Jon slipped out of the house. For some reason he could feel something was looking for him. All of a sudden his Key activated and showed Jon who it was that needed him. Konner was searching everywhere looking for Jon and something told Jon that he needed to help out. Jon quickly activated his Millennium Scales and unlocked the power to sort of teleport to where Konner was. But instead of sending him there, it sent them both into a dark place with purple light radiating from everywhere. All of a sudden Konner and Jon weren't alone anymore as Rik and Yuri joined them.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=Blue]Welcome to the Shadow Realm Jon, it's about time you came here.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]What is going on here Rik? I wanted to be where Konner was, not here!?![/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]You still have much to learn my friend. The scales don't teleport you anywhere, they simply balance out the reality of your world, and ours. How else do you think you were able to summon those monsters to your world?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Well that's good to know, you think you could have told me before hand don't you?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]You wouldn't listen to me Jon. But now that we are all here, why don't you make us a little more comfortable huh? Just you know summon up a table and chairs or something.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]And how do I do that?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]You are one of the few with the power to tame the Shadow Realm. You have the power to banish and free people from this world.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]Jon focused his mind on his surroundings and summoned up a table with the most comfortable chairs he had ever seen. Out of no where, Bones and his pals approached Jon with eyes full of terror.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=Brown]Is it true what your twin says? Can you really free us from this world?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I guess, why do you ask?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Brown]Some white haired idiot trapped us here along time ago, and we can't seem to get out. So please help us.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Fine, but you must first earn your freedom. You will serve us drinks and food until we are done talking. You will find them in that kitchen over there.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Brown]Not to correct you sir, but there is no kitchen where ever it is we are.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]All of a sudden a kitchen appeared behind Bones and the three started to serve Jon and the others, while Konner asked Jon the questions he had.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]It's funny, but just by being here I feel it all coming back to me. I now understand my full role and all that I can do now that I hold the Millennium Items. But as for you, the story will come unfolded in time. I have no answers for you. All I can do is show you what is locked in the darkest recesses of your mind.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]With that Jon thrust the Key into Konner and like a movie the past started to play itself out again. Once again Jon was forced to endure the battle he thought he had seen the last of Yet this time it started playing from the the spot where Jon had a frozen Slifer summoned to the field.[/INDENT]




[INDENT]The vision ceased and left Jon speechless as he was forced to realize that his were not the only true Millennium Items after all. Yet if there were more, why didn't the Ultimate Gaurdian control them was all that he could think of. But then it came to him that although he wasn't destined to control them all, he didn't need to. For according to the Ancient Text, he that controlled these controlled an unstoppable power.[/INDENT]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]You see Konner, you were my apprentice and learned the ancient ways from me. But I fear that your training was not complete after this battle we just witnessed. Yet I can not tell for sure for not even I have seen the end of this. I feel there is one other who holds the key memory to unlocking the end of this battle. But I can not reach into her heart without the possibility of unlocking the finial chain on Obelisk. If his Ring were to be put on, then he would be free once more to roam the earth.[/COLOR]
[INDENT]Yet there was another being who had a part in the battle, but for some reason his mind was locked and Jon couldn't figure out who it was. Jon later returned Konner to his previous location and freed Bones as he promised. After they left the Shadow Realm, they were all sent to where they last were before being sent there. Jon trudged off to the nearest KaibaCorp building fearing a dark presence there. He would have to wait to talk to Rikku later and figure out exactly how he knew her in the first place. Now that his ancient memories were coming back, Jon had forgotten a lot about his connection to Rikku. But that he figured would have to wait for later. There was a threat continually growing and the time to awaken Slifer was about to come upon him. Jon feared that moment for the fact that with the two gods fighting, Gala City could be finished for good.[/INDENT]
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[COLOR=Red]He senced something from the Split One. The one called Yugi by his friends. He felt that there was a sence of urgency yet they acted as if it was like any other urgent meeting that wasn't really that urgent. He could sence though that Yugi wanted to get there and he wanted to get there soon. He also noticed that the ammount of people in the group was slowly deminishing. Something had drawn one or two away for now. He knew though that they would sooon be back. In the meantime his new servant was about to make her first move. Her first challenge. He had given her a special deck. One that would take them to the shadow realm. No harm would come to her even if she lost, but if she wins he won't be held accounted for what happens.[/COLOR]
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