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Digimon: Original Digidestined


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The sun was high Indicating it was noon. Tera sat on the balcony edge taking in the clean fresh air. She sat on the railing with her feet dangling off over the sidewalk below... She sat up about three floors but wasnt afraid of falling.

"Hmm... Yeah Oh how I love Saterdays..."

"You know... Its not safe to be sitting there..." Her brother says stepping up beside her.

"Your point is?"

"What will you do when I move out? Heh it seems im the one who keeps order around here." He laughs sitting down on the small lawn chair and propping his feet up on the balcony railing.

"Hah! I will have freedom to bring chaos to this house once and for all!" Tera laughs in her most fake evil laugh ever.

"Exactly..." He laughs as he shuts his eyes and takes in the sunlight.

"Well I have to go... Im going to the movies with a few friends." Tera flipped backwards and landed on her feet near the sliding glass door. She spun in place and ran into the door. "Ow"

"Smooth move miss gymnastics..." Her brother laughed...

"Oh shut up Eric... You shut it intentionaly."

"For the third time this week." He grinned.

Tera shook her head and opened the door and stepped through. Her brother may have been 4 years older than her... He acted 4 years younger at times. She ran off to the movies.

[center]~~ Later That Night~~[/center]

Tera sat in her room smiling. She enjoyed the movie and again got to see her friends on terms that they all enjoyed unlike school. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. Her stereo had calm sounds emiting from it... Her favorite relaxation music was that of thunder and rain. The loud sounds of thunder and the hard rain calmed her.

She heard a strange noise and her eyelids slowly opened. Once her eyesight focused she leaped out of her chair.

"What the!?"

The entire room was swirling with little yellow and orange lights. Soon the details of her entire room dissapered so it was as if she was standing in the middle of a light storm. A little orange light flew close to her face and she curiously lifted a hand to it. She slowly moved to touch it but just before contact it zipped away and around with the others. She spun in place looking at them in amazement. The orange lights swirled and soon a blue and green glow came in... Soon she was surrounded by all the colors of the rainbow.

"Wicked dream!" She said to herself with a grin on her face. "But wait... Would I acknowledge that its a dream... in a dream?" She questioned.

Suddenly a pink light flew in front of her face, "No..." It said and With that it flew into her and she went sailing backwards eyes shut.

"Ahhhh" Tera yelled as she seemed to fall. She landed on her back on the ground... She put a hand to her head and whined. "Owww Painful Dream..."

She opened her eyes to see blue sky above her... And strange looking trees with signs in them and around them. The bushes had huge flowers and strange colors. She felt almost as if she could just bounce where she was laying. She rolled over to realize it was because the ground was almost like a Trampoline.

"Its about time you woke up..." A small voice came from behind. She leaned up and looked around. The small little rabbit like creature behind her smiled as she fell backwards into the bouncy ground. "You have been asleep for about an hour and it was starting to bug me."

"What the heck are you!? Where am I? This is some whacky dream..."

"The name is Terriermon and you are in my Primary Village... And no... This is not a dream..."

"Primary what?"

"Primary Village... Look strange freakish creature... You are in the digital world..."


Keep in mind just cause the digiworld said Anchient... I did forget the part where Time on earth and time in digiworld is different... so lol. But still no Tai and Matt and anyone else ok.

By the way you dont have to post as long but at least have your characters surprised... And have them End up in Primary Village (Terriermon is the person who takes care of the eggs and babies... like Elecmon in the season 1... So he greets you and gathers us all together.)

And digimon dont exactly know what humans are yet... hence the reason terriermon called my character strange freakish creature... The yeasily get used to the human idea though. Our partners when i post next ill give them to you... But untill then just get your character to where mine is. And its just an intro post anyways.

A not on our partners... when they meat us (Hehe we are dinner) When the MEET us they arent surprised we are humans... Because they just hatched so they are new to the workd as well.
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[B][I][color=teal]Rena was sitting at her desk looking at her laptop. She was pushing random keys and she had her hand on her face. She let out a sigh and pressed another key. Suddenly, her bedroom door swung open and a boy around Rena's age walked in. Rena turned around and looked at the boy.

"Do you ever knock Rio," Rena asked as she started to lean backward on her desk. Rio was Rena's twin brother and a major thorn in her side.

"I don't have to," Rio said as he sat down on Rean's bed. Rena rolled her eyes and went back to her laptop. Rio started looking aaround Rena's room. He frowned at all of the awards and technology stuff Rena had laying around. He let out a depressed sigh and layed backward.

"I would love it if you left and let me do some reserch in peace," Rena said with out even turning from her laptop. Rio jumped up and glared at his sister. He started walking toward Rena's door.

"Fine," Rio said without even looking back, "I'll leave you and your laptop alone. It's not like you ever leave it anyhow." Rena made a hand motion. Rio shook his head and left. Rena let out a relieved sigh and went back to hitting random keys.

Later that night, Rena was sitting on her bed and looking out the window. She let out a sigh and looked down at her laptop which was sitting next to her in a carrying case. Rena shook her head and looked back out the window. Diffrent color lights had started flashing in the sky as she looked back out the window. Rena quickly jumped up, grabbed her laptop, and ran outside.

The lights in the sky turned into little balls as Rena stepped outside. They started swirling around her. Rena started turning around looking at the lights makeing a light tornado around her. Suddenly, a turqouise light popped up in front of her. Rena stopped turning and reached for the light. She grabbed it and opened her hand. A small turqouise device was in her hand. Rena looked alittle confused as the light tornado closed in on her. She blacked out shortly after.

"Ow," Rena said as she fluttered her eyes open, "What happened?" Rena sat up and shook her head. She quickly looked down at her closed hand. She still had the device and her laptop at her side. She then looked up. She was surrounded by a place that looked like her baby cousin would. She stood up just to feel that the ground was bouncy.

"And you're awake too now," a cute voice said from behind Rena. Rena quickly turned to discover a little green and white rabbit standing behind her. She backed up slightly and fell down.

"Who or what are you," Rena asked as she backed up some more, "and where I'm I?" The little rabbit shook his head. He then looked at Rena.

"I'm Terriermon, I'm a Digimon," the small rabbit said as he moved an ear, "and you're in Primary Village which is in the Digital World." Rena looked around in shock. She knew she was in Tokyo anymore.[/color][/I][/B]
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Gavynn's turns >: D
Rad made his way down the street towards his house after a fierce game of soccer with his buddies. "Phew, man am I good. I so kicked their butts at that game it's not even funny. I should get a medal. Maybe I should join the team. Oh man, am I talking to myself?" Rad unlocked his apartment's door and entered, turning the light on. "Hello? I'm home!"

No one answered.

"Guess everyone's out," he said, walking over to a paper on the counter. It read:

[i]Gone shopping with your father. We'll be back in a little bit. Love ya! ~Mom[/i]

"I hope she knows I need new shorts. These are the third pair I've wrecked this week." He grimaced at his shorts and ran to his room quickly to change. Once in his normal outfit, he smiled and looked at himself in the mirror. "Oh yeah, much better." He suddenly saw a flash in the mirror. He turned to see his watch so he approached and put it on. "Just where I left you." He then noticed the flash in his eye again. "Man, what the... that's not my watch." He looked around for it and the flash showed itself once more. "What is that?" It was coming from outside and continuely dide it, blinding Rad. "If you're little kids with a magnifying glass..." He stepped out onto the balcony to look down, but nothing was there.

He approached the railing when suddenly the flash became a huge beam of light, blinding him completely and causing him to take a trip off the balcony. "HEEEYYY!" He luckily grabbed onto something before falling to his doom, but he he couldn't see what; his eyes were just showing white. He felt a sudden gust of wind and felt himself land softly on earth. He had his eyes closed even if he was blinded and cowered in fear. He didn't bother moving. "Did I die yet?" He opened his eyes and looked up at two girls. He felt a big sweatdrop. "Uhh... I mean," he leapt to his feet, ready to pull-off some slick talking when he noticed where he was.

"What in the name... where am I?"

"You're in the digital world," Terriermon appeared once more. "I'm getting sick of saying that." Rad turned to see the creature and freaked once he did.

"A talking rabbit!"

"I'm not a rabbit. I'm Terriermon, you crazy thing, you."

"When I fell off my balcony, did I hit my head? Darn those kids... I'll get them for this. This must be a dream... has to be."

"It isn't, though, Rad."

"Shut up, talking rabbit!" Rad covered his ears with his hands, sliding his goggles over his eyes as if they were to prevent any bad things from happening. "What's going on?"
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[size=1][b]A cold breeze blew into Zak's faces as he skated down the street, his rollar blades rattling on the ridged concrete below him. He brushed a wisp of his gold bangs from his face and skidded to a stop in front of a large apartment building, scaring a middle aged women half to death. He laughed silently and skated through the doors into the small "lobby" that basicly just had two elevators. He quicky slipped off his skates and jammed his feet into his tennis shoes when the person on duety that day gave him a glare and snorted at his foot wear. Zak then quickly scrambled inside an open elevator and started to head up for the 26th floor.

"God Im hungry..." Zak mumbled to himself, trying to make the elevator ride shorter by focusing on his stomach, but that just made things worse. Finally, the elevator door slid open and Zak walked a few doors down, pulled out a key, and entered the apartment house thing. His parents wouldn't be home for another few hours being they were both "Business people". Zak scratched his head and grabbed an apple from off the counter, then walked into his room where he decided to chill.

"And what did you do to Zak?" He asked aloud, deepening his voice to make it sound like a TV announcer. "Had a boring breakfest, went to boring school, and almost got into boring detension." Zak answered with a sarcastic smiled. He then flopped down into a chair next to his desk and reached over, flicking on the light. It didn't come on. He glanced over to see that it was unplugged. He grumbled something and then got down on his hands and knees, crawling under the desk and plugging it in. He got back up on his feet and flipped the switch to the light again. Shadizzle! With a few sparks the light went out. Zak closed his eyes from the surprisingly bright light the sparks had made. When he opened his eyes, sparks were still flowing, but they were all around him now and they seemed to be spinning. Zak's stomach lurched from the spinning-ness and fell over, suddenly landing on something soft.

The sun shone into Zak's eyes as he slowly opened them. He rolled over on his belly and pushed himself up, looking around. [i]This isn't my boring bedroom...[/i] It was b-e-a-utiful. Zak felt something in his hand, he looked down to see a small, yellow device. He shrugged and pocketed the item. The lush grass was very soft and a bit bouncy and the trees and plants were amazing clolors, much different looking from the big city Zak was used to. Zak backed up slightly and suddenly tripped over something.

"Wow!" Zak yelled as he fell over onto his back. He heard someone grumble and he jumped up to his feet. "Sorry kid! Did I hurt you-" Zak's mouth gapped open. He had tripped over an older guy and sitting next to him was a green, long eared, bunny... monster! Zak twitched and jumped back, bumping into two good looking girls. He felt his face turn red and scooted away from the two.

The bunny quickly sighed and glared at Zak. "I'm ganna make this quick because I'v been saying it all day." he cleared his throught and then spoke. "Welcome to the digital world, you are currenly in primary village and I am Terriermon." Zak almost fell over. That thing could talk. Before Zak could say or do anything the bunny monmster spoke again.
"You arn't going to keel over too are you?" [/size][/b]
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ooc: I have been waiting for the others to post before i posted BUT Uh... I do realize that they prolly dont log on as often as i do... eh i live on the computer. Ahem... so ill have terriermon explain a few things to the four.


Terriermon grew impatient with all these strange creatures popping into his world and his Village like this. He shook his head and pointed his left ear at the surroundings.

"This is my Primary Village... Where all digimon are born. Dont even ask what a digimon is... Ill explain. A digimon is a .... Is a..... Uh... Ok those details arent as easy as i thought... Digimon is short for Digitial Monster... All creatures here in the Digital World are Digital Monsters get it?"

"UH HUH" The four nodded together.

"Now I take care of the eggs here and when they hatch i take care of the babies... Now its quite annoying when i get a call from someone saying a bunch of creatures will be arringing here in my village get partners... I have duties you know... Mouths to feed... eggs to hatch... Get it!? Good then... Im-"

"Wait... Partners?" Tera asks noticing everyone else seemed to want to ask the same question.

"Dont ask me you skrawny two legged monster... Im just here to make sure you guys dont go insane... And to 'Welcome' you into our world..."

Tera frowned and balled ip her fists. She then pointed a finger into terriermon's face, "Now listen here you fuzz head! I am no monster or creature... And im not skrawny! Im sapposed to look this way! We are Humans... H-U-M-A-N-S humans!"

Terriermon was a little shocked at how she acted but nodded, "Ok then... Humans... I said welcome... I know some others should be here soon the phone call said about 7 or something... But i have things to do... "

"You have phones here?" The newest kid asks...Tera smiled at this.

"Uh... Yes but they wont call your world if thats what you want to know. Things are different here.. "

"Different how?" The other girl asks.

"Oh good Gravy I-" Terriermon was interupted.

"I beleive we will understand over time... Let the poor guy get back to work. Hey terriermon we can help if you like. Just tell us what to do..." Tera smiled ready to lend a helping hand.

"Well there is fish to be caught... Cradles to be cleaned... Eggs to be hatched... Mouths to feed." Terriermon listed.

"Ill Hatch some eggs if you tell me how to do it and which ones to hatch" Tera said pointing to the feild of eggs nearby.

"Verywell... The Eggs that are glowing... the others arent ready yet. And um... All you do is rub."

"Like aladins lamp hah i can do that!" Tera leapt up and bounced on the ground. She steadied herself off the coushy ground to solid ground near the eggs. "Ok... What fun."

"Anyone else want to help? You can help fish or feed.... or clean"

The last part made everyone look disgusted and they all agreed to help with things that had to do with food.

"Aw it figures... Your all a bunch of wimps" Terriermon talked towards a small hut.

You can chose to fish feed or even clean mwahaha. Im just waiting for the other three to post before the partners hatch
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[B][I][color=teal]Rena quickly ran over to the cribs to help feed. There were already bottles out and next to the cribs. Rena smiled, picked up a bottle, and looked in a crib. There was a Digimon in there that looked like a puff of smoke with a fire on it's head. Rena seemed attracted to this baby. She picked it up and looked at it.

"Aren't you cute," Rena said as she put the bottle in it's mouth, "When I get a partner, I hope it looks like you." Terriermon overhead Rena, walked out of his hut, and over to her. He was giving her a soft glare. Rena looked down at him and smiled nervously.

"You may want to rethink that," Terriermon said as he looked at Rena. Rena put the bottle down and started to try to make the baby burp. She figured it was the same with Digimon as it was with her baby cousin. She then looked at Terriermon.

"Why would I want to rethink that," Rena questioned. Terriermon crossed his arms and shook his head. He was tired of exsplaining everything.

"Most of this smokey little guys turn into the prank playing DemiDevimon," Terriermon said with a sigh, "and you don't want DemiDevimon as a partner." Rena grinned as Terriermon started to walk away. She quietly put the now sleeping baby in his crib. She then moved to the next crib.

"DemiDevimon sounds cool," Rena whispered as she picked up another bottle, "I've always liked dark things and a bit of a challenge." Rena softly picked up the baby in the crib in front of her and started feeding it.[/color][/I][/B]
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OOC: You didn't mean my character when you said Eric, did you? THat's not my character's name. then again, I guess nobody ever sad that Siire was Tera's only brother.


Siire heard a noise coming from Tera's room. At the door to her room, he saw Eric.

"Eric, what's going on?" he asked, concerned for Tera.

"I don't know. I havn't been inside yet."

"I'll go in first." When Eric didn't object, Siire opened the door. The only thing wrong with the room was Tera's absence. Eric entered as Siire went over to the bed. "Nothing. There's nothing here."

"What should we do?" Eric asked, a little scared.

"Go get mom and dad. I'll-holy ****!" Siire exclaimed as a light flew out of the bed and into him. He blacked out.

He woke up on his back. He sat up and looked around, noticing the seemingly random signs, the strange trees and bushes, and the bouncy ground.

"Hi, Tera," he said. He then noticed Terriermon. "Dude, what the ****?"

"[i]Another[i] one?!"

Siire was even more shocked at this. "Ooooo-kay. Talking rabbit thing. Somebody please get me to a mental hospital."

"What's a mental hospital?"

"Forget it."

[i]This can [/i]not[i] be real,[/i] Siire thought. [i]Well, might as well play along[/i]

"Name's Terriermon, by the way," the Digimon said. "I'm a Digimon, and you're in Primary Villiage in the digital world.

[i]So the rabbit thing has a name.[/i] "I'm Siire.

"You seem to be more accepting of this place then everyone else."

Siire laughed. "That's because I'm dreaming this."

"I'm getting tired of hearing that."

[i]Okay, this is starting to get really odd.[/i] "Whatever. Well, if this is real, then could somebody please tell me which way sanity is?"
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[size=1][b]Zak grinned happily as he bounced his into the air and did a front flip, when he landed he recieved a glare from the Jack Russle Terrier, who was now talking to another guy who had just popped out of no where. Zak grinned innocently and then hoped away, he said he would catch some fish, but first he wanted to know who these other people were. He landed over next to the girl hatching eggs, sliping and falling on his back for the... um... 4th time that day I think. Zak quickly jumped up and put on his best smile, trying to look like he was sixteen instead of Freshmen Fourteen.

"Hey... um, looks like were both stuck in this place so... I didn't really catch your name..." Zak stuttered and she looked over her shoulder as she started to rub an egg. She raised an eyebrow and then smiled at him.

"The name is Tera?" She said still rubbing the egg, She looked over at Terriermon who had spotted the flirting Zak. "You may wanna go do something before Terriermon starts naggin you." She said with a chuckle. Zak glanced at the little bunny who was starting to make his way over to him and Terra, the new guy was following him.

"Good idea... oh and, i'm Zak." He said quickly and then bounded away towards the stream that Terriermon had pointed out earlier. He stopped on the way and met the other girl, Rena and the other boy, Rad, who was a bit mad because he had claimed the fish job first.

When Zak reached the stream he found a net laying on the bank. He picked it up and carefully layed it under the waters surface and stayed perfectly still, watching as unexpecting fish flowed over the trap. When about 13 or so fish were in the net area he pulled it up capturing most of the fish, some were lucky and got away. He then threw the net over his back a stumbled back to the egg holding place. [/b][/size]
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Tera noticed Siire... "Hey! You are here too! Thats great!" She smiled and turned to him holding an egg.

"Um whats that?" He pointed at the black fuzzy thing sitting in the half shell.

"Oh this little guy? His name is botamon... I hatched a few others earlier." Tera smiled and the eggshell dissapered and a cradle appearned next to her. She sat the botamon inside.

"Neat dream... Although i have never met these people so im wondering why I am seeing them here too... I guess that leftover pizza was a little old."

Tera grinned and without making a sound punched him in the shoulder. He was shocked and wasnt suspecting this action... He fell backwards onto the solid ground.
"Dreams dont hurt Boy" She grined again, "Sorry to be the one to break it to ya... But this is... no dream. I assume you were hit with a light as well... Yeah exactly... This is no dream.. I wonder what Eric is thinking... Gosh I hope mom and dad dont get worried." Tera rambled as Siire picked himself up off the ground.

"If this is not a dream... Why are the things talking?"

"Oh... This is a different world... Im already getting used to the idea... We are like Pioneers here... The first humans to ever go to a digital world... I find it facinating... And the wild life is just cool too. Terriermon over there is actually quite nice just... well he has a lot of things on his mind and hes busy too. Plus hes been explaining things for the past hour."

"Digital world.... Riiiight So who are all these others?"

"Well... That hyper kid who was just talking with me is Zak... the girl over there feeding the babies is Rena... the other guy over there... hasnt talked much... i dont know his name yet... Why dont you help me hatch eggs while we are waiting."

"Waiting for what?"

"To get our partners... apparently"

"Partners!? You mean one of these fuzzy things?"

"There are different species you know. The red one over there... thats Punimon... In the nursery building there are a few fireball things galed demimeramons or something like that. Terriermon is older than everyone else. Yeah he said he got a call that about 7 or so kids were coming and to explain things. And that when we are all here the designated eggs will hatch and reveal our partners... neat huh." Tera seemed to be having alot of fun... To much fun Siire thought.

"Whats with the mons at the end of every name i dont get it..."

"They are Digimon... It is short for Digital Monster... The mon is MONSTER... so Terriermonster I guess. But its just mon... It sounds better."

"Riight... Ill just... uh.. watch you hatch things i guess." He plopped down on the ground with a sigh...[i]What kidna world was this![/i] he thought.

[i]He will get used to it... runs in the family...[/i] Tera thought to herself as she picked up another glowing egg.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Kin yawned widely, showing off a mouth full of sparkling white teeth. Spending an evening in his room while his little sister had a slumber party was DEFINITELY not on his list of fun ways to relax. Orthodontia was higher.

A squeal came from downstairs. "Akiko, I can not BELIEVE you! HOW can you think my bother is a HOTTIE?" High-pitched giggles mixed with the shy replies of a girl's voice. Kin groaned. "Girls. Especially fourteen-year-old girls. Why couldn't I have had BROTHERS?" He lay back on his bed and yawned, flipping on an Eminem CD, and soon fell asleep.

[i]Wake up, wake up, longhair.[/i]
[i]NOW we get some response.[/i]
[i]Look around, numbskull.[/i]

Kin sat up, staring wildly at a field full of cribs, and four teens feeding tiny little animals. "Whoa. Gotta stop eating pepperoni and anchovy pizza before bed."

[i]You know, I'm getting REALLY tired of being thought a dream.[/i]
"Heh. Okay, so I'm not dreaming then?"
[i]Finally we get one with some brains.[/i]
"Jerk. Where are you?"
[i]Right here.[/i]
Kin looked down and saw a cute little dog-looking thing in front of him. "A dog?"
[i]I'm not gonna explain again. Ask one of the others.[/i] The thing stomped off... if such a thing could be said to stomp.
Kin looked up and saw several other kids in the field. He approached a girl holding a smoky-looking thing and bottle-feeding it, and began asking questions.[/FONT]
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"Ill explain!!!!" Another long eared thing said running happily out into the area.

"Who are you?" Tera asked on its way over to Kin, "My name is Lopmon... I take the afternoon shift here. My brother Terriermon has little patience... with these sort of things... I on the other hand dont mind saying something over and over again... I mean when I fight I do... so why not when explaining the ways of my world to those not from around here?"

Tera smiled at the Lopmon and nodded. Lopmon bounded over to the newest Human and smiled. "Curious?" Lopmon smiled and scratched her ear, "Ask me anything!"
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OCC- Sorry for not posting. I'm limited to computer access sometimes.

IC- Ricky lay in his bed. He was listening to music on his cd player. It was a beautiful night and there were many stars in the sky. Ricky stood up and walked into the living room where his father was watching tv and his mother was asleep on, laying on his fathers shoulder. "Hey dad. Is there still pizza left," he asked? HIs father looked up with an annoyed face on. Ricky realized he was yelling because he hadn't taken his headphones off. He smiled and took them off quickly.
His father nodded and looked back to the tv. Ricky sighed and turned into the kitchen. There was a few slices of pepperoni pizza left.
Ricky took a slice and walked back to his room. He put his headphones on again and as he walked in he sat at his computer. Something strange was happening on the moniter. He had an email from his friend Liz. But it kept on sending. The screen refreshed every 5 seconds and every time there where several more of the same emails. Ricky clicked on one of the emails and then the moniter shut off.
"What the...," Ricky said. He raised his eyebrow and then a bright light shone from the moniter. Ricky looked at the sreen. It looked like it was water rippelling. He toushed the screen and to his amazement the screen clung to him for a second and then released. The screen started to move outwards and Ricky backed up a bit. The screen split from the moniter and it hovered in the air for a second.
It materialized into a device that was gray. Ricky pickedit up reluctantly. Suddenly the computer started the flash. A large flash occured and when it ended Ricky was gone.

Three hours later Ricky woke up in a tree hanging upside down. "WHAT THE," he yelled. He was hooked on by several branches tangled around his shoe. The were large and Ricky had a headache from being upside down so long.
He grabbed on to the branches and unhooked himself from the branches. He looked down and then regretted doing so. He took a deep breath and let go.
There was a large pounding sound. Ricky groaned. HIs entire body hurt. A small rabbit was laughing in fornt of him. "Well it's official. you're the clumsiest of all," Terreirmon said. Ricky looked at him and raised his eyebrow.
"What the heck are you," Ricky said. [i]Man those are some big old ears[/i].
Terriermon sighed. "My name is Terriermon and I am a digimon," he said, "I guess you don't know what that is just like the others didn't," Terriermon said.
"A digital monster," Ricky asked? Terriermon fell over. "You're brains make up for your clumsiness. How did you know what that is," Terriermon asked?
Ricky smiled. "Breaking down the word. Digi is an ahbreviation for digital and mon is an ahbreviation for monster," he said.
"I could get use to this," Terriermon said. Ricky stood up and dusted himself off. "So where am I anyway," Ricky asked? Terriermon smiled. "You are in the digital world," he said.
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OOC: Oy... since when did everyone post within a few seconds O.o; That was some harsh readin'.
Rad peered into the water. Everything was happening so fast that he wasn't sure he could take it like some of the others. And who were the others? He didn't know them. He didn't know where he was and why should he catch fish? He swatted at the water.

[i]Feels real,[/i] he thought. [i]Hmm... I wonder if this isn't a dream after all.[/i] Suddenly a fish flew into the air and smacked him in the face. "AHHHH! MONSTER!" He fell backwards, sliding down the bank, and into the water. The stream wasn't deep so he was able to get up, but quickly fell because of the fish. Marching back to where the others were, he grimaced.

He spotted another rabbit of a different color talking to one of the girls. He shunned. [i]There's more? C'mon![/i] Then he saw some of the other children taking care of little squishy things. [i]Are those alive?[/i] He took off his goggles for a moment to let the water out of them. He quickly put them back on and approached the second rabbit.

"Hey-" he began, but suddenly felt fish fly out of his pants. One landed in front of Lopmon and Rad felt embarrassment overwhelm him.

"Ah, good," Lopmon grinned. "You found some fish."
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[B][I][color=teal]Rena looked at Lopmon, Rad, and the new boy. She shook her head as Lopmon picked up the fish and Rad turned bright red. Rena then smiled as she looked at the new boy. The smokey Digimon, which Rena found out was called Mokumon, started to play with her shirt as she went to talk to the new boy.

"So," Rena said with a smile, "what's your name before I start exsplain since Lopmon got a tad side tracked." The new boy grinned slightly as a slight pink color fell upon his face. Rena giggled slightly as Mokumon proceeded to play with her shirt.

"I'm Kin," the new boy said as he cleared his throat, "and would you be so nice to eszplain everything to me." Rena put Mokumon down because he was getting a tad annoying. She then looked at Kin and smiled. Kin started to blush.

"Well," Rena said as she put her hand on her hip, "we're in this strange world called the Digital World. Right now we're in Primary Village where all Digimon are born from eggs as a baby. All of the "talking creatures" are the Digimon AKA Digital Monsters. And no we're not dreaming." Rena smiled again as she spotted another Mokumon that needed to be fed. she walked over to it and Kin followed. As Rena picked the Mokumon and bottle up, Kin looked at her.

"You sure seemed attracted to this Digimon," Kin said as he pulled down his sunglasses slightly. Rena turned a slight red color and looked at Mokumon. Mokumon was cheerfully enjoying his bottle.

"well," Rena said as she swallowed hard, "we're supposed to get partner Digimon and I'm really hoping it's one of these guys. They're supposed to turn into a prank playing Digimon called DemiDevimon. I just think it might be fun to have a Digimon like that. Maybe you can help since you're going to be getting a partner as well." Rena looked up just as Kin pushed his sunglasses back up. She tried hard not to blush again as Kin smiled. He picked up a MetalKoromon and started feeding it. Rena was a little shocked at that because Kin didn't look like the type to do that. She let out a sigh, put a hand to her face, and turned red.[/color][/I][/B]
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"Good good! Now... where was I" Terriermon looked around glad that Lopmon had taken over, "Oh right i was resting" He shut his eyes and went to sleep.

"Oh look at this!" Tera said pointing at 7 golden glowing eggs... "Am i sapposed ot hatch those too?" She asked lopmon...

"No... Only one... Follow your heart and pick one... they seem to call out to their owners and only their owners can hear them... as far as when the strange guy said that is."

Everyone linned up in front of the eggs and stared for a moment.

"Hmm..." Tera heard a strange noise and nodded and pointed to the Pink one "That ones mine."

The others nodded and soom they all were holding glowing eggs.

"Now what" They all ask.

"You rub it thats what..." Lopmon laughes... she always enjoyed watching digimon hatch.

All of the kids lightly rubbed the egg they were holding and the shell dissapered. In-Training Forms sat in their arms. Along with the little creatures were small devices... Rena and Ricky didnt get them though cause they already had them from before they came to the digital world.

In Tera's arms was a small pink thing with a blue flower on its head, "Hi... Im Yokomon... "
Tera smiled, "And I am Tera"
"Nice to meet you Tera!" It smiled.

In Rad's arms was a small green blob like digimon that resembled the Motimon in the nursery house... "Hiya! The names Fordermon!"
"Right... Just call me Rad..."
"Ok... Rad.. You know Rad... You are really Rad" It said... This made him laugh.

In Rena's arms sat something hot... She yelped and let go quickly. It floated in front of her... "Oh... Sorry..." It said..
Rena seemed dissapointed, "Darn... not a Mokumon..."
"Oh? Haha Thats my baby form so no worries! My name is DemiMeramon..."
"Oh... Far Out! My name is Rena!"

In Kin's arms sat a strange little thing. It had two points on its head and armor on its head as well. It had no arms or legs but it did have a purple and white tail. It smiled at him. "Whats your name big guy?" It asks...
"Kin... And yours?"

In Ricky's hands sat a small creature. It smiled at him, "My name is Keopimon..."
"Hi..." Ricky raised an eyebrow, "Im Ricky"

Siire glanced in his arms and held out the pink little thing... It had a feather on its head and two tiny little wings.
"Ooo... Im Poromon... Nice to meet you...eh..."
"Ooo Nice to meet you Siire."

In Zak's arms sat a four legged little purpleish thing. Its legs were short and stubby and its face rounded off. "Dorimon is the name..."

The kids stood there... wondering what was next.

Rena spoke first, "Why arent they babies?"

"I am unsure but I can tell you all their baby forms if you like... Just so you got the name..."

Tera smiled, "Sure!"

"Alright then... Tera... Yokomon's baby form is nyokimon... A seed type thing. Mainly black in color."


Lopmon turned to Rad, "Yours is... Nadakmon There are none here in the village at this moment... But its mainly a small green scaley ball... thats really all i got."


"Rena you already know yours... Mokumon... the little cloud thingy. Kin yours is a small metal thing... You were holding one earlier. MetalKoromon.. Also known as Choromon."

"Alright..." He nodded.

"Hmm all i know about... Yours Ricky is that its called Ubbomon"


"Pururumon is yours Siire... Its just like that there you are holding but... Its more like a blob and the wings arent feathery.. they are just soft little arms."

Siire was silent...

"Dodomon" Lopmon said to Zak.


"Now just cause it sounds stupid doesnt make it stupid. Its actually a very cute little ball of fur. Same color as the one you got now. Now that should be about it..."

Tera held out Yokomon... "You are so cute!"

"So are you... Whatever Cute is..."

Everyone laughed at this... Tera blushed slightly and laughed as well...

Suddenly a rainbow flash appeared before them. In the light stood someone who looked human.

"Hello DigiDestined..."

"Digi what?" Every one shouts.

"Digidestined... Lopmon i guess you didnt get to that part yet..."


"Anyways... You are all the digidestined... You are chosen to help save this world... I cant say much now but i Will give you a gift to help you for now... But first id like to explain the devices. Teh yare called Digivices... Digital Devices... They will only work with you and only you... No trading for better colors... they wont work if you do this... "

"What do they do" Siire asked.

"Good question... Aside from telling you what time it is here in Digi-World... It also has the power to help Digivolve your partners... Into bigger stronger things."

"Cool" Tera said...

"This is no vacation!" The human like figure said, "There is great evil threatining the entire digital world... You have been summoned here to help defeat this evil... His name is.. Shzzzzt" The hologram seemed to fuzz out, "Darn... I have to go... see ya" With that the light dissapered.

"Hey wait... come back!" Tera shouted.. "This was cool... getting a partner and all... But no one said anything about saving the world... be it digital or not!" Tera looked down at Yokomon who seemed upset.

"Tera our world needs you... You were chosen for a reason... dont fight it..."

"Oh... Im sorry... I guess your right i dont have a choise now do I... And what about the gift he said he was gonna give us!"

The digimon all said together, "We feel ...strange..." They all began to glow and grow. "Digivolve tooo"

In front of Tera Stood a pink bird thingy and she had a metal thing around one of her ankles... "Biyomon!"

"This must be the gift eh?" Tera said... "Hi Biyomon"

Lopmon smiled, "They are all now at rookie form... Oh how i wish i could digivolve that fast... it took me months to get to my rookie form... Now i really want a partner... Oh well..."


OOC: You can introduce your partner and describe them...all a rookie stage now... No way am i gonna do it again lol... i just did for the intraining forms... and baby... So you get the honor of reacting to their new forms... and the quickness of becoming digidestined.

Also.. note: Although the 'guy' is like Gennai... he is not Gennai... He is our age and i control when he appears...
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Rad fell to the ground after holding the new heavy creature. It was a lizard the size of Rad himself! "What the... how did you..." He stood up after pushing the digimon off and looked down at it. "Uh... exactly what are you now?"

With an almost devious voice, the new digimon spoke, "I am Zerodramon. I digivolved from my in-training form of Fordermon to this."


"Digivolved," Lopmon answered for him. "It's to become an even strong form." Though Rad was still confused, he looked around at the others who were exploring their newfound glory.

"So... uh..." Rad looked Zerodramon over. "What do... you do?"

"What do I do? I dunno." Zerodramon opened it's mouth and panted, it's long tongue moving in and out of it's sharp jaws.

"Eh? Are you some sort of dog now?" Rad slid over to Tera to see how she was handling this. "Ya know, this is awesome and all, but I'm still confused." He suddenly felt Zerodramon latch onto his leg. "Hey now!"
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[B][I][color=teal]Rena slightly shilded her eyes as DemiMeramon started to glow. The light around him was strange, but wonderful to watch. Rena moved her arm as DemiMermon started to talk.

"DemiMeramon Digivolve to..............," DemiMermon said as his voice started to change, "DemiDevimon." Rena looked excited as a black ball like creatures with wings, little floppy like antenas on his head, and bird like feet floated in front of her. DemiDeevimon looked like he couldn't keep flying. He did just get his wings after all. He start to fall, but Rena caught him.

"You ok little guy," Rena asked as she held DemiDevimon in her arms, "I don't want you to get hurt now." DemiDevimon actually smiled and hugged Rena with his wings.

"I'm fine," DemiDevimon said with a sound of relieve in his voice, "I'm just not used to my new wings yet." Rena nodded and smiled. She slightly hugged DemiDevimon back.

"I'm glad you're ok," Rena said as she looked over at Kin, "and I know you'll get used to your wings really fast." DemiDevimon nodded and continued to hug Rena. Rena smiled again and started walking over to Kin. He was looking at his new Digimon strangely.[/color][/I][/B]
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[size=1][color=indigo]Zak blinked as Dorimon leaped from his arms and landed softly on the ground. He suddenly started to glow and he quickly ran in between Zak's feet. Zak blinked again and looked down at him.

"What's wron- Wow!" Zak yelled as Dorimon suddenly doubled in size and then doubled in size again! Zak was sitting on the back of a fox like looking creature. It had very short wings on its back and a large red stone was on its forehead. Zak was in aw and slipped, falling off the digimon. "Ouch... Dorimon?"

"Nope, now i'm Dorumon, is that name better than Dodo?" He asked as he stretched out his limbs. Zak scratched his head and laughed saying that the name was better than a dodo. "What's a dodo?" Dorumon asked. Zak laughed, but soon realized the digimon was serious about his question. Zak grinned and casually put his arm across Dorumon's shoulder.

"My friend... this is the beggining of a b-e-a-utiful friendship..." [/size][/color]
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[color=#000080][font=Arial][size=1]I PMed Blanko about signing up and she said I could post.[/size][/font]


[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Cassie had just been sitting in her room, waiting for her mother to get home. She was taking forever and Cassie was hungry. She finally decided to play around on her computer a little to pass the time.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]She walked up to her computer and turned it on. Then, a bright flash came from the computer and illuminated the room. Cassie covered her eyes when she saw bright flash of light speed past her. She opened her eyes just as she was hit by a ball of light.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Cassie?s head hurt, really bad. She slowly sat up and looked around. She saw strange Digital looking trees and the ground seemed bouncy. She then stood up and saw a small nursery near her, and a strange little green and white rabbit running towards her.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]"Another one!" it exclaimed. "Well, that would explain for tha extra egg I had..." it scowled and explained a few things. "Welcome to the Digital World...I'm Terriermon a Digital Monster...I run the nursery here." it said with a tone that made it seem as if it had been explaining it all day.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Cassie smiled at the little Terriermon and it frowned back. "Here, follow me. The others have already hatched theirs." Terriermon began walking towards the nursery and Cassie quickly followed. It led her to a place where a couple of other kids were all happily playing with strange creatures like Terriermon.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Another creature ran up to Cassie that looked very similar to Terriermon. "Hi! I'm Lopmon, Terriermon's my brother." it said. "What is this? Where am I? What are you?" Cassie suddenly asked. Lopmon laughed. "This is the Digital World. You're in the nursery, where we take care of baby Digimon. I'm a Digimon, which is short for Digital Monster." she explained cheerfully. Cassie nodded. Lopmon then led her over to an egg. "This is yours." she announced.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Cassie bent down and picked it up. "Now, rub it to hatch it." Lopmon explained. Cassie began to rub the egg and soon it began to glow until the shell began to crack. Then, a Digimon came out from the egg. It was a bright pink color and had long ears. "Hi! I'm Koromon!" it said.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]Cassie smiled. "Hi Koromon, I'm Cassie. So, you're mine, right?" she asked. Koromon jumped up in down in her arms as if saying yes. "Yup! I'm your Digimon!" Cassie gasped as Koromon was then surrounded in a bright light. It then jumped from her arms to the ground.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]"Koromon....Digivolve to....Betamon!" Koromon yelled out as it changed to a bigger and very different Digimon. A green, fish looking Digimon appeared before her. "What, what just happened?" she asked. The Digimon walked up to her. "I'm Betamon. I just Digivolved from Koromon, my In-Training form." Cassie stared at the strange Digimon. [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][color=darkslateblue]"Well, you are sort of cute." she finally said and picked the Digimon back up. She turned to where the others were playing with their Digimon and walked over to them.[/color][/size][/font]


[font=Arial][size=1]OOC- Hmm...how would you explain how Betamon walks? Cause I mean...it's not a crawl, I think, and it's not exactly a walk...ah, oh well. Walk's good enough for me.[/size][/font]

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[B][I][color=teal]Rena watched Cassie run up to the group. She looked down at DemiDevimon and then they both looked over at Cassie. DemiDevimon fluttered up and perched himself on Rena's shoulder. Rena walked up to Cassie and greeted her.

"Hi there," Rena said as she put her hand out, "I'm Rena and the little guy on my shoulder is DemiDevimon. How about you?" Cassie looked at Rena and smiled slightly. She then looked down at Betamon. Rena had her arms crossed and DemiDevimon had his wings crossed. Cassie laughed slightly and shook her head. Rena and DemiDevimon looked at each other and then back at Cassie.

"I'm Cassie," Cassie said still with a slight giggle, "and this little green guy is Betamon." Rena and DemiDevimon both nodded. Cassie started looking around. Rena looked around as well.

"Ok Cassie," Rena said as she started walking back toward the others, "why don't you meet the other "Digidestined". Well, at least I think that's what Terriermon called us." Cassie nodded her head and started following Rena.[/color][/I][/B]
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OOC: Right front and back left back... Front left and back right forward... alternate... thats how the little betamon walks kinda... and he runs by hopping kinda... i played digimon world one to much lol. Its kinda like a wiggleish thing lol

Tera noticed the late destined and smiled, "Hiya! My name is Tera!"

"And Im Biyomon!" The pink bird beside her said...

"Hi... Im Betamon.."
"And Im Cassie... Whats going on.."

"Well aside from what you already know... Theres sapposedly a great evil and it threatens the collapse of this digital world. We were summoned here to help defeat the evil... Althought it sounds like an insane idea nad a tough one at that... We dont have a choice."

"Ack ack! Out out out out out out" Terriermon's rest had been interupted enough. "Go into the forest... begone with you .... A digimon has to rest you know and the babies cant with you yappering like that..."

"Yappering?" Tera raised an eyebrow... "Thats not even a word i dont think"

"I dont care... just take your rookie party somewhere else I have done my part."

Siire glanced away from the red hawk like digimon in front of him, "Wait... where do we go from here?"

"Do I look like a map to you?" With that Terriermon stormed off into a hut that was his own living space.

"Dont mind my brother... Hes been upset lately with the attacks on the village lately..."

"Wait Attacks!? By what?"

"Oh just a few strange digimon... They havent hurt any of the babies yet but im worried.. Terriermon is also stressed out... Its dangerous out there... I suggest you just climb a tall mountain and try and look around... I am sure Quinn will get back to you..."

"Quinn? You mean the guy in the light?"

"Yeah... Hes not really human... He took that form so you might not freak out... So you would perhaps listen to what he had to say more... So anyways... I know he will get back to you on what is needed to be done. Anyways I got things to do... Just try not to get hurt guys... And I reccomend heading north from here..."

"Which way is north?" Rena asked

"Oh Oh I know!" DemiDevimon giggles

"Oh...? Which way is north then?"

"The opposite of south!" He laughed... Tera raised and eyebrow and snickered...

"Its that way way" Lopmon said pointing towards some rockey mountains.

"Great... And i didnt bring my hiking shoes"Siire sighed
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[i]This is getting stranger and stranger,[/i] Siire thought. [i]Well, it's not like I have much of a choice here. I have to see what all happens here. I just hope I'm not totally insane by the end of all this.[/i] "Well, we should probably get going. Waiting around here isn't going to make things any different."

Tera laughed. "Impacient, as usual. Has it ever crossed your mind that none of us know what we're supposed to do?"

"Yes, actually. But we were told to go north, and we have no reason not to, so I say we get on with it." He started north, only to trip over Zerodramon. "Holy monkey!"

Siire picked himself up and turns toward Zerodramon and Rad. "Watch it, will you?"

"Sorry about that," Zerodramon replied.
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[size=1][color=indigo]Zak skipped on the grass as he and the other digidestined kids made there way through a fairly thick forest, heading for the mountains in the North. They had left Primary Village a while ago and the large mountain range didn't seem any closer than it had when the started off, but Zak just figured that it was just his imagination. Dorumon suddenly came up behind Zak and slid his large fox tail out infront of his feet, causing Zak to topple forward onto the ground face first. Dorumon and some of the others giggled and snickered as Zak pushed himself up and rubbed his head.

"Haha, very funny, wise guy..." Zak gave Dorumon a schemish look and continued forward. The Rad guy and Zerodramon were leading the party with Tera and Biyomon close behind. Zak stopped his frolicing and looked around the forest. It was really quite. He had expected to see alot of digimon roaming around the forest, but he hadn't seen one except for Dorumon and the other 7 digimon. Zak suddenly saw a shadow from the corner of his eye, he stopped so abruptly that Dorumon ran into him, causing Zak to fall on his face for the second time in just 1 minute flat.

"What's wrong Zak?" Dorumon asked in his odd tone of voice. Zak scratched his head and squinted into the forest. Rena came up beside him with DemiDevimon perched on her shoulder.

"Just, thought I saw something move in the shadows, it must have been my imagination..." Zak replied as he gave a weak smile. Rena shook her head and looked into the forest, looking in the shadows of the trees too.

"No, I saw something move too, I doubt both of us would have seen an illusion." She said. The rest of group had stopped and gathered around, looking out into the depths of the woods. [/size][/color]
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[B][I][color=teal]OOC: I don't know what we're supposed to be looking at soooo........

Rena and the other seven Digidestined leaned in closer toward the shadows. Something moved again and they all jumped back. Rena stummbled into Zak and Kin. She blushed slightly at both guys. DemiDevimon fluttered off of Rena's shoulder and looked around.

"I hate dark and strange little creatures," DemiDevimon said as he shifted his golden eyes over the shadows. Rena shook her head and walked behind DemiDevimon.

"Then you must hate yourself," Rena said as she grabbed DemiDevimon. DemiDevimon got out of Rena's grib and perched himself on her shoulder again. Rena shook her head and looked at the shadows again. Something moved once again. Rena jumped back again and hit Zak this time. She smiled nervously and turned to face him.

"What do you think it is," Zak asked as Dorumon stood next to him. Rena shook her head. Suddenly something jumped out of the shadows and headed toward Rena. Zak grabbed her and swung her around. DemiDevimon quickly flew off of Rena's shoulder as Rena's and Zak's Digivices started to glow. Everyone else looked in horror as the thing came closer to Zak's back. Rena reilized that Zak had swung her around to protect her. Rena shook her head and pushed Zak out of the way. Rena's Digivice glowed brighter as she closed her eyes and braced herself. Zak's digivice also glowed brighter as he fell to the ground back first.

The suspence, the suspence! I can't take it![/color][/I][/B]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Kin blinked slightly as he looked at Kapurimon's new form. "Yeesh. You changed from a plushie into a model. My little sister would love you."
"Thanks... I think. I'm now ClearAgumon." The creature scratched at its Lego-looking head sheepishly, then blinked over Kin's shoulder. "What..."
Kin felt a warmth in his hand and looked to see that his 'digivice' was glowing. "What now?" He moved toward the others, feeling protective of them almost immediately. "Get ready!"
i haven't a clue what's goin' on, so i'll let y'all prepare.[/FONT]
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