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Pokemon: Mount Pouliko - Here we go!


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The storm blew hard rain against her window but she couldn?t hear it because her mind was on the task. She looked around her huge room with huge everything. A huge bed and dresser and a large walk in closet. She looked down at her small bag and tried to figure what else she wanted to pack.

"Hmm... Got my extra clothes for climbing rocks... I got my food packs... What else?"

SLAM! Her two huge bedroom doors fly open and a boy runs in and leaps onto her bed, "Hurry up!"

"Don?t you know how to knock?" She glares.

He laughs, "Nope"

"I?m taking some time to think about what I am forgetting..." She says more to herself than to him.

"What about your pokedex? You know the one you got today that we get to program ourselves with new information."

"It?s already in my bag..." She says pointing to the small side bag.

"Hmm? Perhaps you?re forgetting money?" He said as he got off her bed and leaned against the large doors.

"Hello? We are going into the middle of nowhere... There won?t be any shop... who needs money? What would I do with it?? Bribe the Pokemon to come with me?"

"It could work..."

"Oh brother" She sighed.

"Look, Aurora, I?m going to go get my Pokemon ready so you just hurry up I?m tired of waiting!" He says leaving her room.

"You go ahead and go do that Nate... You just go do-... Wait a minute... That?s it! Thanks!" She laughed picking up her back and running out of her room past Nate.

"What the?"

She ran to the back of the mansion and went into the ball shed. Inside was rows of shelves which had poke balls on them. She looked through the choices and picked out a few.

?Scyther?. Sneasle?. Flygon?. Dragonite?. And Pyro! But? Who else?? She wondered as she put the poke balls in her bag.

?How about this one?? Hope said entering the shed.

?Who is this?? Aurora asks her mother.

?You know my houndoom gave birth a few months ago? Well the pups are old enough to come live on the ranch now with all the other wild Pokemon but I chose one for you? He was the largest of them and seemed the best pick for you?? Hope smiled, ?Now take him and be careful?

?Thanks mom? And I will? I?m not as bad as shinobi!?

?Hey I heard that!? She heard Shinobi shout from across the huge house.

Aurora ran to the front door where the limo waited, ?Are you ready yet Nate? I don?t have all day!?

?What? Yes I?m ready!? The two enter the limo and it takes them down towards town which was miles away.

[Center]~~An Hour Later~~[/center]

?Yes yes? Room 5... The party suite? Everyone headed for Mount Pouliko will meet there? though why anyone would want to go there is beyond me. It?s nothing but a dead volcano?? The receptionist said handing them a copy of the card key, ?Anyways ill send everyone else up to that room.?

?Ok?? Aurora and Nate say as the head for the elevator


OOC: Ok guys? Just get your characters to Party Suite 5 for the meeting and then ill post the helicopter coming? Have fun.
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David and another man, Azufe, pull up to the hotel. Azufe grabs his bags and gets out of the car as Azufe walks around to get in the driver's seat.

"Good luck, David," Azufe said.

"Don't worry about me. Worry about the job. I'll be fine."

"You always are."

"I know. Thanks for agreeing to come with me and take the car. I'll see you when I get back."

"I'm looking forward to hearing about what's there. Bye." Azufe drove off, and David entered the hotel.

David inserted the card key into the slot and entered Party Suite 5.

"Uncle David!" Aurora exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"How many times have I told you not to call me Uncle? I don't like it. 'David' is fine."

"Okay, David," Nate said. "What are you doing here? This isn't some kind of illegal operation, is it?"

David laughed. "I'm here to make sure that nobody's operating in the Pouliko area. But now that you mention it, this expedition is a great cover for something illegal. Exploring an unknown area is perfectly acceptable, and nobody except the group will know what the group actually does." He laughs again at the look on Nate's face. "I'm just joking."

"It's hard to tell somethimes," Nate remarked.

"Yeah, well, that's one benefit of the lack of tone-of-voice awareness. No accidental tone change when I'm menning with you." He turned to Aurora. "I swear you get taller every time I see you. You're growing fast. I could swear it was only yesterday that you were just a little five-year-old. I still get a kick out of remembering your reaction to Shinobi's face when he learned that I'm Hope's sister."

"Well, you haven't changed much," Aurora told him. "I assume you're still doing the same things, right?"

"Right. Want to know the last five phone numbers you dialed?" He laughed. "I'm just kidding. Not even the UNO can get that much information. So, how've you been?"


OOC: UNO stands for Un-Named Organization, which is what everyone with the organization David is calls it (remember, it doesn't have a name yet). Oh, and Azufe is also employed by the UNO. He came with David so that David wouldn't have to leave the car (one of UNO's) at the hotel.
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A shadowed figure walked up the sidewalk. His clothes blended in with the darkness as he walked up the street to the hotel. He pulled out a small Pokeball, which he then opened it, but nothing came out. He looked into it and started thinking.
'I hope these people know who they're dealing with. I was told to go to this hotel and wait for some others.'
The boy walked into the hotel, pushing the swinging doors away from him. He walked up to the front desk.
"Any one here supposed to go to Mount Pouliko?"
"Yes sir. Party Suite Five. You going with them?"
"Heres a key to get in."
Matt took the key and walked up to the room that said 'Party Suite 5'.
"I guess this is the place..."
The boy opened the door with his key and stepped in. He first saw David and looked around to see Nate and Aurora.
"Hey, any of you know who called me to this place?"
"Who are you first?"
"My name is Matthew Duffey. Someone called me and told me to come to this place."
Matt then pulled out a Pokeball and released his Pikachu for some fresh air. The yellow electric mouse climbed up to Matts head and sat on top of it looking at everyone else.
"Oh, yeah. I'd like for you to meet Boltstryke."
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[I]Beeb Beep Beep The Alarm Clock Sings As Another Wonderfull Morning Begins[/I]

"Wow what a great night sleep, well I guess I should start getting my gear together."

[I]Jack Gets Up And Makes His Bed Then Goes To One Of His Storage Centers[/I]

"Well which pokemon should I bring on this adventure([I]Looks Around[/I] ) I think ill take my Sceptile, Aggron, Blaziken, Lunatone, Mightyena, and Manectric. These pokemon havnt been out in a bit well lets get them some fresh air."

[I]Jack Takes Each Of The Pokeballs And lets The Monsters Have A Awile To Enjoy The Sun[/I]
"Well you all have fun while I pack a few things."

[I]Jack Looks Through His Pokeballs And He Noticed He Still Had That Masterball That Was Givin To Him By His Father[/I]

"Oh wow I still have this, I remember the day i got this from dad"


"Daddy I've cought my third pokemon today."

[COLOR=DimGray]"Thats amazing Jack , Remeber what I always say..."[/COLOR]

"Always Try Your Best And Never Give Up Hope."

[COLOR=DimGray]"Thats right, oh and I almost forgot the President of Silph Co. sent me this ball. Its called the Masterball and you can catch any pokemon without failing."[/COLOR]

"Without failing, thats cool!"

[COLOR=DimGray]"Yes it is, and its all yours."[/COLOR]


[I]Jacks Dad Gave Him The Biggest Hug, And That Was The Last Hug He Ever Got From His Dad. His Dad Was On His Way To Work That Day,It Was Raining The Ground Was Wet And Slippery...(FLASHBACK ENDS)[/I] [I]A Tear Rolls Down His Eye[/I]

"Ill make you proud dad."

[I]Jack Packs The Rest Of His Gear And Puts His Pokemon In Their Balls He Heads Out To The Hotel[/I]

[I]Jack Makes It To The Hotel And Gets Up To The Room[/I]

"Oh hello.. Is this everyone?"
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi got up out of bed. She was excited, today she was leaving on a Pokémon Adventure! Chi opened her dresser and pulled out her clothes and quickly ran to the bathroom to change and wash up. She returned and grabbed her backpack off the floor and put several sets of clothes. Chi opened a drawer and threw lots of packs of food into the bag, she looked around for what she was missing, she remembered and reached under her bed, she pulled out a belt with little clips on it. She put it on and reached into another drawer, it was full of pokéballs. Chi thought about who she should bring, in the end she pulled out five; Swampert, Gyarados, Corsola, Golduck and Salamence. She clipped them all to her belt and she felt something crawl up her back and perch on her shoulder. Chi reached up a hand and petted its silky fur. Chi clipped an extra pokéball for Linoone that didn't like to stay in its pokéball. Chi packed a whole lot of empty pokéballs for capturing and remembered the new Pokédex she had been given, she put it into her jacket pocket and packed her laptop and her scanner cell phone. Chi looked around to see if she forgot anything and left her room. She ran into the kitchen for a quick breakfast, she gave some to Lin(her nickname for Linoone) that was still perched on her shoulder and left when her sisters weren't looking. She left a note in the foyer, telling them she'd left on her own Pokémon Adventure and not to worry.

"Goodbye Cerulean Gym, home." Chi whispered before running out the door.

Chi headed towards a hotel she was told to go, she noticd it was quite far so she got a taxi to take her there. She paid the fee and thanked the driver as she walked into the building, Chi walked up to the counter.

"Hi, My name's Chi Waterflower. I was told to come here."
"You must be from the group going to Mount Pouliko right?" the desk clerk asked.
"Yes, that's correct."
"They're all in Party Room 5. Go straight up." she said.
"Thankyou." Chi replied, walking towards the room.

chi knocked on the door, it opened to reveal a group of people.

"Uh, Hi. I'm Chi, and this is Lin." Chi said, pointing to her Linoone. "I was told to come here, this is the Mount Pouliko group isn't it?"
"Yes, it is, I'm Aurora." a girl said.[/COLOR]
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[size=2][b]Nate:[/b] There sure are a lot of people coming with us, eh Aurora? I wonder how many John asked.

[b]Aurora:[/b] I don?t know. We?ll find out?

[b]Nate:[/b] Why not just read his mind and find out?

[b]Aurora:[/b] That?s mean.

[b]Nate:[/b] Well?if you say so.

[i]Nate got off of the bed he was sitting in and called out Houndour. He stepped out of the door after checking for his card key, then went up to the roof. He sat on the beach chairs on the roof, with Houndour sitting on his stomach and chest. He looked at the sky, day-dreaming about Mount Pouliko.[/i]


[i]Back at Hope?s mansion, Shinobi was sitting in a chair thinking-for once.[/i]

[b]Shinobi:[/b] Hope?I do kinda feel like an exploration?.

[b]Hope:[/b] Then go with them.

[b]Shinobi[/b] No, that would make it feel like we don?t trust them. You know what..what I really want to do is fight. Just a battle, what ever.

[b]Hope:[/b] I do have pokemon, you know?

[b]Shinobi:[/b] No duh????let?s battle.


[i]Back at the hotel, Nate is still on the roof when a big helicopter comes. It?s almost time to go?[/i]

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ooc: Apparently thats all? anyways...

Aurora heard the noise and grinned, "The choppers here!" She leapt up and dashed out the door leaving the others in the room.

"Haha About time!" Nate said as Aurora ran up next to him.

"Well then... What are we waiting for!" Aurora smiles and gives him a thunbs up.

"Beats me!" Nate said as the chopper landed on the hotels helipad.

Aurora dashed over and asked the pilot when he would take off...

"When everyone is on board thats when... Why you goin?" He asks.

"You bet sir!"

"Uhmm... Hes sending little kids into that hole? Good lord is he insane!? Oh well my orders are just to pick people up and take them there... Get ready..."

Aurora leapt up inside and buckled up, "Iv been ready since i left my house!"

"Fine..." He let out a small noise of annoyence but the chopper blades spinning drowned out the noise. "Ill just wait for the others and ill get this over with. Oh and hey kid.." He says to nate "Put the pup back in the pokeball... No pokemon in my chopper unless they refuse to return... And if they do they gotta go into the cargo hold."

take it from here nate! by the way no pokemon allowed on the chopper... well there is one exeption... If a pokemon hates pokeballs and refuses to go in one... They can ride inside the chopper as well but no having them out in the right just to let them out lol...(you can tell the pilot is easily annoyed so lol he has rules.)
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Mina stretched and yawned as she approached the small hotel. With her newest acquisition, a Cleffa, staying awake all night, she had gotten approximately three and a half hours of sleep in the past two days. She was looking forward to the helicopter ride to Mount Pouliko.

"Pika. Pikapi pikachu?"
"Yes, yes, I know you're tired too, Pikachu. When we get out and away, we'll catch some Zs."
"I know. But to further the program..." Mina shrugged and shoved her glasses further up her nose, not caring that she might look totally insane talking to a Pikachu.

She entered the hotel and flashed her ID. "Mina McCarron, for the Mount Pouliko team." She stifled a yawn, then came alert as the clerk directed her to the helipad atop the building.

Mina walked over to the helicopter and pulled herself in, introducing herself modestly as always. "Mina McCarron, soon to be the world's greatest Pokemon breeder!"
"Right. My name's Aurora, this is Nate. Oh, and you'll need to put your Pikachu in its Pokeball before we go."
"Aw..." Mina gave her Pikachu a kiss on its little sparking cheek and recalled it. "Aw well, at least I can get some sleep." She curled up in a corner of the copter and relaxed." [/FONT]
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[size=3][b][QUOTE][/b]take it from here nate! by the way no pokemon allowed on the chopper... well there is one exeption... If a pokemon hates pokeballs and refuses to go in one... They can ride inside the chopper as well but no having them out in the right just to let them out lol...(you can tell the pilot is easily annoyed so lol he has rules.)[b][/QUOTE][/b][/size]
[size=3][b]OOC: [/b]You mean I can't? Man...I was gonna have Houndour bite him a few times. lol.[/size]
[size=3] [/size]
[size=3][b]Nate:[/b] Why? Your not the boss of me.[/size]
[size=3] [/size]
[size=3][b]Pilot:[/b] Do as I say or you stay here.[/size]
[size=3] [/size]
[size=3][b][b]Nate:[/b] [/b]Ok...Ok.[/size]
[size=3] [/size]
[size=2][i][size=3][i]Nate ran back down the steps to the room, opening the door with the card key. He grabbed his stuff and pointed to the roof to let the others know that the helicopter was here. They all grabbed their stuff and followed. He returned Houndour after he got onto the helicopter to annoy the pilot. He looked at Aurora with a smirk[/i].[/size]
[size=3] [/size]
[/i][size=3][b]Nate:[/b] You know, maybe we should wait for some others to come?[/size]
[size=3] [/size]
[size=3][b][b]Pilot:[/b] [/b]No, if they need to come, they can find their way.[/size]
[size=3] [/size]
[size=3][b]Nate:[/b] Ok, if you say so, [i]sir.[/i][/size]
[size=3] [/size]
[i][size=3]Shinobi I walked into the dome Hope had outside her mansion and called out Houndoom. The dog-like pokemon rubbed up against his leg, happy to be able to fight now. Hope called out Syther. Shinobi knew this was going to be a good battle.[/size][/i]
[size=3] [/size]
[size=3][b]Shinobi:[/b] How about we add something to this, eh? Make it fun.[/size]
[size=3] [/size]
[i][size=3]Hope sighed, remembering the last few times he added something, one of which almost gave Hope to Jake, Aurora?s father.[/size][/i]
[size=3] [/size]
[size=3][b]Hope: [/b]Like what?[/size]
[size=3] [/size]
[size=3][b]Shinobi:[/b] How about,? [i]*thinks for a second*[/i] How about the winner gets to throw the first dart at the picture of Seion, eh? [i]*hope chuckles*[/i] For real?how about this: The loser gets to sleep on the sofa for a month?[/size]
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?Hope everyone gets here soon?? Aurora sighs, ?This can get pretty boring??

[center]~~ Back at the Mansion ~~[/center]

Hope grins... this was going to be good. Half the couches in the mansion were more comfortable than beds so even if she lost she wouldn?t mind. She knew if he won he still would suffer.... Alone for a whole month in a huge bed? He couldn?t handle it even though he would get all the blankets and room he still wouldn?t be able to live by those rules for long she thought... She grinned and walked over to the electronic scoreboard in the battle dome.

"Alright then..." She pressed the three Pokemon battle system button. "A six on six so choose well boy!" Hope laughs as Scyther clangs his blade arms together saying he was ready as well. "Just because scyther is weak against fire attacks doesn?t mean your getting this round easy! Scyther can withstand quite a fire blast!"

"Oh yeah? Not after the training me and him have gone through... no way!"

"Scyther is still the fastest! He could run circles around your little pup there..."

"Dooooom" Houndoom knew she was just kidding but still didn?t appreciate being called a pup.

"Scyyyyyy" Scyther growled narrowing his eyes at the red on the houndoom.

Shinobi points at the scyther, "Hah! Lets do this!"

The speakers that surrounded the field in the dome began to play. Hooba Stank's Crawling in the Dark started blaring.

[I]? I will dedicate and sacrifice my every--thing
for just a seconds worth of how my story's ending
I wish I could know if the directions that I take
and all the choices that I make won't end up all for nothing"[/I]

"Scyther Sword dance!" Hope shouts as scyther begins to fly... It let out a cry and stretched and spun in place for a few seconds... Swords danced around him and then disappeared. He seemed stronger now... "NOW AGILITY!"

The scyther began to move at a very fast pace and raced towards the Houndoom who looked for him carefully.

"Houndoom! Scyther may be fast buy you still have the advantage! Don?t let him get you!"

[I]"Show me what it's for
Make me understand it
I've been crawling in the dark
looking for the answer
Is there something more
than what I've been handed?
I've been crawling in the dark
looking for the answer"[/I]

Houndoom dashed in Scythers direction and suddenly scyther slammed into the ground in front of Houndoom. He slashed at houndoom who jumped to get out of the way. Scyther lunged at the dog and slammed into him. Houndoom went rolling into the ground and picked himself up again and turned to the bugish thing.

"Doom!" He let out a flamethrower as Shinobi instructed.

"You know the routine! Agility!" Hope yells.


[I]"Help me carry on
Assure me it's ok to
use my heart and not my eyes
to navigate the darkness
Will the ending be ever coming suddenly?
Will I ever get to see the ending to my story?"[/I]

Houndoom and scyther ran around the ring for a while exchanging blows and not tiring out much. Scyther dodged a flamethrower and sent a slash attack houndooms way. Houndoom leapt out of the way and scyther slammed his blade into the ground. Angry he yanked it out and in doing so threw rocks into houndooms face. Houndoom dashed at his opponent and slammed into him. Scyther went sailing backwards into the air... he shook off the shock and before he hit the ground caught himself by flying.

[I]"Show me what it's for
Make me understand it
I've been crawling in the dark
looking for the answer
Is there something more
than what I've been handed?
I've been crawling in the dark
looking for the answer"[/I]

"Go scyther!"

[I]"So when and how will I know?"[/I]

"Fire blast!" Shinobi shouts...

"Scyther! Hyper beam!" Hope was saving this for later but needed it now.


The two pokemon opened their mouths and out of houndooms mouth came a large x like blast of fire... He got quite hot and raced at scyther. Scyther?s mouth stayed open and a swirling yellow beam of super strong energy blasted from it. Scyther?s feet dug into the ground and scyther sort of started to skid backwards.

The blast of energy blasted through the fire blast and obliterated it at the same time. The hyper beam slammed into houndoom and he went flying into the air a ways and when the energy disappeared he slammed down into the ground a huge cloud of dust and rocks flew into the air.

[I]? How much further do I have to go?
How much longer until I finally know? (finally know)
'cause I am looking and I just can't see what's in front of me
in front of me

Show me what it's for
Make me understand it
I've been crawling in the dark
looking for the answer
Is there something more
than what I've been handed?
I've been crawling in the dark
looking for the answer"[/I]

"Houndoom..." Shinobi said trying to locate his partner through the dust.
"Scyther!" Hope said...

The scyther weakly nodded and spun in circles for a big making the dust vanish.

[B][I]An electronic voice took the moment between songs to announce the winner, "Houndoom is unable to rise... Scyther is this rounds winner.... Terrain Change in 5 seconds."[/I][/B]

"Drat!" Shinobi said returning his pal. "I see you have installed the terrain change system already..."

"You bet! It always makes things more interesting!" Hope said patting her scyther on the head and returning him. "You ready for round two or are you chicken?"

"Oh yeah I?m ready!" Shinobi reached for his next pokemon, "You WONT I repeat WILL NOT beat me this round!"

"Oh is that so? Well the outcome will depend on round three then..."


The floor began to open and soon a new floor came up and replaced the beaten up normal stadium floor... This was also good times for the used and beat up floor to be repaired. The current floor was covered in holes and large rocks. Pumps opened up and the holes began to fill with cool crisp clean water so it was a water field this time.

?Alright Pal? This is another battle against him? Do your best!? Hope remember the first expedition with her and her Pokemon, ?Go Raichu!?
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[size=3][b]Nate:[/b] I wonder what Shinobi and hope is doing.[/size]

[size=3][b]Aurora:[/b] Let me see.[/size]

[i][size=3]Aurora closed her eyes and concentrated. She could see for a few second that they were having a pokemon battle.[/size][/i]

[size=3][b]Aurora:[/b] A pokemon battle?Loser gets the sofa for a month.[/size]

[size=3][b]Nate:[/b] That?ll be fun.[/size]

[i][size=3]Shinobi called out the fox-like Umbreon, who?s yellow wings shone compared to the black on his body. The next song began, Linkin Park?s Hit the Floor.[/size][/i]

[size=3][b]Shinobi:[/b] Pursuit, now![/size]

[size=3][b]Hope:[/b] Thunder wave![/size]

[size=3]?There are just too many
Times that people
Have tried to look inside of me
Wondering what I think of you
And I protect you out of courtesy
Too many times that I've
Held on when I needed to push away
Afraid to say what was on my mind
Afraid to say what I need to say?[/size]

[i][size=3]Umbreon leaped up in tune with the music, charging at Raichu. Raichu?s cheeks sparked and a paralyzing wave came out, barely missing Umbreon, who hit Raichu square in the stomach. Umbreon landed on his feet, and Raichu bounced backwards and landed on is feet, too.[/size][/i]

[size=3]?Too many
Things that you've said about me
When I'm not around
You think having the upper hand
Means you've got to keep putting me down
But I've had too many stand-offs with you
It's just about as much as I can stand
Just wait until the upper hand
Is mine?[/size]

[i][size=3]Umbreon leaped up and bit Raichu on the nose per Shinobi?s orders. Raichu called out asking Hope what to do.[/size][/i]

[size=3][b]Hope:[/b] Agility![/size]

[i][size=3]Raichu hit Umbreon off, then started running towards him, dashing for left to right. Umbreon watched him carefully, and took off to attack. Umbreon faded out ,then faded in right as Raichu moved to that position. Raichu was hit dead on into a water spring. Raichu climbed out and got really mad. He shot a huge thunder at Umbreon, but made one huge mistake- he was wet. The thunder both Umbreon and Raichu. Raichu didn?t stand up.[/size][/i]

[i][size=3]The match was over before the song.[/size][/i]
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[I]Jack gets into the helicopter and takes out his sketch book filled with beautiful sketches of pokemon around the world[/I]

[I](Thinking)[/I] "In a few hours I shall be sketching brand new pokemon."

[I]Jack's thought was interupted by Chi as she yeld...[/I]

"Yes it is and I..."




[I]Jack had a sad look on his face as Chi asked that question[/I]

"My father..."


[I]The Ground Was Wet And Slippery, Jack's dad didnt see it coming. As his dad was turning the corner an eighteen wheeler truck smashed into his car killing him instantly... A knock at little jack's door surprises him while playing his favorite game... He answers the door...Its a cop[/I]

"Yes, officer may I help you?

[I]The officer looks down at little jack with a sad look in his eyes[/I] "Jack.. I-I dont know how to tell you this... Yo..Your dad.. he-he's.. Dead... Oh god im sorry jack.

[I]Little jack collapses to the ground and burst out crying[/I] "How did he die?"

[I]The officer tells him the whole thing[/I]



"I dont want to talk about it right now Chi, Im sorry."

[COLOR=Red]"Its ok jack just tell me when your ready."[/COLOR]

[I]Jack looks at her with a small smile[/I]
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ooc: Im getting us to the island now... everyone is on the chopper (at least im saying they are)

The pilot looks at the full seats in the back and some pokemon arei n the cargo sector of the chopper for they refused to go into pokeballs. He nosses and started take off.

"Everyones on thats gonna be on so lets go" He grummbles and soon they were over the ocean...

"Hmm lovely ride..." Aurora said comparing her chopper to this one in her mind...

"What? Its just water..." Nate said thinking this was quite boring.

Soon the chopper landed on a tiny sanded area of beach on the mountains foot. Everyone piledo ut and got their pokemon... The pilot rolled his eyes and took off once everyone was on the ground.

"Um... Why couldnt he just let us off at the top... Not like the volcanoes gonna reach up and bite him..." Nate said glaring at the hike they had ahead of themselves.

"Dont be such a wuss." Aurora said, "This will be fun!"

"Well... Hmm.."

"Raichu is unable to battle... Master Shinobi is the winner of this round... Floor change in five seconds."

"Raichu return... I need to work with him and his rage... Hmm whos next"

The floor opened and the water drained and the rockey pool field dissapered under a new field. It was a sand field...

"Hmm... nothing with hoves will do here" Hope said to herself ruling out her rapidash, "Alright then... Houndoom go!" She shouted sending out her houndoom.

"Hm ok then... Ill use my borrowed pokemon... Go Blastoise"

A simple battle theme was in the background.

"Houndoom sunny day.."

Houndoom let out a howl and the sun got bright...

Blastoise didnt seem to care as shinobi ordered him to use a physical attack.

"Dodge that skull bash Houndoom!"

Houndoom nodded and dashed otu of the large pokemons way... Blastoise let its cannons come out and he sent a hydro pump at the fire dog.

"You know the routine!" Hope shouted.

Houndoom scouped sand int oa paw and flung it at blastoise's face blinding him momentarily.. Houndoom did a back flip and then dug his feet into the ground... He opened his mouth a a huge grean beam of energy flew at the blastoise that was trying to shake sand out of its face.

The solar beam hit dead on and ended the battle quickly...

"Darn it... I forgot your Houndoom knows Solarbeam..." Shinobi groaned as he returned the shell.

"And thats what you get for borrowing a pokemon from my shed... they arent exactly trained well yet... They are new."


"Miss hope is the winner... floor change in 5 seconds." The voice came from the speakers.

The floor upened up and changed yet again... This time to a molten area so the temprature in the room got much higher.

"Hmm...Alrighty then... Rapidash go!" Hope released the horse pokemon.

have at it shinobi lol nate i mean...
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[i]Those Master Balls aren't common,[/i] David thought. [i]You can't get one of those just anywhere. So where's he get it from? And why isn't he telling? He might just be hiding something./i]

"Jack," he said, "I need you to tell me where you got that Master Ball."

"Why?" Jack asked.

"Those are only given to certain Pokemon researchers. If one of those people was coming along, I would have been told."

"What if nobody knew? And who would have told you, anyways?"

"Well," David explained, "I'm with what everyone calls the UNO, for Un-Named Organization, because it doesn't have a name yet. We're an overt government organization devoted to taking out criminal organizations. I was assigned to accompany this expedition to make sure that nothing illegal is happening in the Paoliko area. My bosses knew the identities of everyone who would be coming. They chose me because of Nate and Aurora. We're related, see. Aurora's my niece, and Nate... well, my sister's husband adopted him, and I'm not sure what that relationship is called. Anyways, I know that nobody here is a Pokemon researcher, so that's not how you got the Master Ball. Now, Master Balls have been sought after by various criminal organizations in the past, for obvious reasons. Team Rocket even took over Silph to get their hands on the Master Balls. Now, you not being a Pokemon researcher isn't a reason to suspect you of any illegal activity, but you're not willing to say where you got it. To me, that means you're hiding something. So tell me. Where did you get that Master Ball?"
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[size=2][size=3][b]Nate:[/b] I think it?s a step cousin?or something like that.[/size]

[size=3][b]Aurora:[/b] You mean?you actually thought about something?[/size]

[size=3][b]Nate:[/b] Holy smokes your right. David?your to blame for ?dis. [/size]

[size=3][i]Nate chuckled to himself, and Aurora lets a little half chuckle. Nobody else even smiled.[/i][/size]

[size=3][b]Nate:[/b] Man?tough crowd.[/size]

[size=3][i]Nate looked out at the extinct volcano in front of them. This was gonna be a big climb. He called out Syther and had him fly ahead, checking the terrain. There was a pretty neat path, as Syther could walk along most of it. This might be easier than we thought.[/i][/size]

[size=3][i]Shinobi called out the half cat-half dog Espeon. Hope chuckled.[/i][/size]

[size=3][b]Hope:[/b] Come on Shinobi?think.[/size]

[size=3][b]Shinobi:[/b] I?ll do.[/size]

[size=3][b]Espeon:[/b] [u]Why hello Rapidash. How are you today.[/u][/size]

[size=3][b]Rapidash:[/b] Rapi?dash dash?Rapidash *whiney?s a few times*[/size]

[size=3][b]Espeon:[/b] [u]Oh, is that so? Nice to hear. But?I am not a young Magmar, and you WIL loose now.[/u][/size]

[size=3][b]Shinobi:[/b] You can do whatever Espeon, just do good. I gotta win this fight, if not, you win. Cause I couldn?t get more wins than you.[/size]

[size=3][i]Espeon stands up tall, jewel in fore-head shining brightly. Rapidash stomped a hoof contently. Rapidash made the first attack, charging at Espeon doing agility.[/i][/size]

[size=3][b]Espeon:[/b] [u]On please.[/u][/size]

[size=3][i]Espeon used a Psychic on him to slow him, then hold him still. He slowly picked him up. Then he dropped him for about 5 feet in the air. Rapidash quickly got up. This went into a physical fight, claws, bites, and all to many stomps were used. Espeon finally jumped out of the cloud of dust and started glowing blue. He shot off towards Rapidash, who was also glowing blue. A blue beam came between them, which got bigger and bigger until it was bigger than the balls of psychic energy the pokemon were in. It finally exploded, throwing them both backwards. Shinobi shielded his face and eyes from he dust, and Hope did the same. Finally, the dust settled and they were both on the ground. Espeon slowly rose.[/i][/size]

[size=3][b]Shinobi:[/b] I win! I?m still in it. Now, who ever wins has to win the next two![/size]

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[I]Jack looks at David with a sad look[/I]

"Well David it really is painfull to explain this, but if i must i will."

[I]David sits and pays attention to every little detail[/I]

"I Got it from my father when I was thirteen, after I cought my third pokemon Torchic. He was so proud of me, thats how I got the masterball."

[I]David looks at Jack uncertain[/I]

[COLOR=Red]"I see... And how did your father get the masterball?"[/COLOR]

"My father was the top researcher of Silph Co. and he finally completed a two year project. The project was the C.W.P Device which means Communication With Pokemon Device. With this device the way people and pokemon communicate with eachother would be revoloutionalized through out the world.The president of Silph Co. was so pleased that he made my father the CEO of Research&Development and also gave him a masterball."

[I]David starts to understand why Jack has the masterball[/I]

"That was the very same day I cought Torchic, and thats the day my father gave me the masterball. My father was a pokemon researcher, that is why he got the masterball. He was so proud of me that is why he gave me the ball."

[COLOR=Red]"But jack its been almost seven years, how can you not use the masterball?"[/COLOR]

"Becouse its the last thing my father gave to me...Becouse he died in a car accident that day.. Its the only thing I have of his to remember him by... Now you know why I have the masterball."
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ooc: Takuya stop interogating the players lol *giggle* I have always wanted to say that.


Aurora looked at David and shook her head, "Your wrong"

David looked at her strangely, "About what"

"About what I am to you... You are my mothers brother... That makes you my Uncle... Im not your cousin im your neice..." She said stomping a foot.

"Um... Right i just got myself mixed up i guess..."

"Now... If you had kids those kids would be my cousins and id be theirs.. Make sense?" She said with a serious face.

"Yeah i guess..."

"Ok!" Aurora turned around and began marching up the mountain confident they wouldnt take much time getting to the top.

The floor began to change yet again.. the fake magma on the floor dissapered and the heaters turned off. The floor brought out a large maze of ice and crystal...

"Hmm.. Perfect! Sneasle Get out there! Play cat and mouse! Rapidash return." She let out the black sly pokemon and returned the weak rapidash. "Just cause you wont that doesnt mean you will win! I run a gym you know..."

Shinobi grinned, "Ah yess but gym leaders lose battles too you know."
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OOC: Keiji, everyone's already left. And Blanko, David said niece. Oh, and part of David's character in this RPG is a tendancy to be suspicious. He hunts down criminals, remember.


[i]Well[/i], David thought as they walked, [i]on this expedition we have a couple relatives of mine, a guy with a dead father, and a seemingly random bunch of others. What kind of logic is there in this group?[/i]

"Something just occurred to me," he said aloud. "Why are we walking? I'm sure most of you have Pokemon that can fly, and are large enough to ride on. We'd get up there much faster that way."

"And what if someone doesn't?" Jack asked. "Because I don't."

"We probably have a few extras. I don't know if Aurora can float-never thought to ask-but her mother can, so I'm assuming she can. If she brought a suitable Pokemon, I'm sure she'd let someone else ride on it. I have two who are suitable, so someone can use one. And many suitable Pokemon can carry more than one person. So, if there's no reason that we should walk up the mountain, we can certainly get everyone up there the quick way."
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ooc: It only says neice now because you edited it... It said Cousin when i first looked. And yes we have left we are on the island already but ill get yoru character where they need to be.

David released Skarmory and got on its back and waited for the others.
Aurora glanced at Chi who seemed to avoid letting anyone out and approched.

"Here use my Dragonite... He likes everyone..."

"Thanks..." Chi released the dragonite and she climbed on its back with her Linoone.

"Hey flying pokemon... I thought we were going inside the mouting never thought about needing a flying type..."

"Then use my flygon" Aurora said tossing her pokeball to Jack


Mina released Kadabra and asked it to do her a favor. Soon she was glowing blue like Kadabra and they were both floating. "Got my ride heh"

Matt pulled out charizard and got on its back.

Suddenly another dragonite landed behind them.

"Hey sorry im late... The names Kayin"

"Hi... were about to fly up the mountain so dont put that dragon back quite yet." Aurora laughs.


David looked at nate and aurora, "What about you two?"

Aurora smiled and closed her eyes. Nate and herself began to glow a bright blue color and also began to float. "No problem" Aurora said keeping her concintration of keeping them afloat.

Kaynin on dragonite
Matt on charizard
Mina using kadabra's psychic powers.
Jack on Aurora's Flygon
Chi and Linoon on Aurora's Dragonite
David on Skarmory
And Nate and Aurora flying by auroras psychic powers.

They all began to fly towards the top of the mountain.
ooc: Lol dont forget to give auroras pokeback once at the top eh

If i got whos on what wrong... tell me.. i was on the recruitment page looking at who had what types of flying pokemon and just went from there. Those who have never posted i left out and those who had certin pokemon i didnt know what they would have done so i let chi and jack borrow one of auroras flying types... umm if anything here needs fixed ok.. pm me
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Matt looked down at his Charizard. It had been the first Poke'mon he recieved when he got his liscense. The thing was only a few months with a trainer when it evolved to a Charmeleon and then to a Charizard only a month after. He was glad that he went on this little expedition and knew that he was in for one heck of a ride.

"Hey Charizard, want some company?"

Matt pulled out another Poke'ball and released his Vulpix. It was his talking one, in which it could be distinguished by its slightly pinker looking coat, and not the average red looking fur. She landed on Charizards head and looked back at Matt.

"Hey, where are we going?"
"To Mount Pouliko. Remember?"
"Oh. Yeah, I forgot!"

~[I]Flashback[/I] ~
Matt was walking on the outskirts of Celadon City where he decided to camp for the night. It was a starry night and he thought that everything was perfect. Suddenly, he could hear some screams coming from the inner woods nearby. He thought it was a human and sent out his Charizard and Pikachu just in case.
Then, a Vulpix busted out of some bushes and slammed into Pikachu. Matt looked at it and then it spoke to him!
"Please, help me!"
Matt was amazed but was interuppted by an Aggron which was the thing chasing her. He told his Charizard to use Hyper Beam and Pikachu to use Surf. It fainted instantly and Matt threw a Pokeball at it and caught it. Matt then looked at the Vulpix as she went up to him.

~[I]End Flashback[/I] ~

"Hey Matt!"
"You was staring out in space!"
"Oh. Sorry. Just remembering when I first met you."
"I remember. You couldn't believe that I could speak!"
"Thats for sure...Hey look! Whats that?"

Matt and Vulpix looked up at the top. Something that looked like a building was up there, but strangely, it also didn't.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]OOC: Hey, sorry i'm late to start, I didn't get a chance to get online during the past few days.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Before everyone could begin the hike, another helicopter landed on the island. A young male jumped out of the helicopter and waved to the pilot giving thamks for the departure and then walked towards the others. "Forgive me for being late everyone, there was a little trouble back at home." the young man said. "That's fine, but if you were gonna be late you could've contacted us." Aurora, said. "Yes, truly sorry. By the way my name is Ruko, it is a pleasure to meet you all." "You too Ruko. We're about to head off towards the mountain so if you have a flying Pokemon you'll need it right about now." Aurora told him.[/COLOR]

[color=royalblue]Ruko looked at his surroundings then looked up the mountain. "If its alright with you, I'd like to have a look around the island for anything while you can go on and I'll catch up." Ruko insisted. "But if you want the group to stay together then I truly understand."[/color]
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Aurora closed her eyes and almost dropped nate... This made her laugh but she continued to concentrate

"There isnt anything on the surface of this island... its been explored top to bottom and there are no life signs... What we are looking for is INSIDE... so just come along.. Plus I sense no life signs on the houtside of the island anyways... AS a matter of fact i dont sens anything. So ... do what we are doing.. get a flyin type and lets get going... cause we would hate for you to get lost..."

"Um... I uh dont have a-" He then noticed the one girl with the Kadabra... "Well maybe i do..." He released an Espeon and whispered a question into its ear.

"Espe..." It began to glow blue and so did Ruko.. THey began to float.

"See peice of cake! Didnt necicerily need to be a flying type eh.." Aurora laughed, "Im psychic so i lent out my flying types... Anyways Yeah if we went down inside the volcano you might never find us again so could you explore the outside later?"

"I understand..."

"Cool lets go!" Aurora said concintrating and making her and Nate fly forwards. Everyones pokemon went forward as well and they were soon making progress up the mountain.
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OOC: Sorry for not postin, haven't been home in a few days.

Lamar ran off stage along with the other members of his group. They had just finihed a concert in Goldenrod City and th place was packed. Fans were everywhere yelling and cheering and they started to chase them. Lamar got backstage and a Hitmonchan stepped infront of him along with other bodygaurds and led him outside to his limo.

" That took forever!! I hope the next city isn't like this." Then his cellphone rang.

" Hello" He answered. " Who is this?"

" Jack.. the one who called last night. Remember?"

" Yea... the one about the pokemon mountain thing. You want me to go right?"

" Yes but you must hurry. The others are leaving shortly. They are in party room 5 when you get to the hotel.

" Ok whateva." He said hanging up his cell phone.

Lamar tells the driver to go to the hotel and let him out. He walks in and goes up to the counter.

" Is there a group of people he supposed to be goin to Mount Pouliko?" he asked.

" No they left already. They went by chopper, a red and green chopper." She said quietly

" Ok thanks he said running out and got back into teh limo. Got on the phone and told the airport to have a personal jet ready for him when he arrived. 10 minutes later he arrived at the airport and his bodygaurds had to escort him to teh plane beacuae of all the people.

" Can I ever go anywhere without all the people around" He said to himself as he boaded teh plane.

The plane took off and they could see the chopper in the distance. Lamar told the pilot to follow the chopper. He then turned on his Playstation 2 and put in Madden 2004 and played it until he fell asleep.

" Mr. Kizzie we have landed" the pilot said

Lamer and hitmon chan walked off the plane and they could see a bunch of people in a roup talking. They walked over to the group and introdued themselves.

"Is this the group going to Mount Pouliko?" Lamar asked.

"Ya Nate said looking up. Then he looked at Lamar for a second." Hey I know you!! You're Kizzie from Cell Block!!! Gan I get your autograph pleaseeeee?!!" Nate said running arround and jumping up and down. TYeh hitmon chan stepps infront of Lamer ready to strike Nate.

" It's OK Hitmonchan. Here" Lamar says as he hands Nate an autographed poster. " Anyone else want one while I'm at it" Lamar shouts out.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]As soon as they reached the top, Mina reached into her pocket and drew out a notebook and pen set, opening the book and making a note of the date, the time, and, after a few moments' consultation of her Kadabra, the temperature. She gently rubbed the top of its head, and called out her Pikachu, letting it rest on her arm. She scouted the area, looking for any Pokemon that she could record.
"Hey, anyone else want an autographed poster?" Mina glanced up in annoyance, ready to tell the person making all the noise to shut it, then shook her head and smiled. "Kizzie from Cell Block is on this expedition... this will be interesting." She dropped a kiss on the top of her Pikachu's head for luck, then went over to ask for a poster. It'd cost her $50 (poke-dollars, of course) to buy one on eBay, why not get one for free?[/FONT]
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[size=2][i]Nate chuckled and opened the poster. He grabbed it by the top and tore it in half.[/i]

[b]Nate:[/b] Your no better than anyone here. And I can flow better than you, anyway. Backup does everything.

[b]Lamar:[/b] What you mean?

[b]Nate:[/b] I saw your concert at Goldenrod a year ago. You suck. Your even here. Let?s get going.

[i]Nate looked at Aurora, who picked him up. He half saluted then took off, kicking in the air to go forward. He shook his head, wondering why John had asked them.[/i]

[b]Aurora:[/b] That was mean Nate.

[b]Nate:[/b] He?s no better than anyone else.

[b]Aurora:[/b] Your so much like Shinobi it isn?t funny.

[b]Nate:[/b] I know.

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