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Demonic Damnation

Kayin Cloud

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The world has corrupted upon the overpopulation of demons. Demons are plotting take over the humans and try to enslave the human race under the ruling of "the number 1 demon" who's name is unknown to man and unspoken by demons. A faction of those able to control elements has formed to reduce the demon populus and regain control for mankind. The group leaders, Kayin(Keiji) and Sara(Ohkami), have decided to organize this faction in secret after 5 years of training together to increase their skill and grow more compatible in battle. The demon horde must be stopped. Can Kayin and Sara's group stand up to the challenge? Let's find out!

Faction members: You are not recruited yet, We are to recruit you as the story proceeds.

If you need to check any info go [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=572849#post572849]here[/URL] .

Let's get to it.

Kayin and Sara had just finished one of their training sessions. "Sara, thanks for being a great sparring partner. If it weren't for you, I'd probably still be too weak to compare to my father." Kayin said sheathing his sword.

"Same goes for me, Kayin. I just hope we can stand against those accursed demons..." Sara replied.

"Sara..." Kayin said with his head to the ground.

"What is it Kayin?" she asked.

"I also want to thank you for being...my family and my friend." Kayin said sitting on a nearby wall.

"I guess we really are like a family....Well, if we're going to start this faction, we need to recruit members, preferably having elemental abilities." Sara replied, laying her weapons down.

"We have some searching to do then...Hey what about Tanji?" Kayin pondered.
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[COLOR=Navy]"Yeah, Tanji would want to join for sure." Sara said, picking up her weapons and getting to her feet.
"Does she have anything on at the moment?" Kayin asked.
"Nah, I think she went home, come on, I got her address." Sara called walking away. Kayin shrugged and caught up to her and they made their way to Tanji's house.

No one really knew of their powers unless they had powers. Tanji had met with Kayin and Sara last year, when she was thirteen. Tanji told them what she had been taught and that she always had strange migrains that could hear things that weren't being said by people. Kayin and Sara immediately knew that she had powers that were unknown to her. The two of them revealed their secret to her and explained that she had powers too. She didn't accept it at first but soon realised that what they had said was true.

Sara walked up to a large house and rang the doorbell. They heard it echo inside the house and heard a rattling before the door opened to reveal a young teenage girl. She grinned when she saw who was at the door.

"Hey Tanji." Sara and Kayin said.
"Hey guys! Do you want to come in?" Tanji invited.
"No thanks, we just wanted to see if you wanted to be recruited into our faction."
"Your faction? Oh! The one you've been talking about for ages! Sure, I'll join." Tanji said with enthusiasm.
"Alright, we'll seeya later!" Sara said.
"Ok, bye!" Tanji said, as Sara and Kayin turned to walk away.

"Ok, we got one new member, but how are we going to find other elementalists?" Kayin queried. "Not like they're going to come out and tell us, they might think we're Demons in disguise."
"Hmm...I suppose we could do an element search." Sara suggested. "We'll need Tanji to help, but I can't do it now, I'm tired from the spar. We'll do it tomorrow, I'll call you later about the details, after I call Tanji about it." Sara admitted, stiffling a yawn.
"Alright. Make sure you call me." Kayin pressed.
"I will, I will. Seeya." Sara said walking towards her house and Kayin walking off to his.[/COLOR]
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Kayin got to his home and left his sword at the door. He headed to his room in the ransacked house and collapsed on his bed. [I]Dad...Mom...why did you guys leave me alone here?[/I] Kayin thought to himself as he fell asleep. a few hours later he felt a vibration in his pocket. It was his cell phone ringing and he pulled the phone out of his pocket to check the Caller ID. It read: Sara, Mobile. "Hello?" Kayin answered the phone, sounding as if he was still asleep.

"Hi, Kayin. It's Sara. I've already contacted Tanji. We're going to start the search. Meet us at the usual spot." Sara replied.

"Confirmed. I'll see you there!" Kayin answered. "Bye."

"Bye." Sara said and they both hung up.

Kayin got up from his bed and pick up his sword, strapping it around his waist. [I]Better get moving then...[/I] Kayin ran out the front door and met Sara out near the lake, who was accompanied by Tanji. "Hi, guys. Have you briefed Tanji on the search, Sara?" Kayin said looking to his long-time friend.

"Yes and we're about ready to begin. Tanji are you prepared?" Sara added.

"Yes, I'm ready. Let us combine our powers and locate more elementalists. I don't want thee demons to take over...not while we can help it." A white aura surrounded Tanji as she began searching.

"Okay." Kayin and Sara's yellow and blue auras began swirling around each other as Kayin and Sara concentrated on their elements. The combined aura surrounded Tanji's aura and images of elementalists within a 10 kilometer radius began flashing through Tanji's mind.
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Tanji stood there, her eyes closed. Her breathing was level, and images flashed through her mind. SHe bit her lip, and made them slow down. The first one that came to her was a dark green aura. [i]Earth.[/i] She spoke as she searched him. "This boy... he looks young, but his contact wih the earth is milenias old. His body is 11 years old. His name..." Her borw scrunched up as she searched.

"Kilik. Kilik Zenegati." She reached out, and thought she touched something... no. It was just a shadow. She kept searching, and found another aura. It was a girl a year older than her. "Rio... A girl with the power to consecrate. She is holy, and pure." Tanji opened her eyes, and looked at Sara and Kayin.

"There was another, too. Her name is Mae. She ahs the power to control time. Her physical age is 18, but, being the Key of Time, she could be older than the Earth itself. I thought I had found one, but the aura slipped pas me, and it seems as if only a shadow."

Tanji closed her eyes, and reached out with her mind, again, and touched something else. [i]Darkness.[/i] She gasped, and withdrew her mind from its reach. "Darkness. COld, so cold. He is older than you, Kayin, and his name is-" She was cut off, and dropped to the ground as something gripped her mind. "I can't say his name! He won't let me! His element is darkness, and his name is Karanlik!" SHe shuddered as she said this, and convulsed. A wave of pain hit her, hard.
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Karanlik shoved the unknown presence from his mind and focused on the task at hand. There were ten of them.

[i]Why?[/i] Karanlik wondered to himself. [i]Why do humans aid those creatures? Surely they've seen what the demons do. I do not understand, but that won't save them. They aid the demons, and that cannot be allowed.[/i]

He stepped out from his hiding place in the shadows of buildings and stood facing the ten humans, six male and four female. He drew his poles from their position strapped to his back. One woman stepped forward. "Who are you?"

"My name is not important," Karanlik said. "I am here because I know who you are, and what you do. Because of that, I'm your worst enemy. If you were smart, you'd run. But you won't. Nobody ever does.[/i]"

"And why should we?" the woman asked. "You're outnumbered ten to one."

"Numbers don't matter. Skill does. And I don't think you have the skill to take me."

"We'll see about that."

"Yes," Karanlik said as the ten drew their swords. "Yes, we will."

Karanlik struck first, smashing a pole into a man's head, then jabbing the other one through his chest. Two women came in from the sides, and a man from the front. Karanlik spun with poles low, knocking them to the ground. He spun, blocked, and killed a man coming from behind with a pole through the chest before finishing off the three on the ground.

The remaining five formed acircle around Karanlik. Karanlik pushed off with his poles, flipping over a woman, who he then killed. A pair of men charged him, and he slipped between them while knocking them to the ground and killing them. His remaining two opponents came in simoultaniously from both sides. He blocked them both and sent dark energy through his poles to their swords and into them, killing them.

[i]That was easy,[/i] Karanlik thought. [i]Now, whoever you are, now's the time to come back into my mind. Tell me what you're up to, how, and why.[/i]
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Rue stood alone, away fom his confidant. The mortal was wandering home,testing him. He did not understand what he was doing. Should he aid him?

A man approached his confidant, a man wih a weapon. Cur knew it, but paid no attention.

[i] How will he handle this?[i/] Rue watches intently, pondering his next move.

"Give me all your money!" the man says, and Rue jumps down, as silent as a fallen angel, waiting to guide some hapless mortal to the land of the dead.

"No.... i don't wanna." Rue seizes the man by the colar, and slamms him into a wall. The man is a demon, he has fangs.

"you will not harm him. HE is my confidant, my link to this foreign world.Leave now."

"HE DIES!" Screeches the demon, and attacks the human. Thrusting Cur into a wall, a blade at Cur's throat, Rue stepps torward him. "you will leave now, unless you wish to be in your grave. I will give only one warning."

The demon does nothing, and rue begins to lose patience.

Rue's eyes take on an unholy glow. "Last chance."

"HE DIES NOW!" The demon attempts to thrust the blade into Cur's heart. Power surges through Rue, and his strange powers surfaced, ripleing through the demon.

"I warned you. Now you pay the price.Your death will be painfull." The demon halts, and backs off. The demon begins scratchiung at himself, as his skin begins to heave and buckle. It begins to tear apart, smoke and steam surging from it. Finally, the demon explodes, his scrreams echoing into the night. Indeed, his death was not pleasant.

Still using his power, He uses only a fraction, and the remains burn to ash, which blows away into the night.

Turning to Cur, his eyes cease their glowing. "I have...protected you... yes?"

"you still killed him."

"You would have died, if i had not stepped in."

"You could have let him live. You know that."

"You yourself have killed many demons."

"that is not the point. You could have let him live."

"I warned him."

"Yes, that was a first."


"We shall see."
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Tanji tenativley reached out to his mind again. And she heard his thoughts. SHe gasped, and Sara asked, "What? WHat is it, Tanji?" Kayin looked worried. "He-he asked me what i wanted." [i]H-hello? Sorry If I disturbed you, Karanlik, but you have control over Darkness, do you not?

Yes, why? Why does it matter to you if I do?

Because, I can feel your hate for these demons. And we need all the help we can get. We are rebelling against them. And we want - and need - your help.[/i] Tanji cuold hear the suspicion in his 'voice.'

[i]Really now? And how can I trust you?

I don't know. You don't have to help. We just wish you would. Your powers over darkness will add to the rest of us.

I will consider it.[/i] Tanji dropped the link, and sank to the ground.
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*Sorry for posting so late, I didn't see that the thread had opened, well here's my post ^.^*

Kilik ran through the woods out of a small village like a animal being chased by a prey, in fact, that was the surcomstance at hand. The villasge he arrived at was invaded by demons 5 hours after he got there, everyone was being slaughtered and taken for the demons meals later. Along with Kilik, there were other people who rtan into the woods, but later Kilik could hear their screams of pain as they were killed...Kilik ran as fast as his 11 year old body could. He was being persued by two demons who were ready to rip him to peices...they finally came to a clearing on the shoreline on top of high cliff. Kilik stood at the very edge gasping for aim while he heard rustling in the bushes behind him..he knew they had cought up to him.

"MMM, fresh meat" both said as they came out of the shadows into the full moon's light carring weapons and licking their blood stained hands. Kilik was stunned and couldn't move, no one could help him. He heard the demons talking over on the other side, "So which body part do u want?" Once they decided they lunged for Kilik in a heartbeat, all he could do was move further back onto the cliff after getting cut on his chest and his left arm deeply. Kilik loked at the bottom of the cliff to see the waves of the ocean crashing against the earth, afterwards he looked at the demonds that persued him and closed his eyes.

"One day...I'll get you for what your doing now, and what you did in the past....I swear it" Kilik stated as tears silently streamed out from his eyes and his breathing got faster, he opened his eyes quickly to reveil it had turned bright white. The ground started to shake underneath the three started to collaps, he thought that they would all have gone under, but instead the demondsfan fast into the woods...faster than he thought could be possible. Kilik had no where to run to and fell into the oncean with the large rubbles of rock from the cliff. Hours later Kilik found himself on a beach shore laying on the sand near the water which splashed him once it came in. Kilik's eyes then turned baclk into his orginal color, he used his powers to save him from the water an the falling rocks that would have killed him. Suddenly Kilik heard a voice in his head that was talking to him..but before he could respond his body shut itself down and he passed out on the sand.
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Karanlik turned west, facing the setting sun. People were panicing, runing east. Karanlik grabbed a man. "What's going on?" he demanded to know.

"A d-demon attack," the man stammered, clearly terrified. "We have to run!"

"The demons will not take this city. You may run, but I will ensure that you have something to return to." He released the man, who immediatly resumed running east. Karanlik headed west.

[i]Now's the time to proove the truth of what you said, Tanji[/i] he sent on the way. [i]Demons are attacking. They come from the west. Use your power. Sense my mind, and come to me. I'll be where the demons are. If you and your companions aid me in the battle, I'll know you speak the truth, and I will join your little group.[/i]

Before long, he reached a group of demons. "Stop what you're doing and leave," he commanded. "If you don't, you will die."

One of the demons laughed. "What makes you think you can kill us? We have nothing to fear from you."

"You have nothing to fear from normal humans. I'm not a normal human." He glanced at the sun, almost out of sight below the horizon. "You have about ten minutes until nightfall. At that time, any of you left will die."

The demons drew their weapons, from the stereotypical pitchforks to katanas to swords. Karanlik drew his poles. "You have one last chance to leave," the demon said.

Karanlik laughed. "I don't need to. None of you will survive."
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Torisen could hear the thundering roars of the demons and the screaming of the humans. She could see that the demons were fighting what seemed like Humans. She smirked and held out her right hand. Within that hand a crystal orb-like bell had appeared. She ringed it once and it held in midair. Torisen quickly spoke of an ancient language and it began to change into a large broom-like wand that had wings resembling a dragon's and two crescent moons facing each other.

Flying down towards the demons, Torisen pulled out her dual fans and stood atop her wand. She looked to the demons and saw that humans stood with the demons. She also saw that there were humans who stood and did not run from the growling demons that stood before them. She chuckled lightly to herself.

As she stood on her wand, someone had thrown a club at her. Although the club would have hit her, Torisen quickly turned to the oncoming weapon that was thrown at her and had unfolded her fan and threw it at the club. The weapon was sliced and it had fallen to the ground. Torisen's fan flew back to her and she caught it with ease.[/i]

"A gathering filled with nasty demons and warrior humans. There is much love in the air."

[i]A man with poles looked up to the sky and scoffed. A demon scoffed as well and ignored Torisen. He then charged at the man. Torisen sighed and saw that the demons began to charge at the humans around. Some were trying to get at Torisen.[/i][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Navy]Tanji jolted and looked up. Sara and Kayin looked at her.

"What happened?" Sara asked.
"Karanlik sent me a message, he said to search for him with my mind, he's fighting a group of demons and needs our help. He says if we turn up then he'll know we're telling the truth and he'll join the faction." Tanji relayed.
"So what are we waiting for?" Kayin asked with enthusiasm.

Sara grinned and stood from her spot, Kayin stood and they hauled Tanji to her feet.

"We know you're tired Tan. You gotta do this last thing, then you can rest. Just find him and we'll do it if you're too tired." Sara said re-assuringly as she started to strap her weapons on, after she took them off to do the search.
"I'm fine, I can do it." Tanji said, taking a step before wavering.
"Are you sure?" Kayin asked.
"Yeah, don't worry." Tanji replied with a smile, she found him and told them the directions.
"Kayin, run ahead, I think he needs your help more, we'll be behind you." Sara told her close friend.

Kayin nodded and ran ahead, he put his weapons on as he ran and Sara and Tanji were travelling at a slightly lower pace, acknowledging that Tanji was tired from all of the work she'd been doing with her powers.

"Thankyou, we know it took a lot out of you but thankyou." Sara said as they jogged.
"Don't worry, let's go faster, we need to convince Karanlik that we're telling the truth so he'll join. Besides, there's demons on the loose." Tanji said, starting out happy, then ending with hatred in her voice as she spoke about the demons.

Sara nodded and they picked up the pace. They all had a bone to pick with demons.[/COLOR]
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Rue watched the hapless humans, ponderinbg what they were plotting.

"Go, and see if you can help them. I beleive you will find them helpful in your personal quest for your people......"

Rue nods, and jumps down fromn the 5 story building, as silent as a ghost. He wonderd vaguely why he was doing this, but it did not matter much.

"Who goes?" Demands one of the women.

"I am......Rue." Rue emerges from the shadows, his appearence causeing apprehension.

"I..... was....sent. To help."

"You are a demon, i should kill you on the spot...."

"Try if you will, it won't happen. I am no demon, but i am no mortal either.I am......only Rue."

"We need none of your help." Says another, this one a man.

"I have no choice."

"you have a master?"

"So it seems......" Rue looks behind him. "My master....."

Cur walks up, smirking. "You see, he is incapable of obeying anyone....he is his own."

The wonam who had spoken first, she twists her face up, surveying both of these newcomers."Then why does he call you master?"

"Because i am his aide, his confidant, his link in this world."

A man walks up to Rue, looking into his face. "You look no more than a child.......A human child....... Just out of school...... What are you?"

Rue looks down, and he moves like he is nervous, like anxiety is overcoming him. "I am......Rue."

The man snorts. "I know who you are, but what are you?"

"I am.. I am....... I do not know. This world is different..... I existed thousands of years ago, and I was supreme...... But now....... I am this..."

The man shrugs. "I see...... You are one of the [I]Osonto[/I] ....... a race of beings capable of almost anything........"

"You know of us?"

"I know you. I heard about you...."

Rue is seemingly interested, but it was difficult to read him."Tell me..... What do you know of me....."

"you were very powerful, and your unearthly handsomeness was the envy of thousands, and thousands worshiped you.........including gods."

"I see." Rue thinks he may let this man become his advocate, his partner.

"Rue." Cur eyes Rue uneasily. "You know you are not welcome here."

"Yes....... But i will play nice........" Cur shrugs. "I see...... You're being childish....A twit as wel."

"I was god to a god, and i will not take comments from one who consumes too much poison called whiskey and calls me a smurf."

Cur smiles, laughs."I see you have some emotion after all. Then..... I leave you to these people to do with you as they please... but i am watching you."

Rue's eyes glow, but he does nothing.
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OOC: O_O I didn't know this was open! Oh well, Ok Here I am!

IC: Rio looked off into the distance. She didn't know why. It could have been to look for someone, or just to admire the view, but she knew it wasn't either of them.

She kept staring. The memories of those who she had loved flooded back. They had died here. She couldn't remember how... but it was horrible... all she could remember was the pain... the pain of watching them die one by one.

She stood up. Still staring, she drew her sabre and shot a bolt of light at the horizon. She repeatedly did so until she ran out of energy and sat on the ground, almost crying. [I]Zac...[/I]

There was a strange feeling in the back of her mind, like someone was standing behind her.


She turned around and was face to face with a large demon. Her sabre wouldn't be enough to kill it... She needed magic, which she had used up. [I]Why me?[/I] she wondered as she ran away.

OOC: Sorry if this is kind of out of context, but I assure you that my character will be in context with the story soon.
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Kilik was running in the woods near the shore of the ocean after he recovered conciousness from the fall and running away form the demons earlier. He happened to notice a girl was being chased by a demon very fast. Kilik didn't show himself but just followed them as they continued their game of,"'Cat and Mouse". Once the girl ws cornnered byt the demon she had no where else to go to, and that demon looked very andgry when he raised his arm to attack her. Thats when Kilik jumped and tacked the beast as best as he could to make him fall on the ground. He then grabbed the girls arm and they both ran a ifferent direction.

"Thanks for your help kid" She said as they came into a feild of wheat while gasping for air as they stopped.

"No problem, I kinda got away from a few earlier before I saw you being chased, I'm KIlik Zenegati...and you? He said sticking his hand out for a handshake. She returned the shake.

"I'm Rio, its a pleasure" Rio replied, they looked around but didn't find anything like demonds near them.

"So what were you doing in the woods?" Kilik asked

"Well I was...." Before she could answer the same demond that was chasing Rio returned and was looking very angry right now. His mouth was foaming and his claws had reached its full lenght. Rio defended with her Saber and Kilik just stood there waiting for something to happen. When it charged at them Kilik used his powers over the Earth to make a sheild and cover them both in a large ball of rock.

"Thats amazing kid...good thinkin'" Rio stated, before they could do anything the monster had breached the sheild and was slowly getting through the rock. They both just stood there not knowing what to do next.
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[I]Karanlik should be this way, but...I'm worried about Tanji and Sara. No, they can take care of themselves...back to business...He should be near here...[/I] "Demons...just great..." Kayin said to himself as he was halted by a group of demons. "Look, if you guys want a fight, let's make it quick and painless....I have business to attend to...." Kayin said to the demons.

"Insolent brat! How dare you insult us with your arrogance?!" one of the demons exclaimed.

"I say we eat him alive!" another had said joined by the other demons. "Yeah it's perfect!"

"You'll have to live long enough first..." Kayin said as he began storing electricity secretly.

"What?! You die now!" The demons yelled as the all charged Kayin. They were suddenly stopped in their tracks and frozen solid then shattered by Kayin's Lightning.

"Perfect timing! Good job you two." Kayin said looking toward Sara and Tanji who had just caught up. "Those demons slowed me down so let's keep moving. Tanji, you're riding Shotgun." Kayin picked her up on his back and the three headed toward Karanlik's last location.
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The men and women turned Rue away, saying they needed him not. They sent him to find a man called Kayin, who needed to be helped. They snickered alot, but Rue did not understand.

Rue opened a rift in time and space, using it to focus, trying to find the life energy of the one they called Kayin. Cur smiled, following. He walks through, and is face to face with beasts hurtleing at him. The screehed, and stumbl;ed to a stop, refusing to come near Rue.

"what manner of creature are you?" a man calls, and Rue picks his identity out of his mind, something he seldom did.

"I am Rue. I have been sent."

"I am Cur, nice to meet ya."

Ther man called Kayin stepps down, aproaching Rue carefully. Rue eyes him with amusement. "you are frightened of me........" He states, cracking a venomous smile.
"It is wise to fear me...."

Cur steps forward, introducing himself, and making freinds, While Rue stands alone, listening.
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Tanji gripped Kayin's shoulders tightly, feeling faint. SHe kept a small link with Karanlik, keeping a track oon his mind. She almost fell asleep. Tan was exhuasted. "Kayin, how long-" she yawned. "-is this gonna take?" Kayin glanced u at her over his shoulder.

"I'm not sure. Where did you say he was?" Tanji told him again, and she could practically feel Kayin do a mental tally. "Not to long, ten minutes." Tanji sighed, and checked behind them.

The ride went smoothly, and when they got there, tanji slid off Kayins back to the ground. [i]Karanlik. Its Tanji.[/i] A figure stepped out of the shadows, and Tanji struggled to stand. Kayin put an arm around ehr waist. "Are you Karanlik?"
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"You should be able to answer that question, Tanji," Karanlik said. "You've been tracking me by my mind, haven't you?"

"Yes," Tanji said. "I'm just so tired. I can hardly keep myself awake."

"Then you're in the wrong place. I drove one group off, but they'll be back. They went to get reenforcements. I think that they became frightened when I killed a pair of them. They can't really be harmed by most weapons, but my powers are very effective. They're allways too cocky to think that they can be killed.

"How do you know that?" Kayin asked.

"Because I've dedicated my life to stopping them. Now is not the time for talk. Kayin, you take Tanji and head left. Sera, you head to the right." He turned to Rue and Cur. "I don't know who you two are, but if you want to help, then head back into the city. Many are in there."

Karanlik readied himself for battle as a large group of demons shows up. "More of you this time," he observed. "Not that it matters. The sun has set. It's night now, and I'm stronger at night. The darkness of night aids me."

"You can't take us all," one of the demons said.

Karanlik laughed. "Watch me."
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Rue is still standing, but he seems... aloof. He fronts the demons, getting in front of Them all.

"Let me play with them...Let me prove my powers......."

They are all dead in what seems to be a spilt second, but for Rue, he has taken his time, in fact, he slowed it for himself. When he enters the normal timeline again, the others stare at him.

"Only a matter of time........" He states, his dark nature showing through.

Cur smiles, " Good sirs, I bear you a gift............ If you dare want it. I can make you impenatrable to Rue's powers...... If not, you do not have to take it."


Cur takes out a shiny, dull brown stone from his pocket. "You see, Rue, there was a catch, when you were incarnated into that body, the body of my lover....... The body of the person I loved more dearly that life itself... You have weakness, and it is this stone. "

Cur closes his hands around it, and there is a loud cracking noise, and tthe stone is in peices, one for each of them. "Take it, and you an even hae power over him....."

Cur smiles evily. "Rue! SIT!"

Rue slamms into the ground, with enough force to kill a mortal man.

"You see? You can use whatever words you wish, but this offers power and solace from him, And that is a good thing......"
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OOC: Hey, I didn't blow off Rue and Cur.


Karanlik took his piece of the crystal. Cur gave the others their pieces as Karanlik turned to Rue. "So your name's Rue," he said. "I think you'll be useful. Go into the city. Many demons will be in there by now. Kill them. Save every human you can, and be sure that you don't harm any humans."

He turned to the others. "Cur, you go to the right with Sara. Kayin, you and Tanji should head to the left, like I said earlier. I'll stay here."

"Will any other demons come here?" Kayin asked. "They haven't had much luck so far."

"More will come," Karanlik said. "There is a group that hasn't yet entered the city. I can sense their leader. I know the man."

"Man?" Sara was confused. "Don't you mean demon?"

"No. He is a human, and the only one I know of, human or demon, who is my equal in combat. I'll explain later."

"You sure you know what you're doing?" Cur wanted to know.

"This is what I do," Karanlik replied. "I have devoted my life to stopping them. I know what I'm doing. Now, go. We will not let them destroy this city."

As they move off, Karanlik faced west, where a man is leading a group of demons toward him. The man stopped a few feet away, and the demons came to a halt behind him.

"Why, hello, Karanlik," the man said.


"So much hostility. It's amazing that so much hate can be contained in a single word."

"You can't escape from me forever, Erston," Karanlik said. "Sooner or later, I will kill you."

Erston laughed. "I could see the same thing. Let's just see who's right, shall we?"

Erston turns to the demons behind him. "This is between me and Karanlik. Do not interfere." He draws twin swords as he turns back to Karanlik, who had his poles out. "You ready?"

It was Karanlik's turn to laugh. "I'm always ready. Let's go."
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Rue stands there, refuseing to take orders. "I will not stoop to do the bidding of an arogant mortal!"

The man turns to Rue. "You are in no position to make demands and defy us."

Rue attacks him, but Rue is arogant as well, and he meets the ground.

"DAMN YOU..........." he hisses, all the power of hatered and despisal in his voice.

"You will do as i say......."


Cur smacks rue, sending him into a wall. "Another blessed power of the stone...... the ability to use his own powers against him.......at least, only to him.

Rue backs down, and off he goes.

Cur seems to falter, seeing him go."If you ever want him, all you have to do is think of him standing in front of you...."

Kayin seems curious."You.......love him....."

"Please. I loved the man he was, not the thing he is now."

"Tell me, why is he like that?"

"His father. His father took my Zeke away.... And now he is only Rue.... A monster with no bounds.... other than the stone you now possess...
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"Go where I instructed," Karanlik said. "You will do the most good in those locations."

As the others move off, Karanlik faced Erston. "Now, where were we?"

"We were going to fight," Erston replied.

"Right." Karanlik seemed to fade out until he was no longer visible. Erston looked around for him, shocked. "What the hell?"

"You've never fought me at night before," Karanlik said, still unseeable. "Due to the nature of my abilities, I am stronger at night, when the darkness aids me. Do you still wish to fight me?"

Erston shook his head. "If I can't see you, I won't stand a chance. We'll settle this some other time. Boys, take him."

Erston left. Karanlik allowed himself to become visible again. "No use wasting the energy against you," he said to the demons. "You can see me anyways."

One of the demons stepped forward. "Our leader may be helpless against you at night, Kralkshran, but we are not."

"You've heard of me. You know, I still have no clue what Kralkshran means. Care to tell me?"

The demon laughed. "What's the point? I don't think that even you can take all of us."

"We'll just have to see about that."
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Tanji groaned. She watched, and moved away when he told her. SHe bit her lip. [i]Karanlik... you srue you can take them?

Of course.[/i]

Tanji watched as the demons laughed his challenge off, and attacked. Of course, Tanji didn't do nothing - it was against her nature. She concentrated, and a high-pitched sound flew from ehr mind to the minds of the demons. It was very high-picthed, and very painful.

OOC: Hey, I am a little confused on what he ment them to do, Takuya.
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Rue enters the city, sniffing. It is empty, devoid of human life. The air grows cold, and it starts to snow.

Rue seems to watch everything, knowing he could encounter something rather unpleasant at any time. He leaps to the roof tops, getting a better veiw of the city, going higher and higher, until he is on the highest building. He flew some of the way. yes, but he did not care.

"I see the famous Rue has joined the humans...."

"I do nothing without reason, Melchaiba."

Rue turns, and faces the monster behind him. The deom is smileing, showing off jaged teeth, a crack in his scaley hide.

"You challenge my power?" Rue questions, seeing a potential dead man before him.

"Yeah, you are one tough cookie. I'll kill you, and my powers will be unquestionable."

"You will die now. No one has the power to kill me."

Rue's eyes have that unholy glow once more, and Rue canm feel the air turning even colder, and colder still. "Your death will be a cold one...." Rue is suddenly touching the demin's forehead, and the demon frezzes to death insantly,becoming a giant ice cube. Rue picks him up, and throws him off the top of the building. Rue watches the demon plumet several stories, before shattering on the ground below.

"It seves him right..... He should not have tempted fate..."

Rue stands faceing the wind, and begins to gather up his power.....


Cur looks back at the city, feeling odd chills. "STOP!" Cur leaps down, and stares at the city. "Look........" he gasps, making the others edgy. They looks to, and see a horific sight. Red light was swirling in the clouds, a red heat.

"What is he doing??!!!!"

Cur falls to his knees. "There's no humans there anymore...... He's going to desrtoy the entire thing......... The city has fallen........ "

There is suddenly a change in color, and it turns an eerie blue. A wave of cold blows them away, and when they stand, the city is shaking, freezing, heating, all at once.

It is soon ever, and the city is completely desacrated. Rue emerges from another void in time and space, looking like he is pleased with himself.......
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The demons turned and ran. Karanlik turned around to face Rue. He took his piece of the crystal out of his pocket and looked at it for a second.

[i]"We have to run!"

"I will make sure you have something to come back to."[/i]

Karanlik was pissed. As Cur had said to do, he pictured Rue in front of him. When Rue appeared there, Karanlik kicked him, sending him flying as Cur's smack had earlier. Following Cur's earlier example, he faced Rue, who was trying to get up. "Rue, lie flat on the ground," he ordered. "Do not move or use any of your powers." As had happened earlier, Rue slammed into the ground.

Karanlik charged. He slammed one pole onto Rue's head, and the other into his chest. The neck was Karanlik's next target, then the chest again, then the eyes, a vulnerable spot even for demons. He tried everything he could, including his powers, but no matter what he did, Rue survived.

"How do I kill him?" Karanlik demanded to know. "I thought he would be useful, but he's worse than the demons. How do I kill him?"

Cur was shocked by what had happened. "I don't know-"

"How do I kill him?"

"I don't"

"[i]How the hell do I ****ing kill him?[/i]"
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