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Blood-red Moon


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[COLOR=Purple]Doll sat on a white bench in the middle of the empty park. She appeared to be around 15. It was about 12:30 at night, but she sat there all alone as though she didn't have any family or freinds.

Yet Doll didn't apear to be an orphan either, with her long dark blue hair sparkling in the moonlight, she wore a black skirt lined with dark blue lace on the bottom and a petticoat underneath it, she also wore a fitted black v-neck shirt with bell sleaves trimed in the same blue lace as the skirt, and to top it off she had little black shoes with little black socks trimmed with the same lace as mentioned before.

Although Doll's green eyes were looking down apon the words in a book, that was not where her mind was. Her mind was thinking of wher she should begin the search for the blood red moon, a crystal belived to have the power of granting ones wish. She shook the crystal out of her head, "You can't do anything before you eat, Doll!" she reminded herself. Yet it was so late, and around here she couldn't see any sign of anyone elese. Then she heard a noise...[/COLOR]
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Doll spun around and was startled by what she saw. A boy, no older then her, was standing there, wearing some strange 'peasant' gettup. His eyes and hair were both flaming red and his hair fell over his eyes attractively.

"Who... are you?" She asked, forcing herself to look calm and collected. The boy raised a red eyebrow and flipped the hair out of his eyes.

"Hmph... the name is Skyler. Whats a pretty young thing like yourself doing outside on such a dark night?" He answered in a light French accent, smiling deviously. Doll put her hands on her hips critically,

"Well, I wouldn't be talking if I were you. We look the same age.."

Skye frowned, "don't ever call me young, little girl. I'm old enough to be your greatgreat grandfather." He spat, forgetting his promise never to reveal himself to humans, but his eyes widened the moment he realized what he had just said.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=Pink] "Really now, thats pretty intresting." Came a female vioce. Skyler and the young girl both whipped around. A medium build young woman came walking down the path. She had on a pink checker dress with pink stockens and maryjas. THE necklace around her neck glimmered in the moonlight. Her grey eyes looked very courously on the young boy named Skyler. "Not to many creatures can leave that long. So it narrows it down, but in any case i want you to step away from the young girl."

"Where did you come from!?" Skyler demanded in his French accent.

"Down the path of course, where else." replied the girl. " My name is Charisma. What are the two of yours names."

"Doll" repied the young girl in soft voive.

"Skyler" he nerealy spat. "Now what are you doing here." Charisma was about ready to reply when t hey heard a scream.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[color=purple][size=1][b]OOC: I'm guessing we're in France. If we are, that would be good for my character. If we're not, that's fine too.[/b]

[i]Emryss stepped off from the boat, onto the dock and sniffed the air.[/i]
"Even the air feels foreign around here. It feels so strange being so far from home..."
[i]She started to daze off but snapped out of it and readjusted her bookbag which was starting to slide off her shoulder. She passed a sailor tying up a small boat and she decided to ask him where the nearest monastery was.[/i]
"(It's quite far away from here, madam. Do you need shelter?)" [i]He asked.[/i]
[i]She shook her head.[/i]
"(No, sir. I'm looking for an abandoned church, not an occupied one. Do you have any of those?)"
[i]The man smiled and nodded.[/i]
"(Yes, yes we do. It's just a few blocks from here, you'll have to pass by the park to get there. But may I ask you why you would wish to go there, madam?)"
[i]Emryss ignored the sailor's question and walked on. She already had all the information she needed.[/i]


[i][b]A few blocks later...[/b][/i]


[i]Finally reaching the park, Emryss decided to sit down to rest her feet, and to check to make sure she was looking for the right church. Besides herself, there were three other people in the park, talking to each other. She sat down in a bench and dug through her booksack, pulling out a tattered journal. She turned to a page with a sketching of a large, Gothic church. Underneath the sketching was a name, but she would check that once she got there. She looked up from the book at the monastery in the distance.
"Yep, that's the one." She thought.
After she put up the journal, she looked up at the group. She lip-read "What are you doing here," before she heard the scream. She instinctively put a hand on her sword handle at her back. She looked at the group ahead of her, but judging by their faces, the scream had not come from them. She looked around to try to find its source.[/i][/size][/color]
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OOC: Well, you may have been confused by my character's French accent but it's only because he is French. Being in France doesn't actually ruin anything yet, I presume, though.


Skyler glared at the new girl, but his head snapped towards the scream, his Angelic habbits causing him to feel worry and protective of the innocent scream of a human. He instinctively started walking towards the noise, knowing if he would simply ignore it, his soul would torture him beyond the shot of any gun or stab of any sword. To his horror, Charisma put out a hand to stop him,

"Hold it, buddy." She said, not taking his eyes off of him. Skyler looked at her, his eyes pleading.

"We.. have to save it," He said, barely noticing his mistake as his eyes fogged up. Charisma only narrowed her eyes at him.

"What would a creature like yourself want with a human?" She spat.

The pain was growing, he had to save the human. His knees buckled and he started panting like he had run many miles. Charisma put an arm out and backed Doll away, not knowing what would happen.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=fixedsys]Thyme?s normally emotionless face looked down at the petty human. She giggled as the human started to dance again, a dance of death. The human girl waved a sword around as it struck parts of her body. The girl screamed. Thyme laughed, and made the dance more reckless and fast. The girl stopped resisting, screams stopped, and fell limp. Thyme sighed, ?It was fun while it lasted.? She jumped down from the roof and picked up her sword out of the girl?s hands, and in a quick motion swiped it above her head, as if cutting string, making the girl fall to the ground. Thyme turned around to hear footsteps, she quickly hid her sword and stood over the body as if in wonder, then quickly picked up a dagger that somehow found it way to the girl?s hand. They approached.

?What did you do?? One of them asked.

?I didn?t do anything, I heard screaming and came to look around.? Thyme?s face looked like a doll?s face, utterly emotionless.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]"You filthy creature. Your lies will fool them," a smooth, thick voice echoed in darkness.

"Who goes there...now?" Skyler growled, clearly annoyed.

"Yeah, you dare to insult me? I'd like to see a face to that remark," Thyme squinted her eyes in hopes to find the owner of the Russian accent.

"You wish to see my face, do you child? Well, I will warn you now. It will be the last thing you will see," the voice grew closer and deeper.

The group glanced around. A couple of them arming themselves. A distinct click-clack of slow striding footsteps shattered the dark stainglass of silence. Doll looked towards an alleyway to see a slender figure tapping a blade against her thigh.

"You," Doll pointed.

" 'You'? That was rather rude, and pointing really pisses me off. I suggest if you wish to keep your life you will keep your mouth shut until spoken to," the woman flipped the blade in her hand.

The moonlight glistened on the sleek metal, creating a relfection across a pair of piercing, crystal blue eyes. A pair of full lips curled into a cat-like smirk. Although the smirk danced, her eyes were empty and cold.

"Well, what is your name?" Doll smiled lightly and politely.

"I'm known as Reaper."[/color][/size]
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Lex Van'Alstine sat upon a gargoyle statue on a high tower. He looked at his black sword and ran his hand along the handle. It was a quiet night.
"Reaper's met them by now," he said. "She better learn something about where the Blood Red Moon crystal or she wont get her pay," he said.
He turned and headed into the temple. As he stood there a preist walked in and put his hand on Lex's shoulder. "Thank you father. I'll be back tonight. Was my spiritual being raised," Lex asked?
The preist nodded. "And with everytime you meditate like this your spiritual being will raise even further and the intensity of the black magic your aquire from the blood red moon crystal will be more than any other in the region," the preist said.
Lex nodded and bowed to the preist. He turned to the window he had crawled in through and jumped down to the city below.
"It is just a matter of time," Lex said.
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[color=purple][size=1][i]Emryss watched as the group ran in response to the scream. She looked at their empty bench, then at the church, and then back at the bench. She shrugged her shoulders.[/i]
"Well, the monastery isn't going anywhere. I'd better find out what's going on."
[i]Emryss ran in the direction of the scream.[/i]


[i]When she got there, the first thing she noticed was the bleeding woman lying on the ground. Ignoring everyone else that was standing around, Emryss kneeled down and checked the mysterious woman's wounds. One of the two people that weren't with the other three that she had seen at the bench, raised her sword at her.[/i]
"You! Who are you and what are you doing here?" [i]The woman hissed.[/i]
"Well first I might want to let you know that I only exchange answers for other answers. I never give them away for free. I'm known as Emryss of the Alabaster Hand, and I'm checking these woman's wounds. She's hurt pretty badly."
[i]The woman with the blade laughed at Emryss response.[/i]
"You have no idea who you are ordering around, do you? I am known as Reaper. And you will soon know what my business is here."
[i]Emryss ignored her and continued to check the wounded victim. Soon, she looked back up at Reaper.[/i]
"This was no vampire that did this to her, that's for sure. She should be fine if we take care of her right away. What were you saying?"
[i]Reaper growled at her.[/i]
"You are making me very impatient! Get up and stand with the others."
[i]Emryss did as she was ordered to.[/i]
"Now, I have a few questions for all of you..."[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]"Now what are the rest of your names."

"Charsima. It is a pleasure to meet you." [I]I think[/I] she thought to herself. Reaper looked at her and blinked.

"I am Sklyer and what questions do you have?" he repied in is french accent.

"Doll is my name." she replied in her soft spoken vioce.

"My name is Thyme and i don't like what you accused me of." Came from the doll faced girl.

"You are testing my patients." came irritably from Reaper. "Now tell me what you know of the blood-red crystal." The group of people looked startled about this question, expect for Thyme she kept that same exppression on her face.

"I really don't know what you are talking about. red-blood, blood-red crystal. It doesn't ring a bell." came from Charisma.

"You are lying i can tell. Tell me now before i get really angry." Charsima sighed at this. She always knew she was bad at lying.

"If I tell you what i know, what information will you give me in return. I told you i do not give away information for free." Emryss informed her.

Charisma moved away from the group and kneeled down next to the girl on the ground. She began examing. "what are you doing? I told you to stand with the others." Reaper growled.

"Well if you really must know i am trying to save her. I told you what i know and that is what you are going to get from me." She glared at her stubbornly.

Reaper gaze went to the others. "What about the rest of you. Tell me what you know."[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"Is... she still alive, then?" Skyler asked hopefully, his pain subsiding. Charisma nodded without looking up, still checking over to girl.

"Hey, red," Reaper spat, "I asked you all a question, and I expect an answer."

Skyler turned on his heel to face Reaper, and he calmly chided, "Actually, you've said a great deal of things that no one would like to answer." Reaper growled and turned to the others as Skyler knelt by the girl and Charisma.

"It's quite alright, i've got it, love." He said to Charisma, who found his voice so soothing she stood up silently to watch.

The girl's chest rose slowly up and down, and Skyler put his hands only inches above her figure. The others, who were still being interrogated by Reaper, didn't watch the feat, only Charisma, who watched in awe as black and gold lights spread from Skyler's hand, enveloping the girl, who started to breathe faster and more natural.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Teal]The ship glided silently into the dark and moonlit harbour, soon deckhands appeared and scurried off to their posts which they had abandoned sometime during the night, others ran to awaken their friends who had fallen asleep. The first night on ship Ram had watched with amusement as they all had scurried about, and had wondered why they acted so afraid, he had wondered, that is, until he saw the captain. Captain Mololi was a tall, grizzly, and bitter old man with scars all over him. Apparently, he had been a Navy Seal until he had been attacked by a shark, it had nearly killed him, but not fast enough, the shark jaw in his cabin is a testament to that. The one thing the shark had done was leave him so messed up he couldn?t do anything except a desk job. Not wanting to live his life like that he left the Navy and became Captain of the Polar West, a passenger boat. Just seeing him that first night made Ram go back into his hiding place and stay there the whole passage.

Now a week later Ram seeing that he could swim to shore without any trouble, nimbly tied a rope onto the smooth railing and lowered it gradually into to the dark water trying not to make a sound. Finally after what seemed a lifetime, but really only a few seconds, Ram felt the rope being pulled by the currents. Grinning he turned to see if anyone was looking, seeing that no one was near, he hefted himself over the railing and down the rope. The water was icy cold and woke Ram up instantly; shivers ran through his body, each one leaving him more alert than the last. Ram had lowered himself down the rope so that only his bust was left above water, breathing deeply Ram let go and went under. If he had not been prepared, the cold water would have forced the air out of him, twisting his body he pushed off of the boat and sped forward to the right of the of the boat towards the piers. A minute or so later Ram submerged underneath one, there in the shadows he waited until the Polar West had pulled up into a pier two or three down from him, sure that no one was going to see him, Ram swam out from under the pier and behind another boat, so that nobody could see him getting out of the water. By now Ram?s whole body was numb. [I]Great. Now I?m going to get hypothermia, just what I need.[/I] Shaking the sarcastic thought from his head Ram pulled himself up onto the pier, looking around he stood up and started walking as if he knew where he was going.

Ram sighed a sigh of relief when he reached the bushes and tall grass along the beach, and noiselessly plunged into them. Curling up under the bushes where he could see out to the beach but nobody could see him, Ram pulled out the scrawny blanket he had in his backpack; the only reason it had stayed wet is because it had been in a water proof bag, all of his other belongings with a few exceptions were wet. [I]Looks like I?m going to have to find a place to dry all of this, but not tonight, I?m too tired. [/I] The week on the boat, having to be on the constant look-out had left Ram looking like some kind of teenage zombie. Ram spread out the blanket and was just dozing to what seemed like a good sleep, when a scream pierced the night shattering the fragile existence of silence.
Groaning Ram sat up, [I]Why?[/I] rolling his blanket up and stuffing it into his backpack, which he hastily threw over his shoulders, Ram headed towards where he had heard the scream. It wasn?t hard he could almost smell the blood once he entered the city, a few blocks from his destination he heard voices.

?What about the rest of you? Tell me what you know.? A girl?s voice, Russian by the sound of it, demanded. Ram slowed down and edged silently along the side of a brick building which was a few down from where the voices were coming from, the smell of blood as well. Ram looked around the corner to look, girl lay bleeding on the street, another girl wearing a pink checker dress was kneeled down next to her. Beads of sweat ran down Ram?s face, he knew he couldn?t resist much longer [I]Help her, come on?come on?[/I]

"Is... she still alive, then?" A guy with a french accent said, looking concerned.

"Hey, red," The Russian said nearly spitting on the French guy "I asked you all a question, and I expect an answer."

"Actually, you've said a great deal of things that no one would like to answer." The French guy calmly replied, and then he went and knelt next to the girl in the pink dress. The Russian growled, then turned her attention to the others. Ram panting with trying to restrain himself, glanced at the bleeding girl, he was getting dizzy and light headed by now.

"It's quite alright; I've got it, love." The French guy said to the girl with a soothing voice, who obediently stepped aside, but kept watching with concern. Ram was watching on his knees, they having given out. He could taste the coppery taste of blood in his mouth and his sight was getting hazy, even though they were he still saw the black and gold lights come from his hands and over the girl?s body. Instantly the dizziness, light headiness, and haze was lifted. He sighed, the curse had been satiated, but his struggle with it had left him weak and tired. Ram slumped down against the wall exhausted, behind him he could still hear the Russian interrogating the others about some crystal. Ram senses jolted, they were talking about the red crystal, the one he was searching for, listening for another moment just to make sure he was right, then got up painstakingly slow. He sniffed the air to make sure he committed all of their scents into memory. Then silently he walked back down the dark and lonely street, he would have to track these people, but he could always do that in the morning after he got some rest.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Purple] Doll watched Skyler and the others, trying to pretend Reaper wasn't there. The smell of blood still lingured in the air as Doll's hunger for blood grew, she shook the thought of blood out of her head and directed her attintion back to the group. When Doll looked back she noticed that for some reason the human was breathing and Skyler was kneeled beside the human.

"What happend? Who are you guys? Wait, what are you guys?" Doll asked slowly obseving everyone in the area. [/COLOR]
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Lex walked through a dark ally. As he turned a corner he saw Reaper. He instantly turned around and sat down. He was endangering Reaper's mission.
"Crap," he said. He noticed that he was gripping his sword very tight. It wasn't until he stood and tunred the corner that she was conversing with them. They hadn't seen him. It came upon lex that maybe it would be a good idea to spy in on the coversation a bit closer. He climbed the building right next to him and saw them.
He could hear them but not well. He would have to get closer. That would risk them seeing him though.

Lex waited for a solution to come to him.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][i]Why am I growing so angry? Is it because of Doll? She's a different kind of vampire...well, I am a different type myself...It has been so long since that time, I'd almost forgotten who I am....[/i]Reaper clutched her temples and slowly sank to the cobblestone street.

"What's wrong with her?" Charisma whispered to Doll.

"I don't know. Ms. Reaper, are you.." Doll started, offering a hand.

"Don't touch me! Get away! Please!" Reaper scampered back, away from the confused crowd.

"Reaper?" Thyme quirked an eyebrow.

The Russian lay in a puddle in a pain she had long since forgotten. Terrible agony pulsated throughout her body, paralyzing even her lips. She lay clasping her stomach, coughing.

"No...not now...They torment me.." she sobbed, "...Lex..."

The group stood dumbfounded. Not knowing what to think. Here was Reaper, a threat at first, now lying on the ground, helpless and crying and calling out for someone.

"Lex.....it hurts..."[/color][/size]
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[color=purple][size=1][i]Even though that thing that seemed to be in pain was a vampire, Emryss could not help but to feel pity for it. She pushed back the long collar of her jacket, put a hand down her turtleneck sweater and rubbed the several puncture wounds on her neck while she was trying to decide what to do. Finally, she walked over to the crying Reaper. Reaper looked up at her with what seemed to be fear in her eyes.[/i]
"I told you to get away!" [i]She whispered angrily.
Emryss held a finger to her lips and then rolled up her sleeve.[/i]
"I'm immune. Go ahead if you need to feed. I know what you are."[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Reaper bit down on Emyrss arm relantionly. Charisma gasp at the sight. [I]She was vampire all along and i didn't even know it.[/I] She thought."Did anyone else know she was a vampire becasue i didn't." Charisma said out loud. Everyone looked at her like she said something crazy. "By the way Sklyer who are you? I have worked in the medical feild before but never seen anything like that before."

Skyler looked at her and debated whether or not to tell his secret. Finally he he decided that he owed her an explantion. "I am an Angel."

"I see. I guess that explains it." Charisma shoke her head. "Anyways i must be going everything looks fine her." She scan the unusal group of people. " Have a nice night. Pleasure to meet you."

"Where are you going?" asked Doll curiously.

"Home where else." She walked off down the path when a shodaw leaped out in front of her.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Lex stared down at Reaper. She was starting to feel pain again. When they had first met this same experience had happened. It was a surge of emotion that overtook her body it pain.
Lex found this to be an opportunity to reveal hismelf. He jumped off the building. The group saw him. He withdrew his sword and ran over to Reaper. She looked up to him.
"We've got to go Reaper," Lex said. He looked up at the staring group of eyes. "I will meet with all of you later." He picked Reaper up in his arms and turned.

Doll looked to Skyler. "What was that about. He's going to meet with us later?" she thought aloud. Skyler shrugged.

Lex stopped walking about four blocks away from the park. He looked at Reaper. "Are you okay now," he asked? She smiled and nodded at him. He made a sigh of relief. "I don't know what I would have done if you had died," he said.

Yelena lay on Lex's chest and he held her. She had said it was impossible but the resembelnce of Lex to her lost love was remarkable. Lex looked down to see Yelena sleeping now. This wasn't the proper area for a person to sleep. He lifted her sleeping body from the ground.

He carried her to the church which was a ways. The preist found Lex panting and holding the one known as Reaper in his arms, about to enter the church.

On the outside it was very cold and raining now. The preist quickly opened the door and let Lex in. He watched as the soaking young man walked in and then closed the door. The preist then turned to Lex.

"What happened," the preist asked. Lex set Yelena down on the seats that led down towards the alter. He turned back to the preist. Water dripped from his ahnging black hair and his clothes.

"Yelena had another episode. I don't know what I'm going to do. They bring her into so much pain but I never see the effects of them," he said. The preist had obviously gotten to know Yelena through what Lex. He always talked about her quite often. It was always either how she was going or his worries of her having another episode.

The preist sighed and walked to the alter. He opened a small book that he'd been writing in. "This is something I think might be of value," he said.
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[color=purple][size=1][i]Emryss stood up and cleaned the fresh wound on her arm. After she was finished, she bandaged it up and put her medical supplies back in her backpack.[/i]
"Well, I've got to be going now. I wanted to learn more about all of you and I'm sure you wanted to know more about me, but I have other business to take care of. Especially if that thing was looking for the crystal as well. I can't let it get it before I do."
[i]Emryss slung the backpack over her shoulder.[/i]
"I'll be seeing all of you later. Especially you..." [i]She said as she pointed at Doll.[/i]
[i]Emryss walked off in the direction of the church and looked back once to wave goodbye. Then, she disappeared into the darkness.[/i]


[i]A few seconds later, the group heard the sound of returning footsteps. It was Emryss.[/i]
"On second thought, I can wait for a little while. It's really going to bug me if I walk off without knowing who all of you are. I'm just nosey that way. Besides, some of us might be able to help each other if we have similar goals. I'm guessing that you have all heard about the Blood-Red Crystal, haven't you?"[/size][/color]
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"And where do you think you are going?" Skyler asked, only his vibrant eyes shinning through the darkness that surrounded his entire body. Charisma shook her head,

"I told you, i'm leaving," she said cooly, narrowing her eyes.

"You know what?" He asked coldly, still not removing himself from his hiding spot, "I don't think you're going anywhere. We're all here for a reason, and you are going to stay out until we figure out what that reason is."

"How are you going to stop me, shorty?" She sneered, crossing her arms and getting ready to walk away.

"Try," he started, walking out of the shadows, revealing huge, feathery black wings that glowed with an unholy aura, "to outrun these, love."[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Purple] Doll started to slowly walk away when no one was looking. She didn't know if she would see them again, but she needed blood and needed it bad. So whiel everyone was wrapped up about everyone else leaving Doll walked off into the streets nearby.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Charisma took a step back and touched the sunburst pendent at her neck. "I might have a little trouble outrunning them. Never had to come up agaist wings before though. But anyways you win i'll stay."

"Good i'm glad to hear it." skyler told her.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Life death.... that is foolish thoughts...."

A mysterious boy walks under the moonlight. His pale skis seems to glow, or reflect the moomlight. He pulls a shot gun loaded with silver shells from his black trenchcoat, , listening for the sounds in the wind.

There are several loud booming noises, and then there are bodies lying on the ground. The boy walks away, pleased hie killed the vampires.
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[COLOR=Purple]Doll removes her teeth from the neck of the blood drained human and brushes the humans blond hair out of his green eyes.

"Too bad you're dead, you were pretty cute," Doll told the dead man, who she now leaned against the brick wall of the allyway.

Doll didn't enjoy killing people, but she has no choice, the only thing that her master taught her was to either kill or be killed.

Then Doll heard gun shots nearby, at first she didn't care; but after she heard screams of dying vampires in her head she immeditally knew that she couldn't stay there long. She saw a shadow of a person heading her way and she started running back to the others.[/COLOR]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]It was cold, cold and damp. Her lips trembled in subsiding pain and the harsh drop of body temperature. Her eyes flickered open, slowly gaining a clear image of her surroundings. Voices sounded as murmmers slipping into a gaggle of whispers.

"L...Lex?" Yelena pushed herself to her elbows. Her dark hair fell over her shoulders, weighed from being soaked to her skin.

"Yelena! What are you doing sitting up?" Lex jumped down from the altar and walked over to Yelena.

"I'm starting to feel..better, really.." she smiled weakly.

"How bad was it this time?" Lex asked sympathetically, brushing strands of wet hair from her lips.

"Oh..not that bad," Yelena looked away. She was lying, it was worse than ever. And each episode wasn't getting any better.

"Liar," Lex shook his head, "Yelena, why does this happen? And why now?"

Yelena looked to Lex with fear, for the first time since she could remember, these past few months have been the only time she could feel and show fear. But only to Lex. He, he was the only person, mortal, being, that Yelena had ever shown emotion to.

"I don't know why...maybe it's because the memories are finally starting to come back to me. Everything that I forgot..everything I pushed away..It's all starting to come back to me," her voice trailed.

"Memories? What from?"

"My former self...when I was mortal...and my transition to being the creature I am today," she looked away from Lex and stood to look out of the window.

"The moon, it shines brightly tonight, Miss Yelena," the priest stood beside her.

"That it is, priest,'' Yelena sighed and folded her arms over her chest.

"And it does not affect you? Am I mistaking that a full moon is harmful to a Vampire?"

Lex stood and watched this interaction, vampire and priest, how odd. Usually, one would assume that priests would condemn the immortal, soulless creature. This vampire was different, she had a soul..and it was all begining to come back to her, agonizingly and slowly.

"I'm a different breed of Vampire...." Reaper glanced at the aging priest, her blue eyes flashed of unintentional hate.

"What do you want with that crystal? You have the power of immortality, invincibility, immunity, super human strength..." the priest started.

"What I intend is none of your concern, old man," Reaper spoke curtly and quietly.

She looked to Lex. He raised an eyebrow, making Yelena smile lightly.

[i]Why? Why do I feel him? I have not bitten him.....why do I feel your thoughts? Your pain..Your love..[/color][/size][/i]
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