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What are the top 3 games that you reccomend people get? I need to know whats hot and what isnt. Im thinking about getting monster hunter or sly 2. Heres my personal reccomendations. And please, nothing obviouse[FF7, ZeldaOOC...]

1. Sly Cooper. This is a really, really cool game. You get to play in many innovative ways and have lots of cool moves. Its an extremely hard game, but clearing the story line can range between 4 and 8 hours. After that you gotta go back and collect all the bottles.

2. Onimusha. Its a pretty cool action game with extreme amounts of blood. Its poisoned by awkward controls and unfixable camras, but the battles are pretty easy and way fun. It takes between 3 and 6 hour to complete the game.

3. .hack//Infection/Mutation/Quarantine/third..one.... a cool series of games full of non stop action. Once youve gotten the feel of these games, youll find yourself battling at the speed of light. Good for dothack fans. Unfortuanetally it gets repetitive.
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[color=#4B0082]I really need to make a sticky thread about this. ... But since I'm lazy, I'll just repeat it again for now.

So anyway, to let people know, posts that contain nothing but a list of games will be deleted. The reason being, recommending a game without telling anything about it is pointless (and therefore considered spam) since the reader, while they'll know that the person posting the recommendation likes the game, won't get any idea about whether or not they would like the game. At least a short description of the game(s) should accompany any recommendations so that they'll actually be useful to people reading the thread.[/color]
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umm..... since no one has replied (no one ever replies to my threads) Ill just reccomend 3 more!

1. Custom Robo. This is a really sweet game. Its very action-packed, and has an intriguing storyline. Full robo customization, and a sweet multiplayer mode.

2. Soul Calibur 2. Ive only played the Gamecube version, but its my favorite fighting game ever. Each charachter has unique controls and moves, and there are lots of weapon variation. The story mode is really cool to.

3. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Okay, I know a lot of you hate it, but It has cool, fast-paced gameplay, and one of my personal favorite storylines. The chao world is infinetaly addicting.
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Im sorry if a similar thread has been created, but if one has I couldn't find it.

Ok. I'm sick and tired, bored and lulled by my game colection for the PS2. I need some ideas for games, not rated M, that you people reading this can suggest.
I already have:
Gran Turismo 3
Tokyo Extreme Racer 0 and 3 (GREAT racing games, BTW.)
.Hack part 1
Final Fantasy x and X-2
Shaun Palmers pro snowboarder
Silent Hill 3 (Please dont suggest #4. I am already planning on buyin it.)

Also, I would appreciate if you denoted whether the game was online capable or not. Seeing as I have an adapter, I am looking for online titles as well.

If you could please help me get the ideas of some games, I will be indebted to you fore- wait... no just for a few days until I beat the game.


[color=#4B0082]Merged this with the game recommendations thread, since they're basically the same thing. - [i]Desbreko[/i][/color]
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[size=1]Hmmm... good games for PS2... Well if you like DDR, then get DDR Extreme. But if your looking more on the lines of an action game... then I would most likely suggest Viewtiful Joe. It just came out for the PS2 not too long ago. I havent played it for PS2 quite yet, but the GC version was awesome. So Im buying it soon, so thats what I would recommend.[/size]
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Well, if you're looking for a good RPG, I'd recommend Shadow Hearts. It was a launch title for the PS2 which got overlooked, but I for one thought it was really good. I think a sequel's coming out sometime in the next few months. Also, since I really don't want to bore all of you with a whole bunch of explanations, here's a few other games.

SSX 3: It's a really easy to get into game that is a lot of fun once you get past the whole 'impossible tricks" thing which a lot of people seem to complain about.
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King or Samurai Warriors: Both are kind of mindless hack-n-slahes, but I personally had a blast with both.
.Hack 2-4: If you already have 1, why not? They are all really solid games.
MGS 2 (or 3, it comes out next month): MGS is a really cool series, even if 2's plot made no sense whatsoever.

Hmm...I can't really think of anything else...Alright, hope that helps a bit. :cool:

[COLOR=Red]Edit: Sorry, I though that since you had SH3, it was alright if you had a few M rated games. SH3 is way, way worse in terms of content than MGS2, I haven't seen much of 3, though. [/COLOR]
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I was gonna say this in my first thread, but I decided not to:
I have played SSX 3 a LOT! I am going to buy that game as well AND, take a look at my siggy... it explains some things.
As for MGs series, it is an awesome series, but rated M. Parents wont allow it.

Yeah. But if you go to Merqury City Scoreboards >>>> [url]http://merqurycity.com/ssx3/scoreboard/ssx3_bestscorestimesframe.html[/url]

then youll see my name in the number five spot ^.^
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If you asked anyone in this video Game section who realized i exist what Id say, theyd tell you

Sly Cooper. This game is probably the best adventure game for PS2. Theres some action, and a lot of strategy, and it can be pretty hard at times, but its fairly easy to beat the game, (but prepare to loose a lot af lives).

If you have .hack 1 why not .hack 2-4?

I-Ninja is one of my favorite action games and I HIGHLY reccomend it. Its a lot like sly cooper, some puzzle levels and some constant killing levels. Its possibly the funnest game ever because of its hilarity and non-stop action. You get new swords from killing enemies and belts from beating levels. Also, there are some very neat codes (big head mode :))
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Eternal Darkness - I dont know why but this game was only a cult hit, in my opinion it's in the top 3 Gamecube games. Resident Evil to me has never really been for anything but cheap scares and jumps. But Eternal Darkness was overall just a scary experience. It constanly had me wondering if I was playing the actual game or experiencing a sanity effect. There is enough to have you go back and play the game 3 times and even after that the game is still entertaining.

The Legend of Zelda Windwaker - Now I will admit I was originally one of the people who looked at Windwaker and wondered where my mature Zelda went. But 5 minutes into playing this game I was awestruck the world is just so beautifully well done it's a suprise to me to hear that people have not played this game.

Beyond Good and Evil - This was another game I wasnt looking to much forward to but once I found it in my local bargain bin for only 20 bucks I couldnt resist it. I had heard it was a underated game but when I played it, I really enjoyed myself. The characters are all loveable. The world is emersive, the control scheme is very remanisent of Wind Waker. Since it's so cheap it's easy on the wallet as well.
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Only three games to recommend? Hmm...

1. Super Smash Brother Melee: This is an excellent game with good multiplayer and a pretty good single player. To unlock everything you must play for at least a good 20 hours. Grab a few friend and bash each other senseless in this game.

2. Guilty Gear XX: A great 2d fighting game with many different modes to choose from. There's mission mode for a person who enjoys a challenge. There's a story mode for those who wish to play to learn about the characters. There's versus mode for 2 player fighting.

3. Tales of Symphonia: If you may or may not know I like RPGs the best out of all genres and this game is one of those games that stick out in my mind. It combines good gameplay with some anime cutscenes. The plot twists and turns many times and has many sidequests.
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Guest pSYoniKgHOsT
well i was just wondering since this is my first post on the forums and i didnt have time until now to read everything...can i post PC games to since i saw a lot of PS, gamecube, xbox games but for pc nothing?so can i? :D
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1. Xenosaga I&II- I posted these together because you can't really have one without the other. I just started playing Xenosaga II and it hasn't let me down yet. Both have a great supply of CG animation, good battle animation/systems, and a good cast of characters. After the Final Fantasy series, this is deffinateally my favorite RPG series for the PS2

2. Dynasty Warriors III-Dynasty Warriors III in my opionion is the greatest hack and slash series ever made. Though DW 4 sort've let me down, they did come back with DW 4: empires which was pretty good. But but back on the subject, my friends and I stayed up for 4-5 hours playing this game several nights in a row.

3. John Madden/NCAA 2005- You don't hear much about sports games in these forums, but The EA sports series John Madden/NCAA 05 were both the best sports(football) games in the past 10 years. ( I posted them as one because EA sports really doesn't change much between the two except for the ability to pitch the ball and the players/teams names.)
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[quote name='BlueGender']Eternal Darkness - I dont know why but this game was only a cult hit, in my opinion it's in the top 3 Gamecube games. Resident Evil to me has never really been for anything but cheap scares and jumps. But Eternal Darkness was overall just a scary experience. It constanly had me wondering if I was playing the actual game or experiencing a sanity effect. There is enough to have you go back and play the game 3 times and even after that the game is still entertaining.[/quote]

Eternal Darkness is definitely awesome, though it's pretty much outclassed in every way now by Resident Evil 4. ED has comparable puzzles, the story is about as good, and the voice acting is [i]far[/i] better than RE4's, but ED is pretty far behind in terms of everything else, especially combat.

Beyond Good and Evil is great, too, as you said. I bought the XBox version for about $20. It's probably priced even lower now if you can find it.

ICO is awesome, too. If I had a PS2 ICO would be among the first games I'd snatch up. I only got to play it briefly at a friend's house, but it left quite an impression on me. Fantastic game with great atmosphere.
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[quote name='pSYoniKgHOsT']well i was just wondering since this is my first post on the forums and i didnt have time until now to read everything...can i post PC games to since i saw a lot of PS, gamecube, xbox games but for pc nothing?so can i? :D[/quote]
[color=#4B0082]We have a PC/Mac forum for discussing PC/Mac related things, though in the area of games there's obviously going to be some overlap with consoles. So if you want to toss a couple PC games in with other recommendations, that's fine. But if all you're going to post about is PC games, you should use the PC/Mac forum.[/color]
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on that note, I would like to state that if your a fan of PC RPGs, Neverwinter nights is a great choice. You can make your own server and go onto other people's. I'm working on my module today.

Also, if your into stealth games like MGS, Tenchu is a great choice. Tench calls for true stealth since you have to get right next to the enemy before hitting them. The special moves are sweet.

For any fans of fighting and party games, I highly reccomend Kung Fu Chaos. It isn't very long and wont keep a large group satisfied for more thaan an hour, but its still a great game. :animeknow
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im new so ya whatever

1-half-life 2- the best singal player fps ever with a great story and cool caracters and the best physics engin ever along with some realy cool mods all over the web

2-KOTR-im not a big rpg guy but this game was just fun and its about 50hrs long with lots of replay value any one it an xbox or pc should get it

3-any game from the unreal series-they all have unique weapons and the best multiplayer out every one needs one of these games if they like fps
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting

[b]Knights of the Old Republic [PC]:[/b] Brilliant game whether or not you're a fan or RPGs or Star Wars, and if you're a fan of both then this is really gaming heaven. Plot's great, characters are deep and when you have combat that involves lightsabers and Force Powers you can't really go wrong. The only real down side is that after playing on both the Light and Dark Side with both genders there's really nothing left to replay. That said there's at least 90 hours of gaming to get to that point, really worth a look if you feel interested.

[b]Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time:[/b] Music and atmosphere make this one great, the combat is alright although it does tend to get a bit repetitive after a while. The voicing for the characters is quite good, the Prince gives off that almost decadent and yet yearning for respect tone in his voice, which is exactly how his character is supposed to sound I suppose. Storyline is OK, if a bit ropey due to the nature of it being an action/platformer but for the purposes of the game it serves fine. I haven't had a chance to play the sequel so I can't really give a comparison.

[b]Viewtiful Joe:[/b] VJ is a bit of an enigma for me, considering I'm stuck on a level and can't seem to finish it. However that said it has to be a very unique little game, although considering VJ2 is out soon enough "series" might be the more correct term to use. Animation is great, the switch between 1950s projector as Regular Joe and DVD-crisp Viewtiful Joe is a nice touch, colourfully wonderful, a feast for the eyes. Gameplay is hectic, mainly due to the legions of evil robots trying to kill you at every turn. Chaotic but fun, button bashers may find they have a game where they can call their talent "skill". [/SIZE]
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I didn't post in this?

1.) Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - As far as I'm concerned, this is the best RPG for the PS2 up until this point. I absolutely loved every last aspect of it and, much to my surprise, everyone that got it thanks to my constant gushing enjoyed it as well.

Be sure to check out the thread. It goes over pretty much anything you'd want to know about it before you buy it.

2.) Activision Anthology - This is an old one, but I don't think many people own it. It can be found for $10 new most of the time, even less used. It's basically a large collection of Activision Atari games. The presentation is excellent, there are lots of neat unlockables, original manuals and stuff in the game to look at and even music from the period like Twisted Sister.

Totally worth the money. I wrote about it on 1-Up Gaming awhile back if anyone wants to read that.

3.) Baten Kaitos - This is arguably the best RPG on the GameCube... or at least pretty much right up there with Paper Mario. The basic plotline is a bit cliche, but the characters are excellently portrayed (turn off the voices!) and the battle system is about twenty times better than I expected. Worth the time.
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Games id recomend will have to be:

Metal Gear Solid Series: its action filled. Its a good way to kill time and if you like it theres three games out for ps2

Xenosaga: its basically sorda anime so any anime fan will like this one. If your not a good gamer it will take sometime on getting use to this one since its a hard game.

KingdomHearts: its really addictive if you like RPG's and FF games you'll like this it also tends to have comic relief so is not stress full to play.

thats it.

Kitty Excel :catgirl: out!
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[COLOR=Blue]Wow, this is hard. I played many great games...Umm, let's see.

Ratchet & Clank: It's just fun! :animesmil You get all sorts of cool weapons and gadgets, and blow the crap out of enimies. Plus the humor and story involved make the games even more fun to play.

.Hack: Talk about addictive. Weapons, spells, characters, an involving story, it's got it all. Too bad there are only four games. This is good stuff.

Soul Caliber II: Pasifisim is so overated. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! :animesmil :animesmil :D :D It's an awsome game. Need I say more?

There are many more, but I'm only aloud three here. Oh well.


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