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Dont you just hate it when.......

Guest Alchemist

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Guest Alchemist
I just hate it to no end when:
someone gets in front of you and drives slow then speed ups when you try to pass them :flaming:
people ask about the special they are running that day at the grocery store and they compare for 5mins. over which plan is the best :flaming: :flaming: :flaming:
When do you just hate it ......
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[color=darkslategray]I happen to be bored:
[list][*] Signatures filled with ridiculous smiley things.
[*] RPGs that have no thread ratings. (Yeah, I know. I was against it at first, but I've realized how much it actually helps.)
[*] Valentine's Day threads.
[*] Charles' avatar. It makes me so dizzy.
[*] Being unable to read a post because the grammar is worse than Charles' avatar. I just lose interest when I can't understand/follow the first sentence of a post.
[*] "OMFG!!!111!1 u rox0r my sox!!11!1 " talk. I refuse to call it "speech" or a language.
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[COLOR=Navy]I just hate it when:

[*]People act like they know it all....they don't
[*]stuck up people that think that they are the best people on the earth and that everyone should worship the ground they walk on
[*]immature people that run through malls laughing their heads off....or crying over broken nails or HS dating break-ups

'nuff said.[/COLOR]
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I just hate it when...

- I go to the store to pick up an item and leave the store with everything but the one item I went there to purchase.
- People make fun of someone because of their age/race/creed/gender or whatever just so they can make themselves feel "superior".
- Mean people on message boards flame people because the internet is the only place they have guts to act that way.
- People get away with murder because of some stupid loophole in the law.
- People park in handicapped parking spots who aren't handicapped.
- I forget important dates and events.
- My arthritis flares up and makes me irritable.
- People with noisy kids/ ringing cell phones in a movie theater don't go out into the lobby.
- Pop up ads and spam flood my computer.
- People use spammy, mean and/or unreadable responses to threads.
- I sit down on a seat in a public place and it is moist.
- I am at a club/dance/party and guys "accidently" grab my chest.
- My lists of "hates" becomes longer than anyone elses.
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I just hate it when:

Someone kills a Storm Trooper in the Star Wars movies.
Somebody spurts out a racial slurr against me
Boba Fett dies
Females shave their heads, and or get mohawks to be "individual"
People act "emo"

I hate, with a passion, people who walk into the store Hot Topic. That store rapes everything I've ever liked and turns it into some dark, emo, punk, or something other than what it was originally supposed to be and sells it to the public for commercial use..
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]Wow. . a Hate thread. .

I hate it when:

~People use the word Hate for 'Dislike' or 'Frustrates me' :D
~I hate when people think that MTV is a good station to watch
--I hate when people think that shows like Jackass and Bam's show are awesome shows
--I hate all these pointless 'reality' tv shows out there (not just on MTV, but on any station)
~I hate that people are totally obsessed with celebrities (Someone came into my work place a few weeks back, and asked me, "So what do you think about Brad and Jen breaking up?" I looked her straight in the eyes and asked, "Who are Brad and Jen?")

I have a few complaints that are related to the retail industry:
~I hate when people comlain about a dollar difference in a CD
~People come to me in my workplace, ask me for a bunch of technical advice, then do the exact opposite of what I suggest to them. Guess what, if you wanted me to agree with you, you could have just told me to begin with and saved me ten minutes of my life.
~I hate when people ask me my opinion on a game system, then try to argue with me about it. Guess what?! If you don't like the fact that I don't drool over a PS2 or the X-Box, then don't ask me! You aren't going to change my mind simple because you say that PS2 is the coolest system, cause all of your friends have one!
~I REALLY hate it when people come into my place of business, complain about prices, and then treaten to go to Wal-Mart, cause they always have the same prices! Guess what!? I don't CARE!!
~I hate when people think that I'm not doing anything, because I am secluded to a more sensitive department then they are. They think that I am lazy, when I have to run around non-stop for 5 hours because everyone has a different question that, most of the time, I am the only one who can give them the right answer. I may not know everything, but I know a lot more then pretty much everyone else in the store does. .

---I'll stop there for now ^_^

I could go on for a while about driving, but I'll hit a few key ones:
~I agree with Sepiroth where people purposely go slow in front of you, and then speed up once you try to pass them (especially when it's a spot where you can pass, and then get stuck behind them again when you can't pass again) and then slow back down once you are behind them again.
~I hate when people come to a stop-sign, wait till the last possible second, then pull out in front of you, causing you to have to slam on your brakes, cause you are in a hurry.
~I hate when you pull up to a light, and there are two lanes: The left one is left turn only, but the right one is left, straight and right, and you have that ONE car that pulls into the right lane, to turn left, because he wanted to pass up the other TWO cars in the other lane, subsiquently, blocking you from being able to turn right until 5 minutes later when the light changes.

---Enough complaining from me today. . and I hate when I don't have time to spell-check my own posts -_-

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Here's mine...

~I hate it when your step dad trys acting like a real dad.
~I hate it when parents try to break kids up that they don't like.
~I hate people who judge another person for their apperance.
~I hate it when you find your best friend actually hates you.
~I hate immature peole who try to fit in.
~I hate people who think that they are better than anyone else.
~I hate when things seem to fall apart.
~I hate ot when my parents fight.
~I hate it when I'm blamed for the fights.
~I hate it when I get yelled at for something stupid.
~I hate it when I wake up still sleepy.
~I hate it when I can't go to a party just because they don't like the parents there.
~I hate when I get reprememnded for a problem I didn't create.
~I hate when people call me to forgiving.
~I hate war and fighting.
~I hate people who think that military branches are stupid and useless.
~I hate when I'm late/hungrey/to early/cold/hot.
~I hate it when I make a mistake that everyone in their life has made or will make and I get yelled at than grounded.
~I hate my school bus.
~I hate pushy colleges.
~And I hated it when my step dad used to hit my mom.

-Yeah I have a few issues, I hate so many thigs. But hey don't we all?
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[size=1][color=slategray]Oooh... Hate Threads... XD
Hmm... now let me see here...

- I hate pepper... and it doesn't help when my step dad loves to put pepper on everything he makes.. because I normally end up having to eat it. >>

- I hate stuck up people.

- I hate gloves.. they make my hands all sweaty and I feel like they are trapped... it freaks me out. XD

- I hate it when people stare at you, and then quickly whisper to their friend while still staring at you.

- I hate litter boxes along with cat litter. I mean, if they have to relieve themselves.. just let them go outside, honestly. It hasn't made my life easier what-so-ever by having a litter box... just makes my house stink.

- I hate it when people try to be something they aren't. Just be yourselves people, you'll do better in life if you are true to yourself.

- I hate it when someone that is interested in you keeps bugging you, even though you've told them you don't like them that way.

I've got more, but I'll probably get into the small things too. Which would make it go on forever. Wheeee...![/color][/size]
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I hate...

- The female species' hard-to-decypher code. Why don't they just tell me straight?
- School work. It's not like my entire life is devoted to school people. I spend a good 7 hours in that hell-hole, I don't want another 7 hours of work.
- When I can't write what I mean. Stupid writers block.
- Posers. Act the way you truly are, not a phony.
- People who keep talking to you when you want peace and solitude. I feel like telling them "Go away. I don't want to talk to you right now. I'm angry/tired/wanting to get away from you." but I can't... because that's rude.
- A lack of free time. Nuff said.
- Arrogance.
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[QUOTE=Semjaza Azazel]I hate liberal use of the flaming smiley, but hey, that's me.

Oh, and tomatoes. I think they're the worst food on this entire planet. I feel sick just looking at or smelling the things raw. I don't mind tomato byproducts.[/QUOTE][color=#ff6600]I hate it when Tony is wittier than I. Which, unfortunately, is often.

Interestingly enough, I [i]love[/i] tomatoes.

It makes me sad that the Brontosaurus isn't real. I don't like MSN messenger. I really dislike being cold.

One thing that really, really drives me nuts, though, is when people start talking about dental hygeine and orthodontics while I'm at the dinner table. I'm sure there are other things in life I could do without, but that's a big one.

:flaming: :flaming: :flaming: :flaming: :flaming:,
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I must say, I hate AIM more than I hate alot of things, but one must take into consideration that there are alot more things in the world than I have opinions on.

I hate obscenely warm weather and when people complain about being perpetually cold when it is anywhere above negative ten.

I hate the Imperial system and that sign in front of that one church that always has some irksomely Jesus-loving slogan upon it.

I hate when people forget to include apostrophes and think I ought to be full up with guilt for discounting every religion that has ever come into extistance by jokingly blaming everything that goes wrong on, "those ****ing zealots."

I hate crappy staplers, Raleigh bicycles, and sour cream and onion chips.

I hate having morons in my school and listening to them whine about how stupid and boring George Orwell's books are.

I also hate it when people say I need to stop being addicted to 'Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando'.

******* zealots.
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[quote name='Godelsensei']I hate obscenely warm weather and when people complain about being perpetually cold when it is anywhere above negative ten.[/quote]

Yep. Though I must say that it is amusing seeing people walking around all bundled up in a thick coat, pants, beanie, and a scarf in sixty-degree weather. And here I thought shorts and a t-shirt would suffice.

Random things:

- People who hate things (music, video games, books, etc.) for reasons other than content. More of an annoyance than something I hate, but whatever lol.
- Writing essays for high school. Pretty boring stuff.
- People who dislike Futurama. Someone rip out your sense of humor when you were a kid?
- Going overboard on political correctness. Makes for great fodder to make fun of, though.
- My stupid VCR that stopped working after six months. Some of us still watch tapes, you know.
- The two-party system. Third-party for life.
- Overreacting to stuff, unless you do it in a funny way. Otherwise, it's kind of stupid. Calm down, people.
- Eddie Murphy when he does family movies. Go back to being a comedic god, sir. :(
- Everyone in my AP English Lit class, because none of them liked Ralph Ellison's [i]Invisible Man[/i] lol. Heathens!!
- "Dude, isn't Nintendo for, like, twelve-year-olds?"
- ESPN SportsCenter
- The stupid bookstore at my college. On the one hand, students are practically mugged when they pay for their textbooks. On the other hand, I've bought like seven non-textbooks from them in the past month and a half. How am I supposed to love them and hate them at the same time? Bastards.
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I hate it when your walking behind a group of people and all of a sudden they stop to talk or do something, and you bump into them and they huff at you for being rude. Or even worse when you try and pass someone on the road, adn they get mad at you for trying and they speed up to prevent you from passing by, and thats illegal too.
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I hate having morons in my school and listening to them whine about how stupid and boring George Orwell's books are.

:eek: [I]1984[/I]? [I]Animal Farm[/I]? How COULD they?! Next think you know, they'll be trashing [I]A Clockwork Orange[/I]!

I hate...

~ People who don't enjoy a good book
~ People who call anime "silly cartoons" when they've never seen any anime shows
~ My computer
~ Writer's block
~ People with poor grammar
~ Too much school work
~ My dad shouting at the computer/other cars/me/the cats/other
~ "Chat speak" Example: wut wuz ^ w/ that???!!1!
~ Teachers who don't know what they're talking about
~ People who marr precious books. *Pets her books*
~ People who do stuff just to get on TV

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of any right now ...
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i just hate it when:

A telivision series (usually anime) i'm watching gets right in the middle, or a few episodes from the end, and then gets cancelled.

people who park in disabled spaces who are not disabled.

people who take a weeks shopping to the customer service or tabacconist counter, and hold up the people who need to use that particular service (usually these are the same people as the ones mentioned above)

people who go as fast as they can down roads, then slam on the brakes when they get in range of a speed camera.

and many more things. too many to list here.
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[quote name='Godelsensei']I also hate it when people say I need to stop being addicted to 'Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando'.[/quote]

Anyone that says that is some sort of fun-destroying robot.

One thing I hate most is probably something that's largely confined to larger cities, particularly the downtown area (or uptown, depending on where you live). Downtown Chicago is absolutely filled with people at normal hours, making walking a hassle. You spend more time dodging people and bending over backwards to avoid getting rammed into.

I can't stand people that don't even [i]attempt[/i] to move over. This is especially common with businessmen, particularly those who feel they need to walk in groups of three abreast or more. Apparently moving out of this configuration would affect them negatively in some way that's unknown to the rest of the human population. Meanwhile, I'm an inch from a wall and still twisting myself to avoid getting their cigarette ashes (or umbrella) in my eyes.

I think the city sidewalks should be divided up like streets. If you're going one way, you stay on one side. That's it, no exceptions unless you're turning into a doorway. Maybe there can be slow lanes for old women and people who can't talk and walk at the same time too.
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[COLOR=Blue]I hate it when..

-The Simpsons have another unfunny season. Fox TV, it's time to let go. It's over. The show has had a good run. IT's NOT FUNNY ANY MORE!

-I don't get any e-mails for about...forever. (No e-mails from anyone at all this month. :( ).

-SNL has another unfunny season. It's been going downhill for awhile now.

-When I get writers block. The thing about writers block is....The thing about writers block is....:huh:

-When I run out of soda over here. I got to go out and get more, but it costs money.

-I can't get a girl freind. All of the girls I've met recently are all taken. God is pointing at me and laughing.

-When people say that I can't reunite with a girl I have a crush on since High School. She's at school now, but still..I know that I can't have her, but I miss her. :catgirl:

-When I get a sucky job. Sure I get paid but AAGHHH! It sucks!

-When I have no money. Stuff cost money, you know! Like the song says "There is one thing I can garentee, the best things in life sure ain't free!"

-When no one replys to my threads. It makes me sad. :animecry:

-Somthing I thought would be cool is a big dissipointment. Like "Daredevil" for exsample. Or "Gundam Battle Assult" for the PS1.

-I'm not a good artist. I play Warhammer 40k but my paint job is subpar to everyone elses. "Ah. that's one good looking Space Marine. SO HOW COME MINE DOSN'T LOOK LIKE THAT!?"

-I can't get this damn Sci-Fi club started. So much peperation. It wasn't this hard last time.


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When someone tries to push me around, tell me what to do, and then act as if they've got power over me. That's one thing that really pisses me off.

When someone tries to tell you soemthing, thinking they're right, when you know that they're completely wrong. Them kind of people piss me off aswell as letting me get a laugh out of 'em.
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[color=hotpink][size=1]I think I can come up with a few of these:

*I hate it when people try to use sexual things to win popularity. Like all of these horny OBers in orgies is just freaking ridiculous and quite frankly disgusting. But then again, what else can we expect from the society were are raised in?

*I hate theNorthFace products.

*I hate girls who fix their hair every single day.

*I hate make-up.

*I hate roaches. Especially ones that I bring home with me from my parents house. -_-

*I hate it when I make the effort to reply to a thread here on the OB and I get ignored.

*I hate it when people assume that my parents live in Utah because I'm LDS. Newsflash: My parents aren't even LDS and are the biggest potheads on the face of this planet.

*I hate Hot Topic goths who are so angsty.

*I hate how almost every OB site out there is done in red and black because of these "gothic" kids who are so freaking depressed because their life just sucks!

Wow, I'm going to quit there before I step on anymore toes. And I didn't even get to fat people yet...haha, just kidding.[/color][/size]
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[quote name='Queen Asuka][color=hotpink][size=1]*I hate how almost every OB site out there is done in red and black because of these "gothic" kids who are so freaking depressed because their life just sucks![/color'][/size][/quote]

I'll have you know that I chose my colors because I'm a Nintendo-fanboy, not because I'm depressed. :D

Honestly, the crazy sex talk, or whatever, in OB chats does get a little grating after a while. It gets really boring when it's all people do in there. I haven't been in a chat in a while, and I'm not really missing it that much.

I don't think it's disgusting, just a bit boring.
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I'll do this quick:
-As Shinmaru said, when people diss Nintendo.
-When people do things "'Cause it's the cool thing".
-When my Biology teacher reminds us of her sperm fetish.
-When people think that they are better than me.
-When someone tries to diss someone's dreams.
When, for some odd reason, people ignore others.
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[color=#404142]I've come up with a few more over the past week or so:

[list][*] Hypocrites. For the life of me, I can't stand these people. If you have it in your head to tell me to do something, and you don't do it yourself, then we've got issues. I do my best to keep from contradicting myself. And I've done a very good job of it.
[*] I hate being looked upon like some sex addict. If you took the time to talk to me (PM, IM, telephone, whatever), you'd see a different person. Sometimes, that expression "don't judge a book by its cover" has meaning.
[*] Ghetto wannabe movies. It's ridiculous to white boys talking like: "Yo, how can you dis me like that, b*tch? You be trippin', cuz I ain't done ***** to you, woman."
[*] When my mother decides to attempt to run my personal life.

I don't do myO in blacks, reds, whites because my "life sucks". My life is just fine, I just happen to love the colors, and the pictures I use inspire me. If that's terrible, sorry.[/color]
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