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RPG Armored Core: Angels of Chaos (Sign up)


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[I]...X day, X month, X year... The great destruction... The Nuclear apocalypse that forced humankind underground... Building huge cities underground was the only was the race could survive... Then, with the introduction of MT (Muscle Tracer) Mechs, things began to get ugly... Major corporations, Such as Murakumo Millenium, Chrome, and the rebel group 'Struggle' began to fight each other, each with the intention of wiping everybody, to bring about peace, under their own rule... However, things began to get difficult. The MTs couldn't stand up against the heavy defences that other corps. were packing... The Ravens, an elite group of Mercenaries, piloting the revolutionary ACs (Armored Cores) were hired on various missions. With the help of an Ace Raven, Murakumo Millenium gained victory over it's opponents, and Earth dawned a new era... Then, roughly 25 years later, the terraforming of Mars began, and new enemies began to show face... Zio Matrix, LCC, Emeraude, Balena, and other teams began to battle each other, all basically trying to gain control of Mars... Once again, Ravens were hired, this time going up against a powerful foe, by the name of Leos Klein...

...But that was then.

It's been 395 years since Mars was Terraformed. The Ravens have split into several Mercenary factions, most of which are unnamed. The three major factions, Revolt, Zodiac-9, and the Eternal Commune of Light are in fierce competition with each other, taking the fighting to all corners of the Solar System.

However, it is said that a new enemy is being formed...[/I]

Alright, enough of that intro already. Time to do what you clicked on this link to do; Sign-up.

Alrighty, here's what you need to post... (If ya wanna be in one of those Factions, just say so.)


AC Name:
AC Description:
AC Weapons: (Try to keep numbers low... 4-5 weapons Max!)

That should be enough. An AC is sorta like a Gundam... Well, slightly... In the whole Giant-robot area, anyway... *ahem* For example... Here's the AC2 Cover AC...
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Name: Kenji-Hiro Murakumo
Alias: 'Flash'
Age: 19
Height: 6'0"
Bio: Predecesor of the president of Murakumo Millenium, Flash fights with Pride, and strength. Living by himself since the age of 7 with the family fortune, and the Huge supply of AC parts accessible from the old Murakumo bunkers, Flash's AC, Emerald Se7en is top of the line. And with his Piloting skills, he is indeed a fearsome enemy in combat.

AC Name: Emerald Se7en
AC Description: Green in colour, Emerald Se7en is [I]very[/I] powerful, focusing mainly on the offensive side, with [I]extremley[/I] deadly weapons, all of which are energy based. His defence is good, but his speed is mediocre. Overall, Emerald Se7en is an excellent AC.
AC Weapons:
Dual Plasma Cannon: Very powerful Plasma cannon, but also very large and heavy. High energy drain too.
Plasma Rifle: Slow-firing Plasma rifle, with a powerful, fast-moving discharge.
LS-Starlight: A powerful beam sword, attached to the left arm. Capable of firing the Supernova Wave, a wide beam of Mass destruction.

Full AC Parts list; (Don't worry If you can't understand this bit. It's optional, and should only be attempted if you have Armored core, and you have your own Personal AC you'd like to use in the RPG...)
Head: ZHD-MO/795 -Stable, high end head by Murakumo.
Core: ZCH-GR/1 -Balanced heavyweight core.
Arms: ZAN-004/B -Very Heavy. High energy defense.
Legs: ZLR-XIO/MURAKUMO -Custom version of Zio's old Flagship model.
Booster: None. -Equip impossible w/ ZLR-XIO/MURAKUMO legs.
FCS (Fire control System): DOX-ELENA -Longest lock range. 2 locks max.
Generator: GPS-BVX/10 -High level with stable performance.
Radiator: RBG-CLX5000 -Good Quality. Very heavy.
Inside: INW-EM-RRD -ECM to disrupt enemy locks.
Extension: ZEX-AL/REX -Laser-based missile interceptor.
Back Weapon R/L: ZWX-E90/MAC High caliber dual plasma cannon.
Arm Unit R: ZWG-HC-IR/K99 -Plasma rifle. High power & energy use.
Arm Unit L: LS-STARLIGHT -Revamped version of the LS-MOONLIGHT lazer blade. Compressed energy for amazing power.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Name: Forte Sygone
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 163 LBS
Race: Super Saiya-Jin 4

Bio: He was trained by the great Gogetus ( I made it up. Triple Fusion: Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta. I can dream :P ) . He wears a black suit just like Goku but with a neon yellow belt and his own symbol. He has a short temper. He is a pure Saiyan. He doesnt much about his childhood.. Because his parents left him alone to live on his own. Gogetus found him one day and trained him. Gogetus turned him into the ultimate warrior.

AC Name: 74-EX "Plasmo Bionic"
Descrip: Dark green with neon blue.
Weapons: Beam Sword.
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Name: Matt Hunt
Alias: "Kai"
Age: 16
Height: 5'3
Bio: Son of an ambassador to the planet Mars, Kai has recieved much experience in the way of technology. Traveling all over both Earth and Mars with his father, the two have been able to collect only the best parts in hope of building a machine able to be piloted by the both of them. However, this all changed when Kai's father was assassinated while on a trip to Mars, and Kai's plans changed. Using the parts collected by his father, Kai seeks to build the ultimate robot so he can fight for what he believes.

AC Name: Blue Tiamat
AC Description: This AC is based mostly on speed and agility. Because of his speed, his defense is at best ok, and his power is limited to mainly light-weight guns.
AC Weapons: Pulse Cannon: Rifle that fires quick beam rounds, it must recharge after a while though for cooling.
Scorpion Missle Launcher: Fires homing or aimed missiles, up to three at a time. Located on shoulder.
Beam Staff: Long pole with beam lasers on each end capable of causing extreme damage.
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Name: Zack Mansfield
Alias: Aeon
Age: 16
Height: 5'10
Bio: Lived a "normal" life with 2 parents in a peaceful community untill he decided to leave. He always wanted to travel and have exciment so he joined the mercenary faction Revolt.
Description:Black Hair with Blue Gray and Green Eyes (mixed in the eyes). Ussually very light-hearted till he gets into combat then becomes serious and even a little crazy. Only uses his personall AC in emergancys - often does missions with company owened ones.Carry's a diamond tiped sword and a pistol. usuassuly((sp??)) wears a black bandana around his head, t-shirt and jeans
AC: "Sword's Soul"
AC Description: light and quick moving "she" carrys only light weapons. Has one heavy weapon in storage in case the opposition is to heavy. Is almost entirly black except for the light blue colored sword on the right shoulder.
AC Weapons:
SMG(sub machine gun): Main Weapon - can almost any kind of metal at high speeds. Manufactured Ammo is made of uranium.Progectile.
Laser Sword: A high power laser sword that extends from the left arm.
Ammo Box:Left Shoulder- carry's ammo for sniper rifle and SMG
Sniper Rifle: mounted on the right shoulder - flips over and extends when needed.Energy Weapon....the heavy weapon.
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Name: Ken
Alias: Sniper Zero
Height 6'1
Bio: Extremely good sniper.... born on Earth.... talks alot and a trouble maker....
Appearance:Camo baggy jeans, baggy red tshirt and has a small scar on his left arm...

Ac Description:Medium Speed, Medium Firepower, Specialty is the Sniper rifle outfitted on the right arm that can target things 8 miles away...
AC Weapons: 2 Plasma Cannons, Missles Launcher, Plasma Cannon Sniper, and a Energy Sword...
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Name: Kenjiro 'Craig' Kensindan
Alias: Craig
Age: 14
Height: 6'3"
Bio: A rogue gunner, Craig has dedicated his life to piloting his AC. He has done nothing but work on it, upgrade it, and sharpen his techniques since he was able to do so. He is totally concentrating on a mission, and is a very intelligent fighter.
Description: Blue ripped keans, with a black vest and a black trench coat.

ACname: Mecha Wind
AC descrption: Black and red, Mecha Wind has good attack and speed, but mediocre defense. Craig believes in the hit and run tactic, and usually snipes his enamies, so he doesn't work much on defense.
High pressure Plasma Cannon sniper with cooling pack, (main weapon)
Dual Vulcan cannons
Dual beam sabre (think Darth Maul)
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[size=1]Name: Neil
Alias: Raptor
Age: 14
Height: 5' 11''
Bio: Known for his violent acts of rightiousness, he has made a name for himself as an all around fighter. From sniping to hand to hand, he is a very talented fighter. Rurmor has it, he has taken down 3 ACs with only one land mine(Ask me in PM how ~_^).
Description: A loner and serious to a fault, he prefers to be left alone. He wears a black vest, a black shirt with 'Jitsuryoku'(You ALL should know what that means. PM me if you don't) in red letters, and blue carpenter jeans with a loop on the left leg.

AC name: Silence
AC descrption: Black and white, Silence is an AC that depends on power and speed more than defense. Think a smaller version of the DeathSythe(sp?).
AC weapons: Machete(Long...knife thingy.)
Beam Saber(Or we ya call it)
High-Powered Rifle(W/ bullets and all)
High-Powered Laser Rifle(Duh)

BTW, I've only played the emo for AC, so i know nothing. Now, if this was MechWarriors, it would be a little different...Peace.[/size]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Count me in...;)

Name: RicoTranzrig
Alias: Chole
Age: 19
Bio: The silent killer...born in a warzone and self raised after his parent's death on his 3rd birthday. He joins up with the group Revolt. Nothing is known about his past. He gets the job done without hesitiation.

AC Name: 32-TL "Poshul"
Descrip: Metallic Blue tones. Agile.
Weapons: Shotgun, Sniper Rifle.[/COLOR]
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i would never miss this!:D

Name:Tus Moore
Height:5' 6"
Hair: White
Bio: Born and raised on Earth. His father gave him his ac right before he died. After that incident he was trying to find the killer of his father. After 2 years when he was 17 his ac was destroyed. Now he has a modified version of his first ac King Fang. Now its called Swift Fang.
Description:Always galsses so no one will be able to see his eyes which are scared from when he lost King Fang. Long White hair. Black pants white shirt. Silent most of the time.

AC Name: Swift Fang
AC Descrption: Medium Height. Black and white. Fast speed and medium power. Small round shield for defence. Relying on speed to move and shoot.
AC Weapons: Small machiene gun.(not laser)
Small sword(Diamond tiped)
Pulser rifle.(Laser like blast but not power full)
Fangs(Swing down the arm to hand.)

ok theres my ac
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i dont think you should call yourself the ultimate warrior, i think you should have some limtations
i mean not every one can be perfect. i just think it would be more realistic if you find some flaws everyonce and a while.
i'm just saying lets not go off and say we are the ultimate warriors.
but if that is how you want to be know "the ultimate warrior" than i should be " the other ultimate warrior" and so should everyone else.:( and that would not be fun
1 more suggestion list your weak points if any
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Name: Kevin Le
Alias: Zero
Age: 17
Height: 6'2"
Bio: His parent died when he was very young. So his uncle raised him and trained him with AC. An very well train fighter both with AC and and in fight.
Description: Blank pant, shirt, boots, gauntlets, tranch coat, and sunglass like Wesker from RE Code: Veronica.

AC Name: Dragonfly
AC Description: Dragonfly have great speed, offensive, but for it's defense it's okay not bad not good it's in between. Black and white armor.
AC Weapons: Beam saber mounted on it right arm. Twin Buster Rifle (you know gundam) Shoulder Vulcan 2x. Proton Cannon(a slow powerful cannon it can fire two shot then it have to reload it's on it's back..
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finaly!! i've been put off for a while

Name: artemis tecca
Alias: siren
Age: 15
Height: 5'11"
Bio: was found and raised by a member of one of the groups
Description: blonde long spikey hair , black tank, black geans with blue flames

AC Name: camos
AC Description: mostly black with streaks of silver and green sholders
AC Weapons: long beam sword, hyperblaster(quake2),
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I don't know anything about AC but here goes!

Name: Andrew
Alias: Apocolypse
Age: 22
Height: 6'11''
Bio: He has been an assasin all his life working for anyone who required his service. Has no emmotions what so ever, just does what's profitable for himself
Description: Brown spikey hair, Baggy black jeans, white vest and trainers

AC Name: The Angel of Death
AC Description: Smaller than most AC's, it has remarkable speed(one of the fastest built) and has better than good defense. attack is it's weakness
AC Weapons: pulse rifle, fires many small projectiles at high speed.
Laser cannon, a large beam of energy
Ultimate blast, A last resort. it is so powerful it completly drains the AC of all it's power.

How's that?
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Name: Sephiroth
Alias: Dark Angel
Age: 20
Height: 6'2
Bio: An old mercenary, previously been working with the Yama corporation, since leaving not much is known about what he has been doing, although very menacing, he is actually calm and rather intelligent
Description: long white hair with some streaks going down his face, wearing black clothes and also a black trenchcoat

AC Name: Jenova

AC Description: purple, sharp horn on head, looking like genuine battle mecha, looks like evangelion unit 01 from the anime series evangelion

AC Weapons: rather than carrying the traditional beam sabre, the Jenova's hand tohand weaponry consists of a high frequency combat knife, able to tear into most types of metal, shooting weaponry consists of one plasma shot rifle and standard high burst pistol
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Name: Raynor Dune
Alias: Warlock
Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Bio: A mercenary, doing work for the highest bidder. Growing up on Mars, he had a tough life, and turned to the job of mercenary for money.
Description: Black hair, blue eyes and complete black clothing.

AC Name: Predator

AC Description: A large AC, and completely black. It's fast, and very offensive, but lacks that much in defence.

AC Weapons:
Pulse Rifle: Attached on the top of the AC's left 'Arm'.
Laser Sythce: Simalar to most other laser swords, it's located on the top of the right 'Arm'.
High Burst Machine Gun: A large gun on the AC's left shoulder, it fires 1200 rounds of ammunition in a minute. Highly deadly, but it's aim isn't the best.
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(Hope im not too late)

Name: John
Alias: Neo
Age: 17
Height: 6'0"
Bio: Neo is a new raven on the block but with his billonare father, it is easy for him to get a hold of AC parts

AC Name: Cactuar
AC Description: Cactuar is a fast AC with a vast supplie of parts. He is EXTRAMLY fast and doges bullets easily. Painted green with The fastest humanoid legs. He is covered in spikes to prevent being hit with a hand held weapon.
AC Weapons:
Dual gattling gun: Powerful, and quite fast.
LS-Moonlight: A powerful beam sword, attached to the left arm.
DFC-45 Rifile: Fires quick nails at opponents.

Extra Weapon list:

DCE-23 Flamethrower: A good arm weapon to make enemys overheat.
LS-Invincibile: The most advanced laser blade availabile. Was givin to him as a gift from his father on his 16 B-Day.
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