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Pawing at Paintshop [Image Heavy]


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[color=blue][size=1]I was doodling with PSP 8 this afternoon, and found myself stumbling upon a neat little trick. The effect I discovered I used in two sets of banners and avatars. I'm currently using the first set because.. well, I think it looks better. The second set, however, was just the result of experimenting with the first set.

[b][u]Set 1:[/u][/b]



[b][u]Set 2:[/u][/b]



Sooo.. Tell me what you think. Comments = Loved. ^___^ Make sure they're postive though. Or else. >:^D[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Only one word is necessary to describe this work: [b]Hawt[/b]. It's just... so ... awesome I can't put it in words. I'm jealous of your skills >_>

I'm just loving them all. They have that clean, but dreamy look, then the crisp image in the middle. Good idea. And the avatar with vivid colors, I love the blending mode you used. Color burn, was it? Either way, it was a really great idea to triple the image. Only bad thing about this may only be the blockyness, since you duplicated the layers and changed their position. However, this is just pwn'ing it.

[B]9/10[/B]. Since it's near-impossible to be perfect. ^_~[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Well...I can't add much to Retri's, except I'm going to give you a 9.[i]5[/i] instead, 'cuz I'm nicer. :p

Now I do agree that the one you're using is the better of the two...and I'm curious as to which effect you used. Oddly enough, the little blue patch is my favorite part...^__^

Also, which font is that? I don't think I've seen in before...[/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1]Retribution: Actually, I used the "Multiply" layer blending mode. Hehe. Several of the others looked similar, but weren't as crisp.

Ozy: The font? Hmm.. I can't think of the name, though I know it's "Hogwarts" something. Strange, huh? I was downloading fonts and was clicking on everyone I saw. xD Ended up with some straaaaange ones (which now sit in the trash <.<). I kept the Hogwarts ones, however, because they looked good on banners, such as this one. And I can't remember the site I got it from either. ;_; And that little blue patch came from the image itself.

I'm so glad you like these. I think they may be some of my best work! Yay! x3

After I had done those first two sets, I found myself doing similar things to this one picture I've gained an obsession over. Strange, yes. The difference about these *cough*three*cough* sets is that I didn't do any effects to them. I merely cropped, blended, added text. I'm not sure these are as good as the angel sets, but I like 'em.

[U][B]Guitar Set 1:[/B][/U]



[U][B]Guitar Set 2:[/B][/U]



[U][B]Guitar Set 3:[/B][/U]



Yes, I made three sets. I warned you, though. This thread [i]will[/i] be image heavy (if it isn't already.. o.O;; ). Now, I personally like the first set best. Very simple. The second set is okay, and the third banner is fine. I hate that third avatar, though. Gah.. I'm not sure why I even made it. Oh well.

I'd love more comments. And I'm really sorry if this page is slow. ^__^;;[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1]I agree with you, Ozy and Retri about the first avi's and banners. Gonna give you a 9.7 out of 10. That makes me nicer than Ozy. ^__~

In regards to your more recent one's, I think they're totally righteous. I would have to say that my favorite avatar is the second one, and my favorite banner...probably the first. What inspired you to make these? If you don't mind my asking. I do, however, quite like the phrases in the third set, and I think they would cool if you somehow incorporated them into your other sets.

[COLOR=Blue][CENTER]1st and 2nd set: 9.7 out of 10
3rd set: 9 out of 10.[/CENTER][/COLOR]

I say this about the third because I believe it gets the point of the artwork across very well. My opninion anyway. I lowered the score because you disliked it. ^__^[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Omigawd! It's just too awesome for words..

I love the richness of the color, and the feelings it evokes. I'm picking up a lonely, cold mood throughout your recent banners. However, as groovy as the maroon is, it's a warm color, which sorta confuses the mood a lil.

But I definetly would use the second set of the maroons you've made. Completely awesome. Nice image too... very perfect. But if I may ask, what exactly did you do to these? They look like a few blending effects to multiple layers, then a rectangle where you applied a certain affect to that high-lit region. Not too complicated.

But these rawk, regardless.

[B]9.5/10[/B]. I dig this.[/SIZE]
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[color=gray][size=1][b]Banner+Avater set 1:[/b]
[i]A:[/i] The fonts you used is scary and should certainly have been left out, but further more it's nice...
[i]B:[/i] Same scary fonts, a strange blob to the left and the effect you used doesn't look good on such a big surface.

[b]Banner+Avater set 2:[/b]
[I]A:[/i] Too sharp, the text looks even scarier and it doesn't match the banner.
[i]B:[/i] Same effect, same text (looks an iny tiny bit better), but you took away the blob and didn't fill up the gab. Also, you added 2 more of the same picture... Why?.. The black blobs to the right stand out and could've easily been covered with white if you took the time.

next 3 sets

[b]Banner+Avater set 3:[/b]
[I]A:[/i] I don't know what the sign is.. The picture of the boy (?) could've been moved more to the right and more up.
[i]B:[/i] without the little sign thingy, it would've been a really nice banner. The text could've been a lighter brown and the boy (?) could've been moved up more, but that's pretty much all. Plain at a good way.

[b]Banner+Avater set 4:[/b]
[I]A&B:[/i] Not much to say. It doesn't catch your eye, nothing special in it, the whole banner (/avater) becomes one big blob.

[b]Banner+Avater set 5:[/b]
[I]A:[/i] You're right, it isn't very good. Your name and the quote are seperated very strange, you might want to place your name above the quote.
[i]B:[/i] My favorite. Again I don't like the sign thingy that now looks like a scarf, but you caught the right piece of the picture, the text is placed right and you made use of the beauty that plain can be. Great job on this one.

If I sounded harsh or anything, don't take any offense, just trying to give my opinion. And I was kind of annoyed about the high grades they got. Don't get me wrong, they are nice, some [i]really[/i] nice even, but not near perfect (although the last one comes close ^_~)[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=#FF5646][SIZE=1][quote name='Kitty][color=blue][size=1]I'm not sure these are as good as the angel sets, but I like 'em.[/size'][/color][/quote]Nonsense.We lovess them more than the angel sets.

[u]Guitar Set 3:[/u]
Herrm, yes, the avatar does look [i]odd[/i], but in a cute way. I find myself liking this more than the other two guitar avatars (probabaly because of the quirky choice of subject). Maybe you could just place your name in the quote's place. Yeah, that would balance the picture out.

Right. [b]The sig is glomp-tastic.[/b] We likess it! You, ma'am, have a knack for capturing the most interesting parts of an image. I'm just not sure about the font used for your name. Something that looks similar to the quote's could work; pixel fonts, maybe?
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][b]Rin:[/b] I wasn't disappointed with the entire 3rd set.. Just the avatar. That quote bugs the crap outta me. I luff the banner, though. Hehe. :^D

[b]Retribution:[/b] I kept the original picture's tone (which just happened to be that maroon-ish brown color) in all three banners. Some had lighter parts of the image, while others had darker parts of the image. I do agree that for one of them, the colors and idea do clash a bit. But for the others, I think I can get away with it.

[b]Boo:[/b] Don't worry. I view your opinions as constructive critism. Besides, you are more experienced in this art than I. I'm glad that you even like one of them. (And I had no idea others would like these banners/avatars that much either. x3)

[b]Delta:[/b] Well, I'm glad you like them. ^__^ And I [i]would[/i] be updating my font "library", but my computer is.. well, frankly, being a big *****. All of the pixel fonts I had downloaded seemed to have saved to some distant folder that I can't find, so I had to download them again today, but now the stupid computer won't accept them.. Damn you Microsoft. >>;;

I am obsessed with the [b]Kingdom Hearts[/b] games, so I made a few banners of Sora. I only made one set, though. The other banners were just doodlings, I guess. I plan to follow these with some Riku and Kairi (and maybe some heartless, too). And, yes folks. I'm [i]still[/i] obsessed with the same silly trick. ^__^;; (Just can't find the heart to stop. ;_; )




[u][b]Other Banners:[/b][/u]



That last one I made was out of a Sora fan art that I really liked (praise Google mortals), and an original sketch from the designers. I liked the eyes a lot, though they are extremely creepy. I also had a very 'white' Sora banner with a quote, but the text was annoying me so I didn't save it. Sooo.. Tell me what'cha think. ^_~[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Guest naraku the demo
Um... i can't spell all that well so bear with me, and this is my first time to ever even use a board. I'd have to say your pictures are pretty darn good and i wish i could make art like that.
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[quote name='naraku the demo']Um... i can't spell all that well so bear with me, and this is my first time to ever even use a board. I'd have to say your pictures are pretty darn good and i wish i could make art like that.[/quote]Welcome to OtakuBoards!

Here at OB, we value quality in all of our posts. In the art forum in particular, we've created an environment where everyone is able to share their opinions of another members' artwork, in a detailed manor as you see in the posts above. By responding to specific aspects of an art piece, the artist is able to take what he or she learned and apply it in the future, hence benefiting with the help of others.

If you have any further questions of how we would like you to post, I encourage you to read this thread:

[url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=32738"][size=4][b]READ ME.[/b][/size][/url]
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I'm definitely impressed kitty, I looked over all three, and I'm most fond of the first set, I was never a big fan of the sketchy kind of font, mine always a bit more classical if you know what I mean? anyway, I give the first set a 9.5

The next set I like as well, just not as much as the first, someone mentioned the colors, which are good, but I like the graphic, its more of an outstanding feature, and it kind of symbolizes you, at least to me, since its always in your sig, I give you a 9 on these

The last set, was alright, it has good and bad points, like the second set, I'm not a big fan of kingdom hearts, but I like the last banner you did, with the eyes in the background, gives it sort of a mysterious look, 8.5 for the 3rd set, and 9.5 for the banner lol
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[size=1][color=blue]Whoops. I seemed to almost forget about this thread! Well, I'm back now. And back with avengance! .. ^_^;;

Here's my latest set. I did two avatars which, I felt, both matched with the banner very well. I was really impressed with the effect of the banner, though I found it completely on accident. xD






Well? Comments + Critism = <3[/size][/color]
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[QUOTE=hyper123]ooooo it is soo pretty!!!!!!!!!
you did an excellent job^________^[/QUOTE]Welcome to OtakuBoards, hyper!

We ask that in the art forum, you always include constructive criticism in your posts. This means responding to particular parts of the art piece, saying what you like or dislike about it to help provide the artist with a little feedback. To get a better idea, look at other posts by members, and read the sticky at the top of the art forum.
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Nice job Kitty, [ I like your screen name, Kitty's are the best ] Hey Stykeres, long time no see =P.

I really like the technique you used in the first few sets, which was it called? Also, I very much enjoyed the banners with the guitary girl, the colours and font and the quote all fit very nicely and it was well done =) The Sora set would've been exceptional, if I liked the picture of her more, and the one with the sketch is very neat, but the same Sora picture is used when you could've continued with the white or sketchyness of the banner theme. I really like what you did in all the sets, keep up the good work, and keep making them =) Oh yeah and don't forget to keep meowing.

- The Original Kitteh of OB -

Kittylynn _
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The name of the thread drew me in... I like the word "pawing" XD

I think you're doing well with graphic work (way better than where you started from back when you first came to these boards), but I have one beef. You need more variety in your art. It's the same style through all your banners and avatars (like the rectangle in the middle of every banner/avatar). Try some new things and feel free to do different shapes and sizes of banners. If you know what I mean.

And stop using my smilies or I'll [b]paw[/b] you to death. >:^O

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[quote name='Dragon Warrior']You need more variety in your art. It's the same style through all your banners and avatars (like the rectangle in the middle of every banner/avatar). Try some new things and feel free to do different shapes and sizes of banners. If you know what I mean.[/quote]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=2][FONT=Tahoma]Have to agree with DW on that one. Keep "pawing" away at PSP8 and amaze everyone with a new Kitty orginal effect. Good work by the way, I like your choice for fonts.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Dragon Warrior]And stop using my smilies or I'll [b]paw[/b'] you to death. >:^O[/quote] [color=blue][size=1]I'm afraid... @_@;

Well, I, too, have noticed the repetativeness of all my banners/avatars. I got a little obsessed with that one trick. ^_^;; But, now I'm onto another one! >:^D (Uh-oh.. *hides from DW*)

Here's my latest set. I really liked this picture, and my friend's dad had picked him up from school yesterday on a motorcycle (I think it was a Harley-Davidson; it was a very nice dark red one, not that you care, or anything). Soo.. I was "inspired", shall we say, to make these. ^_^

[u][b]Motorcycle Set:[/b][/u]



Tell me whatcha think, okay? x3[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=2][FONT=Tahoma]Ok I have 7 mins till I have to run out to the bus so I'll make this quick...

Ohh how pretty. I love the background, You did make it right? >.>
I found a flaw though! Ohh yes I did, see attatchment to see what I'm talking about


Notice the red circled spots. It would seem you forgot to remove the white from inbetween their hair. It would look more professional if that was removed, and everyone knows that you Kitty are a pro, ^_~[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Guest soujiro14
I'm jealous, lol, but I gotta hand it to you, your images are very crisp and clear, very pro looking. Keep up the great work! :animesmil
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]I'd like to comment on your banner and avatar that you posted on 4-08-05...till my photoshop is up and running finally on my computer here are my thougths...

9.8 out of 10
Seriously...I'm a big fan of all shades of blue. The way you blended them together with the black was great. Don't think you're being repetative with that feature for PSP8 cause you work it really well done. Shining the features such as the eye lines, hair, necklace and tattoo was especially a nice touch. It really balances out the color of the artwork. The glow that came from those shines upon the skin was perfect.

The only complaint I serious had with the banner was the name:) Yes it's good to sign your own artwork, but highlightening it with the white took quality away from the art. Yea it's good to fill in places sometimes...but in this banner...space is good. Other than that....I so want to steal that banner...or have you create me one with those same effects. Seriously...tempted to now ask...

As for the motorcycle banner and avatar, aside from Hack Helba's error sights, it's well done. The background was wisely chosen.....but I still think all the other banners in this thread were better. The first one you put up here...couldn't have predicted a better flow and variation of color. [/SIZE] [/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[color=blue][size=1]Thanks for pointing it out, Hack Helba.. FOR EVERYONE ELSE TO SEE! Dx *tantrum* Yes.. Well.. I noticed soon after I had posted it (having a few moments before merged AND saved AND closed the file), so I couldn't fix it. So meh. And next time you spot a flaw.. don't use a picture. xD

For those of you who pay any attention to the OB Anthology, Dragon Warrior is currently writing a small series called "Wickersleeves". He recently posted a picture of one of the characters and I felt like mutilating it into a banner and avatar. A crappy and useless set that I probably won't use (just so he won't kill me >>), but a set nonetheless. I also tried making another few sets using only one image and text effects. ^_^

[b][u]Wickersleeves Set:[/u][/b]



[u][b]First New Set:[/b][/u]



[u][b]Second New Set:[/b][/u]



I, personally, love the Wickersleeves avatar. Everything else is so-so. =P Tell me whatcha think of this new stuff, please! ^_~[/size][/color]
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[size=1]Holy bajeezus, you're doing [i]that[/i] with PSP?! I didn't think it possible!

OK, I'm in love with the Wickersleeves Set Avatar. That is the coolest avatar I have [b]ever[/b] seen! The banner's ok, but I don't really think that the fon't that says "A slave of DW's many works" really fits with the image 'n' what not. (By the way, what does is say on the right? I thought it said "The Accord" as in the car but that can't be right...)

Other than that particular font choice, they all are very, very good. I also like Set 3, you're really getting better as you keep going! I hope to see more!

[b]Rating[/b] (for everything, I'm too lazy to do it all individually..)[b]:[/b] 9.7/10[/size]
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[quote name='Lan][size=1]Holy bajeezus, you're doing [i]that[/i'] with PSP?! I didn't think it possible![/size][/quote]

I find that offensive Lan, I too use PSP and I make wonderful banners >> I'm just kidding with. ANYWAYS The banners look nice... To bad they're isn't anything mistakes I can point out for everyone to see, hehe. Uhh.. The text looks nice. I don't like the text on the second one though *looks sideways* Nope, I still can't read it. Good work though Kitty.
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