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My fave mangas are Inuyasha, DNAngel, Case Closed, .Hack//legend of twilight, Azamanga Dahio, Orphen, Fruits Basket, and Megatokyo! :catgirl: I just love my DNAngel and Inuyasha, :animesigh :anime

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My favorite manga are:

Othello - A girl with a multiple personality disorder. Quite a cute story. Shoujo

Higurashi no naku koro ni - What mysteries is in the little village Hinamizawa? Horror

Detective Conan - Little Conan solve the mysteries that the adults can't solve! Mystery
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Also known as the "Gurren School Edition," this official spin-off manga is a fascinating interpretation of Gainax's 27-episode 2007 anime series [i]Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann[/i]. Unlike the anime series and its parallel manga, this "Gurren School Edition" finds the main characters -- Yoko Ritona, Kamina and Shimon -- on a high-school campus rather than a remote desert battlefield. The story was written by Saitsu Ashi and the art was made by Kikkawa Kabao.

[i]The front cover[/i][/CENTER]

It's fun following Yoko's and Shimon's high-school adventures and those of their friends. They're joined by Kamina and other familiar characters in off-campus scenarios. In one memorable scene, Yoko puts her life on the line in defense of both Nia and Shimon (whom she thinks of as her "little brother"). Shimon is attacked by antagonist Adiane the Elegant, who is attempting to kidnap Nia. Shimon's friends stand and watch, making excuses for their failure to defend him. Not Yoko! She rushes to Shimon's aid and battles Adiane in armed combat. Yoko is shown much more respect in this manga than was accorded her in the anime -- a refreshing change. Still, there's no getting away from the usual sexist male-superiority ambience.

Unfortunately, this manga is only six chapters in length; but it's well worth reading! You can find it at [b]AnimeCouncil[/b].



[color=darkblue][size=1]Sorry, but we don't allow links to downloads on OB. ^^ -Kei[/color][/size]

[b]EDIT:[/b] [QUOTE]Sorry, but we don't allow links to downloads on OB. ^^ -Kei[/QUOTE]

What's your rationale? That particular manga is not licensed in North America.


Also, it's nice if censorship of posts is at least accompanied by an appreciation of content. Even a cliche helps soften the blow: "Thanks for that interesting write-up!" You don't even have to [i]read[/i] the post to appear grateful that somebody took the time to write it.


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[quote name='Flyvapnet']What's your rationale? That particular manga is not licensed in North America[/QUOTE]

[color=darkblue][size=1]My rationale is that it's one of our rules here at OtakuBoards. Even if the manga isn't currently licensed, we don't allow links to downloadables. Period. ^^[/size][/color]

[QUOTE]Also, it's nice if censorship of posts is at least accompanied by an appreciation of content. Even a cliche helps soften the blow: "Thanks for that interesting write-up!" You don't even have to [i]read[/i] the post to appear grateful that somebody took the time to write it.[/QUOTE]

[color=darkblue][size=1]I'm sorry that you feel as though you were "dealt a blow", as that certainly wasn't the intention. Simply because I chose not to comment, for whatever reason at that particular point in time, does not mean it wasn't appreciated. I was responding primarily to an alert and hence, merely doing my job.

As far as what you presented, as a Gurren Lagann fan, I find it an interesting premise. There are a lot of liberties that I'm certain will be taken with the story, but given that it'll happen on a school campus, the interactions and relationships can basically remain the same. Kinda. >>; [/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]It's a really hard question... every month it seems to change, but if I'd have to choose one manga that really got to me, I'd say [B]Loveless[/B].

The characters, the settings, the plot... they are all so unique and the art is just so... powerful. I love the world they live in and I find their way of thinking to be very logical and yet so out of the ordinary. I guess I like the story because of the profound thoughts that are put into its design and because the characters are so endearing.
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One of my favorite mangas, which will be released as an anime series later this year, is [i]Highschool of the Dead[/i]. A horrible pandemic breaks out; and a group of high-school students, who initially survive the disease, must cope with its effects upon the general population. You can read more about it at [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highschool_of_the_Dead][b][COLOR="DarkRed"]Highschool of the Dead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/COLOR][/b][/url].

I'm impressed with the two female-lead characters: [b][COLOR="DarkRed"]Miyamoto Rei[/COLOR][/b] and [b][COLOR="DarkRed"]Takagi Saya[/COLOR][/b]. I've always appreciated strong female characters and these two are exemplary in their intelligence and valor.

[CENTER][B][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Miyamoto Rei[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE="1"][i]Please click on the image to view its full size.[/i][/SIZE]

[B][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Takagi Saya[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE="1"][i]Please click on the image to view its full size.[/i][/SIZE][/CENTER]

Check it out! There's action, drama, suspense - and more. Watch for the anime this autumn, too.


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As of late, I've been really interested in far more mature manga series. With that in mind, it's not really so great of a surprise to see this list.

Elfen Lied

I don't think Akumetsu will ever be moved from that spot at the top, as it simply had that great of an impact on me as a whole. It's a shame it's already finished, but at the same time, it doesn't seem as if the ending was terribly rushed and even gives it some modicum of closure without cutting off all potential future plot points. It's a good read, though the graphic intensity might get to some people.

Elfen Lied is full of rather depressing moments following a character that, while incredibly powerful, has also been shown to not be invincible. Aside from some bitterness over a few characters and their development, I really appreciated this work and, if exploding bodies doesn't really bother you, would recommend it to the majority of people, as well. (Sidenote, I have an Elfen Lied themed computer background).

Gantz. Ahhhh, the infamous Gantz. I like it for its action as well as its interesting storyline development. People die. A lot. And even though you're only with them for a brief period of time, you can still develop a personal connection with them that pulls at you when you see their head rolling on the ground. Characterization is interesting, and the main characters definitely feel realistic and mortal. Definite plus.

Other manga on the list that didn't really make it to the top three include, in no particular order -- Skip Beat, Angel Densetsu, Ultimate!! Hentai Kamen (perverted humor, but I'm telling you, the title is misleading >.
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Hello all.
My most favorite mangaka is probably Yamamoto Kana (Di[e]ce, Togainu no Chi [Yamamoto Kana Version] and also drew several doujinshis for Prince of Tennis, Eyeshield 21 and Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!), for her gorgeous art and all the emotions that she conveys with her storytelling. I also own several of her manga in print and am planning on buying more as more is available to me even though I don't understand a single word of Japanese.

Another great mangaka is Yumeka Sumomo, who's artwork is so simple, yet beautiful and whose bittersweet stories are usually always touching, and sometimes a little bizarre and stimulates thinking.

Furthermore I also really like the art of Obata Takeshi, Yuki Kaori and CLAMP.
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[font=franklin gothic medium][color=darkred]My list has changed quite a bit since the time I revived this thread :).

[b]Rurouni Kenshin[/b] - I still think Misao could be killed off, and it'll be even better. Kaoru on the otherhand is actually quite different from her anime counterpart. Well, not really all that different, but I think she was handled better in the manga. There were some events that were different than in the anime, and in a way it made the experience better. But I really like this series for the fights and it's characters. I don't favor all the characters though. Sanosuke being one, and as mentioned earlier, Misao being the other. Pacing is nice, and what makes it even better is that [spoiler]Trust and Betrayal[/spoiler] is shown.

[b]Psyren[/b] - A sweet series I just got into recently. This sleeper series has some of the greatest character interaction since Yu Yu Hakusho. They mesh together greatly. The pacing is fast, like really fast. The fights don't get dragged out at all. I think the longest fight I've seen lasted about 2-5 chapters, at most. I have to read it again. Speaking of fights, most of them are handled like a fight Kurama (YYH) is in. Tactician fights are a treat to see for me. Seeing people actually use their heads in fights is always interesting. And again, the characters are just great. There is not a single character that I dislike.

[b]Samurai Deeper Kyo[/b] - Take Rurouni Kenshin and mix it with Hellsing and you got quite an amazing leading character. The character interaction is real strong in this series as well. The artwork deserves to be mentioned too because it probably is the best I've seen out of everything I've read so far. As bad a character Yuya is (I'm sick of damsels), she's just a minor setback because all the other characters are great to see, especially the [spoiler]Shiseiten[/spoiler] gets together.

[b]Death Note[/b] - Same reasons when I first posted.[/font][/color]
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Petshop of Horrors. The anime was slightly lacking but the manga was incredible. Each little story a tale of someone getting what they deserved -for better or for worse. ^_^ I'm still missing like, 2 volumes of the Tokyo series but I've read all the original. I hope more comes out, I was surprised they made a Tokyo version to begin with, but it does sort of pick up where the original left off. It's more lacking than the original but still pretty enjoyable. :D

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Ouran High School Host Club - Technically a romance, but I love it for it's comedy and the difficulties the characters face, from Tamaki deciding his role in Haruhi's life, to Honey not getting candy. Also has one of my favorite girl characters of all time (drumroll). Haruhi! She has such a lackluster and uncaring attitude that is very amusing, in contrast to Tamaki's over dramatic personality, Kyoya's superior money loving self, Mori's silent strength, Honey's little kid over-sweetness, Kaoru's somewhat sensitive almost feminine personality, and Hikaru's thoughtlessness. The anime is also lovely, though the ending is totally different. I love both.


Fruits Basket - At first it seems like a cheery story of a girl finding love, but so many crazy twists happen along the way that it ends up much different than what you think. The sinister undertones throughout ar contrasted completely by Tohru, who, despite everything that happens is as cheerful as can be. My favorite characters are Tohru's friends Hanajima and Uotani.


Naruto - Though the series has drawn on way too long, and it seems that Kishimoto is running low on character ideas, something about it keeps me reading. I still have to find out what's going to happen to Naruto, if he will be hokage, will there be a happy ending, or will Sasuke mess everything up for everyone.


Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden - A fantasy adventure where the protagonist is thrown into the past. Sounds like Inuyasha, right? But this prequel to The Mysterious Play turns the allies into specific people with strange powers that Takiko must find, none of whom seem particularly inclined to help her, especially after they discover a twist to the prophecy. But without them, she can't save their world.


Deathnote - Sinister horror, where the protagonist can be the bad guy or the good guy, depending on who you ask.. Deathnote delves into the minds of two very intelligent young men as they chase each other in circles, trying to discover who the other is so that they can eliminate him for the "greater good". One is manipulated by a shinigami, while the other works with the police to catch the "all powerful" Kira.

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My favorites that come right to mind are Fruits Basket( really wish the anime would have done the whole series).

I didn't know there was more! I guess I have a new manga to read


I was a huge fan of Read or Die but then Lilt made me read her favorite, 20th Century Boys, and I fell in love with it. I was happy, scared, worried, and at all times empathetic towards all the amazing characters, and the story was top notch.

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