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RPG Class Reunion [M- LVS]


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[center][size=1][b]Chapter One:[/b] Airplanes
[b]Characters Involved:[/b] All
[b]Plot:[/b] Make your first few posts how your day goes before the plane flight (or whatever method of transportation your taking), and then the beginning of your flight (or whatever method of transportation your taking). Next posts will be the rest of your plane flight, and then when you arrive. Third, we all split up to go to our hotels, or stick together if we go to the same hotel, and then all get ready for the party - or, don't get ready, as the case may be.


An ordinary day for Stephanie; get up at God knows how early, get to school, come home in the afternoon, do her homework, and then sit down at her computer to fry her brain. Except that today, thank GOD, had been the last day of high school. And now, she was free for the summer, and waiting to see what college was going to accept her. She sat down at said computer, and noticed that on her desk was the mail. She raised an eyebrow; she hardly ever got mail. What surprised her even more was the familiar name on the outside.

Tearing open the envelope, her eyes went wide, and she suppressed a squeal of glee. Just what she needed; an invitation to a party. What made her even happier was the fact that a lot of her friends from Otaku[b]Boards[/b] were going to be there. And it was right on time, too, for summer vacation.

Setting it down, she opened a fresh window on her laptop, and went to OB. There, she sent a simple PM to the inviter:

Hey, you bet I?ll be there!

And with that, she closed the laptop, and started unpacking the rest of her things in her new apartment.

Stephanie was sitting cross-legged in the middle of a pile of clothes when the phone rang. Unfortunately, the phone was halfway across the house, and she only heard it on the second ring. Scrambling to stand, she dodged clothes and sprinted down the hall. It rang again, and she swept the phone up.


?[b]Moshi moshi![/b]? Natsu?s happy tone rang over the phone.

Stephanie calmed down, evening out her breathing. ?[b]Oh, hey,. Nats! Did you get the PM?[/b]?

?[b]Yea, I am so excited I can?t believe she invited us all the way to Houston! I can?t wait![/b]?

?[b]I know, I can?t wait to see everyone![/b]?

?[b]Ok cya soon then![/b]?

Steph clicked the phone off, and set it down. Thinking better of it, she took it with her back to the bedroom, where she nestled herself amid the clothing articles and her dresser once more.


Two weeks later, Steph finished folding her clothes into her suitcase, and zipped the bag before sitting back on her heels. She looked around her room. It was finally all organized, and just in time for her vacation. A furry presence rubbing against her back alerted her once more to the problem of what to do with Isabelle, Kylie, and Canyon.

?[b]Canyon, here boy![/b]?

Canyon bounded in, small flagged tail wagging happily. Canyon was a mutt, and a pound rescue puppy. Stephanie knew he was at least part lab puppy, and part collie, with the deep keel and the knot on the top of his skull. He also had a white stripe down his muzzle, but other than that, they weren?t sure WHAT he was. The pup jumped into her lap, licking her face.

Stephanie smiled, but was inwardly frowning. She had an hour before her flight, and still had to shower, get dressed, and get TO the airport. She had been going around the house all day in a giant T-shirt and shorts. She picked up the phone, and dialed the kennel. Arrangements were made for Canyon, and she then called her friend Alia to come and check on the two cats over the week.

A half an hour later, she was putting the finishing touch on her outfit. A denim mini-skirt, a lavender halter top, her white tennis shoes, and her baby blue jacket. She had her hair braided into two matching braids, and was tying white leather strips at the ends, each strip have a purple bead at either end.

She touched up her make-up, and grabbed her suitcase. ?[b]Canyon![/b]? The puppy raced over, and she picked him up, careful not to let him anywhere near her face.

When twenty-five minutes later she finally made it to the airport, she sprinted around everyone as her flight was called. She boarded the plane.

OOC: All right everyone!! Lets do this![/size][/center]
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Mike had received his PM late, being as busy as he was, he had only one day to prepare himself for the long drive to Houston. It was in it's first day, as he drove his metallic blue Camaro RS down the hot, empty asphalt, the music from within thumping and rattling the loose windows of the car. He wore an outfit of a large white t-shirt under a blue pinstriped button-shirt with a pair of blue jeans and blue and white Reebok classics. He smiled smoothly while nodding his head to the beat of his dirty south Hip Hop.

He felt good as he disobeyed the speed limit though the barren wasteland. And it suprised him when his car made that damned dining noise to tell him that he was running low of gas. He looked at the meter, and then looked on to see a small, dusty speck in the distance. Hopefully a gas station, he checked his meter again and continued on hurridley. He feared what might happen to him if his car were to break down on the road, which was blazing hot, showing thick merages in the distance, he suddenly felt hotter than he did a few seconds ago and rolled up his window, turning on the a/c.

He was almost to the now visible gas station when his car began making strange sputtering sounds. With a loud *pat* and *bang*, he ceased his acceleration and his car began to roll down the road. When it came to a complete stop about 30 yards away from the gas station, he began pushing on the stearing will. Sighing angrily, he took off his blue shirt and got out of the car and began pushing the hot trunk with his nice, new shirt under his hands to soften the burning sensation. That didn't help the sun beating down on his skin, however. By the time he rolled his car into the dirty, rusty looking gas station, it became apparent this wasn't going to be an expirience he would want to remember, as a tall, thick-set man came to the entrance of the station. He was wearing an grease stained tank top and whiping his hands on a questionable looking rag. His hair was blonde and crew cut and his face was grizzled with a thick 5 o'clock shadow. He was dirty all over. Mike sighed, and said to the man, "How much ya chargin'?".

The thick man just laughed at him.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Anne looked at the arranged items on her bed. It had been two weeks seen she was invited to Houston. She was very excited, it would be her first ?vacation? since she got out of college and started her job. Anne had been working at a small designing firm and she was one of the best there. Her old art teacher set up her internship there and she just stayed with it. It wasn?t really a bad deal in her mind. She had visited Japan, Germany, and England to pick up oversea clients. Her boss also told her that those where her vacations. It hadn?t taken a lot to even get this time off on this short of notice, but Anne knew how to pull strings.

Her phone rang and she rolled her eyes. She hated when any phone rang it always drove her crazy. Must have been from when she was an intern. They always made her answer the phones. She picked it up and her boss was on the other line. She let out a load groan to let him know she was annoyed.

Her boss laughed nervously. ?Hey Anne, I was just wonder about the new account. Did you send the photographs to printing, yet??

?Of course I did. You know that, I told you before I left yesterday.?

He coughed. ?Oh yeah. That?s right.?

?What do your really want I don?t have time for this. I set you up with Carol from printing like you wanted.? Anne began to fold her clothing and put them in her suitcase.

?Yeah about that. What tie should I wear? Do you think the green or the blue??

?Heaven help me.? She whispered under her breath. ?Frank I don?t have time for this. You are a designer figure it out yourself.?

?I need a woman?s opinion though.?

?Well right now my opinion would be shove it up your ass, but since I like Carol so much I will help. What colour suit you wearing??

?Thank you and grey, plain.?



She rolled her eyes. ?Than lets see what colour tie should you wear. I am think maybe? blue.? She told him sarcastically.

?Yeah that make sense. By the way one more ??

Anne cut him off. ?No one more thing. I am hanging up now and if you call again I am going to kick your ass when I get back. Don?t even think about call my cell either or your number will be block. Got it bucko.? Most people would have been fired for that, but luckily everyone in the office was really close. So it didn?t matter much as long as the work got done and that kind of talking didn?t take place in front of the clients.

Anne shoveled the last of the cloth in the suitcase. She wandered around her trailer to make sure she didn?t forget anything. She was sure she got everything. Pants, shirts, skirts, dress clothing, undergarments, and a her bikini. That sound like her cloth. She checked the list off her toothbrush, perfume, cosmetics (though Anne doesn?t really where it often), and other fun stuff like that. She nodded her head and closed the suitcase. She was able to fit all her stuff in one small carry on. Anne the Mistress of packing, she learned well from her Mother. She remember this one time four years ago she packed for days of clothing plus a pair of high heels in a briefcase for nerd con. Heather and Paul couldn?t believe. She smiled. Anne loved found memories.

Anne grabbed her straw hat off the back of the couch and made her way to a mirror. She was wearing a light pink sundress that came to her knees. A pair or sandals was on her feet. Anne gave her short hair a few flicks and nodded. She looked good. She grabbed the phone that was by the door and dialed her mom?s house. Her little sister picked up. She would be heading off to college in Florida in the next month to study marine biology. Her sister has always been smarter than she has. Anne didn?t mind though, it kept her parents off her back.

?Hey put Mutti on the phone.?

?Hi Anne.?

?Hey Mutti! How Ribbons??

Her Mom laughed. ?Is that all you can think about??

?Yeah! This is the longest I am going to be away from her. Luckily she has the other dogs to play with. Put her on the phone.?

?Anne you need yourself a man. Get hitched.? Anne almost threw the phone. If this were an anime her hair would have been standing on edge. Anne had commitment problems, her longest relationship that has ever lasted was eight month. She told her parents to give up on grandchildren because Anne hated kids. ?Anne I am joking. Did you have a heart attack??

?No, just don?t say things like that. It scares me.?

Anne?s Mom laughed. ?Okay here is ribbons.? Anne began the process of talking baby talk to the dog. She said to be a good doggy, that she loved her and other stuff like that. Most of the things that you would say to a child.

From outside there was a loud honk. Anne?s friend was here to take her to the airport. ?I will talk to you later. I will give you a ring when I get t here.? Anne paused for a second. ?Don?t worry I will be careful flying and my arms won?t get tired.? Anne hung up the phone. She grabbed her suitcase and purse and went out the door. She locked the door and ran to the, holding her hat to make sure it doesn?t blow away. As she got to the care she remember she forgot her flight gear.

?I will be right back I forgot something.? She told her friend as he loaded her suitcase into the car.

?Got everything you need now?? Her friend asked her as she entered the car. She nodded her head yes and they where on their way.

Fifteen minutes later they arrived at the small airport. Harry had come out to meet them. He has been a good friend of the family for years and was the one who taught Anne how to fly. He gave her a kiss on the check and a hug. They chatted for a second and than Anne headed to her plane. She opened the door and threw her luggage in and began checking the plane out. It was all fine and dandy. She sat in her pilot?s seat and put on her headphone. She ran down the checklist and began taxing to the runway. She waiting for the control tower to give her permission to take off. Than she was up and into the blue sky she had learn to love very much.

O.C.C: I will be gone until Sunday for Nerd Con. Very sorry.
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[COLOR=#FF005D][SIZE=1][B]"Gah...bloody English weather."[/B] needless to say, the day had dawned less than pleasant in England, and Jamie was not a happy camper. She had gone through work yesterday with no idea of what anyone was saying to her. The very thought that she would soon be flying out to Texas to see everyone, including Trevor, was making her feel quite dizzy with excitement.

Natalie was happy for her, of course, seeing as she had offered on more than one occasion to go to America with Jamie. But no, the redhead wanted to study. Bad mistake.

So now she packed her things, annoyed that she would have to wear a thick coat and jeans to the airport when Texas was probably boiling hot. She sighed again and got out her mobile, scrolling down to 'Sean'.

She called and the phone rang twice, Sean picked up with the third ring.

[B]"Yo, Jim Jam!"

"You already left or am I going to have to miss my flight because of you?"

"No worries, I'm on time, I'll see you there."


Jamie closed the phone over and tossed it into her black leather shoulder bag, something she'd had since she was fifteen. She loved that bag, even if it was looking a little on the worn side by now. After re-checking her list for the third time and packing all the little things she'd forgotten the first time around, Jamie smiled and closed her case, happy to find that it wasn't too heavy.

[B]"You've got everything?"[/B] God forbid, Natalie sounded worried.

[B]"Yes, Natalie, I'll be fine. Don't worry about it."[/B] a small smirk crept onto Jamie's lips, [B]"Besides with Trevor there I won't be wearing clothes most of the time..."[/B]

With a small laugh Jamie managed to dodge one of Natalie half-hearted attacks and jumped past her, landing in the large corridor. She sighed and dropped her case, wrapping her scarf around her tighter.[B] "Seriously though, I'll call when I get to Texas and again when I get to the hotel, okay?"[/B]

Natalie nodded and smiled before hugging her best friend. Jamie returned it and patted the smaller girls back.

[B]"You get back to bed, ne, Nat-chan?"

"Don't call me Nat-chan."[/B]

Jamie laughed again and waved before stepped out of the door to their apartment. She flipped her keys in her hand, the same way she always did when she was nervous, and headed to the elevator.

Five minutes later she was on the road and heading the John Lennon Airport for her connection to Heathrow, the sounds of Eve 6 acting as the background in her Peugeot 206cc.

Maybe she'd finally get a tan.

[B]OOC I meant to talk to Sean about us flying together last night, but I'm sure it'll be fine with him. What you say we fly from Heathrow, my dear?[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Trevor recklessly threw his jeans, t-shirts, and socks into the old red duffle bag. The beaten old sack seemed to glare through its zippers at the man as he stuffed it full of clothes, books, and CDs. With a growl, he managed to zip the ragged zipper shut, and it didn't look like the duffle would explode...yet.

"You really should get a new duffle bag, dude," Andrew said, as he and Patrick watched Trevor pack.

Trevor glared, pulling a lock of hair back. "You know, you two could help, or something."

Patrick held up Dante. "I'm making sure the cat doesn't eat your socks. That's help enough."

"Um...I'm allergic to...cotton," Andrew mumbled.

Trevor continued to glare. He often did the wash, and almost all of Andrew's shirts were, of course, cotton blends. Lying putz.

"Lying putz."

Bag packed, if a little too full, Trevor slung on his leather jacket and walked past his (worthless) roomies, fishing around in his pocket for his carkeys. As he stepped outside (into the rain) he looked at his car, and grinned.

[I]Let's see if I can beat my record to the airport...[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]15 Minutes later (1 better than his previous record), Trevor's cherry-red hatchback screeched to a halt in the airport long-term parking lot. He stepped out, duffle-bag shrugged over one shoulder, and jogged inside. He did not want to have to wait in line for an hour.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]But he did, anyway. Two hours later (an hour AFTER the plane was supposed to depart), he was stepping into the cool cabin of the jet. Slowly but surely, the various passengers found their seats and he managed to grab his. A window seat, he was happy to see, near the back of the plane.

Unfortunately, he got to share the voyage. With a kid. Who wouldn't shut up.

It would be a long, long flight.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]After Carol?s bizarre morning, she had quite a few things to take care of before leaving her hometown and college. She had taken her forever sweet loving time to get to the multi-complex brick building?she didn?t care, after all she was leaving to be happy and carefree for hopefully two weeks. Carol was top in her field of study, so she could take at least to weeks off and not have to worry about exams and research. She had walked calmly up the metal looking stairs that led to another floor of complex classes. As she walked closer to her classroom, Carol hadn?t looked at the sign that clearly said:

[CENTER][B]Caution! Wet floor[/B][/CENTER]

With that her foot slid in an other direction leaving the other foot to follow, soon she was on her bottom cursing at herself and hoping no one saw her. Luckily some cute guy happened to walk by and laugh, then had the mordacity to ask her if she was alright. She quickly shrugged and got up by herself, then acted like if nothing happened, ignored the cute Spanish looking guy and walked into her classroom. Carol walked up to her professor and pulled him aside gracefully.

?Professor DiMatto, may I please conversant with you??, Carol said sheepishly as she put her hands behind her back.

?Why of course Mrs. Soto, and how may I be of assistance??, Professor DiMatto said. He looked around his mid forties, with a bald spot in the middle of his head. His structure was wrinkled and chunky?not something the ladies would go wild about.

?Yes, I am letting you as of now I will not be attending my classes. I will be on vacation?well a reunion more like it.?, She said giving her innocent smile.

?Of course?.you have nothing to worry about?I shall also inform all your other teacher about this. Please do enjoy yourself?you deserve it.?, Professor DiMatto said returning the smile.


After that she left and returned to her dorm room and called her best friend (Also her roommate).

?Yea baby cakes??, Alicia asked as she munched on a delicious hot brownie.

?Stop calling me baby cakes cinnamon! Haahaaa?anyhow babe I am leaving to a place where you won?t go.?, Carol said teasingly.

?Whaaaatttt! You bitch!?how could you leave me?well leave me your laptop at least.?, Alicia said taking consideration.

?Alright alright?but don?t kill it PLEASE!. Well bye.? Carol said pleading, then closed the her cellular phone.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#C82356]As time went on, Erica was busy with school work and her internship. It became a couple of endless weeks that dragged on the day's boredom through and through. Each day, Erica woke up with a positive attitude, yet came back home with the words, "Don't bother me. I'm going to sleep." or "What's for dinner? I got caught up at work and now, I'm hungry." or, her famous phrase, "Goddamn this mother-friggen A world and all those who live in it. Esther, let's go out." There was never a time when positive sentences spilled from her mouth.

Though she was tired and hungry, she managed to pack her things into a silver ADIDAS duffle bag and gather several other items that she may have needed. She sighed and stood, stretching her body from all that she had been doing, releasing her tense muscles and allowing her body to breathe. As she did this, her cellphone rang and at once, Erica knew it to be Esther, her roommate.


"When are you leaving?"

Erica checked her watch, counting the hours till her departure. "In about an hour."

"Ok. Get your stuff ready, we're coming to pick you up. Ok? Ok, bye."

Tired from the cleaning and packing, Erica threw on a pair of jeans, a black cami with a aquamarine polo over it, white and silver ADIDAS tennis shoes, and a black windbreaker, in case the weather was a bit chilly. She then sat on the couch, waiting for Esther and Alex to pick her up. From time to time, Erica dozed off and her body became limp, but immediately woke up in an instant, then dozed off once more. She had done this several times until she heard the door lock clicking and knew that Esther and Alex had arrived.

As the door swung open, Esther stood there, telling Erica to grab her things and telling Alex to get the remaining items that Erica was bringing. They had done this and left the vicinity and went on their way towards the airport.


"Damn, Alex. Can you get any crazier than that?" At this moment, Alex had nearly hit three cars while they were going up the parking long. "My plane leaves in about 45 minutes."

The three did not think that they would be late and walked, hurriedly but nonchalantly into the airport. They walked past the giftshops, the food stores, and finally came upon the security.


An announcement had came over the intercom telling those who were leaving to Houston that the plane was ready for departure. This had meant that Erica was leaving Esther and Alex alone in an apartment by themselves. It was not Esther that she was worried, but Alex that she feared for. Esther had a way of dealing with Alex and it turned to be quite scary, even though it was funny.

"Call me when you get there and bring me gifts."

"I know. And don't worry, just keep my apartment clean and don't do anything stupid, Alexander."

Alex pinched Erica's upper arm and she pulled away after he did. "Shut up, dwarf. You're such a leprechaun."

After laughing at each other's jokes, Erica said her goodbyes once more and gave Esther and Alex a hug before she left. She received a first class plane ticket to Houston due to her boss. She had never ridden in first class and would be thrilled to find out what surprises laid in store for her.[/size][/color]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Jacob had spent the few weeks of waiting for the reunion daydreaming about seeing some friends from Otaku Boards. Every day seemed like a week in itself, and restless energy built up steadily inside him until he felt like running all the way to Houston. Now, at last, it was almost time to leave. His blue suitcase lay on the floor in his room, the top flipped open to reveal clothes and a plastic bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste and other small necessities. Jacob folded and stuffed in one last shirt and zipped it up. He stood and went over the things he had packed in his head. Satisfied, he grabbed the case and pulled it to the door.

"Hey Mom, I'm gonna go!" He called back down the short hall. His mother emerged from the other room looking rushed.

"Did you remember to pack a toothbrush and ext-"

"Mom, I can pack myself. I'm getting a head start so I'm not late. Bye," without further words, he opened the door and put his pack in the back seat an orange Saturn SUV. The car had been his mother's until he got his license and she got a new one.


Traffic was light, and the sky was clear, making a great day for a drive. Jacob relaxed in his seat, at last on the highway heading for Houston. The lane was pretty clear and he let his mind drift a little. His thoughts invariably turned to Steph, and his heart began to pound in his chest. He thought about what he would do when he saw her, what he would say.

A horn honked and Jacob jumped. He realized he had been steadily slowing down as his imagination took hold. He quickly took up speed again and decided not to think about his first love until he was out of the car.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Natsu saw when she logged on three unread private messages. She moved her cursor over the PM box and clicked twice. Up came the names of the PM?s she had received, she opened each and every one of them and read them and responded. Then she came to one entitled ?Class Reunion? she smiled. ?Wow?I hope this is as exciting as the title!? she double clicked and read it aloud to herself. After she finished her grin sprang back onto her face, she was so delighted.

She ran through her small apartment she had just bought. She hopped around in happiness and glee. Then she noticed she had to post for that one RPG, she quickly wrote up a post and pressed the reply button she quickly pasted and then hit the post button. She ran to her phone and dialed up Steph. Ring?ring?.ring? someone finally picked up.


?Moshi moshi!? Natsu answered happily.

?Oh hey, Nats! Did you get the PM??

?Yea, I am so excited I can?t believe she invited us all the way to Houston! I can?t wait!?

?I know, I can?t wait to see everyone!?

?Ok cya soon then!? CLICK Natsu hung up the phone and walked toward her living room. She started singing the Annie song, ?It?s a hard knock life?, for no exact reason. She poured milk into her cereal and walked over to her room again and sat down at her computer crunching away.

?I am so happy!? she said in an opera kind of singing voice. Natsu was the funny one of them all; she can always cheer you up and make you have a good time. Natsu was ready to go party! She quickly jumped into the shower and took a warm long lather. She hopped out and dried herself on, jumping into a shirt that read ?Love Kills? and a brightly colored pink skirt she smiled. She put on orange earrings and picked up her Hysteric Glamour purse and wheeled out two pieces of luggage.

She rolled out into the crowded streets of Japan; she put her bags in the trunk of her Porche and jumped into the driver?s seat. She turned on the ignition and roared to the airport of Tokyo. Natsu hummed along to the radio, she then reached the airport and ran into the building leaving the car to the valet. She tried to get there as soon as possible, since her flight was the longest she would get there last. She slowly waited in the line as the people entered the plane.

Natsu sighed as she plopped down in her seat; she pulled out a magazine and began to read. It was going o be long before Natsu reached the party, and until then nothing can get juicy without Natsu.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

OOC: Yay! I finally posted, I have been so lazy lately, lol.
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[size=1]Gripping her knees, eyes shut tightly, the plane took off. Stephanie had the vague feeling of leaving her stomach behind, but she was to busy trying not to freak out to try to relocate said stomach. As the plane gained altitude and finally leveled out, she breathed a sigh of relief. Taking off her buckle, she disappeared into the bathroom to calm her stomach.

Reappearing five minutes later, she sat back down, and stuck her earbuds back in. Switching the music to Destiny?s Child, and on random, it inevitably changed to Cater 2 U, and her thoughts wandered as she sketched. Setting aside the notepad, she sighed, and leaned her head against the window, closing her eyes.

Jacob. Or, as she liked to call him, J-chan. Her lips twisted up in a smile as she remembered his curly hair and his glasses, and his soft, forgiving smile. A sigh escaped her lips, and she drifted into a happy sleep.

Waking as the call for buckling up came over the intercom, Steph buckled, gripping her seat and telling herself to breathe. The plane descended, and as the passenger?s exited the plane, Steph?s heart jumped into her throat. She just couldn?t wait; she was moments from meeting the people she felt she loved more than anything in the world. As she grabbed her baggage and left the gate, her first thought was of finding a stall to throw up in.

That thought was soon banished as her eyes focused on the one thing that she could never forget. A person standing in the crowd of milling people, a person who was watching for her just as anxiously as she was watching for him. Breaking into a run, she dropped her baggage next to him, throwing her arms around his neck.

Warm, comforting arms went around her, and she buried her face in Jacob?s shoulder. She could feel her walls dissolving; all her reason disappeared, as they pulled closer. She was crying and laughing all at the same time.

Finally pulling away, Steph smiled up at Jacob. Their eyes locked. ?[b]My god, I thought I would never get to see you.[/b]? His voice was so soft, so gentle, and she stood on tip-toe, brushing a kiss across his cheek. She blushed, and looked away. Picking up her baggage, she looked up as another voice called out, ?[b]Steph! Jacob![/b]? Kelly ran towards them, grinning like a fool.

OOC: All right people, come on, lets get your flights over with! Where are the rest of you people???[/size]
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"Hurry up TJ! I ain't got time to wait for your black behind. You got 5 minutes to get down here before you have to find your own ride to the airport!" Mr. Hairston called upstairs.

"I'm comin! I'm comin....geez..." TJ shouted back. He was busy packing his carry-on throwing everything in that he'd need. He threw his three sketchbooks in, a 32 pack of AA Batteries, his CD Player and CD's, his minidisc player, multiple pencils, a change of tennis shoes, and a 1lb. bag of Twizzlers. He zipped up the bag and grabbed his suitcase and tickets. "Alright, dad I'm ready." He said laughing as he ran downstairs, tripping most of the way.

"Took you long enough Smelly..." Mr. Hairston said laughing.

"Hmph..." TJ shrugged and walked over to his mom. "Alright, mom. I'll call you when I get there and I'll remember to call Gram too." He gave her a hug.

"Alright, TJ. Don't forget. You sure you'll be okay flying alone?" Mrs. Hairston asked.

"Yes, Mama I'll be fine..." TJ smiled. "I'll talk to you later." He ran out to the car followed by his dad. They drove off to the airport in the Element and they got out at the front door.

"Alright, son. You be careful and stay out of trouble." Mr. Hairston hugged TJ.

TJ hugged him back. "I will dad. See you when I come home." He ran into the airport and went through the procedures of registering his luggage, baggage check, and went through the metal detectors. He took the tram to the waiting areas and got to the specified one.

OOC: sorry g2g
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[size=1][color=plum]Anne had been flying in the air for hours. It had been clear for most of the way with little winds and turbulence. Though over Tennessee she hit a bit. Taking a deep breath she check her gas level. She should have plenty to make it there. Anne couldn?t handle be in one of those jets she loved [url=http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=824227&WxsIERv=Prffan%20N185S%20Fxljntba%20185&WdsYXMg=Hagvgyrq&QtODMg=Jryyvatgba%20-%20Vagreangvbany%20%28JYT%20%2F%20AMJA%29&ERDLTkt=Arj%20Mrnynaq&ktODMp=Ncevy%2017%2C%202005&BP=1&WNEb25u=Wnzrf%20Rqra&xsIERvdWdsY=MX-CEZ&MgTUQtODMgKE=%28Pnaba%20RBF-300Q%29&YXMgTUQtODMgKERD=154&NEb25uZWxs=2005-04-24%2008%3A40%3A31&ODJ9dvCE=&O89Dcjdg=&static=yes&width=1200&height=812&sok=JURER%20%20%28nvepensg_trarevp%20%3D%20%27Prffan%20185%20Fxljntba%2F185%20%28H-17%29%27%29%20%20BEQRE%20OL%20cubgb_vq%20QRFP&photo_nr=1&prev_id=&next_id=821969&size=L]Cessena[/url]. She looked out the window and she saw the ground. It looked so beautiful from up here. Anne listened through her headset to the control tower. Anne glanced at her watch, she should be in Texas in an hour.

An hour and twenty minutes later Anne was listening to the Houston control tower. Anne was a mile away from the large Houston airport. She would be landing in a much smaller one where they will keep an eye on her Cessena for her. Anne had to circle around for fifteen minutes before she got the okay to land. She would have to be careful they landing strip was short and places there was flat land all-round. If a gust came about it would mess her up. She had seen many of planes crush because of sudden gust of wind.

The wheels of the plane touched down, another perfect landing. Anne began running through her checklist once again. With that she taxied into the planed parking area. I guy pointed her to where she should park. With her fitting into the spot them man ran over and put the blocks under the wheels. She continued to shut down the plane. When the plane was all taken care of she stretched in her seat. It had been a long flight. She put her gear in her bag and put her hat back on her head.

The guy was standing outside the plane when Anne opened the door. He gave his hand and helps her off the wing. ?Thank you.?

?Welcome to Texas ma?am.? He grabbed her bags out of the plane. Anne thanked him again. Anne looked over plane to make sure it was okay. ?Don?t worry Ma?am we will take good care of her. So what bring you to Texas??

?I am going to met up with some friends of mine.? Anne took her bag and thanked him once more and shook his hand, She called for a taxi and head to the larger airport. When she entered the large building she looked around. Anne saw three people standing together. She recognized two of them, it was Steph and Kelly. Anne walked over and gave a wave. ?Greetings! It?s nice to see you all.?[/size][/color]
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OOC: Sorry, work takes precedence over pleasure.

[B][SIZE=1] Ray sighed, he hated flying, but driving from Maine to Houston would be a real bitch to pull off.

He took a drag on his cigarette as he packed his last suitcase. He hated being late for anything and he was probably going to end up being late for this. A mandatory teacher's meeting made him have to reschedule a flight until two days later.

He flicked his cigarette butt out of an open window and then proceeded in closing the window. He went downstairs to turn off his coffee pot and to make sure that his cat would have plenty of food and plenty of litter. Paranoia had his neighbor checking in on the cat every so often to make sure there weren't any parties or the such.

Pulling one last A&W Creme Soda from the fridge he awaited the arrival of the taxi cab that would drive him to the airport.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][COLOR=Black]OOC: O...kay. Considering that all players have been here a year or more, I shall merely assume that Sessshoumaru is confused, and not in this, and carry on...[/COLOR]


[CENTER][I]And when the waters slow down
The dark and the deep
have no-one left to keep.
Hang on John! We're out of this at last.
Something's changed, that's not your face.
It's mine, it's mine...it's mine![/I][/CENTER]

Motorcyle noises and - abrupt change. Instead of cycling smoothly into [i]it[/i], the small CD player she had changed to...well...was changing to...she waited. And waited. And was just about to throw the annoying thing out of the window when it finally began to play.

[CENTER][i]We don't need no, education...
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the class room,
Teacher leave them kids alone...
Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone...
All in all it's just another brick in the wall...[/i][/CENTER]

How strangely fitting. Sarah leaned back against the seat, closing her eyes against the sun streaming through the Greyhound's window. The freaky guy had gotten off last stop, so she felt safe doing so. She thought about the two week trip.

[I]I don't know any of these people![/I] She thought, listening to the song, but hearing her mother's voice in her head.

[i]I just want you to be careful, sweetie...[/i]

[i]I will be, don't worry...[/i]

She did feel nervous as the bus traveled on. She'd just graduated - life was changing. [i]Normal[/i] was changing. Her mother, under normal circumstances, would never have allowed this, and yet...here she was. She sighed, leaning against the window.

[i]Guess we'll have to see whether this is a good thing once we get there...[/i][/COLOR]

OOC: I also believe this is where I beg for mercy for being so late...*drops to knees, clasps hands*

Don't cane me marm, I was led astray!

Heh. That work? In truth, 'twas the devil finals...
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[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc]Alice gripped the steering wheel to her Eclipse, and got onto the freeway. Already living in Texas, this wasn't going to take her very long at all. At least not as long as some of the other people who were coming. She tapped her fingers to the rythm of the White Stripe's "We Are Going To Be Friends". She smiled again for about the hundreth time today. She was going to finally meet everyone. It was going to be a little embarrassing, since she didn't know everyone's real name, just their username on OtakuBoards. But she didn't care, this was going to be a blast. She could already picture Jamie's English accent and short red hair in her head right now. Alice stopped on the way to get a drink, and some gas for her car. She couldn't believe how much everything had changed - how she had changed. Five years ago, she wouldn't have even been able to make this trip, unless her mom drove her. Now, she only got to see her mom on the weekends. She had been so busy with college, and the dorms weren't very close to where her old house was. She would have to remind herself to call her mom, to let her know how everyhing was going.[/color][/size][/font]
[size=2][color=#9932cc][b]OOC: Well, at least I posted... >.<[/b][/color][/size]
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[color=Green][font=Georgia]Jason was early for the flight so he sat around in a coffee shop for about an hour. [i]I thought there would be way more traffic [/i]he thought as his plane landed. Jason stood up, made sure he had all of his bags, checked again then walked towards his plane. He pulled out his CD player(nothing beats oldschool CDs) and started to listen to Korn. As he was waiting for the last people to leave the plane, he saw a teenager pickpocket some woman. [i]Crap!! That little punk just stole her wallet! [/i]The plane wasn't leaving for another 45 minutes, so he put down his bags next to the tunnel and walked over to the woman.

"You know you were just robbed, right?" Jason asked the woman.
"What are you talking abo... HEY!!! Wheres my wallet!?" She started to look around franticly as Jason jogged over to the teenager who had robbed her. Jason stuck his hand in the kids pocket and grabbed both his wallet and the womans. The teenager didn't even know he was just robbed. Jason walked over to the woman who was now looking for a cop and gave her back her wallet. "Thanks!"
"Pay more attention to your stuff or you'll lose it again," Jason said as he went to his bags. [i]I do have a soft spot for a lady in trouble. [/i]Jason boarded the plane and took a window seat in coach. A.D.I.D.A.S was starting to play on his CD player.

OC: I really can pick pockets. Its fun but I don't do it anymore becuase it sucks for the guy I do it to. Plus I believe in Karma...
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: Sesh, this is an [B]Invite Only.[/B] Therefore, you cannot participate.[/B]

[B]I know Sean hasn't posted yet. *cough* I'll include him in my post anyway, I'm sure he won't mind.[/B]

[COLOR=#FF0055]It had taken one hour for Jamie to get to Heathrow Airport from JL Liverpool. Thank the Lord there hadn't been any delays. She was already shaking from excitement and the thought that a long, long flight ahead was all that was separating her from Trevor was, well, maddening.

She tapped her knees as she listened to Will Smith's 'Switch', a song she had been obsessed with for a good long while. [I]'The classics never die'[/I] she thought, smiling gently.

The redhead glanced up at the flight arrivals and saw the one she had been waiting for from Scotland. She grinned as she heard a shout from the Arrivals gate, [B]"Jim Jam!"[/B] she quickly noticed her old friend Sean jogging towards her, case wheeling behind him quickly.

It had been a few years since they'd seen each other--always they made plans that never planned out. Shame, really.

Jamie stood up and caught Sean in a quick hug, glancing at her watch.[B] "C'mon, our next flight leaves in forty minutes, let's get going."[/B]

Sean nodded and the two made their way to the Departures section of the airport, Jamie checking her watch occasionally as she went.

The Airport was hot. Far too hot, in Sean's opinion and twice he suggested stripping for extra holiday money. Jamie reminded him that she was not afraid to use brute force, if need be.

Eventually they were all boarded, settled and ready for the long flight ahead of them. Both knew that they would be one of the last people to arrive, seeing as most of the people invited were American. Jamie sighed and settled back, slipping her headphones back on as she tried to ignore Sean's inane rambling.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC: I think it would be better for us to arrive after the rest of the American's. ^_^;

Oh, and if this ever did happen, Sean and I will have met. *cheers* Going to Scotland to see him this summer.[/B][/SIZE]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]OOC:[/b] Computer problems suck majorly. That's all I've got to say, :animeswea
Spence walked outside to the garage, where the one thing he prized above all else he had was. The grage door swung open, and there lay a beautiful car. It was a Skyline, one of the most expensive cars in the world. He had it tuned up quite a bit, taking all the money that didn't go to the rent for the building, or to the foods and stuff that he needed.

It had a beautiful white and red paintjob, the main body white with a red vynal. The vynal was a design of several Iridonian Tribe symbols. The design was a curving, crimson T, with a scar looking X. Spencer got in, the self warming seats a comforting reminder of why he had tuned up his car.

Soon, he was at the Shipyard, where he loaded his car onto the dock.

[b]"If you give this car a scratch, I'll make you pay out of your own pocket, puls enough to buy me a whole new car."[/b] The guy nodded as Spencer gave him the keys.

He had a backup car waiting for him, and he was soon seen with the top down, the white iPod headphones in his ears. He hooked the iPod upto the car's stero system, and soon sent the music flowing out across the road.

[i]And I'm Not Okay
I"m not Okay
I'm not O-fucking-Kay ah ahey
Forget about the dirty looks
The photographs your boyfriends took
You say you read me like a book
What if the pages are all torn and frayed?
I'm not Okay.[/i]

He pulled into the airport, the online ticket already prepared for him. He was soon on his flight, where the food was still crappy as always. He soon landed. Spencer had a car waiting outside the Airport, as he took off. Soon, he was at the whole thing, where he saw Steff, Kelly, and Anne. He smiled. He had gotten into his Skyline earlier. He began blinking the lights, which were a crimson red. The hydrolics he had in his car began bouning up and down. Spence got out, a smile on his face. His hands in the sweatshirt that he had gotten a year ago.

[b]"I missed you guys!"[/b][/color][/size]
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Tyler went through his bags on top of his bed making sure making sure he had every thing he needed. In one bag was his clothes, comb, brush and any thing else he would normally take with him. In his other bag was his laptop and the parts for it. He smiled to him self once he was sure that every thing was there. Normally he'd forget some thing and he didn't want to leave any thing behind that me might need. He closed the bags and slung over his shoulders up. As he picked them up he figured he should get some thing to eat because he figured it'd be awhile before he had any to eat during the flight. As he walked into the kitchen he noticed the clock hanging on the wall. He looked at his watch then looked back at the clock.

"Oh crud. I'm gonna be late. I thought I'd actually be able to go on a trip with out some thing going wrong for once" tyler said cursing to him self.

He ran to a cookie jar and opened it. He moved his hands through it and pulled out some cookies and closed the lid. He ate them as he ran to his door and opened it. He slammed it shut then ran down the stares. There were some people one the stairs other than him. He had lived in the building long enough for them to know that when he was in a hurry he'd knocked people down since he didn't think of much when he was running. Once he came to the last floor he stumbled a bit and almost fell face first but he managed to get him self balanced. He ran outside and tossed his bags into his green jeep. He took out his keys and opened the door.

As he started the jeep he looked around. Seeing the road was clear he pulled out onto it and started driving towards the airport. He had memorized some routes so he could get to the airport quickly. As he came into the airport parking lot he remember what he had planned. Some of his friends would come by and pick up his jeep while he was gone and take of it. He parked into a spot and turned off the engines. As he got out he grabbed his bags and started running. Once he was through the door he made a run for the terminal that he would board his plane at. A couple of minutes later he was putting his clothes bag into the over head compartment and sat down with laptop bag. He sighed as he looked out the window and it started to take off.
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DK slumped into his airline seat. "Well, summer vaction starts now... I'll be in Texas in, say, 2 hours." he said to himself.

He checked his watch, which blinked 4:00. He changed the time zone for Central time, and heard the all too familiar call, "The pilot has turned on the 'fasten your seatbelts' sign. If you asre having difficulties, please press the Flight Attendant notification button."

They went on to say a few more things that by now should have been obvious, and DK just went to sleep.


"Your flight has just arrived in San Antonio International Airport. Please remain seated until the Pilot turns off the 'fasten your seatbelts' sign. Thank you."

DK jerked forward, awakened by the sudden announcement. He looked out the window, and saw the ground. It wasn't yet dark, and so he also saw the airport. He breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

The familiar "bing bong" of the "F.Y.S." sign sounded, and a collection of clicks and murmurs arose in the plane. He stood, unlatched the overhead cabin, and waited for them to open the doors.


DK reached the rental counter, an "Enterprise" outlet. He rang the bell, and a young woman came up and greeted him. "If you'll just fill out this form..."

She slid a form across the desk, and DK calmly filled it out. He passed it back, and smiled. The girl analyzed the clipboard, blowing a bubble with her gum, until she reached the name.

"Henry Glasheen? [i]THE[/i] Henry Glasheen?"

"Pardon me for asking, but why am I a 'the'?"

"Oh, my God! I bought your CD a few months ago! 'Hypnosis'!"

DK was taken aback. "I never knew that went into regular circulation!" He regained composure. "It was just a little music project I started when I was fifteen... I submitted it to "Orion's", and I never knew it got picked up..."

The girl just stared. "Wow, it's a pleasure to meet you!"

"Umm... the same to you."

"My favorite song was 'Sunny Day'!"

"Thank you..."

"How did you get the name DK?"

"Look, miss..." he started, smiling weakly. "I'm here on vacation... Is it alright if I just sign something for you?"

"Oh..." she began. "Sorry." She fumbled around through her bag, and produced the "Hypnosis" CD from it. She held it out to him.

DK just stared. The jewel case was professional, the cover art was professional, and the CD itself was professional. He smiled nostalgically, and produced a Sharpie from his carry-on. He signed the case, and handed it back to the stunned receptionist. She smiled wide, and said, "Thank you so much! I'll treasure this forever!"

"You do that. Where, if I may, should I find my car?"

She looked around. "I'll show you myself."

She left the booth, and led him out to a large parking Garage.


Safe in his car, DK drew another heavy sigh. "Fanbases weren't this akward in High School..."

He looked at the address that he had printed directions for, and turned left. He looked along the road, and saw a large group of people. He parked, and stepped out. He walked over to the crowd. He smiled and said, "Hi. It's me, 0ber0n."

OOC: Sorry for the delay, folks!
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[size=1]OOC: I?m jumping some of the people here, to speed this along. ^_^; You all can still post your flights, if you like.

Stephanie was about to go ballistic. So many of her friends were here. When DK arrived, she was nearly hopping up and down. A huge grin spread from ear to ear, and she said, if not a little breathless, at least with a couple giggles, ?[b]I don?t know who to hug first![/b]?

Alice was standing next to her, also smiling. Jacob was just smiling, watching her happily. Finally, Steph settled for flinging her arms around as many people as was possible, and hugging them all tightly. She just happened to grab Anne, Kelly, Alice, and Spencer, and she was in Heaven. An arm snaked around her waist and pulled her out of the group hug, and her eyes went wide as Sean grinned at her. She flung her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

When she finally let go, she was caught up in a hug by Jamie, and this nearly brought tears to her eyes. Once let go, she was laughing and crying all at the same time. Taking a few deep breaths, Stephanie sat down on a bench, and forced herself to calm down. She almost lost it as Jason and Tyler came through their gates. Needless to say, there was much hugging going on all around, between everyone.

OOC: Also, Corey apologises profusely, he has some RL stuff to take care of. ^_^[/size]
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]?Flight 657 from Tokyo, Japan has now arrived.? the intercom spurted out into the airport. A pretty, very beautiful let me add, girl stepped out the shuttle and looked around. The harajuku style girl looked around, lucky for her she knew English for her stay in Toronto for 9 months when she was 14. She rolled her way into the main lobby and looked around. As she returned her gaze foreword she saw a figure running toward her. At first she could not make out who the person was until they yelled, ?Nats!?

Natsu felt her eyes begin to sting, she let go of her bag and held her arms out for an embrace. Steph practically slammed into her. ?I wanted to see you for so long!? exclaimed Steph as she held onto Natsu. ?Me too!? Natsu looked all around and started seeing familiar faces. Stephanie led Natsu toward where everyone was sitting. Natsu wasn?t very popular around the boards, she was only known for being in famous RPG?s. ?Guys I want you to meet someone!? she pointed to Natsu who made a peace sign with her fingers and smiled.

?I am Natsu, a.k.a. Lay Dust!? other heads turned toward her including on very familiar. ?Jacob!? she ran toward him and gave him a hug. She was overly excited and was smiling the whole time during the meet at the airport.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]Jamie smiled broadly as Steph started to sob happily, some tears dripping onto the redhead's shoulder. She cursed her height sometimes--made her feel like such a kid. Looking around, Jamie saw more moist eyes, wide smiles, and toothy grins. She sighed--Trevor wasn't here yet.

[I]'His flight must have been delayed...'[/I] her heart sank and she hung her head, plopping onto a plush chair just as the Tokyo flight arrived. Lady Dust, Natsu, flew into Steph and Jacob's open arms, a giddy smile on her face. Jamie merely nodded to her-she and Lady Dust had had their....disagreements.

Looking around, Jamie noticed that everyone was talking quite freely to one another, getting on perfectly well. It was nice, she thought, but couldn't help feel guilty as her heart sank deeper with each passing minute.

She stood up and went to the arrivals board, noticing that the flight from Seattle had indeed been delayed. It set her mind at ease that it was only a delay keeping Trevor from arriving.

Looking over at the rest of the group, the Brit pulled in a deep breath and put on her best smile. [B]"If you guys want to go on ahead, feel free, I'm going to wait until Trevor arrives."[/B]

She nibbled the side of her cheek, something she always did to keep herself from crying. That nervous smile broke onto her face again and she resigned herself to hugging Sean tightly, hiding her anxious tears from everyone else by burying her face in his chest.

He sighed and hugged back, stroking her hair gently. Steph clucked her tongue and walked over.

[B]"Gah,"[/B] Jamie blurted out, laughing between her tears, [B]"Aren't I just the worst at this kind of thing?"[/B]

[B]OOC You know, that would be my [I]exact[/I] reaction. *Is currently waiting for Trevor to get online*[/B][/SIZE]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]After giving Steph a hug, Spencer pulled away from the group. He went over to his car, parked in the grass.

[b]"Who wants some music?"[/b] He asked. He soon heard Sean yell out,

[b]"Play something to fit the mood, bro!"[/b] Spencer laughed, and with a click, the song "Homecoming" by Green Day began playing. People, music, get some food and it'd be a party. Spencer walked over to Sean, and shoved him with a laugh.

[b]"Learn to stand up straight before coming to a reuinon like this, man."[/b] He smiled as Sean recovered his balance. He gave Sean a quick hug with a pat on the back.

[b]"Good to see ya, man. I'll have to fly down sometime, visit."[/b] Sean nodded, looking around, his eyes relaxed. Spencer began to walk away, to go to the next person to visit, leaving Sean with a copy of Green Day's newest CD in his hands.

He came up to Jamie from behind. [b]"You alright, Jay?"[/b] With a soft nod, she gave a broken smile.

[b]"Just fine."[/b] Spencer gave her a soft hug.

[b]"Good. And yeah, you can be the one to do things like this."[/b] With a grin that show just how serious he was, which wasn't very. He began to look someone else to talk to, letting everyone else socalize.[/color][/size]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]OOC: Sorry for being scarce - I wasn't sure what to do...

Though he wasn't one to cry at something like this, looking around at all the happy faces with tears in their eyes, Jacob was struggling to keep his own tears in check. He didn't know the majority of these people very well, but the few that he did more than made up for it. Mostly, though, he felt his heart pound hard in his chest when he looked at Steph. For years he had dreamed of seeing her in person.

Waiting in the terminal for everyone's flights to arrive, he had nearly had a nervous breakdown thinking of what he would say when he finally saw her. Feeling awkward, he accepted a hug from Natsu, remembering how she had once had a crush on him. He smiled warmly, watching the sobbing girls comfort each other with help from the others.

"Um, who else is missing?" he felt lost in all the excitement. Jamie began tearing again, and he began to regret asking. Jacob caught Steph's eyes for a moment and had to keep himself from sweeping her up in his arms and kissing her.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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