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what are you listening to?


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[quote name='kaisha']Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani......lol I'm just joking!! I'm listening to Before I Forget by Slipknot[/quote]
When I read that, I made a face that cannot be mimiced by any emoticon.

Anyway, I'm listening to "Sarah Smile" by Hall & Oates.
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[QUOTE=Lix][size=1][color=slategray]"Dragostea Din Tei" by O-Zone, also known as the "Numa Numa Song".
That video was terribly idiotic, but you have to admit, the song is pretty good.[/color][/size][/QUOTE]
I love that song!
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I'm currently finding solace in:

Norma Jean - Liarsenic: Creating a Universe of Discourse
Swift - Charger
KILLWHITNEYDEAD - Liars Like You Live the Shortest Lives
My Chemical Romance - Helena
The Sound of Animals Fighting - All is Ash or the Light Shining Through it
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
Between the Buried and Me - Arsonist

I think that's it this week, lol. I'm always listening to different stuff, it's more or less my job.
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All that I've been listening to lately is the new System of a Down CD, Mezmerize.

Im actually not listening to it right now, but MTV 2 is on and tey keep playing weird rap songs.

Kaisha, your holla back girl joke sared the crap out of me.

Oh, a music video just came on. Its Helena by My Chemical Romance. Not a bad song.
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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]I am currently listening to:

California Uber Alles- [B]Dead Kennedys[/B]
Pull My Strings- [B]Dead Kennedys[/B]
Hybrid Moments- [B]The Misfits[/B]
Anarchy In the UK- [B]Sex Pistols[/B]
EMI- [B]Sex Pistols[/B]
Lexicon Devil- [B]The Germs[/B]
At The Edge- [B]Stiff Little Fingers[/B]
Fly the Flag- [B]Stiff Little Fingers[/B]

These are the songs that are currently on my playlist.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Woo, boy, this will be closed soon if it remains a simple listing. I'm going to try and put some basic opinions along side this stuff.

I listen to entire albums at a time. I don't really pick one song and loop it. Very rarely. So I'm just going to list a few albums.

Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock and Roll: A great Bristish rock/punk album wish some really catchy, yet abrasive, songs with really funny subjects that include not being able to get it up, hating modern art, young love, subscribing to US stereotypes, etc. Really great album.

Architecture in Helsinki - In Case We Die: A really enjoyable rock album with some electic qualities to it. I really enjoy the tandem between the female and male vocalists and some of the very unlikely instrument usage. It has this really fun childlike, innocent quality to it in some ways.

Say Anything - Is a Real Boy... : I've been listening to this a lot again lately, despite it coming out earlier last year. A really good rock album with some of the best lyrics of the last several years, if not ever. I particularly love the small jabs at hipsters, scensters and emo stuff. They're on an emo label, but I'd never label them as such.
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I'm listening to N.E.R.D right now. I'm streaming both their albums [i]Fly or Die[/i] and [i]In Search of...[/i] on my playlist of Rhapsody as we speak. Rhapsody has them described as [i]Crossover/hip-hop[/i] but they really don't rap all that much. They're kinda like how Gorillaz sound in that they experiment with Rock and Hip-hop and get them to create whole new types of musical genres. Its very easy to load both albums into my playlist and just chill. So far my favorite songs off both albums are:

Lapdance (its old but I still like it)
Don't Worry About it
She Wants to Move
Things are Getting Better
Stay Together (my fav)

I'd recommend them if you like Gorillaz in the fact that they're different from what else is out there.
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[size=1][b]Ayumi Hamasaki:[/b] ayu-mi-x III Non-stop mega mix, and then I'll put in the 4th mega mix. -_-

Nice joke Kaisha. Too bad I have to listen to that song every day for the fact my sister and her friends love it.[/size]
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