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I just got my "autograph sheet" {I get my yearbook in August} and I was wondering what was the most memorable or oddest thing that someone wrote in your yearbook.

Soooo, I'll start us off! :catgirl:

I made my brother write something and he wrote:
[B]"[COLOR=Blue] Ew blue pen wait let me get a black one. [/COLOR] There we go hahaha! you finally got to the end of school but you didn't learn anything except skholl is bording ha spelling mistake hehehe. See you at the anime fest.
Bro Devon
[COLOR=Blue] PS See u wen I open my spy school :animeangr stupid blue pen[/COLOR]"[/B]

And someone else wrote:
[B]"you sexy lady..waz up... I know you're my fan but I'll act as if I'm your friend..come online & keep in touch.-Sarah"[/B]

but I think the oddest thing written was what my bro's friend wrote"
[B]"Your so selfish, you know that! Always puttin pictures of seshomeru(I don't care if I spelled hus name wrong, in fact I did it on purpose) in my face along with your Yukimura! That's why your selfish! Grrrrrrr :mad: Anyways, don't do drugs, stay un school etc. Oh and by the way, April Fools!!!!ummm yeah. ha.ha.ha. I'm cooler then your bro,Jonathan P.s. Don't go to spy school" This was followed by a poorly drawn picture of Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN which said Tsukasika (Ha.ha.ha)[/B] The selfish thing he's talking about is because I was talking about Tsukasa and how he always says "Adults are so Selfish"
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[quote name='Kamuro][size=1']"Hope your summer is like toilet paper, long and lasting."[/size][/quote][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy][color=navy][font='Comic Sans MS']That kind of reminds me of one thing Alex used to say: "May your worries be like old men's teeth, few and far between". Anyways I think the most interesting yearbook signing I got this year was from Andrew "A hot air balloon". Yea.[/font][/color]

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Interestingly enough... I'm not working on my school's yearbook right now.
XD I was lucky enough to get the spread for the Anime club and Ping Pong club.

Maybe it's because I work on designing pages that I remember layout more than autographs. But I had a good autograph last year... I'll have to dig it out though.

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[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrchid]My friends always write weird things...I'm not going to put them all here, so here are some highlights.

[I]Hope you don't have a depressing summer! I wish I could give you my phone number but...I don't...know it. Oh well! I hope you can (somehow) come to Chamberlain (A.K.A. RatsHome School) But if you can't I hope we can keep in touch (because knowning me I'll forget). Amanda, AKA-ADD, AKA-The BEST Cinderella[/I]

[I]My perky ADHD buddy. It's pretty awesome having you there to help make fun of & complain about tyrannical knoblin! (silent k!) But you're going off to GAYther. I'll miss ya! KIT or I'll come hunt you down. P.S. Put down the keyboard and get some sun you vampire [and then theres a little vampire doodle]-vampire (in case you couldn't tell)[/i]

[I]KLAR3! Loove you =3 good times. good times. I got orange on your paper. Nina <3 x 3[/I]

[I]Claire, my mom wants to take us to "DA 2HOWZ" sometime in June...go to Chamberlain![/I]

My best friend also wrote a long, funny entry but I'd rather keep that to myself since it's so darn special.[/font][/size][/color]
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[CENTER][SIZE=1]Well, this certainly lightened my mood ^^

Anywho, here's one my friend wrote for me (When I went to school...) I homeschool now.

"Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die. This summer, why don't you just eat junk and watch TV? (Just kidding! Beware of cheetos!)
Luves ya, see you next year!

XOXO, Jacob N.
(Aka, the-SHPITS!! LOL!!!)"

I loved that guy. *Cries* I never did see him again. *Cries more*

My lightened mood has been darkened.

Ah yes, there's that grade-school 'Signed in your crack" one, but I'm sure you've all heard it.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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Ah yes, there's that grade-school 'Signed in your crack" one, but I'm sure you've all heard it.[/SIZE][/CENTER][/QUOTE]
[SIZE=1][COLOR="#990033"][b]Actually I havent. O.o;

Well I digged up all my yearbook entries...like the rest of you I was homeschool'd later on but I did go to a public high school....

[i]Monkey Monkey Monkey Love. [/i]

Okay I just don't get that one, lol. It makes no sense.

[i]Hi! I hope you have a summer without too many Ninja attacks. And that sometime during the summer...okay..well I don't have anything else to say so..
Love ya,

Erm okay..more random comments.

[i]Pickles Own.
Call me.


[i]Katie! Gooooo Katie! Whats going on my little cookie I want you to stay the same little wee child of 11 or 12 I don't know. Your you, I'm me woo you best friend in the whole wide world.
Pop star eewwww [/i]

This made no sense. And is from my best friend. lol ok?

[i]You R su cool. I never knew such a sweet, kind, cheerful the list goes on and on but just remember I say hardy har har you adoring special friend.

Can't spell and equally wierd.

I got a lot of strange people wanting to sign my yearbook. But what can I say? That's what makes it so interesting besides getting the occasional "Have a great summer".
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[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1]Here are a few of my favorites:

[QUOTE]You better be afraid walking down those lonely back roads, I might just "pop-up" and...accidentally run ya over.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE]I will always remember your child-in-face impression. That said, STOP FALLING ASLEEP IN CLASS![/QUOTE] Yeah, I'm a sleeper =_=;;
[QUOTE]PS - you showed up to APBIO hungover![/QUOTE] This is totally untrue. I've never drank in my life.
[QUOTE]Min lets drink.[/QUOTE] This is from the guy who says I'm a heavy drinker...sigh...
[QUOTE]I have learned much in this, my senior year, like to appreciate my friends (like you), the value of a dollar, and boobs![/QUOTE] This has gotta be one of the weirdest... :animeswea [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Here's another odd one, well I'll just write the P.s.

[B]"P.S Don't die this summer and I'll see ya next year."[/B]

Hopefully he didn't jinx me :animestun

Ooh and how can I forget this one:

[B]"Hi, I'm the abuser. Your Gay...n' ur Inuyasha...GAY! LOL. Don't go Crazy. EZ.Luv Komal."[/B]

Now she sat beside me in Civics class and hit me nuff times for no reason :animeangr

Here's another hateration one:

[B]"Yo Charlene cum on get a grip or shud I take U to therapy."LoL" It'z bin so much fun knowin you and I hope to see you next year. Become [U]Mature[/U] Keep In Touch Nuff Luv Harmeet :animesmil "[/B]

I am mature in my own way...

Now another odd one:

[B]"I am a better archer than you HaHa-Erin"[/B]

Meh, he's just jelous that I got second in Ontario... Well my girl's team :cool: I don't think he can even shoot an arrow.

Edit: I forgot to add that Harmeet wrote somethig else! I kinda decorated the cover of the autograph sheet with pics of anime characters.
Well she wrote:

[B]"U and ur gay Inuyasha related shows I hate them plz watch something [U]else[/U]."[/B]

tsk tsk tsk, I should find her some nice wholesome anime to watch or manga to read.
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I like to write:
"I am signing your yearbook."
"What are you buying?!" (thanks Resident Evil 4)
But usually, it depends on the person, I always have at least one really stupid inside joke with every one of my friends that I just use. :p
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woa a lot of you are homeschooled...well i haven't got anything to write since whenever i get a yearbook, i'll just keep it and continue playing my life away.
oh.this is what one friend wrote cos my form teacher made us write in each other's yearbook for that year

"remember, call me boneless chicken rice!"cos she gave herself that nickname but me, being myself, refused to call her that just to get her worked up :D

and "don't grow up, ever.stay as my cute monkey"cos i look 9 though i was 12 and i was short.plus i liked to climb and i was still rather immature although i was streetsmart and already had my own small business

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[COLOR=#7C0201][SIZE=1]^ What about the other 20%? Love 'em?
Got some 25 of my batchmates to sign my yearbook (the two-hour launch party, as it turned out, wasn't enough). Will pester the rest in at homecoming.

[QUOTE][SIZE=1]The fascinating world of science and technology has given humanity those noisy things called cellphones. People never have to be apart again. Txt me. I could never possibly be bothered hearing from you. [/SIZE][/QUOTE]Heartwarming. *sigh*
Gotta love yearbooks. Every single entry makes me wanna call somebody up and chat the night away.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=#9933ff]Thankfully people write semi-normal things in my yearbook. Actually, the last time I bought one, I was in 8th grade (end of middle school). Here are some of the things people wrote:

[b]"It was a great year! Maybe next (year) we can be in better touch!"[/b] See - that's normal!

[b]"Great year, you taught Hirsch Japanese and now I'm confused. Anime Rocks. - "[/b] ^^;;

[b]"Gluck in high school"[/b] (I loved that)

Someone drew five lines, the middle one being taller than the other. This kid really didn't like anyone. lol. (he was drawing someone giving the finger. lol.)

[b]"Faye faye, Have have a good good summer summer... Kay kay? ~Spike~"[/b] That's from Hirsch, actually. The second Cowboy bebop episode I ever saw was Pierre Le Fou when Ed says things double ("Faye Faye! Mail mail for Bebop Bebop!), and he's called me Faye Faye ever since.

[b]"Remember when we were little & we used 2 hang out in ur closet? The good ol days. HAGS & see you in HS! -Andrea"[/b] Yes, we really did hang out in a closet in my house. It was down stairs, and there was a rolled up futon in it. So we'd sit inside/on top of the futon. XD

The funniest signing I can remember is what Hirsch wrote in Andrea's yearbook this year. They did the play "The crucible" together (Giles Corey & Mary Warren, I think). We also read "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, in English class. So he wrote something like this: [b]"Dear Andrea, I was (something something here from the play I can't remember) and I saw John and Abigail and (a bunch of other people from the cast) with the Devil! Orgy porgy Ford and fun, kiss the girls and make them one! Wahahahaha! -Hirsch."[/b] O_o[/color]
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Sadly, I didn't get a yearbook this year which is screwed up because I made like 79 new friends this year. But to leave them with the pleasant memory, I signed every girl's, [B]"Hey *name*, Hope you have great summer. Stay safe and don't get pregnant!"[/B] They all laughed at me and went away after that. Every boy's book I signed they got their own personal message.

Last year I had the weirdest things ever. Some were, [B]"Hey, I'm #1 stunna cuz I shine like butta." -Jesse

"You were a really quiet + weird friend to have this year you are still kelw though Next year be more loud o.k." -Jessica

"Hey, U r sort of weird but in a cool way. Hope to see u next year. H.A.K.A.S." -"Tina"[/B]

There were a few more odd ones but I don't want to write all of them. Only one more and just the P.S.

[B]P.S. (Tell Leslie Roane to stop drinking that HATORADE)[/B]

I only remember who two of those people are and it was only a year ago. That's sad.
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Inevitably, my this year's yearbook has ended up covered in bizarre doodles, the word "YAOI" and people thanking me for teaching them about "healthy living".
Then, there are the entries in Chinese/Japanese, which I cannot decipher for the life of me. I don't know what spurs people to write a long series of kanji in a white kid's yearbook. *eyebrow*

Anyhow, most of the messages left in my yearbook are inside jokes, as per the norm. One guy did draw a picture of Gackt, though.

Some interesting "entries", if you will:

[b]Eating people is a pleasure.

Watch your lawn! If you're not careful, I'll set up camp! By the by, thanks for teaching me about all sorts of wonnerful things, i.e. culture, politics, and pornography healthy living.

The Buoyancy Force lives!

Art class will be so boring now that you won't be there to rant about the stupidity of creationism with me.[/b]

Maybe not the most amazing things ever, but I liked these entries. : )

Too bad they edited most of the homoeroticism out of the yearbook itself. Boo.
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[color=darkviolet]I want my senior year book back! That had some of the best signatures. Ah well, Junior year book is just as good.

My friend Amanda [color=green]Even when things were at their worst for me I could always go into our storuies and write. From all of us to all of you have a great summer- Amanda Murphy[/color] We wrote SailorMoon fanfics in Biology class together... She also drew a picture of one of her senshi (that's from Senior year)

Some girl- [color=red]Just stay away from Kevin.[/color] I think she was worried about me taking her friend's boyfriend.

Jen McKee I wonder if she's still Baptist-[/color] Glad you came to my youth group-keep God #1. [color=darkviolet]I wonder what she'll say in four years when I run into her at our 10 year reunion and... Never mind.

Becky (my best friend [color=darkgreen]I'm reserving this page for my very long letter-Senior year is going to be fun. We're going to go to Seabreeze this summer and pick up a few guys. Here's my number incase you forgot or [u]accidentally[/u] lost it.[/color]

Julie Marks- [color=royalblue] You're a nice person. Have a nice summer and a nice life[/color] Creepy.

I don't know where my other books are I do remember that in my Sophomore yearbook my ex said: [COLOR=Navy]Don't beat up John that's my job- Chris 3:16[/color] John is my brother and I think the boy watched too much WWF

I think another Jen told me that I wasn't at the top of her hit list. So comforting.[/color]
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I always write:

Your Hero,
Kevin McCarty

Last year's yearbook had a few good ones, two from a guy we called Duckman because he made quacking noises a lot... odd kid...

If you open my yearbook to the autographs, you see an arrow pointing to where the pages are connected to the spine, you have to really spread out the book to read it. It says:

When you feel your life is out of whack, just remember I signed your crack! Quack! -Duckman! Now turn to the back!

You flip the page over and he signed on the piece of the spine glued to the last page. It says:

I'm sorry Kevin! Please don't whine, Duckman also signed your spine! Quack!
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype][quote name='sakurasuka']Ah yes, there's that grade-school 'Signed in your crack" one, but I'm sure you've all heard it.[/quote]


[B]They signed your front, they signed your back, but I'm the first to sign your crack. Does it tickle?[/B]

Heard that a million times. Here's a really random thing someone wrote.

[B]Bangers 4 Life! I love feet![/B]

Bangers = Irish sausages

This is an inside joke from my friend Tony, but it's still pretty weird.

[B]Hi Rhi! I hate Spanish. I wuv pudding. Szarpa loves Men.


He absolutely loved to write his name phonetically, and Szarpa was a friend of ours from Spanish class.

[B]Awesometastic! Call me! I have Cingular too!!! So it's FREE!!! WEEHA!![/B]

A really hyper friend of mine named Joel. He made up a different word with each yearbook he signed.

[B]This is an extention of the Land of Tod! Long live the Tod![/B]

This kid also signed my other friends pants writing "I own this" and pointing an arrow to her butt. It was really funny. She got really mad at him though.

So in conclusion...I have some really weird friends. But I can't help but love 'em.[/FONT]
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Finally found it. ^^

I have recreated it as best I can, with all its incorrectly spelled glory.
edit: Keane is my real name btw. >.>

[quote=Orrin][SIZE=4]Keane's Quote:[/SIZE] "A solar eclipse, the cosmic ballet goes on... Does anyone wanna switch seats?..."
This quote was meant to symbolize how Keane is into stuff such as Star Trek with Leonard Nemoy? Also, it is meant to show how he says something weird, and then immediately jumps back to reality. Other defining features include sudden outbursts of aggression, simsoniacness, japaneseness and any other ness'. Btw, (music note) [b]They'll never[/b] stop the Simpsons, have no fear, they'll be stories for years like Marge becomes a robot, maybe Moe gets a cell phone, has Bart ever owned a bear? How bout a crazy wedding, where something happen a-doodily-doo...sorry for the clip show...have no fear, they'll have stories for years (music note)

Your acquaintanceship,
[SIZE=4]OrrinV OV[/SIZE]

Another interesting signature was when somebody licked the book. o.o

It'd be cool if I could show everybody the pictures that were drawn into my yearbook. There's me as a poring, there's a picture of Naruto (skillfully done), and a picture of Santa Clause for some reason.

Oh, and of course a psychedelic cow.

Too bad I'm too lazy to scan them in. ^^

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