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RPG Finally! Hogwarts RPG! :


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[b][color=darkred] If you signed up for the Hogwarts RPG come here! Oh yeah I have made two decisions for prefects they are:

Matt (Son Goten)


Craig (SS Trunks)

Remember I can take away the priveledge of being a prefect!!:)

Ryan: Walks around Hogmeade looking at all of the stores and the people. Sits down at a table in one place and drinks a warm butter beer.[/b][/color]
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Whomping Willow! First Years!
[i]Runs out to the Whomping willow as it swings one of it's branches at the first years. Ryan raises his wand at the tree screaming out.[/i]
That's the body binding spell in case ya didn't know siren!
[i] the whomping whillow freezes and can't move.[/i]
Ryan: Maybe that will keep it still for a while! All first years run into the castle now!
[i] they all run into the castle and everyone is safe.[/i][/b][/color]
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Well I think I bcame Head Boy was because of all the times I suck up to Dumbledore. Maybe maybe not. And hey I am Keeper of the Slytherin quidditch team and Captain. Pretty kool huh! Oh hey Bryan how have you been??[/b][/color]
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*walks over to them.*

kool-guys? I don't know if you know this, but SNAPE IS COMING!!!!! *scary music* He said that anyone who is out on school grounds will have 50 points deducted from the House Points just because he is in a bad mood!!

all-Aw SHOOT!!!!!!!!
*we all go running back into the castle right before Snape reaches the grounds.*
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siren shakes her head in discust and heads for the ravenclaw table

siren: hey guys! aerin... your back... i was afraid you woulden't come after the talking to dumbledoor gaves about following rules...

aerin: yeah... that was a good one... nah... i'll always come back
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*apparates behind a tree,..... unknown to the other Hogwarts students*

Anna: [i]sighs[/i] I can't believe I'm late..... stupid Snape. And after I helped him, too........ oh whatever.
[i]Sets her things down on the ground. Opens her suitcase and takes out a tiny black book. Closes her suitcase and mutters a spell to transport it to her dorm.[/i]
I wonder what the other students are doing.... heh, doesn't really matter now, does it? I'd better go find some more Slytherins to talk to before anyone catches on....
[i] walks away to look for other Slytherin students[/i]
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