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RPG Chaos Eaters: The Outbreak Begins [M-LVS]

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Drake took the lighter and cigarette graciously and put it in his mouth and lit it. Then he handed the lighter back to Katrina."Old habits die hard.."He said to himself chuckling."Oh, well I'm Draknen don't call me by that it wasnt my choice..it's just Drake."

There was an ackward silence as Drake just stood there. Then out of the blue a screen was heard, in the general direction of the football field. [I]It's finally happened I guess...time to play Chaos Eaters[/I] "I'll see you around, maybe," he said to Katrina.

Drake broke into a sprint for the football field, paying no attention to any others. He reached under his jacket, feeling to make sure his katana was there. When he had arrived, there already had been a small crowd gathered. They seemed to have weapons. Strange, maybe they were agents. Drake had never seen another in his life. He unsheated his black katana quickly as possible, joining with the others.

"I don't know who the hell you people are, but its not time for introductions."

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Dante watched the arrow hit, causing the creature to become agitated but not

fazing it much. "Damn its strong" He opened fire bringng its attention away from

Garet. "Hey ugly over here"Hecounted the shots as he fired them. "3,2,1...out" The

guns clicked as an two empty cases hit the ground and he slamed two fresh ones in.

He rolled away as the creature hit the ground where he was just at followed by

three arrows hitting him in the back.

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Jory rolled her eyes, she sighed and yelled over all the noise.
"Does ANYONE know how to bring this thing down? Better yet does anyone know what it is?"
Dante srpung back beside her and scoffed.
"A chaos etter, what else?"
"Bingo, Chaos Eatter, dont you think that making more chaos makes it stronger?"
Dante blinked.
"Well what do you suggest?"
She waled forward and as one long part of the creature came at her she held up the now long sword and blocked it, a light blue glow emmited from the sword and she sliced sideways completely severing the part compleltely, it writhed on the ground as the monster shrieked and turned on her with a firece intention. She smiled wickedly, her eyes now black with a sudden blood lust of the creature. She brougth the long sword down into a broad sword and charged at the beast, it met her and shrieked again as another piece went missing. Suddenly two bright red eyes glared down at her and she smirked again.
"Hey, dante, you wanna a target, go for it's eyes."
Shots rang out over the feild followed by a monsterous yell as the best reared up, she ran forward and sliced across the what could be described as the belly and jumped back as a black wave washed down upon her. All the people there could feel the pain and hatered that the beast had collected. Kyle looked up just in time to see Jory be comsumed by it and dissappere, as the wave vanished she was still stndign there. He walked up with Dante and she tunrned her eyes black, she looked at bothe and shook her head slightly, the black color vanished and her eyes were once again blue. She smiled and grabbed both of their arms dragging them away fromt eh feild.
"Oaky, so that's one down...I have a feeling that now that one is goen there will be alot more coming for revenge."
Dante looked at her with a odd expresion on his face as did Kyle. She had her arms linked with their's and was wakling heavy. She looked around as the rounded the bleachers and pulled them shoulder to shoulder infront of her.
"Tell me one of you has taken first aid..."
She slowly began to pull her already short skirt up when Dante turned around.
"Look I dont think you should come onto us like this.
He turned to look at her and blinked as he saw a huge gash on her upper theigh, it was red and looked carterized but all three knew just how dangerous it was to be wounded by a Chaos Eatter...the hate could comsume you and make you one yourself...
"Like I said, tell me one of you took first aid."
Kyle looked at her.
"Didn't you?"
"They didn't think it nessassary in my training, they said I would be fast enough to evade it..."
Dante shook his head.
"YEah, my trianee was really incompitant...as you can tell."
She winced and looked away as the gash began to turn black around the edges.

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"Hey!" Mira ran up to the group, breathing heavily. "Chaos Eater? Is that what that thing was?" She asked as she neared them. Her eyes went to Jory's wound. "Ack! Did that thing do that to you?!" She said, her voice slightly higher.

"Nice detective work." Jory said, rolling her eyes.

"How do you cure it?!" Mira said in a panicky voice. "Will it kill you?! Will you die?!"

"Stop blathering!" Jory snapped. "I just need some first aid from someone who knows how to treat these stupid scratches. I won't die; I'll turn into one of those monsters if it grows!"

"B-b-but if you turn into one..." Mira faltered.

"Then you guys'll have to kill me. So someone go get some first aid 'cause I don't feel like dying." Said Jory.

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Dante frowned. "Sorry for being a jerk, it isn't everyday you get showed up by a girl' He smiled, then ripped a piece of his shirt. "I took a little bit" He wrapped it tightly around the wound then picked her up and carried her back inside. "Kyle get the nurse"

Kyle left and walked into the nurse's office. then came back out. "She isn't in there"

Dante frwoned again and kicked open the door. "Ohh well" He set Jory on the metal table then walked over to one of the cabinets as he threw his old cigeratte in the trash and lit a new one. "Since you seem to know everything about these creatures and I don't which is because I cheated on the final exam part, tell me if there is any special things about a wound from an eater that I need to woory about" He started getting things out then came across a locked cabinet. He pulled out his short sword and sliced it in half. He then opened it up. He came across several bottles with wierd writtings on this. "Do you know what this is?' He tossed the three bottles over to Jory and began pulling everything out finding more a more.

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Drake stood back and watched the others fight for once. Maybe to seperate the agents from the idiots. After a while the chaos eater was disposed of, and Drake now had nothing to do. He would just go sleep under a tree or something like that. He found a large cedar tree, and layed down fully covered in the shade. The cigarette was still in his mouth, but it didn't move at all. Drake was a still sleeper.

Drake actually slept so well that he did not wake up for quite a while. "Damnit, I missed a class," he said to himself. He got up quickly, spitting the nub of a cigarette out of his mouth. Then judging by the time he tried to find out where his next class was.

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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Tenjo seemed to mysteriously appear out the outskirts of the cliffs after drifting back to the bleachers and watching the fight between the monster and all of them as he took a sigh. From what he could see it seemed that one of them might have been injured in the process.

"So then...it seems like those things are know as chaos eaters." He looked around the surrounding area where the chaos eater had been destroying many things around the football field." Well it seems like that thing caused enough chaos alright. This place is just one big mess by the looks of everything around here."

He slightly took one of his guns out of his pocket and pressed a certain button on the side of it causing a pure purple vile to jet out of the handle of the gun. He held it in his hands and shook it a little bit which caused it to turn a deep teal color. He let out an almost hysterical laughter when he saw this occur.

"It works. I can?t believe it works!" he then let out a sigh as he shook his head," My oh my...there really seems to be a lot of deadly things out there in the world today. O well then. at least my studies in poisons and anti-toxins have seemed to paid off these days." he took a long moment of silence,? thanks a lot dad I owe you one."

He inserted the vile back into his gun and turned off heading off back into class. He pondered that his anti-toxin would help whoever the new fish since he didn?t know who any of them were as he strutted off back into the classrooms.[/COLOR]

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet stepped into nurses office as he saw them all fiddling around with bottles of different medicines, trying to figuer out how the cure Jory's black wound. Garet shook his head and smiled.

"[B]Those aren't going to help you at all."[/B] everyones jumped a little from suddenly hearing a new voice in the room. Garet walked over to Jory.

[B]"Especially a Chaos eater that big."[/B] Garet looked at the wound a little checking it out. He put his hand on her face and turned her head looking on her face and neck. Then her arms for any more wounds, she pulled back quickly.

[B]"Your lucky girl, only one wound."[/B] Garet leaned over and removed the tie to look it over to see how deep it was and how much darkness had actully sunk in.

[B]"Well, a couple more hours and you will be screwed big time."[/B] Jory had a angry look on her face.

[B]"I really don't want to hear how long I have, I want to be healed."[/B] Garet looked up at her

[B]"Well be quiet and let me see if I can do anything.[/B]" He looked back at the wound for a moment then reached into his pocket and pulled out a pill bottle and handed them to her.

[B]"Take these for now. And you, Dante, find me a syringe now."[/B] He looked at Garet wondering if he was serious.

[B]"What are you looking at? Go get one."[/B] Kyle suddenly stepped up.

[B]"What do you need the syring for?"[/B] Garet just looked at him and pulled out a small bottle with red liquid inside.

[B]"So I can inject her with this."[/B] He said as he slightly shook the bottle.

[B]"Will it cure her?"[/B] Garet shook his head.

[B]"It will just slow down the process that it's working at. It will give her at least another 3 hours. "[/B] Dante came up behind him and tapped Garet on the shoulder. Garet turned and Dante held out the syring, Garet sntched it and stuck the needle in the bottle.

[B]"Thank you."[/B] Garet said without looking at Dante. Garet filled it up and flicked it a few times and pushed out all the air. He lifted up Jorys skirt to where he could see the wound more clearly and held the syringe a little over the wound. He looked at Jory.

[B]"Now, this is going ot hurt a lot."[/B] He jabbed it in and injected her quickly, the wound seemed to screech with the knew anti-toxin being injected into it. Jory started to grunt and her eyes opened wide from the pain. Atfer a moment or two it stopped screeching and the pain subsided, Jory took a deep breath. Jory looked at Garet as he tied off her bandage tightly.

[B]"So you have first aid training."[/B] Garet answer with out looking at her.

[B]"Yop, i'm not as fast Kyle or Dante here. So first aid became one of my training protocals. I've got plenty of scars from when I was attacked and injured."[/B] He looked up at Jory and finished his wrapping.
"And some very close calls."[/B] Garet looked back at the wound to double check then stood up with a smile on his face.

[B]"Well that should hold until you can get the cure for it. But I suggest you contact someone from HQ and see if there is an agent nearby that has the antidote with him or her. Other wise, were gonna have to kill you before you change."[/B] Garet said kind of coldly. He turned and started to walk out of the nurses office with his hands in the jacket pockets, Garet suddenly turned around.

[B]"Oh, do any of you have a cigarette and a lighter by any chance?"[/B] Dante tossed him a ciggarette and his lighter.

[B]"I want that lighter back man."[/B] Garet nodded. He put the cigarette in his mouth and lit it and took a drag of it and blew out. He tossed Dante his lighter and pulled it out between his fingers.

[B]"Thanks, always need one of these after something like that. Been tring to quit but whatever.[/B]" He turned again and walked out of the rooma and down the hall, Jory stepped out of the nurses office and looked down the hall Garet was walking.

[B]"Hey!"[/B] She called out. Garet turned with the cigarette in his mouth.

[B]"Thanks."[/B] Garet smiled

[B]"Don't worry about it. It just means you owe me one. Ill call on that favor some day so be waiting for it."[/B] she nodded and Garet resumed his walk down the hall.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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Katrina fully relaxed again after being left alone. Of course she heard some commotion, but she wasn't going to run to the action. She flicked her lighter a couple of times for the hell of it, but was soon done with the cigarette. Tossing it down to the concrete, she crushed the embers out completly with one foot. Sighing, she figured to see whether they'd have to go outside for gym or not, just to have something to do during Mr. Fletture's 'class'.

Arriving near the football feild and standing on the track, she couldn't help but let out a low whistle. Almost looked like a mini war zone. Turning on her heel, Katrina walked back to the building deciding to skip the class no matter what. To go to class, or not to go to class, that was the question now as she walked down the hall.

[I]'So Drake was his name...hm...I think I'll have to keep an eye out around these new kids now.'[/I] She thought to herself.

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[COLOR=SlateGray]Hunter stopped at his locker to get the things he needed to go home. He was just going to skip the rest of the school day. Grabbing his backpack a picture fell out it was of him when he was five right before he father ditched. He slamed his locker shut and started back down the hall. Looking at the picture he thought about life back then.

Not paying any attention to where he was going He crashed right into a girl coming in from the football field. They both fell back onto the floor.

"Sorry." he said reaching out his hand to help her up.

It was Katrina. So insted he moved his hand the picture which he had dropped, slipping it into his backpack. He reached out to her again.

"LIke I said sorry I am kinda out of it."[/COLOR]

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Katrina was walking down the hall thinking about all the strange things happening at the school when she was knocked to the floor. She narrowed her eyes for a moment, intent to reply with a sharp comment. That passed however, seeing it was Hunter. Ignoring his hand, she stood up on her own, brushing some dust off quickly.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Hn..."[/COLOR] Her gaze was directed to the other side of the hallway. Should she say something else? It wasn't as if he was being a jerk or anything?he DID apologize. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"..Don't worry about it,"[/COLOR] she added quietly while glancing sideways at him. He looked like he was ready to head home for the day.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"What, not sticking around to see what other strange things the new kids have in store?"[/COLOR] She wasn't entirely sure, but had the distinct feeling that all or at least most of the new kids were somehow involved with what had been happening.

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[COLOR=SlateGray]"Cause school sucks and i need to make sure my sorry excuss made it to work and anient dead. And what things what was going on. My head is in the clouds and i am rambling."

"Yeah strange things." Katrina said

"Yeah well ok I guess i can stick around I just wont go to class... damnit I am rambeling again."

OOC: i cant think of what to write.[/COLOR]

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Dante smiled. "Sorry"

Garet turned started to turn around "for what?"

Dante punched him in the face sending him to the ground. "For being told what to do" He nodded at Kyle. 'See ya Klye" He turned and did a little bow to Jory. 'My lady" He walked out of the room and then came across Katrina and Hunter. He pulled out a pack of cigerattes. "Anyone got a light?'

Hunter gave him a disaproving look. "You arn't supposed to be smoking inside"

Dante turned to him. "You always do what you are told?" He turned back to Katrina. 'You do follow the rules of this place now do you?"

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Katrina almost wanted to laugh. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Rambling...heh. I'd stay out of class with ya, but I need at least one period of attendance today, or I'm Mr. Fletture's for a detention session."[/COLOR] She rolled her eyes at the thought. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Eh, I just won't bother going," [/COLOR] she said while shrugging. [I]'Now [/I]I?m [I]the one rambling...' [/I]

She just looked at Dante with blank expression and sarcastic voice. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Geeze, it's a regular party." [/COLOR] She lightly tossed the lighter to him, which was now about half empty. Katrina made a mental note to stop by the drug store and get a new one on the way home later. Well, if Dante got caught, it wasn't her problem.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Anyway," [/COLOR] she said to Hunter. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"You remember that kid who left for military school because of the locker incident? I don't think he's the one that did it. Now we have several transfers, all on the same day."[/COLOR] She paused, letting it soak in for a moment. On a 'busy' year, they'd only get like two transfers for the whole year. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Now we got screams, the football field is a mini war zone, and I overheard some girl with glasses telling her friend she heard gunshots."[/COLOR]

Katrina just looked at the blank faces, and due to the natural coloring of her cheeks looked like she was blushing. She hurriedly cast the red eyes to the floor at her feet, letting her hair fall in front of her face. This was the first time she's actually shared her suspicions with anyone. Let alone randomly. She waited for the harsh and biting comments, ready to take 'em like the tough girl she was.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet moved his jaw around and massaged it with his hand, he spit to the side, blood was what he spit out.

[B]"Dumb bastered, Punches me in the jaw after I helped Jory."[/B] He spit again with more blood coming out. He felt the sindie of his mouth, making sure no teether were knocked out.

[B]"He better hopw he doesn't get attacked by a Chaos eater, or else he's screwed. Last time I help someone."[/B] Garet said to himself. Garet headed over to a bathroom where he could use the mirror. He pulled off his jacket and took of his shirt looking over his scars, touching the ones on his chest and arms, tracing them with his index finger and thumb. He turned around and faced his back to the mirror, Garet turned his head and looked at his more recent marks. They were bigger scars then he had anywhere else, Garet rolled his shoulders felt the pain of these new scars. He turned back around to face the mirror he leaned over with his hands on the sink, taking deep breaths. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Kyle walked in and saw the scars on his back, Kyle stopped in his tracks, he turned his head.
"Oh, uhh sorry. I'll leave if necessary."[/B] Garet smiled

[B]"No, it's ok. I was just leaving."[/B] Garet put his shirt back on and his jacket and walked past Kyle. Before Garet was out the door kyle spoke.

[B]"How did you get the scars on your back?"[/B] Garet stopped as he was opening the door. He let the door go and turned around facing kyle.

[B]"I got those by an agent who changed. He had been attacked by a Chaos Eater and was wounded. I thought he would be fine until we got to HQ and cured him. Half way there he changed and attacked me. My back was to him, I didn't get hurt by his first assult. But after I had thought I had killed him, he made one last effort and slashed me on my back, infecting me. So for about 6 months I was stuck inside of HQ and was cured, and since I was locked up for so long I took any mission I could. And that's how I ended up here."[/B] Garet turned back the door, but stopped again and held his arm up with his index finger up.

[B]"Oh and one more thing. If you need help, don't call me. I'm not in the mood to deal with rambo out their. So have fun killing the Chaos eaters coming to get you guys."[/B] Garet walked out the bathroom and headed for the class he was missing.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Tenjo continued to wonder the hallways for no apparent reason just for the hell of it apparently. He slightly picks up on Katrina's conversation as he began to walk of there not really looking cheerful or anything special. Just having his flat out bored personality on his face.

"That thing that you saw are supposedly called a Chaos Eaters... and don?t even bother asking me what the hell they are or where they came from that?s all I know." he took a brief pause as he continued to think being deep in though. ?But those new students however...there not normal...I?m not to sure how to say it exactly, since I missed half of school today and I don?t remember seeing them at school before. I have to agree with you however that all of the new students arriving here after that kid had just got sent of to military school are linked somehow."

He gave a slight shrug as he turned around to make sure that there wasn?t anyone else around the halls to see that there went anymore teachers around that could hear them. ?Something around here is fishy to me also...I don?t know it to be true but I think that those kids killed the Chaos Eater. I am not to sure since I viewed it from far away... but that?s my reasoning." he gave a slight yawn as he streached,"The choice to believe it is up to you.[/COLOR]

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((sorry my networks been down all week, though don't worry i caught myself up))

James rose from his dull nap to find he had fallen asleep on the side of the school on an old bench"[B]So much for class[/B]" he said to himself as he gatherd his things.

He headed toward the exit thinking 'why hang around now', but by the time he got to the gate he had a change of heart and doubled back.

As he headed back in he noticed some other kid leaving. He ran up to ask what period it was. The boy replied it was last hour. "[B]Thanks[/B]" he replied in a light tone as he they started from each other James turned and asked for his name. "I'm Hunter" he said without even turning to ask for his name. James shrugged it off and went inside.

As he entered he noticed that there was a girl walking around in the hall he went up to her and said "[B]hey, do you know where Mr. Wlliams room is[/B]". She pointed donw the hall '#124'. [B]"thanks[/B]" he said as he headed down the hall. He suddenly heared her shout out to him. "[B]Are you new here she asked[/B]".

"[B]yeah[/B]" He replied " [B]just transfered today[/B]". she shot him a weird kind of sutble gaze and kept going. He found it strang, but thought little of it. As he entered the class he heared the others over talking an incident at the football fields, James decided to check it out after class.

Fifteen minutes in and he can't stand it anymore. He stands up " [B]Sir I don't feel well can I get a pass for the nurses office[/B]" the teacher looks at him for a moment and said" [B]fine take the pass and go[/B]".

James quikly made his way to the football feilds to the police had arrived and that there was a great deal of damage. He knew that it was a Chaos eater at work, but more disturbing than that was healso noticed traces of blood. though light it appeared someone had been hit which he knew was really bad without first aid. He ran into the school hoping to find someone in the nurses office. he found the office empty and in shambles. Whoever was her came to take care of a wound. He tried hard to find someone, they were already in class or off campus. He realized that as enterd the building that kid Hunter was leaving. He thought maybe he was the one.
He had no time to lose he had to find out where he lived and find him before he turned.

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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Chaos?Eater?"[/COLOR] Katrina repeated slowly. Although it couldn't be seen through the contacts, the little hamster was running for his life on the little wheel. Looking back up to face everyone, she moved the hair out of her face, glancing at Tenjo. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"So, you saw it. Sort of."[/COLOR]

Katrina turned and leaned against the nearest lockers, arms crossed.[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue] "So these?things?in a simplest assumption of the basic name, would that mean they?eat, chaos? Or at least, are created from some sort of mass animosity or something? That's going on basic suggestions by the name though?"[/COLOR] She was thinking aloud for some odd reason. She didn't need to see the shrugs and strange looks to know they were there.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"But I agree. They aren't normal. That still leaves the question though of that IF they indeed killed the thing, why are they still here?"[/COLOR] She looked around quickly, standing straight up again and ready to walk away. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"That is, if they finished their 'job'?"[/COLOR]

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Dante smiled. "it's cause the job ain't done" He breathed smoke through his nose. "And those gunshots that people heard..." He brought out one of his guns and made sure no one else was around. "...those were me" He took another puff and started to make smoke rings. After it was done he threw it in the trash. "Ohh well I got to head to class" He nooded and Tenjo then looked at Katrina. "I'll hopefully see you later" He made smiled as he walked off and turned the corner. He walked down the hall and came to a teacher.

"Why do you smell like smoke?"

"I was sick in the bathroom and the smoke really doesn't help whne you feel like you are about to throw up" He causally stuck a piece of gum in his mouth.

"Very well then, head to class"

"Thank you, mam" He walked into his next class and sat down in the back without anyone noticeing and layed his head down like he had been asleep. Ten minutes later the teacher called his name.

"Dante, where have you been?"

"Right here"

"What's the answer to this question?"


"Very good"

Dante thought about when he hit Garet. "I think I went over board. Need to go apologize" He waited to the bell rang then left to find Garet to say he was sorry. "Now Dante if he hits you, don't hit back...this is going to be fun"

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Jory was hobbleing down the hallcursing under her breath.
"Damned idiots....all they do is see a girl, save her and leave her to hobble to class like an idiot..."
She turned a corner and gasped as another Chaos eatter was making a mess of the lockers, it was smaller and couldn't be sensed, she turned back around and took a deep breath, her leg burned and she knew she couldnt out run it...and she knew there was no way she could dogde it this time...she was to slow.
"Why me?"
She closed her eyes and took another deep breathe, she opened her eyes and felt the breath dissappere, she was staring into the things eyes and was frozen there...if she moved she was dead... she didn't she was dead...
"This is not cool....this thing isnt all that strong...but I'm in no shape to fight...this bites..."
She moved slowly trying to edge away from the beast, it gave an almighty roar and drove a spike an inch from her head into the locker behind her.
"Some one, help me..."
She felt her cheeks get hot...she was not one to ask for help...from anyone.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet had made it to his class and sat in his chair slowly, as not to aggitate his scars. He sat there, barely aware of anything, and after awhile the teacher caught on and looked at him a little mad.

[B]"Garet!" [/B]The teacher yelled, giving Garet a rude awaking. He sat up really quick, to fast for his scars on his back to handle, one tore open slightly. Causing a small amount of pain, he put his hand over it right away cringing. He looked at the teacher, trying to pass off a fake smile.

[B]"Yes, Mr. Thomson?"[/B]
"If your not going to stay awake in here. You might as well take it outside."[/B] The teacher pointed to the door, Garet stood up and went outside of the classroom, a small blood trail following him. As soon as he was outside of the classroom he proped himself agaisnt a wall and felt the cut, he pulled his hand back and saw his fingers were convered in his blood.
"Looks like this cut is bigger then I thought."[/B] He pulled out one of his knives and cut a piece of his shirt out and then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small tube. He took the cap off and put some of the adhesive on the piece of shirt and placed it on his back. It was cold to the skin but felt better, at that moment he saw Dante coming down that same hall coming right for him. Garet had his knife in his hand just incase he was coming back for another hit, Dante came strolling up to him and stopped Garet had his knife ready. But instead of bringing a fist up he held out his hand, and smiled.
"Hey, sorry about the punch. It was a bit overboard for me to do."[/B] Garet looked at his hand a little surprised then looked back at Dante.
"A bit? You punched me in the face for telling you what to do to save someones life. Thats way over board in my book."[/B] Garet grabbed his hand and shook it.
"But, I guess I might have done the same being told what to do and not know what was gonna happen. So apology accepted."[/B] They shook hands for a moment and they then let go. Garet then stood up and turned to walk down the hall, as he started down it he turned his head slightly so he could see Dante.
"I'm going to tell you what I told Kyle. Don't call me for help. If you get into a mess it's your problem. So try to stay out of trouble."[/B] Garet resumed his walk with Dante just shacking his head.

[B]"Jackass."[/B] Dante said to himself, as Dante was walking away he noticed something on the floor. He kneeled down and placed his fingers in it, he sniffed it and cringed a little, he then looked to where Garet had walked and noticed a trail of blood. Dante whipped the blood off on the wall and stood up.
"That explains why he doesn't want to help anymore. He's bleeding out, slowly."[/B] He straightened out and turned around, walking back through the hall he just came. Garet was heading down his hall when he heard a roar all of a sudden, he roled his eyes.

[B]"Damn Chaos eaters. Always comeback for revenge. Plus this school is really messed up.[/B]" He turned a corner and saw the beast and someone that was in trouble, it was Jory. Garet immediatly whipped out his bow and two of his arrows. He strung them both and shot both arrows into the Eater, it turned and looked at him, roaring at Garet now. The Eater then charged Garet. Garet dropped his bow and pulled out both of his daggers.
"Looks like we need to finish this close-combat."[/B] He then felt the warm flow of blood going down his back and he fell to his knee as the Eater charged him.

[SIZE=1]OOC: I'm not going to kill off Garet, he's just having a moment of weakness. Figured Garet might need that, plus it's more fun if your character has some kind of handicap going on during a fight. [/SIZE]

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Dante rounded the corner and saw Jory face to face with a eater. He wondered why she didn't kill it then saw her leg. "Damn't I forgot about that" He tunred and opened his locker which was on that row and pulled out his sawed off shotgun and walked up behind Jory. He pushed her out of the way and blasted the eater in the eye, then cut it open with his short sword as it exposed it's belly. "You okay?" He sheated his sword and put a hand against the lockers. Another busted out of the lockers and bit his entire hand. "What the hell..." He brought up his right hand and blasted the eater taking off its entire head, then slid to the ground.

'That was close, Hey are you alright" She then noticed his missing hand.

"You know that this really hurts" He felt himself getting dizzy. He saw the chemisrty lab across the hall. He made his way in with Jory hobbling behind him.

"What are you doing?"

"Have to stop bleeding fast" He took out a bunsen burner and turned it on. He took a deep breath then held his arm over the flame, searing the wound close. He let out a loud yell as pain lanced through his body. He made sure the wound was closed then passed out onto the floor, sending his shotgun across the room.

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Katrina started walking to class. [I]'How many ARE there then? How potentially dangerous are they? Man, I just hope I don't run into any of them...'[/I] She thought to herself. Hearing some commotion up ahead, she decided to check it out this time. Rounding a corner, she almost bumped into Mr. Fletture.

[COLOR=teal]"I was hoping to see you about the halls, Miss Minnow. This means that you owe me a detention after school." [/COLOR] He said.[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue] "Yes, I know," [/COLOR] she replied. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"I just love our little chat sessions so much." [/COLOR] [COLOR=Teal]"Well then, I'll be expecting you in my office later." [/COLOR] Mr. Fletture walked off, Leaving Katrina alone again in the hallway. A gloved hand punched the nearest locker before she started walking again, eyes narrowed for a moment.

Passing another intersection by the stairs and turning the corner, she arrived at the 'scene of the crime'. Low and behold, there was Garet. The place was a complete mess! The door to the chemistry lab was also open. Wait, was that...blood??? [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Oh, my- Are you ok?"[/COLOR] She had no idea who he was, but figured that he was another of those new kids here to kill those Chaos Eater things.

[COLOR=Green][B]"Yea. Fine." [/B] [/COLOR] Was all the reply she was going to get at the moment, accompanied by a scowl. She rolled her eyes. All right, she wasn't going to press the matter...much. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"You're going to need a good amount of gauze, cotton balls, and Peroxide possibly if you want that wound to hopefully stop bleeding and start healing."[/COLOR]

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Jory got down on her knees and helped up Dante's head, she sighed and looked down at him.
"These idiots..."
She heard the bell ring for them to go home and smiled bgratefully. She stood and picked Dante up and carried him through tht halls before anyone could get out. Passing Kyle's locker she slipped a note inside saying to go to her apaprtment and the address. Then she went to the back parking lot and slapped Dante's face to make him wake up. He groaned and looked at her with pain hazed eyes.
"Look I know you hurt but I need you to hang on to me."
She reached into her saddle bag ont he side of her Kawasaki Ninja and pulled out a pair of black jeans, she slipped them on under her skirt and then took off the skirt and got on the bike.
"Come on."
He hobbled on and held on febly, she started the bike and took off throught the parking lot not giving any of the other kids time to see who they were. She got him to her apartment and layed him down on her extra cot and stood, she turned and felt her leg burn, she went into the other room and changed into shorts and saw with dissappointment that it was spreading.
"This is great."
She picked up her cell phone and dialed HQ, when they picked up she spoke formal.
"We have two injured, one has lost a hand the other a cursed wound. IT's spreading...Yes..Jory Rask, appartment. Thank you/"
She hung up the phone and went back to Dante, he was shivering.
"You idiot, didn't you know if you do that and don't know what your doing it could kill you by getting infected? Especially after a bite from those things...'
She went to her small kitchen and got a bowl of cool water and a rag and went back, getting the rag damp she palced it on his forehead and tried to cool the fever that was trying to consume him, she heard and knock and answered it smileing as it was Kyle.
"You left in a hurry."
"You'll see why in a minute."
She led him through her home and to Dante, he was turning a flushed red around his cheeks.
"He lost his hand helping me, a Cahos Eatter seemed to want revenge for its friend..or I should say two did..."
She rewet the rag and repalced it back on his froehead.
"He's gaining a fever..."
"What about you?"
"I know I am, but I'll be fine, the medicine that Garet gave me is helping...Garet! Oh my gosh he was hurt!"
Garet appered in the doorway, holding what appered to be a wound on his back.
"I followed."
Jory rolled her eyes.
"What a party..."
She went over and took one of his dagger cutting his shirt form his back and looking at the wound.
"You heard me. Sit."
He sat and she left to return a moment later witha needle and thread.
"What the hell is that for?"
"Are you afraid of needles?"
"Okay then, shut up."
She began to stitch up his wound.
"I thought you didn't know any first aid."
"Not for cursed wounds no, stuff liek this, I can handle."
She cut the line and patted cool water on the cut and threw him another shirt.
"You expect em to wear a girls shirt?"
"It's my brother's dumbass."
She winced as the cut on her leg glowed black and spread even more, she fell into the chair next to her and whimpered. Kyle knelt by her and put a hand on her arm, she grabbed his hand squeezing tightly.
"You know this is starting to hurt..."
Her eyes were clouded by pain and she took a deep breath and stood with Kyle's help, she walked over to Dante and rewet the rag again placing it on his forehead.
"HQ, should be here soon guys..."
She sat back in the chair and sighed.
"So, what exactly are we dealing with here, we know they're Chaos Eatters, buy why are they so strong? They shouldn't get that big, or agressive. So what's the case?"

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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Tenjo resumed his ways of snooping around trying to gather more information on what the hell has been happening at school lately. This event hasn?t been normal so far there has been 3 Chaos Eaters that he has heard about in this month alone. No matter how much he tried to put it away in the back of his mind he couldn?t. He wanted to know why there were so many of these things at his school. Out of all the schools in the whole world he had to be in the one with all this weird stuff happening to him. He began to walk down the halls singing this old Japanese song the he really liked when he saw from around the corner two more new "transfer students" as he began to call then knowing that there is something with them involved in this, he knew that it went deeper than them just trying to save the school and all the good old heroic stuff.

He took a sigh leaning against a wall in the hallways already knowing that school was over but he decided to hang out a little longer to see if anymore Chaos Eaters would be out and roaming this eve.

"Hmm I wonder if this school is really going to hell. It makes perfect since after all. There are things that the teachers know are going on here that they don?t want us to know about...like the principal's affair with his sectary. Man oh Man am I going to have many years of blackmail with that tape." He started laughing to himself think about what was going to happen to the school if anymore of there "special secrets" were let loose by him.

Suddenly out of nowhere there was a loud ripping sound that echoed through the entire school building and a crash as a whole section of lockers were ripped from the wall being thrown parallel across the hallway at him. Tenjo was barley able to duck the oncoming lockers at him as the smashed into the other side of the wall. He slipped his hands back into his pocket giving a brief sigh as he looked around and didn?t see anybody or anything around him.

"Hmpf...this situation is familiar...its just like what happened to that one kid who is now probably doing a hundred push-ups right this second." He continued to look around the halls knowing that even though he was making a joke that this situation was pretty serious all in its own. "Well then whatever the hell you are...most of the other students have gone for now. I guess that it?s just you and I and you always know what they say, it takes two to tango...."[/COLOR]

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