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Chaos Eaters: The Outbreak Begins [M-LVS]


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"Hello class." Ms. Currigan, the English teacher said as she walked in followed by a young man. "Good morning to all of you." Ms. Currigan was well known to be an understanding and well liked teacher. She was very trusting and friendly with her students and she had an extra wide grin on her face this morning. "Well my students I would like to announce that you have a new friend in this class." She turns to the young man. "This is Kyle Michitaw. He just exchanged to this school and will be joining us for the rest of the year. Please make him feel welcome."

Kyle walked out to an empty desk and overheard many whispers from the people all around him as he passed them. No matter what they said he just ignored the most of it. The bits and peices that he did pay attention to just didn't matter that much to him. When he sat down the seat was between two girls and they were smiling in a friendly way towards him. He choose to ignore that two and just sat down and began to observe everything.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet was walking through the halls looking at each classroom he passed by then looking back down to his piece of paper with his schedule on it.

[B]"Now where is this bloody room?"[/B] He said to himself as he kept walking down the hall looking through windows and on doors for the number 239 and he was only in the 100's. Suddenlly he heard a voice behind him.

[B]"Young man, stop!"[/B] Garet stopped dead in the empty hall. And turned his head back slightly to see who it was, it was just some teacher walking in the halls. Garet sighed.

[B]"Only in this school for 5 minutes and I already have a teacher chasing me down."[/B] He said under his breath. The teacher run up behind him and grabbed his shoulder.

[B]"Young man, what are you doing roaming around in these halls?"[/B] Garet turned and looked at him in the eyes. He held up his schedule.

[B]"I'm looking for my class. Where is 239?"
"[B]Oh, sorry sir. Here let me show to your classroom." [/B]The teacher said as he pushed Garet towards the 200 area, Garet didn't appreciate the man pushing him, but he dealt with it to get where he was going. After the teacher pushed him to the 200's Garet maneuvered himself so that the mans hand fell off.

[B]"You know from here I can find it. Thanks for the help."[/B] He said with a cheap smile, the teacher gave his fake smile as well.

[B]"Well I am glad I could help you. Now run along."[/B] The teacher said as he waved his hand towards the classroom. Garet just nodded and opened to door to his classroom and saw all the students suddenly look up and stare at him. He just walked up to the teacher and handed his schedule to the teacher, she looked it over and nodded, Garet walked to the back of the class room.

[B]"Everybody. This is Garet Jax, he's gonna be our new student for awhile so I want you all to give him a warm welcome while he's here."[/B] As he headed for the back of the classroom he heard some people whispering about how funny his last name was, he just waved it away. As he sat down he realized some girl was looking at him, he looked over to his left and saw some girl just staring at him.

[B]"Can I help you?"[/B] She nodded
"Uhhhh yeah, what kind of name is Garet Jax?"[/B] Garet sighed.

[B]"It's a special name alright. It's special because it's Garet Jax, now leave me alone."[/B] He turned back forward so to look like he was paying attention when he was actually scoping out his new surrounding, then the girl tapped him on the shoulder.

[B]"What?"[/B] He turned a little pissed off. She cringed but sat up straight again.

[B]"Since your new to this school I could show you around."[/B] Garets face lite up a little.

[B]"Really?"[/B] She nodded

[B]"Why?"[/B] She blushed

[B]"Because your kind of cute."[/B] Garet rolled his eyes.

[I]Oh god not another one[/I]. He thought to himself, but he just smiled and nodded.

[B]"Thank you."[/B] Garet said and turned forward once more. She tapped him on the shoulder once more.

[B]"Yes?"[/B] She suddenlly held out his hand

[B]"My name is Maria Corwin."[/B] Garet gripped her hand and shook it. He let go an turned forward to look once more like he was paying attention.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Katrina glanced out over the schoolyard with red eyes. 'New kids...' she said to herself spotting at lest one student she didn't recognize. Her hair hung loose, some strands falling into her face as she sat down next to the door, leaning against a wall. Brushing them away with a gloved hand, she leaned back and relaxed, planning on a small nap. It was short lived however, as the door next to her creaked open and then clanged shut.

One eye opened to look boredly at the teacher. He had a weasel look to him, with graying hair and dark, beady little eyes behind his black-framed glasses. Tall, and with a hooked nose, he looked down upon Katrina with a superior grin, detention on his lips. He wasn't known to be too nice of a teacher, and some had accused him of being 'Out to get them'.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"No Mr. Fletture, It would seem I'm not in class,"[/COLOR] She said while standing up in a pair of black jeans, sneakers, and a green top. The colorful bracelets jingled on her wrist, imitating the teacher. She new his opening line by heart, and it threw him off every time.

[COLOR=Teal]"Well, Miss Minnow, I suggest you get back to class. I could give you a detention being you made me walk around the whole school looking for you just now. To show I'm a good sport, and since we have new students, I'll let you off with a warning." [/COLOR] He wasn't that stupid though. He waited for Katrina to go inside first.

She guessed he would escort her person ally, and rolled her eyes as she walked into the shady building. For the amusement of all stragglers and fellow students who had a free period (but foremost 'cause she was bored), she hummed a funeral march theme as they walked. Yes, it earned a few quiet laughs, but its share of scorns too. One of the cheerleaders just rolled her eyes, even though her football captain boyfriend had a small smirk as Katrina passed them pretending to be in handcuffs. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Dead, girl walk'n!"[/COLOR]

It soon grew tiring though, and Katrina fell into silence, planning just to sneak in quietly to her desk. Mr. Fletture had other plans though. Just outside of the door, his attention was caught breifly as he spotted another student then decided that they were one of the free period kids. He knocked loudly on the classroom door, disrupting the entire learning process. [COLOR=Teal]"I believe this belongs with you," [/COLOR] He moved to push Katrina into the room, but looked to see she was gone. All of the students in the room started to laugh, and he stormed away with a hasty apology.
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[COLOR=SlateGray]Hunter sat in Ms. Currigan's class. He liked it, because it was so easy. He glanced up when the new kid walked in. his name was Kyle or something of that source. As long has he was left alone he couldn't care less. He lissened to to the girls talk in wispers around him.

[COLOR=DimGray]"He's so cute."[/COLOR] wisspered one of the girls staring the new kid.

[COLOR=DimGray]"Maybe i should ask him out." [/COLOR] her friend said quickly a little to loud.

[COLOR=DimGray]"No I am."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DimGray]"Poor guy."[/COLOR] Hunter muttered looking at him [COLOR=DimGray]"Five minutes into a new school and he is already getting mobbed."[/COLOR][/COLOR]

OOC:not much i am kinda brain dead today
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"Hmmm.... this seems to be it!" The girl smiled brightly, knocking on the door of her new classroom. A surprised teacher opened the door.

"May I help you?" She asked, pushing her glasses onto the bridge of her nose.

"Yes! I'm Mira Teyale! I'm a new student!" She said cheerily.

"Oh! Mira!" The teacher checked her student list. "I was told you weren't coming until tomorrow..." She murmured, but everyone heard her. "Well, I suppose we need to find you a seat.... how about that one?" She pointed at an empty desk in the middle of the room.

"Thanks Ma'am!" Mira said, walking (Though it seemed more like bouncing) quickly to her seat and sitting down. She smiled at the two students next to her, before turning to face the front.
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"Why the hell am I here" James thought quietly to himself ad he did almost everyday. He began to walk slowly into the dark gloomy building. He knew why he was there he just didn't like it. As he entered he felt a cold chill run down his back. Now either it was the air conditioner or it was them. Either way he mantained his rather bland expression. He began to walk through out the building looking to 229 Ms. Currigans room. It didn't take to long and as he entered the room everyone up, giving him an akward feeling, as he hand his schedule. He moved to an empty seat in a room now filled with whispes he tried to ignore. He went straight to the back, as he usally did and immediately set his head down for a nap. I t was only minutes later another newbie showed. His name was kyle or something like that, he didn't bother to pay that much attention and went right back to sleep.
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Drake had gone to the class with his other fellow 17 year olds, just to find out all of his classes were full. They moved him up with the 18 year olds. He went to his first class and after some mild confusion found it. It might have seemed strange for an underage teen in a full black suit to come into a class of his peers. Chuckles could be heard all around the room as people laughed and pointed at Drake. He handed the teacher his card, and he later found out her name was Ms. Currigan.

"Class this is Drane...um Drakn...Drakaneon Baltaren," she said, botching his name.

"It's just Drake" He repled quickly while trying to find a seat in the back.

But, to his dismay the only seats left were the ones in the front. So he just got in the first one he could find and sat down next to some random people next to him. He did not speak during the class, trying to ignore the glares from everyone else. He did seem out of sort though in his sleek clothes next to all the normal looking people in the class. Drake did not seem to mind though, he just kept to himself. Maybe he would indulge himself in a day dream.

OOC: Kind of absent minded today..
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Dante found his way to class and sat in his seat before the bell rang. The teacher looked at him. "And you are?"

"Dante Simoro" He leaned back and took in the classroom. He took in the sights as he settled in his seat. He thought to himself. 'Need to make some friends first, maybe even get a girlfriend since my last one broke up with me" He felt himself gettiing angry and calmed himself by thinking of what he did to the guy.

OCC: I'm not supposed to be on so I have to make this short
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Jory looked around the school as she walked through, a small box of frech fries in her hand. She looked up as she found her room she entered it and blinked. It was pretty packed. Teh teacher looked at her and sighed.
"Wow, you seem to be gettin' alot."
She smiled at her own atics and gave the teacher her form.
"Another exchange student. Jory Rask."
Jory bowed polietly, her school uniform drawing the attention of the boys, she caught the eyes of one and held them, her bluse eyes pierceing into him, she knew that he was diffrent. She walked by him and sat down behind him, she looked at a paer on him desk, his name scribbled crookedly on the top. kyle. She sat back and reached in her bag and pulled out her own note book and began to take notes...on the people around her rather than what was being written...she was a wiz at English anyway.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet was zoning out in class instead of doing his job, suddenly he snapped back with a thought that never occured to him. He didn't know what the teacher's name was, so he leaned over and tapped Maria on the shoulder.

[B]"Hey."[/B] He whispered quietly to Maria. She turned her head.


[B]"What's the teachers name?"[/B] Maria raised one eye brow.

[B]"Your in this class and you don't know what her name is?"[/B] Garet rolled his eyes and sighed.

[B]"Yes, I don't know her bloody name alright. Now please tell me what it is already, please."[/B] Maria put on a small smile.

[B]"Ok. It's Ms. Currigan[/B]."

[B]"Thank you."[/B] Garet said, then raised his hand. The teacher looked back and saw his hand.


[B]"Garet" [/B]He finished her sentence.

[B]"Yes thats it. Now what do you need."[/B]

[B]"Can i go to the restroom?"[/B] She had a dull look on her face.

[B]"Can't you hold it?"[/B] She said a little tired of this.

[B]"Well after 4 cokes and a crap load of water... No."[/B] She groaned.

[B]"Fine, come get your pass."[/B] She held out a pass to the bathroom, Garet got up and walked over to get the pass. Along the way he saw some interesting people that he didn't notice first time, he say a guy named kyle up towards the front, a younger guy with a black suit and a girl that was suprisingly in an interesting school uniform. But he kept going, he grabbed his pass and headed out the door. As soon as he was in the hall and the door was closed he went the opposite way of the bathrooms and started to look at the school.

[B]"So where the hell is this Chaos eater. I want to get out of here and sleep in my bed, during school hours."[/B] He said to himself as he head down the long dreary hallway.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Kyle wasn't sure but this many transfer students around the same time seemed a little weird. He would have to keep an eye on it and see if it is some sort of new Chaos Eater tactic that he wasn't breifed on.

Kyle was sidetracked for a moment as a girl passed by with an odd smell coming from her. It was a very appatising smell. It smelt like french fries in fact. That reminded Kyle that he hadn't eaten since he left to come here and he would need to get some food during the school day lunch.

The day went by smoothly enough. All of the exchange students get introduced and there was basically no major events. But Kyle did find something that bothered him a bit. The name of one person. Jory... He recognized that name and he didn't know why.

During lunch he grabbed a tuna sandwich and took it out into the commons to try to find that girl. She was sitting all alone at a table. Kyle came over to her and sat down as well. She was nibbling on some french fries and paid little attention to him.

"Why are you over here all alone?" Kyle tried to ask sympathetically. From behind him he could hear the gasps of other girls who just couldn't believe that he was talking to that young lady instead of them.

"If you must know I asked to sit alone." She replied. "It helps with the concentration that I need."

"Oh sorry to bother you then." Kyle said going to get up, but her hand came up and tugged on his shirt.

"I'm just teasing you. Go ahead and sit down."

Kyle did just that and nibbled politly on his tuna as he watched over the entire lunch room for any signs of the Chaos Eater.
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Dante leaned against the lunchroom wall and watched erevyone, tkaing mental notes constantly. "If I were an eater where would I be?" He noticed the one of the other transfer students from his class was talking to the really cute girl he had benn looking at instead of paying attention to class. He had gotten in trouble several times. 'I need to be home and in bed" He thought to himself as he yawned. 'It is way to early" He walked over to where the two were sitting and sat down a reasonable length away from them.
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(oOo...i'm lates)

Of course having skipped all her morning classes, Katrina knew she'd have to go to classes this afternoon to get some sort of attendance. Sighing, she walked into the cafeteria with hands in her jeans pockets, standing on the lunch line just to grab a small pack of cookies. The only food she trusted to eat from this place. Looking about, she spotted a sort of "gathering" of new students. [I]'This many?'[/I] she thought. [I]'This is WAY too much for normal...like those lockers...I wonder if they all know each other.'[/I]

Either way, she felt it no concern of hers at the moment as some attention was grabbed by a couple of girls behind her. Kyle, Garet, Drake, Dante...Jory. Those were the names she could hear. Who was who, she didn't care to rack her brain over at the moment though. All they could talk about was who was the cutest, and how they were going to go over and introduce themselves.

Paying for lunch, She sat at the only completely empty table left, the one right behind theirs. [I]'Maybe I SHOULD have gone to English...'[/I] She munched quietly on her 'lunch', and it didn't take her long. Standing up, she walked to throw out her garbage then came back to walk out of the doors at the back of the Cafeteria, fingering a pack of cigarettes. She mainly left because of the lunchroom noise. Heading over to her ?spot? on the brick wall, she leaned back against the bricks and flicked some ashes off of the cigarette.
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Drake kept to himself in all his classes. reflected the glare with his sunglasses. During lunch Drake does not really know where to sit and just sits down next to the first two people he saw. He ate his lunch quickly, then left the Cafteteria. He could smell an aroma that was familiar in his old home. It was cigarettes of course. His foster parents had always been smoking them.

Drake followed the smell, hoping to find someone with a pack maybe. He found the source, a girl that was unknown to him. Well everyone was unknown to Drake anyway.

"Spare a smoke for the new kid?"
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[COLOR=SlateGray]Hunter sat in the lunch room, he was staring off into space. He had eaten his lunch in record time. thought about ditching the rest of his classes. But then he thought about his mother the way he had seen her this morning. She had been a mess, so he thoufght better of it.

He looked down at his hand he had had to bandage it this morning when he broke a glass in his hand. In his other hand he had gripped a pencil so hard it had snapped in two. Letting otu a breathe in a hiss he stood up quickly. He dropped the pencil the waste bin.

Walking out into the school yard he noticed two kids by the wall one figured was Katrina seeing as she a) wasent a new student and b) she looked like the chick that always changed the way she looked.

He just rolled his eyes and walked past them both with out a word. Finding a tree he leaned agenest it and thought about his dad or at least all that he could remember about him.[/COLOR]
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Jory looked up from her notes on her classes so far and smirked at Kyle. She turned to look at Dante and shook her head.
"No use looking out ehre for it...it's not here....not anymore. It moved on to a diffrent part of the campus all together."
Both looked at her as if she had spoken a long sentece of swears out loud.
"What? I'm serious....it's gone from here....I think it headed for the football feild when we came in...."
She went back to her french fries and munched away at one happily, she always seemed to have a pack of them where she could get them. she went to take another one and found to her horror that her fingers met wood as the rapped against the table, she looked up to see Dante holding them out of her reach, him adn Kyle looking at her and then each other.
"What are you talking about girl?"
"Look if you don't want a broken nose and you want to reproduce to have offspring, you WILL give those back."
Quicker then he could follow the french fries were back in her hands and she had popped one in her mouth and was smiling as she ate it.
"The Chaos Eatter. Your not dumb...and nor am I. Deal with it."
She sat back down and looked over her notes once again.
"It looks as if it's heading for the football feild and possibly the elemntry school across the lot."
She looked up and smiled sweetly.
"I'm here to hunt it down and kill it, just as you."
"You look to innocent."
She looked up Dante, her eyes all of a sudden hard and nearly black.
"Don't underestimate me...there is a reason I do this for a living....I'm no push over."
Kyle took a step back and put a hand on Dante's shoulder.
"She has alot of built up anger....no wounder she can track it..."
she blinked as her eyes cleared and she sat back down...back to the happy girl they had seen moments before.
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"Hi! Watch'a talkin' about?" Mira asked, sitting down by Jory and the others. She had finished her lunch long ago. She was surprised when they all sent her a chilling glare. "Um..... I didn't interrupt anything, did I?" she asked, looking uneasy. Little could make her uneasy.

"Well, we were all finished talking anyway." Jory said, smiling again.

"Oh... ok!" Mira relaxed once more, a grin on her face. "What were you guys talking about? Or is it something you'd rather not discuss?"

"I'd prefer not to say." Dante said calmly.

"Oh...." She suddenly felt very cold. Like when she was at home. These people were like a counter effect to her usual happy joy.
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"You know Jory." Kyle said ignoring the student that just walked up to them. "I don't see why there are so many of us here. Most of the time it's only taken one and I've taken on singles before. Very rarely have two even been used. If there are even more than that here than there is something more than just a single one of them."

"Single one of who?" Mira asked not understanding anything that Kyle was saying.

"This isn't something that an innocent girl like yourself wants to get wrapped up in." Kyle told her. "I suggest for your own safty that you just ignore everything that Dante, Jory, or I do that seems a little out of the ordinary."

Suddenly there was an outbreak of screaming coming from the football feild.

"Wow just as you said." Kyle said to Jory giving her a little smirk. "Same instincts as always."

"Wait you know her?" Dante questioned.

"We'll get to that later. I think that our target is about to make his entrance." Kyle grabbed Jory by the arm and tugged so she would run with him towards the feild. Dante followed closely.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]After awhile of walking up and down halls Garet gave up looking for the Eater.

[B]"I guess it moved on to anoter part o fthe campus, better get back to class before they send someone after me."[/B] After Garet had gotten back to class and through it he was just happy he was going to lunch, he was hungry and tired. And he could sleep in another class, so food was the only option he saw. He went throught the line and came out with a sloopy joe, some cookies, french fries, jello and a bottled coke. He sighed with happiness.

[B]"Finally, I get to eat some food."[/B] It may have been cafeteria food, but he was willing to eat anything. When he went out the the tables he saw the group of new kids at the tables and two new poeple on the wall smoking. He could smell the smoke and wanted one really bad, but he fought it. After all he was trying to quit. He sat with the new kids at the table and just strated to gooble everything down that was on his plate, except for his french fries. The cute girl grabbed those before he could eat them, Garet wanted the fries but he wasn't willing to get his hand eaten off today. Or lose the ability to have kids, that was more crucial, so he left I slide. While he was walking over to the table he had heard them say something about the Chaos Eater, but he didn't want to say anything.

After he finished his food he took a deep breath with a small smile on his face.

[B]"Awww I feel better now."[/B] The girl looked at Garet.

[B]"Uhh yes?"[/B] Garet said with the girl looking at him.

[B]"Your here because of the Chaos Eater aren't you."[/B] Garet was suprised she knew why he was there but he didn't show it.

[B]"Chaos whater?"[/B] The girl looked pissed right then.

[B]"Don't fool with me. I know your here for the Chaos Eater. Why else would you have been gone from class for thirty minutes?"[/B] Garet was thinking for an excuse but in the end he had nothing.

[B]"Yup your right. I'm here for that bloody thing. Now where is it?"

"I don't know. But I think it's moved on to another part of the school."[/B]

[B]"That's a given"[/B] Garet said out loud, but caught himself after he noticed the girl didn't like being interrupted.

[B]"Well since were all in this together now. It will be easier to find this thing and kill it."

"Well lets find it soon. I'de like to go home and go back to sleep instead of working right now." [/B] He took a deep breathe and stood up from the table.

[B]"If you guys need me, just yell i'll be there."[/B] Afterhe walked away from the table he heard a scream from the football field and turned to see if everyone else hear it. They did. They all started to run that way, seperatly from eachother, heading for the Chaos Eater.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Katrina just looked at him, and blinked. She sure as hell was NOT used to being talked to. Good thing she still had her voice. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"...sure."[/COLOR] She handed over a cigarette, with the lighter as well.

The initial shock soon passed, and Katrina payed Hunter no mind as he passed. She saw the eye roll though, and wasn't going to forget it just yet. Mumbling something quickly, she spoke to the guy again. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"So, which one are you?"[/COLOR] Now would have been just as good of a time to put faces with names as any other. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"That is, what's your name?"[/COLOR]
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Jory let herself be dragged to the feild but let out a growl of dissapproval.
"My french fries...."
She looked up at Kyle and sighed, she followed him with no resistance and when they reached the football feild she saw a large black shadow completely envolped over a football goal. She looked up at him adn gave him a look that had 'I told you so' all overit.
"You think THAT may be the reason they sent more then one fo us to deal with it?"
She looked back at it and blinked.
"This must be a really messed up school...really. For one to be that big....wow."
She took a step forward when Kyle grabbed her arm.
"Are you crazy? That things will kill you."
"Hasn't yet."
She pulled her small pouch off her side and let it extend in her hand into a small dagger. she smiled back at him and let it extend even more into a sword.
"Well lets get busy."
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Dante smiled. 'Don't worry about your French fries" He pulled them from behind his

back and gave them to her. "I'm pretty sure you can eat and fight at the same time"

He winked at her and smiled. 'You know, your pretty cute" He pulled out a cigeratte

and lit it and held it in his mouth and talked out the other side as he then pulled out

two large sliver semiauto handguns from his trenchcaot. "Your fighting is probably

as beautiful as you no doubt" He began scanning around. "Lead the way, I got your

back" He stepped behind her with his guns up in the air ready to shoot the damn

creature to hell.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]As Garet ran out to the football field he pulled out his bow and opened it up showing its full length, about the size of his torso. As soon as he reached the field he caught his breath and saw the huge behemoth towering over the goal post.
"OH MY GOD! What is wrong with this school. It should not be that big. Come on!" [/B]Garet said yelling and annoyed.

[B]"We've covered that thanks for pointing it out agian."[/B] He heard someone say, Garet turned his head and saw both jory and kyle already standing their looking at it.

"[B]Well are we gonna do this or what?"[/B] Garet said as he pulled out a dart from his pocket. He held it between his fingers and flicked his wrist extending the dart out in arrow form. He strung it and pulled back.

[B]"You better be ready. Because when I hit this thing it's gonna be mad."
[B]"We know."[/B] They both said

[B]"Geeze relax."[/B] Garet said as he took aim. And released his arrow.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"HOLY-!" Mira ran up to join them, her hands on the hilts of her kodachis. She'd run and gotten them before coming out. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!" She screamed, her eyes wide and frightened.

"Get outta the way! It'll kill you!" Kyle pushed her back, his eyes on the creature. Mira stumbled backwards, and ran back after regaining her balance.

"You sure you don't need help?" She barely kept her voice from shaking as she unsheathed her kodachis.

"They won't do a thing!" Kyle said exasperatedly. "Just [b]go![/b]"

"Nuh-uh. By the looks of it, you'll be needing help." Mira said stubbornly, unwisely taking her eyes off of the beast.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]((My goodness the one day I wasn?t able to get on and all of this happens*sigh*))

Tenjo was already waiting at the bleachers on the football field when all the commotion was happening. Usually he would be running off of the field just as the others around were but for some reason he didn?t. He just stood there as more random destruction was being caused. Through all of this he just sat there, not even moving yet as since his day had thus far not been very good he didn?t care if he died just yet.

Not only did he have all of this extra homework to make up and missing most of his classes, but now all of this seemed to be happening to him. At that moment he didn?t care if he died or not, he didn?t care about anyone else in this world except his mother and his siblings. He though it over back into his mind and sighed as he slipped his hands into his pockets and was starting to think about all of the new students arriving at school lately as more screams and destruction could be herd as he didn?t even get to see what the other kids who were there were doing to it as he turned to walk off.

?Damn...what a horrible day this has been...I mean first I miss half of the day due to the stupid Eye Doctor and telling me that after having blood in my eyes that I shouldn?t be able to see at all. I guess there is nothing to do now but just go home? I mean...after this incident school is probably going to be closed down for a wile."

He shrugged as he turned to walk away going away from the noise. However the kindness in his heart brought him back to whatever the monster was. He tightly gripped his hands around the ends of his guns still in his pocket as he went and joined the others in the field.

((as afore mentioned I didn?t expect all of this to happen in one day my sincere apologies for not being able to post earlier))[/COLOR]
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