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RPG Animal Spirirts and the Impending war [M-VLS]


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Kiya walked around in the forest utterly lost she waited for nightfall so she could find out her power hoping it would get her out of trouble.
?This is useless I want to go home!? she whined pitifully as the sun began to wane sunset was starting
Flint walked threw the forest near the arch-mages castle carrying the big Fire Ruby staff he received from the Arch-Mage he was looking for new herbs for his fire spells
Back with Kiya?
The sun had set and she was waiting for night to come into full bloom
?Oh look some human is lost in the woods? a voice said Kiya glanced and saw three mean looking spirits
?I know lets posses her and make her do stuff? one of the spirits said Kiya got scared as the spirits surrounded her the sun gone completely and the stars were clear in the sky
?Ahhhhhh~owohhhhhhh!? Kiya Cried as she felt strange black marks started showing all over her body as she felt very warm she hunched over in pain she wanted to cry out in pain but whenever she did it sounded like a wolf howling she felt herself growing fur and morphing she got down on all fours howling in pain she felt her teeth change to fangs and her nose and eyes change as well the pain she felt was excruciating until it stopped she felt fine she actually felt better than before when she opened her eyes she was low on the ground and on all fours
Whoa! I changed awesome! She thought bearing her teeth she pounced and passed right threw the spirit the marks on her body glowed as she passed threw him he yelped as the other to jumped onto her she leapt in the air her feet/paws burn around her ankles as she never fell she opened her eyes and she was in the air floating she took a step and the air seemed as solid as the road one of the spirits followed after her but he was too slow so he shot her with energy it grazed her and she felt weak he had drained life force from her! She had to land she landed near a pond she licked her wound where the singe fur was as she looked in the spring she saw how she looked
Damn I look great except for the hurt part she thought but then her reflection changed to that of her human self but covered in black marks
?Oh dear a hurt wolf? Flint said running up to Kiya quick turned her reflection into a wolf as flint approached
?Look another human? a spirit said
?And there?s the wolf I zapped? another of the spirits said
?So you did this? Flint said
?Yeah so what if I did? the spirit said
?Flame Blast!? Flint shouted as a blast of fire erupted from his staff as the spirit was singed and the others retreated
?that takes care of them are u ok? Flint said stroking Kiya she liked it she tried changing but couldn?t so she tugged him towards the pound and changed her reflection
?what is this!? Flint said surprised Kiya grabbed a stick and started writing
?I am Kiya I changed into a wolf when those spirits attacked me but I am stuck can u help me? she wrote
?come with me master should explain this? he said as he lead her to the arch-mages castle where she showed Kiya to the Arch-Mage
?It seems this is a animal spirit in her first transformation she will be fine? the arch-mage said
?just let her sleep in the maids quarters for the night? the arch-mage said as Flint lead her to the maids quarters where he gave her some food and water as she fell asleep
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Bleach slowly walked through the woods, trying to no be seen by the village that he had just been staying at. His hand, constantly on the hilt of his sword. Somehow, he had gotten affraid. Something close had triggered a deep feeling of both pain and joy, then fear.

"Its- its getting closer." A sharp pain shot through his chest. He quickly grabbed his chest and fell agianst a tree. Slowly his other hand left his hilt and grabbed the tree. Its bark had been stripped, and the leaves had turned brown.

"Its dead. Someone killed it. Is this the pain I feel?" His heart started to race and he began to run a fever. He extended his arm as it began to triple in size. Dark brown fur began to grow, along with sharp claws.

"W-whats happening? I can't breath." He boubled over onto his hands as he began to rise in height. He felt his face grow into a muzzle, then his teeth grow into giant fangs. He tried to scream, but all that came out was a roar that shoot him to the bone.

'Help me. Please, somebody.' He thought to himself. He began to stand up, realizing he was about fourteen feet high. He raised his hand and set it on the tree as the pain began to fade.

He heard a loud crack and turned around to see another tree leaning twards him. In slow motion he saw the tree begin to lean, and fall twards him. He raised his arms, and stopped the tree. He gave it a giant shove and tossed it to the side. He looked up at the sky and then fall backwards, asleep before hitting the ground.
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Striker looked around as he walked through the forest. "Come on out unless you are afraid to face me" Several bandits hopped out of the trees and ran straight at him. Striker drew his sword and the first two in half.

The last bandit stopped and stared at the large pools of blood begining to form on the ground. "What are you?"

Striker walked up to him and raised his sword. "You'll never know" The moon came out and lit up the forest clearing. Stirker fell to the ground grabbing his head. "What the..." He felt himslef changing slowly. "... is happeneing to me." He brought up his hand and grabbed the last bandit. His hand wasn't his anymore but looked like a dragon's. He crushed the bandit's throat before blacking out.
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Flint gave Kiya a bowl of food
"I hope that sastains you for awhile" Fling said stroking Kiya
"the time has come many differnt animal spirits have awakened what shall become of iit" the Arch-Mage said
[I]Oh my god! I am being petted by a cute boy yay![/I] Kiya thoght giddiy with joy
"I'll see you later Kiya" Flint said smiling KIya barked happilily as Flint walked out Kiya ate her food she couldnt explain it but she felt very comfortable as a wolf the maid that she was staying walked in
"what was your name again" the maid said she held a bowl of water she barked and the reflection said
"I hope my room will work for you" the maid said Kiya barked saying
"okay" she said as she yawned and layed in the corner falling asleep
"so that wolf is really a animal spirit" Flint said
"Yes, she must go quell the fighting in the capital she is but a girl so u must protect her" Arch-mage said
"Me!, why" Flint said
"it is in your best interest because u are to visit Valencia the sorceress who lives in the city something u seek is there" Archmage said
"If I must" Flint said
the next morning...
KIya awoke still expecting to be a wolf she looked in her waterdish she had her human face but when she looked she was naked
"eeek" she said quietly wakiing the maid
"Oh dear, come I have plenty that u can wear" the maid said Kiya put on a sliver shirt and black cloak with sliver pants sliver shoes she looked in the mirror all the black runes dissapeared except for on her lips black marks remained like lipstick
"thank you" she smiled
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Tommy sat quietly in a tree not far outside the city where he lived. he watched the sunset on the horizon. He continued to sit there till the darkness of night over took all the forest. He was suddenly over come with pain. Not the kind he was used to, this was much more intense. He fell from the branch almost 40 feet up and landed on his feet. Stunned and amazed he tried to stand, but found he couldn't find his balance. His hands began to broaden and thick hair began to grow over his arms. He could feel the bones in his face and chest morph and change shape, to his agony. Finally it stopped he stummbled and noticed he had a tail, white fur with black stripes, and large claws and teeth. " I just changed, to a tiger?!" He said a little confused. though he always knew he was different he never knew this different. He stummbled around as if waiting to change back. He began to hear whispers in the dark. He was familiar with this feeling, being a bodyguard made him used to the feeling of being stalked. He stood still and began to growl loudly. He heard a russle behind him and saw figure and passed right through it. The person he saw was almost like a reflection in glass, being slightly translucent. This was again something he didn't know how to handle. So he did all he could, he ran like hell.

After hours fo running and no sign of pursuers he stopped. He looked around for moment " Great, I'm lost now." He said to himself aloud. He suddenly felt a sting and he saw the sun begin to rise. With surpirsingly almost no pain at all he changed back. Though the problem was now he was totally naked, but hey at least he wasn't a tiger anymore. Now he had to find a way back to hhis place without getting spotted. This was just to screwed up t be real.
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Steve walked through the forest, staring at the floor. He suddenly stopped and looked at one hand. His nails were long a green, he can inject poison through them. Steve looked around, he felt a presense, a prickle , a little voice, telling him something was there.

Steve backed away, both hands on both blades, ready to fight. He looked around. Suddenly his sense dissappeared, but his uneasiness remained. What had he felt? It seemed otherworldly. He slowly released his grasp on his swords, even as he hasn't drawn them.

Steve sat down as a garter snake approached him. He was thinking about something else as the snake slithered up his arm, under his sweater. The unknown creature... he was afraid of it, yet he felt no fear until now. He had felt no fear of the unknown. He must seek out this creature.

Steve realized the snake, which was already slithering out oh his collar, was on him and he gently picked it up. He placed and snake down into the grass as it slithered away. Still the thoughts ran through his head. That creature. He felt so small at that time... so weak. Why? Steve stood up and drew his blades, making sure he wouldn't hurt himself, even if he was immune to snake poison. It was time to hunt.
(hope that was good enough. :sleep: )
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Tommy wanderd, trying to follow the tiger tracks back to where he was when he changed. He was feeling a little cold around the nether regions. " Man, this is not dignifying." He said to himself. Finally after two hours of tracking he found the tree. He knew that his apartment was just west of here " Now I'm almost home and noone has seen me yet." Tommy ran down the slight incline holding everything together. When he came up on the clearing he stopped and checked for anyone. "Okay, coast is clear. Batman time." He ran up the wall and grabed the ledge to his patio and pulled himself up onto the balcany and walked in through the sliding glass door. " Okay I'm home now to get ready. I've got work for to night, hope I can keep that from happening again." He said to himself as he gabbed his clothes and equipment from his closet.
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Andy and Jake were walking in the forest just outside the city. It was around nine o clock. The sky was almost clear except for a little cloud in the middle of the sky. "This place gets a little spooky at night." Andy wispered to Jake. "Yeah, but it's ok. I can always protect you." Andy snickered at that comment, knowing he wouldn't be to much help against a wild animal. "Hey, what was that for?" "Nothing." They continued on in silence for a while. They would often walk in silence, thinking, and afterwards share their thoughts. The few little clouds began to rapidly disappear. Jake looked over at Andy and said "It's a nice night, isn't it?" but stood in horror to find she was gone. Then a voice out of mid air answered, "Yeah." "Andy, Where are you?" he yelled franticallly, glancing around. "I'm right here." she answered from beside him as she grabbed his arm. He spun around but couldn't see her. "I can't see you." "What?" she exlaimed. He led her to the creek and when she looked in there was no reflection. "I'm invisible!" "Yeah, you are. What are we going to do now?" "Maybe it will go away?" "I hope so." They turn around and head back to their neighborhood. Jake is holding Andy's hand to know where she is, though, so it won't be so awkward. They reach her house and she sneaks in. "I'll see you tomorrow." Andy wispers. "I hope I'll see you tomorrow." Jake says as she enters her house and goes up to her room. She gets ready for bed. Jake goes next door to his house and sneaks up to his room. He lays on his bed and thinks about the situation and some other things until he drifts off to sleep.
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[COLOR=Sienna]Steve looked around for game, it was a cool time. He bagan to walk forward, hearing footsteps... to find a nude boy running into the city. Steve quickly looked away. Insane people, he thought. He hand found a deer after some searching, sleeping. This'll keep him full for a while. He slowly snkeaked up, preparing to attack, in one flash, the deer was dead without a sound.

Steve began to chop at the deer, slicing the fur off, then slashing off nice, fat chunks of bloody rawness. After chopping the deer almost fleshless, he collected up the bloody lumps and began to walk off. He made a campfire, cleaning his swords with a cloth he found.

Steve finished his smoking of meat. He left his camp, with smoke still trailing from the wood. He walked to a nearby lake and stripped himself for a bathe in the icy waters, swimming around now.

Steve finished and dried himself off with a deer pelt he had dried ealier. He walked to his camptsite again and started another fire, then falling asleep with the fire still on.[/COLOR]
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Flint and Kiya walked threw the forest starting off towards the capital
"so tell me again Flint why are we going to the capital" Kiya said
"I need to meet with Soreress Valencia" Flint said
"and what does that have to do with me" Kiya asked
"I dont know really but you can leave if you want" Flint said
"nah I have nowhere else to go besides I've always wanted to see the capital" Kiya said smiling
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Striker saw two poeple appraoching and hid behind a tree. As they got close he jumped out and grabbed the man by the throat. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" The man named Flint held up his hands. "Just on our way to the capital" Striker let go. "Sorry, it is just that wierd things have been happening here and more bandits are in the woods now. I make my living kiling them"

Flint rubbed his neck. "Well as you can see we are not bandits"

Striker bowed to one knee. "Forgive me kind sir, aloow me to make it up to you by guiding you through thses woods. No one knows them better than me since they are my home"
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"umm ok" Flint said
"by the way this is Kiya I'm Flint" Flint said smiling shaking the mans hand
"I am known as striker" Striker said
"nice to meet you Striker" KIya smiled
"Nice to meet you" Flint also said as they started walking
"u didnt have to do this you know I live around here in the big castle near the center of the forest where the arch-mage live" he said
"but thank you anyways" he said
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Tommy went outside and looked at the slip that had his assignment on it 'Head to the capital. you are to safe guard the sorecress Valencia.' Tommy seeming dumb founded " A Sorecress are they for real.' He sighed heavily " A jobs a job I guess." He said as he picked his bag up and set a course for the capital. He continued reading as he left his apartment " Wow pays 20000 dollars for a week long job. Nice." It wasn't til Tommy left he began to think on it " Why would they pay me this kind of money for a job that sounds fake? This is starting to sound like a set up." But to spite that Tommy decided to keep going " I guess I'll find out when I get to the capital. The note says that my contacts there will be a couple. A man named Flint and a woman names Kiya. They will be in formed of your presense upon arrival at the shrine in the heart of the capital." tommy looking even more uncertain " I guess I'll have to find those two while I'm at it. this job is starting to sound weird." Tommy shrugged and went down stairs and so began his journey to the capital.
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Steve woke and made sure the fire was fully out, he did put a lot of wood in last night. He yawned lightly and looked around. He walked around in the forest for a while, finding a couple and some tough guy. He now decides to follow, this is an interesting day.
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Kiya scatred her nose she took out a mirror and found black runes on her nose she sniffed the air and a low growl met her thorat "someones near" she said she felt the runes on her mouth began to change growing into fangs as she stalked her prey sniffed the air and lunged grabbing somebody by the thorat snarling
"who are you" flint said
"answering would be wise by the way" FLint said
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Steve suddenly found himself bing gripped by someone. He looked surprised for a moment, then his eyes become emotionless again. He looked down at the one who grabbed him. He said nothing and just looked. After a long moment, he muttered something about 'following'.
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"speak clearly" flint said
"I still dont understand why she changed but she looks preety angry just answer and you wont get hurt" flint said Kiya felt balck runes form on her eyes as they changed to bloodthristy eyes of a wolf she licked her chops
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Steve let out a long, low hissssss.... One hand twitched towards his sword, while the other flexed it's claws. Steve seemed to think for a moment.. then that prickling thing came again. His eyes shifted around, looking for another person. No one. The feeling passed. Somehing was stalking him. he ignored and muttered a little louder, his voice a low hiss. " dessided to ffforllow you. Curiousss bunchhh.."
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Andy woke up and found herself visible again. she sighed in relief and ate before going over to Jake's. She went to his door and knocked and his dad answered. He was drunk and took a swing at Andy, but she ducked by and ran upstairs. She was used to this. Jake's dad was often drunk. She knocked at his door before walking in to find him asleep. "Wake up." she whispered in his ear. "We have plans today, remember?" He slowly woke up and sat in bed for a few minutes. "Morning." he mumbled. He got up and walked to his closet to put his clothes on. He always sleeps in some shorts, knowing Andy might wake him up in the morning. He came out and they went downstairs and headed for the door. Jake's dad called him into the other room and told him he needed to be back before it got too late like last night and they left. "It's a beautiful day isn't it?" Andy asked him. "Yeah. It's nice out." "What's wrong Jake?" "Nothing." "I know when something's wrong. Now what is it?" "I don't know. I just don't feel right." "Does it have something to do with the fact I turned invisible?" "Yeah. Sorta." "I feel weird, too. But I'm normal today. Lets be glad for that." "Yeah"
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Tommys mission justkept getting stranger. As he went through the forest he came upon a scene. Two men fighting and a odd looking young lady. He hesitated for a second, then he moved around them as so he could better see and hear them. The one in the strangle hold flinched sending up red flags for Tommy ' Might want to stay back' he thought to himself, using all his stealth capability to stay down wind and only moving with the wind. He wasn't sure why but he felt that there was something important going on here, but he decided it best not to get involved and continue on to the capital. As he slowly backed away so he might leave, the man e red cloak released his strangle hold on he other ones throat, then Tommy heard a name, Flint. He was suppose to find a Flint and he was suppose to be traveling with a young girl, but this other guy seemed like an uninvited guest 'they don't seem to friendly' he thought still hesitant as to whether or not to approach. Finally Tommy made his decision, he had to think of the mission. He boldly stepped out from behind the tree " Excuse me."
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"kiya released her grip on the mysterious man and looked over
"hold it Kiya" Flint said her mouth eyes reverted and the runes dissapeared onall except her nose
"ok" she said giving a glare to the other man
"who are yu" Flint asked
"My name is tommy" Tommy said
"oh I am flint this is kiya" Flint said
"Hi!" Kiya said
"I dont know why but smells safe" she whispered
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Tommy felt a sense of eaze come over him "I'm a bodyguard for hire. I have been summoned to the capital on assignment. I was suppose to meet you two once I arrived at the city." Tommy said calmly. Flint looked him over "You were sent to be our bodyguards? No affence, but we don't need one." Flint said quickly. Tommy simply continued to star back, no emotion on is face " I'm not here to guard you. I was called to the capital to safeguard Soreceress Valencia." Flint seemed a bit shocked to hear this " Why did they send for you?" Tommy just looked back, still with no emotion on his face or in his eyes " I don't know. I recieved a message and a job offer that promised quite a bit of money. Who was I to turn it away." Flint now looking at him with a little more scrutiny " So you don't care?" Tommy still placid " Not anymore so then for any other job." Flint looked at him a little irratated " Then we don't need you. We don't need someone like you who only cares about money." Tommy gazed back undetered " regardless if you like it or not I'm on this mission, so deal with it."
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"hmph simpliton" Flint said walking away
"sorry tommy "Kiya said walking off after him she looked at him with goodbye then glared at the other man as she ran off
"did you have to be so harsh Flint" Kiya said
"people like that who only care for money disgust me he has no right seeing the soreceress" Flint said as he walked off
"Flint..." she said looking back at tommy
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Tommy watched them walk away and began to follow at a distance. Flint continued to look back with irritation " Why are you following us?" Tommy as placid as ever "It's my mission. I have been summoned and your presense is required, so I will be staying near by til informed otherwise." Flint shoot another irrattated look back and turned forward " Do what you want. Just stay out of my sight." Kiya looked at Flint with a dissapointed look. Kiya looked back at Tommy and fell back to walk with him "So, where do you live?" She asked politly. Tommy turned his head slightly so he could see her " An apartment in a small town 10 miles south of here." She looked at him trying to get him to talk more " So, why are you a bodyguard?" Tommy still remaining calm "I'm just good at it." She looked at him curiously "Why are you good at it?" Tommy was a little embarrased that someone was so interrested in him " I'm different from most people. I have a nak for sneaking." Flint looking back obviously upset "I bet you just do it because theres good money to be made right!?" tommy standing his ground unflinching " eveyone needs money to get by. One can't live a civil life without money." This comment drove Flint into a rage "So were not civil is that what your trying to say?" tommy still looking indifferent " Do you believe you are savage?" this word drove Flint over the edge. He jumped to hit Tommy, but Kiya grabbed and restrained him " Asshole. You don't deserve the honor to meet the soreceress. All you want is money. Your a blastphimus monster." Kiya was shocked that he would say such a thing. She looked bk at Tommy to see if he was upset, but he still seemed indifferent " I will be staying with you til my mission is complete whether you like it or not." Flint just whipped around and thunderd away Kiya glanced back at Tommy and followed after Flint, Tommy came shortly after.
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