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Sign Up Poke`mon: Birth of Legends [E - V]


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[i]The Chaos Poke`mon.... My grandfather used to tell me the legend about the Chaos Poke`mon, Kageryn, every night before I slept. About one fateful day, the creature would awaken from its slumber and wreak havoc across Kaijin.

He used to tell me the last time the poke`mon awoke was when he was an adult. And that a party of brave trainers risked their lives to save Kaijin using their legendary poke`mon. He told of how they battled the large skeletal dragon poke`mon on the sea near my hometown, Windsand Village. They became legends in their own way.

My mother and father were two of the poke`mon trainers that gave their lives for the peace of the world, fighting against this terrible evil called Kageryn. I was only small when they left, I don't even remember it. My grandfather said they were so brave, going out to fight a poke`mon that was seemingly indestructable. Their poke`mon, supposably one of them a legendary, fought alongside six other trainers to quell the fear that had sprang up in Kaijin - the fear the Kagryn was going to wipe out all human and poke`mon life on the continent.

But now..... someone has woken Kageryn again. And I never thought that I would be fighting it.[/i]


Welcome to a new RPG peeps! Hope you guys like this one. This one is purely for fun. I hope it succeeds cuase I've put a lot of work into it. Thanks to Deucalion, Kayin and another dear friend for helping me get this all together - without their help, it wouldn't have been possible.

Here's the sign-up:

[b]Age:[/b] (12-17)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (written or picture)
[b]Personality:[/b] (1 paragraph min)
[b]Bio:[/b] (1 paragraph min) [We all come from the hometown of Windsand Village and explain how you came across your legendary poke`mon]
[b]Starting pokémon:[/b] [which legendary poke`mon you want to start with]
[b]Eventual party (final evolutions):[/b] (six max)

[b]A list of Legendary Pokémon to choose from: [/b]
Lugia ? [i]Reiku[/i]
Ho-oh ?
Raikou ?
Entei ?
Suicine ? [i]Kayin[/i]
Celebi -
Mewtwo ?
Mew ? [i]JoyKaiba[/i]
Zapdos ?
Articuno ?
Moltres ? [i]Apherion[/i]
Regirock ?
Regice ?
Registeel ?
Latias (the red one) ? [i]Sakura[/i]
Latios (the blue one) ? [i]Kitty[/i]
Kyogre ?
Groudon ? [i]Brooklyn[/i]
Rayquaza ? [i]Deucalion[/i]

For more information, see the [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=682981#post682981]RPG Information Thread[/URL]

I will be including all the poke`mon from Red/Blue/Yellow, Gold/Silver/Crystal and Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

Here is a link to an online poke`dex for your convenience. It had lots of information about attacks that the poke`mon can have, when it evolves, what it evolves into, its type, what abilities it can have or learn, etc.




[INDENT][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Reza Saskia

[b]Age:[/b] 15

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment

[b]Personality:[/b] Reza is a girl that is fascinated by myths and legends. Because of this, she has high hopes and dreams, and is sometimes aloof. But normally she is brought down to earth by reality. Hardworking, honest, loyal and trustworthy, Reza values friends and family like the most precious gems. Reza's dream is to become a trainer of the legendary dragon poke`mon. But, before that happens, she'll have to become powerful in her abilities as a trainer, and her mind.

[b]Bio:[/b] Reza grew up with her grandparents in a small village called Windsand on the second-biggest island in the Wave Islands Chain. It was a small village, but one that was very homey and a perfect place to grow up. A small tropical forest to the north-east of the village, the village sat right near a long golden sandy beach.

Day afte day, Reza played there as a child with the other children of the village. All of them were good friends, and promised each other at a young age that they would go on a poke`mon adventure when they became old enough.

When Reza was 7, a great storm blew up one day. Her grandfather said that it was because the poke`mon, Luiga, was angry. She and her grandfather had run out into the storm to make sure that his fishing boat was securely tied to the shore. It was on the beach that Reza found a strange silver and grey poke`mon egg. Her grandfather knew what it was instantly and wrapped it up in his jacket tp keep it warm.

The storm weathered on for four days and five nights. Reza sat down in front of the fire place, watching the flames, making sure that the poke`mon egg wasn't too hot or too cold.

On the night the storm finally blew itself out, the egg hatched and out flopped a baby Lugia. The first living thing it saw was Reza's face. Believing she was his mother, the little Lugia immediately bonded with her. She named him Storm.

As they grew up together, they became almost inseparable. Although, technically, Reza is his mother, they seemed more like a brother and sister, knowing what each other were thinking. And, eventually, this communication between the two became telepathic as Storm's powers progressed as he grew older.

[b]Starting pokémon:[/b] Lugia AKA Storm

[b]Eventual party (final evolutions):[/b] All male.[LIST]
[*]Lugia (Storm)
[*]Dragonite (Kana)
[*]Gyarados (Vicious)
[*]Flygon (Archer)
[*]Salamence (Kiba)
[*]Charizard (Itachi)
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1]This sounds like an awesome idea. ^o^ But you've already chosen the pokémon I wanted. xD I'll use some of them anyway! Fufufufu... ;3 What I don't get finished now will be up soon. ;D

[B]Name:[/B] Johinsa (Jo) Heiwa
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/OrangeOutfit.jpg]Jo[/url]
(Just like the picture, except her outfit is in dark shades of blue, and without the cat tail, lol)

[B]Personality:[/B] Jo seems very simple miinded, caring only to mess around and sleep. However, underneath her lazy exterior lies a more complex person. She normally doesn't put much effort into anything, but when she finds something she enjoys or wants to do or accomplish, she will work harder than you've ever seen. She tends to take the casual approach to any and all things, which sometimes annoys her company as she never seems to want to get anything done quickly. Despite her usual slacker attitude, she is capable of connecting easily with pokémon, and tends to care more for them than actual people. She has a great love of dragon and dark pokémon, and will do all she can to become a great trainer of the two types. She'll have to convince the rest of the world that she's up to the task, first.

[B]Bio:[/B] Jo grew up on Windsand island with her grandmother after her parents died soon after she turned three. She never really knew why, but then again, she didn't seem to care. Jo was never one to care for anything, really. All of the children daydreamed and played imaginary games while she spent her time sleeping, reading or taking walks alone. However, there was something she did put effort into. From a very young age, Jo was very interested in pokémon.

The wild baby pokémon that bounced and crawled around through the streets and yards of Windsand intruiged her. She would usually go out at night to avoid anybody else, and she always found different pokémon when the moon was out rather than under the bright light of the sun.

Always on her own, she stumbled into several unhappy mothers, coming home bruised and muddy. However, she never blamed the pokémon, and would walk out the next day as if nothing had happened. Her grandmother was always worried about her, but knew there was nothing she could do to stop Jo from being Jo.

Four days before her eighth birthday, Jo wandered off as she normally did around dusk. But this time, she ran into something she had never seen before. In the woods that lay to the east of her village, Jo stumbled upon an injured baby Latios. He growled when she approached, but she refused to leave it there like that. No matter how stubborn the pokémon was, she was more determined.

Jo used all of her strength to lift the dragon off the leafy ground. She was lucky he was only a baby, but it was still hard for her to balance. And the pokémon didn't make it any easier by trying his hardest to wriggle free from her grip, even though his wings, arms, and part of his neck were bruised and bloody.

When she returned home, her grandmother was startled to see Jo carrying such a rare pokémon in her arms, and even more startled to see it so hurt. Thinking quickly, she took her granddaughter to the PokéCenter to give the small blue dragon care. Jo and her grandmother spent the night there, anxiously awaiting news of the pokémon's condiition.

In the morning, she was relieved to find out that he would be alright. When she visited him, he showed little gratitude, and more annoyance than anything to her being there. But she merely laughed and told him to stop by when he was feeling better. The young Latios snorted, but watched her leave with a curious eye. When his wounds healed, he sneaked out of the Center and headed back towards the woods, but ended up in front of Jo's house before he knew what he was doing. But before he could continue on his way, she spotted him.

Since then, the two of them have been inseperable. Whether it was Latios' stubborness or Jo's strange attitude that kept the other around, nobody knows. But once the night he returned to her doorstep, they've had a very deep connection. She named him Yuusei for his dominant attitude, though she hadn't officially caught him at the time. It wasn't until she turned fifteen that she actually used a pokéball on him. However, Yuusei spends most of his outside the pokéball.

[B]Starting pokémon:[/B] Latios/Yuusei
[B]Eventual party:[/B] [list][*]Latios/Yuusei [Male]
[*]Dragonite [Female]
[*]Absol [Male]
[*]Tyranitar [Male]
[*]Houndoom [Female]
[*]Umbreon/Tsuki [Male][/list]

EDIT: Many apologies for not getting the bio edited until AFTER sign ups were closed. ^_^;; Surprised I still got in, too. >.>;; But yeah. It's all done now. ;D[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Ray Breaker

age: 16

Gendar: male

Appearance: dark hiar with brown eyes. around 5'10/ 5'11. wears blue jeans and a blue coat. he likes to wear blue sun glasses.

Personality: a quiet serious guy. he takes an assigment serious and does not give up until it is finish. He deosn't sleep alot during the nights for nightmares haunts him. Even though it looks like his mother doesn't want him to look for them, he searchs even so. Mybe he only searchs for someone to love and care for him.

Bio: Ray has been a normal kid at school. One night, his parents disappeared without a trace. His mother had left him a note saying, "The time has come. let your heart guide you through the world, become the best." Next to note was a pokeball. Though this wan't just a pokeball, it was his father's ball. It was the legendary pokemon, Mewtwo. He wasn't going to become the best in the world, but instead look for his missing family. Through in his adventure, he learns that being a trainer, it takes alot of guts.

Starting Pokemon: Mewtwo

Eventual party:.
1. Mewtwo
2. Bulbasaur (Gale)
3. Golduck
4. Magneton
5. Pidgeot
6. Magmar
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[color=Navy][b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Interesting idea, I haven't been in a pokémon RP in ages.
Name: [/b]Sakura Valentine

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Gender: [/b]Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] [/color][size=2][color=Navy][url="http://img301.echo.cx/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg"]Here[/url], she always wears a white, button-up, short sleeve shirt and navy blue cargos. She has a medium build and stands at a medium 5'6" with a well proportioned body.

[/color][/size][color=Navy] [b]Personality:[/b] [/color][size=2][color=Navy]Sakura's a fun person to be around, she loves to just hang around, relax, joke and muck around. She has a lot of friends and is quite popular. She's kind and treasures all her friends. She has a strong sense of trust and honour, if she says she'll do something, she will, and whoever has her trust will have her as a friend and helper, she'll protect them with everything she has.

Sakura's obsessed with pokémon and loves them, she takes care of her own very well and provides them with everything they need. She gets very upset when she sees others abusing their pokémon. Sakura loves all types of pokémon and has a variety.

[/color][/size][color=Navy] [b]Bio:[/b] Sakura was born as an only child and she was one for having adventures and exploring. Windsand Village had a large forest and she was always told not to go there without someone accompanying her in case she got lost. She was drawn to it, and one day, when she was 8, she explored. She got to an area in the centre and there was a soft calling, it sounded like crying.

Sakura crept up and saw a pokémon hiding behind a rock, it's wings covered it's head, but she could see it was red and white. She comforted the pokémon and soon it stopped hiding. Sakura gasped when she saw it, she knew what she was immediately, a Latias. Then she guessed why she was upset, Latias and Latios were always together since they were something like siblings, and Latios was no where to be seen.

Sakura asked if she wanted to stay with her, she agreed and they made their way out of the forest. They became best friends and practically sisters, they went everywhere together.

She didn't keep Latias in a pokéball because there wasn't a need to. As they got older, a telepathic bond formed between them, like the one she would have had with Latios. Sakura tries not to keep Latias in a pokéball unless she has to.

[b]Starting pokémon:[/b] Latias [Female]

[b]Eventual party (final evolutions):[/b]
Latias [Female]
Blaziken [Male]
Gardevoir [Male]
Skarmory [Male]
Jolteon[/color][color=Navy] [Male][/color]
[color=Navy]Blastoiste[/color][color=Navy] [Male][/color]
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[COLOR=Teal][I][B][U]Name:[/U][/B] Jamie
[B][U]Age:[/U][/B] 17
[B][U]Gender:[/U][/B] Female
[B[U]]Appearance:[/U][/B] [url=http://www.evilinside.by.ru/art/gothic_anime/vish1.jpg]Minus the wings of course! :animesmil [/url]
[B][U]Personality:[/U][/B] Jamie is very kind regardeless on how she looks on the outside. Jamie's gental, but can get loud. In fact, you rub her the wrong way. She's going to bite your head off. Word of advice, do get her mad. Another thing that makes jamie look like a total other person is if you harm any of her Pokemon. She loves all of her Pokemon and you'll see a totally new side to her if you harm them for no reason.
[B][U]Bio:[/U][/B] Jamie was a normal girl in Windsand Village, but she always semmed to get picked on. Well, there is a reason Jamie got picked on. She never really wanted a legendary pokemon like all the other kids did, she always wanted to start off with a Charamander. She always hoped of owning a Charizard one day.

Well, one day as little Jamie was on her way to her grandmother's house she heard an odd noise come from behind a rock. Jmaie, being the investigative type, wondered over to the rock. When she got there a shadow flew out and quickly disappered into the forest. Jamie had to follow.

As Jamie wondered deeper and deeper into the forest, she soon reliezed she was lost. She didn't know what to do other then sit down, wait, and hope someone would find her.

As soon as Jamie sat down, a wild group of Poochyena jumped out and surrounded Jamie from all sides. They growled as they moved in closer and closer. Jamie closed her eyes and waited for the worst, but the worst never came. The strange shadow from earlier appeared and shot s pink psychic ball at the ground. The loud noice and bright light scared the Poochyena away.

Jamie slowly opened her eyes to discover a Mew floating happily in front of her. She knew Mew had saved her life and quickly hugged her. Mew seemed to love the attention and quickly helped Jamie out of the forest. She also followed her to her grandmother's house.

In fact, Mew followed Jamie everywhere, until the day Jamie bought a Pokeball. Jamie didn't wanna force Mew to be her partner, but she asked. Mew happily agreed, opened the Pokeball, and hopped in. Jamie let her right back out knowing she wouldn't like confined spaces, but also knowing Mew was offically hers.

Mew still protects Jamie to this day and their bond has gotten stronger. They now communicate telepathicly and have a sibling like bond. Could things get any better?
[B][U]Starting Pokémon:[/U][/B] Mew
[B][U]Eventual Party:[/U][/B]
[CENTER]Mew (doesn't really have a gender, but I'll make it female)
Charizard/Charlia (Female)
Haunter/Spook (Female)
Mightyena/Fang (Female)
Howl/Houdoom (Female)
Moonlight/Absol (Female)
Don't ask! I was going by my Sapphire game! :animeswea [/CENTER][/I][/COLOR]
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Name: Yubi
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/azurasea/Yubi.jpg]Yubi[/url] Her hair is reddish-black and her eyes are a greenish-blue. She also carries a camera with her as well as a poke'gear. She's 5'3" and weighs 110lbs.
Yubi has a firey spirit and a strong will. She tells it like it is and is not afraid to be critisized for what she does or says. She loves fire, but she also loves other elements as well. She finds things that are unique, beautiful and things unpredictable, sane. She is carefree, kind, and down to earth, while being completely unruly. Yubi is the definition of different.
In Windsand, everyone has seen at least one legendary poke'mon. Yubi though, she had only seen pictures. Entei, Suicune, and Raikou were her favorite among the picture books. She had only seen Ho-oh and Lugia once during her search through the library. That was why she always carried her digital camera with her.
If she was to see a legendary poke'mon she would take pictures of it. She would be rapidly clicking away until she ran out of room or the poke'mon was gone. It was one of the many reason why she wanted to be a photographer and a reporter for all poke'mon networks when she got older.
But one day, she didn't even realize that she had seen a legendary pokemon. She didn't even know what type of poke'mon it was. She didn't even know it's name. She had just come upon it while delivering a parcel of special poke' treats to her neighbor, Professor Helena.
The orangish-yellow bird was caught in some kind of metal device. It was crying for help and Yubi ran up to it. She opened the contraption and the bird hopped out, spreading its wings to stretch. It crowed, but it did not move from it's spot. The bird looked at Yubi expectantly.
Yubi picked it up gingerly and took it to the professor. She didn't know what was wrong with it. Prof. Helena took both bird and canister of treats from Yubi when she got to the lab. Helena fed the bird a couple of the treats, and suddenly fire sprang up from the wings and head.
Helena exclaimed excitedly that the bird was a Moltres. The Moltres in fact jumped onto Yubi's shoulder and nuzzled her cheek. Yubi said goodbye to Helena and walked home with the Moltres on her shoulder.
Yubi told Moltres to stay on her bed until she came back. What Yubi had done was she rummaged through her parents things and found a poke'ball that was made of stained glass. Yubi rushed back into her room and opened the luxury ball. Moltres was gone in a flash of light. A loud noise came from the ball, signaling that the Moltres was caught. Immediately Yubi let the Moltres out. The Moltres crowed again, then fell asleep. Yubi thought that it was the most beautiful poke'mon she had ever seen.
Starting pokémon: Moltres
Eventual party (final evolutions):
1. Moltres(male)
2. Blaziken(male)
3. Rapidash(female)
4. Gardevoir-Rion(female)
5. Milotic-Icee(female)

OOC: In case you're wondering, the Moltres she found was a baby, making it off it's adult size by several feet, pounds, and wingspan, as well as power.
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[color=#0066FF][size=1]Great sign-ups everyone. The people in the RPG at the moment are:

[LIST][*] Kitty
[*] Sakura
[*] JoyKaiba
[*] Apherion

Lionheart, if you still want to participate, could you do your profile a bit more in depth. Thanks.


Takuya will be signing up soon as well.[/color][/size]
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Reiku has given me permission to use a character I've used in multiple previous RPGs. Some of you may remember him. Important information from those previous RPGs is included in the bio.

Name: Rorohiko Alkarlo

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Rorohiko is well over 6 ft. tall. He's muscular, but not what one would call thin. This, hwever, has nothing to do with fatness. He's just a big guy, and a very imposing figure. He has a large scar on his left arm, though it's on his upper arm, and so is covered by his shirt.

Personality: Rorohiko is smart, and he's a quick thinker, a combination that's probably the sole reason he's still alive. His experiences have hardened him, and he can seem very cold at times. This, however, is misleading, as Rorohiko is in no way an uncaring individual. In particular, he has a deep affection for his Absol, which has been with him since he was 11.

Bio: Rorohiko's story started when he was only nine years old. His parents were watching the news, and the reporter was in Lavaridge (comftorably distant from their home in Lilycove, where Rorohiko was born and had lived all his life), where an earthquake had occurred earlier that day. The reporter mentioned that many people had evacuated the city ahead of time, even though there was no warning. Apparently, several people had seen an Absol, and had taken that as a sign of impending danger. The reporter gave a brief overview of Absol, emphasizing the fact that Absol are usually only seen by humans before a natural disaster hits the area. Rorohiko heard that part, and was facinated by Absol.

Such childhood facinations usually fade, but Rorohiko's did not. As a result, when his sister, a very skilled Trainer named Katrina (I named her that when I first used Rorohiko a year or two ago, so shut up), encountered an Absol durring her travels, she caught it and gave it to her brother as a gift. Rorohiko was quick to bond with the Absol. Eventualy, he even learned to understand its speach. This particular skill is one that doesn't apply to any other Pokemon, not even another Absol.

A few years after Katrina gave him the Absol, Rorohiko left home to pursue his goal: discovering why wild Absol behave the way the do.His first breakthrough came early, when he prooved a connection between the disaster thing and the Pressure phenomenon, which resulted in a Pokemon battling an Absol to tire out twice as fast (Pressure is Absol's ability in the games, and it doubles the foe's PP usage. That translates into an RPG as the opposing Pokemog tiring twice as quickly as usual).

However, that discovery brought him no closer to his main goal. And as the efforts of other researchers to determine the reason for a wild Absol's behavior, their research and experiments, had borne no results, Rorohiko chose a different method. Instead of conducting experiments in a laboratory, he wandered around the world, searching for anything that would bring him closer to an answer. Though he encountered many wild Pokemon, he captured none. He had Absol, and that was enough for him. Absol was enough to handle any wild Pokemon Rorohiko enountered, and as a rsult of all the battle experience, it has become quite powerful.

Durring his travels, he encountered a man named Victor Trolmont. Victor Trolmont was a member of a religious cult. He approached Rorohiko as a man trying to save Rorohiko's soul, which he believed would be damned if Rorohiko kept searching for the answers he sought. One of the cult's beliefs is that certain Pokemon were created by Saten to aid in the destruction of the world, and Absol is on that list. Predictably, Rorohiko did not agree with Victor Trolmont. In fact, he ended up beating the living s&*t out of the man. Since then, he's encountered Trolmont and the cult more than once.

Rorohiko's travels took him all over the world. He started in Hoenn, but he didn't stay there. He went all over, to far-off lands like Jhoto, Kanto, and even the Orange Islands. He would often return to areas he had visited previously, following whatever leads he could find. He eventually found his answer, a previously undiscovered legendary Pokemon called Erivel. Erivel was a very powerful Dark/Psychic-type with the power to create and control natural disasters, and heturned out to be the ancestor of Absol. Absol's disaster thing is a result of that ancestry.

Mystery solved? Not quite. There was still one question left, and though it seemed a minor detail, it was very important. Rorohiko, the one who'd prooven the connection bettween the disaster thing and the Pressure phenomenon, had discovered Erivel, the source of Absol's tendancy to appear before a natural disaster struck. But Erivel did not exhibit the Pressure phenomenon, which seemed to discredit Rorohiko's earlier discovey. Rorohiko knew there was an answer somewhere, but his time with Erivel had been too brief for him to get any answers from that source. So Rorohiko began a new search.

With the aid of a girl named Rin, Rorohiko was able to locate another previously unknown legendary Pokemon, Ekratrel. Ekretrel, like Erivel, is a very powerful Dark/Psychic-type. She was Erivel's mate, and though she has none of Erivel's disaster powers, she does exhibit the Pressure phenomenon. Ekratrel was the answer to Rorohiko's only remaining question. He had his answers, and as a bonus, Ekratrel remained with him, the only Pokemon besides Absol that Rorohiko's ever had.

Legendary Poemon: Ekratrel

Other Pokemon: Absol

Information about Ekratrel: Ekratrel's appearance is very similar to Absol's. She's larger, and her body, instead of being pure white like Absol's, has black lines running along it. Other than that, she looks like an Absol.

Ekratrel is a Dark/Psychic-type, a type combination that has only one real weakness, and that's to Bug-types. Ekratrel is very powerful, even for a legendary. She's not quite as strong as, say, Mewtwo (or her mate Erivel, for that matter), but she's still extremely powerful (and due to her type advantage, she could probably defeat a Mewtwo in battle without too much trouble). She has the ability to communicate psychicly with humans, an ability that many legendaries possess.

Though Ekratrel does not have the disaster powers of her mate, she can use the full set of 'disaster' moves (Earthquake, Whirlpool, Whirlwind, etc.). Her other moves are a varied set, allowing her to exploit many type weaknesses. Many of her moves are Dark- or Psychic-type, of course, but those are far from the only move types she can use. Her own type weakness is comensated for by her Fire-type moves, though she still excersizes caution when fighting Bug-types.

Well, that's everything, I think. Tell me if I need to make any changes, Reiku.
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[b]Name:[/b] Trey "T.J." Hairston

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v365/Kayin_Cloud/artworks/TJBaseballSh.jpg]TJ's pic[/URL]

[b]Personality:[/b] TJ is usually quiet and keeps to himself. Among his friends he is very loyal and trusting. He is over-trusting sometimes, which is his downfall a lot of the time. He doesn't ever allow himself to give up, even if he would lose, but at the same time knows the limits of others and won't push them for personal gain. He makes friends easily and hardly ever makes enemies. TJ is known for holding a grudge against those that wrong him and always returns the favor. He knows he to keep calm when someone tries to anger him but once he's angered...it's hard for him to get back to calm. TJ doesn't intend to specialize in any certain type of poke`mon because he believes in a strong balance.

[b]Bio:[/b] TJ had always loved the water and because of it, he loved where he lived. He almost always went down to the shore, whether it be alone or with friends. Other than the water, he also had a passion for Poke`mon. The first Poke`mon he had recieved upon turning 10 was a Cyndaquil who he'd named Inferno.

He had known Reza for a while and thought of her as more of a younger sister than a friend. He had known her since she was 3 and looked out for her since. And it was usually her that he'd be watching at the shore, in case of any wild Poke`mon.

It was one day at the shore when it happened though...when he met Suicune. He had probably just turned 11 and he had gone down to shore with Reza and a Tentacruel showed up out of the water and reached out for Reza. He got her out of the way, only to have taken a hit to his back from one of the tentacles. His body cringed in pain but the pain slowly faded as he felt a wind from the north pass over him. He looked back to see a shining blue creature stand before him and after a better look, saw it was the legendary Water Poke`mon...Suicune. The Suicune froze the Tentacruel in one shot and sent it back out to sea. Suicune stayed with TJ, realizing that he had been the one destined to be its partner.

[b]Starting pokémon:[/b] Suicune

[b]Eventual party (final evolutions):[/b] (All male)
Scizor (Blade)
Typhlosion (Inferno)
Sandslash (Slash)
Espeon (Eon)
Jolteon (Jolt)
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Name: Alexander Juromaru


Gender: male

Appearance: Long, sandy blond hair that is in a ponytail that reaches a little passed his shoulder blade, the bangs fall slightly pass his eyebrows onto slightly tanned skin. Piecing blue eyes that look like pools of mile deep water, when he takes off his glasses they sparkle like the sun is always shining upon them. he wears a casual long sleeved white hoody that is usually pulled over a white tank top. Black jeans, belt loops hold poke balls containing his Pokemon. He is nowherenear muscular. In fact he hardly weighs 140 lbs. and ishowever tall,6'3''. He has a very gentle appearance, that by looking at him you would never have guessed that he killed his uncle and works for an organisation such as the rough necked Team Magma.

Personality: Deceiver,Leader, Lazy. In three words this puts his whole personality in a nut shell. He is quite cunning, however this is usally overshadowed by his disierto be different, and of course his ability to disregard anything if he doesn't fell like doing. He haslived a harsh life and he still manages to keep a sense of hummer. If something will make more work for him, he will complain, and let it be know that he feels this way. He is hardly in a bad mood, because his life pholosiphyis life is to short to mop around unless you are immortal then you may do as you please. He always has good advice to give, but only to those who ask for it. Strangely all of these traits mixed into one personality makes for pretty likable person, until he stabs you in the back.

Bio: His parents were killed when he was young by an attack on the large cost city he was born in by a huge Pokemon. His Parents left in the care of his uncle that lives in WindSand Village. His uncle took advantage of the long line of Pokemon masters in Alexander's family and used him to spy on Team Aqua ( his uncle was a member of Team Magma) and tell him of Aqua's plans and secret operations. Alexander's natural ability to use Pokemon to there full potential helped him quickly clime in Aqua's ranks. When He was 14 he told his uncle the location of Aqua's base and opened the doors for them. Because of his betrayal to Aqua their leader was killed by his uncle and Team Aqua was almost totally destroyed. On their return to his uncles house in Windsand Alexander , having served his purpose, was nearly beaten to death by his uncle and Fellow team Magma members, after they finished celebrating with many victory beverages with high achololcontent. Alexander then returned to his uncle's( this was because he knew his uncle would call the police and they would realize he was in team magma and send him to jail) , and was sent on a new assignment. Alexander realised he need a way to get out of his uncles custody, and eventually he did.His new assignment was to find a capture Groudon and Kyogre. He was successful in capturing Groudon, after a battle with team Aqua's new leader. He then returned to his uncles house to show him his accomplishment ( hoping his uncle would lighten up on him until he was 17 and he could emancipate him self from his care). He was beatenagain for failing to capture Kyogre as well. After this Alexander released Groudon upon his uncle ans ordered his Pokemon to murder his drunken uncle. After wards. He rose in the ranks of Team Magma to the position of his late uncle. HE iscurrently on an assignment to capture Kageryn for Magma's evil plans. He figured that it would be wise to team up with commoners to help him achieve his goal. So disguising him self he now pretends that his uncle was murdered by a wild pokemon, and he lives in Windsand alone. His next step befriend the people with legendary Pokemon...

Starting Pokemon: Groudon

Eventual party (final evolutions):
1) Groudon
2) Steelix
3) Magcargo
4) Swalot
5) Raichu
6) Aerodactyl

OOC; I'll make it better later i have to get off the computer now!!
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ooc: Is it too late for me to join?

Name: Andrea (Andy) Aguri

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: about 5''5', 115lbs, red hair to a little below her shoulders, blue/grey eyes, a tan on her arms and legs, tan shorts (knee length), a black shirt, and a grey jacket when it's cool or raining. She will not wear shoes unless she has to.

Personality: Andy is very sweet, caring, and fun to be around. She doesn't like to be the center of attention. She's very quiet most of the time. She is a tomboy and enjoys hanging out with guys more than girls. (she doesn't like girls who complain or are sissy's) She loves being around Pokemon. Her favorite is Vulpix.

Bio: Andy lost her parents when she was 8. They were traveling to Kanto and were murdered. The only thing she has left to remember them by is her father's legendary pokemon (he left him at the house this time) Articuno. She had no other family, but instead of making her leave, the guy who owned the house before decided to pay for the house until Andy was old enough to leave. She trains Articuno every day and is glad that her father left her at home instead of taking her with him. Andy has sworn to find who murdered her father and has a strong feeling it was either Team Aqua or Team Magma.
When she turned 12 she was by the ocean with Articuno and she noticed some men with weird clothes watching Articuno. She quickly called Articuno into her pokeball and walked over to the men. ... "Can I help you with something?" she asked politely. "Yeah." one of them said. "Where did you get that Articuno?" "Why do you care?" she replied. "Cause its not normal for a little girl to be carrying a legendary pokemon." They started to surround her. "I suggest you leave or else." she said with a smirk. They didn't buy it and grabbed her. She released Articuno and told her to attack. Articuno used her ice beam and froze the men but didn't hit Andy at all. Andy had taught Articuno to focus her ice on only certain things and not hit anything else. She noticed the uniform was Team Magma's and figured they were the ones who killed her parents.

Starting Pokemon: Articuno

Eventual Party: Articuno (F)
Ninetales (F)
Espeon (M)
Arcanine (M)
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[center][b][color=red]Name: [/color][/b][/center]
[center][b]Age:[/b] [/color][/center]
[center][b]Gender: [/b][/color][/center]
[center][b]Appearance:[/b] [/color][/center]
[center][color=red]Attachment... She has crystal blue eyes. Same clothes except her shirt is a tshirt. Her skirt is longer too. (the shirt covers her shoulders a bit lol... randomly found the picture on the net)[/center]
[center][b]Personality:[/b] [/color][/center]
[center][color=red]She is rather different at times. She can be quite nice or rather mean depending on the day and her overall mood. She, when normal, is just avarage. Unlike the other kids she dislikes pokemon for some reason and doesnt exactly like having them around. This has brought her problems with making friends and after a while she just decided to just get used to it. She has a few friends among the village but she feels left out anyways due to how little she has in common with everyone. Most of them love pokemon and so they spend most of their time playing with the some what tame ones neareby or their own. She spends her time in the forest either drawing what she sees or resting in the branches of trees. She is warming up to the idea of pokemon though. No one is quite sure why she doesnt like them though. Some suspect something happend when she was younger but none have heard of it. No one in her family will speak of it so no one knows.[/color][/center]

[center][color=red][b]Bio:[/b] [/color][/center]

[center][color=#ff0000]Her parents had twins. It was Rain and Naia. These two girls were identicle twins except for one thing. Rain had red hair and Naia had blue hair. If they covered their hair you might have confused one for the other. However they never played with peoples heads. They were always together and playing in the forest. On their 7th birthday their father gave them a Skitty to share as a pet. They loved the skitty very much but it seemed to like Naia a little more. Rain didnt mind though. She always did prefer her sister to enjoy things more.[/color][/center]

[center][color=#ff0000]One day her mother and father decided to split them up and spend a day with them alone. So the father took Rain and they hiked along the beach gathering shells and such to make necklaces. Naia and the mother went hiking in the forest for a while.[/color][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]They did not return for hours so Rain and her father began to worry untill late that evening her mother came into the house with a look of pure shock on her face. She sat down and did nothing but mumble about Naia, pack of raging pokemon, and an old tree. [/color][/center]

[center][color=#ff0000]The father of course rushed into the forest to find his other daughter and soon found what his wife was talking about. Needless to say Rain never saw her twin again. When her mother finally recovered she explained that they must have steered off the trail a bit when skitty ran into the bushes after something. They were in some pokemons territory and the pokemon didnt seem very understanding. The mother could never remember what pokemon it was. Her skitty ran away after Naia's death. Rain felt like she lost half of her self and would be found each day sitting at the base of the tree where her sister had died. Her parents decided to not speak of it because it bothered Rain to much. Rain is now older and has a dislike for every type of pokemon. She draws the things she sees in the forest except the pokemon and adds people to the picture later.[/color][/center]

[center][color=#ff0000]She one day was drawing a bush by some water and something wasnt right. She went over to investigate and it moved. She instantly knew it was a pokemon and when the young celebi rose its head from its nap and looked at her it seemed very happy. Rain was not. She glared at it and told it to go away. The celebi did quite the opposite. It follows her around now. Over time she has gotten used to it and likes it. So farthis is the only pokemon she has liked. She still has dislike for all the others. Celebi and her seem to have come to an understanding and even thought it might not look it at times they care alot about each other.[/color][/center]
[center][color=red][b]Starting [/b][b]pokémon:[/b] [/color][/center]
[center][color=red][b]Eventual party (final evolutions):[/b] [/color][/center]
[center][color=red]Delcatty (Moonlight)[/color][/center]
[center][color=red]Scyther (Doesnt trade it to get scizor)[/color][/center]

[center][color=#ff0000](Tell me if I should change anything... I'm sure there is something here somewhere in need of changing)[/color][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]This attachment is what she looks like... Sitting at the base of the tree where her sister died. Ignore the wound. The necklace she wears is the one she made the day her sister died. She was going to give it to her sister when her sister returned but that never happend.[/color][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000](Read appearance for what differences there are.)[/color][/center]
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[color=#AFF3823][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Richard Blessing

[b]Age:[/b] 14

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img193.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dbcf55ce2e1ay.png][link][/url]

[b]Personality:[/b] Richard is a highly obnoxious, loud and carefree guy. He loves to joke, prank, and mess around in general. His flaymboiant and sometimes rude attitude can be a trouble, but this firey outlook helps him and Rayquaza out in tough or difficult situations. Richard always finds a way to make things better, and can be very soft and comforting.

[b]Biography:[/b] Long ago, when Richard was only six years old, he and his father went on a trip. A trip to a far away land, where the Sky Tower lay. His father had been the Poke'mon Champion once, but was now at the ripe age of 75. However, his spirit had spring in it's step that day, and Richard was excited. No one had been in the Sky Tower since the gigantic Dragon had taken up roost in it.

The waves parted at his Father's command. His poke'mon, Lapris, was extremely awesome. Something great to see in action, and a wonder as he dove under the water. Father had given Richard a breather, so he could come along too. It would be dangerous, but his dad would protect him. He was always going to be there. A while later, as Richard's grip began to wear, they splashed out of the water, and began their treacherous climb up.

There were pitholes that he could only get by with on Mach Bike, as the floor crumbled beneath him. He was following the ferocious pace set by his dad, and was having trouble keeping up. However, a loud crash made Richard petal faster. He jumped off of his bike, seeing a sight he never wanted to see.

Team Magma's leader was hovering over his dad's body, picking the poke'balls out of his pockets, kicking him twice, and making their escape. Richard slumped down, crying as he hugged his dad, begging him to come back. He didn't. After a while, he managed to carry himself to the last Chamber. Tears stained his shirt, but he dried them and gripped his hands into fists.

A gigantic dragon, Rayquaza, was looking at him with interest, with one golden orb of an eye. Hey...everyone had said that Rayquaza was green, yellow, and red. He was blue, black and gold, and he quickly unfurled. Rayquaza made a sort of motion with one claw, indicating that he wanted to hear why Richard had come here. When he explained, Rayquaza slumped it's head down, and a voice appeared in his head.

[i][b]"You came anyway. You managed to brave it here, dispite the overly-strong Guardians of the Cave. I shall bear you for as long as you like, Richard."[/i][/b] Richard nearly had a heart attack, but when Rayquaza snorted slightly, obviously a laugh, he flinged his body onto the neck, and the majestic Dragon flew into the air, and began the journey back home.

Now, Richard wants to return to Sky Tower, and see if his father had become a Haunter or Ghastly or other ghost. He wanted to have his dad again, even though he had grown up with Reza and Storm as his close and personal friends. He wanted to see dad again.

[b]Starting Poke'mon:[/b] Rayquaza/Ichigo (First Guardian Angel)

[b]Final Party:[/b]

Rayquaza / Ichigo [Male]
Metagross / Shiigo (Second Guardian Angel) [Female]
Scizor / Kiriwaru (Twin Blade) [Male]
Blastoice / Sendan [Female]
Charizard / Hinoke (Heart of Fire) [Male]
Venasaur / kyokujitsu (Rising Sun) [Male][/color][/size]
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[color=#0066FF][size=1]Welcome to the RPG foxtu 78, Frankie and (finally) Deucalion.


If you very much want to sign-up, PM me with your sign-up and I'll decide whether you will join or not. Don't worry, I'm a very flexible person when it comes to these things.

Now, the RPG will be up very soon in the Adventure Square. I will send everyone a PM telling them extra things they need to know. Hope you enjoy everyone![/color][/size]
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Name: Saio Uzu

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery....enesis&image=43[/url] exept his hair is white and his clothes are black

Personality: A bright kid, he ponders a lot of thins most others don't. His pokemon reflects that. He's alone, but is usually cheerful, not wanting anyone to see his pain. This often makes it hard for him to make freinds. Not being origionally from the Villiage, he's often seen in some near-by woods, drawing nature scenes, and other kids make fun of him, becuse he's rarely seen in the village. This makes him very shy, and almost withdrawn from others.

Biography: He's been alone for many years, living off an inheritance from his family. His family all died on the Saint Anne. several years ago. He had been sick in the hospital, and they were coming to see him. The ship capsized in a storm, and they were never seen again. All Saio has now is a picture he had on his hospital bediside table, and his mother's own pokemon.

All that was found was his mother's suitcase, which had her pokemon in it. This made him severly depressed, and he almost succeeded in commiting suicide, until the hospital staff found him, and gave him his mother's pokemon. Then, he decided he couldn't leave it all alone, and has been fighting to live all these years, being cheerful, and pretending to smile, trying to always be a good master to what was now his pokemon.

Now, he's starting out on a journey, to become something more than a shy lonesome little boy. He hope to make freinds, and even maybe a VERY close freind. His pokemon is his only companion, and they share a special bond, one that had been forged in heartbreak and has been made strong over time. They have been through everything together, and they aren't about to give up hope on anything. Saio hope to be more than a pokemon master, but an artist as well.

Starting Poke'mon: Picachu (cliche, yes, but he was my fave)

i am a late entry... reiku has given me permission..........
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