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Your Pet Peeves..


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[size=1]Well, it's been a while since I posted a new thread here so I decided to start anew.

What are some of your pet peeves? Some of mine are:

[b]1.[/b] When girls pancake pounds of make-up on thier faces.
[b]2.[/b] People who judge on first sight.
[b]3.[/b] When people (especially girls) cuss. I can stand it if they just say it once in a while, but once they start saying it after every word they say I get really annoyed.
[b]4.[/b] People with no sense of humor.
[b]5.[/b] Girls that shave their eyesbrows off then re-paint them on because they think it looks pretty. Well, here's a news flash: It doesn't look good. At all.[/size]
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[*][size=1]People who insist on doing things knowing full well that it will annoy people.[/size]
[*][size=1]When I get scored on in soccer.[/size]
[*][size=1]Guys who mistreat women. [b]Big [/b]Pet peeve there, probably my worst.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Oooo lets see[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]1. Beating around the bush, or when some one starts to tell you something and says nevermind. Conversations that are long that can be short bug me.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]2. Girls that party to much. I am more chill, plus it just seems like that it dominates their lives.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]3. When girls drink to much. It depends on the girl, as long as they know their limits, hold their liquor and dont get to emotional.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]4. When guys try to act hard, or people try to be something they are not. Just be yourself, it works better[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]5. When people are drama kings/queens, immaturity. It just gets old, grow up its not the end of the world.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]6. Ignorant people, as well as uneducated people. Ignorance is a big sin in my book[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]7. Red lights, they just suck.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]I just realized, I might be an a**hole. :animeswea [/color][/size]
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-People who ignore you, who are not polite or who dont consider u exist. (This doesnt apply to people who done a neglegent act in the past toward you.)

-Obnoxious people

-People who swear all the time

-Narcissism, stuck up pricks


-Stupid people

-People who dont understand where ur coming from.

-People that dont know when to laugh

-Music i dont like that is played over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over..... :animeknow :animestun :animestun :animeknow

my [COLOR=Red][B]biggest petpeeve[/B][/COLOR]...[B]People who name their pets Pete[/B]. :mad: :animeangr :animeangr :mad:
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[SIZE=1]Oh if I put up here everything that annoyed me we'd be here all day, so I'll limit it to five:

1. People who abuse the judicial system and the human rights act.

2. Customers who treat sales assistants like dirt.

3. The crap that accumulates underneith the keys on your keyboard.

4. Tall people who stand in front of you at concerts despite the fact that they know you can't see.

5. Political activists.

I may post more later.[/SIZE]
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My first pet peeve would be [COLOR=Red]lists of pet peeves that don't explain why the listed peeve is annoying to them![/COLOR] The main reason this bothers me is because just listing random items with no explainations does not add to the conversation. Why do you hate what you hate? Why do these things bother you? I am sure people would like to know. I know I would. Let's say you hate grasshoppers. One of my friends is deathly afraid of them. Why? Because when she was little her older brothers put a bunch of grasshoppers in her sleeping bag and then zipped her up in the bag. It was one of those "mummy bags" so she felt them crawling/jumping all over her. It was like Fear Factor before there was such a thing. Explaining things helps the conversation value of a thread. Threads with random lists of items with no explanation will be locked unless people start to give more information.

(Hint: This thread will be locked unless people start explaining their answers and not just give random lists of items.)

The first runner up pet peeve would be people who feel animals are disposable. In the vet med world they are referred to as "Collectors". These people get a cute new pet and once the fun wears off they just get rid of it. They take pets to the pound or just "set them free". It really bothers me since I feel that pets are not disposable. Adopting a pet is adding a new member to the family. Good times and bad, they are your responsibility for life.

Pet peeve the third: People who eat food while shopping before paying for it. I am sure you have all see it. The person who allows their child to eat grapes or cookies before paying for it. After eating a bunch of grapes I am sure what they are paying for it not actual amount they are paying for at the check out when the produce gets weighed. If you are so hungry go buy it, eat it, then go shopping! Box of cookies will be the same price regardless but something like grapes is sold by weight...they should weigh the kid at check out. :P

Fourth place pet peeve goes to people who drive the wrong way in parking lots then look at you like you are doing something wrong. Those of you who drive know that look they give...the "WTF?! You are in my way!" look even though they are driving opposite of the angle of the parked cars and the painted arrows on the ground. Then you have to move out of their way just to get by. This annoys the heck out of me since they are the ones doing the stupid thing but now it is my problem. Next time I think I am just going to sit there until they back up.

::sing it with me:: Five Golden Pet Peeves! This would definitely be mean people on the internet. People who feel they can be mean/stupid/hurtful on the internet since they are in the safety of their home. They think that the internet is not "real life" and you can be a jerk to someone since they don't know them. We are all real people sitting at real computers...with real feelings. This is real life. Chalk it up to a sad life where they can't express themselves face to face so they have to assert themselves on the internet. Meh to all the meanies out there!
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It really irritates me when people dismiss the difference between shounen and shoujo (or, in an attempt to sound knowledgeable, get them completely mixed up). I can forgive ignorance--you don't have to be aware of Japanese genre distinctions to enjoy anime/manga, after all. But the genre distinctions are nevertheless important, and they have absolutely nothing to do with sexism or whatever. Moreover, it's a really simple and easy concept to understand. I just want to go bang my head on a wall when I read articles which refer to series like Love Hina or Chobits as shoujo. Good grief...

As a general principle, I dislike staunch liberals and staunch conservatives. Both groups are equally annoying and shrill. Perhaps because I'm surrounded by apparently hardcore liberals (both online and in real life), I tend to get a little more irked at them--but it's not like I care much for conservative ideals either. Ugh.

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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]I have so much pet peeves, but I'll just type a few.

[B]1. When people make me repeat myself more than two times.[/B] I just get so annoyed! I just ask them weren't you listening?! But, maybe I just have to speak louder...but even if I make myself loud and clear they still make me repeat myself! :animeangr

[B]2. When people don't admit they like each other when they do.[/B] It makes me mad because why waste a few years acting like you don't want to be with each other, when you fully like each other?! Life's just too short! By the time you admit your feelings, it might already be too late!

[B]3. When someone tells me to do something that I'm already doing.[/B] My parents do this to me all the time! They tell me to do my homework, when I'm already doing it!

[B]4. Those people that think they know everything![/B] They're the type who are always harassing the teacher and yelling out the answers in class when they get it, not even being courteous for those who are still finding the answer.

[B]5. Those who don't use proper grammer or crazy spelling on the internet.[/B] I don't like it because sometimes it's very hard to understand!

[B]6. When people tell me how to do something.[/B] Sometimes this is useful, when I don't know how to do something. But, when I do, it's so annoying! For example, when I was putting my clothes in the dryer, my grand aunt told me (well, I think she was telling me because she talks to herself :animestun ) to clean out the lint trap. I already know that!

[B]7. When dead people don't stay dead in books, shows etc.[/B] I don't like it because they should stay dead! Also, if they need to tell someone something they don't have to make it so creepy.

This is all I'm going to type because I might get into a rant![/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo]I?ll just explain the ones that bother me the most.

1. [B]People who think gangs are cool[/B]. Nothing infuriates me more than this. In my opinion there is absolutely nothing cool about being in a gang and being a part of the stupidity that seems to go along with it. I have no patience for those who either join a gang to get or sell drugs or participate in the drive by shootings and gang wars that tend to break out.

2. [B]People who break the law[/B]. Primarily people who break the smaller laws and think nothing of it. Like speeding or stealing other?s work online and posting it elsewhere as if they did all of the work. The attitude that it?s just small stuff so there?s nothing wrong with it really irritates me quite a bit. It?s easy to say that until you are the one that people steal from.

3. I agree with Panda on the one about [B]people who abandon pets[/B]. Where my parents live a lot of people have the attitude of never fixing their pets and getting rid of them when there is to many. Or like she has said where they get tired of the new pet so they drop it off somewhere. I?ve lost count of the times I?ve found poor half starved to death dogs and cats. If ever catch someone dumping their pet I can assure you I?ll be beating the heck out of them for being so irresponsible and stupid. Or maybe I should drop them off somewhere that is hundreds of miles away from any civilization and see how long they survive.

I could easily list several more, but these are the ones that annoy me the most.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Here we go.

1) Uncontrolled procreation - I understand that some people do it for love, however, those who do it for the heck of it just keep leaving behind more and more helpless children to suffer.(Plus, I know this is a bit cold, but we truly are overpopulating at too fast a rate, and one solution would be to...God, I hate saying this.....cut down the human population worldwide by 2/3, then control that 1/3 to let the earth heal. This way the human race will last longer and hopefully, although not likely, worldwide suffering will ease.

2) When people fear things, such as insects, spiders, reptiles, etc., and just kill them. Just because you don't like things doesn't mean you have kill them. Live with them, try to understand them. I mean, I don't really like cats or dogs, but I don't kill them when their friggin' owners let them out to bombard my lawn with feces. Which brings up the next one.

3) I really do not like having to clean up after other people's pets. I have about three or four neighbors which have dogs and cats. Now, these people don't want their pets messing up their yards, so they just let them out to roam all over my yard....at times, I feel like bringing out my bow, and just waste one of those demonic crap machines. All they ever do is come over to my yard and crap, then they search out lizards, snakes, frogs, and just eat them.

4) I hate people who are indecisive. (That includes myself to some degree.) Seriously, people who can't set their minds to something and just do it are truly bothersome. There are people out there who just can't decide on anything, mainly because they are unsure of themselves or the situation. We, as humans, learn from our mistakes and thus improve ourselves as an individual and as a whole.

5) I hate dial-up modems. I have one myself, and I have one because my family is in a financial bind, and we can't afford one of those other internet services because of their ridiculous reasons for raising their prices. Dial-up is the reason I can't enjoy internet music sites, or video sites. Dial-up, however, is the reason I can post this.

6) I hate not remembering what else I hate. Stay posted for more to come.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[size=1][B]I hate people who think Nazism and/or Hitler is cool.[/B] It's really sickening to watch my peers do Nazi salutes, and then laugh about it, or make Jewish jokes and then laugh at them (...especially the ones about the incinerator). Not only is it ignorant, but callous to those who suffered and died under the Nazi regime. I'm guessing they don't understand the massive amount of life lost during those times.

[b]I cringe when I see a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker.[/b] I just do. I feel like peeling it off, and reprimading the driver too. Probably my zealous Democratic side.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][quote name='Retribution][size=1][b]I cringe when I see a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker.[/b'] I just do. I feel like peeling it off, and reprimading the driver too. Probably my zealous Democratic side.[/size][/quote]


There are lots of things that annoy me, but not many that really get me riled every single time. Most of my annoyances are actually personal and probably silly to others.

1. I am from England, and I think of myself as British. So when someone says, "Oh hey, you're European!" I get really, really annoyed. Yes, technically we're on the same tectonic plate as Europe, so what? We have our own currency, government, laws and, most of all, [I]we aren't actually on the continent.[/I]

I'm a very patriotic person and I firmly believe that people in Scotland, Ireland, England or Whales shouldn't be called Europeans. It's stupid.

2. People who argue for the sake of arguing just...gah. I can't stand it when people do that. Most of my friends try to get me annoyed just so they can argue with me because...I get annoyed easily. The annoying thing is, most of the time I'm right as it is, but they just come out with the same stupid remarks and only succeed in getting me even more annoyed!

3. [B]Double Standards[/B]. I don't think this needs much explaining, I'm sure everyone hates a hypocrit.

There are more, but I think I may start ranting a little too much if I attempt to describe them.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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On with the peeves!! Yes...

1. Before I start this one, I'm going to apologise to Imi in advance.
I'm English too, and I can't stand [B]the attitude we have towards Europe[/B]. Okay, fine. I wouldn't mind it if we'd actually follow it up, but so long as we're a member of the European Union, we're a part of Europe. We seem quite happy to meddle in the affairs of countries who're happy to call themselves Europeans, yet the moment they suggest something to us - oh no, we're British. We won't accept the Euro. We'll go to war if we want to. Well, if that's the price of patriotism, then I'm quite happy I gave up on it long ago.
[I](Again, sorry Imi. It has 'biased' written all over it, but it's what I think, so... yeah.)[/I]

2. [B]Table manners[/B], or rather [B]a lack of them[/B]. To be honest, this is really quite trivial, doesn't apply to anyone outside of my family. Y'see, my parents always used to dig into when I was younger. You know..."Don't talk with your mouth full!", "Chew with your mouth closed!", etc. The problem is, over the last few years, they've somehow forgotten all that stuff themselves. My mother always, always talks with food in her mouth. My father, every four or so chews, will suddenly decide to open his mouth - quite nicely amplifying the lovely squelching noise of mashed up food between teeth. And so on. Yummy...

3. [B]Bad parenting[/B]. Nope, this one doesn't apply to my family. This applies to that disturbingly common breed of 'supermarket parent', also found on buses from time to time. This is the kind of parent who drags their child (or, even worse, children) around by the arm, crying, threatening to smack them when they get home if they don't shut up - somehow failing to understand that it doesn't really help the situation. The kind of parent who swears, rather loudly, the instant their child does anything vaguely childish. And so on. This is the kind of parent who should've never been allowed to have children in the first place. Simple.

4. Racism, sexism, and [B]prejudice in general[/B]. OK, most people, no matter how reluctant they are to admit it, are at least slightly prejudiced about something. That's fine. It's a fact of life, and I have no problem with that. When people are severely prejudiced and proud of it - that's when I have a problem. I could also go on about how the laws on prejudice and discrimination have become a total mess as we've sought to become more 'politically correct', but I won't.

5. [B]Having to answer questions like these[/B]. Thinking about them can put me into quite a negative mood, both from things in the world and things within me. Bah...

And for that very reason, I'm not going to post in this one again. Hopefully. Maybe.

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Guest TribalofChaosDJ
[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=Purple][SIZE=3]1) When people judge things without full understanding of it
2) When people have one word or phrase they MUST say every other sentence or they may just die -_-
3) prejudice. No that is more than a peeve, I downright loathe it. I agree with Loco on it for the most part, though.
4) When people try too hard to make others pleased with them. It's okay to want to make your friends and family happy, but seriously sometimes it can go too far.
5) The fact that most people view other animal species as lower than our own and thus results in them being mistreated. I mean humans are animals too, technically, so I view us on equal standards.
6) Ignorance. Which sort of coinsides with prejudice. But this is more general. Idiocy and ignorance are just so frustrating. [/SIZE] [/COLOR][/FONT]
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This would take me years to list what bothers me. So i'll do a few.

NOTE: Not necasairly in this order, #1 is the biggest though, I did 2 #1's for a reason they are a tie.

1 men who abuse women and children (psyachily or emotinaly) *cough cough clears throat and says dad*
1 my dad (see top #1)
2 my gf's dad (he hates me for who knows what reason)
3 sterotypes about emo's and goths (not all of them are true) (I hear and deal with them all day "oh, you wear all black your evil" "oh boo hoo you hate your life" "goths are satanists" must I go on We dont care what you think but it does get nerve racking after 4 years
4 Authority (just because I dont agree I get yelled at over everything)
5 being yelled at because I drew the pentagram (it is'nt evil upsidedown pentagram is I get yelld at constantly for it heres an idea KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU YELL AT ME)
6 Cats ( filthy loud shedding annoying creatures)
7 anti emos and anti goths (what gives people the right to judge us just because we're different I dont make fun of a specific social group because they are'nt goth or emo)
8 Nazi's and other prejudice people (not saying I did'nt appreciate the million somthing deaths but to a specific type of people is what made it completly wrong)
9 Music that gets on my nerves ( rap in particular I dont care to hear about certain things to do with women or drugs or how much "Bling" you have)
10 being accused of casting magic when I draw alchemic symbols ( Again KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU YELL AT ME)
11 The kid next to me in math class (Cheating S.O.B.)
12 being acused of being a Nazi because i'm an anarchist (just because I dont FULLY agree with ANY form of government suddenly im a Nazi??? I dont judge people for their political views so dont judge me about mine)
13 people who judge (you should already know why but if you dont I find it hard to explain why)
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edit: AH I'm sorry. I was in a rush and my mom left the door as soon as I typed the 10th thing and I just posted it. I promise I'll fix it... [strike]right after I eat. >_>[/strike]

:] FYI this list in not in order from greatest or least or least to greatest.

1) Self-proclaimed intelluctals.
- Basically, people who really aren't intellectual and say they are. I use the word 'intellectual' to mainly describe who are rational and intelligent, and respectively I use the word 'intelligent' to describe someone who gathers and looks at all their sources. So I get ticked off at people who judge a giant thing and act as if they know everything about a subject, when they've only read or heard one thing about it. Case in point, people who go around saying they hate George W. Bush and republicans, but can't give more than three good reasons as to why. Sometimes I do it, and I look back on it and I get pissed off at myself.

2) Arrogant people.
- Possibly my worst pet peeve. I don't even know if I can call it a pet peeve, that's how much it ticks me off. It's just a basic turn-off for me. Yeah, I know there are some people who don't mean to be, they're just very factual and state the truth (I have a friend who is very smart, and she knows she is smart, so she says this), but people who are rude to others because they think they're superior just really is disgusting. The concertmaster of my orchestra is undoubtably a very talented violinist, and possibly one of the best in the state of Georgia. I love listening to him play solos; I'd be lying if I said I didn't. But he also just gives off an undeniable air of "I'm better than you'll ever be a playing, so don't even try and talk to me." One of my good friends is also very talented at the violin, and she practices [i]a lot[/i] (I'm sure anyone here who plays an instrument knows how much dedication it takes to practice your instrument every day for several hours). So when she messes up during a concert or something she just gets very upset and sometimes cries, and our concertmaster will just say "You need to practice more." in a very rude tone. I really want to strangle his neck sometimes.

3) Musical elitists.
- I think this can fall under arrogance.

4) Any of type of elitist in general.
- ... And this as well. >_> I don't understand how some elitists, let's say literature elitists, can talk about how much they love literature, yet condemn others for reading books like... I don't know, a book about teenage girls or something. I'll take the liberty of saying you guys know what I'm talking about. Another example could be the Harry Potter series. I remember at one point on OB, there was someone who refused to read Harry Potter because he/she thought the themes of the novel could never match up to the ones in other famous novels, like Catcher in the Rye and whatnot. I'm sorry to break it to you, but themes aren't the only important things in literature. JK Rowling is very talented in making the HP universe seem alive and real, and basically just pulling you into it. I've never read any other book that pulls it off as well as JK Rowling does. That's also an important thing about literature, not themes.

5) Self-proclaimed emos who freely talk about how they cut their wrists last night.
- I am going to just say that I don't think people who really cut their wrists will go around and tell everyone. Even people they don't know. Some 'emo' chick told me she cut her wrists before, and I had JUST met her. I didn't even know her name, and she didn't even know mine. I was just like, "[i]Okay[/i], well... thank you for that. I'm sure your hideous inner pain is something you can just share with everyone and anyone." I may be wrong here, but something about it sets off my 'wtf' alert.

6) People who disregard current events and believe it's dumb for high-schoolers to be concerned about politics/elections since we can't vote.
- Imo, I think that's the same as saying "I think it's dumb for people to worry about a huge natrual disaster in another country. We don't even live there." I don't know how I'm supposed to explain this. It just gets on my nerves. It's really not going to harm anyone if I take time to catch up on current events and watch news stations instead of watching the OC everyday (fyi I do keep up with the OC, so don't pound on me).

7) Arrogant people.
- *bangs head on desk*

8) People who are rude to others because they deem them as less smart or ignorant, because obviously they are so much superior than them. News flash: No one cares.
- Is it me, or I have a written another pet peeve alluding to arrogance?!

9) A giant one of mine: when people call famous novels 'dumb' or say the author is stupid. When we were reading Of Mice and Men in lit class, this one girl said "I think the author ran out of things to say, so he just [spoiler] killed Lennie.[/spoiler] This is [i]such[/i] a pointless book."
- Um, no. John Steinbeck did not become one of America's most celebrated novelists because he "ran out of things to say". I hope I'm not coming across as elitist here, but that was the dumbest thing I've ever heard anyone say about a novel. She said the same thing about the ending of A Separate Peace. Basically I wanted to yell in frustration and hit something. And then I realized I was a huge lit-dork.

10) Arrogant people.
-Ok, so I will confess that I used to be THE biggest arrogant ***** on this side of the universe. I do not understand why I had friends. Really, I don't. Maybe it was just me being a 13-year-old, but if I could I would go back in time and smack myself around a bit and yell at me. And then, I don't know. During one summer I changed a lot for some reason, and I've been trying to be as humble as I can be. It's a nice life.

Added # 11) Eating late at night. It makes me feel like I'm going gain 5 pounds while I sleep, so I force myself to DDR for like... an hour. And then I'm sweating like the Apocalypse is coming and my legs are sore and I collaspe on my bed dying.[/color]
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[SIZE=1]Oh, so many to tell.

[B]1. Hypocrites[/B] When people tell you not to do something or pretend to be disgusted and irritated when they see someone else do something and then turn around and do it themselves.

[B]2. Selfish People[/B] Anyone who think that they're better than you and will do absolutely nothing for anyone else and not even for themselves sometimes is just as bad as a hypocrtite.

[B]3. Dirty Hands[/B] I hate when people have dirty hands. If I see someone eat, use the bathroom, and even brush their hair and not wash their hands, I just refuse to touch them all together. My hands are washed about 17 times a day.

[B]4. Bad *** Kids [/B] Those poeple who spoil their children and then yell at them when they try and ask for something and get it for them anyways. All of seven of my children know how to act every since I took hold of them.

[B]5. People who take forever to do something[/B] I like to move quickly and efficiently but sometimes I do take my time but I'm faster than everyone else. It doesn't take half an hour to stir milk into brown sugar.

[B]6. Ignorance[/B] I admit at times I can be a little stupid but I make up for it. But those people who constantly do stupid things for attention or pretend to think they know everything for you to prove them wrong are just pathetic.

I'll complain about the rest later.[/SIZE]
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[font=Trebuchet MS][b]Lunox, Al-araaf[/b] and [b]TribalofChaosDJ,[/b] I'd like to refer to you Panda's earlier post (page 1), where she pointed out her pet peeve:

[quote name='Panda]...[/font][color=Red]lists of pet peeves that don't explain why the listed peeve is annoying to them![/color'][font=Trebuchet MS][/quote] That's one I share. Along with [b]people who don't read the thread before posting.

[/b]Too many times I've had to berate people for either repeating exactly what someone else said three posts beforehand, or for utterly failing to grasp the point of the thread. Case in point: the old [b]"What does your sig/avi/username say about you?"[/b] thread, anyone remember it? n00bs used to jump in in with "my siggy means XYZ!" when reading the first post would have told them that the idea was to analyse the previous poster's details, not their own.
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Let's see...

You don't like cats? That makes me sad. They are not loud or filthy as you say they are. Perhaps you have had one too many bad experiences with cats.

Cats are actually constantly grooming. They are quite clean, especially compared to dogs (not that I dislike dogs). They are also quiet. No barking...I have a dog so I do like them I'm just saying that dogs are the filthy loud ones...and they also shed.

I respect your right to dislike them, I'm just saying...

Well anyway. Here are a few of my least favorate things...

1) [B]When people tell me I'm a wrist slitter.[/B] I just hate, hate, hate this. I would never ever slit my wrists. I knew someone who killed himself that way. It made me sick. I wouldn't do it, I walked in on his dead body, I just wouldn't do it. Just the thought....

2) [B]People who have god complexes[/B]. Who think they are so high and mighty but are really not. Who won't ADMIT that they think that way but everyone knows that they do. Who are, in reality, very insecure, and try to cover that by being WAY too competitive...with their own friends. There's no need to flip your friend across the room, so why would you brag about being undefeatable in battle or some nonsense? WHY do you need to assert yourself to your own friends that way?

3) [B]And not being able to tell said person that because you don't want to hurt their feelings.[/B]

4) [B]Narrow-mindedness[/B]. I hate when people can't accept that another idea may be right. Other than their own. It just infuriates me.
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When people are more annoying than me. :animeangr

[COLOR=Red]Edit: Please explain why this is your pet peeve. What does it take to be more annoying than you? What do you consider annoying? Please elaborate on your answer. As it stands now your response is spam. If you would like to use the edit button on this post you can add to your response and delete this warning.

Please put more effort into your responses in the future. If you have questions about posting quality feel free to PM myself or any of the other moderators. Thanks!

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