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Sign Up Ronin [Rated M]


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[color=red]This RPG takes place in a fictional Japan. This RPG may contain images of violence, gore, language, alcohol use, and sex. Take part at your own risk.[/color]


[color=darkred][size=2][B][U]The Story[/B][/U][/size]

The year was 1551, and great intrigue had recently gripped the country, due to the introduction of European culture by sailors and merchants. The Shogun had taken a great amount of interest in the ways of these foreign travelers and had welcomed them to come and go through country as they pleased, bringing and taking as they liked. This greatly displeased many of the regional lords, finding the European peoples greatly disrespectful to the laws of their individual lands. However, due to the Shogun's favor towards them, the Europeans were allowed to continue their ways. There was only one Daimyo who continued to maintain law in his own land, Lord Hoji Gasuke.

Lord Hoji was the Daimyo and ruler of Chiba Prefecture, an extremely important port at the islands coast. It was he alone who wouldn't allow the foreigners use of his ports and demanded that they go else where with their 'special' cargo. Much to their displeasure, the foreigners did as told, but this would not last long, as the foreigners reported their mistreating to the Shogun himself.[/color]


It was a brightly lit night sky over Chiba Prefecture. The strong winds of fall pushed the sea's smell into the mainland, filling the air with the scent of salt water. Lord Hoji sat peacefully in his shrine, honoring his ancestors, and the Buhdda. He bowed ontop a silk mat as inscents burned to his right and left. The Buhdda was a striking feature in the room, a 10 foot statue of the Great Enlightener praying solemnly, chiseled out of polished gold. As he bowed, Lord Hoji prayed one of his favorite mantras for the well being of his people. The threat of the Europeans was beggining to wear on his nerves, and he feared violence would soon break out between him and the foreigners.[/color]
Little did he know, death was approaching quickly from the forest surrounding his grand manor. Shadows of the Shogun where skipping from tree to tree in the woodlands, nearing the Daimyo's castle. There where three of them, each a highly trained assassin of the night, masters of secrecy, Shinobi... As they seemingly flew through the height of the trees, they slowly began to slow their pace as the light illuminating from the castle became evident. They were close, and would have to begin stalking onto the target. As they approached the manor, they each emidiatley noticed the ground guards, marching back and forth slowly attentively. The shinobi eyed one another, and then leaped to the ground, rolling along the ground with inhuman grace. They quickly began a speedy run through the rest of the forest with silent footsteps. They approached the first guard with a supernatural stealth, quickly, the first of the shinobi leaped ontop his back, stifiling his yelps with a hand over the mouth as the second quickly ran around him, slitting his throat. The third then leaped in action, pulling the body back into the forest's cover. They then continued...[/color]

Lord Hoji was alerted by a light rapping in the distance, and chalked it up to one of his many pets possibly playing with another. He was suddenly alerted again by the rapping abrupt halt. He looked up from his praying bow calmly, and glanced over his shoulder slightly. He then looked forward once again and bowed, beggining his mantra once again. That was when a loud slam caused him to look up again, seeing three men covered in black slowly approaching him from his back in the reflection of the praying Buhdda statue. He scowled to himself, closing his eyes.

[B]"So. It has come to this. The Shogun has finally turned against his own people in favor of those foreigners?" [/B]he spoke in a voice of remorse. [B]"This saddens me greatly..."[/B][/color]

[color=indigo] [B]"It would seem our lord has grown tired of your interference."[/B] said one of the Shadows in a hissing tone.[/color]

[B][color=sienna]"I see. Then I shall not disobey your lords wishes. Just know, though you may kill me, the people shall still have a voi- Ugh!..."[/B] Lord Hoji's words were cut short by the cold steel of the assassin's blade cutting him down the lenght of his back diagonally.[/color]

[color=indigo][B]"Hmmf! I have no interest in your foolish babble... Our mission is complete. Let us go."[/B] spoke the Shinobi leader with the snake's voice, quickly dissapearing into the shadows, followed quickly by his followers.[/color]

[color=sienna]The Daimyo lay dying on the floor as they dissapeared, blood flowing down his mouth and spilling out his back. He mustered up the strength to move his fingers slightly to leave his last testimate upon this world, and to his people. With his dying breath he spoke, [B]"T-the people m-must know..."[/B].

Moments later a young maiden stepped into the room. "M'lord! I heard a ruckus, is there anything the.... Aaaai!" she screiched loudly, alerting the rest of the castle's tennents. As the rest of the residents came, a look of horror and despair washed over them as they saw the blood drenched body of their leader dead on the floor. As one of the Daimyo's advisors peered further, his face was twisted in terror as he read the word written in blood on the stomache of the Buhdda statue. It read simply, [color=darkred][B]"Shogun"[/B][/color]...[/color]


Our Daimyo has been killed. With only one clue left, our only knowledge is that the one resposible is the Shogun himself. With vengeance in our blood and rage in our hearts, we, the Samurai of our Lord Hoji Gasuke have vowed to take justice on the wicked Shogun, and any of those involved in the taking of our Lord's life....

Unfortunately for us Ronin, the Shogun has the rest of the regional lords on a tight leash, and all of them are ready to obey his commands. Due to a price placed on the heads of each of us, each of them will be looking for us intently. Along with his regional lords, the Shogun has taken aid from the Europeans, who have taken in their hands to hire the deadliest mercenaries from across the world. Each of them powerful foes, they all hunt the lands for us. We have a great journey in front of us, but we no longer have anything to lose. Vengeance shall be ours...


[B][U][size=2]The Factions:[/B][/U][/size]

[color=sienna][B]The Ronin:[/B] The Ronin are the last of the Daimyo's samurai. Now masterless, they have sworn revenge on the murderer of their lord, The Shogun. A rag tag team, each Ronin is different in size, appearance, fighting style, and background, but all of them swore their loyalty to Lord Hoji. Now, they are on their last mission to free the people from the tyrannical Shogun, and to take vengeance on their master...[/color]

[color=indigo][B]The Mercenaries:[/B] the Mercenaries are the hired or serving warriors of the Shogun and the European occupants. Soldiers of fortune from across the world, each important mercenary is a deadly combantant and unique in the ways they destroy their opponents. With nothing in their hearts other than money and self gain, the Mercenaries are a ruthless group, but dangerous none the less. Each of them are to be feared...[/color]

[B][U][size=2]Sign Ups[/B][/U][/size]

[B]Name:[/B] (Japanese if Samurai, or befetting nationality)

[B]Age:[/B] (17-60)


[B]Faction:[/B] ([color=sienna]Ronin[/color] or [color=indigo]Mercenary[/color])


[B]Appearance:[/B] (pic or detailed description)

[B]Weapon:[/B] (just about anything is game other than firearms advanced past muskets and small pistols. Swords, spears, anything is cool really.)

[B]Fighting Style:[/B] (make is fantastic. No ki blasts, but think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Hero)

[B]Short Bio:[/B] (let it document the past of your character, and the current relationship with their master or employer)

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] (an out of context writing in character)


The aim of this RPG is to create an epic and over the top action adventure as a band of close friends with a single mission on mind make their way to the Shogun to take revenge and to uncover the true evil behind his motivations.

I hope all who join enjoy this RPG. It's been a while since I last made one, so I hope I'm not too rusty. Have fun!

I'll get my sign up later.[/size][/center]
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Name: Tsutsu Ninnishi (Suit-soo Nin-nish-e)
Nickname: Tsuts (Suits)

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Faction: Ronin

Personality: A lax, yet fiery desposition, Tsutsu doesn't fall into any category too quickly. Friends know her to be a bit forward and straight up, unlike most females. She likes to play it straight and make sure everyone gets his due. Especially when sent on a mission. A great person to be around for her fun nature, a deadly enemy if angered in any such way that makes her feel insignificant (or angered at all, truth be told).

Appearance: Her willowy body flows from a 5'6" stature. With captivating aquamarine eyes, fair-yet lightly freckled and soft skin gives her the natural look of young. Her raven black hair falls just below her shoulder-blades with tints of silver-white around the edges.
She wears a wide variety of clothing, and with her fair skin and the freckles, she's able to be seen as a European with black dye in her hair at first glance. Normally when sent to see anyone, she will were a fine dress or a kimono. If her ensamble allows she will where boots. She's a well canidate for some missions that called for the 'finese' of war.
Most of the trinkets she wears, such as a large ring on her forefinger and the sapphire heart-shaped locket, store various powders that knock out a person for a large amount of time if they had been drinking when slipped the drug. The person could become poisoned when taking the drug or the controller of the powders could even paralyze the wanted person.

Weapon: Elegantly carved daggers (most of them stolen from late victims) and two black pistols (from one of her first European kills). The daggers are easily stored in her obi (sash) of her kimono or in her petticoats of the European dresses. Her guns are stored in her petticoats of the European dresses and are strapped to her calves tightly (so they are sure never to fall off) when her mission requires a kimono. When she's allowed to wear boots (and dress down for minor missions) she holds the pistols on her belt, in holisters, and puts her daggers in her boots.

Fighting Style: Tsutsu toys with her prey. She takes her time with the kill. On the times others are with her, she is usually told to wrap it up quickly. Because it's 'you do it, or I will' type of thing that happens with her. She uses a unique stealth technique, no smokescreens required. She takes the ninja techinique of manipulating shadows and mixes it with her own twist-the alluring, sensual design of a helpless maiden. She uses the powders in her trinkets with this idea. Her guns and daggers are used to prolong pain, mostly the daggers are used as torture devices.

Short Bio: Tsutsu had lived in the far north of Japan when she first learned about the government needing abled bodied persons to fight for the lord. She had watched her brothers go, her parents first children. They were twins and her mother didn't want to let her go, but there was nothing she could do about it. She was about thirteen, at that age she could've been sent off, but everyone knew that women weren't going to be allowed unless absolutely nessicary. She and her brothers would spar with each other for fun, but she never went easy on them, even when they were easy on her.
During the years, she progressed in the forest behind her house. She learned how to use katanas and spears that her father had let her borrow. He was always so kind to her, and everything she wanted from him, without taking advantage, she got. Honestly though, she fell into her own when she was allowed to use the daggers one day because the katana's blade was dull and her father had to sharpen it. She insisted on another weapon and her father brought out the unusual daggers, he had called them kunai. He had also brought out a set of regular daggers as well. She took one of each and went into the forest, no returning until late in the evening. Upon uncovering her house for the umpteenth time, she saw something that was out of place and it had been four years since she had seen the many people.
She bowed to the lord and to her parents for her lateness, and apologizing. Her mother, who had always been strict, told her now was not the time. The lord looked at her, she was almost as tall as he. Then he spoke.
"I am afraid, my dear, that it should be I apologizing to you. Your brothers were killed, a short while back. That is why I am here." It struck her as hard as a slap in the face. She did not cry though, crying will be for later.
"Allow me to go." The lord shook his head in remorse for her lose of family. Her mother motioned for her to stay quiet. "I'm just as good, if not better, than they. Let me go in their places. I wil count for four men. I have trained nearly my whole life with them. Four years ago I started practicing by myself. Forcing myself to become better than them when they came back. Allow me to fight and get vengance." The lord looked at her questioningly, as if thinking about how he was going to respond.
"No, I will not lose you too." Her mother was crying now. Tsutsu didn't care. She wanted to fight.
"I will be better than most that fight for you, because I want to fight. I want to destory the obsticles in your way." He considered her a few more moments and then agreed. Her father hugged her, and he told her that he loved her and to come home safely. She nodded and hogged her mother and her mother, who had never shown so much emotion in front of guests, wrapped her arms around her daughter, as if protecting her from the outside world. Her father handed her his now sharpened katana.
"What is your name?" The lord asked her as the two moved towards the caravan and the company the lord had brought followed in tow.
"Ninnishi, Tsutsu."
"Suits, Tsuts." She smiled.

Character Snippet:
Tsutsu walked escorted by two men. Another 'fancy' mission as she called it. She needed to go incogneto and dress in a pink and black kimono. She liked the dressing up, but the getas...the shoes were murder on her feet.
She and her colleagues were going for a party for Europeans and a couple of the Japanese supporters. She was given the invite by the Ronin's surregate leader. It was quite the entertainment of her month. She hadn't been allowed to go on about five missions due to a wound in her thigh. She didn't want to irritate the wound by having to strap the pistols to her thighs. However it was hard to decline some of the missions she missed out on.
"Ready, Miss Nanoka?" One of her 'escorts' said calmly.
"Whenever you two are, Misters Johoha and Fisin." She beamed at the two and they lead her inside the party. It was quite the little party. A Mistress' Kimono, a famos house of geishas, had a few there. She looked at the painted dolls. All ten of them, plus the owner of the house, were all dressed up like fragile little angels. Though, Tsutsu knew better than to think of them as angels. They were nothing close to innocent.
She kissed both of her armed men on the cheek, their signal to leave immediately for she had found the one who they were killing tonight. She swayed over to the man, he was aged, but not ragged. He smiled drunkenly at her.
"Are you my company for tonight?" He asked her coyly. She faked a blush, just accutely off the true thing. [I]I'll be your last company.[/I] She thought brutally, not showing a thing besides innocence. He pulled her close, she lay submissive in his arms. She could smell the sake on his breath, she could see the redening nose.
He led her out of the room and into another. She didn't wait for him to undress though. She unwrapped the obi in her kimono, a dagger in each skilled hand. The front of her dress slipped open, exposing some skin, but not enough. He reached out for her, and she striked. His shoulder bleed profusely and he staggered back, falling onto the futon.
"You *****!" She snatched at her thigh and pulled out a pistol. She walked up to him, dagger in one hand, pistol in another. She plundged the dagger deep into his right shoulder. He winced at the pain, and gasped for air. She then removed the dagger that she stuck in him when he reached out for her. She stabbed him in the lung. A cry of pain escaped his lips.
"You deserve this. I am doing this to you because you've earned every puncture I make." She removed the other dagger and repeated the process of piercing the flesh, blood flowing from the new wound in addition to the other three. She took out both of the daggers. Threw one like a ninja star at his throat, missing that special vein. The other went into his right arm's tendon. He cryed silent tears of blood. She grinned at the sickening picture. She removed both of her daggers and cleaned them. She waited another ten minutes.
"May you rot in hell." She shot the dying man, and in all of the ruckus of the party, no one heard the shot. She quickly wrapped her knife infested obi around herself and walked out. She took her two escorts out, leading them by their hands, a signal saying loud and clear, if her malicous smile didn't: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
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Here's My Sign Up.

[B]Name:[/B] Nemuri Tora *

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Faction:[/B] Ronin


[URL=http://rds.yahoo.com/S=96062883/K=Samurai+Champloo/v=2/SID=e/TID=I999_73/l=IVI/SIG=12mcf7s5v/EXP=1133400501/*-http%3A//idvd.cn/upload/img/Sample/Samurai_Champloo/character01s.jpg] Tora [/URL]

Minus the Sword on back.

[B]Personality:[/B] Chronically lethargic and lazy, Tora is known for his tired demeanor, which has given him his name, meaning Sleeping Tiger. Cool and collected at all times, it's rare for him to get excited about anything. And while being this way, he exposes a constant confidence that borders arrogance at almost all times. However, he has always been able to back himself up.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Tora is one of the most peculiar 'samurai' Lord Hoji had ever taken into service. This being because he has no wish to use any form of weapon what so ever. Tora has always stated that the only weapons he'll ever need is his own body. Strangely enough, this has proven true ever since taken into service. Tora has shown his ability to defeat whole groups of armed opponents time and time again.

[B]Fighting Style:[/B] Tora is a master of hand to hand combat, despite his young age. Many are in disbelief of his skill, and few can well identify any move in his arsenal. His stance looks as though he is falling asleep while standing up, greatly confusing his opponents, who take advantage of his foolish looks. He attacks primarily with his feet with akward kicks, but is also able to disarm opponents with his lighting fast hands. Tora is also known for his ability to leap incredible heights and for his acrobatic balance. Tora truely is the Sleeping Tiger.

[B]Short Bio:[/B]

Few people know of Tora's past. Few even know his true name, his current one being nothing more than a nickname given to him by Lord Hoji and his subordinates. His past is a sad one, none the less. Born on the island nation of Okinawa, Tora was raised by his father alone, his mother dying during his own birth. His father was a happy man with an optomistic outlook on life that he passed on to his son, as he also passed on his skill in the island's foreign art of Kara-Te (Empty Fist), something that the young Tora gladly learned. Due to the main land's strict rules and superior attitudes towards the native Okinawans, Tora had a naturally difficult childhood. He and his father constantly mistreated by the mainlanders, it wasn't until one faithful day that his life changed dramatically.

It was a stormy day by the docks, where Tora's father worked, as did Tora. He loaded ships for the Japanese occupants and rain was dropping hard onto the laborers like nails. Tora's father was a powerful man and held a large crate on his back, hauling up onto a soldier ship. Almost to the top, a scraggly looking soldier stalked over to him from the ship and stood in front of him. Uttering something Tora could not quite understand from afar, all he saw was the man kick his father in the chest, causing him to topple down the ramp and back down onto the ground. Tora quickly aided his father and helped him to his feet, giving a furious look to the soldier.

[B]"Better keep your boy in line, Okinawan."[/B] the soldier spat in discontent.

[B]"Go on, son... we don't want any trouble..."[/B] Tora's father spoke to him cautiously, looking to his son with care.

[B]"No! This pig needs to learn a lesson!"[/B] Tora spoke angrily, clenching his fist.

[B]"So, you wanna start some trouble, you little dog!?"[/B] the soldier growled at him, a nasty look in his eyes as he drew his sword from his side. Filled with rage, Tora charge at the man with blind fury. The man then took a big slash down with his sword down at the boy. Tora looked up only in time to see his father leap in the way of the blow, pushing Tora off the dock and into the water. The blade sunk deep into his clavical, causing blood to gush out thick. Tora looked up from the water and screamed loudly as his father fell backwards, dead. [B]"Damn it!"[/B] the soldier cursed, calling in two men to carry off the body, dropping it into the ocean. Tora quickly sunk underwater to keep from being discovered. As he swam onto a beach further away, he took a deep breath and sat up, looking onto the docks where his fahter was just killed. From that day forward, he swore he would have his revenge. He wouldn't get it until many years later...

It was a bright and humid day in Okinawa as Lord Hoji had recently came to dock, viewing the land himself for anything of interest. He had one of his advisors with him, a man by the name of Kansuke. He was a caniving and malicious man whom he had a hard time trusting. He had a ruthless history, but Hoji decided to promote him anyways, because of his knowledge of the island of Okinawa. They were all trotting along on horseback as Kansuke told tales and gave details about the land around, as if he had cultivated it himself.

Suddenly, out of some near by shrubbery a loud rustling was heard and with unimaginable speed, a young man flew from them and leaped into the air at an inhuman height. He quickly shot out his foot and rammed it into Kansuke's face, causing him to shut his talkitive mouth and fly off his horse. He landed on the ground in a sick thump and quickly grabbed his face in agony.

[B]"What! What the hell! What the hell just hit me!"[/B] he screamed in anger and pain. He looked up to see the scraggly young man looking down at him with an unimaginable fury burning in his eyes.

[B]"You... you were the one who murdered my father all those years ago..."[/B] the young man spoke in a low growl barely audible.

[B]"Kansuke... what does this young man speak of?"[/B] Lord Hoji demanded to know.

[B]"I don't know... h-he's just a dirty Okinawa-EH!"[/B] Kansuke stopped short as the young man shot his foot into Kansuke's throat, killing him instantly. Lord Hoji and his escorts gasped in horror.

[B]"I'm am sorry to have offended you sir, but this man... he murdered my father... years ago."[/B] the young man said with a softened expression. The escorts of Lord Hoji had dismounted and drawn their weapons, slowly stalking onto the young man. [B]"Is this my fate to die here..."[/B] he spoke remorsefully.

[B]"Halt!"[/B] Lord Hoji called out to his escorts. [B]"Young man. Your skill, and your ability. They impress me greatly. Allow me to compensate for the crimes my servant has committed upon you."[/B]

[B]"What is this sir...?"[/B] the young man spoke gruffily.

[B]"Join me, so that I may repay you. Come back to the mainland with me, and serve under me as a warrior, as is befitting of a man with such ability."[/B] Hoji spoke in a compassionate voice, his words catching the young man's attention in a strange way.

[B]"Join you..."[/B] he said in a way as if dreaming. He then bowed his head and looked up to Lord Hoji, bringing a smile to his face.

[B]"Raise, my friend... raise."[/B] Hoji spoke. [B]"What shall I call you?"[/B]

[B]"My name died along with my father, Lord.[/B] the young man spoke quietly, looking up with tired features at Lord Hoji. This sparked inspiration in him.

[B]"Such a warrior... I shall call you... Tora! Nemuri Tora!"[/B] Hoji spoke, bringing a smile to the warriors face. From that day forward, the warrior known as Nemurai Tora served loyally under Lord Hoji...

[B]Character Snippit:[/B]

The Hiroki Grill was a reknown congregating place for ruffians and gansters of all sorts in Chiba. A place that local pirates liked to spend off days at. This place also happenend to be Tora's favorite place to catch a drink. He sat quietly at a table, sitting cross legged and getting his fill of sake and rice. He was wearing his typical clothes of a pair of shorts (a garment he learned to tailor in Okinawa) and a red kimono jacket showing the name of the Hoji clan.

As he sat peacefully, drinking to himself, a gang of rough necks barged into the grill, already drunk off of cheap sake and laughing histeryically at something or another. The rambled over to Tora's spot and stopped suddenly, eyeballing the man. One of them stepped forward clumisly and pulled a knife.

[B]"Hey p-pally... *hick*. Your in our seat."[/B] the oaf slurred, pointing the rusty blade at Tora.

Tora smoothed his eyes across his sockets and locked pupils with the man without turning his head from the table. [B]"I don't see your names on it..."[/B] he said with a lazy smirk in the corner of his mouth.

[B]"Ha! It's right there, fool!"[/B] one of the other men growled, pointing a tatooed arm that read "Oni Tribe". Tora turned his eyes again, this time looking at the graffitied wall by his table. On it, carved sloppily was "Oni Tribe Runs Chiba". Tora couldn't help but laugh a little.

[B]"What're ya laughin' at punk!? Ya think the Oni Tribe is something to **** with?!"[/B] the third man yelled loudly, catching the attention of the rest of the grill. He then reaches under his shirt and pulled a foreign pistol from his waist line, pointing it at Tora. Tora replied by laughing loudly at them. Angry, the man with knife lunged forward at Tora, stabbing the ground that he sat in, but Tora had already rolled against the wall, and pushed himself off, slamming his shoulder into the man's face, knocking him into the floor and bleeding from the nose.

The man carrying the gun aimed down at Tora, who quickly hand standed and spun on his back, kicking the pistol from his hand as he fired a shot into the ceiling. Quickly reacting, he spun his other leg around and swept the thug's leg at the knee, causing him to slam his head into the hard wood floor. Tora stood up straight to face the last of the three ruffians. He was shaking at the knees, terrified, but withdrew a chain belt from around his waist and swung it above his head. [B]"Now... d-don't come any closer." [/B]he stammered.

[B]"Alright."[/B], was all Tora said as he leaned his head forward with lightning speed, slamming it into the bridge of the thug's nose, causing him to flail back onto the ground. After finishing this, Tora suddenly noticed that all of the grill's customers were staring at him fearfully. Tora turned to the Grill's owner, Hiroki Toji, who simply looked agitated.

[B]"Honestly, Tora! This is the third time in a month! Ya gotta stop provoking these things, or I'm gonna have tah kick ya out!"[/B] he said in an aged voice. He was a short and stubby man with a messy beard around his mouth. [B]"Now will ya help me get these dummies outta here?"[/B]

[B]"Sorry... I got, ugh... places to be..." [/B]Tora spoke as he made his way out of the Hiroki Grill.

[B]"Damn it! Again!" [/B]Toji growled as he lifted one of the unconcious men up and dragged them slowly.


*Nemuri Tora in Japanese means Sleeping Tiger.

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[B]OOC:[/B] Thanks for the invite, looks good.
[B]EDIT:[/B] Done, let me know if I need to change anything.

[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Sakura Chiméiteki, The Deadly Cherry Blossom

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Faction:[/B] Mercenary

[B]Personality:[/B] Sakura doesn't like to show emotion because she's a cold hearted ninja/mercenary/assassin, but sometimes she will let something slip, only around people that she's incredibly close to. She hates failure and always completes a job. Sakura doesn't have a family, and has never known her real family because she was orphaned which is one of the reasons she doesn't open to anyone. She only has a few friends and they're all ninja/mercenaries. Sakura likes to work alone, her excuse is that others way her down, but in fact most people know its just because she's afraid to get close to anyone.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg]Here's[/URL] her Physical Description. When working she wears a really dark blue, bridging on black ninja outfit, with the wrap around mask. When not at work, Sakura just wears a mixture of blues, white and black, though she usually still carries [I]at least[/I] her pouch of projectiles. Sakura has one tattoo, it's situated on the centre of her palm on her left hand, the tattoo is of a pale pink, five petaled cherry blossom, within each petal is a black hiragana character; chi, me, i, te, and ki, every person that carries the Chiméiteki name has the tattoo on their left palm, being pale pink and black, it stands out against the pale tone of their skin.

[B]Weapons:[/B] As a good mercenary Sakura carries a lot of weapons. She carries a pouch which has several compartments, the two largest ones are full of [URL=http://www.shadowofleaves.com/shuriken5.jpg]shuriken[/URL] and [URL=http://home.netyou.jp/kk/sakura/sozai/gazo/kunai/kunai11.jpg]kunai[/URL], the smaller packed with other helpful items (I don't want to reveal everything). She also carries a [URL=http://img271.echo.cx/img271/8650/wpsw046oe.jpg]waki-zashi[/URL] that she keeps tied to the belt around her waist and a [URL=http://bjorn.foxtail.nu/images/jt_katana.jpg]katana[/URL] strapped on her back. But even without her weapons she isn't defenseless because she's been trained in the martial arts and has mastered each of them.

[B]Fighting Style:[/B] Sakura doesn't use one particular style of fighting, she has her own unique one which is a mixture of many. She uses a lot of acrobatics and she's very flexible, stealthy and agile which she's had to train a lot to be able to do. She also has brute force, skill with weapons and excellent accuracy, hitting her mark with a shuriken or kunai every time. Sakura also has some of the ninja skills (which I won't mention.)

[B]Short Bio:[/B] Sakura has never known the meaning of the word 'family', she never had a family as a child because she was orphaned as a baby. As Sakura grew up, she was taught about the more depressing things of life and always looked at things from a pesimistic point of view. She learned about families that broke up, friends betraying each other, broken hearts from a one sided love. That was the point in time when the door to Sakura's heart started to close. The bolt and padlock to the door arrived when her best friend at where she had been dumped, a kind of makeshift orphanage, left, walking out the door happily with a family, without even a look back at her.

That happened when Sakura was 7, and after that she refused to talk to people, the caretakers just gave her food and watched her. The kids tried to approach her but she would give them her coldest glare and they would cry, running to one of the caretakers. Slowly each of the children were taken and Sakura was left alone. Finally she spoke, at the age of 11, after 4 long years of silence. Sakura asked if she could leave, because she knew that no one would ever take her. The caretakers agreed finally, it was true, no use keeping her when she wouldn't co-operate with them.

Sakura was set free and given money to use, she used it on martial arts lessons and food. She found a job and worked hard, she bought herself weapons and slowly mastered her martial arts. And every night she would find a tree and sleep in the high branches.

Finally she bought herself new clothes, plus a ninja costume, she had decided what she wanted to be. Everyday she practised with weapons, accuracy, and martial arts. She found a ninja academy and trained hard, she soon learned the skills she needed and perfected the ones she already knew.

Sakura started her career as a ninja at the age of 16, people underestimated her because of her age but they were fooled, finding themselves killed before they could retract the thought.

Sakura became a mercenary and started to work for anyone tht payed high enough, she was a perfect ninja and assassin because she was young to fool victims and she was cold hearted, with her heart door tightly locked shut.

One day she was approached by someone who served under the Shogun and he wanted to hire her for a long period, promising good pay. Since Sakura didn't have a current job to do she agreed since everyone knew the Shogun had loads of money. They travelled back and Sakura met some of the other people that worked under him, but no one has breached the door to her heart, she hopes to make a friend, but isn't holding her breath.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] A figure clad in dark clothing could barely be seen hopping across the rooftops swiftly and silently against the night. It stopped, a sound had been heard. Sakura crouched down and listened, she had just assassinated an important member of a gang and was on her way back, she couldn't be caught now. The sound stopped and Sakura left even faster than before, she had a feeling someone was following her, which was verified when she heard the clatter of a loose tile and a very quiet curse. Sakura smirked under the cover of her mask and pretended that she hadn't heard anything. The follower had made two mistakes, not paying attention to anything that would give them away, and speaking or making a sound.

Sakura secretly reached to her pouch and pulled out a bunch of shuriken, hiding them in her hand so the moon's light didn't reflect off the shiny, black metal. She dropped one on purpose, letting it make a sound against the tiled roof she stood on. She crouched down and started to feel around, even though she knew exactly where it was. The foolish follower could be heard coming towards her, when he was close enough, Sakura swiped up the shuriken and threw them at his direction. He was shocked and fell back against the tiles, her aim was still perfect, hitting him in the chest, with one piercing his heart, two piercing each lung.

Sakura stood and looked over him. [B]"Pathetic."[/B] she spat.

She turned away and made the rest of the way back to her current employer.

Sakura reached the safety of the gate, she flicked one of her shuriken up to the guard house, perched above the gate. They were shocked but it stuck in the wall, the guards studied it, it had the kanji on it which meant Sakura, only a small bunch that she kept in one of the compartments were marked with her name. They opened the gate and allowed her entrance.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=2][FONT=Times New Roman][B]Name:[/B] Aoshi Kazami

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Faction:[/B] Ronnin

[B]Personality:[/B] Aoshi Is one who would rather get things done rather quickly. He doesn?t like to let things toil around for a time since he has learned from the many. rather painful experiences in the past. The only time when he wouldn?t want to get something done rather fast is when he would want to play with a person's mind. It is his one bad habit which may get him into much trouble one day.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Currently [URL=http://img453.imageshack.us/my.php?image=calintz5ga.jpg]this[/URL] is currently what he looks like. The many emblems that he has hanging off of his person, represents one of the symbols of his many origins. The sword that he carries is the one that he is currently using

[B]Weapons:[/B] Aoshi has just his own simple sword. Although it was custom made by Aoshi himself to best accommodate his fighting style. What makes this sword stand out however is the fact that instead of most swords of this time there is hilt. On the sword itself however there are grooves in it that when some kind of liquid. Say blood or whatnot. It comes out to look like fangs that were printed into his sword with blood.

[B]Fighting style:[/B] Although it is not as flashy as many of the other kinds of fighting styles. However it can be just as deadly as any of the other kinds of fighting styles that are practiced. It involves a high knowledge of the placement or the organs in the human body. Since this isn?t well know and because of his upbringing, Aoshi had learned the placement of these organs. To use this knowledge in combat, he uses a series of quick attacks, mostly tried on a concentrated point.
He isn?t the most powerful fighter around but his speed does make up for that in a way. There is a large hole in this style but hopefully it wont be found as of yet

[B]Shot Bio:[/B] Aoshi was originally born as a only child in a noble family. HE had grown up being mostly though of as a spoiled brat who had always got his way. He however had never though of himself like that however. When he was around the age of eight he finally realized that he was in a way being treated as a spoiled brat.

From then on he was constantly found in all kinds of trouble of almost every sorts. Stealing, running out into some of the darker parts of the town, all kinds of mischief that a noble such as himself was not to be doing. Every time he was forcefully brought back home and then scolded for doing such actions which had eventually gotten to tiresome for him to withstand and once he was around the age of 16 he had left his home entirely, searching for a meaning in his life and not once gave himself a second though about it.

Once he had a real experience of the real world however he realized how different he had though it was. It wasn?t that he was expecting everyone to basically grovel at his feet and give him everything of his wish. But more that it was an either kill or be killed world. He was constantly being ganged upon thugs and such, always ending up wounded and although it wasn?t so often he had been almost fatally injured. It was after the first time that this happened however that he decided to learn as much about the body itself so that if possible he could heal himself.

After he had finished learning more in the art of health he took some more time out to try and hone his fighting style. It took him a time but then he was soon able to prefect it to his best ability. He soon figured out that he had missed the home that he loved and made a trek back to his former home. Once he had arrived back home he was amazed at how much it had not changed at all. The house and basically everything else was still the same and he had come back finally finding out he had a baby sister along with it all. Soon everything almost went back to the way they once were.

However soon after the same old reasons of why he had left in the first place came back up once again. He was feeling? babied, his parents gave him the things of which he had originally had to go find for himself. And yet again he left again, he had to find a new home. Somewhere where his background had no matter in deciding on anything that mattered to him, but where would he find such a place? After a wile he ended up winding up at Lord Hoji Gasuke palace and ended up forming a home of sorts there. He had in a way owed his life to the great lord and served him greatly.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] It was just a simple mission to go and patrol out in the countryside of the village. There was to be no outside interference and he didn?t really get the reason that he was out here. It was peaceful and whatnot but yet it was still uneasy at the same time. He had previously gotten a note saying that in less that twenty-four hours he was to die. At the present moment he was at the twenty-third hour.

Not to many men were on with him on this patrol however, only two very...easygoing people.. That was the only name that he could give them at the moment. They just kepd straying off from the main task at hand that at the moment he wished that somehow something could teach them about what happens when one becomes to lazy. They can be easily taken down in a suprize attack, little did he know that this would happen even faster that he could think of.

It came at such a sudden moment that he himself didn?t have any time to react. A cold steel blade came towards one of the men that he was patrolling with. It easily pierced through his back, coarsing its cold hard steel through his lungs. It came in at an angle so it pierced his heart as well. Until it came out of his body, the blood red blade shining in the setting sun.

[B]"****!"[/B] Aoshi said as the enemy's blade drew out of the corpse which fell to the ground with a rather large thump."[B]you there get to safety now! You?re not ready for a battle of this magnitude."[/B] It really was true however. This was just a single assassin and all that Aoshi had was another rookie guard. He himself wasn?t even sure that this man could even handle a real battle in the least.

Drawing his blade from its sheath Aoshi carefully stared down his enemy. It must not have been this person's first killing. he seemed unusually skilled in the many arts of assassination and such. Aoshi though he had seen a temporary hole in his stance and took the time to charge. Still there were to many questions that plagued his mind. [B][I]Is this really the person who is to kill me?..Why did he not try to go for me first?..Is he still just trying to toy with my mind? I need to kill him now.. I must stop another murder![/I] [/B] But he was still too late, He could feel the silent silhouette of the assassin slip right pass him towards the other body guard.

The assassin?s blade pressed up against the last bodyguard's neck, slowly pressing in harder until a trickle of blood flowed down his neck. Aoshi tried to do something but it was already to late. The Assassin pulled his blade across the bodyguard's neck, sending his crimson blood across the grass below him. His body crashed down to the ground, getting the same fate as his partner did. The rage in Aoshi grew even larger after seeing the fate of the two people who he had previously given no care to.

[B]"Why...If your after me I will kill you...you bastard!"[/B] Aoshi had already had a plan of attack on the Assassin. He obviously was to smart to be slit through the throat and random attacks wouldn?t do anything either. He had to try out his new style of fighting, even if he hadn?t perfected it yet. So he charged the Assassin with rage full in the thing that he called a heart.

He thrusted the sword at the heat but unfortunately the assassin turned on his heel and spun out away from the attack. The assassin then brought his blade and thrusted it down on Aoshi's body.[B] "Game..Over."[/B] the assassin said when he made the thrust. However, Aoshi grabbed the tip of his sword, causing his own blood to flow down his sword. He spun around on his own heel and blocked the potentially fatal attack.

"No..It is you who has lost." An almost mad laughter came out of his mouth and he slid off to the side of the assassin. he pointed his blade right at the assassin?s kidneys and thrusted the blade towards him. It punctured his skin and one of his kidneys almost on impact. It shattered through his spinal cord, which had in a way ended his life as an assassin, until it punctured the other on and came out the other side of the body.

Blood flowed from the Assassins mouth easily indicating internal bleeding and possible puncture of more internal organs that he had though of. He kept the blade stuck inside The body for a small moment until Aoshi pulled the blade out of the corpse, sending parts of his internal organs to come spilling out. Gently Aoshi re-sheathed his sword and walked off back towards the village. To tell his master of the current problem at hand.

OOC: there finished tell me if anything needs changing
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Zhou Tao, the Silent Viper

[B]Age:[/B] 35

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Faction:[/B] Mercenary

[B]Personality:[/B] Zhou Tao is not your usual warrior. Some are high-strung and paranoid; others deranged and sadistic; some are just angry and filled with blood-lust; and yet others are cold, distant, and ruthless. Tao is none of these things. Where some are tense, Tao is loose and fluid. Where some are insane, Tao is calm and acutely aware of everything. While some are brutal, he is placid and calm. And where some are cold and heartless, he does his work with a placid smile.

Zhou Tao is an warrior who does what he does because he's not good at anything else. Killing people is his trade; it's not a joy, a hobby, or something he necessarily takes pride in. He just does it like anyone else does their job. And, from time to time, he does it with a smile and whistles while he works. Because, if you have to do something, he thinks, why not enjoy it? His calm, amiable, and downright normal behaviour may be the most frightening thing about him.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Possibly the first adjective one would come up with when thinking of Tao is "long." From his face, to his hair, to his fingers, to his almost unnatural height, Tao is a long-featured man. He stands at a very impressive 6 foot 6, but weighs a meager 170 pounds, giving him a gaunt, stringly appearence. He usually excentuates this by wearing clothing that is much bigger than it needs be. However, it must be noted that almost every pound is derived from either bone or muscle, and he is not the weak twig he seems to be at first.

Even getting past his tall body, he has rather long limbs. His arms reach down further than most men's, the tips of his fingers almost able to reach his knees. It aids him in this, though, that his legs are also quite long. In fact, the only part of his body that isn't graced with this stretched-out look is his torso, which is rather compact in comparison. His face, too, seems quite stretched out, with narrow, sharp features that give him an almost spear-like countenance.

Perhaps the longest part of him, though, is his thick black hair, tied up in the infamous "queue" style of the Manchu. He has not cut the braid short in years, easily looping it around his waist to keep it from dragging on the ground. However, this is the only hair on his body that he allows to grow long; he is clean shaven, his eyebrows are always neatly trimmed, and beyond the braid, the top of his head is shaven almost to the point of baldness.

Other than his height, hair, and the stretched out quality of his features, Tao is a fairly nondescript man. He is neither incredibly handsome, nor is he at all ugly. His eyes are narrow, slightly droopy, and a dark mahogany brown flecked with small gold specks. As said, his face is sharp, with strong, high cheekbones and a slightly pointed chin. His lips are narrow, and his teeth are straight and in fairly good condition. He keeps his finger- and toenails trimmed almost immaculately, and has a typically dark complexion for his place of origin.

He has a black snake tattoo winding around his neck and down his right arm, with a black lotus blossom on the back of his left hand, vines wrapped around his left forearm. He wears simple black robes, slightly baggy for ease of movement but not so baggy as to cause excess noise. He also has a pair of small glasses with darkened lenses, and is usually seen in a straw-brimmed hat, both aiding to at least somewhat hide his identity.

[B]Weapon:[/B] A seemingly simple jian, or Chinese straight sword, with a snake carved into the blade. In actuality, there is a small tube running the length of the weapon attached to a small store of snake-venom kept in the hilt. His weapon is one giant snake fang, and he never hesitates to use the toxin to his advantage.

Occasionally, in an odd fashion, Tao uses his unusually long hair as an impliment in battle, much like a whip only attached to his head instead of his hand.

[B]Fighting Style:[/B] Tao's signature fighting style is one he has dubbed the "Art of the Drunken Viper," because of it's mixing of the Snake-Style of Shaolin Quan and Drunken Boxing, along with a few other techniques he's picked up along his travels, including a rather intricate knowledge of pressure points. His movements are swift and exceedingly fluid, his strike flowing like water as he writhes around to a music no one else can hear. Quick precise attacks blend together with unpredictable and often wild shifts in movement and attack; a stream of sword-stabs to the chest can easily blend into a palm strike to the face, eventually ending up in a wild kicking combo. Whether armed or not, Tao uses his fighting style with reckless abandon and cold efficiency mixed up in one.

[B]Short Bio:[/B] Little is known about Tao's past, and he certainly isn't telling much. It is believed that he was born in, or at least lived in, Wudanshan, where the Snake style is prominant. Tao probably had his family killed in a raid by bandits, or possibly soldiers. However, some legends circulate that he killed his own family so he could dedicate himself to a life of death and shadows. He was trained in the Snake style of Shaolin Quan, and a style of Chinese swordfighting.

He became an assassin around age 16, give or take a few years. For almost 15 years, he's been a feared name throughout China, and some other countries as well. The Silent Viper is feared as a man who's never missed a mark, never lost a fight, and never let someone go alive. He's said to be the most ruthless, cold, efficient assassin ever to walk the face of the earth, and while he's not exactly the cold-blooded killer he's made out to be, it would be wise not to discount all rumours.

Eventually, he fled Japan to China, just in time for his services to be needed. A pompous Daimyo, Lord Hoji, was causing trouble for the Western merchants. Zhou Tao was just the man for the job, and made quick work of breaking into the man's compoud with his two comrades in the little mission. The Daimyo did not fall by his sword, but he might have well had. Tao does not deny that the Lord may well be dead thanks to him; he almost takes it as a compliment, like saying, "Job well done."

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Smoky and dark. Such is the way of the lairs of criminals. The only places that take in scum and villains, murderers and theives. The violent, the greedy, the deranged, the brutal. All the filth from the streets of China, gathered into small shacks and burrows. Filthy. The liquor in his hand was heady and bitter. The smoke trailing from his pipe foul smelling and acrid. But it was the best he could buy in the rundown old town, filled with drunks, vagrants, and killers. Zhou Tao could always pay for the best. Assassins were well-payed no matter where you went. Tao knew that truth quite well.

The door creaked open. Eyes flickered to it, and a small boy moved in. Dirty, disheveled, and nervous, his eyes grew wide as the thugs watched him. His bare feet slapped against the grungy floor, and he bowed his head low as he approached the Silent Viper. He spoke, voice shaking like the earth during a quake.

[B]"M-Master w-w-will s-see you n-now, g-great one,"[/B] he stammered.

[B]"Good,"[/B] was the assassins curt reply. He spoke with a cold voice, sharp like his blade but with a smoothness that did not fit his reputation. Neither did the lazy elegance with which he rose from the old chair, nor the slow gait that he walked. For the deadliest assassin alive, he gave of a startlingly calm disposition. None of the bloodlust or agitation that filled most. He was simply a man going about his work.

It was blood-chilling.

The sword clinked lightly as Tao walked, his sandals sqeaking with each step. The patrons marveled. How could this be the great Silent Viper, when every step he took made noise? At last, several rose, drawing up their arms. Tao stopped immediately, speaking in the same calm tone.

[B]"Is there a problem?"[/B]

[B]"We don't think you are really the great assassin,"[/B] one growled. He stepped forward, towering over Tao. The unwashed thug brandished a massive sword, and bore many scars.

[B]"I assure you, I am,"[/B] Tao said, a placid smile on his lips.

[B]"Prove it!"[/B] another man screamed, swinging a long polearm at the assassin.

It cleaved through the floor, but Tao was untouched. He stepped to the side of the swing, dancing forward and drawing his jian silently, driving the sword into the thug's stomach.


With inhuman skill, he turned slightly to bring his foot up into another attacker's face. The large sandle shattered his jaw, and the man staggered back. Tao pulled his blade loose, bringing it forward to pin the broken man to the wall. Blood splashed onto Tao's hands and face.

He still had the same smile.

Five minutes and the rest were dead. Cleaved, stabbed, broken, and bruised. They lay upon the floor, slumped over tables, bleeding from countless wounds. Tao stood in the middle of the carnage, untouched save for the blood of others. Smiling calmly, he took a puff on his pipe and snuffed it by pressing it to a carcass's back until it stopped sizzling. He turned to the young boy, who flinched at a single glance.

[B]"Shall we go, my boy?"[/B]


Let me know if anything needs changing, Mugen.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Kazuya Hideaki

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Faction: Ronin

Appearance: Below

Personality: He's a little rough around the edges, but he is devout in his loyalty. he weilds his sword with great anger and vengance and is not known for mercy. He holds grudges and is one to take out his anger on any one and anything that would obstruct his goal. In short, he's not the kind of person who works well with others, unless instructed otherwise.

Weapon: he carries many traditional weapons of the samurai. he carries his katana and a wakezashi. He also is adept in use of a bow and the use of spears and wan-dous alike. He is partial toward his katana though and generally relies on that for his primary use.

Fighting style: He is trained in kenjutsu in a satsujinken style of swordsmanship, the sword that gives death. He is also is trained kempo for hand to hand purposes.

Bio: He was born into a proud family with a long lineage of samurai and warlords. he carried this pride and was raised in it. He was taught to be respectful and to be merciless. He was trained to fight and to serve in the ways of a samurai. He has lived his life as a warrior since he was 17, and has always served with pride. He heald great respect and admiration for Lord Hoji and his assasination hit him hard. Being a warrior, he only knew how to express his dispair in the form of anger, as such he has set himself out to find and kill the one responsible. And as it stands The shogun was the one to stand in his way now, and all who stood in his way were future corpses.

Character snipet:

The air was chilled as the breeze came off the water from the east. The sand whipped past his face as he marched the beach. Kazuya had decided to walk the beach so he might go unnoticed, the beach salts would help mask his scent so he might hide from the dogs the mercenaries brought from the west. He didn't like the idea of hiding, but he had to exact his revenge, it was his final mission, one he couldn't fail. He kept a scarf wrapped around his face to keep the sand from his eyes and ears. they felt like smal glass shards coming off his skin, stinging with every hit. He looked to the east and saw the darkening sky encroaching on the light. The smell of the ocean filed his nose and reahed to the back of his head. Suddenly he heard the sounds of someone nearing him from the forest just off the beach. he dove quickly to dodge the arrows flying at him from the forest. The wind had masked there approach, this kind of carelessness was unlike him "Danm it, how could I let them get that close."

He ran for the forest and took shelter behind a tree, hoping for them to move and reveal there location. he heard a slight russel and he leapt from his hidding spot and swung he caught a glimpse of the assasign before they jumped back and coverd there face up. he couldn't tell, but it looked to that of a woman. She took her stance and drew a wakizashi. He found this abnormal, ther was something else going on here. She carged him with a left swinging strike, which he parried easily. he heard a sound from behind and he realized what was happening, he allowed the strike to push him over. As he fell, three arrows ripped by hitting the black clad woman in the chest. He hit the ground and rolled for cover, ther were two of them the whole time. he took his robe off and threw it to the left and ran to the right the second following, three more arrows ripped through his jacket as he ran at the man, who was manicly trying to re-prep his bow. It was too late, by the time he was ready, Kazuya was already driving his sword through his abdomin. the man sputterd and fell to the ground. Kazuya sheathed his sword and returned tot he beach side, taking up a run from the battle site, he knew the smell of blood would draw the hounds, and with them, the other mercenaries. he took flight from this battle ground, as the wind coverd his tracks behind him.
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Drake Ashton

[b]Age:[/b] 29

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Faction:[/b] Mercenary

[b]Personality:[/b] Drake is a smiling, happy, jovial man - the one you'd least expect to be a mercenary. While off 'work,' he loves a good joke, conversation, or company of a beloved friend. He spends his time enjoying the Japanese citylife, although they seem agitated and terse when around him; a foreigner. But when the sun goes down and the mask goes on, he quiets down, becoming more serious and focused on whatever task has presented itself to him. He maintains his pleasureable personality, but it is secondary to the excruciating task of murdering his adversaries.

He takes his job seriously - a slip in focus means certain death in his line of work.

[b]Appearance:[/b] He stands at an average 5'10" - the height and size of a man that looks to be harmless, and he prides himself on that fact. He is muscular from years of conditioning and toning his body from constant training. His brown hair is kept two inches in length - short enough so it does not hinder his fighting ability, but long enough for him to enjoy. It curls and ripples in graceful waves nearly as gentle as his sky blue eyes. He inherited his mother's beautiful face, and his father's extraordinary senses.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Drake wields two muskets, one British-issue silenced-carbine sniper rifle heavily modified to hold ten shots in its barrel before needing a reload. On top of these, he carries a hunting dagger on his left thigh for extremely close-quarters killing, and a sharp mind.

[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Drake prefers to use his sniper rifle whenever possible, as he has unmatched aim and unparalleled stealth to get into position. After making his kill, he does not rush to leave the premisis - doing so would indefinitely lead him to getting caught. Instead, he moves to a different, concealed position, where he has more than one method of escape. For jobs that do not permit sniping, he puts to use his muskets and dagger - all of which he has been trained to a frightening degree of accuracy, precision, and skill. The kills are concealed, and he extracts himself from the situation before things heat up. He does not usually work alone, as those he will kill are inside an elaborate fortress, and prefers to work in a small group, anyway. He feels stronger in numbers, more supported, and better execution always occurs with a team.

[b]Short Bio:[/b] Drake was born and raised in London in a standard middle-class family. His father was a Major in the British Army, and was never home. This did not stunt the burning desire to become a Major "just like Daddy." With his goal in mind, he took the necessary courses in school, attended a military academy, and soon joined the ranks of the British military. His picture-perfect path laying ahead of him, however, would take a turn for disaster that summer during a riot in Liverpool.

The Army was dispatched to put down the unrest, and the job seemed simple enough. The Red Coats lined up in intimidating ranks and files, and marched down every avenue in the city to seek out anyone stirring up violence and encouraging the anarchy. To everyone's surprise, though, the rioters did not flee - instead they made a stand, throwing rocks, glass, and firing small arms into the pack of Red Coats.

Despite years of rigid training, instinct won out over duty, and he dodged a bullet headed straight for his neck, narrowly saving his own life. Once the riot was put down, Drake was reported for insubordination to his officers, and was court-martialed later that month. It crushed Drake and his family, the loss of position in the most distinguished army in the world.

Another month passed, and word was brought back from the Far East that the British Navy had finally gotten to trade with Japan through the use of force. With the news, an increase in items from Japan was immediately seen - from spices in his food, to porcelean and silk in his house. Intrigued by such alien findings, he took it upon himself to learn more about such refined, cultured people.

Soon, his study became an obsession - he consumed all information about their culture, language, styles, and past like a thirsty man does to water. In three years time, he was finally fluent in Japanese. Drake took a look at his life in Britain once again, after the close examination of Japanese life. He was discontent with his discharge. He was bored, as he had not found a job. He was angry at the military for kicking him out over what he saw as a petty offense.

It was a strange mix of patriotism, curiousity, and a hunger for redemption that lead him to move to Japan until further notice. At first, he justified the move by stating simply that he wanted to become a Mercinary to help the British expand its Empire... but he was lying to himself. He wanted to start anew; to being life as a Mercinary to harness the gifts he had been given, while making a living in an interesting country.

He got on the boat to Japan and never looked back.

[b]Character Snippet:[/b]
The scope revealed two women and a child drawing water from their private well.

[I]But I?m here for a man? apparently wears red and gold suits a lot?[/I]

He swiveled his rifle, the scope showing his target, even from an impressive distance of three hundred meters away. His eyes were as black as his soul ? he had murdered four girls ages two through seven last weeks, and now they were going to pay. His employed had not paid him with jewels or money ? he had none. He had only a simple meal of rice and a thin soup as payment for such a risky murder.

It was against his ?policy? to accept those whom could not pay him in Japanese currency, but such a cold-blooded murder crippled his mind with hate. It was retribution of the most necessary kind. It was justice at its height.

He flexed his index finger, pulling the trigger, exploding the man?s head in front of his wife and children. They screamed, cried, collapsed to their knees. They would know that man?s pain. They would understand the atrocities he had committed.

[I]You live by the sword, you die by the sword.[/I]

He packed up his rifle, slinging it over his shoulder as he sprinted through the thick forest he had fired from. If spotted, he would be a wanted man. For justice, he would be a wanted man. The irony struck him as somewhat funny, but more sad than anything.

The meal was already in his stomach. The confirmation would come from the local news. He moved to a new job, where he might actually receive payment that could last longer than a few hours.

[I]That?s the price of Justice.[/I]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=Blue][U]Name:[/U] Shiori Nada

[U]Age:[/U] 21

[U]Gender:[/U] Female

[U]Faction:[/U] Mercenary

[U]Personality:[/U] Shiori, like some of her counterparts, delights in what she does. She often completes her missions lightheartedly, more than not with a sadistic remark. When not preoccupied with targets she's sarcastic and enticing, her playful nature setting in. A loyal fried but deadly enemy her companions often joke about the irony of her work.

[U]Appearance:[/U] [URL=http://img249.imageshack.us/my.php?image=amarante027pm.png]HERE[/URL] |She weighs around 130 lbs. and stands about 5' 8". During assignments she wears black pants that accentuate her long legs, a dark green shirt with billowing sleeves that hang past her hands and knee-high boots made of a cloth-like material cover her small feet, silencing each footstep. A belt hangs at her side loosely, her sword sheath weighing down the right side. On each thigh are crisscrossing leather bands with small black packs that hold many of her kunai. When traveling or not working she wears the forest green cloak, hooded to obscure her face and a thick black ribbon encircles her throat.

[U]Weapons:[/U] The previously mentioned kunai, rarely used but effective. Her namesake, the white blade. The sword- slim and light with a curved crossgaurd, the ends of which narrow into sharp points- is of western make, unrecognizable to most of her associates. She handles it as if an extension of her arm, with rapid, effortless grace. She also carriers with her a traditional japanese bow strapped to her back so as not to slow her down or make travel uncomfortable.

[U]Fighting Style:[/U] Shiori relies most on her speed, making up for her lack of strength. Her small frame makes for easy hiding and easy escape. She can fight hand-to-hand but is not as efficiant in this style. Her bow aim is always precise and sword blows constantly lethal. With soundless motion she is able to sneak upon even the most skilled guards and opponents. Shiori takes great joy in the game of, 'cat and mouse,' the idea of hunting prey fuels her strangely.

[U]Short Bio:[/U] Shiori's family was pretty average, her mother was a nurturing person up until she died when Shiori was five. The absence was heartbreaking but with her older brother and father they got by. After awhile her father started coming home in drunken fits, often abusing her and her brother, Shintarou. When Shintarou turned fifteen he took Shiori, twelve, and left to Japan. Japan was their mother's homeland and the two had always heard epic tales of brave warriors and romances about the country. When they got there Shintarou made money as a blacksmith of sorts, he and Shiroi lived in a hut near the shop with the boy's employer.

A few years passed and all seemed well until their father reared his furious head. One night he showed up at the hut, drunk and irate. The elderly man the siblings lived with asked him to leave but was shot down by their father's musket. Next he beat Shintarou with the barrel as Shiori watched, horrified and quaking with fear. After Shintarou's body fell lifelessly to the floor Shiori fled to the highlands. Several days later, cold, starved and listless she came across a monastery of kindly budhist monks who took pity on the girl.

She resided there for two years but left when a traveling samurai entered her life and offered to train her, she took up the offer enthusiastically and worked hard to perfect her techniques. Once her revenge was planned she left to exact the sadistic plots only to find her father had commited suicide the night of her brother's murder.

The wish to kill never quite quenched she pleged alligence to the Mercenaries and has lived as such since she was eighteen.

[U]Character Snippet:[/U] A peaceful night descended over the japanese terrain, trainquil silence was cut short by the sound of heavy horse hooves and the cries of angered townspeople. "Get back here! Guards, arrest her!" Shirori looked behind her calmly as the horse sped forth, dust rising from the ground as the beast passed. Palace guards raced after here, one strung a bow and aimed for the steed. With a resounding [I]twang[/I] the arrow piearced the darkness and embedded itself in the horses left flank. With a pained cry the horse plummeted to the ground, with inhuman speed the maiden lept off the animal and looked back calmly at the aversaries. Soon they were upon her, surrounding her with triumph in their future... or so they thought.

"Surrender! No hope lies in your fate, murderer!" Shiori lowered the hood of her cloak calmly, her thick tresses falling freely about her shoulders. "You underestimate me." In a blur of movement she had lunged at the leader, sword drawn noiselessly from its sheath. Before the men could fathom what was happening they were dropping randomly to the ground, dead. The last soldier fell, his final vision was that of the murderess standing over him, smiling wickedly. "It was a pleasure meeting you." With that, she was gone, a field of cadavers in her trek.

Hours later she sat on a remote bridge, water churning below her in a thunderous cascade over a waterfall. A man strutted over the bridge blankly and stopped beside her, looking over the rail she sat on, one leg propped up on the painted wood, an arm draped over it lazily. "How did your affair go?" The man asked without making any visual contact.

"Well, the object was eliminated."

"Good. Payment in full as you requested, but I have a question." She turned to him, cocking her head to one side. "I heard you destroyed several other... casualties. Is it true?"

She raised a delicate eyebrow then smirked and shrugged. "All I did was enertain myself. Call it what you will." With a shake of his head he left the bridge, a small envelope resting on the rail where he once stood. "It is understood..." She rose and strolled in the other direction, careful to pick up the article of paper. She dissappeared into the dense foliage of a long forgotten forest, humming to herself. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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[b][size=1]Name: [/size][/b][size=1]Delano Jeffreyson

[b]Age: [/b]19

[b]Gender: [/b]Male

[b]Faction: [/b]Mercenary

[b]Personality: [/b]Delano, being the youngest mercenary on the team, is often the butt of jokes among his team-mates, but he is a highly skilled individual. He, however, is a cool, calm and collected individual, who never seems to lose his cool, even under intense pressure. He talks very little, preferring to keep out of other people's conversations.

[b]Appearance: [/b][url="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/Blayze54/040815.jpg"]Here[/url], except his hair is jet-black, and has many different leather straps crossing his chest, to hold all his weapons on.

[b]Weapons: [/b]An intriguing sword, with a long, broad blade, with the head of a dragon as the hilt. The blade seems to be protruding from the dragon's mouth, and is jet black. He also carries a Daisho (japanese long sword) and a medium length (chu) kissaki, shown [url="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/Blayze54/aaa.jpg"]here[/url]. These are also strapped to his back, crossing his other blade.

[b]Fighting Style: [/b]Delano relies mostly on the unpredictable nature of his fighting style, as he can quickly change from one sword to another, confusing his enemies. The change in size and shape of blades is often disorienting to those he is fighting, and Delano even varies his fighting style depending on the sword he is using. When he is using his broadsword, he uses heavy blows and masive force behind the strikes, but when he switches to his Japanese swords, he puts a more delicate strike, with more elegance and refinement than the effort he puts behind the use of his other sword.

[b]Short Bio: [/b]Delano was born in America, but was almost immediately moved to England. He was brought up in a Catholic School, which he found most displeasing. He could not enjoy the freedom he wished for, so he ran away, living on the streets, which he surprisingly found much better than being in school.

He learnt to fight for himself at a young age, as the streets could get rough at night, and he was eventually taken in by a young man, who owned a huge collection of weapons. He trained himself in many different weapon styles, eventually deciding that he preferred the sword to any other. He trained extensively to master this weapon, and he achieved this when he was sixteen.

He then decided that he wanted a career which incorporated his love of training in fighting styles. He searched around, but the only career that could accept him was as a mercenary. So he became a mercenary, and was soon paid by someone working under the Shogun to travel to Japan.
Character Snippet: [/b]Rain drenched the small square as the short, unarmed, unguarded man sat underneath a tree to eat his lunch. He looked around, and nobody was anywhere to be seen. Not much of a surprise in this weather, but he liked it. The rain gave him peace and quiet to think.

A silent, shadowy figure dropped down behind him, not making a sound as he crept up to him. The figure drew a long sword from his back, and pulled it back, ready to stab the man under the tree. As the blade crept forwards, another struck it, sparks flying from the weapons.
You will not hurt my master,* [/b]the owner of the second sword said. He was a large man, his sword much shorter than the attacker's, but almost twice the width. He had a cropped head of black hair, and his eyes were such a dark brown that they were almost black.

[b]"It's my job," [/b]replied the attacker, moving into a fighting stance.

[b]Then you shall die, [/b]replied the bodyguard. He slashed at the smaller man, who dodged quickly out of the way, and moved in with a slash of his own. It struck true, slicing through the man's flesh quickly and efficiently, a spray of blood flying into the air, and the bodyguard's corpse falling silently to the floor.

The attacker turned to his true target, the small man who now sat,s haking in fear.

[b]Please don't kill me, [/b]he said, [b]I'll do anything you want!

"I'm sorry, friend,"
[/b]said the attacker, [b]"But there's nothing I want from you." [/b]He drew back his sword, and lunged forward...

The rainwater on the floor turned crimson as the attacker walked calmly away from the scene...

[b]*Translated from Japanese

[/b](Hope that's ok for you, Mugen, PM me if I need to change anything)
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[COLOR=#841a35][SIZE=1]I already told Mugen, but I'll post it here as well. I won't be participating in this RPG because I have exams starting next week and should really be studying. It's bloody annoying, considering how many talented people are in this. Oh well, have fun, everyone.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I'm liking what I see. All that I can ask is that those who need to, finish your sign ups. We have enough [color=indigo][B]Mercenaries[/B][/color], and I have one waiting to sign up, so if there are gonna be anymore sign ups, lets make 'em [B]Ronin[/B], please.

Thank you all.

- Mugen[/color][/size]
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[FONT=Arial]name: Daisuke Nobu

age: 24

gender: male

Faction: Ronin

Personality: Daisuke always loves to fight. Either he is stronger or weaker then his enemy. Though there is one thing he loves more then fighting (which is like impossible!) is food. He can beat a sumo wrestler in a food eating contest and live to tell about it.

Apperance: [URL=http://www.rpgamer.com/games/other/psx/saiyuki/art/GOKU.JPG]HERE[/URL] is him and his weapon

weapon: Uses a normal long black staff. To Daisuke the sword didn't give him enough coverage on the battlefield. Using a staff he is still quick and yet can reach soldier farther away to inflict damage.

Fighting Style: Daisuke uses the bo staff style. Which focuses on the staff ability. He has spent many hours trying to master the style. Though when he is unable to use his staff, he turns to his westling style and try to get a lock on his enemy to snap his bones. He is quick to lock up an enemy's arm up and snap it in half. He has some strength in which he isn't afraid to push a 500 lbs man back.

Bio: Daisuke was founded my monks one stormy night. The monks couldn't leave the baby on the road like that, so they took him in the temple. Lord Xion of the temple taught Daisuke everyhting about life and such. He also taught him the bo staff martial arts style. When Daisuke put his heart and soul training until he mastered it completly. He learned his westling techanquies from his fellow monks. One day, during the winter, Lord Xion told him about how he was abandoned and living in the temple would not challenge him. He then took Daisuke with him to see an old friend, Lord Hoji. Since Lord Xion had once save the Lords life once, Hoji gladly excepted Daisuke as a Ronin.

Character Snippet:
The waiter huffed as he heard the long red hair man roared out,
'More!!' Daisuke was laying his empty bowl on top of the others. He had just walked in and was extremly hungry.
"Sir, don't you think you had enough?"
"What?! I just walked in!"
"Sir, you have eaten 56 bowls of rice! Your bill is got to be off the charts!!"
"Nonesense, do your job and get me another, please." He showed his puppy dog face as the waiter sighed and walked to the kitchen. Daisuke clapping his hands for the waiter when he heard a voice from behind.
"Listen, you owe me some money! Now empty your wallet!!" a rough gang was surrounding a man and his children.
"I don't know you, but don't hurt my family."
"Hey ugly!" The dark man turned towards Daisuke to get a bowl right in the face. It broke into pieces as he scremed in pain.
"...Get...Him!!" His men beside him jumped up and attacked Daisuke. It seemed as time slowed as Daisuke grabbed his staff from the chair and thrust at the nearest one on his right. He did a side-step and pushed the end of the staff into another one on the left.The last two remaining double teamed him as a member on the right knocked away his staff. Daisuke acted swifty and snatched the man behind him from the arm and twisted harde under his armpit. He could hear the shoulder crack as the man cried. He then used his force to bring the man against the man in front, knocking them both on the ground. The cafe was a mess as Daisuke picked up his stuff. He bowed to the family and left. The waiter finally walked out of the kitchen and saw the men on the ground. Tables broken in half and glass everyone on the ground.
"....Hey!! That guy didn't pay!!!!"[/FONT]
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[color=indigo][size=1][b]Name[/b]- Pao Li Fei (Fay-ee)
[b]Age[/b]- 24
[b]Gender[/b]- Female
[b]Faction[/b]- Ronin

[b]Personality[/b]- Stern and uncompassionate, cool and so silent, her presence is often undetectable. Her life was no simple life, particularly the past 12 years of her life, so her attitude is bitter and quite blatant. She speaks only when she feels the person is worthy of hearing her voice. Fei?s been known to be merciless and ruthless, so trying to reason with her when she?s set on killing you is useless.

[b]Appearance[/b]- [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b7/anne-mae/ninja.jpg][b]Fei?s[/b][/url] a small woman, standing at just over 4?10? and weighing close to 95 lbs, making it difficult to determine if she is a woman or a child. Most of Fei?s body is wrapped in white muslin*. Over that, Fei wears a silk, sleeveless red Chinese robe with black trimming and stitching--her cloth face mask is made of the exact same fabric. Her hair is as ebony as her eyes and is held back by a black bandana. On the bandana is a molded plate of pewter that Fei uses as a weapon. She also wears a small, skull charm in the length of her hair, near her face, for luck and protection. This charm was given to her by Lord Hoji.*

[I][* will be explained in biography][/i]

[b]Weapon[/b]- A bit out of traditional Chinese orthodox, Fei uses a deadly weapon. When on the prowl, she wears specially made straps on her arms that tie down thin blades along the length of her forearm. But no matter where she is, Fei totes around a Chinese Halberd. Normally the weapon stands at 6? tall, but in Fei?s case, it is at 5? tall. The shaft of the Halberd is 4? long and made of oak that is wrapped tightly with leather for desirable gripping. The blade is one foot long and forged twice for maximum durability. The edge is so sharp, rumors went about that Fei was able to cut through trees with little fight. Right where the blade and shaft conjoin, a group of three skull charms are tied with horse?s hair. These are similar to the charm in her hair, and jingle whenever the Halberd is in use.

[b]Fighting Style[/b]- Yet again, Fei does not give too much notice to Chinese rules--or any sort of martial art rules, at that. Her style is sort of self-developed and a bit hard to watch because it is harsh and angry. Yet, her movement is fluid and graceful, almost as if she were performing ballet. Fei stays close to using long-ranged attacks because of her Halberd, but she?s not completely incompetent in close-ranged attacks. This is the point where all her grace fails and you see her become a boxer. Her hand-to-hand is raw and wild. Also, getting too close to Fei might get you in a constricting headlock.

[b]Short Bio/Character Snippet[/b]- Fei was born and raised for twelve years of her life in China, obviously. Here she learned only what women were supposed to learn; cooking, raising a family, and taking care of farm. She grew up in a house full of 5 older brothers and one younger sister, so being a lady was hardly in the cards. Despite her father?s expectations, Fei?s brothers taught her how to fight with staves and daggers. At the age of 12, Fei decided she wanted to be a warrior, instead of a wife. Her father, as you might have guessed, wouldn?t allow it and sent her to a school developed especially for training females how to be females.

Shortly after enrolling and leaving her family to stay in the school, Fei?s home village was invaded and burnt to the ground by the Japanese. Her family, along with the villagers, was massacred. It didn?t take long for the Japanese to make their way up the countryside and arrive in the small town Fei now resided in.

[I][b]?In here, I hear movement.?[/b]

Fei shuffled back in her closet, praying that the men wouldn?t find her. She had recognized the language to be Japanese, and could only understand certain words. She watched in horror as two men outstandingly dressed in red armor ransacked her bedroom. Their steel swords glittered disdainfully in the light from the candles. She was certain they were what her teacher called ?samurai?.

Daring to get a clearer view of the magnificent warriors, Fei gently pressed her face to the wooden slats of the closet door to peer out between them. To her misfortune, the door cricked and opened slightly. This was enough to catch the samurai?s attention and the door was quickly flung open. Jumping back, Fei screamed as one of them grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her out of the closet. With no respect for her age or her gender, the man dropped her at his feet and pressed a foot against her throat.

[b]?P-please??[/b] Fei stuttered in the best punctuation of Japanese she could muster, her tiny hand squeezing weakly around the samurai?s ankle.

[b]?Yazuke, quickly,?[/b] the other man ordered.

Fei managed a light growl, her teeth gritting together as she reached under her nightgown for a hidden dagger. Fast as she could, Fei buried her small knife into the samurai?s calf. Yelling in pain and anger, the samurai raised his sword high above his head. Fei shut her eyes tightly, sending hot tears streaming down her cheeks. She tried to gather her last thoughts and turn them into prayers to see her family in the afterlife. However, her organization and rush stretched out longer than expected. She forced one eye open to see the man sheathing his katana. He pulled the dagger from his leg and dropped it to the floor. Smirking, he bent down and tore a long strip of fabric from Fei?s nightgown.

[b]?I cannot, Kato,?[/b] he said wrapping his leg tightly with muslin.

[b]?What are you saying?! Kill the damn child! She could?ve killed you!?[/b] Kato shouted, removing his own katana.

[b]?No, I think we can make use of her. Actually, I think we should clean her up and present her to Lord Hoji,?[/b] Yazuke crouched down and brushed back a lock of Fei?s hair and wiped a spatter of his blood from her face, [b]?How would you like to meet our master, little girl??[/b]

She looked up to see her would-be killer smiling down at her. Confused and frightened, Fei nodded slowly. As if she had said ?yes? to his marriage proposal, Yazuke laughed and stood up, grabbing Fei?s hand.

[b]?Wise choice, little one. What is your name??

?Pao Li Fei,?[/b] she proudly stated, wiping the tears away.

[b]?Interesting name. Very strong, I think I?ve heard of the Pao Li family before,?[/b] Kato finally sheathed his sword.

[b]?All right then, Fei, let us take you to meet our master. I feel you should become a great warrior for him.?[/b]

(Some days later)

[b]?Fei, I introduce you to Lord Hoji,?[/b] Yazuke put his hand on her frail shoulder, pushing her gently to bow before the man.

Fei sunk to her knees and put her palms face down on the ground. The man laughed and knelt in front of her. His hand slipped under her chin and he raised her face to examine her. Nodding once, Lord Hoji stood up and motioned for her to do the same.

[b]?I have something for you, Fei. But you have to promise you?ll pledge your allegiance to me, and only me,?[/b] he sat back down on his mat and patted the one in front of him.

Fei slowly made her way to the mat and sat down. Lord Hoji then pushed a small, wooden box towards her. Staring briefly at Lord Hoji, Fei took the box in her hand and opened it to see a bouquet of four tiny skulls.

[b]?They are charms meant to protect my precious things. They are also said to bring those who have them good fortune.?

?Your Highn--?[/b] Fei started.

[b]?Please, child, call me Lord Hoji. That ?highness? talk makes me uneasy,?[/b] the man chuckled.

[b]?Lord Hoji, with this gift, what exactly is it supposed to mean??

?It means, I will grant you life--food, money, security, whatever you want is yours, if you agree to train to become one of my elite.?

?Do you mean, you want me to be a samurai??[/b] Fei?s excitement could barely be contained.

[b]?That is what I want. Now, the question is, are you willing to forget your past and begin a new life under my rule??[/b] Lord Hoji sipped at his sake.

Fei looked down at the skulls. This means she would have to become a slave. She would never be Japanese, and she would never be Chinese again. She understood that if she was to agree to Hoji?s more than generous offer, her life would be much harder. If she were to agree, she would betray her family. If she were to disagree, she would be killed and she would no longer have the opportunity to avenge her people.

[b]?Lord Hoji, I will become your best samurai,?[/b] with a faint smile, Fei tied one skull in her hair and bowed.[/I]

Since that day, twelve years ago, Fei's struggled to survive the cruel treatment from male warriors and the entire Japanese culture. Years of torment for being a woman and being Chinese have hardened her heart and personality. Just as an insight on the abuse she had to bear: when she was 19 years old, Fei was chased down in a training yard by villagers and was pushed into a natural hot spring. The water was so hot, Fei suffered severe burns on eighty percent of her body. The scars are so embarassing and painful to her pride, Fei covers them up by wrapping her body in muslin cloth.

In a way, Fei did die twelve years back. It wasn't until Lord Hoji's assassination did Fei ever feel.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Tenshi Ayo
[b]Age:[/b] 20
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Faction:[/b] Ronin

[b]Personality:[/b] Ayo is a very quiet girl. She's not shy, she just doesn't feel there is any reason for her to speak up most of the time. Her actions explain better than her words, in her mind. She is also very patient. It takes a [i]lot[/i] to get her even the slightest bit annoyed. Ayo also hates attention, and is more likely to avoid any conflicts that will attract crowds, unless she feels she must take part. She always acts in a formal and very polite manner. It is near impossible to find her being casual, even when alone.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Ayo is about 5'7", and is very light. Her startling red hair, when let down, reaches down to the small of her back, but she normally keeps it up in a bun. Ayo has fairly light skin and faded gray eyes. Underneath her black traveling robes that reach all the way down to her feet, she wears a crimson red kimino with decorative angels embroidered on it. Though many find it odd that she wears such formal wear even while walking down muddy roads in the rain, she finds it necessary. To be caught in a formal situation in nothing but casual walking clothes would be a disgrace. She wears a belt over her kimono for a place to keep her sword and sheath.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Ayo carries around a single sword. It used to belong to her father, but she took it after he died. It has a name, though she only says it when she's in the mood to kill. It was dubbed 'akumu' (Japanese for 'nightmare'), though it used to be named 'engo' (Japanese for 'protection'). The hilt of the sword is a pair of feathery wings, and is a golden color. It is a slim sword, though reaches a good distance. Though Ayo only carries with her one weapon, she knows how to use throwing knives and muskets (though she feels both are cheap weapons in a fight).

[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Ayo was one of (if not) the best traditional swordswomen, Lord Hoji ever took into service. Her mastery of so many swordsmanship styles was what made her desirable to her Daimyo, and a threat (or a death sentence) to whomever is unlucky enough to be her opponent. She fights with traditional sword fighting styles, but with her own 'accent', you could call it.

[b]Short Bio:[/b] Ayo was the daughter of a samurai. His name was Hogosha Kane, and he was in the service of Lord Myoushu. Ayo's mother was afraid Kane would be upset that she did not bare him a son, but he seemed just as pleased, or even more so, to have a girl. When she was old enough, he made sure she learned how to use the sword. Girl or not, she would be the next great swordsman for his Daimyo. She was raised in a loving but very formal environment, and was taught both how to fight and be a lady. But she was still a kid. She would play with other children, cause trouble, get caught, be punished, then do it all over again. Though she was a girl, she was treated as one of the boys. Ayo's life was perfect.

But things were not perfect for long. Ayo was twelve when her father was killed in an assasination attempt on Lord Myoushu's life. Ayo had never been shy, but after her father's death, she began to grow reclusive rapidly. Her mother tried to act like everything was normal, but that was just slowly making things worse. Ayo continued with her training, as she felt it was the only thing she could really count on, with her mother broken to pieces, her greedy Lord caring for no one but himself, and her friends doing nothing to help her. At the age of sixteen, she left her mother and Lord Myoushu behind. She had not officially become his samurai, and she doubted that he'd have even accepted her, and if he had, only for her to become his play thing. She left with only four things. Her father's sword, 'engo', her black traveling robes, the kimono her mother had just recently finished, and her favorite sandals. The moment she left, she dropped her last name, not wanting to dishonor her father by abandoning his Lord.

Ayo was found four months later in the dominion of Lord Hoji, deprived of sleep and practically starving. She was invited in by one of the young mistresses roaming the halls of his manor and given a room. The next morning, she stumbled out to the temple to pray before going on her way when she literally bumped into Lord Hoji himself, though she did not know he was in fact the Lord of the manor. He saw her sword and asked why a woman was carrying around a sword. She told him her father had trained her to use it, and he laughed and asked her who her Lord was. When she answered that she didn't have one, he offered her a home in his manor, and she accepted happily. The last thing he asked her was what her family name was, but she told him she no longer had one, he said he'd just have to give her a new one. He called her Ayo Tenshi. She didn't question him, and the new name stuck. Over the next few years, she became one of his best and most dedicated warriors.

[b]Character Snippet:[/b]

The manor was quiet. It was the early morning; only a few others were awake. Ayo stepped out of her small room, dressed and ready to go. She would make a brief stop at the manor's shrine for a few minutes of prayer before going on her way.

The manor was beautiful. Every aspect of it, indoors and outdoors. But Ayo was concentrated more on the outside. She stepped onto the stone path and walked the length of it, observing in awe the wonderful garden. As she stared into the water of the pond alongside the path, she felt herself run into something. Her attention snapped back to what was in front of her and she realized she had walked into a man.

[b]"I'm terribly sorry,"[/b] she apologized, bowing low.

[b]"No need, young miss. It was my fault. Tell me.. Are you new here?"[/b] the man asked.

[b]"Um.. No. I was merely staying for the night. I thank you and your Lord for your hospitality,"[/b] she replied. Ayo bowed again before stepping past him. She had her robes on, but the end of her sheath must have been poking out for the man called her back once more.

[b]'Do you carry.. a sword?"[/b] Ayo turned to face him and nodded in response. This man was nice, but she was steadily growing tired of his company. [b]"But are you not a woman?"[/b]

[b]"Yes, I am a woman. And this is my sword. It belonged to my father. I shall use it until I cannot fight any longer,"[/b] she explained. The man let out a soft laughter, stroking his chin as he thought.

[b]"That is most honorable. But, if you are a warrior, then who do you serve?"[/b]

[b]"I have no lord,"[/b] Ayo replied quickly.

[b]"Well, I am a Lord. Would you care to serve me?"[/b] he asked in a strangely casual way. Ayo was taken aback by this. This whole time she had been conversing (and growing annoyed with) a Lord. Lord Hoji raised an eyebrow at the long pause. When she snapped out of thought, she bowed again.

[b]"It would be my honor, sir."[/b]

[b]"Welcome to my manor. My name is Gasuke Hoji. Oh! That reminds me. What is your name?"[/b] Lord Hoji asked, realizing he had not gotten her name.


[b]"Simply Ayo? What is your family name?"[/b]

[b]"I have none,"[/b] Ayo replied, though her voice quieted as she thought about why she had dropped her family name.

[b]"Well.. Let me see your sword, Miss Ayo,"[/b] Hoji smiled. Pulling it out of its sheath, Ayo handed him her sword and he examined it. The hilt was a pair of angelic wings, and the blade was smooth and sharp. He handed it back to her with a kind grin on his face. [b]"Your sword's hilt. It has a pair of angel wings. Therefore, you are now Tenshi Ayo. 'Angel'. Now, I must get back before my tennants wonder where I have run off to. I hope to see you around the manor."[/b]

With that, Lord Hoji walked down the rest of the stone path and up into the hallway. Ayo watched him go, staring in both a respectful awe, and slight worry. But she shook it off and continued on her way to the shrine to pray before she returned to put her stuff away in her new room.

I've got most of the sign up done. It's just too late for me to finish, since it's 11:30 my time, and I need to wake up in six and a half hours. I'll edit the remaining parts ASAP.

EDIT: Okay, so it's after midnight. At least I got it done. =P[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Yasaharu (ya-sa-har-o) Nanki (Na-on-key)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Faction: Ronin

Personality: he is quite the young blood very reckless in a sense he will go seek out danger although he is skilled he sometimes likes to show off and that gets him into unessicary danger

Weapon: He carries split swords that share one sheath that is his primary weapon also carries two small staffs wits sharp scythes at the tip for quicker kills

Fighting style: He never really had a proper style of fighting but he has skills despite his lack of teaching he once defeated 10 yakusa that tried to mug and kill him which got him recognized

Bio: His story is different from most of the other Ronin he was a street kid no home no family and barely surviving one day a group of 10 yakusa approached him offering him a job as a body guard he had a sense of honor so he refused being the brash person he is spat in the face of the leader and the yakusa started to mug him but he fought back taking out his twin swords and gracefully killing them all without getting bloodied himself a Ronin saw this and approached him offering him a job to protect the shogun and gain he refused seeing as the shogun did nothing to help him in his poverty but seeing a chance to fight someone worthy he made a bet saying if he lost he would join until he beat the man he lost and became a ronin

Character Snippet: (this takes place just after his fight with the Yakusa)
Haru (his nickname) wiped the sweat from his brow as a mysterious man approached him
?That was very impressive young one what is your name?? the man said
?It?s Haru, what?s it to ya? Haru said
?That was very impressive swordsmanship that was your sensei? the man said
?I can?t afford a sensei I taught myself? Haru said
?Oh interesting I have a propotion for you? the man said
?Oh, really shoot? Haru said
?How would you like to serve your lord as a Ronin samari? the man said
?No way had what has that guy ever done to help me thrown poverty screw him? Haru said then he stopped and thought of all the powerful Ronin there were
?I?ll make you a bet if u beat me I?ll join and if u loose I get your primo sword? Haru smirked and drew his swords (Because this is a snippet not going to go into detail but he lost and become a ronin)
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[size=1][color=#7D8593][B]Name-[/B] Si-Ming
[B]Age-[/B] (17-60)
[B]Faction-[/B] Ronin


[B]Appearance-[/B] (pic or detailed description)

[B]Weapon-[/B] (just about anything is game other than firearms advanced past muskets and small pistols. Swords, spears, anything is cool really.)

[B]Fighting Style-[/B] (make is fantastic. No ki blasts, but think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Hero)

[B]Short Bio-[/B] (let it document the past of your character, and the current relationship with their master or employer)

[B]Character Snippet-[/B] (an out of context writing in character)

Gomen nasai, Mugen. It seems that I have limited time to do this but I will finish this ASAP.[/size][/color]
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Name- Keiwaro Bashi
Nickname- Kei
Age- 27
Gender- Male
Faction- Ronin

Personality- Somewhat laid back and introverted, he often seems distant and somewhat distracted. He is known to annoy for his bad habit for abandoning sentences halfway through. His patience is also legendary. Word has it that he held a staring contest with a stone, and won. He has remarkable reflexes, and can be very charismatic when occasion requires. He is always careful with his words, and is never in a hurry to say them, either. Nobody really knows why he acts the way he does, but many suppose it is because of the tortuous conditions of his training.

Appearance- He wears a dark and tattered kimono. His hair is black, short, and spiky. His eyes, while black, seem endless and hollow. His skin is tanned lightly, reminiscient of his harsh training conditions.

Weapon- He wears a Tachi at his waist, but more often uses a vast amount of ninja kunai. His accuracy is alarming, even at a long range, and his swordplay has often been described as "A relentless, brutal dance upon the air, not unlike a falling cherry blossom".

Fighting Style- It's a synthesis technique between strict samurai swordsmanship, and ninja acrobatics. He trains himself when he has no other tasks to perform, and is often injured in the process. His style is often referred to as the "Death Blossom".

Short Bio- Growing up in a ninja dojo, he was trained from an early age to be quick, agile, and to "float upon the wind". However, he was forced into exile from his villiage after nearly killing the Villiage Elder's son. He was taken in by Lord Hoji as a bodyguard, and was soon trained by him in samurai swordfighting. He got his nickname "Kei" as an insult from another guard, who saw that Hoji seemed to play favorites with Keiwaro.

Keiwaro lived happily as a samurai, training as often as occasion would permit. After he learned his villiage had been siezed and destroyed by the shogunate, he began to distance himself from others. When Lord Hoji was assassinated by the same shogun, he swore his revenge on the shogun himself. Ever since then, he has travelled to reach the shogun's palace.

Character Snippet- (I guess I'll have a battlescene or something.)

The tall man stood, unmoving, in front of Kei.

"..." Kei seemed to pronounce the silence through his straw hat.

"What business do you have here?" the man asked condescendingly. He laughed loudly, his friends joining in on the joke.

Kei did not budge. The tall man frowned, becoming impatient. "Well? Answer, knave, before I'm forced to cut off your sorry little head!" The tall man drew a large sword, at least twice Kei's length, from his back.

Kei's expression remained blank and untelling. He looked up at the man. "Very large sword... Are you trying to compensate, friend?" he asked, in all seriousness.

The man's anger reached its apparent peak, and he swung the sword. It lodged itself deep into the ground where Keiwaro had been only moments ago. The man smirked, only to replace it with a horrified roar.

Kei's kunai had pierced him in the chest. The wound bled freely, spraying red liquid all over his friends' astonished faces.

Kei walked up to the man, placing his hand around the kunai, and pulling on it slightly. The tall man cried out in pain. "Please! No! It... GAH!!!"

The kunai was out, and the man's pierced heart spurted blood all over the dirt road. The man fell to his knees, and onto his face. Kei smiled vacantly as he advanced over the corpse of his fallen enemy.

"I can't let you stop me..." he whispered to himself slowly. "The shogun himself cannot stop me..."
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I must urge all those who havn't to please finish your sign ups as soon as possible. I am assured by each of you that it will be done, it's just I would like to start making selections soon, and I know alot of talented people would be left out if it isn't done.

Thank you,

- Mugen[/color][/size]
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[size=1]If people could hurry up and finish their sign-ups, that'd be golden. I'm tired of just ... waiting for those who put their foot in the door, and never finish it.

So I'm told, though, Mugen will be kicking this off soon... so be ready, or you'll be left in the dust.[/size]
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[B][U]Alright. Here's My List:[/B][/U]

Unborn Lord Xion
Oberon The Neko


sand dragon 19[/color][/size][/center]
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Please forgive my double post, this is only to alert those who have signed up that the RPG has been started at the Adventure Square. Posting may begin immediatly. Thank you. And by the way, first one to post has the say in things, so you will have to change your post if it contridicts the one coming before you. Thank you, and enjoy!

- Mugen[/color][/size]
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Meet the Unknown Mercenary.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B] Durandal

[B]Age: [/B] 35

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Faction: [/B] Mercenary

[B]Personality: [/B] Some say he is the Bane of Evil, others say he is the Gift of God but one thing is for certain; he's normal. He speaks at a normal level, he keeps a level head and even has manners on the English level. He speaks only when spoken to and tries not to create a scene as some would be inclined to do. As stated before his manners are mild and he respects those who deserve it. Unless provoked, Durandal likes to settle things with words rather than sword but many who bad-mouth him run off as soon as he stands up. Gift of God, you say?

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://www.thespectrum.net/2005img/berserk_guts_bottom.jpg]Durandal the Monolith[/URL] Although his sword is rather large, Durandal is pretty impressive himself. Standing at about 7'5'' inches tall and weighing 300+ pounds his body is a force to be reckoned with in its own. Under his armor is a body that is naturally resilient to sword slashes and even, though some say otherwise, gunshots.

[B]Weapon: [/B] A giant two-handed sword that would crush normal men, but in the hands of Durandal it can be swung around as easily as a knight on horseback swings his long sword. This sword has seen many battles and has taken many lives. Its rumored that it has almost 10,000 kills under its belt, thus why it has been deemed Sparta. Named after the Greek Spartans that stood valiantly in battle every time they marched the field.

[B]Fighting Style: [/B] Not much is to be said about Durandal. He is big, and he swings a giant sword around that send legions of men to their demise. However, that’s to the untrained eye or rather the un-trained fighter. Those warriors with noteworthy skill that have fallen at the hands of Durandal could recount his uncanny speed and agility and utter brute strength, if they were alive. Most try and get in close to avoid being crushed by Durandal's massive blade only to be over-whelmed by his immense and inhuman strength. Its said that Durandal can take a mans' head off with a single punch.

[B]Short Bio: [/B] Durandal led a pretty un-eventful childhood as a squire to a much-too-pompous Knight with views of grandeur. This particular Knight never up-held the code of chivalry and was always out escalading with females. As Durandal grew up and grew he did with amazing fighting skills to boot, the Knight would often let Durandal stand in for him at jousting competitions. When Durandal came of age and was able to be a Knight of his own he took no squire and instead embarked on a journey around the world to refine his skills as a fighter and to meet other warriors, and in doing so he ended up becoming a mercenary. At first it was brutal for Durandal, none would hire him, especially in northern or middle-eastern parts where the English were looked down on and who's knighthood was laughed at as too primitive. Durandal soon made a name of himself and took up less on style and more on brute strength as he picked up such a large sword that he currently wields. In time Durandal has seen many battles across many landscapes and has amassed himself a small fortune which he plans to buy a small island off the coast of Persia and live rich with not a care in the world, but at the current time a matter in Japan has called upon his skills with a large purse for his services and a very large bounty worth hunting.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B]

Durandal sat in the pub near the docks just near the port out of England sipping on some ale as he waited for the boat to arrive that would take him to Japan. The folk inside were cheering and whooping at two boxers ducking it out near the corner, however, the fight soon moved away from the corner and over to Durandal. One of the boxers was pushed against Durandal and just as quickly thrown to the ground which caused the fight to stop abruptly with a roar of laughter. The boxer was up on his feet and in Durandal's face.

"Yah' like ta' push people, eh? Could tell tha we wa' in ya fight, huh?", the boxer exclaimed, wiping his lip of crusted blood.

"I'm terribly sorry. Please, continue.", Durandal brought his lip to his mug and took a sip of ale.

The boxer huffed in anger and slapped the mug out of Durandal's hand. It crashed against the floor and Durandal simple motioned for another mug of ale, which was brought to him abruptly.

"Jus' cah' ya thin' ya uh' knight tha' ya can jus' walk all ova' anyone?", the boxer clearly wasn't just headstrong but drunk. Durandal stood up, and looked almost directly down at the boxer, who he could see now didn't want anything to do with the armor-clad knight. Durandal reached over towards the bar top where his sword was leaned and the boxer turned away. Atop the bar Durandal left 2 silver coins.

On the boat Durandal leaned against the railing and looked out to sea. His travels were taking him far east. He knew the warriors there were well armed and well trained, it would be the true test of his strength.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
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