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Sign Up Genesis Road [M-LVS]


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[COLOR=DimGray][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]Shen stared at the casket as it gently floated down the grave. His eyes full of tears as he allowed them to take their path down his face. He was surrounded by family members and close friends of his life. Shen had never felt such sorrow in his 16 years of life. This would be the last time he would see his sister ever again...... Or so he thought.
That night[/I]

Shen sat quietly in front of Jack, who was drinking down his 5th can of coke. He was only 17, which he figure he could get sober over the coke.
?You know something? You where a good brother to Susie before she died.? He said as he took a long gulp of the coke. Shen bowed his head and forced himself this time, not to cry.
?I should have stopped her....? He whispered as Jack slammed his drink done.
?Nonsense! She was mentally ill. She though she could cure herself by jumping off a building!? Normally if somebody said that to Shen, he would have beaten-him half to death, but Jack was like a brother to him. As he glanced down, he saw the necklace that his sister gave to him just a week ago. That made him want to cry more.
?I think I?ll be going back home.? He whispered as he grabbed his stuff.
?Alright, take it easy tonight. Say them prayers.? Shen waved and left the shop as that night would change his live......Forever.

[I]2 hours later[/I]

Jack wobbled up the steps of his apartment. His mother was working the late swift tonight. He stopped at the 3rd flow and wiggled his fingers to get his keys in his pocket. He bust right through the door, laughing as he fell onto the cold floor. There was no lights on at all as he looked into the living room. There in the shadows stood a figure.
?Ma? Is that you? I?m too old to play games with ya.? He yelled as he forced himself up. Light peered from the window behind the window as Jack?s eyes widen. There covered in blood and dirt from head to toe was someone that he had just saw R.I.P.
?....S-u-s-I-e?!! How is it.....possible.? He said as there was no reply from her. The room was quiet as he just stared in shock. Finally she spoke.
?I?m..... Cold.? She whispered, her voice seemed to change since the last time he saw her. He stumbled out of his trance.
?Okay, Here have my jacket.? He walked to her and flopped over his jacket on her. Her head was completely down.
?What?s wrong?? He said as that was the last words he would say. He glanced up, only one eye could be seen as her hair was covering her face. Though he could see a evil, wicked grin over her face. That was the last thing he could remember.
The Next day[/I]

Shen jogged up the stairs as it was Saturday, the day he and Jack go to the movies. He reached the door and knocked. The door swayed open as Shen peeped in. He open the door fully as he stood in horror. The room was covered in blood. On the floors, walls, and on the ceiling. There in the middle laid Jack, lifeless. His body seemed small, as if all the blood was forced out.
?NOOOOO!!!!!!? He screamed as he fainted into darkness.

Shen opened his eyes slowly, to be staring at the full moon. He sat up quicky, still shaking about what he had just saw. Shen got up and looked around. He was on top of the mountain over Raine city.
?Finally you wake. You faint and sleep for 10 hours.? Shen turned right away to find a old hermit behind him.
?Who?? He was lost in words. ?Who are you?? The old anchorite smiled as he sat on the ground cross-legged.
?I?m just an old man and nothing more. Though, it just seems you have seen death.....Twice.? Shen flashed backed into time, but shook the poor memories away.
?My friend....Jack.?
?Is dead. Though his death is strange, for he died from someone who was already dead.? The old man was speaking nonsense.
?What the hell you talkin? about??
?Your sister....? That impacted Shen greatly as the man continued. ?She was resurrected somehow and is now a puppet.? Shen exploded in anger as he rushed and took a cut at the hermit. He dodged with inhuman speed and kicked Shen to the ground.
?You?re a liar!! She?s dead!!? The old man straddled him and stared dead in the eyes of Shen.
?You are right, she is dead. Though her body is now controlled by a very powerful puppet master. If you want your sister to R.I.P., I suggest you go search for the puppet master.? Shen scrambled out between his legs and jumped back up.
?What does the master want with my sister?? The old man grinned as he flipped to face him.
?The necklace around you. That is pure aeon. A stone that has so much power, that little thing right there can eliminate the whole land. Think what a whole bolder size can do? Think what a whole city size can destroy? It seems the enchantress has saw this necklace around you one time and heard of your sister. She took control, to get closer to you and try to blow your mind away. Though she is not the only one wanting that kind of stone, the government is after it too. They have special teams to hunt for the stone. Even people with great knowledge search for its power.? He stopped to take a breather.
?What should I do?? Shen whispered as the old man looked up.
?The way you act, fight, and dress. I say you look like a bouncer. You seem to have also learn styles of fighting.?
?Yeah? Answer my question.?
?I have been throughout the world and trust me, there is no such place as that has the stone around your neck. Though it enhances the word, the world. I know a dangerous road to a portal that lends to a land full of aeons. I am reaching 80 and my body is not what it use to be. Join me and together w will destroy the aeons and end this before the witch and the government, or anybody else finds it.? The night became quiet after he was finished. Shen stared at the moon, thinking of only his sister.
?Alright....I?ll go with you and make sure my sister rests in peace once again.?

This will be a dangerous RP. Full of mystical and gut-blowing action with romance on the way. This road is a difficult on for the witches henchmen are lethal as she still has her trump card, Susie. The government with there technically and special teams will stop at nothing to get the aeons. You will decide wether Shen can send peace in his sister and to the world or perish to the likes of evil.

appearance: [pic would be great]
weapons/abilities: [anything you want]
reason: [are you a traveler that joins Shen? Are you a friend of his? Jacks? Wanting revenge??
character snippet: [opinional][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=darkorchid][b]This sounds like a very interesting RP. I can't wait to play it. ^^[/b][/color][/size][/font]

[color=darkorchid][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][b][i][size=3]Name:[/size][/i] Vala Tripp[/b][/size][/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][b][i][size=3]Gender:[/size][/i] Female[/b][/size][/font]

[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][b][i][size=3]Age:[/size][/i] 16[/b][/size][/font]

[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][b][i][size=3]Personality:[/size][/i] Vala is a very introspective person and keeps quite a few things to herself. She is only this way though, because most of her childhood was spent alone. When she gets around other people, especially people she thinks seem friendly or interesting, she gets very comfortable with them and begins to take a liking to them. Vala might seem weak, but she needs no protecting. Especially when her doll is with her.[/b][/size][/font]

[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][b][i][size=3]Appearance:[/size][/i] [url="http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b62/threesummers/vala1.jpg"][color=darkorchid]Vala Tripp getting some milk from the fridge.[/color][/url][/b][/size][/font]
[b][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][/size][/font][/b]
[b][font=Book Antiqua][size=2](Her eyes aren't green though. Look at the picture below to see her eye color.)[/size][/font][/b]

[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][b][url="http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b62/threesummers/vala-tripp.jpg"][color=darkorchid]Vala dressed in her usual outfit, with her hair dyed and cut shorter.[/color][/url][/b][/size][/font]

[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][b][i][size=3]Weapons/abilities:[/size][/i] Vala carries many weapons, although she doesn't know how to use most of them. She relies on her special ability to fight. She's not a puppet master, but possibly a descendant of one. However, she does have a doll that she found a long time ago. Using her powers over this life size doll, she can transfer whatever clothes or weapons that she has onto her doll. Then, the doll will fight for her.[/b][/size][/font]

[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][b][i][size=3]Bio:[/size][/i] Vala was an orphan who was lucky enough to be adopted by a rather wealthy couple. This couple had no children of their own, and they didn't live by any children either. This made things very lonely for Vala. There were times when they would visit the city or a carnival or fair, but that still wasn't enough for Vala. She wanted to at least go to a private school, instead of having her lessons at home. That way, she would have at least some contact with children her age. But one day, Vala found a new playmate. She was exploring the attic one night, when she saw a shadowy figure. It startled her, and she turned and ran out of the attic. The next morning, she decided to check the attic again. The shadowy figure turned out to be a life-sized mannequin. She didn't think she would be able to carry it downstairs, but whenever she touched it, the mannequin came to life. It followed her downstairs, and danced with Vala for hours. Then, when her parents came home, they pulled Vala away from 'that monstrosity'. They locked it back up in the attic, and sent Vala to bed. That night, the house caught on fire. The doll came and took Vala out of bed, and carried her out of the burning mansion. Vala has been wandering ever since. Recently, she has learned that her doll's heart and brain is made out of Aeon. vala wants to find more of this 'Aeon' so she can make new friends.[/b][/size][/font]

[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][b][i][size=3]Reason:[/size][/i] Vala Tripp found Shen wandering alone, and asked if he needed some help. He seemed a bit upset, but heard him mention Aeons. She told him that she knew about Aeons, so he invited her to come along. She's been following him ever since.[/b][/size][/font][/color]
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Name: Suzu

Gender: Male

age: 14

personality:A very serious fella hes friendly when he around his friends He's also a good hard fighter.

Apperance: [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/Yugi_Kaiba/Cards/talk_hao01.gif]Suzu[/URL]

Weapon/abilities: [URL=http://www.getswords.com/images/rs_nodachi_l.jpg]heres his Nodachi[/URL] . A Nodachi is a longer version of the katana. His abilities are a technique called Omni slash where he jumps up into the air and bring his blde down onto the enemy while the sword is charging with energy.

Bio: He was never really liked in his home town. The fellow kids always laughed at him his life was very sad. One day a older man came up to him , he was about 9 at the time. He handed him a Nodachi telling him that one day he would defeat darkness. The old man started training him and eventually he told the boy to leave on his journy.

And so he set off....

Reason: He's a traveler looking for Shen
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[SIZE=1]My Sign-up.

Sakura Watsuki



Stubborn and beautiful are never a good mix. Sakura is rarely nice to anyone, but she can pretty much get whatever she wants from any given person. The only person she ever opened up to or was nice to was her only friend. Read below...

5"1', average body (leaning more toward the slim side) 110 lbs. Long red hair. Usually wears jeans and tight-fitting shirts.

She has a short katana and is quite skilled with it. Her only abilities are her martial arts and her intellect.

Sakura grew up in a very weathy family (To put it lightly), but she never particularly cared for material things or money and maids. She was often called 'Spoiled' and a 'Brat', but she didn't care much for others opinions of her. Although she was meant to take over the family business one day, her parents had no intention of entrusing her with it. Everything from her jeans-and-t-shirt style to her I-don't-care attitude was considered extremely barbaric, and not 'fitting' for the life of a Watsuki.

That never did bother Sakura, though. She didn't exactly want to be tied down to her family's business forever. Hell, she didn't even know what the 'Family Business' [I]was[/I] exactly.

Since Mr. and Mrs. Watsuki never were good at planning ahead, they never managed to get around to taking Sakura out of thier will. They eventually ended up dying in a tragic accident. A semi smothered thier strech-limo just as they were on thier way home from a party. They, un-intentionally, left Sakura with everything.

Sakura now wanders aimlessly, thousands of dollars in her back pocket and millions in the bank.

She made a friend after a year or so, but only one friend. His name was Jack. He was the only living thing she had ever been able to fully trust. Unfortunately, he died a tragic death as well. She'd seen the room where he died. It was definitely no accident, and the person responsible was going to pay dearly...

Friend of Jack, hoping to figure out what happened to him.

Edit- I added a pic-- Thanks a million for helping me find a good one, Lilt!![/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DimGray]name: Shen Tohan
gender: male
age: 16
personality: Likes to think to himself abunch. Shen is like a leave, he goes where the wind blows him to. He makes decisions if nobody else will. He is more of a follower then a leader, but after two deaths to dearest people inhis life, he will start needing to act like a leader to face his greatest fears.
appearance: [URL=http://ps.vgf.com/previews/bouncer/sion_i.jpg]PIC[/URL]
weapons/abilities: He has learned various martial arts styles. He figured that learning so many, he could mix them up and keep his enemy off guard.
bio: Shen Tohan, unlike other brothers hangs out with his sister alot. Susie and Jack are very close people in his life thorugh the years. They would shop, eat, and party around the city. Till one night Shen and Jack was just coming out of a midnight party when they herad a crush. Susie had just fell down the apartment they where partying. Shen heart was torn abart that night. HIs whole heart was destroyed to see his life friend, Jack found dead.
reason: Shen travels with the Hermit to find the aeons and destroy them before the world gets ahold of them. He is mainly traveling to safe his sister from the famous puppet master.
character snippet: [opinional][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]name:[/B] Sage Rashna

[B]gender:[/B] Male

[B]age:[/B] 24

[B]personality:[/B] Sage is shameless, he speaks what he needs to say and be heard. He doesn't care if others see him as a monster or a hero. He does what he thinks is necessary without hesitation and doesn't care much for consequenses. He is more intelligent then he appears to be and beacuse of his old life he is very calculating and likes to remain a few steps ahead of his opponent. His will is his own and almost unbreakable, but he is only human.

[B]appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Prince_Throne.jpg] Sage.[/url] His clothes are an old form of Babylonian armor, he likes it the most since it is flexible and allows maximum movement and speed to be achieved by Sage. He does stick out in a crowd but cares little, it gives him what he needs.

[B]weapons/abilities:[/B] The blue dagger in the pictuer and the chain wrapped in his arm, that is called the daggertail. The weapon is more of a curse then a blessing, it was imbued into his body by the very puppet master he seeks to kill. The weapon is the enbodiment of evil, it feeds off of all the negative things that Sage does or feels or thinks about. Legend has it, the daggertail itself has a mind of it's own, that it has a soul. But that has been lost to man for thousands of years. The daggertail is strong because it's length is unmeserable since Sage deteremines length for what he needs it to do. The edges are razor sharp and if used right and do many things to accomplish anything. Also he has been know to black out at times and wake up soaked in blood, never recalling anything that happened. He has been told he looks like a monster, [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/DarkPrince_Throne.jpg] something like this.[/url] That is what he has been describe to look like when these odd black outs occur.

He also learn a technique that he only uses if he is in danger and refuses to use his Daggertail, it's called Dim Mak. Better know as Death touch martial arts, it centers around pressuer points on the body that change the heart rate and speeds it up and the victim dies of a heart attack. The technique also knocks an opponet unconscious immediatly, Sage never use it lightly unless he needs to.

[B]bio:[/B] Sage use to work for the goverment, consumed with all the technology of the century. Thinking that was the only way he would survive in the world, he was considred a prodigy from where he worked. He was special forces trained to to hunt Aeon and any one and thing that knew about it, he was good at his job too. He killed people who refused to release any information or provided no use in the government. He was glad he worked for the government until he came across one of the puppets, he managed to take it out but recieved some serious wounds that have since scarred over. At his time of crisis and need the witch present herself to him, offering him life and power if he came to her side and did her bidding. Refusing her offer was the smartest thing he did in his life, she didn't take this lightly and cursed him.

She took the Daggertail and painfully planted it in his left arm, telling him that the Daggertail would remain a part of him until the day she died. After that he left the government and discovered his abilitys he had with primitive blade weapons. He shortly found a teacher who taught him the way of the Persian warrior, he recieved the blue dagger after he finished his training. He has since hunted the witch to liberaty himself of the Daggertail, the runes came after about 6 months when the daggertail started to act on it's own at random points. It hasn't acted up for awhile now and Sage thinks he has it under control, for now.
reason:[/B] Sage wants vengence on the witch and to be free.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Sano Hegura

Gender: Male


Personality: He's a people person. He like to talk and he lives to please. He doesn't like to be alone so he surrounds himself with as many people as he can find. He works and lives hard. He loves taking risks, a man of extremes. If you can lose a limb doing, odds are he has or is willing to try it. To all who know him he seems tame and harmless, but those who have fought him have seen something different.....


Weapons/Abilities: Weapons are the swords seen in the pic. He is a skilled swords man and is well respected for this considerable skill.

Bio: Sano was born to your standard middle class family. He lived with them til he was about six. They were killed, by who and why, he doesn't know, they just were. He left to live in foster care shortly there after. He had no immediate family so he lived with a new family. They were nice enough, they gave him what he needed, but they weren't the most parental guardians. He was often left alone and lived like this. He found himslef becoming withdrawn, he was severed from the people who were suppose to care for him. He began to drive a wedge betwwen him and those around him. Because of this he didn't have any friends in elementary school, or middle school. It wasn't til he came into high school did he begin to change for the better. He discoverd a world of danger and risk, and he let this define him. He started bungee jumping and sky diving and built his way up from there. He said he could see the real world when his life was on the line, so he intentionally sought out more and more dangerous activities. He lived for thsi risk. He heard tell of a kenjutsu dojo with a reputation for reckless and dangerous training methods. But they were also the best, he couldn't pass this up. He sought out this worn down old building where it was suppose to be. It had such a reputation that it no longer had any students, possibly because many called the Shihan a lunatic. Be that as it was, he wouldn't be deterd. He enterd this school and found why this is such a dangerous place. The Shihan was ruthless, he insisted in training through life training, i.e. learning by endangering ones life in a fight. Sano was pushed to his limits many times and had seen death more then once, but after four years there, he was let go from the school as a graduate. His skill as a swords man are, as a result, peerless. Upon being set loose from the school, his sensei gave him the swords seen above. In them is encrusted a jewel, with a strange glow. He was given the swords and told it was his birth right. He was also told to hide them and never allow any other to have them. He said the swords were dangerous and only to be used in the most extreme situations. He said the swords were called 'Aeon Wings'. He took these blades and left the dojo. Days later the dojo went up in flames and his sensei was burned alive in the blaze. There was again, no rhym of reason for his death, he was just killed. He didn't see anything in it til he notice on the hilt of the swords, were carved his parents names. One his mothers the other his fathers. What did this mean? His only clue was the name given to the blades, 'Aeon Wings'. He discoverd tell of a this word and sought out the one called Shen so he might discover what the truth to his story is. He learned from Shen what the Aeon meant, and that was probably the reason his parents and his sensei were dead, but why were they even involved? To answer these questions he has taken up quest with Shen.

Reason: To find the truth of what his parents were doing and why his sensei was helping them.
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name: Sol

gender: Male

age: 25

personality: Very cold, he is known as Sol because it is said that he does not have one. He normally will not answer to anyone, just nod and walk off. That, or you will find an answer by the tip of his blade.

appearance: below

weapons/abilities: A sacred sword that has powers over fire. It can turn itself into a giant fireblade at Sol's will. The sword also gives the power of fire to Sol's control. Any aspect of it, he can control.

bio: Born with a cold heart, Sol grew up on the streets. He lived his life stealing and hurting people. Then one day, a person came to him and set a sword in front of him. The sword instantly turned Sol into a giant fireball, killing any one around him.

In return the person that had given him the sword became his master. Sol does the dirty work for this person, and recently, he has had to work with a dead girl to stop her living brother from stoping their master.

reason: He wants to be free from the witch's contron, and the only way to do this is to kill Shen Tohan.
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Name: Vincent Crine

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Personality: Kind hearted but does not have good control over his temper

Appearance: [url=http://photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=Devil20May20Cry2001.jpg] here [/url]

Weapons/Abilities: Two guns like the one in the picture and a dia katanna (an extremely long two handed katanna) which controls ice and everything to do with it and gives him the same ability as well but if he iis seperated from it the power goes bye bye until he grabs it again.

Bio: Grew up in a good family but they were very poor. His parnets looked down on stealing and tried to get by on other ways. Vincent began to steal to keeps his parents from losing hope but never told them where he had gotten the money from. One day he was robbing a man's house when he saw a wired long sword that seemed to have a cold chill and mist coming from it. He stole the sword and saw another that gave off an immense amount of heat. "Fire and Ice" He was about to take the other when he heard a noise and left. A week later his mom died when he was making his rounds again. When he got back home he found his dad dead on the ground.

Reason: Trying to find someone to help him figure out what is going on. Was told to find a person named Shen.
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