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RPG Justice City (M-VLS)


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[center][size=4][b][u]Justice City

[/size][/size][size=1]Welcome to Justice City, a City where crime runs amok like the filth that lines the gutters. A thriving metropolis by day, but by night it becomes something infinitely different and much, much fouler. As soon as the sun goes down, Justice City becomes a dark underworld of criminals, both organised and disorganised. Thugs and biker gangs rule the streets, while megalomaniac mob bosses and directors of corrupt corporations rule the upper levels.[/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1]And then there are the super-villains. From mad scientists to villains with powers that are literally earth-shattering, these super-villains are essentially in control of the night.[/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1]So, Justice City needs heroes. Every city, from Metropolis to Gotham has their own heroes, and now Justice City needs[b] YOU[/b].

[u][b]Cast List


[/b][/u][b]Jokopoko aka "Centurion"
Citrus aka "Angel"
Domon aka "Diamond"


[/u]Wraith aka "Justice"
kenshinsbabe aka "Mystaire/M"
Doukeshi aka "Warp"
Sakura aka "Shadow"
Outlaw aka "Maverick/Top Gun"
vicky aka "Dark Matter"
0ber0n the Neko aka "Dragon Force"
MajinVegeta aka "The Hunter"
shadowofdeath13 aka "Charon"
DeathKnight aka "Ratana"
KKC aka "The Spark/Sparky"
Gavin aka "Maze"
sand dragon 19 aka "Aira"
Starwind aka "Black Bullet"
Tigervx aka Canku "The Cane Man" Wong, Police Chief

[size=4]Issue 1: New Beginnings

[size=2]Characters: All

Setting: All Over Justice City

Synopsis: A basic chance to get to know all the characters in the story


[/size][/u][/size][/size][/b][size=4][size=2][size=1][i]The night called my name...a whisper on the wind...the name Justice...I was sworn to protect this city until the dayI die. I protect it from all the scum, all the criminals, everyone who does wrong in this city.

[/i]He sat on top of a building, crouched on the corner, ready to pounce. The cold night air whipped through his hair, throwing it into odd styles. He took a deep breath in. The air was good in his lungs, no matter about the tang of oil and the pollution that it was thick with.

Down below, a group of thugs with weapons, raiding a bank. The weapons looked more high-tech than the ones criminals usually used around Justice City. They must have gotten them from somewhere...outside of the usual channels.

He leapt from the building, slowing his descent with his telekinesis, and he dropped gracefully, and silently, to the floor. No-one around would care if they saw a man leap from the roof of a building. That kind of thing happened every night in Justice City.

He crept up behind the first man, and, still silent, held his hand out. He concentrated, and his glaive formed in his hand, made from pure psychic energy. He smiled, and ran the blade through the first thug. He collapsed, not dead, no blood showing, but he would be unconscious for a while.

The second thug turned to talk to the first, and saw Justice the moment before he sliced his blade across the man's throat, shutting down his brain function for a second, dropping him into unconsciousness.

The next two thugs weren't taking any notcie either, but the last saw Justice and took a shot at him. The weapon, instead of firing a stream of bullets as Justice had assumed it would, it fired a bright green beam of laser. He only just had time to erect a psionic barrier before the beam made contact.

He then thrust his hands forward and sent the barrier hurtling towards the thug. As it hit him, he was thrown backwards into the wall of the bank. He was knocked out immediately. Justice gathered them into a pile and bound them psionically. The bonds would not appear to anyone else, but they would not be able to break through them.

[i]That should hold them until the police arrive, [/i]thought Justice. He turned to leave, when something huge came barreling into him. He was struck in the small of the back, and was thrown across the street, into a streetlight. The lamp buckled as he collided with it, and then he sank to the floor.

[b]"You think you can interrupt my bank-job, hero?" [/b]snarled a voice. Justice looked at the source of the voice, and saw a huge man, much bigger than the usual human, his muscles rippling, bursting through the vest he wore. His skin was crimson, and he seemed to be pretty strong.

[i]Great, [/i]thought Justice, [i]That's all I need. Another super-powered moron trying to get rich quick.

[/i][b]"You're gonna die, hero!" [/b]he rasped, and then ran full pelt at Justice, who simply lifted himself into the air, sending the human tank straight underneath him. He smiled as the huge guy smashed headfirst into a concrete wall. Justice then threw a telekinetic bubble around the muscle-man, and hurled him into the air. As he reached the peak of the height, the bubble disappeared, and he crashed back to earth, smashing straight through the asphalt, leaving a huge crater in the ground.

Justice sighed and threw some telekinetic bonds around him as well, jabbing him sharply with the glaive just in case he woke up before the police arrived.

He took off into the night sky, surrouned by an aura of shimmering red light.

Another night, another crime prevented.
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[color=teal][size=1][b]?...and now we switch to Richard Chamberlain outside the court house. What?s the feeling like down there Richard??[/b]

[b]?Well Dan the feeling is uneasy at best. Mr. Staten has pleaded not guilty to the charge of embezzlement so it looks like we could be in for a long trial this time.?[/b] Richard punctuated this with a false laugh.

[b]?Thanks for that Richard, we?ll come back to the court house when we have more to report. In other news -.?[/b]

[b]?And cut, good job Richard.?[/b] Said one of the camera operators. He smiled and went off to the Channel 7 news van. Sighing heavily he took out his flask of coffee and had a quick swing before putting it back in the van. ?How long will I have to report this child like news. What about the rampant gun crime and steady rise of this so called ?Super Villains.? Even as he thought this Richard knew the answer all too well. The government wanted the citizens of Justice City to feel safe and secure so the news teams were always under watch to make sure they wouldn?t incite panic of any sort around the City.

[b]?Richard Chamberlain can?t make a difference but at least Centurion can.?[/b] He said quietly to himself as the rest of the news team came back to the van, ready to move on to the next ?story?. [b]?You coming along Richard??[/b] Asked one of the crew.

Richard shook his head: [b]?No, I?m done for the day. I?ll see you tomorrow.?[/b] He gave the group a short wave of his hand as he walked over to his own car.

[i][center][[Several hours later]][/center][/i]
Centurion flew over Justice City and thought how serene and quit it seemed whilst flying, the glossy image being spoiled by the seedy underbelly which seemed to run through the entire City these days. Centurion soon found himself perched atop the tallest building in the city, the [b]Justice Skyscraper[/b]. It wasn?t the most inspired name in the world but it was fairly true as it was the only true Skyscraper within the city. It often played host to the social gatherings, conventions and other events of the like that took part in the City.

Staring across the cityscape Centurion would see a quick flash of an energy blast or the crack of small arms fire as the Underworld came out for the night and the Heroes tired to keep it down. Looking up at the Moon he saw the silhouetted image of a winged woman rising up from the Cities depths.

He smirked.

[b]?Time to get the team together for the night then.?[/b] He said out loud as he jumped from his perch and took off to fight the night away.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]?Oi! If you?re not buying it, put it back.?

Alan looked up from the store counter and saw three teenage boys quickly putting back a Halloween mask at the sight of the shop owner, who had somehow been given the nickname ?Crazy Dave? because of his unorthodox business skills.

?Yeah, I can fuck about too.? He boomed at them. All three boys looked at each other as they were leaving, and giggled. That set Dave off. ?If you?re laughing at me just remember how good your head would look on a stick in my back garden.?

Normally, Alan would have found that remotely funny, but it wasn?t funny when Dave was serious. It was no wonder the shop only sold things to the young kids who liked heavy metal, black gear and heavy chains, Dave scared everyone else away. The shop owner was tall (not taller than Alan, mind you) and dressed himself in enough black silk you?d think he owned the people who made it. He liked chains, long hair and piercings? it was a miracle he didn?t have any fridge magnets stuck to him.

?Have you seen this?? he asked Alan, throwing a newspaper at him. Alan opened it wearily and scanned the page. Advertisements, amusing stories and? ah, heroes.

?What kind of stupid law of yours did they break this time?? Alan grumbled.

?They?re taking all the credit here!?

?From who? I mean, they do all the work in getting the bad guys and keeping us safe, they?re not taking credit off anyone if they did do.? Alan knew for a fact Dave didn?t really like heroes, or maybe it was because Dave needed one more thing in the world to hate.

?They?re wrecking the city, megalomaniacs these heroes, looking for trouble and everyone thinks they?re stopping it. They?re just trying to scare people.?

?Well they?re a bit like you then, aren?t they??

Dave gave Alan a very sinister look. ?Yeah you just keep getting cocky and I?ll pull those contact lenses out of your head along with your eyes. Anyway, get going, it the end of your shift. I don?t want you here at night when all the real customers come it.?

?I don?t want to be here to see you getting bullied by a gang of Goths and punks.? Alan retorted. He threw the newspaper back at Dave and, in return, Dave whacked Alan across the head with it as he was walking out.

?And get a haircut!?

Alan wasn?t laughing on the outside but he was chuckling on the inside. Dave was a rebel, he didn?t care about his business, nor would he be in any position to fire Alan. Basically he was a riot, Alan could annoy him all day and still have a job. Since the shop was open all night as well as through most of the day, Alan was replaced by then. He was glad, too, night time was a perfect breeding ground for crime and villains, and it was a chance to have some fun. Alan would gladly not take any credit for what he did. To be honest, he wasn?t doing much for the people anyway.

It was a quite walk home, not a single person in sight. The sun was completely hidden beneath the buildings now and darkness was washing over the city; perfect timing for Alan. He stopped when coming to a very small house (only with four rooms and all on one floor) and unlocked it quickly, slamming the door behind him as he entered. The room he had entered was pretty big considering the size of it all, in front of him was a couch, a TV and even a PlayStation and a window at the end of the room. Beside him was the kitchen, separated from the living room by nothing more than a counter. There were only three other rooms, a large bedroom which he used as a study, a small bedroom for him to sleep in and, obviously, a bathroom. Though Alan didn?t do any of his superhero things in his house. No, that might break his PlayStation; he had a garage beside him that was actually much bigger than his whole house where he kept his costume and even trained himself there.

He threw his coat down on the coach and took off his t-shirt, no point keeping it on if he was changing into his superhero costume. He ran into his study, which was crowded with old newspapers, random files and even a computer. He didn?t bother with any of that. He lifted up the edge of the carpet new his computer and uncovered the keys for his garage (Alan was pretty paranoid about people knowing he was a super hero so he kept his garage keys hidden).

Running outside to his garage he regretted not having his t-shirt on when the cold wind hit him. Surprisingly his armour would keep him warm. He unlocked the garage door, opened it just enough for him to duck under then slammed it shut quickly. The lights automatically came on and revealed his hero costume encased in glass at the far end of the garage, amongst all the other random crap he had collected from various crimes.

He cracked his knuckles in excitement and smirked.

The streets were dark, dimly lit by the streetlamps on the corner. It was too dark to see anyone?s face, too dark to recognize attackers. Dark Matter didn?t need to see anyone?s face; he didn?t need an appearance to stop someone from being hurt. He was hidden within the shadows of an alleyway, watching two men pushing another smaller, weaker man down the street, one of the thugs looking around to make sure they weren?t sighted. They hadn?t seen him; he was hidden under an illusion, hidden under shadows.

?Alright, now listen up,? one of the thugs in black began, taking his victim by the scruff of his neck. ?The boss wanted his money [I]yesterday[/I], he even waited all day today, but he still hasn?t got it. Where is it??

?I-I don?t owe him anything.?

The man was struck by the back of one of the thug?s guns, knocking him on the ground. He was then kicked in the stomach over and over until he toppled on his back. Dark Matter watched and all he could do was wait.

?You?re lying! I hate people like you,? snarled one of the attackers. He grabbed the man again but didn?t get anywhere.

[I]I hate people like you.[/I] Dark Matter knew what that meant. He had been subjected to that all the time, hated for no reason and people didn?t even know why. Well, he decided now was a good time to make a move.

Both thugs stopped what they were doing and looked up in confusion. The dim light at the end of the street which had given them the faintest idea of who they were attacking flickered off, along with any other light. The two thugs looked at each other, confused, then back to another source of light. In front of them were two very bright red orbs, glowing, angry. All three men backed away, even the victim was scared now. There seemed to be a low growling sound coming from where the red light was, and it was getting closer.

Suddenly, the streetlight flicked back on and something big was stood in front of them. Something big, something deadly. One of the thugs looked even more shocked than any one else at the sight of a huge, snarling, black dog in front of him. He even screamed when the beast opened its mouth and snapped its jaw.

?Holy shit!? exclaimed the other thug. The two began to run from the beast, but only one made it. The other thug, the one who didn?t share a very deep fear of dogs, was stopped by the ground rising around him and closing in on him.

?Claustrophobia? terrible, isn?t it?? asked a deep, echoing voice. Dark Matter had the ability to make himself seem intimidating as well as creating realistic illusions. He even smiled under his iron mask at the scream of the claustrophobic thug and the look on his companion?s face.

Dark Matter felt an urge to make things worse for them, to create even darker fears, to hurt them even more, but he couldn?t. They had only committed a small crime, really, and it may well have been the victim?s fault. He sighed, backed away from them all and the lights went off again for a moment. When the streetlight snapped back on the huge dog was gone and the wall of concrete around the thug. All that remained was a very scared villain and his unconscious companion lying in a heap, on the floor.

Without hesitation the remaining thug grabbed his companion?s arm and heaved him over his shoulder, running away as fast as he could. All that was left now was the middle-aged man who had been attacked, still on the floor. Strange happenings were common in Justice City, but somehow Dark Matter always had an effect.

The man looked around for the hero and found him standing inches away from him. He jumped back, but the man in dark armour just came closer.

?Here,? Dark Matter said, offering the man a hand up. The man jumped up himself and backed away as far as possible.

?J-j-just leave me a-alone, okay?? he stuttered.

Dark Matter?s expression under his mask wasn?t confusion or even sadness, he simply rolled his eyes. Ungrateful people, scared of him for no reason, fear which later turned into hate for people like himself.

He turned and waved his hand as if to dismiss the man, shaking his head.

[I]?I?m not helping him again??[/I][/SIZE]
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[I]Stupid 1’s and 0’s![/I] Andrew thought to himself as he looked at the same coding that had been staring back at him for most of the day. Truthfully, this was easy stuff, but he wasn’t really concentrating. His feet were tapping shadow drums to go along with the heavy riff playing inside his head. A tap on his shoulder halted the music and Andrew turned to see his senior smiling at him.

[B]“You’ve been at that all Kiddo and you’ve stayed more than an hour later than you’re supposed to. Go get yourself some coffee or something and go home.”[/B] Came the soft voice of the middle-age man.

[B]“Oh...”[/B] Andrew blurted as he looked at his watch. [B]“Thanks Tom, I’ll get out of your hair now. See you next week!”[/B] He quickly got up, shut off his computer, threw some files into his cabinet and dashed off down the hall. [I]An hour late? Damn it! I must have really zoned out this time![/I]

Where as anybody else would have gone to the elevator (or the stairs if they needed the exercise -.-) Andrew headed to an empty office, closed the door behind him and went straight for the nearest window. Although there were others like him about the city, The Hunter had yet to come across a “Hero”. But then again, he’d only been here a month. Perhaps tonight.

Andrew carefully removed his suit and hung it in a nearby locker with his initials, AJC, etched into it. He flexed his highly defined muscles in the tight jump suit that now covered him. Its deep black fabric clung to him like a second skin and he grinned at himself in the mirror. [I]Damn I look good![/I]

Without another thought, he leapt from the window and the hunt had begun! Andrew let himself free fall for a few seconds to enjoy the wind and to cool himself down from his day. In an instant a blinding light surrounded his body as his energy freely raced through his body, blurring his face to all and preventing gravity’s effect. He was The Hunter now.

His nostrils flexed as he sniffed at the foul stench in the air and he began the short flight home. Or at least what he called ‘home’ for the time being. The high-rise apartment had been acquired for him, with no expense spared, by his father; A huge living area with all the trimmings, Sound system, huge TV, DVD system, computers for work and for entertainment and a huge dining area. A huge kitchen with the highest quality appliances, two bedrooms (even though he lived alone), both with en suite and King-sized beds. Of course it appealed to Andrew, but comfort wasn’t everything, the place lacked something. It lacked life; something Andrew thought could be brought in by a woman’s touch maybe?

Hunter shock himself out of his 18th million daydream of the day to drop the 30 or so storeys down to the ground at the sound of a clip being inserted in to a gun. The stench of cold steel and gun powder drew his sensitive nostrils almost instantly. Rather than go through the formality of showing himself and making some corny Superhero joke, Hunter just threw a light energy ball directly at the guns and listened for the terrified squeal of the surprised henchmen. [I]It really is too easy. I haven’t had a real challenge at all yet![/I] He whined to himself.

Although he’d been ‘held up’ at work, the night was still young, Hunter had plenty of time to head home and clean himself up for the long night of fruitless goon hunting. Being a Hero wasn’t all it was cracked up to be he’d realised in the last few months. He sighed as he dropped down near his balcony and stepped into the chilling warmth of his apartment.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Sitting in a chair behind her desk with her feet propped up on the desk, Ryan sighed, putting the book she had been reading down on her stomach. Her eyes scanned over her silent, empty store once again. She sighed and said, [B]"If this keeps up, I might have to close the store."[/B]

She stood up and put the book on her desk. Looking at her wristwatch, she decided to close up shop for the night. It was almost six in the evening. As she took the keys out of the pocket of her jeans, her thoughts drifted to her nightlife.

[I]'I guess I'm not your average superhero...hell, I'm not even a real superhero. I mean, I haven't really done anything big...'[/I] she thought. Thinking against closing up just yet, she put the keys back in her pocket and ran up the wooden stairs to her home above the store.

Ryan's room wasn't big at all. It consisted of a small bedroom and a bathroom with a stand-up shower in it. She had a small refrigorator in her room. She only came upstairs for her jacket that was laying on her bed. She put it on and, as an afterthought, she brushed her hair out quickly and put it up in a ponytail.

She took the door key off of the keyring and threw the keyring on her desk. Ryan stepped outside and locked the door behind her. She put the key in her jeans pocket and started to walk down the street. She kept her eyes peeled for any trouble against the darkening sky.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[CENTER][SIZE=1]Thandar Naing Viktor sat atop a light post. She looked out across the landscape of the horrible city she called home. Justice City, the city that bellows the call of evil and villains. That is why she was there. Thandar Naing, also known as Angel, was a protector an enforcer, protecting the innocent people that are harassed for no reason.

She was in Chinatown. The number one place for the Chinese Street Gangs to host their little ?get together?s?, this is where most of Angel?s work was done. Then she saw what she was waiting for. A black limo zoomed down the street; Angel spread her wings and jumped from the light post.

With one flap of her wings she was after the black limo. The leader of one of the biggest gangs was in there. Her job was to eliminate him. Ah Beng Li. He controlled the ?Yellow Hazard Co.?. Fancy name for a gang, a cover up.

After a couple of minutes they had exited China town and was entering the woods. Up ahead was a clearing, it led to a large size hill. And on top of the hill was a mansion. Possibly the haven for the entire gang.

The limo pulled to a stop, and about 6 body guards exited the car. Then a oval looking man followed and got out of the car. There he was.

Angel settled in a tree branch a safe distance from the car. She pulled out her Boom Arrow, it has an explosive effect when it touches a surface hence the name.

Slowly she brought the wire back and let it go. The arrow whizzed through the air not making a sound. It hit a couple of yard away from the car, enough to scare them.


The sound was sure to be heard all the way in the heart of Justice City. The men looked around yelling at each other to start patrolling and find the source.

Angel smiled, this time she had them all in the same area. She flew out from her hiding place and right into the middle of them all. Angel punched one man sending him back a little bit; she kicked him in the stomach pushing him back.

The other gangsters surrounded her.

?Just gotta love the adrenaline rush.?

With that said Angel ascended up into the air and aimed her arrow downwards. Letting it go the arrow fell to the ground, nothing happened.

One of the bigger guys picked it up, and then it exploded a pink and orange array of confetti and small explosives. Angel laughed as the big men flew back in surprise.

?Aren?t so tough and strong after all, hmm??

Then there was the leader of them all, he was hiding in the car. The whole car was shaking, he was obviously scared. Angel opened the car door and chuckled.

?Mr. Li! I have been looking all over for you. I doubt you will do any more business, so I won?t destroy you. But, I am going to leave you a present.?

The man?s eyes were large and scared. Angel aimed one of her arrows at a window of the house. It took off faster then a blink of a eye. She took off flying, not waiting to see the outcome.

Angel was somewhat into the city when she heard a rumble then followed by a wave of heat. She smiled.

?Another evil man taken care of. Let?s see who is next? ah that?s right. Mr. One Eye.?[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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Eric crept through the dark alley ways, all the while getting calls in from Ulyises "You find out how many are there yet?"

He took up the mic "I could if you weren't distracting me."

The old man "Sooorrrrrry. Didn't know I was such a burden there, Black Barrel was it?"

Black on his end "Just shut up already."

Silence on the other end. He continued to listen to the sounds coming all around him, they were on the thrid floor of a building roughly three blocks down. He took off to the dark back streets keeping out of sight. He stopped outside the back door of a small, ten level, business building. they were definitly on the thrid, he could smell the gunpowder and narcotics mixing. No blood yet, which meant nothing had gone sour yet. He popped his pistols from there hollsters and came to the door. He whipped out a pair of long, thin, shortly curved hooks. With the pair he popped the lock on the door with ease "Better then knocking."

He said as he walked in the door. He smelled at the air and listend to the echos in the hall. They was no one near him at the moment, so he took this moment to head into the ventilation shaft. The quickest way to the thrid floor that wouldn't get him found.

He crawled along through the tight space in which he could barely fit. He held both pistols in hand with full cylinders, subduement bullets loaded. The echos in this shaft was better here. He could already here what was going on, it was another standard issue arms deal. This should be a quick and easy, just another group of street thugs trying to make the world hell for the rest of us. He stopped just above the our gaggle of hopeless scumbags. He took one quick breath and slammed through the vent. He dropped in on the group, all of which immediatly dove for there weapons as his own shots rang out. Two, five, nine, they all dropped so quickly it was hard to keep up with his pace. 12 men down in on quick swing, just another night out. he walked up to one of the unconsious men and took from him the gun he had tried to so hard to get to. there was something strange about this thing, to the casual observer it seemed like a normal hand gun, not that different from something you'd expect from your standard street gang. But if it was that easy, why all this hush hush to sell the damn things? Not only that, but there was some strange odor he didn't recognize coming off of the barrel and hammer. He decided to take it with him to the old man, so he could find out what it was that was with these things. He left the building and got back in touch with Ulyises "I've got them all. There on the third floor, room 202."

The old man buzzed back "I've got the police on the way. Oh yeah, your wife called for you, Black Barrel."

He grunted "I'm in trouble."

The old man laughed "Sure are. My prayers are with you."

Black responded sarcasticly "Yeah, thanks. I can feel the love."

He cut the radio and got the hell out of there. She was already pissed at him, he didn't need her to bail him out and make it worse.


He tipped toed back into his house as he closed the door quietly. This was to no avail as the lights popped on to show her sitting on the couch "So you actually came home tonight. And here I was thinking I'd have the house to myself."

He turned to her slowly "Hey honey, sorry about this but....."

She got up from her seat and he stopped speaking "Listen, I'm tired, So I'm going to bed now."

He felt a scale of relief as she went ot the bedroom, he wasn't going to get chewed out tonight. She closed the door behind her and he went to head in after her. He grabbed the door knob only to find it locked. This was how she would punish him, he got the couch. Stereo typical, but it was what happend. He knew better then to argue or fight it. He layed down on the couch "Give me mob bosses and street gangs anyday, before her." He closed his eyes and slept on the couch for the night.
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[color=crimson]Smoke wafted through the air slowly, mingling with the sunlight that beamed in from outside. Xiuxiu puffed on her pipe calmly, flipping through the pages of one of the many grimoires that were within her shop. She lazily sat with her elbow sitting on the counter, her chin resting upon her knuckles. Much to her displeasure, time seemed to be passing slower than usual today. As she read the contents of the book, the bells hanging from the door into the shop rang loudly as a costumer entered. The sounds of the hustle and bustle outside briefly overwhelmed the stillness of the room before the door finally closed.

"Welcome." Xiuxiu said without looking up, "If you need any help-.."

"That won't be necessary Miss Li." The familiar voice caused a grin to appear on her face. Xiuxiu took another puff from the pipe, flipped to another page and briefly glanced up as the man approached and leaned against the counter. "Do you have what I requested?" He asked in a low whisper. Xiuxiu nodded and reached underneath the counter, pulling out a small package. She placed it on the counter and flipped to another page in her book. The man eyed it carefully and began to rub his chin thoughtfully. He gestured to the package, "Will it really-.."

"Yup." Xiuxiu nodded and scratched her cheek with her free hand. "You can count on it to help you with your problem."

"So I will.." He began.

"Indeed." Xiuxiu replied with an arch of her eyebrow.

"You're sure this aphrodisiac will.. work?" The man's voice had gotten quieter and quieter, even though there was no one else within the store.

"You bet." Xiuxiu tapped the package and nodded once, "Satisfaction guaranteed."

"Alright, good." The man's voice gained back the official tone it had earlier, "I will take it then, Miss Li."

"250." Xiuxiu stated as she flipped to the next page and looked down to her pipe- it needed a relight. She grabbed a nearby pack of matches and took one out.

"250?! You said 200 yesterday!" The man was almost yelling as Xiuxiu lit the match, lightly puffing as she relit the pipe. Once done, she shook the match out and tossed it into the trash bin behind the counter. He continued on as she finished, "Come on, that's not a honest thing to do. I'll give you 200."

"250." She reiterated and went back to reading.

"Damn it.." The man considered the price and became visibly irritated. He let out a sigh and nodded, "Okay. 250." His wallet was already out and he placed the right amount on the table in front of Xiuxiu.

She slid the package to him and casually waved, "Thank you for your business."

The man growled, "This better fucking work or else I'll.."

Xiuxiu looked up and smiled, "Have a nice day."

"... Thank you, Miss Li. To you as well." He said and put the package into his coat, taking his leave.

Calmness fell over her shop once again but it didn't last long. A group of loud, urban youths entered her shop and Xiuxiu looked up, letting out a puff of smoke.

"Welcome~" Xiuxiu said and rested her chin on her knuckles once more, a grin forming on her face. "Can I help you?"

"Nah, we're good." One of them said and tilted his head, "Damn, you're a kid. How old are you?"

She shrugged and looked down to her book, "If you need anything, just tell me."[/color]
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Thomas chugged down the remaining drops of his coffee as he finished another long paragraph and hit the enter key. He sighed and wondered what his stupid teacher was thinking when she assigned a 2000 word essay on the good qualities of Liberty City. There were almost no good qualities about Liberty city, let alone any that would turn into 2000 words.

Thomas' eyes darted to the window as he saw flashing lights from below. He leaned back in his computer chair to see five police cars racing through the streets below which was no surprise to the residents of the crime infested city. Thomas silently rose from his seat and tip toed across his dorm room, not wanting to wake up his room mate who was snoring loudly from the other bed.

Thomas lifted up a floor board near his own bed and pulled out a thick brown brief case. He laid it on the bed and popped it open, revealing the contents of a black body suit with lightning designs and a pair of black goggles. Clambering into the suit Thomas wobbled over to the window and pushed a button on the side of his goggles. Each time he clicked his view zoomed further and further away to wear the flashing lights of the police cars were. Thomas could make out the view of gun shots, which was enough for him.

"I guess my essay will have to wait." Thomas, or now ?The Spark?, grunted as he rubbed his feet against a rug near the window, not upset about leaving his school work. He then stood on the seal of his window and started to crawl up to the roof, the static electricity being powerful enough to allow him to stick to the building. He reached the top and started to jump from building to building towards the area where the police were heading.

It was times like this Spark really wished he could fly, but his powers didn?t grant him the ability and he didn?t have any source of transportation except for his cruddy 1977 Nova that liked to break down a lot. So, he had to rely on jumping from roof top to roof top, occasionally sending currents through his feet to get him across a larger gap between buildings.

Spark sighed as he reached the roof top of the building under siege. To his surprise it wasn?t a bank or jewelry store, but a laboratory that the university owned. Another surprise was that there was only one man against the police. Normal criminals traveled in groups. The man who stood on the steps of the building was holding a girl hostage and his hand had taken the form of a knife, which quivered an inch beside her throat. He was a one of those villains with powers, or super villains as most call them. This one in particular could change his limbs into weapons. The negotiator was speaking into a megaphone, but his words didn?t seem to be helping the situation.

?Looks like I should teach this guy a lesson.? Spark grinned and started to crawl down the front of the building towards the villain, who demanded that the police go away. He wanted the girl and nothing else. The police noticed Spark and knowing what his abilities were the negotiator continued to ramble on so the villain wouldn?t turn around.

?That?s not how you treat a lady!? Spark growled as he leapt from the building and presented a round house kick to the villains head. He lost his grasp on the girl, who ran screaming towards the many police officers with her arms waving frantically in the air, ?I find it that most girls like polite guys who will take them to a fancy restaurant.? Spark smirked as the villain regained balance, his knife hand transforming into a large gun, ?I?m pretty sure taking them captive is an automatic dump.? Spark teased his and readied himself for an attack.

?Die you bastard!? The crook yelled and a round of bullets erupted from his transformed arm. Spark waved his arm across his torso, making electricity follow it. The bullets stopped when they hit the current and harmlessly dropped to the ground.

?Sorry, but you?ll have to do better than that.? Spark teased and leaped towards the man, who transformed his arm into a large metal bat. The man?s rage wasn?t helping his fighting and his swings would miss by many inches. Spark caught the bat as the villain tried to hit his torso and sent electricity through the bat, which shocked the man into unconsciousness, ?You must be new at this.? Spark chuckled as the man fell to the ground with a thud.

A few officers ran over and cuffed the man and a few restrained the girl from running over and kicking his unconscious body. Spark turned around to leave; obviously they had everything under control now. ?Uh? Thanks.? One of the officers said tapping him on the shoulder. Some of the officers nodded in agreement, while others ignored Spark?s presence completely.

?No problem, just doing my job.? Spark smiled.

?More like our jobs.? A grumpy police officer grumbled just loud enough for Spark to hear.

Without another work Spark climbed up a near by building and bounded off. The angry officer didn?t really bother him. Some people just didn?t understand. [/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Navy]Tonight Naminé was training with her coach, another big competition was coming up, and she was determined to win. The current apparatus she was training on was the uneven bars, because they decided they'd spend a session on each piece of equipment, then they'd go back for any routines she had trouble with.

Naminé chalked up her hands and made her way under the lower bar. She crouched down and sprung, hands latching onto the bar. Naminé swung back and forth, the arc slowly getting larger as she picked up more momentum. She swung up and changed her grip, thrusting her legs up to stand on the higher bar. Naminé did a few swings and twists, leaping back to the smaller bar skilfully. She did a few tucks and did her final jump back to the upper bar, swinging around a few times before releasing and twirling in her dismount, landing crouched, feet together without any movement. She straightened and raised her arms before returning them to her sides.

[B]"Well done, Naminé, We'll have to work on your straightness during the handstand part of the swing, but other than that it was great. You can go now, see you tomorrow morning."[/B] her coach said.

Naminé nodded and went to the changerooms, getting out of her leotard and she was about to get into her usual clothes when her earpiece intercepted a call about a robbery in a bank. She rolled her eyes at how cliché it was, but slipped into her black outfit. She slipped her holsters into their places on her waist and placed the pouch of throwing knives over her left hip. She picked up her bag, looked around and phased through the wall when she was sure no one was around.

Shadow ran into the dark alley beside the gym she trained at and climbed the invisible, air staircase onto the top of a tall building. She quickly made her way across the rooftops to where the bank was, she could hear the sirens of the police. Shadow phased and dropped through the roof of the building, landing in the area where the safe was.

She saw the two thieves working on opening the large safe, which they'd almost welded through. She tapped them on the shoulder and punched them in the jaws before they could pull out their guns. They were knocked to the floor but the got up quickly. Shadow didn't want to use her guns, and kicked theirs out of their hands.

They got into a fist fight, Shadow was nimble and easily dodged their weight heavy blows, attacking their open spot. She finally got them and knocked them unconscious as the police sirens got louder. She pulled off their balaclavas and kept watch of them until the police arrived. They burst in not too long after and looked at her and the thieves.

[B]"Here you go, officers. Their guns are there."[/B] Shadow said, her voice was smoky, masking her true voice.

They weren't pleased that she had done their job again, but took them away and sealed the guns in evidence bags.

[B]"Thanks."[/B] the officer in charge said.

[B]"Not a problem."[/B] she replied, when he was almost out the door she added, [B]"If you got here faster you could have stopped them, but I'm just too fast for ya."[/B] with a chuckle and she phased out of the building.

He turned to address her but she was gone like a shadow in the night. Shadow laughed as she headed home via the rooftops. Another night, another crime, another criminal put in jail. She wanted to get them all.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Blue]"Hey, Adrian! Did you get those photos of the mayor's summer gala event?" Adrian's editer, Kat as everyone called her. Adrian nodded as he plopped his camera onto his desk and dropped his coat onto the back of his chair. The event had been something about the city raising funds for some charity. Unfortunately no one knew that the money instead went straight to the mayor's account instead of to the chairty and if the charity were to comoplain about it, they would be silenced by any means necessary.

Adrian soon went off to the photo lab and started developing his film. After a few hours his film had been developed he hung the negatives up to dry and he left the dark room. Stretching as he walked down the hallway he stopped by the lounge and caught one of the newer reporters smoking a cigarette and going on about how much people were asses and how he hated their bitching about how the media screwed up someone's image.

"I mean shit. Its not like we're supposed to say 'So instead of saying what you just said you actually want to say this right?' I mean that's the biggest load of shit if I ever heard it." The kid said as he took another drag of his cig. Adrian shook his head and continued down the hallway until he arrived back in the main room where his desk was. When he finally arrived he slumped down into his chair and sat down at his desk and laid his head down and tried to catch a few minutes of sleep. However this didn't last long because he heard Kate coming out of her office.

"Adrian! Wake up! There's been a big robbery at Helmen's Diamond and Jewler! I need you down there to take some photographs!" Adrian nodded, grabbed his camera and left the building and went straight into an alley where he changed into his costume rather quickly by peeling off his clothes revealing his suit underneath.

"Well, I guess its off to my real job then." He said as he uprooted a piece of the ground beneath him and lifted off into the air and streaked down the streets of Justice City to the crime scene. As the hero Diamond.

When he arrived at the scene, Diamond saw the police chief. He and the chief were good friends and Diamond trusted the chief as an honest cop. Though at the moment the chief looked fit to smash something or at least kick it. As he landed on the ground Diamond looked at the chief with a look that said "What's up with you?" and the chief merely shrugged and motioned over towards the scene.

"A bunch of punks came in with semi-automatic guns and demanded a bunch of diamonds and other things. When they got the goods...Well...See for yourself." Diamond looked and he saw the dead bodies of several employees, their faces were twisted into that of pain and fear. Feeling his stomach clench, Diamond looked back at the chief.

"Anyone see where they went?" The chief nodded and led Diamond to a map splayed out on the hood of his car. He pointed to a circle, "We think the guys went to this area because of witnesses that have seen the kids before. So I assume they went there first. If you hurry you can get there. We're still mopping this place up." Diamond nodded and ran outside and grabbed his piece of ground and shot off across Justice City.

"Great, just what I need tonight. If only I had a little help from someone else." He thought.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

OCC: Sorry if it seems rushed, I'm just a little unable to really get what I want posted.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=2][FONT=Times New Roman]"That is why when you are dealing with this kind of a problem class that you MUST use the theorem stated here" The Instructor pointed at the rather...Lengthy theorem that was displayed on the projector," I hope you will be able to understand all of this as well...seeing as there is a test on this entire subject on Monday." The entire class seemed to give a loud grunt as Stefan was just rapidly hitting his head on the desk that was in front of him.

Soon after wards he felt a gentle hit to the back of his head. He turned to see that it was really none other than Lucia, one of his friends who had formed there own trio of friendship over the years." If you keep doing that then your are going to destroy all the brain cells you have remaining in that head of yours."

Stefan gave a rather long sigh as he stopped and looked over to her for a moment almost then just gave it up and laid his head down on the desk in front of him " What is the real point. I am just going to end up failing it or something like that anyways..."

"Not if you actually took the time to study!" She said getting a little bit frustrated from this tiresome conversation." Now that I think about it...you really have been gone for some extended time periods...Where exactly have you been all this time..?"

He finally sat upright actually starting to pay attention to her constant jabbering. Had she found out that he was actually someone else?....No it couldn?t be that. Stefan had to think on his feet for once and make up a cunning ," Its nothing really. I have jest been busy and such...just not enough time though..alright..?"

She cut his eyes at him with a slight and just gave up the argument herself " Alright then If you fail this course this semester don?t come crying to me about it..." She said wile scoffing as the final bell had finally sounded.

" Don?t forget ..You all will have a major exam onMonday, so at least remember to study up! " the instructor said as the mass amount of students headed for the door. It was the weekend and if anyone was going to study for a final it was going to be on Sunday at least.

"Stefan!" yelled the remaining companion of the trio of friends. Geoffrey was calling out for his friend wile waving a hand in the air for him to notice. " We're about to go out and get something to eat are you coming with us!?" He shouted from across the hall. Most of the students had already left so only their voices were echoing through out the hallway.

"Nah, I have to go and work at the library remember?.. It is my job after all.." He said with a slight sigh as he headed for the door " I promise to catch up with you all later!" and after saying that his body sprinted out of the door in one graceful movement running towards his place of employment.

It was a rather dull day at the library however. There wasn?t even a single person who came to check out a book.. it was just quiet in the least...Every now and again, someone would come in and read a book or something but other than that nothing really important even happened at the library. For some odd reason the librarian decided to let him off early for once. This was even better than he had though it could be. This gave him some more time to portray his other life.

It didn?t take long for Aira to finally appear on top of a building. Since Aira never needed to change into some kind of a mask or have something like that...It did slightly creep out however. It was like he was even another person when he did this..however..how is this different from any normal hero? He had brought with him a snowboard that he used for a ski trip last year. Maybe with his powers he could try to surf on the sky for once. With a deep breath he ran and jumped off of the building, put the board under his feet and began to glide slowly on the air underneath him.

This was an entirely now way to go about the city for him. He had never been able to fly like this before. it was actually fun for once. it wasn?t long however till underneath him he saw a group of...slightly shady looking characters underneath him. He rose slightly into the air and waited till they stopped at a hideout looking place. Then he saw exactly what it was that they were doing, there were many bags full of drugs in the building and they had to have been transporting it to another site. The one thing that Aira knew what that the car had to be destroyed.

He turned his body upside down and began plunging straight towards the ground. Wile doing this he began to rotate his body till it almost looked like there was a tornado plunging from the sky right for their car. He continued his dive bomb till he hit the car, piercing its metal frame until it had exploded, sending its many scrapped pieces flying in every which direction, the dust keeping his exact presence slightly hidden.

There were only three thugs this time.. it seemed rather odd though...Where had the rest of the thugs gone?...He had to find all of this out at some later time as he had just remembered that he forgot his lance...what was he thinking..Now he had to fight this battle with only his powers .... that put these men at even more of a disadvantage since a majority of the dust was still floating around the are.

He slunk up right in front of one of the thugs and forced his palm right into his stomach. he forced his body to fly into a wall by using the power of wind and watched the body crash into a wall unconscious. The next one was just as easy as the first. He did almost the exact same thing to dispatch this foe. He flew into a wall breaking through it knocked out.

The last one however was different. The dust had finally cleared up and the thug could finally take a glimpse of him. His eyes couldn?t even believe himself as what stood before him. It looked more like a cat person than anything " J-just what are you?!" the man screamed out still in disbelief of what he had just seen.

" I am your demise.." Aira slightly as he whipped his hands in a circle as a tornado engulfed the thug, however this one was different as the air began to slightly cut the man and he fell to the ground bleeding. Soon after Aira gathered the men all up and tied them up with ropes...it was simple and yet so cunning since they were hanging from the end of a pole.

" Damit...They had already moved most of the drugs...I guess I will have to go and search for where the rest is..."[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Bullet proof shades creaked in small amounts of light from outside, a tall man sitting at his desk reading a thick clipboard with two more piled onto his desk. A broad hat sat upon his head with a dark brown trench coat thrown upon his back. An oriental cane leaned on the chair with its dragon head handle. Small plaques lined the walls with war buddy photos and medals. Canku grunted and tossed the clipboard into the trash. Too bad another came right at him as one of his aids brought in yet another stack of papers.

Ku grunted. ?Another list of crimes already??

The aid nodded. ?Just sent over by the JCLPD sir.?

Canku reached for the list and flipped through the endless pages. This was how things worked these days. After the Anarchy Riots the government thought that if they instituted two police departments they could solve the crime problem. Thus the they were separated into the Justice City Local Police Department, and the Justice City Police Department. What was the difference? The JCLPD had all the local cops and was basically the police department; patrolling, investigating, and protecting. What was the JCPD? Offense. The JCPD was one big SWAT team with enough firepower to backup the JCLPD when they needed it. Too bad both departments were unbelievably undermanned. New York city was the same size as Justice City, they had a Police Department of over 40,000. Justice City?s two departments could barely hold on to 5,000.

Canku tossed the fourth clipboard in the trash. ?We lost thirteen more cops last night??

The aid nodded again solemnly. ?Two more are missing and presumed dead.?

?Damnit, how are we suppose to get more recruits with casualties like this??

?Well sir, at least some of our officers got aid from those new super hero?s roaming around.?

He swiveled his chair around to look out the kevlar window shades. ?They certainly weren?t there for those fifteen cops now were they? They weren?t there for all those officers who?ve died in the line of duty. They think they can save the world, but people are still dying and police are still being shot. I don?t think those hero?s can do much for this city. Two dozen crimes were stopped by super heroes last night, over a hundred were stopped by brave officers. What gives them the right to take the glory over the news when my men and the officers of the JCLPD are dying in the line of duty every night and day??

?Well they still help though sir.? The aid timidly replied.

?And they can do worse. The Golden Gate Incident of 1934. A super hero was fighting a super villain and he slammed the villain into the main support beam of the bridge. The bridge lost stability and complete collapsed. Hundreds died. Heroes are reckless vigilantes, they can cause far more damage then they think.? Swiveling his chair back to look at the young man.

?Then why do you keep them around sir??

?Because,? He said. ?They give hope to the people, they?re a shining star to the people of this city that they can look up to. A star in the sky can?t do much, but its got people believing in something.?
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]As Ryan was walking, she looked across the street to a jewlery store where a friend of hers worked. There were police all over the place and one man who stood clearly apart from the rest. Running over to see what the problem was, she recognized the man as Diamond. She had read about him in the newspaper a few times.

[I]'Now's my chance! I can be a real superhero!'[/I] she thought.[I] 'I can't just rush in there, they'll stop me because I'm a civilian. How should I go about this?'[/I] Just then, she saw him fly away on a piece of earth. [B]"Shit,"[/B] she whispered. [B]"There's no way I'm going to be able to catch him on foot..."[/B]

Dodging into an alley, she changed her human form into that of a falcon. She needed to move fast. [I]'I'll regret this later, I know it.'[/I] She took flight after Diamond.

By the time she reached him, he'd gotten to an abandoned asylum. About twelve years ago, an inmate had caused a fire that burned the whole place down, killing all but a few employees. When the city rebuilt it, it had only been open for a few days before everyone quit. Strange things had happened. Hearing voices, seeing ghosts, the typical haunted house. Now it was only ever inhabited by teenagers.

Diamond went inside. Ryan landed on the ground and changed back into her human form. She knelt on the ground for a moment, a dizzy spell coming over her, but she shook her head and stood up slowly. [B]"Alright, let's do this."[/B] She followed Diamond inside.

Within her first three steps into the place, she heard gunfire. Immediately, she ran down the dirty hallway and turned a corner, facing another hallway. Diamond was standing with his back to her, getting shot at but not harmed. He walked forward towards the teenagers.

Suddenly, she heard a banging noise and turned to see two boys burst out of a room down the hallway behind her and start running towards her, armed with guns. Ryan couldn't let them get through her, so she jumped at them, changing into a lion as she was in the air. She took them both down, knocking the wind out of them.Taking control of the situation, she slashed their hands with her claws and they dropped their guns. With a few swats of her massive paws, the boys were knocked unconsious.

She turned around and saw Diamond holding a large bag and staring at her. Apparently, the gunfire had ended a while ago. She changed into her human form, but slightly altered. Her hair color was now brown and her hair was shorter, about shoulder length. Ryan made a motion to stand up from her sitting position, but the moment she tried, she wavered and fell forward. As she fell, her hair went back to normal. Diamond ran forward and caught her. She had fallen unconscious. [/FONT][/SIZE]
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Eric stirred from the couch, he could hear something going on outside. He could here gunshots not that far off. But what got his was not the gunshot, but the lack of blood in the air, he couldn't smell blood. This was interesting to him. He rose from the couch and went to grab his guns. He left his advanced stuff with Ulyises, but he still had his heightend senses and his M16 A-2 rifle in his locker. He pulled out the rifle and slung it over his shoulder and went out the door. He ran down to the street and started to the alley and took to the shadows. More gun shots, then silence, and still no blood. What the hell was going on? He saw him standing there, it was that guy from the papers, "Diamond". He was holding a girl in his arms. What the hell is going on here? He slinked closer to here what was happening. The girl was breathing steadily, she just seemed unconsious, but there were more there then just the two of them. What just happend here? He wasn't sure, and he didn't know if he trusted this Diamond guy, so he trained his rifle on him and prepared himself incase something should go wrong.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Dark sat comfortably in his office, slightly reclined in his leather office chair. The office was very contemporary bearing green walls, a steel and glass desk with a computer. On the adjacent wall a steel framed futon with white cusions served as spot for friends, guests as well as co-workers so to say. The walls were decorated with several framed black and white posters, a re-occuring theme throught his entire loft. It was hard to imagine that all this was completally paid for.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]The truth was that Dark could live anywhere he desired, and recieve anything he required. A few benefits from his past as a CIA operative. You could almost say he still worked for them, for they still paid him. The salary was large enough to live more than comfortably. They said it was something like workers comp, though Dark speculated the amount was almost a bribe to sway him back into active duty. Either way it was there, and it allowed him to maintain a flexible schedule while he masqueraded as a Mythology Authority. It was rather easy for him since he had a major in History, excelling in Anchient Civilizations and Mythology. [/color][/size]
[center][size=1][color=darkred]*Ring, ring, ring*[/color][/size][/center]
[left][size=1][color=darkred][/color][/size] [/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred]Dark casually looked at his caller ID and casually answered after seeing the name Teta West. "Hey, whatcha got for me?"[/color][/size][/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred][/color][/size] [/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred]"Well, I managed to obtain so scans of a Norwegian spear engraved with many runes, as well as a few Egyptian papyrus scrolls. So far what have been decyfered on both seems to be stories. I thought you might have an interest in these, I'm sending the scans now" The soft female voice responded through the speaker.[/color][/size][/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred][/color][/size] [/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred]"Ok, I'll take a look at them, thank Teta, your a doll" Dark said hanging up the phone turning his chair to the computer. [/color][/size][/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred][/color][/size] [/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred]After a few clicks he had images of the artifacts on his screen. He roughly scanned over them, looking for anything out of the ordinary or extra interesting. As he continued to browse he found what he was really looking for, some info he had requested. These calls and scan really were real, and he did study the majority of them. Teta was actually a member of the CIA, that Dark had maintained contact with. She was somewhat of an informant for him, slipping him useful information and obtaining things for him. Every once in awhile she would have an request from the CIA but they had many other means of dealing with those matters.[/color][/size][/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred][/color][/size] [/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred]Since the info came with actual artifact images, as well as being heavily coded there was one other parcaution that they used to disguise the information being sent. The actual reports were always translated into an anchient language. The majority of who saw the report would just disclose it as another anchient text.[/color][/size][/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred][/color][/size] [/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred]The info this time wasn't anything special just a list of heroes of Justice City. The information was basic, nothing personal was given, just presumed height, weight, age, and lastly powers. Dark hadn't been in JC for too long, but its reputation for a super hero gathering point was almost as infamous as it reputation for crime.[/color][/size][/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred][/color][/size] [/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred]Satisfied he leant back in his chair once again. "Well I guess it's time to join the group"[/color][/size][/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred][/color][/size] [/left]
[left][size=1][color=darkred]As he finished the last word he teleported to the roof of his loft. His hair now coal black, eyes glowing crimson red. His crimson cloak wrapped around him fluttered in the wind. He was the type that didn't give crime a second chance, just what he though Justice City needed.[/color][/size][/left]
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[center][b][size=4]Issue 2: Gangland

[size=2]Characters: Phalanx (aka Centurion, Angel and Diamond)

Setting: Sicilian Quarter, Justice City

Synopsis: The Sicilian Mafia have gained high-tech weaponry from an unknown source. They now have the firepower to challenge most other gangs in Justice City, but the Sicilian Mafia are the most ruthless group in the City. They will stop at nothing short of utter devastation. It is up to Phalanx to stop them.

[/size][/size][/b][size=4][size=2][size=1][b]OOC: [/b]Ok, [b]Phalanx, [/b]it's your chance to shine. Everyone else can wrap up their stories in the next few chapters. This will be a reasonably short chapter, with each member of Phalanx having only one or two posts.

Jokopoko if you would like to begin, and after that there is no specific posting order.

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[color=teal][size=1][b]?I?ve known this guy since my first week here, we can trust what he says.?[/b] Centurion said emphatically to the other members of Phalanx. Diamond was sitting in a chair slightly off from the other two looking highly sceptical, Angel on the other hand seemed more concerned.

[b]?I?m not saying he?s lying but it?s a big risk for us to go after this Mob if they do have all this ?hi-tech? weaponry.?[/b]

[b]?Look, there?s no arguing. I?ve already told Reynolds about this and we?ve got the go-ahead from the top, we?re taking those weapons out tonight.?[/b] Though the team always worked well together in the field occasionally their different personalities and way of doing things clashed. Centurion put this down to the fact that the Government were the ones who?d put the team together rather than the three choosing to work alongside.

[b]?Both of you go and get ready. It?s seven o?clock now and I want to be done with this by midnight at the latest. We?ll meet up at the old apartment block they?ve got near the Mob?s storage house.?[/b] He looked to both of them for confirmation, each gave a somewhat lacklustre nod before they both walked out of the Phalanx safe-house in the business section of Justice City.

When Angel closed the door behind her Centurion sighed heavily and removed his helmet. Resting his hand on his forehead he thought about this whole hero lark he?d gotten himself in too. Back when he started it was like some grand adventure, popular news reporter by day and even more popular hero by night. Now though he rarely reported actual news and being Centurion was more of a chore if anything.

Not wanting to go home to just leave almost immediately he settled himself in one of the large chairs for a few minutes before getting up to find something to eat. He was disappointed to find only some cheap microwaveable meals in the freezer, he made a mental note to remind Reynolds to restock the place after tonight?s mission. Placing the ?food? in the microwave he set the timer for three minutes.

As the gradual hum of the machine started Centurion placed his hand just above it and an energy field with a slight blue tinge appeared around the microwave and the times started moving rapidly. Within three seconds the meal was ready for consumption. Allowing himself a slight smirk before starting Centurion began thinking about this coming mission and whether Angel had been right, were they going to bit of more than they could chew?


OOC: Reynolds is the local Intelligence Agent assigned to Phalanx, basically he?s our link to the Government.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Blue]Diamond was had been following some of the movements of the Sicilian gang's movements as his alter ego with the Herald. Mainly because some of their attacks had been so bloody and ruthless. Though he hadn't been able to get much information from the police as Adrian, Diamond had been able to scrape more of the iceberg. Turns out that the Sicilian gang had been supplied with some kind of high-tech weaponry that the military had been testing out. But none of the blueprints had been stolen and of course, they were under lock and key in an undisclosed location.

When he'd arrived at the Phalanx mission briefing Diamond had been somewhat prepared for a little more information on this mission but it was for naught. He had basically been givien the same explination except in more detail and it was all horribly boring. The reporter side of him was just itching to say "Get on with it dammit!" But he'd managed to keep himself quiet until they were dismissed and even then he didn't have much to say to Angel it was just another mission that they had been assigned to.

[I]"God it's been a long time since that day."[/I] Diamond thought to himself as he ripped up a piece of ground and shot up into the air as his body harded into its diamond state. He'd been approached by agent Reynolds back when he was just getting his ears wet in the hero business in Justice City. Reynolds told him that if it were discovered that he was a mutant instead of what most of the heroe's were referred to as "meta humans" the population would most surely turn on him and consider him an abomination. The only way he could really protect himself would be to join the CIA's secret hero team Phalanx. At first the deal sounded amazing, but as time progressed, Diamond found himself loathing being on the team and just disliking it because Reynolds seemed to use the fact that he was a mutant more and more as blackmail more than anything and it pissed Diamond off to the point that he finally threatened Reynolds to stop using his mutant powers as a reason to do his bidding because it was getting annoying and he finally asked Reynolds if he knew what it felt like to be torn from the inside out. The man finally stopped acting like a comeplete ass and asked Diamond to work for Phalanx as a gesture towards humankind and with that Diamond agreed.

Snapping back to reality. Diamond stopped above the edge of the apartment blocks where the Sicilian mob was located. He guided the piece of ground down and stopped it a foot above the ground and stepped off and used his powers to dissolve the ground into dust. He then noticed Angel landing on an an adjacent rooftop. With that he phased through the ground and into a manhole. He didn't notice the stench and most of the stuff phased through him. When he decided he was below Angel's position he propelled himself up and through the levels of floors and stairwells until he finally hit the rooftop and he became solid behind Angel.

"So. Are we waiting for Centurion or not?" He asked as Angel turned around and shot him a look.

"Dammit Diamond! When you do that it spooks the crap out of me!" Angel hissed and Diamond nodded and smirked slightly.

"It does it? Did I scare the big scary bird person??" He said teasingly as they crouched down on the rooftop waiting for Centurion to arrive.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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