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Underground [M-LVS]


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[center][size=3][color=Red][b] Warning: Contains nudity, sexual themes, violence, strong language and gore
[/b][/color][/size][left][i][color=RoyalBlue][font=Book Antiqua]"I am Kado Toshi...a student of Tori High. One of the most violent schools in the country. This journal tells the story of my fight for survival. Not only for myself, but my friends' survival as well."

[/font][/color][/i][color=RoyalBlue][font=Book Antiqua]Toshi sat down in the classroom and looked at the other students to see who was missing. It was a Monday, and that meant that there would be several students gone thanks to the Underground match on Friday. After the Battle Royale act was set in place, the rules changed. Students still fought back after they passed the BR act, so they changed it from taking place one year on an island, to taking place each week in high schools around Japan. The students fought in a maze-like area underneath the school. Hence the name, 'Underground'. Toshi had lost many friends and enemies thanks to the Underground. By the hands of others or even her own sometimes. When you entered the Underground, you were supposed to forget about friendships and fight to survive. Toshi was tired of losing her friends however.

Tonight she would invite several students to a party, to get to know them. She would do this until she had found the right group of friends. Then, she would move on to the next step...

[b]OOC: Okay guys, just start this off as a normal school day. Also at some point have Toshi talk to you and invite you to her party. She won't tell you the reason for the party until later though. She'll say it's just for fun. Have fun. ^^[/b]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Century Gothic]Fayza opened the door to the class and made her way towards the back of the room. It was Monday again, she has almost lost her fight on Friday because she allowed herself to get distracted.

She let her pack drop to the ground and sat heavily into her chair, she had been up most of the night working on an assignment for her Visual Arts class. The teacher wasn't paying attention so she had some time to rest. It was days like these that made her wonder if it would be worth it to just let herself be killed off in the Underground.

She was about to drift off to sleep when she felt someone's gaze fall on her back. Fayza sat straight up and looked around, she hadn't expected anyone to be here this early. Her eyes finally came to a rest on Toshi.

"Oh, good morning Toshi! I didn't notice you were here already." She smiled softly and put on her friendly act that got her though the day.

"Mornin', Fayza right?" She nodded as Toshi continuned, "I'm having a party tonight, wanna come?"

"Yea, sure...but why?"

Toshi smiled in a way that made Fayza feel a bit uneasy but she shook it off.

"It's just to have fun."

[B]OOC: Sorry my post is so lame. Just I'm kinda tired really now. I'll make my posts better next time.[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
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The rumble in the air came to a suden end as Shun kicked the engine off on his bike. He set both feet on the ground, while he was still mounted atop the bike. He looked at the main building for the school and thought back to what had gone on in the underground this past weekend. It was Shun's turn to fight again, so he killed a kid by the name of Kazuki Tokame. He didn't know him that well, but ht knew enough to know that today was going to be a hard day. He had first hour with his girlfriend, who was at the match of course. She was probably still in mourning and would still be upset with Shun, even though he couldn't help it. Shun sighed "Oh well, time for another day."

Shun stepped off his bike and pocketed his keys. He slung his bag over his shoulder and walked on toward the school with the mob of other students, some still in a daze from the weekend. No matter how often it had been for them, there was no getting use to losing friends and family so often and so easily. Shun feared for the day his sisters would have to compete, but fortunatly that was a ways off, maybe they could find an alternative to this by the time they reached high school.

Shun strolled into the building and looked about the hall to see all the faces of the students and teachers who had probably hoped to see him get killed in the underground. No one more then the teachers wanted him gone, but they just couldn't pull it off, no matter how hard they wished for it. This if nothing else made Shun smile. Did him well to know he was pissing off the teachers just by staying alive.

Shun enterd his first period and his eyes almost instantly landed on Motoko Itsuzu, Kazuki's girlfriend. Her face was still streaked and eyes blood shot, she must have been crying all weekend. When she saw Shun enter the room she stared at him sith cold and empty eyes, like all the life had been sucked out of her. Shun continued on to his seat next to Toshi who looked to him "Your looking as disgruntled as usual."

Shun turned to her "Did you expect any less?" He said with his trademark scowel on his face.

Toshi smirked "Oh yeah, before I forget, there's a party at my house this evening. Try to show up on time, alright."

Shun looked to her with a smirk in place of his scowel "Inviting me over on a weekday night. Got something in mind?"

She then flicked him in the head "Don't flatter yourself. Just be there at 7 O'clock, okay. If your late I'll be forced to settle your libido once and for all."

Shun looked back to the front of the room "Fine, fine. I'll be there on time, don't worry." Shun then slouched back in his seat and waited for the clock to get moving already.
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Tosoji sat in her desk fixing her glasses she didnt have a match schedleued until friday she was lucky friday battles always were the easiest for most of the good fighters because they teachers schedlued all the junkies and flunkies on friday she was didnt the underground was the only reason she had to come to school in the first place because in the collage she wanted to get in required she win atleast 300 matches to accept her she had 103 wins so far she smiled taking her seat prepared to nod off as usual during class time she knew all of this stuff anyways when someone approached her it was Toshi she smiled she always had like Toshi
"wanna come to a party tonight" she said Tosoji smiled
"sure why not" she said she always went to parties invited or not to waste time she smiled taking the invatation
"I would say dont be late but your never late for anything Tosoji" she said
"oh and dress nice for once its important, not the party the fact that u need to show off once in awhile miss modest the party is just casual" Toshi said Tosoji nodded she had one dusty dress she rarely took out unless she needed to she smiled thinking of what the guys would think she didnt have a boyfreind so it would be nice to show off what she actually looked like.
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School kids who looked as if they've survived multiple armegeddons gave Destovi death-gazes as he walked up the steps towards Tori High, his new school. "What is wrong with these people," he thought to himself? "They look as if they've never seen a new student before." All Destovi wanted to do was to get to his first class today, which he was already late for. "Damn," he said to himself, as sweat trickled down his nose and forehead, "I'm late." As Destovi picked up his pace, his bookbag bumped violently into three enormous students who, unbeknownst to him, had just came out of the Underground competition.They were this week's survivors and destroying their calm demeanor with a violent shove was something no student wanted to do.

"Watch yourself dweeb, or i'll rip your damn head off." One of the titans mouthed, blood still on his face from fresh scars. From the smell, he hadn't bathed in weeks.

"What's wrong with you, I was just trying to get to class. Sorry and excuse me."

"I'll personally beat the hell outta you if you EVER touch me again punk," picking Destovi two extra feet off the ground. "Got that shit head?"

Destovi gave the bloody giant a glance that only he could see, scaring him to the point where he actually dropped the new student on his feet. Never wanting to admit the fear he felt to his two subordinates, he felt that he had the last word and walked off into the wave of students, dissapearing for the time being.

[I][B]"You have no idea..."[/B][/I] Destovi's 'other' personality said to himself in a totally different speech pattern. [I][B]"No idea at all..."[/B][/I]

As Destovi made it into class, He picked a random seat, next to someone who wouldn't cause him anger.He saw a school girl in the middle of the class talking to two other students and figured that the middle of class wouldn't be too bad of a spot to sit. As he sat behind the student and dropped his bag, they introdused themselves. Her name, from what he gathered was Toshi, and she had asked him to meet her at her house later.

"Why would you want me to come to your house and you just met me? I don't even know you." Destovi said in a optimistic manner.

"This is your first day I assume," Toshi said, smelling his fresh-washed body and admiring his casual-formal attire. "So let me ask you, have you made any friends." She asked looking deep into his eyes. "Or should I say," moving closer, practically whispering words rarely uttered in Tori High, "Have you met anyone you can trust?"


"Then stick with me, champ," she said with a genuine smile. "Trust is the reason you're meeting me."

[I][B]"Hmm. She's ok by me."[/B][/I] A voice inside Destovi's head rang.

"Be quiet, Cassidy" Destovi told his dormant split personality, breaking eye contact with Toshi. Destovi hadn't had a friend for a while and felt better talking to someone that didn't include his other personality and [I]'different ways to kill people who annoy you.'[/I] He figured trusting someone would be a great change of pace and informitive about the new school he was going to. He turned back to Toshi.

"So I guess we're friends now huh?" Destovi half-grinned.
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Suzu sat quietly in the classroom in his desk.A point of movement caused his eyes to dart towards the girl that stood standing at the side of his desk.

"Hey, Suzu make sure to come to the party I'm having tonight" She said.

Before he could ask why though she had walked back to her desk.'Hmmmm' he thought' a party'.Suzu didn't really like 1st hour so he mostly slept through most of it. Right now though he was just waiting for class to start.

Also he was worrying about his match coming up on Thursday.....Who would it be aginst?

OOC: Sorry for the short post couldn't think of anything else >.< sorry
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[COLOR=33999][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Umiko raised up her camera to face the teacher. She pressed the button and took a picture of the teacher with a huge flash illuminating the front of the classroom. The teacher blinked surprised and looked at Umiko. She yelled ?This is no time to take pictures!?

Umiko tied her camera back to a string and put it around her neck. She smiled to the teacher as her response. The teacher stared back at her with a frown which slowly turned to a smile. She sighed ?Okay just put it away??

Of course Umiko didn?t?

Umiko started taking pictures of everyone as they talked remembering to take of the flash to not surprise her subjects. She took a picture of Fayza almost drift off to sleep; it would have been a pretty picture if she actual fell asleep. Then Umiko took a picture of her talking to Toshi. Umiko then took a picture of Toshi talking to Shun, then to Tosoji. Then she moved around the classroom and took a picture of Toshi talking to Destovi, then Suzu. Umiko thought this was interesting, five out of six pictures Toshi has been walking around talking to others.

Umiko continue taking her pictures. After awhile her pictures where as if Toshi was coming closer to her. She kept taking shots as Toshi walked closer, closer, and closer. Umiko looked away from her camera, blinked looked inside her camera, and a huge eye stared back at her. Umiko almost screamed but instead put her camera down. Toshi was right there staring at her.

?Hi!? Toshi said to Umiko ?Nice camera to have there??

Umiko looked down at her camera. She couldn?t think of a real response. Umiko just looked up at her and smiled. Soon Toshi smiled back.

?I?m having a party and I decided to invite you. So what you say?? Toshi asked

Okay now she had no answer to that what so ever. Umiko thought for a while then held up her camera and said ?Sure?? From there she took one good picture of Toshi smile grow wider. [/FONT] [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=RoyalBlue][font=Book Antiqua]Toshi thought back on her answer to Destovi.
[i]"Of course. Friends."[/i]
Soon they would all hopefully be friends. Toshi was tired of losing her friends in the Underground. But the people she invited to her party were some of the best fighters in school. If they all could make a truce and survive, maybe they could stop the Underground. Or at least make it through high school alive.

Toshi walked off after talking to Umiko. She seemed to like photography and she was really good at it too. She was a bit shy though, just like Tosoji. That's why she invited the two of them to come at an earlier time...

Toshi ran to the door and answered it. It was Tosoji and Umiko, right no time. They looked a little puzzled to see that no one else was here.
"They'll be here soon. Do you two want to help me get things ready?" Toshi asked.
They nodded and helped Toshi with the refreshments and the movies.

After chatting with the girls for a couple of hours, Toshi took off her oversized t-shirt. She wasn't wearing anything underneath.
"Toshi, what are you doing?" Umiko asked her.
"You too seem a bit shy. Life is short, especially thanks to the Underground. You should try to relax a bit for once." She answered.
Toshi walked over to Tosoji.
"And like I said, you need to show off once in a while. So can you two get undressed too please?"
They both looked a bit unsure at first, but then did as Toshi asked. As Umiko took off her bra, Toshi pulled off her panties.
"Okay, I'm going to hide these now. You'll get them back after the party." Toshi said smiling, picking up all of the clothes.
She soon came back downstairs.
"No cheating by trying to find them okay? Just try to act casual. Realax and don't worry. Like I said life is short and you should enjoy it." Toshi said as she hugged them both.
"I have a feeling we'll all be very good friends one day."
The three of them sat and talked. The others would arrive soon.
OOC: Okay guys, the party is starting. For those who haven't talked to Toshi about the party yet, just mention it in your post when you go to the party.[/b]
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Tosoji was unsure she didnt much like it but she tried to relax as best she could she was actually a very pretty girl just as buxom and volouptous as Toshi or Umiko but she always wore her sweatshirt she had let Toshi take off all her clothes but....

"come on Tosoji gimme your hat" Toshi said trying to grab for it
"no way this hats speacil it was a gift from my father from london" she said
"oh fine you can keep your hat then but take it off for now" Toshi said
"FIne I will" she said removeing her hat placing it on a table letting her long brown hair down

Tosoji looked around trying to relax which was hard
"I cant handel it" Tosoji said she made a beeline for the door to find her clothing but Umikio and Toshi caught her and held her down
"let me go I cant take it"
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It had been another long, agonizing day of school, only to return home to the usual war zone. Karin and Yuzu wouldn't be home for a few hours so Shun decided to get a few things straightend up before they got home. The two of them already worked to hard for a couple of grade schoolers. Dad was out still, it's hard to support yourself and three kids alone, so he had to work almost consantly, he came home late and left early. The three kids practiculy lived alone, with the exception of saturday when there day was off and would spend at least a few hours iwth the family.

Two hours later Karin and Yuzu came through the door, they set there bags down by the front door and almost immeidatly started getting dinner ready. Once they came in Shun made a bee-line for the door. Yuzu shouted "Oneechan, where are you going? What about dinner?"

Shun slipped his jacket on "I have other plans tonight. I'll be eating there so don't worry about making a plate for me."

Yuzu shouted back "But oneechan..."

Karin whinned "Ahh, let him go. He's a big boy and can take of himself. Besides that's more for us."

Yuzu groaned a bit, but didn't say anything. Karin was always strong headed girl and Yuzu was a much sweeter, sensitive girl. But they could both look after themselves just fine, even despite there age. Shun stepped out front and mounted his bike. With one rev of the engine he was off to meet with Toshi and the others at her house.

Shun pulled to a slow stop in front of Toshi's house. He hadn't been to her house since they last time they broke up a month ago. It seemed like they were chronically breaking up and making up again. Shun dismounted from his bike and walked up to the door and gave three knocks. None other then Toshi came to the door, and to top it off she was stripped naked. This was nothing he hadn't seen before, but as he looked in he noticed Umiko and Tosoji also in the house stripped othere clothes. Shun looked to Toshi "What have you been doing?"

He said with a sly smirk on his face. Toshi jabbed him in the ribs once "Shut up and come in."

She pulled Shun in by his arms, as the other two girls tried to cover themselves up with there arms. Shun looked back to Toshi "What did you do with there clothes?"

Toshi had her notorious grin on her face "I hid them. And they don't get to put them back on til it's time to go home."

Shun rolled his eyes and laughed. The other two girls turned redder as Shun took the other end of the couch. Shun looked to them, then back to Toshi "This is going to be an interesting night, isn't?"

Toshi grinned again "It never is, is it?"
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OOC: Oh my gawd... I wasn't expecting this kind of party! LOL :D

After Toshi gave Destovi the address and time to be at the house, first period ended soon after. Destovi and Toshi parted ways after class saying their 'goodbyes' and 'see you laters'. Destovi went through the rest of the school day with his split personality as his only weapon against the veteran students coming from the Underground. After school, Destovi immediately drove to Toshi's house, wanting to be timely in all of his actions. Unfortunately, he didn't tell his dad where he was going to be after school, thinking he would come straight home afterwards. His dad was problably worried and wanted to know where he was, but Destovi would simply tell him that he had met his first friend and all would be ok. The only question that still burned within his head as he walked to Toshi's was 'why everyone looked like a veteran fighter?' The school didn't make sense at all. People were acting weird all through school.

[I]The bloody bully who threatened to beat him up...
The teachers who gave kids evil looks instead of detention...
No homework...
The large notepad with student names who were bad in class...
Dangerous threats that went unanswered in classes...
The smell of dried blood through the vents of the building...[/I]

"Why damnitt?" Destovi thought to himself?

As Destovi walked to the porch of Toshi's home, he double-checked the address to make sure it was correct. After he made sure it was correct, he rang the doorbell two times; a standard ring for guests. Destovi heard giggling and the shuffling of feets before the doorknob turned. As the door opened, Destovi was greeted by a pair of perky breasts that were defined clearly from the hard nipples sticking out from excitement and adrenaline.

"Welcome!" said Toshi.

Destovi closed the door from outside, leaving the beautiful set of perky tits inside the house. He couldn't belive what had just happened.

[I][B]"Holy shit!"[/B][/I] Cassidy said aloud. [I][B]"Go back inside! What're you, a virgin? There's a naked, beautiful woman in there!"[/B][/I]

"Shut up damn you!" Destovi said to his other personality, wiping the miniscule drool from his mouth. He couldn't understand what was going on with the school or with the girls. He did understand, however, that his libido was calling out for the women as well, throbbing as hard as his beating heart. He double-checked the address one last time to make sure he wasn't dreaming or insane, then rang the doorbell again. Toshi opened the door again, slower this time, still naked and smiling.

"You ok, Destovi?" She asked, not even thinking she was naked.

Destovi nodded. If he would've talked, a glob of drool would've fell out first.

"Good, come in." she said turning aroud, skipping towards the living room.

As Destovi stared at the tight little ass owned by Toshi, he walked in, closed the door, and walked inside the house towards the living room. His libido grew even harder, as he turned into the living room meeting two additional sets of breasts and vaginas.

[I][B]"You're my fuckin' hero man!"[/B][/I] Cassidy said in Destovi's head.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Century Gothic]Fayza gently rapped on the door and tugged at the hem of her skirt a bit. She was feeling a bit embarassed about wearing such a short skirt, but it was the only thing that was clean and 'party' worthy.

She heard footsteps on the other side of the door, the door opened and there stood Toshi in all her naked glory.

Fayza's eyes grew wide and the color all but drained from her face.
"Ummmm..." She decided that it would be best to take a nice intrest in the floor, "If I knew it was going to be this kind of party...I would have....umm...dressed for the occasion."

Toshi just let out a slight laugh and pulled her in by her wrist. Fayza stopped in the small hallway and pulled off her shirt with a little difficulty because she had skipped putting on a bra. She then slowly removed her skirt and tucked it away neatly with her other clothes. Finally, she removed her thong and her sandles....she was now completely exposed to the world.

Fayza could have sworn her face was going 20 million shades of red by now. When she walked into the main room she saw the new kid Destovi sitting in one of the chairs and she discovered 20 million more shades of red than before.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[font=Book Antiqua][color=RoyalBlue]Toshi pulled Fayza into the living room and introduced her to everyone. She noticed that Fayza was blushing and smiled at her.
"Don't worry about it, Fayza. I was surprised you were brave enough to do something like this." Toshi said as she jokingly pinched Fayza's bare bottom.
The temperature in the room was cool enough to make all of the girls nipples erect. Toshi noticed this as she saw Fayza undress.
"Well, we're still waiting for some other people. But for now just have fun and get to know each other."
Toshi smiled and looked around the room. She would tell everyone why she wanted them here after the party. For now they would all have fun and when they were ready to leave she would tell them about the truce.

"I'll go get some drinks and snacks. Fayza, why don't you sit by Destovi?"
Toshi went into the kitchen and came back with drinks and snacks. She sat down on the arm of the couch and started talking.
"So how are you guys? I hope you're ready for a fun party." Toshi smiled.
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As Suzu walked out the door his little sister Haruko yelled at him and threw a cereal bar at his head. He caught it taking a bite out of it.

"I'll be back later," He said waving.

He continued walking down the street. He looked down at his clothes wondering if this was good(piccy-[URL=http://www.ffcompendium.com/misc/khleon.jpg]link[/URL] ).
He shrugged and continued walking. As he walked up onto Toshi's porch before he could even knock she opened the door.

"How do you do that-- what the hell have you people been doing??"

"Oh, nothing" Toshi said.

Suzu walked over to a chair next to the couch and sat down in it.'This is going to be one crazy night' He thought

"Well, where's everyone else?"
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Tosoji was beigin to relax and talk with someone she didnt know who it was she was quite cold in the room
"its cold" Tosoji said trying to warm herself up
"Toshi why is it so cold in here" she said grabbing her hat
"Toshi can you please go to wherever my clothes are and grab the attachable ear straps from my pockets" she said shivering
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[font=Book Antiqua][color=RoyalBlue]Toshi shrugged at Suzu's question.
"I don't know. If they don't show up though, then it's their loss." Toshi laughed.
After Suzu sat down Toshi got him something to eat and drink.
Toshi looked over at Tosoji.
"Sorry. I can turn up the heat if you want. I'll go get them for you though."
Toshi ran to where Tosoji's clothes were and grabbed a pair of attachable ear straps from one of the pockets. She turned up the heat just a little and went back to the living room.
"Here you go if you still need them. It should soon be comfortable in here though." Toshi smiled as she handed the ear straps to Tosoji.
Toshi looked over at Destovi. He was sitting with a cushion in his lap and seemed to be biting his bottom lip.
Toshi walked over to Shun and whispered something. He nodded and grinned.
Toshi sat down by Destovi.
"You look a bit hot, Destovi. You can get undressed too if you want."
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Shun sat on the couch and watched as the others arrived. The girls were all sitting in the living room, stripped down to nothing. Toshi was in an unusually frisky mood today. Many of the girls seemed embarrased as they tried to cover themselves up. Shun wanting to be a good sport had stripped down to his boxers. This only made the other girls even more embarrassed and the new guy seemed a little uncomfortable, even before Shun started stripping down. Toshi sat herself in all her glory on the arm of the couch "So how are you guys? I hope you're ready for a fun party."

This got Shun a little curious since for her a fun party could mean anything, and I do mean anything. Shun smiled and moved himself over toward Toshi who then looked to him "Don't go getting any ideas, smart guy."

She spoke harsh, but had a light smile on her face as she said it. Shun smiled back at her "Yeah, like I'm looking forward to tha from you. I'm stil trying to wash you off from the last time."

With that said, she jabbed him one more in the ribs. These two had a rather akward relationship to anyone who saw it from the outside, but to them it made perfect sense. Shun got to his feet "Well, I'm gonna go get myself a drink. And the new kid looks like he needs one too. Hey kid, you put any blood in your face it's gonna pop."

Destovi looked to Shun for a second as he made his way around the corner to the kitchen.
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Destovi was sweating hard, staring as Toshi ate her chips, admiring every crunch. He started thinking of the dirty things he could do to her body, the multiple positions he could put her in, how many times he could make her cum. He was starting to lose control of his leading personality and whenever that happened, he usually couldn't control 'himself'. He tried to resist, but the change was already happening. His thought patterns have already began to change. His control was dwindling, his current sanity began to plumment.

[I]It happened all at once...[/I]

[B]"I want you Toshi, now."[/B]

"Hu-wha..." Toshi was definitely caught off guard.

Everyone else was too, simultaniously stopping what they did, looking at Destovi.

[B]"This is what you want, right?"[/B] Cassidy said taking off his clothes slow enough for all the ladies to see. [B]"You don't have to speak."[/B] From the ladies astonishment, Destovi had a better body than he let on. [B]"I know it is."[/B]

[I]"What are you doing Cassidy, Sit back down now."[/I]

[B]"Silence fool, sit back and enjoy the show. I'm in control now."[/B]

Cassidy walked to where Toshi sat and got on his knees. Without breaking stride, he immeadiately began sucking on her clit. Cassidy, unbeknownst to everyone else, was unleashed.

Toshi melted into the couch, immediately forgetting the party from the pleasure.

Everyone was dumbfound and shocked to see what was happening...

Cassidy looked at Toshi and wiped the juice from his mouth.

[B]"Things are heating up I see."[/B]

Cassidy went right back down to work, completly controlled by his emotions, leaving Toshi to her satifaction.
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Shun came back to the living room and saw the scene unfolding between Toshi and the new kid, Destovi. While the others seemed to be either shocked or embarrassed by this, Shun was a little more pleased. He leaned in next to Destovi's ear "She tastes good, doesn't she."

Destovi looked back up to Shun. He had a rather strange look in his eyes, guess lust had gotten the better of him. To much woman for him to resist. Lord knows Toshi was the most respetive of the girls there, and the least embarrassed. Destovi and Toshi looked to Shun for a moment, but then Destovi smiled and went back to work. Toshi moaned a bit as he went head long inside her. Shun turned to the other girls who were covering there eyes at this point. Shun started taking hands "Come on girls, let these two have some fun in privacy. And don't worry I promise I'll be kind."

He looked back to Toshi as her headwas leaning back on the head of the couch, she looked to him and in between pants said "Don't...you...dare...do..."

Shun laughed "I'm not going to do anything to them. Unless they ask me to. Later."

Shun gave a token wave as he took the girls out to the back porch. Toshi looked as if she wanted to say something, but was to hung up in her own business to try and stop him at this point. The girls all walked out into the surprisingly warm air and started taking looks around. I think they were even more embarrassed now that they were actually outside and still naked. Shun put his hands on Tosoji's and Fazya's shoulder "Hey, calm down girls. Nothing scary's gonna happen unless you ask it of me."
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[font=Book Antiqua][color=RoyalBlue]Toshi was a bit surprised at Destovi's actions. But then when his tongue hit her clit she melted. Grabbing onto the couch, she moaned in enjoyment as he continued licking at her.

She nearly stopped herself. [i]"What about Shun?" [/i]She thought to herself. [i]"Are you kidding? He won't mind."[/i] She answered herself. [i]"What about everyone else? The party?"[/i] She thought, trying to think of an excuse. [i]"Life is short."[/i]

With that Toshi gave in as everyone else watched. She pulled Destovi on top of her and guided him inside of her. Getting the idea, he soon started a rythm. Toshi's moans grew louder as he hit against her. She let go of the couch and started playing with one of her nipples. She closed her eyes as he continued the rythm.

He pulled out and put himself up by her mouth. She opened her mouth and swallowed. Destovi seemed a bit better but not satisfied. He sat back down and Toshi caught her breath.

Finally catching her breath, Toshi licked her lips once more and sat back against the couch. She smiled. Toshi looked towards the back porch where Shun had walked out with the girls.
"I wonder if he's having fun without me..."
Toshi looked back at Desotovi. Saying with her eyes that they were going to take a little break.
"I'll be back soon, Desotovi."
With that, Toshi got up and walked out to the back porch. Still a bit wet from that recent experience.
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Suzu turned and walked out with Shun and the rest of the girls. Still eating the cereal bar he leaned up against a wall.

So what do you think those two--"But was cut off as Toshi walked onto the porch

"Well, well," Shun was saying

' This was one bizarre night' Suzu thought.
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Tosoji sat it was even of the colder on the porch she shivered as she looked at shun blushing curling up
"this is a very interesting party' she said
:I am just glad Destovoi liked me he looks phyco" she whispered
"well "thanks for taking us away from that Shun" she said trying to cover her ears from the commotion she broght her knees to her face sighing
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[font=Book Antiqua][color=RoyalBlue]As Toshi walked outside, Suzu looked over at her.
"Uhh...Maybe we should go swim you two." He said, motioning Fayza and Tosoji to follow him.
They did as Suzu suggested and Toshi looked up to Shun. From the look in her eyes it was obvious what she wanted. But it wasn't only the look in her eyes that told him this. It was also the rest of her body. He looked down at her hard nipples and at her wet crotch. Shun grinned.
"So where did Fayza and Tosoji go? I thought..."
"They went swimming. I didn't even ask them." Shun cut her off.
She hugged him, feeling him press against her through his boxers.
"We'll have to do something about those." Toshi grinned as she tugged at the boxers.
Shun slowly slipped out of them and kissed her.
"Where should we start?" He asked.
"Right here, since it's such a nice night. But let's finish up in the living room so we won't disturb them too much." Toshi answered, smiling.
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OOC: Whew, I [B]now[/B] know my limits, I almost thought I would get banned for the post.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Emotions sated, Cassidy sat down on the couch, completly satisfied with himself. Toshi's 45 min. exhibition wore Cassidy out, leaving him in a state of serenity. While he sat alone in the living room, he decided to have a personal talk with 'himself' before he went to talk to Toshi. Destovi started the [COLOR=Blue]'personality chat'[/COLOR] first:

[I]"Cassidy, why did you do that. She doesn't know about 'you' and she'll think I lost a screw or something. Are you crazy or something?"[/I]

[B]"Occording to our last psych evaluation: Yes." [/B] Cassidy said aloud, smirking through Destovi's face.

[I]"I'm serious. What are we gonna do with Toshi now?"[/I]

[I][B]"We'll tell her 'everything' about us."[/B][/I]

Now Destovi was pissed. [I]"No, goddamn you! The last time you told someone 'our truth' and she flipped, your emotional instability caused you to rip her throat out! Don't do this to Toshi, damn it. She's a good person!"[/I]

[I][B]"I'll decide what i'll do with her!" [/B][/I] Cassidy's demanding thought boomed.

[I]"Listen to me." [/I] Destovi pleaded. [I]"The sex has you on an emotional high, causing you not to think straight. Listen to me, she's not worth it. Don't kill her. The last girl we killed is the reason we're here in the first place damn you!"[/I]

Cassidy's thought was silent.

[I]"Listen, you've had you're fun Cass, let me take control now."[/I]

[I][B]"Ok. First, you're dull and no fun at all. Second, Toshi needs an explination for what happened. How are you going to explain that to her?"[/B][/I]

[I]"I'll figure it out."[/I]

[I][B]"Yeah fuckin' right."[/B][/I] Cassidy thought.


[I][B]"No. I'm going to find Toshi. She's a special girl and there's still a lot I have to 'share with her'."[/B][/I]

[I]"Yeah."[/I] Destovi said dissatisfied.

[B]"Now off to find Toshi."[/B] Cassidy said pleased he had won the argument with Destovi.

[I]"Shut up and go talk to her."[/I] scowled Destovi mentally.

[B]"Right-o."[/B] grinned Cassidy as he went searching for the hostess.
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[color=RoyalBlue][font=Book Antiqua]Toshi moved closer to Shun as she kissed him. His member pressing against her wet crotch. Thir lips parted as they moved to one of the couches on the back porch. They continued the kiss and Shun played with Toshi's left nipple. A few minutes later, Toshi pointed to the pool.
"We'll have fun outside some other time. Let's go back in." Toshi smiled and nodded.

When they got back inside, Toshi and Shun saw Destovi sitting on the couch in the living room and masturbating. Knowing what he still wanted, Toshi looked back at Shun and kissed him. He smiled and watched as Toshi walked up to Destovi. She stopped his hand and he looked a bit surprised. She put her lips over his member and started licking it as she rubbed the rest of it with her hand. She listened to his moans and continued. Soon he came in her mouth and she swallowed it. Licking her lips, Toshi smiled.
"Ready for some more fun?"
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