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RPG Serenity View [M-LVS]


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Three telepaths stood watching the students pass back and forth from inside the pircipal's office as they communicated amongst each other. "They don't suspect a thing" They will make fine additions."

OOC:Everyone just head to your first class keeping in line with the schedule. Remeber you live on campus and the only classes that are different between students is your sport , the elective, and the class based on your skill. Have fun.
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Guest tanukioh
Daemon stood at the doorway. He was painfully hungry. The last thing he had eaten was grass he had transmuted into a foul tasting bread by mistake.

He glanced around. then looked at his first class. "Where is this Room??" He asked, hoping someone would help him. No one stepped forward. They all bypassed him as usual. "fine. I'll make my own door!"

Daemon touched his hand to the wall, causing it to reduce to dust, leaving a door shaped hole. "Is this my homeroom? I'm Daemon."
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[COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Courier New]Arcaine slowed a bit as she passed by a hole in the wall but didn't bother to ask questions. A few kids were already in the room by the time she had made her way through this maze of a school and took her seat towards the middle of the room.

She leaned back in her chair and stretched a bit while yawning, this had been the best night sleep she had gotten in years.

Maybe this new school would work out after all.

[B]OOC: Short I know...but I'm in a rush...late for school already..[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Pierrot was just getting up from his bed and prepares to go to his class. He notices a hole in the wall and decided to pass through it for a short cut. He first looked the room from left to right and decides to sit in the bottom left most corner chair. He suddenly stood up and multiplied himself and took over the remaining vacant seats and laughs loudly. and after a while he withdrew his clones and slept on his seat...
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[size=1][color=slategray]Miloe woke with a start, expecting to find herself in her old room at home. But as she eyed the strange bareness of the area, she remembered the school. Serenity View. She had thought that maybe it had just been one wonderful dream... but maybe, maybe... it could be better than a dream. She pinched herself. It was real, all right. Damn real.
She untangled herself from the linen sheets that she had managed to get wrapped in during her deep sleep. She fell over and glanced up at her alarm clock. Then stared at her school schedule that she had placed on the nightstand. Oh, shit... she was going to miss Homeroom. On her first day. Not good.
She flew over to the dresser and carefully, but quickly, clothed herself for the day. She adjusted her black 'Kids With Guns' t-shirt as she tried to decide what rings to wear. After twisting some on, she grabbed a binder and ran out of the dorm building.

Settling down in a seat in the back of her homeroom, finally, Miloe alligned her binder with the edge of the desk. Then she slouched, making herself smaller, wanting to avoid the staring. You could see the smiles of all the students. New girl. The guy she sat down behind turned around in his seat, nudging her binder out of place. Miloe willed herself to look up. The boy beamed. Seemed friendly enough.
"So... new here, huh? What's your story?" Miloe's hands flew up to her mouth, a habit. She liked the comfort of her white sleeves, just enough access fabric to cover her hands and her face when she wanted to be temporarily oblivious to her surroundings. This time, though, she didn't cover her eyes, but continued to keep eye contact with the boy. He smiled again, shrugged, and turned back to the front.
Miloe pulled her knees up to her chest in her seat. She wasn't shy, exactly... more like... not knowing what to expect.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Amithi was making her way to homeroom. As she turned a corner, she saw a huge hole in the wall. Laughing, she stepped through it and said loudly to the five students already there, "Hey, who had a bean burrito for breakfast?" She fell into fits of laughter as she took the closest seat to her.

She tried to sit still after the laughter died down but she just couldn't resist the urge that had come over her. Amithi jumped up on her desk and turned into a bobcat. Suddenly, she started bounding from desk to desk, jumping around the room wildly. She even jumped on one of her classmates who was sleeping on his desk. She jumped on his back and woke him up.

When she returned to her seat, the fits of laughter overtook her again.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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Guest tanukioh
Daemon smiled, and leaned back in his seat. "Looks like everyone took my doorway." he laughed to himself. He still didn't see the teacher.

"Anyone else bored??" he asked as he stood up in his desk. he then tapped his desk, making it from into a stand. "Who's up for playing a prank?"
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Char finished his smoke as he pushed open the door to the school and saw his homeroom teacher fix a hole in her classroom and settle everyone down into their seats. He sighed. it was the beginning of another year and he was already late again. He looked up to see Derrick soming around another corner. "Sup" He shook hands with Derrick as they stood outside their class. "Another boring here"

"Yeah, I agree. At least we got most of the same classes this time"

"Char, Derrick get in here this instant"

Char laughed as he pushed the door open and walked into the class with Derrick behind him. He saw a girl that was obviously new sitting with here knees to her chest in her seat at the back of the homeroom. He set his stuff down right behind her. "Hey" He held his hand out to her. "Name's Char. You new here?"

OCC: Everyone can just meet with everyone else and do whatever. This is homeroom, just don't get to reckless. Here is the schedule i have divided everyone up into two groups. These people are in your classes, the others you will have to talk to in the halls. Pleae be advised these are only of the people that have posted. When other people do their first post they will be put in the list

Group 1
Sky Moonflow

Group 2
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Guest tanukioh
Daemon changes his seat back to normal and jumped down. "Ok, no pranks." he sighed. "So who are all of you? I'm new here..."

Daemon glanced around at the students. Where they staring at his red eyes? he began to feel embarased.
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Derrick came in following Char. Derrick flung his silver hair over his shoulder as he watched Char make a beeline for the new girl. Ever the ladies man that one. He had a libido to rival a bull in heat. Derrick just watched him move toward her and smirked. He took the desk just to Char's right and looked to him [B]"You never change, do you?"[/B]

Char smiled his notorious grin [B]"All in a days work. Besides, you know you'd miss it if I acted like a stiff all the damn time."[/B]

The two chuckled a bit til there homeroom teacher made her appearance. They had Ms. Elker this year, one of the new teachers. This was gonna be a fun year. Either she would get used to there hellish attitude or she would quit in a week. Either way, it was all still fun. This lady however made it apparent immidiately that she wasn't going to take any crap [B]"Alright slap heads, shut up and start listenting. I'm Ms. Elker and no matter how hard you think you are, I promise you that you don't even know hard yet."[/B]

Derrick had never that many spines straighten at once. This chick even got Char's attention pretty damn fast. If all the new teachers were like this chick, they were in for one hell of a year. With that, Derrick leaned to Char with a grin [B]"Scared yet?"[/B]

Char simply retorted [B]"You wish."[/B]

Both of them new how much fun this new year would be. Finally, no more borin crap from the teachers.
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Guest tanukioh
Daemon had been listening to Char and Derrik, though he acted like he was paying attention to the teacher. What was it about these two? It felt ominous. Daemon decided to keep his eyes open for their doings.

"Mr. Montesque!" the teacher called, "What is the answer?"

Daemon decided the best way to handle this would be to make something up. he touched his hand to the wall, sending out his altering waves. The problem on the board changed.

The teacher saw the flash of blue that accumpanies all of Daemon's transmutations. "Mr. Montesque, don't try to cheat."

"and what if I do?" he asked.

"You'll find out..." she smiled. the look in her eye made a shiver run up and down Daemon's back. he appologised. "that's better" the teacher nodded, and returned to whatever it was she was doing before.
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As the teacher has her attention on Daemon, Pierrot on the other hand transfered his seat near Amithi and asked her "Hello there the name's Pierrot just Pierrot no surname because I was an orphan so i didn't get to know who my parents are just call me Pierrot, How bout you what's your name?" Before Amithi could reply the teacher called out Pierrot's name and let Daemon take his seat and asked Pierrot the same question...

Since he couldn't answer the question he thought of outwitting this one. He suddenly fell to the floor holding his stomach and moans in pain. "My Stomach! it hurts i think i have to use the bathroom. Arghh!!" Ms. Elker permitted him to go to the bathroom.

Before he went in the bathroom, He laughed profusely and said "What a bunch of -- :animedepr "
His Stomach began aching and said " I think this one's real..." He rushed to one the of cubicles and after he finished his business there he thought "Hmmm...I wonder what are they doing now?" but instead of going back to class, Pierrot decided to back to his room to take a nap...
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[COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Courier New]Ms. Elker had gotten everyone's attention fast, she was like a super teacher or something. Arcaine was slowly getting bored again and started doodling on her paper, if this was what this place was going to be like she would had had a better time living back where she was from. At least the kids there weren't so shocked into attention by a teacher.

It was only their first period so she might as well just give it a chance. She sighed in relief as the teacher excused herself for a bit and left the room. The volume level went from 0 to about 10 in a few seconds.

She looked around the room a bit and decided on just trying to talk to someone. Might as well try and get a friend while she's still alive.

"Hey! I'm Arcaine, you?"

The boy just started at her for a bit before flashing a grin and finally answering her.

"Name's Char."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Guest damien-black
[COLOR=DarkOrchid][FONT=Century Gothic]Vincent eased the door open and walked in as quietly as he could manage but could still feel the eyes following his every move. Being a new student and being late on the first day was not the way to make a good first impression. He scanned the room quickly and decided on a seat.

He took a seat towards the middle near a bouncy looking girl. She flashed him a quick and warm smile then turned her attention back towards who she was previously talking with.

He could still feel some stares still lingering on him but didn't say a word. It was best if he just stayed quiet...not many people would notice him that way.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[Color=DarkOrange]Ricky looked about the hallways, a stoney expression on his face. "Well I can tell this ain't gon' be home...Damn hallways lead to the same places.." With a sigh, he kept his pace up, his hands in his pockets. He unconciously reached up to touch the Marlboro cigarette in his ear, as if making sure it was still there.

He let his eyes gaze over to the door up ahead and to the right, then nodded. "And there it is...school..." He hadn't been to school in a while, so his brain was jumbled with thoughts of it this one would be like. The school he -had- been to was rather rough, and more like a gang recruitment station then a school.

He opened the door, only to see the class already in session. He whistled softly as he eyed the people, some looking rather..well..comical. Without saying a word, he moved to an empty desk and took a seat, then looked at the teacher as if nothing had happened at all. Which to him it hadn't.

"Mr..." Ms Elker looked down at her list of names, "Phontas. You're late. Would you care to explain why?" The look on her face was more then a little cold and just a tadbit 'You should know better.'

"Actually..no. I wouldn't. So we can just continue, eh?" He smirked at her, his New York accent easily distinguishing where he hailed from.

"I see you have an attitude. Either state why you're late, or you'll suffer disciplinary actions Mr.Phontas," Ms. Elker stated with rather clipped and pronounced syllables, her eyes locked onto him.

Ricky raised a brow at her look, his eyes narrowing a bit. He wouldn't be intimidated. He hadn't lived in some of the worse conditions to come to a school to be intimidated by some...teacher with brains.

"I like makin' an entrance..Not to mention I needed a little time to find some things. Ya know how it goes. Everythings done in a New York minute," he then grinned at the teacher before leaning back in his chair and set the pen he had on the desk. Which was about all he had.

When she turned back to the blackboard, he muttered under his breath, "Damn trite woman.." Afterwards, he took a look about the classroom, letting his gaze lock onto the others for a few seconds before moving on.

He wouldn't speak to no one. Not yet at least. He needed to find out how they were, who were who in what sort of groups ran here before he did that. He didn't want to end up trying to be initiated in some gang, or some clique. He wasn't that type of guy.[/COLOR]


OOC: Sorry for being late guys. I've been working a lot lately and haven't had much time to check otaku. I should be fine now though with my new schedule.
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Guest tanukioh
More people had been comming in. They seemed ok, and Daemon liked this Ricky Photan's attitude. Maybe they would be in the same group?

Daemon found himself hoping for the bell. A chance to get away from Ms. Elker sounded like the greatest thing in the world right now. "just a few more minutes...." he told himself. of cours in this desk, it would be hard to wait even that long. It wouldn't stop wobbling.

As Ms. Elker continued her lecture, Daemon got an idea. he tapped on the desk, and transmuted it into a metal and plastic recliner. it wasn't the best looking transmutation ever, but at least now the wobbling had stopped and Daemon could get comfertable.

"Mr. Montesque...That is destruction of school property." Ms. Elker snapped.

"I call it 'Improvement" of school property," Daemon smiled. Ms. Elker gave him a stone cold glare. Daemon gulped air, and transmuted the desk back. [I]"good thing she didn't see me make that whole in the wall..."[/I] he thought.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Mika was running down the halls her stuff falling from her arms as she looked down at her schedule and up at the numbers posted on the doors.
"Dammit! I'm already late for my class,"she said trying to hurry. She finally found the class she was looking for. She rearranged her things and opened the door. She knew that the teacher would already be lecturing and the teachers barely paying attention but she wasn't ready for the teacher's glare.
That teacher frozen her in her place. Mika couldn't move but she didn't make herself appeared frighten amongst the students. She could tell that her teacher was pretty pissed off at her for being so late but really she didn't have time for this. She pulled up some courage and walked to an empty dest in the back by a window.
[I]'I don't care if this is my seat or not. I'll sit here until the teacher tells me something differently,'[/I]she thought to herself looking out the window.
After a while the teacher started her lecture again but kept making glances at Mika for a while.
"This is going to be a long day,"Mika said to herself sighing deeply.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=slategray]Miloe was already getting slightly paranoid. Someone she had never seen had walked up to her so casually and intorduced himself. Char, wasn't it? She had simply looked up and inclined her head, ignoring his hand. Physical contact was a little too much for any stranger to ask for so early in the year. But, of course, she thought, it was normal for people to do that. Introduce themselves, shake hands. At least back home no one expected her to do that. But she didn't want to think of her old school. She stroked a part of her silky white hair where part of it appeared to be singed. Those damned lighters.

The homeroom teacher had walked in a long time ago, but Miloe hadn't thought much of it. She seemed to be getting bad, even scared vibes from the people around her. She wondered what for. She was content with keeping her forehead to her knees, eyes closed, drowning out any distractions.

A bell suddenly rang out shrilly, invading her thoughts. Chairs scraped against the tile floors and people started heading toward the classroom door. Miloe felt a soft tap on her shoulder. "Hey, homeroom is over, you might wanna get moving." Miloe's head flew up with a start. But whoever had spoken was already within the rest of the chattering crowd, going to their next class.
Miloe let down her legs slowly and grabbed her binder.
Off to English.[/color][/size]
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Guest tanukioh
Daemon smiled as he went through the halls, thinking of the girl he had just spoken to. She had been sitting there, head between her legs most of class. all he had said was that she should probably get moving...but she seemed nice enough.

Daemon hoped that she would sit next to him in English. He was considering transmuting the desk into a spikey box until she came in, then announcing that he had saved the seat for her.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING?!" someone shouted. It was Char. "CLASS IS THIS WAY!"

"right..." Daemon said with a sweat drop, entering the classroom and taking the closest seat to the door.
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[size=1][color=slategray]Miloe hugged her binder to her chest as she walked down the hallway, her hair flowing after her slightly. People were yelling and laughing, greeting each other, talking about their summer breaks. No one really gave her a second glance, and she was fine with that.
She read the signs outside the classroom doors, looking for her English class. The crowds were starting to thin out, Miloe continued along, dragging her boots against the floor.
She finally found the English room, a man that looked about in his late twenties was propping the door open. Miloe supposed he was the teacher.
"Don't want to be late on your first day, hmm?" He said in a bored tone. She hurried inside, finding that a bit creepy. Most of the seats were filled and Miloe was left clinging her binder to herself for dear life. She had never been a transfer student before, and it wasn't her thing to be wandering into a place she didn't know. She scanned the room, trying to keep from making eye contact with anyone.
Someone was waving at her, puzzled she looked at who it was. No one she remembered. Maybe he had been in her homeroom? Black hair, red eyes. The seat next to him looked like it had been severed with spikes.
She heard the classroom door slam behind her, making her jump slightly. There was a loud sigh.
"Mr... Montesque is it? Please... return my desk to normal. And... Ms... Rouge, I'm guessing, sit down unless you'd like to introduce yourself to your new classmates." The man said without enthusiasm. Miloe felt herself blush. The boy who had been waving at her placed his hands on the desk sheepishly and returned it to normal. Seeing no other free spot, Miloe slid into that desk, making sure it had no more pointy edges before making herself comfortable.
"I see so many new faces. What a pleasure," The man said, running his fingers through his mousy brown hair. "Forgive me for my lack of sincerity, I haven't had a cigarette in about a week, and trust me, it is not easy for me." Many of the students laughed. "Anyway, for those of you who are new... I'm Mr. Crouch, and that's all you'll know me as. Got it? Today, as I don't feel like teaching, do whatever the hell you want. Just don't set anything on fire, like the last time I let you guys have a 'free day'... Tomorrow, however, we'll be having a little thing that I call a writing workshop... we'll be doing plenty of research papers this year, hope you don't mind. Then again, I don't really care what you think. I'm going to the teacher's lounge. When the bell rings, just leave." He then pivoted toward the door, opened it, and walked out.
The boy next to Miloe, the one that had transmuted the desk, turned to face her.
"I'm liking that teacher already," He said. Miloe put her hand up to her mouth, blinking back at him. "Sorry, I didn't introduce myself, yet, have I? I'm Daemon. I can transmute stuff, obviously."
"... I'm Miloe." She whispered, tracing her lips with her thumb nail. "... I can... sorta... merge with people." Daemon sat back in his seat.
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Guest tanukioh
Daemon smiled. Miloe seemed like a very nice person. maybe he could work up the courage to ask her...
He suddenly got an idea! Daemon touched the wall, taking part of it into a perfect model of a rose-blossom. "Here," Daemon smiled, "a gift."
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Mika propped her feet on her desk staring out the window. The teacher, Mr. Crouch, had giving them a free day today. "What a lack of teaching,"she said not really paying to anyone that was chatting, laughing goofing off. She just stayed to herself.

She must of been really bored because soon she took out her sketch pad and began to draw a picture of the school. She drew in much detail that it looked directly like the school but yet it didn't. It was Mika's own idea of the school. The way she wanted the school to look like. It was all black surround by flames. Demons popped out here and there with red peircing eyes. They looked as if they were lusting for blood. Human blood more than ever.

Mika pulled back from her pictured and make a disgusted face at it. She ripped the picture out of the sketch pad and turned it to ashes. She through the ball of burning paper ball flame at a nearby desk. She then put her feet back on her desk and closed her eyes.

"Yeah, this is starting to turn out real great."[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Ricky almost jumped out from his desk when the bell rang and was one of the first people at the door. "About time that bell rang...That woman is pure evil. She's goin' to give me hell, I know it."

He wasn't speaking to anyone in particular, just to himself outloud. He did that a lot, because when he was by himself, he didn't have a companion of any sort, and it helped keep him sane. Agitatedly, he began flicking a tiny spark between his hand, rolling it around his fingers boredly.

"English huh...Lovely...Time to find out how stupid I am.."

He let his gaze scan about the halls, his eyes wandering a moment before he just followed the general populace of his class. When he heard someone say the class was at a certain door, he slid himself in with his ever present smirk on his face.

"Have no fear...The boy wonder is here and he shall relieve all problems for a small surcharge of five dollars!" Ricky then winked at the class in general before taking a seat near the back of the class. The farther away, the less noticeable he would be to the teacher. Or so he hoped.

Ricky couldn't help but notice some of the people from his homeroom in his class, which made him perk a brow. There was that Daemon dude, and the chick in the white shirt. And a few others as well, though he hadn't caught there names due to his late entrance.

With a low whistle, he began drumming his fingers on the table in an old school rock beat. AC/DC Hells Bells to be exact, but he doubted if many here would know that. [I]Hope these classes get less boring and more..I don't know..learning or somethin',[/I] were his thoughts as his drumming continued.[/COLOR]
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Pierrot is now in the Teacher's Lounge and is being repremanded for his actions earlier by skipping class. He was then told to go to his next class, which is English, and never do it again or suffer the corresponding punishment.

When he got into class, he noticed that there is no teacher and he thought of two things " one he's not late and the other is if the teachers absent" Then he asked Char what was going on?

Char:" The teacher left and gave us a free day"
Pierrot:" Really! (this is a perfect opportunity to see everyone's power)"

He then multiplied himself into 5 and walked to the board and announced to everybody " How about we show to each other what are powers are to know them better and also to past time? Who's up for it?"
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Mika looked up at Pierrot who seemed to be enjoying himself by making a fool of himself.

"Why would anyone want to show there powers here and now? It could give some one the chance to find a weakness against someone they hated,"she said to him sitting up in her seat.

"So we can learn a bit more about one another," He replied looking back at her.

"Why would anyone want to really know about each other? I mean, some of us just want to keep to ourself. Not everyone is socially active here." Mika glanced at a few people who return her look with an evil glar. She just sneered and returned her eyes on Pierrot.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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