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Lyric Spectrum: Assassin's Overture [M-LV, possible S]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]More than a thousand years ago, a wise man whose name has been lost to time was given a message by Jix, the God of Light. He was told to start up an empire that would be run by great rulers of pure spirit called the Jian, and that it would bring peace to the world. He took on the name Barjix, and with his wisdom and the blessings of Jix, his kingdom spread across the continent. He was the first Jian, a line of people who could embody the power of the God of Light.

Or the God of Darkness, Rgol.

These dark, misguided Jian were few and far between of the centuries, and the last was slain 500 years ago by four mystical heroes, known as the Spectrum. These four passed on their skills in the form of the four magicks: Red Magic commanded the fire and stone, driven by the courage in its users heart; Blue Magic utilizes water and wind to heal and protect, given strength from compassion; Gold Magic brought down thunder and light from the heavens, empowered by the wisdom of the mage; and Silver Magic manipulated the soul and the mind, and utilized naught but cold determination.

The Spectrum slayed the final dark Jian, and Rgol, as the people believed. The Empire has been at peace for 500 years, and nothing could be better. Or so it seems.

Far to the west, across the barren and inhospitable Wastelands, a different empire grows. Led by the ruthless tyrant called Mekkas, his empire is devoted solely to conquest, and furthering his own wants and needs. And his needs are power. He will stop at nothing to aquire more strength, more weapons, more land. And the one thing standing in his way is the Empire of Barjix.

One hundred miles from the official borders of the Mekkas empire, deep in the heart of the Wastelands, there sits a miserable building. Guarded by soldiers and filled with prisoners, it is part prison and part research lab for Mekkas' latest experiment. Within are the strong, or the exploitable. They are part of Mekkas' greatest plan, and greatest heresy against the Gods.

He is making new Magic.

It was never thought that the Magics made by the Spectrum, which they had learned from Jix itself, could ever be duplicated. But in his terrible lab, Mekkas is doing just that. From the power of rage, Orange Magic gives its user terrible strength and skin like iron. And driven by hatred, Purple Magic uses the very darkness of the soul to kill.

But two have escaped from the prison, a giant and the dark-girl. Fleeing through the blistering desert sands, they head towards Barjix to find safety from their captors.

Their protection shall come from a very unlikely source as they enter Barjix's reach. For Barjix, while a peaceful city, has a dark underbelly. And four killers, the Four Kings of Barjix, sit at the top of the heap. One will be their savior, one his bitter rival, and the other two...well, who knows?

They'll need the help, for Mekkas has hired assassins of his own. And if the captives cannot be brought back...

...They'll die.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]The Underground thread, [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=729819]here[/URL], has more World-Building esque information, but there's the basic storyline with some healthy exposition right off the bat. The story, distilled to its purest essence, is two people on the run and those that try and protect or recapture them. Well, I'll stop gee-jawing and get straight to the sign-up, then.

[B]Name:[/B] Note, this is a distant fantasy world, so keep that in mind.
[B]Age:[/B] Whatever floats your boat.
[B]Weapon of Choice?:[/B] Any weapons you might have. I'm setting any strict limits, but keep it realistic.
[B]Magic?:[/B] Does your character use Red, Blue, Gold, or Silver magic? Or, in the case of the two escapees, Orange or Purple? If yes, describe how they utilize it. Doesn't have to be really in-depth, just a general idea of their style.
[B]Personality:[/B] How do they act, blah blah blah.
[B]History/Character Snippit:[/B] Whichever you feel more comfortable doing.

That should be it for now. I'll post my character in a few days.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Zankuo Rashna (zAn-coo, rAsh-nah)

[B]Age:[/B] 32

[B]Gender:[/B] Male
Appearance:[/B] Zankuo stands at a height of 5?10" and has a lean build, he has long, black spiked hair that comes to mid-back. He wears a black trench coat with a black, long sleeve shirt the image of his magic rune stitched into the back with silver thread, it is nothing but show. He also wears black hard toed boots with a small spike stud on each heel, he has black pants that are slightly baggy and have several pockets on them, large and small.

His eyes are dark blue and his face is slightly rough from years of fighting and from age, his features remain dull since he hardly shows emotion. Maybe cracking a smile every once, maybe a dark chuckle here and there but other wise his face remains blank and rather harsh.

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] He uses a single broadsword called Dreadnaught, nothing really spectacular about it. The handle is tattered and ripped, and looks as if it will fall apart if uses at all. But it has held up for several years, but the blade itself, looks very new and as if it has never been used or tasted blood.

[B]Magic:[/B] Silver, Zankuo utilizes his magic through the rune on his back and his blade. The rune on his back it was allows him to use the power, while his blade, which is for lesser concentration of the magic, or his hands, for pure concentration of the magic, allows him the channel the power into other people and manipulate their minds and soul.
Personality:[/B] Zankuos personality is greatly affected by the rune on his back, because of it he is cold and straight forward. Always doing what is needed to be done, even if it what other people believe is immoral or wrong. And since Silver magic requires that he have cold determination to power it, he always aims for the target. Not caring what the odds are or if the opponent is out of his league in strength or strategy.

Always looking at the prize. But, whenever a challenge comes his way, he faces it without fear and without hesitation. He is also never afraid to take advantage of an opponent?s weakness, whether it is a physical weakness, such as an old injury, or weak joints. Of if it is an emotional weakness, such as a loved one or something precious to the challenger.
History/Character Snippet:[/B] Zankuo walked the streets of Faboy, his hair lightly swaying side to side, his boots thudding loudly on the stone sidewalk. Dreadnaught was at his side, swaying lightly with him. His hands were clenched in fist and his face was stone hard, as usual, and he kept to his target. Passing by people, some ignoring him like he did them, some saying hello and getting no response. Some even asked for money, but he blew them off like the rest.

The fact was, he didn?t care about these people, whatever problems they had, whatever delusions they had that made them think he would say hi or give them money. He didn?t care what ever happened to them, he was focused on his target, and nothing, was going to get in his way. He could feel the rune on his back, starting to generate magic, it coursed through him like his own blood.

He was use to the magic moving through his veins, to him, it was just something that was part of him now. And he used it to his full advantage, using his magic to control others for his needs and the needs his mission required. He moved swiftly and with purpose to a near by club that was active at this time. Zankuos target was in that club, just waiting to be killed. He soon arrived to the main door and knocked hard and steadily.

And man opened a small sliding hatch and looked out at Zankuo. The man behind the door looked at him up and down as much as the sliding door would let him. He then looked him in the face, Zankuos eyes were piercing and harsh. His eyes flickered with the magic inside of his body, then disappeared instantly. The man behind the door wasn?t sure what he saw, but he still didn?t like the man he was facing. He then spoke in raspy voice.
?What?s the password??[/B] Zankuo brought to fingers up to the sliding door and sent his magic straight from his fingers into the mans eyes. They seeped right into his skull and wrapped itself around his mind, Zankuo could feel that it was an easy manipulation. He then spoke to his new puppet.
?Open the door.?[/B] The man complied without a word, the door swung gently open and Zankuo walked right in. The man watching him with dead eyes, Zankuo looked around the club, it was deserted except for a few people sitting at some tables talking gently amongst themselves. All of them looked like rich, snobby, and corrupted, they cared nothing for what went on outside of their false sense of security. Zankuo looked to his mind dead puppet, and spoke to him again.
?Where is Lord Raze??[/B] The man pointed to a set of stairs that lead up to a loft just above the people who were talking. Zankuo looked to the stairs and nodded, he then looked back to the man.
?Now, go outside. And die.?[/B] The man complied, he went outside, closing the door behind him. He then dropped dead in a heap, Zankuo proceeded to the stairway that lead to the Lord. The soon to be dead Lord, that is, he kept his pace steady and his eyes on the stairs. Not letting the fact that his kill was near effect him in anyway.

He steadily walked up the stairs and made his way to the loft. His arm resting on the handle of Dreadnaught. His face cold. He made it to the top of the stairway and approached the man sitting alone. Zankuo approached him without caring if he had guards nearby, he came over to his table and seated himself in front of him. Raze looking at him with cold eyes. Then went back to his food.
?What can I do for you Zankuo?? [/B]He said has he popped a grape into his mouth, Zankuo looking at Razes food, then to Raze.
?You should watch what you eat. A lot of people don?t like you that could be poisoned.?[/B] Raze kept eating, popping grapes and other small fruits into his mouth. Wiping his mouth and hands occasionally, waiting for Zankuo to answer. Zankuo soon complied with what he need to do.
?I?ve heard about an unusual pair has fled from a prison in the Wastelands, where are they??[/B] Raze looked up at him from his food, Zankuo could see the question had hit a certain spot in his memory. Something he was not willing to tell, Zankuo let one of his dark smiles spread across his face. He then started to collect some of the purest form of his magic into his hand.

His hand slowly starting to tingle and the tingle grew into an even stronger tingle, until he thought it was sufficient. He brought his hand up and unleashed his magic, it streamed out in a vibrant silver stream. It had this color because he wished it did, so that Raze could see the magic enter every orifice of his skull. This purer concentration took control almost instantly, with minor resistance. Zankuo spoke to him again, his smile gone.
?Where are they?? [/B]Raze answered without hesitation.
?I don't know. But i've heard they are going to Barjix.?[/B] Zankuo hit his clenched fist on the and growled.

?[B]Dammit![/B]? He turned to Raze again, his face was dark, lined with anger and darkness. His magic slowly fading, until it coursed no more. He stood up from his chair and looked down at Raze.
?I hope you enjoy the sever mind **** you are experiencing, because it will be the last time I let you live. Understand, Lord Raze??[/B] Raze nodded his head, he responded in a dead tone.
?Yes, Zankuo.?[/B] And with one final twist of his hand, the magic left his mind and went streaming back to Zankuo. He turned away and went back down the stairs, through the tables of people and out the door. Finding the door man dead on the ground. He kicked his limp body as he started to walk out of the city, welled up in his own frustration. He was now heading back to where he started, back to Barjix, where he had started. Off to finish his job, and get his reward.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Lathea 'Thea' Larokk
[B]Age:[/B] 26
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v219/AzureImi/?action=view¤t=LS_chick003.png][I]Thea[/I][/URL]
The back of her robes is non-existent, as shown in the picture. She proudly displays her glyph and is rumoured to add an extra tendril to her tattoo every time she kills a man.

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] The weapons in her hands are all she uses. They are solid steel spikes mounted on a pin which is attached to steel 'hand-slips', letting her wear them comfortably. With the flick of a wrist, Thea can spin the weapons at unbelievable speeds. They act as a shield when rotating and slice things as fan blades might. She can hold the steel stakes firmly to stab with them or block. They are also enforced with magic to block weak spells.

[B]Magic:[/B] Thea is a Gold magic user, the glyph inked at the small of her back. She likes making a fuss out of fights and thus often uses her magic in the brightest and loudest way possible. Because she loves fighting with her weapons so much, she'll summon forth a flash of blinding light before going in for the kill, or distract her opponent with crashes of thunder and bolts of lightning. She rarely, if ever, uses her magic to hurt someone but has been known to bring down bolts of lightning on her opponent.

[B]Personality:[/B] Thea is a relatively calm woman who despite her loud and sometimes brash attitude is clear-headed and more intelligent than people may initially think. When meeting people she is confident and always willing to make a conversation out of nothing, which some have been known to find irritating. When dealing with people she doesn't trust or doesn't like, the latter is rare, Thea becomes serious and careful. It's this side of her personality that she shows in battle; hiding behind a confident smirk is a constantly active brain, planning four or five steps ahead.

[B]History:[/B] Thea was born to a clan that for generations have spawned Red Magic users. All in the family are born with deep red hair and light brown eyes, suiting the Red Mage look to a T. Thea, however, was unfortunately born a little different. While she had a thick head of red hair, her eyes were a ghostly shade of yellow and her mother at first believed her blind or sick. The child was fine but due to her gender and partly her eye colour, her future was already being planned out.

Her mother was no magic user and had decided that a daughter of hers would be just the same and would grow up to marry a rich, respectable Lord of Barjix. Her father was happy with this decision and planned to hand down the family?s wealthy jewellery business and forge to Thea's three older brothers. This meant that Thea was all but written out of the will and would be doomed to depend on another man for her well-being.

Needless to say the girl was not pleased when she found out, on her sixteenth birthday, what her fate was to be. She did, in fact, run away from home in search of a magic user to ink one of the powerful glyphs into her skin. She came across a kind man not long after her search began and as fate will have it became very close to him. He took her in as if she were his own daughter and after a year of training and learning agreed to pass down the glyph of Gold magic, placing it on Thea's lower back where she would eventually surround it with tattooed patterns.

When she was 18, Thea left the man who had protected her in order to further train herself. She attempted crossing the Wastelands as a test of her strength but almost died after only three days in the barren environment. She now lives in Barjix, a self-proclaimed Queen, and makes her living from simple tasks, most of them illegal.[/SIZE]
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Name: Sasuryu Reishi

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Sasuryu Reishi

Weapon: Chidori is the name of the sword which he holds in his picture. this sword can concentrate energy from him, during this channeling of energy a thousand bird chirping like sound can be heard from it. when this energy is fully charged it can pierce through anything.

Magic: Purple, being imbued with this kind of magic, he is still ignorant of how to use this power. until his 15th birthday when he found out that he has some dark powers which can kill people. using his enemy's dark side he can turn their shadows against them. By means of controlling and using them as puppets and turning them into objects.

Personality: He's Calm and kind when not fighting while has a killer look when fighting. He prefers being secretive of his true self and even with his closest friends he's still secretive. Even though he has an attitude like that he is still a good friend who'll never let you down

History: He was found in the middle of a desert by a group of warriors while he is still an infant. He was living as a normal person until one day he discovered his powers. and lived a secretive life. because in his town the purple magic is something to fear and whosoever possesses that magic is considered to be a heretic and was being persecuted.

One day, a mysterious yet somewhat familiar looking man approached him. he whispered something to Sasuryu's ear then he left leaving a huge shock on Sasuryu's face.

After that he decided to go on a journey, during that journey he became stronger. Such that his skill were recognized by Mekkas, thus he was hired to be an assasin. however this was not at first but he was further persuaded by Mekkas. then he finally agreed to join.
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Rili Ellisaeish

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/4441/girls1634qz.jpg]Rili[/url]

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] She has a pouch full of [url=http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/3089/mcfc209sl6bq.jpg]Throwing Knives[/url] that sits on her right hip. She has a deadly aim with them and has a good eye for good targets; being able to hit a vital spot on a moving target in the distance.

[B]Magic:[/B] Red Magic; the glyph looks like all her other tattoos, but sits above her left eye (like Gaara) She enjoys playing with fire and will sometimes just play with a ball of fire to taunt her enemies if they're easy, but she can deal a large amount of damage with her flames, and will usually use her magic with a smirk on her face.

[B]Personality:[/B] How do they act, blah blah blah.

[B]History/Character Snippit:[/B] Whichever you feel more comfortable doing[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] I'll edit the rest soon.
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[/size][/b][size=1]Legato Balokk[/size]

[size=1][u][b]Age: [/b][/u]


[url="http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=18&pos=12"]Here[/url][/b] just lose the hat. The marks on his hands are his glyphs, and he seldom wears more than he does in the picture.[/size]

[size=1][u][b]Weapon Of Choice:
[/b][/u]The crossbow pictured is one of his main weapons, but he also carries a pair of long knives at his belt for close-quarters fighting.[/size]

[size=1][b][u]Magic:[/u] [/b]
Blue Magic - Being a compassionate sort, not one to kill without good reason, Legato has taken on board a knowledge of Blue Magic, allowing him to control water to a certain extent. He usually uses this for defensive means, such as one ability he has, which is to create a powerful sphere of water around himself and others, which can ward off most physical attacks and the occasional weak magical attack. He can also use the wind to breathe life back into people who have suffered from cardiac arrest, however this only works for about five minutes after the death.[/size]

[size=1][b][u]Personality:[/u] [/b]
will edit[/size]
[size=1][b][u]Character Snippet:[/u]
[/b]will edit[/size]

[size=1][I'll fill in the blanks as soon as I can][/size]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] An Rohaza, known to the public as the Black Tiger

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/UnbornLordXion/Rohaza0011.jpg]Rohaza[/URL]. Also of note is that the eye that's bandaged is blind, and filled with blood from an injury he's had since birth. He had his Glyph tattooed over it.

[B]Weapon of Choice?:[/B] Two six-inch long knives on the end of a long chain looped around his waist, as seen in the image.

[B]Magic?:[/B] Rohaza is a user of Silver Magic, generally using it to create hallucinatory illusions, weaken mental barriers, and generally sabotage his targets psychologically before diving in with weapons in hand. He's far from agressive with his magic, preferring to sit back and play with the puppet strings while slowly driving those he's set his sights on to the brink of madness and back.

[B]Personality:[/B] On the surface, Rohaza seems like a polite, calm, coolheaded man, if a bit frosty and often unsmiling. He is cultured and refined, kind to those who he has no quarrel with and always a gentleman when it suits him. However, he is still an assassin, and will kill with a moment's provocation. Also, deep beneath his cool exterior is layer upon layer of emotional scarring, leaving him crippled in his heart and unable to let himself truly love or be loved by anyone.

[B]History/Character Snippit:[/B] Rohaza was born in a small town called Folsom in Kantorei, in the backroom of a brothel where his mother, a prostitute by trade, worked. He was born with his left eye completely filled with blood, a product of numerous blood-vessels bursting that couldn't be treated and has never healed properly, leaving his eye in roughly the same state his whole life. He lived the first five years of his life in the brothel, under the care of the various workers there and under the care of his strict and distant mother. He never knew his father, and only once ever seemed to meet him.

The night, it so happened, his mother died.

He was the one to first find his murdered mother, in a room awash with shadows and blood. She had been carved open from chin to belly-button, and Rohaza met eyes with the killer briefly before he vanished. The man had piercing green eyes the likes of which he had never seen before, save in the mirror. Those eyes hypnotized him, and kept him staring until he collapsed to the ground and passed out.

For several weeks, he stayed at the brothel, until finally the strain of all the emotion he had bottled up broke him. He had never cried once, but a five-year-old can only take so much strain. He fled from the brothel, for miles and miles until everything was foreign to him. There, he collapsed and finally let himself break down. He stayed in the far off part of Folsom until he rather successfully pick-pocketed the greatest theif of Barjix - Cash, the Man in Black. Cash took him under his wing, fed him, clothed him, taught him to fight and to use magic.

On his thirteenth birthday, Rohaza made his first kill and took on the name the Black Tiger. That same night, Cash put the Silver Glyph upon him. Across his ruined eye. He stayed with his mentor and father figure for only a few more years before taking off on his own, towards the twisted city of Spiral in the province of Nin. There, in the tavern called the "Eye of the Tiger," he spends his days and nights, waiting for a job.

And maybe, just maybe, something more exciting is on the way.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Trevor. Been a while, aye? Anyway.

[b]Name.:[/b] Akujo Xannxa Sarrhiel. Often called "Kujo" or "Xan" or "Sarr", as people are too lazy to say his name. Also nicknamed "The Shifting Sand".
[b]Age.:[/b] Twenty three. (23.)
[b]Gender.:[/b] Male.
[b]Appearance.:[/b] [url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=13&pos=0]Akujo.[/url] With a face always wrought in grim determination, he hardly smiles at any given time, even at times ment to be happy. At the best of times, he lets his soft frown turn into a gentle look of relief.

[b]Weapon of Choice.:[/b] His bare fingers and a sword called "Ashkandi." Ashkandi is an elegant, long one handed sword laquered in a black liquid-blackish red, in fact- up to the hilt. The handle is guarded by an intricate weaving of steel thorn shapes. The edge of the blade jaggs out at the end, becoming sharp and untamed. This is it's "Normal form." Another nickname for this sword is "The Fang of the Faceless.", as it has no true shape from the nature of Akujo's magic.

[b]Magic.:[/b] Silver. Akujo uses his power of the soul in a dark and cold way, manipulating both blood and steel to make what he wants. Able to bend any metal he wants if he focuses long enough, he can separate the atoms in a metal to their base forms, even. Able to change the shape of Ashkandi to anything he likes, it is a new and unknown fight every fight.

As silver magic influences the blood and the soul, Akujo can render himself immune to any of three magics at a time, but he will be vunerable to the fourth. Extremely vunerable. Nothing is quite known about how much control he has over this, and it is often passive and changes with the flow of the battles. Akujo can also enter the mind of an opponent temporarily to make them do what he wishes, but this is known to backfire. Akujo also posseses the ability to manipulate his own or other's blood with great control. The glyph is inscribed upon his eye, as a matter of fact, as it is said the eye is the window into the soul.

[b]Personality.:[/b] Akujo is cold and impersonal upon first glance, fixing you with a cold stare and his soft grimace that he always wears. However, the demeanor is nothing once you know him, because you learn exactly what has inflicted this psychological state upon him. Never one to actually hate someone, it's hard for him to kill at times even though he seems to be uncaring. However, if he did hate someone, he would hunt them down to the ends of the earth until he couldn't hate them anymore...because they weren't there. To the few women that he's ever been with and loved, Akujo has a passonate side, and is a man of the arts, also. He enjoys fine literature and always carries around a pair of reading glasses.

[b]Character Snippet.:[/b] [b]"Close the door, please."[/b] A young man with hair colored snow white looked at the intruder. He was stunned in his footsteps, holding a short sword called a Jambyia, with a hooked and curved blade. The young man, owner of the home, looked up from his book with a shining silver eye. A glyph was inscribed upon it. The retreater began to backpedal, knowing he chose the wrong house to try and break into tonight. Akujo drew his left hand up, holding a longsword out and the theif looked at his hand. He seemed to hold it unskilled, not knowing how to use the blade. If he could strike fast eno-

With a flick of his wrist, Akujo killed the man as the blade returned to his hand, having shot out at impossible speeds. He muttered something and removed the blood from his carpet, using the silver glyph on his eye to direct it into the sink and down the drain. He looked at the corpse and gave a kind of "meh." sound. The person had obvious intent to kill Akujo, so it was survival of the fittest. Sighing and standing up, he reached one hand down, picking up the corpse. Not in his usual clothing, the squish of soft and torn flesh met his hand. He didn't wince or grimace, even though he was in naught by a pair of slippers and his boxers.

Pulling the man off of the floor, he threw it out into his trash. It would be picked up tommorow after all. Sighing and stretching his back out, he went back and washed his hands off, humming an unknown tune as he did so. He soon came back out and sat back in his chair, picking up the volume he had been reading and putting on a small bit of music.

There was a crash outside and Akujo ignored it. Another one. Another ignore. Finally, the windowpane nearby shattered and two people fighting came into the room, hands ripping out hair, punching teeth, doing anything to hurt the other. Akujo could smell the liqour pooling out of them. Growling, he looked one in the eye and made him stand up and pull the other one up with him. Sifting through the man's slow concience, he found the source of the problem and made them end it, having them walk out while laughing and giggling and stumbling.

[b]"Oh, it's a wonderful night in the neighborhood..."[/b][/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=#CD6619][B]Name-[/B] Isha Thyoala
[B]Age-[/B] 23
[B]Gender-[/B] Female
[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://falcoon.hp.infoseek.co.jp/images/top1136.jpg]Isha[/URL]: Standing at 5?6? and weighing at 107 lbs, she is gaunt in appearance though no. She has lush brown hair that seemed to become darker by the moments and hazel brown eyes that seemed to be filled with emotions, waiting to pour out.

[B]Weapon of Choice?-[/B] Without any real weapons, Isha must rely on her false magic to protect her in times of dire need.

[B]Magic?-[/B] Through terrible fate, Isha?s inner forearms are scribed with the Purple Magic- a magic created by Mekkas? people, which her forearms burning with pain. To ensure less pain, Isha wears guards around her forearms that is scribed with intense cooling magic, considering it is deflecting the effect of the Purple Magic?s glyphs. An advantage Isha has is she can use the guards as an outlet for her magic, which can either lower or heighten the amount of magic, but a disadvantage she has is that after a long period of time after using her magic, she begins to lose feeling in her hands.

The Purple Magic is not only


[B]History/Character Snippet-[/B]
Will Edit.[/size][/color]
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[B]Name[/B]: Tanner Konkubonious

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Demian.jpg][U]Tanner[/U].[/URL] He is 5'10 and weights in at 170 lbs. His glyph is inscribed in the dead center of his chest. It is not that different from the cross he wears around his neck.

[B]Weapon of choice:[/B] The sword that he carries on his back. He says it has no name and that it was a gift. This is strange since most swordsmen name there blades, but he insists that it isn't his, but that he is merely holding on to it.

[B]Magic:[/B] He is of the Red magic category. His magic permeates from the red glyph on his chest. He uses the extreme heat that is generated from said glyph to not only summon flames, but also push back his opponents with the intense heat. He concentrates his energy on his sword to act as his focus, but seems like the sword simply spits the fire out of it, making for a more projectile attack rather then the norm of highly concentrated heat.

[B]Personality:[/B] He has an unwavering confidence in everything he does. Most people find it annoying, seeing him as cocky rather then confident. His courage in a situation can also be veiwed as such. But for as egotistical as he may seem sometimes, he is also admirred for his unwavering determination. As annoying as he can be, this seems to be his way of driving others around him.

[B]History:[/B] [Will Edit]
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[color=teal][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Khaine Mensha.

[b]Age:[/b] 27.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[b]Appearance: [url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6e/Ultjugg.jpg]Click here[/url][/b]. [i]Obviously ignore the Las Vegas background and the crowd.[/i]

[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] Khaine does not generally use weaponry as the Orange Magic is more than enough to attack his enemies with he does wear a highly durable helmet which, whilst primarily serving as protection, can be used as a battering ram of sorts and brake through all but the most solid of defences when Khaine is using his Orange Magic.

[b]Magic:[/b] Khaine wields the falsely crafted Orange Magic, the Tattoo is emblazoned on his forehead and due to the false nature of the Magic the application of the Tattoo gave Khaine some serious scarring which is one of the reasons he wears his helmet. The Orange Magic reaches its true peaks when Khaine is in a literal blind fury and will crush anything and everything that comes within his reach.

The Magic manifests itself in two principal forms. The first being that it can make Khaine almost immune to harm from physical attacks, any weapon bought against him will shatter and any person attempting to fight hand-to-hand will be swept aside by his giant hands, the only thing that can damage him is a sustained attack from either Red Magic or Silver Magic as both of these are immune to the rage generated by the Orange Magic.

The second use of Orange Magic is that whilst it is in effect Khaine needs nothing else to sustain him. This means he has no need to breathe, no need to eat and no need to drink. Of course he cannot sustain this state indefinitely but it does have incredible uses such as allowing Khaine to submerge himself in water with no need to come back up.

[b]Personality:[/b] What ever Khaine was like before he was taken to Mekka?s dark Laboratory has been lost within the all consuming rage that was forced into him by the twisted minions of Mekka. [i][Will Edit][/i]

History: [[i]Will Edit[/i]][/size][/color]
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