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Time machine.


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If any of you OBers could go back in time what would you do or change. It can be from past experiences or anything historical.

I myself would go back and time and find a way to stop Osama Bin Ladan from ever being born. Or I would try and prevent AIDS from ever being created. And I could stop people from killing each oter.

Its a good thing.
-Martha Stuart.
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By playing MGS3, I know that changing the future leds to only one thing.


Just think. What if you did give Osama's mother a swift knee to the gut? There still be terrorist and terrorism. Terrorism itself has been around a long time before Bin Ladin. Us Americans only have heard of it since 9/11. Plus, there have been more horrifying events that have cost more lives than 9/11, so why not stop those?

Somebody would have sexed a monkey up with or without you. Nothing can change that. And you just can't stop people from killing from each other. You could lower murders and such, but why not just stop all crime?

If I went back though, I would probably work on social skills.


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AIDS was created? Like in a laboratory?

ME LIKE GWAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would go back in time to when the Transformers crash landed on earth after they left Cybertron and wake up Megatron and he and I would take over the world (and kill Starscream ofcourse cause no one likes Starscream) and then you wouldn't have to worry about Osamatron or RIDS (Robot Immune Deficiency Syndrome)... You will all be cyborgs gentically altered to leanr only what we teach you and to do only what we tell you. it would be a perfect world.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]I do believe I would go back in time to when I was 10 and slap myself. Then give myself a list of stuff not to do in the future.

1. Hotplates are HOT. Don't touch.

2. High school is still a joke, but try harder.

3. Don't waste your time with girls. The good ones aren't in Iowa anyway.

4. Chill the **** out.

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[quote name='Transtic Nerve'] (and kill Starscream ofcourse cause no one likes Starscream) [/quote]

[COLOR=Sienna]I like Starscream :(

Oh wait, I was thinking of Depthcharge... kill away!

If I could go back in time...

And stop myself from every building a time-machine. ****, I'm not to be trusted with time! I'd probably go back in time and mess something up! I don't want that kind of guilt! Wait, would that be a...

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Guest Milady
Hmm... I would go back in time to the dark ages, and find out what really went on. Knowledge is power my friends. I would also discover who the real King Arthur was or if there ever was one while I was there just because I'm a dork like that! ;)
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i like the list idea... so here's my list.

1. Don't wear that shirt. You look stupid.

2. Smile normally for this picture. You would look so much prettier if you did.

3. Don't be so loud right now, please!!!!!

4. Don't break up with him. He's so wonderful to you!

5. Don't tell him that you like him. Let things work out.

6. Study for Chemistry.

7. Do your homework.

8. Just love.

9. ... TIME PARADOX!!!!!!
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]hmm well I honestly think history repeats itself
and if you change it it will find a way back

it's like that crazy lady with all the cats who one day tries to get rid of them all but they keep coming back.

so I guess I wouldn't change anything.

Edit: That means this was a useless post and I don't like that so I guess I would change the time that I got kicked in the head by my sister on the monkey bars and my head cracked open and I bled everywhere.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=slategray][quote]TIME PARADOX!!![/quote]

Look what you did, Ayokano. XD

My to-do list for the past remains.

But, I'd also go back and stop myself from breaking glass bottles in front of DrugTown.... that wasn't smart. And I was too afraid to go back down there for two whole years. Haha.[/color][/size]
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I would just want to walk in love earlyer in life. Nothing really big and out there.
*thinks harder*
But if I did walk in love earlyer then alot more of the promises of God would be on me and I would be in great wealth. I am already, but I mean in alot other places.

Lets see, I would want to Give my life to love earlyer. That would make my life much better as already stated above.

Thats it though. So I guess I would change one thing that WOULDN'T creat a time paradox!
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if I could go back in time to the point where I left middle school; I would give myself this list:

1. you will meet a nice girl, whatever you do; [COLOR=Red] JUST SAY HELLO AND BE ON YOUR WAY[/COLOR]
[SIZE=1] [for I am already living the repercussions] [/SIZE]
2. you will go to paris, in one year, whatever you do, dont drink too much
3. you will move out to london; dont make a deal out of it
4. before you leave to london, you will be harassed by your fellow freshman at your high school, dont do anything about it.
5. you will come back to vegas for spring holiday, and meet another girl; whatever you do before she comes into the house.....[COLOR=Red] CALL MUM AND DAD FIRST [/COLOR]
6. when wandering about in London, buy something from the restuarant in order to use the bathroom
7. you will become well known in the american high school in London
8. you will try your best to impress the girl I mentioned in number one. [COLOR=Red] DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH CHASING AFTER THE WRONG GIRL [/COLOR]
9. you will be lied to in london by a close friend
10. you will come back to vegas for good after one year, due to your depression which will surface during second semister next year

- good luck, Leon!



thank you for your time.
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[COLOR=Navy]What to do with a time machine? I would go back and loot stuff to bring forward to make a fortune with. Nothing big of course. Simple stuff like gold coins from ships which are going to sink anyway. I would look for different historical events where great art was lost and take it right before things went bad. I would love to use a time machine to go forward in time to see how things are and possibly bring back cures for various diseases like cancer, aids, arthritis etc.

I certainly wouldn?t want to go back to interact with people. I would probably be killed as a heretic or burned at the stake as witch because women have so many rights today that they didn?t in the past. It would be difficult to blend in with people since my social values are so different. [/COLOR]
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Guest Mythology
i would go back in time and stop my self from telling my mom i have tried weed,beer,liqure,etc.

so i would start a time peridox
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