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Spongeboo Otakupants [PG-L]

Dragon Warrior

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Are you ready, you retards? >:^D

[b]Hell no.[/b]

I can't hear you! Speak the @#%$ up! >: O

[b]HELL NO![/b]

Well, too bad >: O

[size=1][i]Ooooohhhh...[/i] who lives in a post in a thread on the boards?


Who flames all his neighbors and collects shiny swords?


If retarded adventures be somethin' you fear.


Then too bad, bitch, because they are here >:^D




Now that that's out of the way, welcome to my latest journey into storyland. I have dared to take upon an Otaku Parody once again sadly. But the idea was too delicious to pass up. It was either this or a perverted version ([spoiler]Spongeboob O.o;[/spoiler]). The story is coming, but for now, I shall just give you the character bios along with what members they represent. So enjoy this while episode one is still being made :) Comments are welcome (since I can't post the first episode without one at least).
[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Spongeboo Otakupants
[*][b]Member:[/b] Boo
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] Spongebob Squarepants
[*][b]Personality:[/b] The silly main character of our story. Spongeboo runs around the boards causing little misadventures for fellow residents of Otaku Bottom. He is happy, good-natured, likes mischief (those two next to each other seem like an oxy moron), and loves to par-tay!
[*][b]Information:[/b] Like I said before, he causes much damage to Otaku Bottom. It's no wonder a lot of the members there despise him.[/list]

[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Patribution
[*][b]Member:[/b] Retribution
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] Patrick Star
[*][b]Personality:[/b] Dumb. And gangsta. Or he tries to be. But he's still too dumb. And happy :^D But dumb...
[*][b]Information:[/b] As said above, he's dumb and a poser.[/list]

[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Smurfsward
[*][b]Member:[/b] Para Smurf
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] Squidward Tentacles
[*][b]Personality:[/b] Grumpy. He often hates everyone, especially Spongeboo. He'll constantly pick at Otakupants just to have some laughs, but Spongeboo annoys him beyond all reason.
[*][b]Information:[/b] He's Spongeboo's neighbor who likes his solitude. He also unfortunately works in the same place as Spongeboo. How awkward ;_;[/list]

[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Mr. Boss
[*][b]Member:[/b] The Boss
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] Mr. Eugene Crabs
[*][b]Personality:[/b] Bossy. He likes money, he likes to be in charge, he's one unstoppable pimp. He has true class about him and is only happy when he's wealthy or neck-deep in ladies.
[*][b]Information:[/b] Mr. Boss owns the Otaku Lounge, a popular restaurant in Otaku Bottom. His two only employees are Spongeboo and Smurfsward. All Mr. Boss cares about is money, women, and Pearlmaru.[/list]

[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Whankton
[*][b]Member:[/b] White
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] Plankton
[*][b]Personality:[/b] EVIL! Whankton wants to rule the Boards, but he can't. He is usually angry and quick-tempered. But when he has an evil scheme, he gets pretty crazy. He is far greedier than his arch nemesis, Mr. Boss.
[*][b]Information:[/b] He must over-throw King Jamestune and that's a difficult task. He also envies Mr. Boss who owns the Otaku Lounge. Whankton owns the slightly less popular Introduction Lounge, which often is spammed and flamed with several newbies who have yet to learn the rules. Therefore, his place is often empty.[/list]

[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Sandy
[*][b]Member:[/b] Sandy
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] Sandy Cheeks
[*][b]Personality:[/b] Cheerful, kind, and always thinking of others, Sandy is one of the only voices of reason around the boards. He'll make sure things are done right.
[*][b]Information:[/b] Upon coming to Otaku Bottom, Sandy befriended Spongeboo and Patribution. The three are often seen together and Sandy is often the one getting the other two out of trouble.[/list]

[list][*][b]Name:[/b] King Jamestune
[*][b]Member:[/b] James
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] King Neptune
[*][b]Personality:[/b] ???
[*][b]Information:[/b] Lord of Otaku Bottom.[/list]

[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Gavy
[*][b]Member:[/b] Gavin
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] Gary
[*][b]Personality:[/b] For being a pet, Gavy is kind of rude. He'll often yell at Spongeboo, tell him what to do, and occassionally make him cry. Gavy enjoys Star Wars and doing his own thing. He also knows how to roll a nice one.
[*][b]Information:[/b] Gavy sleeps around, eats around, and lives around Spongeboo's post. He really doesn't do a whole lot or contribute to anything at all.[/list]

[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Mrs. Panduff
[*][b]Member:[/b] Panda
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] Mrs. Puff
[*][b]Personality:[/b] Mrs. Panduff is a kind and sweet older woman who teaches at the Otaku Bottom school. Though she's very gentle, Spongeboo can push her buttons.
[*][b]Information:[/b] She is the teacher at the Otaku Bottom School. There isn't much more about her yet.[/list]

[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Pearlmaru
[*][b]Member:[/b] Shinmaru
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] Pearl Crabs
[*][b]Personality:[/b] Pearlmaru is a big drama queen. He'll/she'll try to get whatever he/she wants and often Mr. Boss, her/his father will get it for him/her.
[*][b]Information:[/b] Is Pearlmaru a guy or girl?[/list]

[list][*][b]Name:[/b] Jokofish
[*][b]Member:[/b] Jokopoko
[*][b]Character Parodied:[/b] Jellyfish
[*][b]Personality:[/b] Umm... I dunno?
[*][b]Information:[/b] People often like to catch Jokofish for their Jokojelly. Scientists say that their "jelly" we squeeze out is actually stuff from their bladder, but manufacturers say it's delicious :^D[/list][/indent]

I'd also like to thank White for some help on the idea.
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[FONT=Arial]Just imagining the "opening theme" and reading about the characters made me giggle. I'm eager to read the first episode; I've heard you're a boards renowned comedian. =) (I've also read your works myself, of course).[/FONT]
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[quote name='Boo][size=1']Man, that main character is rather sexy if I may say so. This'll most likely get very blimey. I'm best friends with Retribution and Sandy. :^D[/size][/quote]

I wouldn't go into a complete state of denile if I were you Boo.

Then again as they say big feet big... Ego.

On a serious note this will be funny as hell!!! Can't wait for episode 1. but I wouldn't want to be the guy that says "My leg!!'' All the time. Is that part still open?
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I can't pretend to be a fan of Spongebob since I haven't seen it in like 4 years, but I can definitely say I'm a D_W fan, so I'll be sure to look out for this one. I like that some of the characters seem as though they may have retained the member's personality at least somewhat, as trying to put OB names on already made characters has been shown to cause some problems in past stories such as Otaku Fiction... I can't wait to see how it goes.
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

A parody of one of the most annoying shows on Earth ? Could work, and with DW, probably will given the hilarious opening theme song. So I'm a Star Wars snail who likes rolled smokes eh ? Hopefully I won't meow like a cat throughout the entire thing, but rather speak with a forced, not pun intended, Vader drawl. I'm really intrigued to see how you'll go with this.[/SIZE]
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[quote name='Gavin][SIZE=1']Hopefully I won't meow like a cat throughout the entire thing, but rather speak with a forced, not pun intended, Vader drawl.[/SIZE][/quote]
[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]Something like that. ;D

Like I already told you over AIM, the drawings themselves are just hysterical (and some of the names, too!). I'm a big fan of Pearlmaru and Patribution. [spoiler]But of course I have to like Smurfsward, Whankton, Mrs. Panduff and Gavy since I came up with the names.[/spoiler] ;)

Anyway, judging by the theme song you wrote and the pictures you drew, I just know this will be hillarious.
[quote name='Tical Blue']but I can definitely say I'm a D_W fan[/quote]
Any true DW fan would know that there is no underscore in his name, T_B.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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