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The digiworld has been untouched by darkness for centuries, so long that the memory of the chosen children is all but forgotten. The digiworld has prospered through years of plenty and famine, natural disastors, and the like.

But now, the rift between the real world and the digiworld has again been breached. Only this time, it is a one-way ticket. The humans tossed into this world are now without any way or hope of getting home...the digiworld has neatly snared and trapped them within it's grasp.

Some may say this would be paradise. But what about the effects, both physically and mentally? Even as the children adapt to their surroundings, the thought of never seeing your friends, your family, ever again, has tread upon the minds of all.

And now, it has warped one human and his digimon so far that they have decided that the only way to go home is to destroy the only thing keeping them there.

The digiworld itself.


Rules (Only a few!):

1) Stay in character, and in theme!

2) No twinking/godmoding/ect. -.- Any violaters shall be beaten with a large, dead trout.

3) To play, you must be on the "roster". This is at the signup post. To join, post your character's stats there.


A misty, sparce forest. It was somewhere around morning, giving the area an eerie sort of feeling as the light started to pierce through the mists. Through it all, two lone figures walked.

Having broken away from the rest of the so-called Digidestined a few days ago, Kontan and Nigaimon were lost. However, time on their own had taught them nessacery skills, such as foraging, so they wern't hungry. And with taking turns sleeping in this place...it wasn't ideal, but it was living, at least.

Kontan stared up at the sky. As far as he knew, the others were out of here by now, probably heading towards Primary Villiage. He curled his lip. "Ugh...such a beautiful day! Clear skies.... it makes me perfectly sick!"

Nigaimon silently echoed the boy's feelings, glaring at the ground below him.
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Meanwhile, two other figures are cooking fish they caught in the lake.

Pseudodramon: Another pretty sunrise.

Matt: Yeah. It makes me so mad that Kontan wants to end it all.

Pdramon: Don't worry, we'll stop him. We have to.

Matt: I don't know how we will, but we've got to.

Pdramon: We can't do this by ourselves. We should join the others.

Matt: They'll just slow us down. Besides, you've seen me around people.

Pdramon: So your social skills aren't the best, big deal!

Matt: I get so nervous and I can't speak, I'd be no help that way. Let's just eat the fish and plan our next assault.
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[COLOR=purple] The forest is warm and wet. The mist is thick but comforting. Alin slips off her shoes and dips her toes into a small creek. Bellamon sneaks up behind her and pushes her face first in. The water is only a foot deep, but Alin is soaked.

Alin: :flaming: BELLAMON!!!!!!

Her scream echoes through the jungle. Several Birdramon and Biyomon take flight as she screams. The rest of the chosen children hear her.

Shiro: :therock:

Bellamon bursts through the leaves laughing her head off, follwed by a rabidly angry Alin. Alin trips over a rock and falls into the dust.

Alin: -_- Not.. happening!
Shiro: :laugh:

Alin turns around and picks up the rock without thinking and realizes it isn't a rock at all. Shhe looks at it carefully. It's a small square with rounded edges and has strange markings on it. Alin tucks it away quietly and throws a rock at Bellamon.

Bellamon: OW! Hey stop it!

Alin: :p
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Nigaimon's antannae twitched. "Kontan, did you hear that?" They both glanced up to see a group of Biyomon and Birdramon fleeing from something. With great speed.

Kontann quirked an eyebrow. :therock: "Wonder what happened."

"Meh. I'm hungry." Nigaimon muttered. He glanced up, blinking. "Is that a lake I see over there?"

"Hey, it is. Nice sight. C'mon, let's go fishing."

Matt blinked as two figures appeared near the other side of the lake. They didn't seem to notice him or Pseudodramon. Nudging his digimon, Matt pointed at the far shore. "Hey, do you see those?"

Pseudodramon nodded. "Wonder who they are..."
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it was still misty in the vally where frankie was wandering alone
she looks across the foggy vally then at the fadded sky wondering where takururumon could be..
she then goes of into memory

...it was early in the morning no light even. she was half way asleep but mostly awake no relizing what was going on. just then
flames entered her room roaring its victory over the family home
as normal she leaped out of bed picked up the comuter she got for chrismas and she threw it out the window with that she jumped out of the window and ran to call 911 when the fire trukcs got there she ran out to find her family but there was no family left to run to she ran to the forest and cryed her self to sleep "frankie.....?..frankie... wake up wakp snap out of it"

as she slips out her dream she comes to relize she was remembering she has no family and takururumon was the only friend she had.
frankie:where have you been takururumon?

takururumon:well i thought you might be hungry so i went to go get you some berries they are really good try some

frankie:ok it gets my mind off things so sure...wow these are good

takururumon:you know its not good to remember such terriable things right now we ne to find other people a biyomon just flew by and said that there were kids that was

pointing to the jungle the both head towards the jungle in the still misty vally on one side of the jungle
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siren opened her eyes under water looking.. lungs bursting she shot to the surface...

siren: buger... no luck...

she climbed out and grabbed a tuft of blue fur drifting slowly down

siren: hal? where...oof!!

a cannon ball of blue fur flew out of the bushes and hit her squarely on the back
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Ginny Lyn: Well, here we are at Primary Village.
*Gryfmon swishes her tail.*
Gryf: Where is everyone else?
GL: *shrugs* Who knows. *looks nervous* They did say Primary Village, right? I don't want to get lost...
*Gryf pats her hand.*
Gryf: Sometimes I think you should've had the Crest of Worry rather than Peace.
GL: Yeah, I should really stop stressing myself out....
*A quiet pause. They see some Birdramon and Biyomon fly overhead.*
GL: ...erhm, Primary Village..............right?
*Gryf shoots her a Look.*
Gryf: They'll be here, don't worry.
GL: I'm trying not to...ever since Kontan left...
Gryf: Hey, we're not all gonna leave, so don't....*trails off*
GL: Yeah, but we're here all by oursel--what are you looking at?
Gryf: *points* That dark shape behind the large blocks. What is it?
GL: *looks nervous again* Not sure...but I hope it stays there...the last thing I need is a fight on my hands.
Gryf: I say "Bring it on!"
GL: GRYF! Don't encourage it!
*The dark shape leaps at them.*
Gryf: Um....too late?
No, I'm not as Joe-like as this first entry may make me seem; have patience, my chara will improve. ;) [/COLOR]
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((Since you're not Joe, how about Jou? :)))


Kontan took another step towards the lake, and his foot slipped through the ground. "Ack! Nigamon! Help!"

The ant digimon grabbed onto Kontan's flailing arm as the rest of his body started to fall through, but he was also pulled through. "Yaaah!"


Kontan rubbed his head as some dirt fell onto it, glancing up at the hole they fell through, about ten yards up. "Well, this is good." he muttered, glancing around. They had appeared to have fallen into a cavern.

Nigaimon scuttled in a circle, trying to find a way out. "It looks like there's only one way from here...that way." the antmon pointed down. Kontan frowned, then reached into his back.

"I'm sure I had a flashlight or something...I hate exploring, but it looks like we don't have a choice." He paused. "Wait. The cavern is going that way...so...it goes under the lake..." sweatdrop.

"It's lasted this long, it can keep from collapsing and drowning us a bit longer, Kontan." Nigaimon reminded. Kontan pulled out his flashlight and flicked it on. No light. The boy muttered again and searched for some batters.

"Crap. I'm all out. It looks like we're gonna have to go on without a light source..."
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[FONT=century gothic]I hate having to bring myself into these things..... >_<

Mari and Gryf tumbled head-over-heels into one of the many plush blocks.

Cera raced around the same corner her digimon had come from, running into Ginny, and sending them both flying. They also landed soft, on the cushioned ground.

"Oof! Getoffame!" Ginny exclaimed.

Cera rolled off of her, scooping Mari up off of Gryf at the same time. "Sorry!" She stumbled backward, managed to stand properly, and looked at Ginny and Gryf. "Do you know where we are?"

"Erhm...yeah," Ginny replied. Gryfmon flew to her shooulder, dusting herself off. "We're at Primary Village."

"Great," Cera said. She flashed Ginny a crooked smile. "Do you know how to get out of here? Trouble's coming."


Yeah, whatever..... >_< Did i mention I HATE writing myself into these things?[/FONT]
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[COLOR=chocolate]I couldn't tell, really, I couldn't, Cera. ;)
GL: Trouble.
Gryf: Oh geez, here we go.
*GinnyLyn turns a slightly lighter color, and feels wobbly.*
Cera: Uh...you ok?
Mari: Is she supposed to be that color?
GL: *mumbles* What kind of trouble?
*A red and purple furry shape flies past them, following by a large black and blue shape.*
Elecmon: *spots the kids* Help!
Cera: *points descreetly* That kind.
Elecmon: *leaps in air* Super Thunder Strike!
Raidramon: Lightning Blade!
*The two bolts cancel each other out, and Raidramon leaps at Elecmon.*
Raidra: I will not tell you again--
Elec: Nor will I! Leave...NOW!
*Raidramon bares his teeth, and lunges.*
Raidra: Electric Byte!
*Clenching around Elecmon's front right leg, the Armor Digimon tosses the Rookie to one side.*
GL: Ya know, perhaps the others didn't say the Primary Village after all...
Cera: *puzzled* What?
Mari: If you're looking for a way out of this--
GL: Yes! Yes I am!
Gryf: Then GO! We'll handle this!
GL: Are...are you sure?
*There's no time to think as Raidramon turns on the two Rookies.*
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frankie and takururumon are about to die of hunger and thirst
as they walk towords the jungle.its hot,thefog has now gone but now its leaft a humid hot vally(not to frankies liking)

[COLOR=blue]Frankie: Well i would have to say i would kill for some shade and water right about now[/COLOR]

takururumon shakes his head agreeing with out saying a word for its to hot to waste that kind of energy

[COLOR=blue]Frankie: I hate this and my orbs of power are not helping me in my backpack they are holding me down i am tossing them![/COLOR]

[COLOR=crimson]Taku: OHHH NO YOU DONT those have the power to help me digivolve now keep them in your backpack or i will have to ...[/COLOR]

just then the ground started to shake and they fell into the ground (just like kontan)..a cavern of some sorts

frankie: just my luck but hay look shade and water

taku: well i am not gonna just sit here and stare i going to drink it

he then leaps in and starts drinking splashing water all over the place

frankie pulls out a flashlight and starts off off down the tunnle

taku: uhh where are you going ??
frankie: i heard joices they carred from this way i am going to check it out...its probaly other people and i would like to find out who

taku: but these tunnels could go on for miles and the voices could have carried from miles away you dont even know what is down there

frankie: i dont mind at least i am not mealting and plus the voices think of the voices that means there are others around

taku:...ok you know its a good thing you have the cerst of REASON you sure can convince others

after about 1 mile they heard a loud growl...

then two large eyes yellow eyes appeared and then a large dokugumon came from the shadows

Dokugu: get out of my tunnles....POISING THREAD.....
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Frankie and Takururumon threw themselves to the side, the thread missing them both. "Great!" Frankie said, glancing up at the Dokugumon. "Hey, c'mon, can't you just let us pass?" she asked innocently.

The Dokugumon reared up for another attack. Takururumon glanced at Frankie. "I guess not."


"Fire Sword!"

Like a wraith, Tsukamon hurtled from the shadows and slashed his jagged sword across the attacking digimon, the wound searing itself shut from the heat instantly. Dokugumon roared, and spun around to face this new foe. Kontan appeared from the other side, glaring down at Frankie and Takururumon. "What are YOU guys doing here?" he snarled.

Frankie blinked. "Kontan! Wha..."

"I'll kill all of you!" The Dokugumon roared in fury.

Kontan narrowed his eyes, glancing at Tsukamon. The boy spoke two words, each as cold as the blade Tsukamon now wielded.

"Kill it."

"Ice Blade!"

Takururumon and Frankie winced in spite of themselves as the Dokugumon dissapated into digidust. "Uh...thanks for the help..."

"I did it because it's blocking a tunnel. Can't you see it down there?" Kontan snapped back as Tsukamon reverted back to Nigaimon.

"Kontan! C'mon!" the antmon called before scuttling off in that direction.

After giving Frankie and Takururumon a whithering look, Kontan followed.

Frankie blinked. "Hey, you're just gonna leave us here!??! How do we get out?"

"If I knew, I wouldn't tell you!"

Takururumonn snorted. "I never liked him...hey, Frankie! Where are you going?"

The wielder of the crest of reason was jogging after Kontan. "Maybe that way's the way out!" she replied.
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the two track after the heartless kontan and his brainless servent they come across a tunnel the never seen before

[COLOR=blue]Frankie.:...?? that was not there before??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]taku: yes it was it was going the opposite direction then we were going so i said nothing [/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]frankie:..........?..??? are you crazy this is problably the way out .....KONTAN I FOUND A TUNNEL IT PROBABLY LEADS TO A WAY OUT....[/COLOR] she yells trying to get him to stop and come with

[COLOR=blue]frankie:..... I WOULD LIKE TO SAY WE CAME FROM THAT WAY ITS A DEAD END YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY WHERE GOING THAT WAY..[/COLOR] she yells even louder as the two loners get farther and farther away

[COLOR=red]taku..: ahh forget them..plus he is to full of himslef he is to COOL!! he would not want to come the right direction anyway [/COLOR]

they trek off down the tunnel then they slip and both fall down into a river

[COLOR=blue]frankie:...ahhh just what i want to go even farther down *large sigh*[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]taku:..hay mabey i will digivolve to a gient whale and i can swimm you out of here ..just kidding..plus look its a river lets just head the way its heading cause sooner or later we will come out onto a waterfall or lake so we are heading in the right direction[/COLOR]

the two friends head down the way the rivers going and they come upon a large ladder up to light frankie clibs up the ladder and lifst the top and then throws the rope down and taku ties it around his belly and she pulls him up and on to solid ground..

just then a gient bird flys down and lands on the ground

[COLOR=darkred]???????? : i am birdramon now get out of my territory or i will have to destroy you the both of you[/COLOR]

the orbs in frankies backpack starts glowing and taku eyes glow the same color

[COLOR=red]taku:...here goes...............takururumon DIGIVOLVE TOO BAEMON...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]baemon:.......ahh this feels good uhh well i am not a gient whale now am i?? hahahaha oh well time to kick some butt...O MEGA FLAME..*The flame hits birdramon it had no efect*
ahhh oh well lets try this ..BLADE LASERS[/COLOR]

The gient dino throws lasers off of his blades....it his birdramon she screams in pain

[COLOR=blue]frankie:....?hay baemon hold it you are acting just like the heartless twins stop[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]birdramon: its no use i am just newly digivolved i am not storng enough take the land you jerks[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]frankie: you are the one who attacked we only wanted out of the underground river not you land and we did not mean to hurt you either so please stay here we will be on our way[/COLOR]

the two leaft the clearing in the jungle and went off into the hot humid jungle


sorry that was a bit long :( so sorry
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siren: hal!! gerroff!!

hal: eeekk!! run!!

siren: why?

hal: them!!!

siren picks him up and marches into the jungle

siren: anyone or anything that's here and wants to fight come out now!!

there was no awnser but she heard a rustleing... sighing she plunged through the foliage and bashed right into matt

matt: oof!

siren: matt?!?
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Alin is drying off in the sunlightwhen she hears a gruff voice behind her.

"I can help you with that."

A huge fireball is hurled at Alin and narrowly misses her. Alin whips around with Bellamon at her side. Maremon is standing behind them burning up everything nearby.

Alin: :rolleyes: Oh come ON!

Shiro walks out of the bushes and sees Maremon glaring evily at Alin. Alin waves.

Shiro:Um you may want to move, or gt out of the way or something of the sort.


Shiro: Oh, no reason, it's just that Maremon is one of the most dangerous digimon, especially when he's mad. Which I think he is.

Alin: *snicker* That's nothing. Bellamon, if you will.

*enter corny music*

Bellamon:Bellamon digivolve to...


Shiro: Do you think she can take Maremon? He's really strong. Maybe I should help.

Alin: Don't woooorry! Watch this.

Cathedralmon: CAVERNOUS CLANG!

A huge purple sound waves knock Maremon off his feet and onto his back with a thud.

Alin: -_- Cavernous CLANG Cathedralmon?

Cathedralmon:Hey, I don't make the rules.

Alin:Uh-huh, well if you please.. get rid of him already.

Cathedralmon:RINGING SHOCK!

Two huge red cresents hit Maremon hard in the chest, sending him flying into the forest where he disappears.

Alin walks vover to Shiro and smirks as Cathedralmon, um, de-digivolves? back into Bellamon. Bellamon runs over to Alin, who piks her up in her arms.

Alin:And you where worried.

Shiro: :wow: Uh, me? Worried, nope. Was not.

Alin: :rolleyes: Right Shiro
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Shiro thinking: I know that everyone thinks I'm a coward and I don't care. All, I want is to figure out what brought us here. I don't deserve the Crest of Bravery, and I should just get the Crest of Hatred.

Suddenly Shiro hears a noise.

Shiro: It sounds like Raindramon and Elecmon. But where are they? ... PRIMARY VILLAGE!!!!!!!!

Shiro runs with Hayato to the Primary Village to see Raindramon attacking some other trainers.
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frankie and baemon walk slowly through the jungle then they heard voices ANGRY VOICES.....

frankie: i uhhh what was that??

baemon: uh i dont know i will go check

he leaps into the air and up in to the trees a coulpe minutes later
he comes down

baemon: looks like a battle in a village down that way why dont we go check it out see if they need our help

frankie: ok ok ok lets go

they head off towords a village and an angry battle.. thats about to get even more dangerous

????: rawwwwwwrrr....i raidramon shall destroy you right here and now............
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The ground shook above them, and a bit of dirt fell onto Kontan and Nigaimon's backs, a result of the battles on the surface. Kontan brushed it off, half-expecting it to be a spider. "Great. Here we are, plunging blindly in the darkness...a wonder we haven't encountered anymore hostiles."

"Well, it's actually getting brighter." Nigaimon prompted. "The walls are glowing."

They were. A sort of lichen was shining an eerie green light. Kontan blinked. "Weird...what's that up ahead?" There seemed to be a larger glow.

"Hey! I bet we're right, that's the way out!" Nigaimon darted ahead, with Kontan following quickly.

"Nigaimon, wait up!"

The antmon did, actually. He stopped, blinking rapidly. "Er...well...maybe not..."

They were at the entrance of a giant cavern. And by giant, I mean LOTS of open space. Kontan stared at it. "Woah..." he murmured in awe. "This place...is huge..."

"You could fit a castle in here, and still have room for a fort!" Nigaimon said, excited.

Kontan...smiled. "Why, not a bad idea..." He glanced up. What looked like a ray of sunlight came down from a hole. "We can get up above by climbing onto the shelves." he noted. "C'mon, let's see where we are, exactly."

Elsewhere...not too far from Primary Village...the Raidramon's earlier approach had left a large piece of ground absent...and a large, vacant space below it.


This is the part where I get a place to have Kontan do evil stuff out off. Nyah. He'll be coming up and "join" with the rest of you soon n.n'
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[COLOR=chocolate]*The two Rookies leap back as Raidramon's attack charrs the ground in front of them. Out of the corner of his eye, he spies Elecmon limping toward him. Knowing a defeated Keeper means a new land for him to rule over, Raidramon lashes out with his horn, throwing Elecmon against a tree hard.
Ginny and Gryfmon, Cera and Marimon, Frankie and Baemon, Shiro and Hayatomon with Alice (Alin?) and Bellamon fast behind them, stare at the one sided fight between Elecmon and Raidramon. The battered protector staggers to his feet in one last attempt to defend the Village.*
Elec: Nine...[i]TAI--[/i]
Raidra: Electric Byte! *Latching his teeth in Elecmon's back, he hurls the battered Rookie down*
Gryf: All right, enough's enough!
Raidra: Stay out of this!
*Baemon steps into view.*
Bae: Try and make us.
*Raidramon narrows his eyes at them.*
Raidra: You have been warned. Elecmon is defeated, and this land will now be MINE!
Ginny: Elecmon!
*The limp figure doesn't move. Raidramon stands over the figure and snarls deeply.*
Bae: I challenge you for this land.
Raidra: And I accept. To the death!
Bella: Erhm...that's kinda bad.
Bae: To the death.
Mari: No kidding.
Frankie: *thinks to self--why do they care for my Digimon? They hardly know it!* Baemon, you can't!
*Regardless, the battle began.* [/COLOR]
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frankie runs in front of everyone stopping them from going any closer

frankie: dont help stay out of it

ginny: uhh why

frannkie: stop this is baemons fight he challanged raidramon its his fight only no one can help its all up to him i would recomend checking the digieggs make sure none of them are broken or the fresh digimon make sure they are not hurt

ginny: uhhh ok come on guys lets go check on the baby digimon

baemon turns to raidramon and sets up a fighting pose

baemon shots many sharp spikes at raidramon he leaps to dodge but the spikes are heat activated they followed him in mid air came contact they exploded and raidramon fell fo the ground

raidramon:...you fight O.K. not as good as me though THUNDER BLAST

raidramon shoots lightning at baemon but the blades on his forehead suck in the lighning like a lighning rod

baemon: now its my turn ......BLADE LASERS

he screams throwing three lasers at raidramon they hit with such momentum it throws him right through one of those blocks he bearely lands on his feet

raidramon: well more powerfull then i thought

raidramon falls to the ground trying to get up he shoots more lighning at baemon..

baemon:....ice net

baemon shoots a large net of ice around raidramon keeping him on the ground


he sends large flame balls at raidramon destroying him on the spot........
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[COLOR=chocolate]*With a groan, Elecmon awakens, rubbing his sore head. He is startled to see a large spiked lizard recieving congrats; Raidramon is nowhere in sight.*
Elec: What....?
*Everyone turns at this.*
Shiro: Elecmon's ok!
Elec: *to Baemon* You challenged him?
Bae: *nods* And won.
Bella: *under breath* Of course, that's why you're still alive, duh. *Alice (Alin?) nudges her playfully.*
*Elecmon looks downcast.*
Elec: Then...*he looks at Primary Village in one large glance*...this all belongs to you now. Take care of the babes well...
Bae: Excuse me.
*Elecmon pauses in mid stride.*
Bae: Before you leave, I just want you to know I fought so that I could present this land to you. After all, you know best how to take care of it.
*Elecmon looks surprised, then a large grin splits his face; he takes Baemon's, er, "hand" gratefully.*
Elec: Truly you are wonderful and have been trained well! *He bows to a surprised Frankie.*
Frankie: Well, um........
*Everyone else echoes Elecmon's sentimants, leaving Frankie blushing. Baemon gracefully dismisses the cheers, and points to a newly formed egg.*
Cera: What is it?
Mari: Dunno, but it's hatching!
*Everyone watches quietly. A tiny Chibomon pops out.*
All: Awwwwwww....
Chibo: *whimpers ashamedly*
Ginny: Oh, what's wrong?
Chibo: I not mean to 'tack so meanly.
Hayato: What? You mean...?
Elec: That's Raidramon. Or was.
*Chibomon crouches in its egg, not wanting to come out.*
Chibo: Towwy, toe towwy....
Ginny: *picks him up* It's all right, little one...
Gryf: Whaddaya mean it's all rig--
Ginny: He said he was sorry. *cuddles Chibomon* I forgive you, cutie.
Shiro: Ok, you know what, before I toss cookies over here, how about we get some answers?
Chibo: Huh?
Shiro: Who put you up to it?
Hayato: Yeah! *growls*
*Chibomon burrows in Ginny's arms in an effort to hide.*
Chibo: I dunno! I dunno! *bawls* I dunnnnnooooooooooo!!!
Ginny: *glares at Shiro and Hayatomon* Hey, back off! He said he was sorry, and he doesn't know, so leave him [i]alone!!![/i]
*Gryfmon looks popeyed.*
Gryf: Yeesh, so much for being a worrywart. *rolls eyes*
Ginny: *hands Chibomon to Elecmon* Here, you can raise him to be a good little guy, I'm sure.
Elec: *beams* Yes, I will. And thank you ever so much, everyone! Especially you, Baemon.
*Baemon nods.*
Alice: Well, since we're still waiting for a few more members, why don't we stop and rest for awhile?
All: OK!
Elec: And you can help with the babies!
All: Ok!
Elec: You can feed them...
All: *a little less enthusiastic* Ok...
Elec: Burp them...
All: *even less* O...k...
Elec: Clean up their cute little messes...
Cera: Hold up--there's a fine point between helping and ah...
All: Ewwwwwwwwwww....
Chibo: *giggles*[/COLOR]
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From the outskirts, Kontan and Nigaimon watched the little scene unfold. An ugly smirk creased both their mouths.

Nigaimon rubbed an...arm...across his chin. "Y'know...since the caverns right next to the Village...this'd be a good base of operations. Since, if we can take it over, we can pretty much rule the digiworld, since every digimon comes from here and we can enslave 'em all."

Kontan glared down. "I don't want to rule anything." he replied, annoyed. "I just want to go home."

"...well, yea. Maybe if you ruled the digiworld, it'd let you go-"

"No. It has to be destroyed. C'mon, let's see what we can do with our cavern. First, we have to make sure nobody else can find it..."

"It'd go faster if we had some slaves or summat!"

Kontan blinked. He glanced from Nigaimon, to the hole which led down to the cavern, to Primary Village. He rubbed his own chin. "You know...a few raids...wouldn't be so bad at all..." .oO(I wonder why that Raidramon was attacking in the first place. It doesn't know...hmph...)Oo. He smiled a bit. "Come on. While the others are distracted, let's see if we can grab a few digieggs."

Nigaimon grinned. "Now we're talking!"


Feel free to have one of your characters notice something in the shadows...but please don't automatically turn it into a fight. n.n' They'd most likely retreat to the cavern if they were spotted, and stuff.
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