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What's in your bag?


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[color=#db2007]I recently embarked on a photography project, so I've been trying to keep my camera with me at all times. Unfortunately, even though it's a little digital point-and-shoot, it doesn't usually fit in my pocket... So, for the first time in my life, I've started carrying around a... [i]purse[/i].

And I have to say that it is [i]the worst idea I've ever had[/i]. I mean, it's useful?or would be, if I could ever find anything that I put in it. I've got a small drawstring pouch (bigger than a grapefruit; smaller than a bowling ball) that I've been carrying around. I mean, it's [i]not big[/i]. And I only keep a few things in it?wallet, keys, camera, pocket sketchbook, pencil, and extra camera batteries. That's what, six things? And I [i]can never find what I want[/i]. The item I need invariably sinks to the bottom of the bag, eluding me. Three times out of five, I have to dump the whole thing out to even make sure that, [i]yes[/i], I did put it in there.

It's frustrating.

Anyway, here's the question: [b]what items do you have with you at all times?[/b] Be it a camera, a pocketknife, a purse (what's inside?), or a lucky penny. Do you use frequent-buyer punch cards for free stuff? Do you always have a tin of altoids on your person? You know, whatever.[/color]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]I do not. Have anything. save my clothes >_>.

Well, thing is there have been times. I've owned necklaces before - never remember to put them on for more than 3 or 4 days. I've tried keeping things on my person, but it only makes me more liable to loose them. I think I had my GBA SP around a lot back when I had it, but not all that much, really. The single thing I've ever had on my person the longest was a cheap-*** watch I got from my grandma.

It took a while to get used to, but once I did, I never wanted to take it off. Slept with it on - I think I sometimes wore it in the shower. In any event, I was [i]constantly[/i] aware of my watch. I obsessive-compulsively checked it every 30 seconds or so, and was always playing with the strap.

Eventually, the strap wore and broke, so I put it with my collection in remembrance.

Well, obviously I'm not the type, but i'd like to mention that my mom always has a ton of crap on her. She's got this big purse full of crap like her cell, makeup, money, blablabla everything. She's got altoids in there to, or in her car. She's got a lot of crap in her car, too.

I think that when I get a car, I'll fill it with crap. It'll be like my home base. I want to be able to just reach over and grab anything from seemingly thin air. Really, if I got out more I'd prolly have a messenger bag that I carried around, but I think you can tell by my activity here that i rarely leave my house XD[/COLOR]
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[FONT="Garamond"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Navy"]I always keep a bunch of stuff with me. I always have one me a hairtie normally on my arm or in my hair and my necklace. I also never leave the house without my purse. I am know for having anything anyone needs in my purse. I carry a lot of items with me and my purse is always heavy. My purse is just a plain black purse with multiple pocks. I use it when I got to work, business meetings, or just going to classes.

In the first section of my purse I keep my train tickets for traveling back and force to the city, a can of pepper spray, and pez.

The next pocket I always keep my wallet, credit cards, id, school id, phone, pens, pencil, exto blade, extra blades, two one gig thumb drives, two 250 megabits thumb drives, business cards, and glasses.

My next pocket I keep my keys, Nintendo ds, recently I have been carrying my Nintendo sp, a stapler, glue, a glue gun, extra sticks, hot pink duct tape, double sided tape (High tack), and black photography tape.

The next pocket has lipstick, chap stick, eye shadow, blush, brushes, two D20s, three d10, three d6s, three d8s, two d4s, Excedrin, band aids, icy hot, and an ace bandage.

The last pocket is mostly where I keep all my files and paper work. I keep my train schedule, my class schedule, blank paper, a handful of prismatic markers, a folder, a notebook, a couple handful of change, a bottled water and whatever book I am reading at the time.

My purse is one of the biggest jokes around that I fit everything in my purse and carry it around. I am constantly cleaning it out but I always end up putting more stuff in it. So this is what I always carry with me. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Well since Im a guy i dont carry around a purse, so i carry most of my stuff in my pockets (which isnt alot). For starters I carry around my cellphone in on of my front pockets, my keys are in the other front pocket, and my wallet is in one of my back pockets. Not to mention the occasional lint of old tissues that are in there as well.
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[color=#007520]I always carry my bag around with me. It's almost like a man-purse because it's always near me. I always have a few essentials and a lot of junk...

First off, this is what's in my bag.
My [B]keys [/B]for getting into my house.
[B]Tylenol [/B]for when those headaches hit.
[B]Claritin [/B]because I haven't learned to adapt to my allergies yet.
[B]Condoms[/B], and if you don't know why, you're too young to ask.
My [B]wallet [/B]with my [I]health card[/I], [I]library card [/I](now defunct), and [I]random bubble tea stamp cards[/I].
[B]Headphones [/B]and a headphone [B]line splitter [/B]just in case. This has actually come in useful more than one would think.
A rectangular plastic [B]tupperware [/B]to carry around [B]manga [/B]or whatever [B]book [/B]I'm reading without damaging it.
Portable [B]tissue [/B]packages that I never use.
I just bought one of [B]Rubik's Cubes [/B]and am constantly trying to solve it when I'm wandering down the street or on the bus.

If I'm going to or coming from work (which is pretty much always) I also have an [B]apron [/B]with [I]pens, paper, my POSi card, a bottle opener, a lighter, and a $40 float[/I]. Sometimes I carry [I]shoes [/I]to work too, but recently I've just been wearing them there.

When I'm not going to work, I carry my [I]iPod Shuffle[/I], my [B]DS Lite[/B], and a few games.

On my self, I always carry my [B]wallet [/B](yes I have two) with my [I]metropass, citizenship card, [/I]and [I]bankcard[/I]; my [B][url=http://images.google.ca/images?svnum=10&um=1&hl=en&safe=off&q=katana+sanyo]katana[/url][/B]; and a [B]belt[/B] to hold up the katana.

I guess I'm a little neurotic and always need to feel prepared.

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[quote name='r2vq'][color=#007520]
My [B]wallet [/B]with my [I]health card[/I], [I]library card [/I](now defunct), and [I]random bubble tea stamp cards[/I].[/color][/QUOTE][color=#db2007]There's this wonderful little place on campus where I frequently get bubble tea/smoothies. It took me years to actually fill up a card, though, because I kept losing track of them and starting over. So I've gotten [i]one[/i] free smoothie, and have three almost-filled cards (they always turn up later) in my wallet.

Until I started carrying around this silly bag, I would keep my keys (on a lanyard, hooked through a belt loop and sitting in my pocket) and my wallet-on-a-string (also hooked through a belt loop and sitting in a pocket) with me. The wallet-on-a-string is so mind-bogglingly useful. I can't tell you the number of times I've just dropped my wallet and let it hang from its string while I sort something else out.

I guess it's like a purse. Except it fits in my back pocket, and I don't have to worry about setting it down somewhere and losing it.[/color]
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The bag I've had for at least the past year and a half broke recently. I've been making do with a smaller one, but it's frustrating. When I have a normal-sized bag:

- A regular (8.5 x 11?) sized notebook
- A book/manga or two to read
- Pens, pencils, an eraser
- Room, work access & car keys
- My Metro card
- A bag-within-the-bag for my wallet, loose change, receipts
- A comb, hair ties, chapstick
- If it's spring, tissue packets
- My phone... mainly so I know what time it is
- CD player & headphones
- Small thumb drives (256 mb and 512 mb)
- If I'm at school, books for class

My wallet is pretty boring. Cash, cards, the usual. The most important thing in my purse as a whole are my car keys--because they have my library card attached. :catgirl:

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[FONT="Arial"]I've never had a purse or any kind of handbag in my life, and I don't really plan on getting one anytime soon.

However, I do carry around stuff in my pockets. I always have my phone, and on occasion I'll keep my iPod with me.

I also have this cute little change purse type thing that's white with red polka dots and anchors. Its contents include:

- $1.80 in change (sometimes I'll have actual money, but right now I'm broke)
- Jack Skellington charm (I was using it and a Cheshire Cat charm as the zipper until it broke off)
- House key
- Various receipts and a ticket stub from my school's talent show
- School ID, library card, and Despair Faction membership card
- Guitar pick[/FONT]
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[COLOR=maroon]I've had [url=http://www.amazon.com/Nike-Converge-Laptop-Messenger-Black/dp/B000G1OLJ4/ref=sr_1_12/103-3670854-2306260?ie=UTF8&s=apparel&qid=1183915069&sr=1-12]this bag[/url] for quite a while now. I have the beige verison, which looks ten times better than the black one, although I couldn't find a picture of it.

Messenger bags are great. They free up my pockets. I put everything in there, and consequently take it everywhere with me. The only things I keep out of my bag is my cell phone and, depending on where I am, the HBLR (for home), Metrocard (NJ-NY), or SmartTrip (DC) metro cards. Public transportation rocks when you have to move around a lot and don't like the smell of gas, haha.

There's this one zipper pocket that's sits right against your back. It's a great breath of fresh air because it's harder for pickpockets to steal anything but really quick access for my keys, usb pen, and wallets. If there's something I want to do, I don't have to constantly make sure everything's secure or put away: everything that I may always has a space and not dependent on how many pockets my choice of clothes for the day has.

I used to use those lanyards (and they still are on my keys), but the dangling became an issue when they would sometimes hit my face or other regions of my body that I'm sensitive about. I always wanted a wallet version when I used it, but could never bring myself to cut holes in my wallet.[/COLOR]
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[color=#4B0082]I don't carry any sort of bag unless it's my backpack, which isn't regularly unless I'm going to school and carrying books, but I make good use of my pockets.

Right pocket:
- [url=http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/csstoreonline_1955_370223][u]Cold Steel Med. Tanto Point Voyager[/u][/url] (clipped onto the pocket for easy access)
- Extra hair ties
- Some quarters
Left pocket:
- Keys (with Homestar Runner and sterling silver Pikachu keychains attached)
- Cell phone
Back pocket:
- Wallet (cash, receipts, school ID, Cutlery Works free sharpening coupons)
Belt pouch:
- [url=http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/2392/swisscraftsmanut4.jpg][u]Swiss Army Craftsman[/u][/url]

Yes, I like knives, and it makes me feel slightly uneasy when I don't have at least my voyager with me. I use both it and the craftsman all the time, for everything from opening letters to [strike]inflicting stabbity death[/strike] opening my PC case when there are no screwdrivers around. I'd like to get the large version voyager some time, though; I got the medium when I was only about 12 years old and my hands have kind of outgrown its handle by now.[/color]
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[COLOR="SlateGray"][SIZE="1"]Like, hopefully, all guys I don't carry a bag around with me but I do make general use of my pockets and neck.

Wallet for storing my drivers license, bank card, and other flat pieces of paper that are useful in some way.

My key ring that holds my car key and nothing else. My house key is in my wallet for safe keeping.

But above all things that I can't leave home without...My sunglasses and my headphones/MP3 player. Music isn't life but I don't feel right unless I've got my DJ style headphones around my neck and I don't feel like a man unless I've got my sunglasses.

Thats normally all I carry. I try not to carry my DS Lite around and if I aquire anything else throughout the day I try and deposit it in my car, or at home. I like traveling light.
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[FONT="Tahoma"]Hm, don't really keep a bag on me at all times...only when I go to classes. But i have a usual routine with what pockets hold what. Usually the only thing in my bag you can find are books for school, maybe a magazine or newspaper to read while i'm bored.

In my pockets I usually carry my [b]phone[/b] and my [b]keys[/b] in my front right pocket. In my left front, my [b]Ipod[/b]. My [b]Wallet[/b] which has my [b]Bank cards, NYC driver's lisence, Gamestop Edge card, College ID, Metrocard, and of course money[/b] in my right back pocket. In my left back pocket I could be carrying anything from receipts if i'm lazy and just wanna shove it in my pocket to stuff that I get that I wanna keep for later viewing and it can fold up enough to fit in the pocket. [/FONT]
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[size=1][color=blue]I guess you could say I carry a purse. But it isn't really a purse. I got this awesome [url=http://www.megagear.com/product_p/mt%2006-1001.htm]Megatokyo Flapdoozybag[/url] for Christmas and it holds [i]everything[/i]. No, really. I could probably fit all my stuff, plus a couple bricks. Even my school books fit in there. It's awesome.

My wallet with my liscense, library card, pictures of different people, my Hot Topic discount card... and anything else that finds its way in there, like money.

My keychains. No, I don't mean my keys. I've only got one key, and that's my house key. (Hey, I'm only 16. My parents won't give me my own car key.) On it I've got like, seven keychains, my key, a clip, my Borders Rewards Card, and (in case I lose the one in my wallet) a library card.

My assorted makeup things, which I never use. Except the lipgloss and mascara.

A brush, a comb, four scrunchies and three regular hairbands. Plus some gel.

Some writing utensils.

Often, the latest manga I've bought. And my CD player.

Oh look. Some old papers from last year. Oops.

You know what's sad? My bag even has a cellphone holder on the strap, but I don't have a cellphone.[/size][/color]
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I usually don't carry a bag with me. But on the occasions that I do I always pack up things that I would want at my access on trips.

- Pen, Pencil, Eraser
- Notebook
- Drawing Tablet
- Atleast two books/comics/manga that I can read.
- A digital camera
- My MP3 Player
- My CD book with assorted jams.

If going on a trip:

- Change of clothes.
- Swimming trunks (depending if I'm going to a place with a pool/ocean).
- Surfing Shirt (if I'm going to the ocean).
- Hair Wax
- Cologne
- Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste

In my wallet at all times:

- Cash, enough to slap a man with.
- Driver's License
- Library Card
- Military I.D.
- A picture of my girlfriend

In my pocket at most times:

- Cell Phone
- MP3 Player
- Keys (car/house)
- Wallet
- Coin Change

I don't carry condoms on me, due to the wear and tear that happens to them in that sort of condition. If I know I'm going to get into any of that, I'll bring one, but I don't keep them with me at all times. Too much stress with the after.[/color][/size]
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[color=dimgray] [center][img]http://xs217.xs.to/xs217/07270/coachhampton.jpg[/img]


-Cell Phone
-Secret Weapon® Flawless Finishing Creme :D
-Book or iPod
-Chapstick/Lip Gloss

Most the time I have folded up papers or ticket stubs in the side of the purse, which I never really clean out. P: I feel like getting a new purse, though. [/color]
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Left pocket: Cell phone, usually. But if I have my mp3 player on me, it's in there and my phone is relegated to the right pocket.

Right pocket: Sometimes cell phone, of course, and keys, complete with Homestar keychain (word to ya, Des) and 1gb flash drive.

Back-left pocket: Wallet, with cash, various assorted cards, and a Chinese fortune that says--and I am not making this up--"Ignore previous cookie."
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[size=1][color=blue]I am terrified for you guys carrying your cellphones in your front pockets. I really am. You guys know how cellphones are supposed to give you cancer? Well, apparently, they still receive those harmful rays when not being used, too... so front pocket? On anyone? That may be a bad idea.

I know, random.

I also found one other thing I carry in my bag - my Gameboy. Complete with Pokemon Gold version. Yes.[/size][/color]
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I have my computer bag, which obviously stores my laptop and various other items like books for school and such. In my pockets I carry my Key ring, which has my Albertsons associate card, My house key and my car key; my spare change and my phone. In my other pocket I carry my phone and my PSP (I have big pockets). I carry my wallet in my back pocket and it houses my cash, military i.d., driver's license, blood donor's card, library card, and whatever other cards I have at the time...I also have pictures of my friends and family.
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[size=1]There's a wallet in my left pocket. If my wallet isn't in my left pocket, that means I have my music on, which means that there's a 60 gig iPod in my left pocket and that my wallet is in my bag.

My phone is always in my right pocket, sometimes along with my keys, but those are normally in the right pocket of my jacket/coat or the front pocket of my bag.

Okay, in my bag. There's a photocamera in the frontpocket. A nikon coolpix 5600, I believe. Along with the camera there often is my iPod usb cable (and sometimes my wallet and/or my keys). In the main part of the bag I have a notepad. Well, a really big one. I mainly use it to draw in, but there are some words in it too. To draw/write in my notepad thingy I have all my pencils, charcoal, three rollers, probably a pair of scissors and a few pens with me in an etui. Mostly I also have a bottle of water with me, often minus the 'of water' part, because I forget to refill it a lot. And when I can, I take a book with me just in case.

On my body I standardly have a watch around my left wrist; a dogtag saying 'I am Boris' in Dutch and a green Taizé cross necklace around my neck; and for now I also have a PinkPop 2007 festival camping B ribbon around my right wrist. It's pink with black and says "PINKPOP 2007 [[i]' Brand' [/i]beer logo] festival camping B". You can't just untie it, and I don't feel like cutting it off yet. And I often have a mirror-glassed pair of aviator glasses with me.

That's probably about all the standard ussual stuff. :)
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[quote name='John']Back-left pocket: Wallet, with cash, various assorted cards, and a Chinese fortune that says--and I am not making this up--"Ignore previous cookie."[/QUOTE][color=#db2007]HaHA! That's awesome.

I actually have a bunch of fortune cookie slips in my wallet, as well. I always save them, and... forget about them. None of mine are that clever, though a few of them are winners at the "in bed" game.[/color]
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[COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"][SIZE="1"]Wow. My purse right now doesn't have that much... let me find it.
K. Found it. Here it is:

[B]- Car Keys
- 1 iPod
- 1 cellular device
- 2 used batteries
- 2 ponytail holders
- 3 pairs of earrings
- 1 paper with a perfume scent on it
- 1 Holocaust Museum ID card
- 1 makeshift diary (a sheet of hotel paper)
- 1 Phantom of the Opera ticket
- 2 Phantom of the Opera/Kennedy Center papers
- 10 senior pictures of my friends
- 1 lip gloss
- 1 bottle of perscription pills
- 2 boxes of contacts
- 1 broken piece of earphones
- 1 pack of bobby pins
- 1 wallet[/B] which includes...

-[B] CARDS:[/B]
3 ATM cards
3 gift cards (Target, Borders, & Panera)
Gelato DaVinci frequent buyer card (it's out of business now)
Kroger Plus card
IU Guest card
Disney Photopass card (which I never used)
Disney room key
3 Metro cards
2 Cardinal Fitness cards (no longer a member)
"Prom Night Check List" - haha, it's funny
2 business cards
4 student IDs
the card that came with the wallet!
[B]- My drivers license and proof of insurance
- $21.44[/B]

Usually I have a lot more, including more senior pictures and pictures of friends and family, my camera, medicine, band-aids, eyeliner, more lip gloss, and various things I find appealing... but my mom made me downsize. :(

Coincidentally, I never have what I always need: [B]a pen.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Squiggles'][size=1][color=blue]I guess you could say I carry a purse. But it isn't really a purse. I got this awesome [url=http://www.megagear.com/product_p/mt%2006-1001.htm]Megatokyo Flapdoozybag[/url] for Christmas and it holds [i]everything[/i]. No, really. I could probably fit all my stuff, plus a couple bricks. Even my school books fit in there. It's awesome.[/size][/color][/QUOTE]

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]:shifty: *steals your bag*...

*places brother's DS, a clock, a ton of gum, a sandwhich with pepperoni on it somwhere, a sketchbook, and as much candy and quarters as i can find inside*[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Sara'][COLOR=#db2007]HaHA! That's awesome.

I actually have a bunch of fortune cookie slips in my wallet, as well. I always save them, and... forget about them. None of mine are that clever, though a few of them are winners at the "in bed" game.[/COLOR][/quote] Yeah, I used to keep all of the ones I get, but half the time I forgot to put them in there, and there were really never any other great zingers (although I'm sure that would have changed if I had been playing the "in bed" game while reading them.)
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[quote name='2007DigitalBoy'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]:shifty: *steals your bag*...

*places brother's DS, a clock, a ton of gum, a sandwhich with pepperoni on it somwhere, a sketchbook, and as much candy and quarters as i can find inside*[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[size=1][color=blue]Hey! *steals it back. throws away his stuff.* Mine!

You wouldn't want it anyway, the inside smells like perfume.[/size][/color]
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