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[size=1]OOC: Again, this event is authorized by The Boss. Please note that the Battle of Yonkers is a [i]major turning point[/i] in our battle against the zombies. This is a massive human defeat. If you are confused about my references, check Google Maps.

[b][size=2]November 29, 2007[/size]
[i]8:40 PM EST[/i][/b]

The pen is shaking in my hand as I write this entry. Sorry in advance if it’s disjointed. A lot has happened since I last wrote. Where do I begin?

Manhattan. The quarantine was deemed to be far too unstable in Washington Heights, so in a joint effort coordinated by the Military Police and US Marines, [u]all were killed who lived north of 150th street.[/u] The death toll is estimated at 200,000. Mass air strikes, ground forces murdered all who survived the initial bombing. Footage of children crying, then being gunned down… a pregnant woman begging for her life before a bullet was put into her head… we have truly lost all humanity on this island.

This is only the beginning. I want to throw up. I’m only writing now to document.

The zombies have, for one reason or another, massed at White Plains. For those who don’t know NY geography, White Plains is more or less suburban and maybe 8 miles north of the Bronx. And when I say they’ve massed, I mean their numbers are in the hundreds of thousands, possibly a million. Everyone (across the nation) is glued to their TV, watching the news cover the mob descend upon us south. The military is planning to stop their advance at Yonkers and I hope to god they can actually do something against them. I feel like I’m being fed propaganda… all you see are the magnificent barricades, the heavy artillery being wheeled into place, the aircraft carriers pulling into position along the peninsula. But deep inside, I am truly afraid for my life. I’m afraid the greatest military in the world will falter and we will be doomed to die.

The city is on fire. Almost total anarchy… and I mean that in every sense of the word. Classes at Columbia have been indefinitely suspended. Uncontrollable looting, massive orgies in the street (and I have no idea if it’s consensual or not), random homicides. People are living it up in every way possible, because this is the fucking end of the road, folks.

I’m packing clothes and necessities into a small bag. Who knows when I’ll need to leave?

[b][size=2]November 30, 2007[/size]
[i]2:09 AM EST[/i][/b]

The Battle of Yonkers has finally started. I can hear the explosions in the distance, and it truly feels like the world is collapsing around me. Media coverage has been extensive, and everyone’s watching it. Power to the Upper East Side has been lost, so I guess they’re [metaphorically and literally] in the dark. Things don’t look good… the military has been keeping them at bay with every weapon known to man, but they just keep coming… bodies walking over top of bodies… the surge can’t be stopped. They’re only miles away now.

[b][size=2]November 30, 2007[/size]
[i]5:35 AM EST[/i][/b]

Absolute horror. The unthinkable has happened. Our military has been routed at Yonkers, and the zombie horde has crossed the George Washington Bridge. Hundreds of thousands of them pouring into NYC. I’m going to die.

Power has been lost to the whole of upper Manhattan. People flee this island in whatever refuse they can rig together, but the vast majority of us remain. I called my family on my cellphone [choking back the tears] to tell them how much I loved them, and that I probably would not live.

Most of Columbia has broken down into lawlessness, and I’m as much afraid of my fellow man as I am of the zombies. Looters and groups [tribes?] of people are banding together. [strike]Maybe I should join one for safety.[/strike] Not certain of how much longer this location will be safe. I think I will be headed south today as soon as I can raid the dining hall for a meal and get some of my friends together to form a group.

To anyone who reads this in the future: I’m not certain how much longer I will keep this journal. Survival is taking priority, and any moment I’m not asleep I must be on guard.[/size]
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[B][SIZE="3"]December 1, 2007[/SIZE]
Casey James Journal Entry
[SIZE="1"]1142 hrs[/SIZE][/B]

Our military has just sufferd an unimaginable blow. The battle at Yonkers was a scene of devastation and carnage. A battle against an enemy of unimaginable evil. The once proud academy has been turned into a make shift refugee camp. People from every corner of Alabama have come here seeking protection. The armory in Birmingham has all but emptied out it's storage hulls into the school. The perimeter fences have been fortified with more concrete, steel and razor wire. Guards are on 24 hour shifts.

Because of my prior experience I have been placed in charge of certifying all health standards, as well as maintaining proper quarintine status. I had prayed every night that my family would be among the refugees to make it this far, but there no where to be found. I must face the painful truth. There either dead, or one of those damned beasts.

How could we let this happen? How could something like this get so out of control? Why won't anyone help us? Have they just exiled us to death? I had hoped that my final days would be spent with the ones I cared for most, but now it seems I face the death of a soldier. No one has said anything but we all know the truth. It's only a matter of time til the horde that was building in Birmingham finds it's way here. Once that happens this place will become our last stand. I know that with such great numbers and so few resources on our side we'll never win out, but it sounds better to fight and die then to simply give in.

I don't know who much longer I can continue to write in this journal. I wirte this to you now as I sit atop one of only many make shift guard towers that have been erected around the gate. My friend Medina by my side, manning the 50 cal., preparing for any kind of attack. I can see all the people who living in the tents set up outside, trying to get by and enduring this torment. Hoping it'll all be over soon. I don't know what's going to happen anymore.

I hate feeling so weak. I hate feeling like there's nothing I can do except wait to die, or watch everyone else die. I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to just stay here. I want to go. Go home. Even if all I'm going back to is death and misery, I want to be there again. I want to go back to the park I used to go with Kimmi. To the store me and my dad used to own. Even to me and the flea market where me and my brother would pass the time.

I want a simple life again. I want my dreams back. But I guess that's too much to ask for now. All I've got left is a hope, and a crazy plan. Tonight me and Medina are getting out of here. Were gonna take one of the HMMMV's and take off. I don't care what htis makes me, but I can't stay here anymore. This place will be the death of me. Staying here is like abandoning everything else. I have to go. I have to find others. I know there are others still trapped on the outside. Maybe I'll find one of friends or even a family member who has managed to survive.

My family owns a large plot of land far outside the cities. If I can get there I might stand a chance of finding someone. They say the monsters only seem to congragate around the big cities. I don't care if it's crazy. I'm going tonight. I will not wait to die here anymore!
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[SIZE=1][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][B]Journal of Darren File,
August 15th[/B]
Michael called today. He told us not to come to San Diego. He said that as soon as graduation was finished, he and Jared were going to catch a plane back here. I could definitely see the relief on Mom and Dad’s face when they realized that they didn’t have to go. I know they would have regardless of how dangerous it became. Problem is that flights are booked for a couple of weeks. Victoria’s supposed to meet us at the airport when they get here. I feel so stupid. I can’t believe that I didn’t see it before: The graduation party, all the rumors, the way she wanted to write him. I’m an idiot.

I just wonder what Michael will do when he has to go back for infantry training 10 days later. And I would definitely say a year’s worth of communications training in Florida is out of the question. Last I heard the riots have started in Florida too. And they started getting closer. Sporadic outbreaks are everywhere, but not like the wave that’s occurring on the coasts. I think the closest one to us was in Fayetteville, AR a couple a couple of weeks ago, but I heard that they got it under control. The second one that I heard of was way out in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma, but it’s the first one our state has seen. Texas has had several. And according to Katey (cousin) the riots breaking out in Kansas are only getting worse. She said that Aunt Chris and Uncle JB are considering packing up and going to live with family out in Washington. I can’t express how they seriously need to stay where they are! Roland hasn’t seen any action, and we’re closer to civilization than they are. They’ve got a three hour drive between them and the nearest Wal-Mart. If anything, I think me, Mom, and Dad should pack up and go there, but Mom won’t.

She’s been getting a lot of work at her company from people seeking medical aids and nurses way out on the coast! That’s how much help they need right now. And surprisingly, most of her employees are up for the job. She’s so excited about a possible raise that she doesn’t see that this could come to us any time now.

On the work front: According to Denise and Debbie, it’s been difficult to get the delivery truck to come. Not that it matters; we’ve been getting less and less business ever since the outbreak in Fayetteville. People are scared and about 75% of our business was from truckers who aren’t traveling any more. Or at least, they’re traveling less. Not to mention that even though the food poison idea was shot down a few days ago, citizens aren’t trusting, they refuse to eat out anymore. I can’t tell you how many of the big businesses are seeing less and less people.

Our world is collapsing.

[B]September 8th[/B]
Michael never showed up. He said that several flights were canceled out of suspicion that some passengers were infected. And he said that any flight that was lucky enough to make it out of the city was so packed he couldn’t get a seat. After weeks of waiting, we have to wait even more. I hope he’s all right.

The last time we heard from him was three days ago. He said he and Jared were renting a car and driving it down here. Somehow, I bet that’s illegal, but I bet that’s the least of California’s worries right now. I doubt he would try to pull a straight drive in 22 hours, but it sure as hell is making me nervous that he hasn’t gotten back yet.

The food poisoning has been changed to African Rabies… What the hell ever. I thought America got it first, therefore, if anything, it should be called the American Rabies. That’s just America’s scapegoat. It all seems like bullshit. And now they’ve got us taking these pills. Or, they would have us taking the pills, but in this area, all the medicine is going to the nurses and medical aids that are being shipped out to the coasts. The police said that since we haven’t seen many outbreaks in the river valley area that we shouldn’t worry about the pills just yet but should the need come, all of our resources will be pulled to take care of the problem. The strange part is that Mom has heard the pills are a fake. Working in the medical field, I’m not surprised that she heard, but if it’s true, it really throws me for a loop. Why would they be using placebos?

It would seem that if it’s really a treatment for anything, then Manhattan wouldn’t be in Quarantine!

Why can’t we get simple, truthful answers?

[B]October 5th [/B]
Zombies? Of course the Phalanx was a damn placebo, you can’t cure the dead! Mom was right, and the U.S. was filling us a bunch of bullshit like usual. Sometimes I think we’d be lot better off if the government would get their heads out of their asses and start thinking long-term!
It has gotten worse: Michael never made it home; Mom and Dad think he’s dead. She hasn’t stopped crying. There was an outbreak in Dallas TX. My grandparents are headed here as I write this. The have a lot of shit to get through on their way though. I told them to make sure they take their own gas cans; stopping could kill them. There was also an outbreak in Tulsa. Jay, who lives in Broken Arrow, said his neighbor is dead… Or he was dead, but he’s back. The weird thing was that I actually knew that guy, he was pretty cool. Jay says that he and his parents are leaving the city, but they’ll have a harder time than my grandparents. Tulsa’s being quarantined and it’s not long (I suspect a day or two) before Broken Arrow is as well. The crazies around here, namely all the church folk, have attributed Central U.S. lasting so long to their faith. Hence the name, Bible Belt.

I would debate it, but it always seems pointless to argue blind faith. Most of them have boarded themselves up in the churches. Without a proper supply of food, they’ll be lucky if they don’t starve to death.

I guess it’s better than the alternative.

[B]October 25th[/B]
There was an outbreak in Fort Smith yesterday. It happened overnight, I guess. So naturally, Roland had a flooding of refugees. I saw one those things yesterday. My friend Alayana said that her car got stolen, and needed me to come pick her and her family up to take them to Roland. It was really weird; all the video games and movies will never compare with the real thing. I damn near shit myself when it looked at me. And then, its head exploded as some random bystander shot it. Yes, that’s what’s happening now. People are carrying guns on the street, shooting anything that moves when they get paranoid. It has led to the death of several innocent people as well. But what can I say; this area is known for jumping to conclusions.

The steady flow of refugees has meant an increase in students at school. The desks have been removed and now we have classes of about 50 people on the floor. It’s hot and annoying as hell, not to mention it’s against fire code regulations, but who’s going to stop us? There are even classes out on the football field and in the gymnasium. I have my first hour class on the elementary play ground in the middle of winter! The one good thing is that there hasn’t been much homework. I guess the teachers have figured out that the students won’t do it. Either that or they know none of this will be useful in the future.

We’re all going to die anyway

[B]November 29th[/B]
Fort Smith and Van Buren have been deemed a lost cause. At noon today, every bridge in the river valley was destroyed. It was a bit depressing since I know there are others who are still alive inside the city. They’re basically stranded and they can’t come over here. The troops from Fort Chaffee are stationed all along the banks; they’ve been required to shoot anything that comes across. Alive, dead, animal, human, anything! I guess they could always go the other way, but I heard that even though the east coast outbreak occurred after west, it’s growing faster; they suspect that if a successful blockade isn’t set up along the Mississippi, that this virus will overtake America in less than a year.

They closed the school. It has been consistently broken into and robbed, vandalized, and burned. I guess people just realized that it wasn’t worth keeping open. Plus, every day it rained, it became too hard to keep everyone dry. The lockers were removed to make more room, and students were advised not bring their bags to avoid getting valuables stolen. I’ve seen a lot kids bring guns to school. And no one could do a damn thing about it. I would have had one too if I could get access to it

I’ve got a group of friends that are meeting every week. It’s me, Ryan, Patrick, Brian, Susan, Ashley, Quinton, Jessie, Danielle, Victoria, Trenton, and a few others. Surprisingly, all this high school drama has dropped. We’ve basically prepared ourselves for whenever the inevitable happens. Roland seems like a dream city compared to all the other shit that’s been happening, but it’s not stopping regular crime. Most of which goes unnoticed because the police force is dealing with the zombie issue.

My house has been broken into twice. My grandparents have had a gun pointed at their faces and my dad got the shit kicked out of him one time. But when the virus spreads to Roland, our group and our family’s have a plan to stay safe. Some of them are responsible for stocking up on food. The others are responsible for getting ammo and guns. Dad has even been working with Ryan’s dad to fix up all the vehicles for when we do need to get out.

My heart’s with everyone on the east coast. I hope that they can find their way over here ASAP. There’s no telling when the bridges along the Mississippi will go. Even so, we still have to worry about the west.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1][b]OOC:[/b] A note to all players. Since all major events have taken place and the zombie hordes are now in the process of dominating humanity, the large time skips will no longer be necessary. Make the rest of your posts as close to day to day as possible and think of what exactly you would be doing during such events and under these circumstances.[/size]


[b]Journal of Michael Kalis[/b]
December 2nd, 2007

I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how I can comment on the unbridled sorrow and hopelessness that I feel at this moment. This page may seem… cold. But I assure you, the feelings I have within are ones of the deepest indescribable abyss. All I can do is explain, reader. Explain how I’ve lost everything within a period of two days.

How the old me died.

I was up stairs on the internet like I had been continuously for the past several days. I was getting a lot of bad news from Alex (Retribution from OBs, not my baby brother). He said that he was leaving college and going with a small group to a more fortified area in lower Manhattan. He seemed scared, and he even gave me his cell number before logging off, for good, as he put it.

That was when my Mom called me. I ran downstairs and she was watching CNN, the live footage of Yonkers. We watched for the whole night and watched as our military failed. We stayed up the whole night watching, and even watched the aftermath reports. Nick and Alex didn’t pay attention, I didn’t expect them to understand. But me and Mom could feel it deep within ourselves what that meant for our family, particularly my father.

We hadn’t seen him in a few weeks now, he’d been forced to stay in Jackson and process all the drafted recruits. He called us later that day and told us that the higher ups at Jackson needed to deploy him back into active duty Army, being that his former specialty was medic. He told us that Jackson was going to send an MP convoy through the surrounding area and pick up all the military dependents and put them on Jackson for safe guarding.

My father, I knew it must have killed him to leave us here. I’m sure that he only refused to desert after learning that we would be taken care of immediately…. God, I can only imagine the pain of learning what happened afterwards.

While my family and I awaited our pick up to Jackson, everything went to hell. One of the barricades surrounding Columbia broke open and the zombies poured out, literally, on top of one another, into the surrounding area. This meant Lexington. Before I knew it, we were locking the doors, nailing everything up with any excess wood and nails we had. Me and mom gathered whatever ‘weapons’ we could find and we all huddled together around the TV in her room upstairs, each of us checking and watching the windows every few minutes.

I grasped a crowbar in both hands at most times, my palms sweating continuously. On my belt loop, I had secured my Dad’s steel saber. It was heavy, both were, but they would work. My mom told me that I didn’t need to hold them with me at all times, but she didn’t make a big deal of it when I did anyways. Some unspoken agreement had already been reached. Nick and Alex mostly entertained one another with various games and toys. Me and mom stayed on the look out and watched whatever new coverage we could. We stayed like that for a couple of days.

Then one morning, I woke up to the moans. They were faint, in the distance, but I could hear them approaching. Hundreds of them, maybe thousands, you could hear them in mass. Mom was already awake, sitting in a corner, crying. Crying hard. Panicking like I’d never seen before. Alex and Nick still slept silently, and she stared at them intensly, afraid.

[b] “Mikey… I don’t want them to suffer… I couldn’t stand it.”[/b]

I told her they wouldn’t. That everything would be alright. And we waited.

Then the pounding came, the scratching and louder moans. Alex and Nick had woken up. Mom told them to go into her closet and sit still. She locked the bathroom door (which was connected to the closet) and shut it. Mom gave Nick a sledge hammer and told him to break the door down when things became quiet. Me and her stayed upstairs and tried to figure a plan out. Someway to block the stairs, but by the time we decided to use the couch it was too late. One of them broke through the glass window at the backdoor. Mom immediately ran back up stairs and I followed her.

We then went back to her room, she locked the door. I turned around to ask her what to do, but I was blacked out on the floor before a single word could escape my mouth….

I woke up underneath my Mom’s bed, wrapped in her comforter from head to toe. At first I freaked out, I didn’t know what was happening, but then I realized I could breathe. Unrolling myself, I peaked from beneath low-to-ground bed and looked around the room. It was a fucking massacre. Blood, gore, everywhere. But there weren’t any zombies… or at least not moving ones. Slowly, I rolled from underneath the bed and was met by a back of wet blood from the carpet. Standing up, I surveyed my area and saw the zombies. All of them had been lobotomized somehow or another, brain matter scattered across the walls and floor along with a healthy amount of oozy-gore. There were dozens of them, literally, piled all over the room. Furniture trashed, including the plasma TV which had been smashed over the head of one unlucky fellow dead beside it.

Then I saw that the bathroom door had been broken through. Rushing in, I opened the still closed, however, bloody closet. Opening in, I fell to my knees immediately. My mother sat back across the wall, laying her two deceased sons heads on her shoulder as she lay whispering a prayer. Both of them bled from the backs of their necks, and I noticed the bloody knife laying at my mother’s feet. She herself was covered in bites and blood. And now she lie bleeding, dying.

I crawled to her, whelping like a child. Years of raising children, wife of a career soldier, and two decades of waitressing had given my mom all the strength she ever truly needed. To defend her children. As I sat next to her, she told me she loved me, and made me promise her two things.

[b] “Survive for me, Mikey…. Live. Don’t… let them get you too. If my life means anything, let one of my children live.”[/b] I nodded and cried yes, and then she asked me to do the unspeakable. [b] “Put me out of my misery, sweetie. Don’t let me become one of those things…”[/b]

I cried no, no. Never. I couldn’t, I wasn’t strong enough. She yelled at me.

[b] “Michael. If there is one thing you inherited from your parents, let it be our strength son… please. If you love me.”[/b] I trembled to my feet and whipped the tears from my eyes. Looking down on my mother, I sneered in sorrow and unclipped the sabre’s scabbard. Bringing the blade over my head, I told my mother I loved her.

[b] “I love you too, son.”[/b] I brought the blade down once. That was it.

At that moment, I died. Stepping out of the closet, I fell to my knees once again. Looking at the sword, I thought about disemboweling myself. Putting my life to an end… but I couldn’t. I promised I would live. I don’t know what’s harder. The pain of watching my family die… or the pain of not being allowed to die.

I sat silently and contemplated my next move. Then my phone began ringing and I nearly had a heart attack. I answered, it was Mary. She was crying, barely able to speak. She said that she had locked herself in the game room and pushed the pool table against the door. Her family was gone, her mother was one of the zombies clawing at her door that very moment. She pleaded to me to hurry, for me to help her. I told her I’d be to her house as soon as I could. I asked her how long she thought she could wait, and she said [b] “Maybe an hour…”[/b] Just enough time. Looking outside the window, I saw that the zombies outside were still occupied with the houses around the block, next to none of them were on the streets. I quickly changed into my father’s fatigues and tightened on a pair of his boots. Grabbing a duffle bag, I shoved some clothing essentials and blankets into the bag. Grabbing the crowbar, I then creeped down stairs, being careful to check for infected around the corner. Apparently they all left, thought the house was cleared or something went for easier prey….

I went into the pantry and grabbed as much Ramen as I could fit into the bag, and then some bottled water. I had everything I thought I would need for a while. Grabbing my car keys, I slowly opened the front door. The zombies were still occupied with the other houses. There was only one unfortunate soul still sauntering around my front yard….

…by the time I had my senses again, I realized that I was standing over a headless body, the remains of it’s head pummeled into the ground in a crimson puddle. My knuckles were white around the crowbar. Looking around, I soon realized that my little outburst had gotten the attention of a few stragglers. I quickly grabbed my bag and got into my car speeding off as fast as possible, dodging the cars littering the road.

Driving like a bat out of hell, I was a man with a mission.

I had a life to save.

[b]….To Be Continued.[/b]


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[LEFT][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Black][SIZE=1][b]December 1st[/b]
I can't get the blood off my hands...no matter how hard I wash them... I close my eyes and see the faces of the innocent people who died... my family... my friends...

Most of Europe's major cities have fallen... The hoard simply continues to grow at an exponential rate... the troops here, both drafted and enlisted alike are constantly on edge... the town below is completely overrun with them... we've even stopped making sweeps for survivors... I want to say it's the smart thing to do... if this refuge is detected... I don't want to even think about that...

I found Jenny today, alive working with the medical unit in base... she was among the last of the survivors found in the sweeps yesterday... she just fell into my arms and started crying... I think I was crying too... I don't really remember... I just kissed her with all the relief I could muster. We spoke for a while, her story is the same as mine and so many others. She said she was sorry, I said I was sorry, I reality I think we were both just glad to find someone else we knew...

Been trying to get online, I imagine OtakuBoards will be almost silent, maybe a stray member of two like me trying to find their friends... But comm privileges are tight, we don't know how long we can maintain the telephone network if things keep getting this bad... it's not as if the zombies are pulling down the poles... but the battles themselves are doing their share of damage... I'm going to see if I can swing some time, just to post a few words and maybe get a response...

[b]December 2nd[/b]
Sweeps were resumed today... but the mission spec is different... now if we see survivors, our orders are now to kill on sight... so that they can't become zombies... I wanted to scream murder... I couldn't... I just nodded and picked up my gun and got in the jeep with the rest of the unit...It's not right... but there's logic to it, and right now I don't think morals apply any more...

I was reassigned from the medic squads to frontline infantry... apparently anyone who was part of the old shooting clubs is considered trained enough for it... can't say I minded... thought I could make a doctor... but the suffering just got to me...

We can't engage the enemy except in small numbers... we just don't have the arms or ammunition... I think even the brass know we're going to have to abandon the barracks soon... or people are going to start drawing suicide missions to get what we need... I don't think there'd even be and objections at this point... Funny thing, this sounds just like the old stories of the War of Independence... hit and run against and enemy that has no mercy... I never realised how brave those people were until now...

Made love to Jenny last night, just something I think we both needed... a connection to another person... if only for a short time...[/LEFT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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it's been about six months since I checked this damned thing, and those six months have been one hell of a time. I spent about two months walking around aimlessly since my local air base had been evac'd, but before they started the evac, one of the infected got into the base.... then one turned to three... three turned into eight... eight turned into 24... you get the idea, this spreads fast.

As for my father and my little brother, dad was pulled back into service fixing F-16s, F-22s and even a stealth bomber. Whereas my little brother was placed into one of those bomb shelters, why they didnt take me? I was too damn scared to move, the standoff at Yorkers was like a car crash, you didnt want to watch it happen but it's too hard to look away, I just hope them and mommy are doing ok.

then the next four months were spent playing robin hood, I mean... I did things my morals conflicted with... I broke into a walmart... began browsing, damn that place was filled with whatever they are, killed a good majority of them... there werent too many survivors, so I thought: [I] what the hell, why not?[/I] and I unloaded a few rounds, no matter how much they pleaded against it, I killed them... to put them out of their misery, then looted the place.. as Paramore put it: this could be misery bussiness.

just hoping I can find more survivors.

- Twitch


good news today, I ran into Ashleigh, even though she was a little torn up, and a little mad... Pulled her into the car and she slept for awhile as I drove around looking for more familiar faces, but to no avail... North Dakota was raped, so we pulled into a local petrol station and filled up, I didnt pay for the petrol or the food cos no one's around, when we were about a good two hours into the motorway [or whatever the americans call it]... she told me to pull over, so I found a hard shoulder and once we came to a stop.... She bursted out into tears and she started to talk about what she had seen [in French] she told me: Je Ne veux Jouer Plus! [I dont want to play anymore]

I told her not to give up, and reinforced that she made it this far and I told her everything will be back to normal soon, but I knew that would not be the case, I honestly dont know how long [STRIKE] I[/STRIKE] we will be in this "misery bussiness" it's like one of those really disturbing dreams coming to life. So in anger, I floored it, she told me to stop and we needed some time to our selves. but, I couldnt hear her, so she smashed my left foot into the brake pedal, pulled the handbrake and turned a at 45 degree angle... all I say was "[B] OW![/B]" and, "wow. how did you learn how to drive like that?!" all she said was: Rien Mais Vous. [Nothing But You.] then we scrambled into the backseats and made some much needed loving.

with this doomsday clock ticking on us...
It feels like....
[B][U] Every Time Is The Last Time[/B][/U]

[RIGHT][B] Now:[/B] The Present
[B] Artist:[/B] Bloc Party
[B] Album:[/B] Help: A Day In The Life[/RIGHT]

- Twitch[/SIZE]
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December 2nd, 2007

I guess you can say I've made a pretty legit party. In my car with me is a: J, a Brittany, a Brittney, a Susan, and a Stephanie. Susan doesn't speak to me, J, or Stephanie because she just found out that she was J's number 2 chick behind Stephanie. Stephanie and Susan have nothing to say to one another so they stay quiet for the most part. Brittany doesn't say much to me because any dumbass can see I went around and picked up every girl I've come close to having sex with in the last 6th months. The exception is Stephanie, who was hovering around J's house like a lost puppy. Because of all the tension in the SUV, it's pretty much silent

We've pretty much been city hopping for the past two weeks or so. Every once in a while we'd raid a grocery store for canned goods and a gas station for a few gallons of fuel before heading on our way. I think the others see it in my eyes, that I'm kind of enjoying this. I'm surrounded by close friends and finally taking that life altering adventure I always wanted to. Truth be told however, the aimless wandering is getting wary real quick. We have plenty of camping supplies strapped to the top of the vehicle as well. I usually stop to pick up people on the side of the road and give them lifts to where they're trying to go. So yeah, everything's going pretty alright.

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[COLOR="Black"][FONT="Garamond"][RIGHT]December 5th, 2007
3:45 p.m. PST[/RIGHT][/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Car's still stocked pretty well, and I'm listening to the typical Linkin Park LPs. Don't ask me why I'm sitting in the car, letting my music play for a bit, but I felt like it. I called my family, and they've done what I've done. Clever bastards. They retreated into the high mountains in the north and are set up in a small pocket of territory, near a lake, near a small road. I'm not worried about them half as much as I'm worried about my stranded friends. The ones closest to the epicenter, or so I hear, are fucked. They're already dead and gone, I shouldn't be worried I guess.

...I'm aware I'm close to an outpost, and I'm somewhere in Wyoming. I'm driving quite slowly these days, not taking up too much time. I can read a map, I can read signs. I'm avoiding the main roads as usual, but the other day I ran into yet another attack. I didn't mention this at first, because it's less on my mind than it was the first time I killed. I suppose I should document it though for posterity. For you my readers, I'll tell even the sick parts that turn my stomach and make me question why I've kept going.

I was running in fourth gear, not asking much of my engine, when I pulled over at the local rest stop, realizing that I wasn't as quite alone as I wanted. My hand automatically dropped to my side and I turned my head. They lurched out of the bathrooms where they'd been sheltering -or feasting. I drew and turned, contemplating running, but better to leave them lying under the sun until they died and were gone. The first was the fastest. He nearly took off my head with a clean swipe, and I removed his arms in the first two strokes. As he did, two others circled behind me and began to fence me in. Instead, I turned back and beheaded one, than the other. I don't know if you know this, but I've been growing stronger.

I didn't even notice until I lifted the filled gasoline can with one hand and put it in my trunk without a serious strain. The other with my left, and I blinked. Perhaps all the heavy lifting of the past few months has done something good. Even so. It certainly helped me take out what had to have been a family of zombies. Dead, and dead again. Twitching on the floor in a mish-mash of limbs and coagulated blood. I didn't look except to ensure they were all dead. I didn't want to check anything else. No ID, I didn't care who they were.

I didn't care. And I still don't.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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?. The roads on the way to Mary?s house were crowded to say the least. Wrecked, or otherwise abandoned cars littered the way along with several zombies who just shambled around the middle of the road. I tried my best to avoid every obstacle I could, I didn?t need any dents or scratches on my car to worry me. The drive seemed to take an eternity, but soon, I was in her neighborhood. It was a war zone, houses on fire, screams and cries of pain echoing out into the air, muffled by the consistent moans and snarls of the zombies. Upon coming up to Mary?s house, I called her cell. She answered, alive, if not terrified. I told her to hold tight, and that I was hearing. She cried for me to hurry, and I did.

Grasping tightly onto my crowbar, I slowly walked into the house and could hear several of the zombies throughout the house. Not many, but there were a few dwelling in the kitchen, who had noticed my presence. I ran up the stairs and saw that there was a group of five in the hallway, clawing at the game room door where Mary took refuge. Luckily, the hallway provided a nice choke point, and knocked each one in the skull with a sickening crack as the bone split open. I had dropped all of them, but I had to hurry. The ones from downstairs were approaching slowly, but steadily, as they struggled up the stair well.

I knocked on the door and hollered at Mary that it was alright to come out. She said my name and unlocked the door and moved the pool table away. Opening the door she was in tears, but a huge smile spread across her face. She leapt into my arms and I held her tight for a moment, I?d never felt closer to anyone before in my life. We kissed, but soon the sound of falling zombies alerted me. They were on the stairs. I told Mary to grab some of her clothes and things while I took care of the ones on the stairs. There were four stumbling up the stairs. Coming down, I cocked back and took each one out mechanically. The head shots worked like a charm. From afar through the large windows, I could see a small crowd approaching the house. I called for Mary and she ran from her room to me with an armful of clothes.

We ran for the car and threw her things into trunk. Driving off, I avoided the zombies on the road. Mary watched intently until we were on open road. I drove until we were on an open stretch of empty road over a bridge. Parking off to the side, I stopped to breathe for the first time since I had woken up. My heart was pounding in my chest and Mary was crying to herself still. I had shed my share earlier, and I had reached a new level of numbness. The last time I had cried, it was when I watched my grandmother die. After that, nothing seemed as sad anymore. Now, I don?t think I?ll ever shed a tear again.

We talked for a minute, asking what we would do next. Neither of us knew what to do, or where to go. We were terrified and scared, and all we had was each other now. My friends and family were gone, my Father could be dead for all I know. Opening my phone, I then noticed the second number on my contact list. Alex.

I gave him a call. It seemed things were bad in NY and that he had moved to lower Manhattan were a group of civilians had put up a strong fortification, safe from the zombies, however, outnumbered greatly. I talked to Mary about it for a minute and she agreed. Neither of us knew anything better to do. I didn?t know my way to Manhattan, but I just thought to follow the roads and signs north until New York was pointed out? I had somewhere to go there. I had a destination. Now I had to get there.

Mary slept while I drove, she moaned a little in her sleep, nightmares I could only assume. Looking off to a side road, I drove off into the middle of a large field, and set the alarm on my cell phone for one hour later. I got out of the car and opened the trunk of the car and took out the blanket in my back. It was freezing outside in late November. Getting into the back seat, Mary had woken up from noise and decided to join me in the back seat to continue sleeping. Curling together in the blanket, we slept, uncomfortably in the small backseat. We?d make due.

I woke up an hour later dead tired from my phone?s alarm. I leaned up and looked around, the moon light shone well over us and revealed that no zombies were around. I set the alarm for another hour.

I repeated for six more hours like that before finally getting up at six in the morning. I kissed Mary on the forehead before writing this. I let her continue sleeping. Time to get back behind the wheel.

?til Tomorrow.


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[B][SIZE="3"]December 1, 2007[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]2243 hrs[/SIZE]
Casey James Journal entry[/B]

Two hours ago me and my friend Medina gatherd what proviosions we could and hijacked a 5-ton from the old academy parking lot which had been turned into a make shift motor pool. Surprisingly we recieved no real resistence. I think most people are starting to give up hope. I suppose once you've not only lost, but maybe even had to kill your own family just to survive you may not see any point in going on anymore.

Of the ten MP outposts that were suppose to be set around the perimeter, only three still had people manning them. From the dead ones we found, Medina and myself were able to scrounge up extra weapons and ammuntion. As well as a couple dozen cases of MRE's. We've agreed to limit ourselves to one a day since we have no idea how long were gonna need to make them last. We're taking shifts in driving, stopping, and driving again. We're trying to stay out of any towns, since that's where the creatures seem to gather.

I mentioned earlier I have family on the south west end of Alabama, near a place called Wetumpka. They have a large chunck of land well outside any city. I imagine it might be safer there then trying to hide out in a place like Birmingham or Montgomery. I pray that we can find someone, anyone who is still alive and still human. But the longer and longer we go, the less and less that looks like it's going to happen.

I can't stop questioning if leaving that place was the right hting to do, but at the same time I know we couldn't just sit there and wait to die. Some may think me a coward for it, but I eblieve that we can do more good on the ouside then one the inside. Our leaving there proved that when not a single person tried to stop us from leaving with not only a vehicle, but military weapons as well. That proved to me that the structure and will of that place had died and that they were simply waiting for their bodies to do the same.

I only pray that we find someone soon.

[B][SIZE="3"]December 2, 2007[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]0732 hrs[/SIZE]
Casey James Journal entry[/B]

We're almost to my famlies home out here in Alabama. I can only hope that they were smart enough lock themselves down and keep the area secure. My uncle was a bit time hunter, so I know he has plenty of guns and ammo on hand. I can only hope he would use them on those damn monsters if needed. The highways are pretty desolate. It's kinda unnerving. There are lots of cars on the sides of the road, but no people in them.

I fear for our lives everytime me and Medina have to stop for gas. The depots are usually empty. Well, except for one. Early this morning we had to stop and what we thought to be an abandonned Shell station on the side of the road. We needed to cool the engine and re-fuel. We pulled the large cargo carrier up into the station. Medina filled while I went out to scout the area for monsters and survivors. Almost as soon as Medina sarted fueling a gun shot rang out. Medina and I both jumped to the ground, yelling, trying to let whoever just shot at us that we were not zombies. But they kept firing anyway.

I knew that I had not come out here just to get killed by some nut bar gas attendant with a gun. I know that's kind of a crude way of saying it, but I was from ready to just die. I reached for my hip holester and drew my 9mm. I had to stop this guy before he shot out a tire on out truck and we lost our wheels and our means to supplies. I ran out from the side of the truck and opened fire on the windows to the convenience store. After about 6 rounds I stopped firing. The area was quiet. I went in to go see who it was that had been shoting at us. I wasn't ready to see this. It was a woman. In the back, behind the front counter there were 2 children, both dead. Both hand single gun shot wounds to the head. I don't even want to think about it anymore.

I wanted to find survivors, but not like this. I don't know how much more I can take.
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[i]Monday, December 3rd, 2007[/i]

It's nice to finally have a chance to sit back and write another entry, especially considering how I didn't expect us to live past the weekend.

Even though I said we wouldn't, we decided to brave the city center on Saturday, and headed to the Police Headquarters in town. Figured the blood and gore were a necessary evil to ensure our survival. "The ends justify the means" has become our unspoken motto on any moral issues we face now. Anyways, we were just planning on raiding the station to get supplies, and if we were lucky, any weapons or stuff that hadn't already been lifted.

So we get there to find it was abandoned by all human life, but crawling with Zombies. Thing is, there's only three street entrances to the station--two fully locked and gated vehicle entrances, and a pedestrian entrance up a narrow flight of stairs to the lobby area, which could be easily sealed. We figured this was too good a stronghold opportunity to pass up.

Once we build a sufficient barricade over the pedestrian entrance and secured the vehicle gates, it took us a full day just to clear it of the undead. But the pay-off is that we now have a massive stronghold in the center of the city.

The map doesn't really show, but it's a big complex, taking up half a block. The entire facility is made up of a large open-air car park, extensive garage/workshop and storage buildings, an on-site power source (diesel generators), and of course the main tower. The HQ building is fifteen stories tall, including two basement levels which house undercover parking and detention cells. Map follows;[/b]


During our exploration of the abandoned station we came across the Armed Offenders Squad (basically SWAT) armoury, which contained some full-body riot gear and a plethora of Police heavy munitions--breeching charges, MP5SD6's, Glock 19's and SIG-Sauers, Police issue Remington bolt-actions and Shotguns, Colt M4A1s... Christ, I'm such a gun nut. Especially now.

And even though I was practically wetting myself when we found the AOS room, the evidence & contraband was even better. My god, it's like a fucking pirate's treasure cove! Whole rooms filled with illegal weapons like switchblades, tazers, banned firearms, explosives... then there were the drugs.

Holy shit, the drugs. Shelves crammed with bags of methanphetamine, pounds and pounds of weed, prescription medications.. The list goes on. I know these will come in handy soon, seeing as Me and Jay have been chain smoking doobies for about a month now. Only way I can stay calm nowadays. Still, can you blame us? Over the past few months, we've seen our society crumble to nothing, our governments have failed us and humanity has suffered a crushing blow, and for all we know, could be looking at total extinction. We've seen friends and family turn from the people we love into brain-dead monsters who constantly hunger for the flesh of the living. We've had to kill our co-workers, our neighbors, women, children... The disease has no mercy, so neither can we.

It's too depressing to think about, so we've been keeping ourselves busy with plans for new equipment. Now that we have a fully equipped workshop in the Police compound, we started implementing some upgrades and shit to the Legacy. We've already got all the parts we need, and I sketched up the basic design in my journal.. This journal, that is. We should have it done by next Monday.

Well, I better get some rest. It's nearly three in the morning, and we've got an industrious day ahead of us. Sketch is over the page. --->

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I woke to the feeling of the car barreling down the motorway, I pulled myself up and asked Ash what was going on, she told me that she got a call on my mobile phone from my best friend Juilan, who currently resides in San Antonio, and that we're were heading down there to pick him up. just hoping that he's still alive, he's like the only family I've got left.

- Twitch


Some good news.
Some bad news.

Let's go with the bad first: Juilan had to kill his family cos they had turned, we had to ditch the car I had inheirited from my father cos it just gave up when got to San Antonio. and above all things half the provsions we scavanged in North Dakota went bad, so we were forced to walk half the way out to my "brother's" house.

now onto the good news: we met up with him and we found out that his neighbour left the keys to his 2008(black with white racing stripes) Camaro in the ignition (how he ends up with this thing, we have no speculations, but we are very grateful), a custom 600 hp engine, and a full tank of gas! so what did we do? what a gang of teens [B][U][I] would[/B][/U][/I] do in the middle of a massive zombie outbreak (no windows were broken during the hijacking of this car)
oh, I also got a call from mommy, she said that she is in the same bomb shelter with my little brother and she says they are doing ok.

we also found bottles of this drug called Phalax, scattered in the trash flowing through the streets. Juilan told me that they are mass distributed meds that were supposed to keep people immune from zombie bites, but it turns out that they're just placebos.
great fucking work FDA, great way to turn the popluations into damned zombie bait.
right now we're in a motel just outside of Houston, we'll stay the night here. tommorow we're going to go East, towards the Eastern Coast of the US.
even though I dont know what that will accomplish, we might find more survivors.

[RIGHT][B] Now:[/B] Supermassive Black Hole
[B] Artist:[/B] Muse
[B] Album:[/B] Black Holes And Revelations[/RIGHT][/SIZE]
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[LEFT][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Black][SIZE=1][b]December 4th[/b]
I imagine that at some point in the future, near or distant this war will end with my species destruction, that every semblance of society, art, literature, even war will continue to exist on the mausoleum planet called Earth. The zombies probably won't be able to survive, without their sole food source and numbers replenisher they'll probably just die off in much the same manner we will, it?s oddly comforting to know that in destroying us, they?ve destroyed themselves.

A pair of helicopters landed this morning, resupplying the base with our most needed essentials, water, food, medical supplies and ammunition. I spoke to one of the pilots, a lieutenant named O?Donnell about what?s been going on with other bases in the province. Apparently three bases in the Cork area have been overrun in the last week, the personnel, rather than be turned detonated explosives near the base?s fuel depot... said you could see the smoke forty miles away, clear as you like. Is this what it?s come down to ? If we can?t win we just stem the tide of those turning ?

Been with Jenny every spare minute the day allows, I?ve really only known her for about fourteen months, but we have this connection like I?ve never had before. I don?t know whether it?s the apocalyptic nature of life, or whether I?ve found the woman of my dreams. Either way, I?m grateful for someone to share with what?s left of life. I think I?ll ask her to marry me...

[b]December 5th[/b]
I can?t believe we?ve gotten here already... to this point... there?s really no turning back after this... society is gone... God is dead...

A group of military police arrived in my units barracks today and escorted us to the medical centre... there we were informed that under orders from the Taoiseach and President of the Republic all frontline military personnel were to be given injections of a chemical compound designed to ?alleviate problems?... I think we all knew what that meant... we were going to be doped like horses to fight without a second thought to save those who?d wormed their way into positions of high power... They held us down one by one and a needle the size of my baby finger was pushed into our necks and put God-knows what into our systems...

I feel stronger than I?ve ever felt before, more awake, like I could fight for a year without stopping. I imagine I?ve been given the maximum safe dose of adrenaline, maybe more, along with caffeine or a similar organic compound to keep me alert. Probably some steroids in there as well, maybe other enzymes, I don?t know... to be honest I don?t really want to know... I probably should... but I just don?t want to...[/LEFT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[[//real life. Sorry everyone, my internet has been down for the past two days. Gah, look at all I missed! I'll try to catch up.]
Journal of Hedryn Darrell
October 20th.[/B]

I wasn't wrong. I was right. And it's a good thing I've been training so hard. Because it looks like it's the apocalypse. Please God, keep my friends, my family, and I safe. I know we can get through this. We'll just need a [i]lot[/i] of divine help, Okay? More later, I just can't talk now.

Journal of Hedryn Darrell
November 17th.[/B]

I won't die.

That's what I keep telling myself.

Sorry everyone, for being away when everything has hit the fan. I didn't feel like writing for a while, and when Alex left, I tucked it away. Very hard on me, honestly. So let me fill you in.

When I was younger, pre-college in high school, I would wander the labyrinthian streets of Cheverly (a D.C. suburb), with Alex, my brother, and several other friends of mine. Being the standard nerdish teens we were, the subject of zombies came up all the time. I remember the last time I went trick-or-treating, when I was 15. Hahah, we laughed about how awesome it would be if zombies starting coming down the dark streets we patrolled, and we all picked up weapons and went into RPG-action mode. How little we know.

The government released the truth severeal months ago. The drug they had been giving us, Phalanx, was nothing more than a lie to keep the people at bay. And the infected were some type of zombie. Yes, freaking zombie. It's strange, but I wasn't as afraid as I should have been. Those last months of preparing - Crew to make myself stronger, robotics, archery, martial arts, sucking up everything Columbia had to offer - I think I knew it was coming. So I was preparing myself, mentally as well as physically. There's so much I could write about - barricading ourselves in, saying goodbye to Alexander. Well, I'll write about that one. Alex left. He, and several others, went off-campus and took fortifications somewhere in Lower Manhattan. Is it sad to say I cried? Well, get over it. I did. But I couldn't leave Columbia. It was the only place in the world right now I felt safe. My classmates and I are some of the most ingenous, ingenuitive kids in the world maybe, and we were ready to protect our one-square-block city campus. These days, I sometimes considering using it. But that is for later.

We barricaded Columbia. Sent teams into all the safer regions of Manhattan, brought back tons - literally, tons - of food, weapons, and materials. I wanted to get back home, but all interstate transport had been shut down a long time ago. We were stuck. The first thing we did was reinforce the gates. They went from majestic looking whatnots to something out of a medieval graveyard. Plus the added explosives, security cameras, and whatnot. We've massively defensed the entire school. Take that poli-sci majors. The SEAS school has been ruling the place, designing, building, etc. Most of the teachers were able to vacate and just...left us. Many of them lived in other parts of the state and were able to get back to families. Some are still here with us. They, and a good deal of upperclassmen, have become a sort of ruling body, while underclassmen like myself more or less follow their orders. It's less military and more extreme crisis oligarchy or something. It's actually amazing, in a way. We've become a city-state, and we're an incredibly strong community. Besides the reason that we're being attacked by zombies, it's awe-inspiring. Dark, terrifying, but awe-inspiring. I've been assigned to a team creating robots to go out and survey the surrounding neighborhoods. Trying to keep one step ahead of our attackers. Other teams have created a massive defense rig around the campus, complete with guns, explosives, fire, and lots and lots of electricity. Believe me, this school is protected. The problem is that when you're in one of the most populous cities in the nation, the zombie situation is analagous to a fire striking in Oregon or wherever they're always burning. There's just too much fuel. Long story short, there are now millions of zombies. And only a couple thousand of us. I worry that if we are hit en-masse, no matter our defenses we simply will not be able to keep them away. Actually, I know it. But what other choice do we have but to protect ourselves and pray?

[B]Journal of Hedryn Darrell
December 1st.[/B]
-My December-[/I]

After a full day of robotics, training, and racing to turn our campus of Columbia into the Great Fortress - a nickname for the transformation our school is undergoing - it's hard to fall asleep. My friends have lost family, friends. Over the internet, which is miraculously still up, I've heard of the dying. Of people watching their relatives turn, having to kill them. I'm so lucky my family is safe. My sister, always the smart one, came back home two weeks before everything got shut down. She's always had an amazing inner sense, and she was more aware of what was coming than she was. She, along with my mother, brother, and father, are as safe as you can be in Andrew's Air Force Base now. Luckily, my dad is good friends with the CO. I know at least I don't have to worry about them. I worry a lot about my other friends, then. Ben, holed up in the mountains of Pitt at college; Tim, somewhere in D.C., and my friends at Cornell University. Hope they're all right.

Sometimes it doesn't seem real. Then you hear the moans, and our defense system activating in the middle of the night. It's dumb, but we usually all sleep on the floor of our suite together. When you hear that, it's nice to be able to be able to see everyone around you, not just the darkness. So much darkness. It's like we're back in medieval Europe or something. I'm going to stop now, I'm just going on. Trying to make you understand what my world has become. In a way, it's something I've always dreamed of. Being pulled together with a bunch of people to become unstoppable friends, fighting, I don't know what. But reality makes it much more of a nightmare than a dream. I just hope Alex is all right. He was right. Columbia is immobile, and we're dealing with thousands, millions of zombies. More later.


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December 5th, 2007

We ran into a group of zombies today. They got Stephanie, and I was about to put the bullet in her brain. Jerrard, who was devastated by this attacked me for my lack of sympathy and the way I carried it out. After we took out the four or five zombies that ambushed us, we found out that Stephanie was bit. J and I got into a fight and it ended with the splitting of our party. There was an old car that still had some life left in it on the side of the road, so J took that and looked to Brittany and Susan to come with him. He gave a half-assed speech about how I have them running all over the US and how they were tired of running around. He wanted to go to a survivor camp and just wait it out. Not to my surprise, he blamed me for Stephanie getting bit. That's J for you, always having to blame someone else for his problems.

Fed up with this, I looked to the other two girls and gave an ultimatum. The party was splitting right here and now, and they had to make a choice. Susan, as indecisive as ever, remained quiet whilst Brittany quickly jumped to my side. I told Susan to go with J, cause when Stephanie turned, I didn't want him to be alone. It's funny, because even when he's against me I stay on his side. I looked at her, and I could tell she felt that I didn't have to do this. I agreed with my eyes. She then suggested we switched. She comes with me, and Brittany goes with J. I figured maybe that was the better of the two ideas, so did Stephanie. I could tell these decision were rooted in the fact that J cheated on Stephanie with Susan, so I didn't argue much.

Currently we were pretty close to Little Rock, AK. There was a faint radio signal letting people know that a Survivor camp wasn't too far off. I bid farewell to my best friend, traded the SUV for a smaller Jeep, and hit the road again.


December 11, 2007

We've been camping out in El Paso, TX for the past few days. It's a small band of people still living there at UT campus and they took us in with open arms. We ate, washed up, and stocked up on clothes, cd's and the likes from local stores, although most of the stuff had been looted already. Lucky for me I found an old liquor store and stocked up on beer. I would have went for the hard liquor, but by all means I didn't need to be that drunk. There was also a gun store nearby where I grabbed a few "essentials". Locked & loaded, I taught Susan how to shoot her pistol. She was a natural, so lucky for me I never got on her bad side. I didn't stop at a pistol though, I explained to her when to switch from long range weapons to shotguns when they got close, how to used a knife when needed. Shit, I even taught her how to drive so that we could share the load.

Honestly, I think the desert is where we're going to tough this thing out. Nice climate, few people. If it wasn't for the constant threat of the undead sneaking up and taking this away from me I could almost call this a romantic dream come true. Me and my Bandida. Even now I'm thinking of her in a black wife-beater, a cowboy hat and shorts. Wow, I'm sick.


December 12th, 2007

Well, my newly dubbed Bandida was put to the test today. We stumbled into a town being attacked by zombies while heading up towards Nevada. At first we were gonna turn around and get the fuck out of there, but something told me we needed to stay and help out. So we did. It was maybe a hundred zombies vs. a few dozen of us. I don't know where these idiots learned to shoot from, but they were off. The zombies were maybe 100 yards off and they were using shotguns. I told them to save the shells until I gave the signal. So they waited, and the few of us who did know how to hande a firearm started picking the zombies off one by one. When they got close enough, we swtiched to shotguns, which were made for zombie killing. I'm not going to lie, this skirmish was such a success that I almost wished more zombies would show up. I'm lying. Til tomorrow, we should be in Reno by noon.

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[B][SIZE="3"]December 10, 2007[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]1209 hrs[/SIZE]
Casey James Journal entry[/B]

Nothing seems certain anymore. When we got to Wetumpka I foud out that things had not turned out as I had assumed they would be. The neighboring woods were on fire, and with no one to put them out they had all but engulfed the city and all the out lying houses. Which means that my plan to hide out with my family was now lost. If this wasn't bad enough, while fueling up at yet another old gas station we were attacked and Medina was killed. Once again, it was not a zombie, but a gun touting human with some severe paranoia. And who could blame them? The whole world was going to hell really quickly, so there's no reason to trust anyone. Esspecially not some trigger happy soldiers.

I've given up on this place and have turned north. All I can think to do now is hope to find someone. Being alone in this hell is way to dangerous. I can't hardly sleep or even rest for very long since now I"ve got no one to watch my back. I feel like I'm writing my last few pages. I think soon I'll be dead. If I am faced with the threat of becoming one of those zombies I think I'll choose death first. But at the same time, I'm scared by the very thought.

I don't want to die.

[B][SIZE="3"]December 13, 2007[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]1424 hrs[/SIZE]
Casey James Journal entry[/B]

I've made it to West Virginia. I don't know where to go from here. I was thinking of heading for New York, but I realize that would probably be a death trap. I suppose I could realistically hide here in the mountains and just hole up for as long as I can. If I conserve my diet, plus utilize what little hunting and trapping skills I have, I could realistically stay out here for the next year. But that just seems to easy.

Is this all I amount to anymore? Some coward who hides himself and fights to survive alone. Is that what I want? To die some old hermit in the mountains. Was that really any better then waiting to die by the hands of either a zombie or my fellow man like Medina? There's only one thing I can do now, and that is go out there finally act like a soldier. I have a responsiblity to help whatever survivors there there might be.

I'm going to proceed north and then head west. I going to go all the way to main then I'm going to sweep the border between The US and Canada. Maybe he could find someone from the border patrol, or even just civilians looking for a place to hide. Either way, I have spent too much time just going through the motions of a survivor. It's time to man up and start aiding those who need me.
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I just got a call from a friend of mine who told me there was a massive fire (cause currently unkown) at the base where my parents and younger brother were residing, and he's told me that there were only a few survivors, my parents and younger brother werent among them.

I pulled into one of the petrol stations in Alabama today, and cried my eyes out, I wept so hard I started vomitting. then there was this guy and his family holed up in the store and started opening fire at me. Damn... I was pissed, I rushed into the store and beat up this paranoid fuckface in front of his wife and kids.

I didnt care, noir did I notice til I finshed my 12 hit combo on him. I needed something to vent the anger out on and he was the closest thing to a punching bag I could find. I hit that asshole so hard, I swear I could hear his bones cracking with every blow I dealt him... I finshed him by snapping his neck.

just then I realised that they (the wife and kids) were there when his now widowed wife started to scream at the corpse and me, in a language that sounded far eastern, I really couldnt tell the dialect but from the looks they looked like a chinese family. When she realised the body was gone she sat there, and all the while screaming at me in engrish. "[B] You have no idea what I'm going through, lady...[/B]" with that I gave her a football kick in the head so hard that her neck snapped. When she slumped to the ground I said: "[B] Are you fucking happy now?[/B]" , spat on the corpses, drew my firearm (desert eagle I looted from a police station awhile back) and pointed it at the kids.

those two, they were about my age, a brother and a sister, just clinging onto each other, pleading with me not to kill them. I took some provisions and left the store.

but before I left, I took some tape, lighter paper and a lighter; wired the lighter paper to the four petrol pumps, brought them togther at a common light point, lit the paper and drove off... I pretty much lit up the sky, out of anger, but mostly for my amusement.

ok, time to stop wallowing.

man, still kinda frustrated that I didnt find any survivors. (except for those two kids, but they're proally dead cos of the explosion)

hey look, another motel...

- Twitch


yay, I feel better now that I've moved on. this war [or takeover, doomsday plot or whatever you'd call it] has forced me to grow up alot, I mean I've done things that I'd never do and make decisions (most of the blunt and emotion driven) that I'd never forgive myself for executing, it's all very shocking and very eye opening. it turns people into savages, or basically into cavemen against the dinosaurs again.

We're heading out to our next destination in a few hours (Ash is on her period and isnt in a go-getter mood right now, haha, just hope she wont read this)

I wonder if anyone from the OB's heard about this massive outbreak...
if so I hope I run into them soon, cos there's strength in numbers, ya know.

- Twitch
[RIGHT][B]Now:[/B] Talk
[B] Artist:[/B] Coldplay Vs. Junkie XL[/RIGHT][/SIZE]
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[right][B]November 18, 2009[/B]

[indent]i dont have much time to write so im just gonna go with it and not do spellchecks. this is fucking insane and I dont no what to do. SHIT SHIT SHIT. haha, if the people on the forum I used to visit saw me writing lik this they would pee their pants.

so im now in the bunker with red and tiger. without these guys id have gone insane and died a long time ago. fuck.. is this really the end? no. no no no. ive lasted too long for this to end in a fu.. shit.

Okay, this is me a couple minutes later. Sorry about the rushed writing but I was being hunted. I only just found a way to the roof of this warehouse. There's only one way up here so hopefully those fucking things can't get through the barricade I built.

Holy shit does the town ever look like a pile of crap from up here. Everything ransacked. Not a single survivor in si--. OH MY GOD! I think ther[/indent]

[right][B]December 14, 2007[/B]

[indent]It's been a month since I was seperated from my family. I just don't know what to do anymore. I spend day after day following the crowd of people walking from town to town looking for shelter. Nobody will take me in and sooner or later I'm going to escape from these fucking military pigs and create my own shelter.

There's got to be other kids my age in the same position. I just need to figure out a way to contact them. This is all too much. Not even a few months ago I was happily sitting in my home, not concerned about a thing. Now it's a struggle just to find real shelter.

You can't trust anyone anymore, either. I've learned the hard way that if you make friends in these big crowds of drifters, they just steal from you. Another reason why I need to get out of here. I just wish someone would find me and get me somewhere safe...[/indent]
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[RIGHT][FONT="Garamond"][COLOR="Black"]December 15th
3:20 p.m.[/COLOR][/FONT][/RIGHT]

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]The heat of the day is here, and I'm resting in the relative cool and shade of one of those quiet mountain valleys. It's quiet and dark here, there are so many trees, so many potential places for zombies to hide. But there's nobody within 75 miles of me, and thus, no zombies either. If there are people hiding in the valley, further in, odds are they're completely uncontaminated. Or they're Branch Dividans. In which case they're totally safe and probably better armed than the current military that's been fronting and blasting their message. I have one friend left I can talk to, and he's only safe because of his wits and wits alone.

I won't tell more of who this source is, but I can safely say that I'm doing better here than anyone else could that I'm related to. I know some of my cousins in other countries are probably safe and sound in their military bunkers, including my second cousins and third cousins that are their families. I also have heard from my friend that I'm better off staying here than attracting the attention of the survivors that prey on anyone that looks remotely weaker. I still need a gun, but I can't figure out a way to safely get my hands on one. Besides. Knives don't need to be reloaded.

On the other hand, I can't take down more than six at a time now. I've figured it out. My limits, when things are safe and things aren't. I nearly got clipped by one of the tainted, but I tripped and recovered in time to get out of the range. I suppose I'm leaving more of a trail of corpses then you'd expect, and I have yet to feel upset about this. I shouldn't be surprised you know. It's been five months since the first rumors began to spread. We went from the good life to hell on earth in under two months. I hear that Manhattan has fallen, so that means I'll have to say goodbye to more of my classmates.

In my heart I know that I'm paying a steep price for my continued survival. Every day I'm alive, and make it further, I don't know what happens to me. But I feel as though my survival means the death of others. I'm in Wyoming still, but I find myself drawn to the deeper forests. Perhaps I should go further in.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=3][b]December 3, 2007[/b][/size]
[size=1][i]11:34 PM EST[/i]

My body aches from the past two day's of labor. My group walked to 36th street yesterday, where we found a fortified group of perhaps 200 people. They barricaded the surrounding streets (the perimeter has a two block radius), which leaves us with a fair sized square to carry on our lives. I spent most of yesterday and a portion of today carrying furniture out of high rises and into the street to finish up our crude defenses. We have a very limited number of guns and ammo, so shooting at the zombies is not an option most of the time. Guards patrol the area in groups of fifteen and wield weapons such as baseball bats, golf clubs, lead pipes, knives, and hand-saws? hand to hand combat is necessary to defend our location. We rotate in one-hour shifts, with most of the able-bodied people such as myself shouldering the majority of that burden.

My group set out yesterday with eleven and arrived at this defended zone with nine. In our swift flight south, we encountered an unspoken number of zombies. As we saw these hulking corpses in the distance, we quickly divided ourselves into two groups for greater mobility, and we agreed to rendezvous ten blocks south of our current location (approximately 40th street, at that point).

My group took a right turn and continued south, while the other group decided to run past the zombies. Their assumption was that since they had greater speed and agility, they would be able to outpace them safely. I voiced my concern over this idea and urged my half of the group to run through the subway tunnel. We did.

We entered the 50th street subway station, and were immediately met by a zombified stationmaster and woman, both of whom had just begun digging into a teenage girl. The blood flew up from her squirming corpse in sporadic jets, forming crimson puddles on the platform. More or less, here's how the group deliberation went.

Me: ?We need to keep moving. Jump onto the tracks and run to the Port Authority station.
Cesar: That's so fucked up dude.
Me: She's already lost, let's go.
(general group silence)
(general group acknowledgement that I'm right)

Moving quickly by the maimed woman, we hopped onto the tracks and started running. For almost 100 yards, we could hear that woman's tortured cries for mercy, echoing through the concrete tunnel. It became pitch black. Cellphones were turned on for light and we proceeded to Port Authority without incident.

Reader's note: Port Authority is a bus terminal owned by the transit authority. It's almost always heavily traveled. It's also a subway station, and in order to reach the street you have to go through the bus terminal.

We climbed onto the platform and entered the terminal. The place was a bloodbath; it looked as if NYPD had fought tooth and nail to kill the zombies within it. No one from the struggle was left alive. All we heard was another set of screams, and ascending a flight of stairs we saw the origin of them. This time, a woman was being gang raped by a set of three men. In surprise, they pointed their guns at us.

"If you move closer, we kill you all."

Without another word, the group sprinted away. The girls in the group were sobbing uncontrollably. I clenched my fists in silent fury. After a few of the girls had stopped crying (for fear the zombies would hear them and be attracted), we stepped onto the street. Bullets slammed into the concrete wall we stood against. I dropped to the ground instinctively and rolled under a car.

I leaned out to look at who was shooting, and it appeared to be stray bullets from a vicious battle in Times Square. Thousands lay dead, with hundreds more civilians cutting into the advancing zombie ranks with semi-automatic weapons [I assume] they seized from the local police precinct. In a lull in the battle, we rose and assessed the damage. One wounded, not seriously, no casualties. We had been immensely lucky. Someone used their scarf as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding in his lower leg. The trek continued two more blocks, and we waited inside a bank to evade Manhattan's bitter cold.

The second group rounded the corner in full sprint, with looks of abject horror in their eyes. They dove into the bank, and began quickly stammering to us.

"A hundred, following, lost two? they tripped and we kept moving? keep going."

"OH FUCKING GOD THEY'RE STILL COMING, RUN GODDAMNIT." In absolute awe, we looked to the girl who had never raised her hand in literature class. Then her outburst finally registered with us. In a totally disorganized manner, we left the bank. The pace was heavily reduced by a few stragglers who could not keep up. My lungs screamed within me, choking on the frigid winds I forced down it.

We could no longer slow down. The zombies were gaining. Those who could not keep up would be governed by the absolute rule of natural selection, courtesy of Charles Darwin. Even the weakest began to have their adrenaline come into their system, and we pressed southward even further, zigzagging where we could to confuse the zombies.

Gazing down the avenue, I saw the street was totally barricaded. I hoped for the best and began yelling to them.


There was no response. Desperately, we moved towards the wall. Our deaths were eminent if it did not accept us in. We were trapped between a horde of perhaps 80 zombies and an insurmountable wall. All hope was lost. My muscles began to break down.

Then, a miracle. I heard it from on high.

"On three? one, two, THREE."

Immediately, a group of children began throwing books from the high rises into the group of zombies. They were momentarily stunned, more so in confusion that pain. Seconds later, perhaps 50 humans poured onto the street behind the zombies and began mincing them apart. They sustained only one casualty.

In this street skirmish, I killed my first using my own foot. A sickening story cut short, I tripped it and smashed its skull in.

The first is always the hardest.

I wonder how long I'll stay here. We're an unsustainable population. At night we go through the subway tunnels to travel the city covertly in search of food. During the day, we stay indoors as much as possible.[/size]
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[b]Journal of Michael Kalis[/b]
December 4th, 2007

Me and Mary drove many miles down mostly abandoned or congested roads. When the roads were two full, we’d pull off and ride in the median or on the grass beside the roads. Eventually, we came to a bridge that was fully clogged by abandoned cars. With that, Me and Mary grabbed the few possessions we still had and carried them on our backs as we walked on the hoods of the cars across the bridge. We’d take the last car at the end of the bridge and continue driving from there. The weather outside was usual southern winter, dark skies and cold air surrounding us, the wind pushed us unsteadily as we leapt from car to car.

Several of the vehicles were filled with dead and undead humans, and we could hear them moaning miserably in the state of undeath, scratching at the roofs of their cars as we jumped from one to another. We were wary of the hands reaching up from some of the rolled down windows, but luckily, the zombies were too stupid and too jammed in to get out of the various vehicles. At the end of the line, we found a few scattered cars, all of them either totaled or wrecked. There was one on the edge though, that was in decent condition. The only problem was that it was occupied on its driver side by one of the zombies.

Walking slowly, I readied my crowbar. Looking into the window better, I could tell that the zombie was recently deceased, not by more than a day or two. It was a lucky stroke because that meant that it wouldn’t smell so bad inside. I grabbed the car handle and gave it a wiggle, opening the door slowly and cautiously. Backing away immediately, the zombie slumped out of the car onto the pavement. I took my chance right away and put the wedge-end of the crow-bar through the thing’s temple. It didn’t move. After cleaning off my weapon it the thing’s shirt, I was delighted to find the car was in relatively good condition within despite housing a dead man for what must have been the previous 48 hours. Also, I had saved a big mess by killing the zombie outside the car.

Bonus points, hurray.
It was a Volkswagen Touareg SUV. I hope that it won’t run out of gas too quickly. After the incident, I gave Alex a call. It seemed through some means of chance that he and a small group of friends had finally found a real safe haven, and that he actually felt moderately safe for the first time in a long time. That brought relief to me, and I told him I would give him a day by day as we got closer.

As we continued driving, we came across a small-time gas station. It looked untouched. Something felt right, so I decided to pull up and see if there was any gas left in the pumps. To my absolute delight, there was plenty. I took the opportunity to fill the tank. After that, I gave Mary my father’s saber and told her to follow my lead into the store itself to see if we could grab any food. I opened the door and shouted to attract the attention of any potential bogies.

It was safe. Minutes later, we were walking out with non-perishables and a few select drinks. Sure, they may have been warm, but it was better than nothing. Packing the trunk, we left the store with a new wind carrying us.

I don’t know why, but a strange feeling has over come me… a strange, unshakable excitement.

I feel like I’m finally living, as odd as that sounds.

Anyways, it’s time to get some shut eye, set my alarm and all that jazz. We’re out here in this field, as usual. Hopefully it’ll go as good as it has been, I don’t like interruptions.

‘til tomorrow.


December 5th, 2007
[b]7:23 am[/b]

Mary and I made love for the first time last night. We were laying in the darkness and I told her I loved her. As I shut my eyes, she kissed me on the mouth, and continued. Things took their course, and something beautiful happened. I’d never had sex that good, maybe it’s because it was a surprise, heh. Or maybe it’s because it was the first real love I’ve ever made. Things were right.

Mary is still asleep in the back. I’m going to start driving in a few. It’s actually sunny for a change, still cold as hell…

I think it’s going to be a good day.


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[LEFT][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Black][SIZE=1][b]December 6th[/b]
At 6 AM this morning the choppers arrived, two of them, by the looks they'd been civvies and converted for military use, a pair of anti-personnel machine guns had been welded to the sides. They were manned by two troops who, like me, looked to have been recruited into the resistance only recently, there was still that lingering fear in their eyes, where as veteran troops had only a kind of cold deadness.

I got my orders for the day at oh-seven-hundred hours along with my next dose of the serum. I was to accompany three other squads into the town to set a thermal explosive at it's centre, or as close to zombie central as we could get. Fire made sense, burn the host body and the virus dies as well, at least hopefully it does. You hear people muttering that this thing is like a plague from Hell itself, and that we should be in Church praying, looking for deliverance from the Lord, I say solder a cross to your gun and have a priest or your barrack's chaplain bless it and you're good to go.

We took three modified minibuses, my unit as it had seen the least combat was relegated to carrying the bomb between the vanguard and our cover unit in the rear. Place looked eerily normal, despite the occasional body and broken shop windows, reminded me of better times, of an almost previous life.

Plan was to open up the main gas lines, set the bomb at the centre with a timer and then get the fuck out of there before we were poisoned, caught in the inferno, or consumed by the hoard. Plan didn't exactly go according to plan...

About a hundred meters from the target we came under heavy fire, which made no fucking sense seeing as zombies don't use guns. Our rearguard were taken by surprise, and a petrol bomb finished them off in an inglorious blaze. We tried to get some cover, but apparently the survivors in the town had taken it personally that we were ordered to exterminate them, can't really blame them, but we they fired on our troops, that changed things.

Since we were carrying the explosives, we'd been given heavier arms, including a Steyr AUG with an M203 attachment and two grenade rounds for if the shit got really out of control. I figured it did and suggested to squad leader we use it on the civvies and get the mission completed. He popped the air vent of the bus and unloaded the first round in the direction of the enemy fire, half a second later the hail of enemy fire died down, along with most of the building they were in. I think it went through all our minds, that we'd just killed some real people as opposed to the undead... in those seconds of combat though... I honestly don't think it made any difference.

I smashed out the rear window of the bus, without the rearguard we had to ensure the bomb got to where it was intended... The rest of the mission went as textbook as a mission could go, we encountered only sparse resistance from the zombies, cut open all the gas lines and set the bomb. It had to be left for about six hours to get as much gas penetration as possible, we'd gotten back to the barracks and had a beer by the time the explosion went off. It was like a sun had been born, a bright flash and then firestorm that wiped out most of the town... civilian renegades included.

The service for the lost squad took place at 8PM, as their vehicle hadn't been recovered, it was more of just a mass with a remembrance of their sacrifice, the ultimate one we could make, though in their case it hadn't been voluntary. Squad leader came up to me when I was with Jenny and told me I'd been promoted for quick thinking, apparently now I'm a Corporal with all the privileges and responsibilities that go with it. I think it's probably only because the guys killed were all veterans and they need men to fill the gaps...[/LEFT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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We've made progress, we looted a miliary surplus in Virginia, but without some sort of obsticle holding us back.

we ran into more loopy people again, instead of firing at each other the three of us just ran up to them and took them out with our respective fighting styles [Muay Thai for me, Taekwondo for Juilan, and Hapkido for Ash] they were so clueless, I mean they were swinging blindly, and stuff... it was easy.

As an award I made away with new weaponry, among them:

- FNP90
- FN Five-seveN [x2]
- M1014
- frag grenades [x21]

so did the other two, but instead of picking their own weapons they picked the ones I picked, at first I was kinda mad that they copied me, but when ammo came into question, the anger died down.

(man, that must be some kickass military surplus, like top secret or something)

all of this paired with a swiss army pocket knife and my katana, these zombies wouldnt be too much of a problem... speaking of zombies...

we ran into some today (not alot just five of them) and, boy did I feel [I] stupid[/I]... I rushed at one and delivered a seven hit combo and finished it by tripping her and giving her a goalie kick... I thought it would work.. I heard the bones snap but she didnt die. She got back up and tried to bite me, luckily I was saved by Ash, a few rounds into the head and it went down. When I asked she said: "I play resident evil, ya know." hm... I thought she wasnt into video games but whatever, so instead of going for the hand to hand approach I took them down with my FNP90, it felt more statisfying than playing halo 2 on xbox live.... I guess saving the world [I] is[/I] better when you dont do it behind a controller.

hey at least the car wasnt hurt, so we stocked up on ammo and provisions and drove off heading for New York... why New York? cos I want to help those guys out, I'm thinking that helping supress zombies will make my parents happy.

- Twitch


we passed through Pennsylvania today, cos I floored it most of the way, but some creepy shit did happen, besides getting attacked by the undead, for starters we got pulled over by the cops cos I was speeding...

seriously? who cares about who doing what? I mean people are looting stores and you dont pull them over... what the hell.
and I was fined a $300 ticket. like I'll ever pay that bullshit, plus that cop talked funny when started questioning Ash and getting her drug checked, but he proally shutted his trap when Juilan went up and asked him if we really did anything wrong, it was proally the sight of the semi machine gun slung around him that freaked the cop out. haha. fucking bastard, that fool didnt see the pistols in Ash's pockets or the rifle in the passenger seat. what is he, blind?

But the creepiest thing happened as we were passing through the Pennsylvania-New York boarder... Remember that scene in the war of the worlds remake when a crowd of people crowded cruise's van? the exact same thing happened to me and my Camaro, except we didnt give the car up and we floored it regardless if there were people in our way or not, then when were in the clearing we rolled down the windows and threw a few grenades toward the crowds... the results were pretty nice.

I drove at [dangerously] high speeds for about two hours and we pulled into Manhattan.... Jeez, look at the junk all over the place... I saw some refugees wandering the streets some of them started walking to the car and instinctivly my older brother rolled down his window and fired at them, weather they were human or not, while I looked for a place to stay. Ash said it was too dangerous to do it, so we pulled into a car park [parking lot as they call it here in America] and now we're spending the night in my car.... fuck. I smelll of rotting corpses, proally drive to a gym and get a shower. Yes; I locked the doors. Yes; I turned off the engine and [I] Yes[/I]; I parked in a corner where I cant be attacked easily. Look at her... even though she's sleeping, she still looks scared. I'm not sleeping at the driver's seat tonight.

- Twitch
[RIGHT][B] Now:[/B] Six
[B] Artist:[/B] All That Remains
[B] Album:[/B] The Fall Of Ideals / The Guitar Hero II Soundtrack[/RIGHT][/SIZE]
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[b][i]December 14th, 2007[/i][/b]
I made it to norfolk in a hectic trip of run-overs, but it all turned out well. Untill I arrived in norfolk, the small little town looked like a ghost town! Accept for the zombies everything els was lifeless. I drove down main street slowly to investigate the surroundings, zombies flocking around my grandmother's car. I was able to get threw the horde or creatures onto Jame's street, but arriving at his house was a torment for his doors were locked and my grandma's car quit on me! I had pounded on the door and was let in thankfully by James, now we are held up in his house trying to find a way out.
I'll update later on our plans.

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