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User Names: Because Repeat Threads Are Good For You!


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[COLOR="goldenrod"]It?s been a while since we?ve had one of these and because [B][U]repeat threads are a good thing[/U][/B], I say it?s time we had one again. Though this time I say we combine it a bit. Instead of the individual threads: ?[I]How did you come up with your internet/screen name, How did you come up with your OB username, Usernames and set personalities & Just how many usernames have you had and why?[/I]? Lets combine them all into just one thread. ^_~

Now for me this will be simple. Regardless of where I?ve joined, I tend to stick to the same user name SunfallE. Its based off of a character from one of my favorite Star Trek books and usually I always get it. From myOtaku to DeviantArt to my photobucket account to my PaperAnime account. All of them are the same user name. I stick with it because I like it. I even have personalized license plates on my car that say Sunfall. I?ve had the same e-mail [email]sunfallennien@hotmail.com[/email] for ten years.

Now as for it having a set personality, I tend to think of it as relating to the character I took it from. One who in spite of tragedy still had hope that everything in the end would work out. And in the book, even though it was generations after the character was gone, things did work out.

As for changing my user name? It?s just not something I plan on doing. I know that people do, but for me I find the idea odd. And when members change their names, it takes me a while to get use to the change, especially when it?s someone I?ve seen around for a while so it just doesn?t seem like them at first. lol So I think its safe to say that my user name will not be changing any time soon. [/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]I agree. I love repeat threads!
My name, "taperson", originates from a youth group lock-in a year and a half ago, when we painted our youth room. My friend Kirsten & I were members of the incredible Green Team, but we didn't paint as much as we did tape things, like the edges of doors or windows. We had an amazing strategy in which I would get on her shoulders (funny because at the time i weighed 20 pounds more than her), and I'd tape the high spots.
Anyway, after trying and falling and trying and falling and trying and finally succeeding in our efforts, we named ourselves the Taping People (how original), and I became Taperson. Then there was a paint fight... yummmmm.
It doesn't quite relate to my personality either - but none of my usernames for anything do. They're all just based off of memories.

It was all pretty stupid, actually.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I lack any sort of creativity so of course, all of my names are based off of something. My username is based off of Izumi Konata from Lucky Star. Why her name? I just like her character. I might have chosen Akira or Minoru Shiraishi but Akira is a common name that could be mistaken for a lot of characters (or even the Akira series) and as for Minoru... That's like naming myself Aya Hirano or some other voice actor/actress, ha-ha. Plus, I'm a female, so it would be a bit awkward. Tsukasa is another variable but I always think Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN or another series =P

As for other choices that don't relate to Lucky Star, I usually pick "Qoo" or "Tokachi". Qoo because I like the Qoo drink (and the mascot and song), and Tokachi from the phrase "tokachi tsukuchite" from one of iDOLM@STER's songs sung by Ami Futami.

But I didn't choose those simply because I don't like #1 as much, and I already placed tokachi in my user title.

Other screennames include: Majidejima (a random pun that I liked) and Illya Einzbern (Illyasviel von Einzbern from the Fate series. I didn't like her much as a character, but her name is so fun to say.) Mashimaro Ichigo is another, but that's because I like marshmallows and strawberries, as well as the anime Ichigo Mashimaro.

Changing my username? Probably not. I like the name Konata, not only because of the character, but because of how it sounds.
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[font=arial][size=1]I was RiflesAtRecess before, but I got sick of how that name represents me, so I started changing everything about a year ago. My name here was the last to be changed.

All of my current screen names come from [url=http://myspace.com/pageninetynine][b]pg.99[/b][/url] songs that have lyrics which are meaningful to me, including "Goodbye, Face," "Calmsong," "Comedy of Christ," and "My Application to Heaven..."

Honestly, though, I just like this name.[/font][/size]
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[color=crimson]When I joined in October 2k1 I was playing an MMORPG called "Lineage: The Blood Pledge" who had a high-level boss monster which was named [url=http://www.lineage.com/cgi-bin/npc_browser.pl?action=show&id=1420]Death Knight[/url]. I just borrowed it and never thought to change it.

My usernames over time are plentiful. NorthernKhan, Destroyer, SamsaPerhaps, Samsa, Narna, NarnaKitan, Zhukov and many others. I use Zhukov, SamsaPerhaps and DeathKnight the most these days. I admire Georgy Zhukov's work in World War 2 as being realistically harsh in the face of a campaign that almost destroyed a nation. Gregor Samsa is the protagonist of Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis' which is a fantastic short story that I wish more people would read. Other names up there are mostly from characters I roleplayed as.

There was another guy around here, Corey, who was originally named DarkOrderKnight and between the two of us it kind of felt cheesy/prototypical for awhile to be named DeathKnight. A dark, brooding warrior, oooohhh. I doubt being fourteen and spamming up the boards with worthless stuff really helped the name seem mature.

Over time though I believe it's grown with me. I don't consider it cheesy anymore especially in comparison to other usernames around OtakuBoards. I consider myself to be relatively well-informed on most matters and do my best not to post when I have no idea what I'm talking about. I do enjoy attacking people but, really, that's more of a quirk than a character flaw, isn't it? ;)

I consider changing your username to be rather lame and have decided to stick with it. Even if I was Inuyasha555 I'd stick with it. Make your bed, you lie in it.. even with something as mundane as a username. Plus, from personal observation, once you start changing it there seems to be a trend where you are never satisfied with what you have changed it to and keep changing it.

I suppose I'll be a rotted corpse with armor permanently here.[/color]
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Meh my name is totally unoriginal. When I joined OB a looong time ago, I was infatuated with Inuyasha and more importantly Sesshomaru. I still watch Inuyasha, just not as much. I have a screen name that I stick with now on other sites, DJRedrum. Redrum, of course is from the Shining, where Jack Torrence's son goes crazy and starts putting the word Redrum on the walls. Redrum spells murder backwards BTW.

But why the DJ? I love to play rhythym video games and on Beatmania, you are known as a DJ. So on Beatmania, I'm DJ Redrum. Makes sense huh?

I want to change my user name in the near future to my actual name, because Sesshomarufan just seems so.....archaic. So meh, hope to see you in the future with a new screen name.
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Well Samurai X Trust and Betrayal is my favorite movie(which stars Kenshin). I just feel connected to the character he is extremely guilt ridden and just seeks atonement. Like myself not to mention he tries to live a peaceful life of non violence in a very violent world. He also fights to protect which I admire greatly. I admire the character and sympathize with him. The DX just sounded cool.
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That is true, DX does sound cool. It gives a more, technological feel to your name =P

Oh, as for my username connecting to me (forgot this last post, might as well add it here), eh... Well since Konata is an [i]anime/game/Internet/manga/etc fan[/i], and I'm posting on the [i]Otaku[/i]Boards, it sorta fits the occasion, one can say. ´・ω・`
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[COLOR=Indigo]Well, even though I've said this before, it's still true. ;) I chose my user name based on events that happened when I was a high school student and later after some experiences I had with other online anime forums.

When I was in High School I made the mistake of bringing some Sailor Moon manga to class. One of my teachers saw it and assumed it was porn without bothering to read it and took me to the principal?s office where I got a huge lecture and then they took me outside and literally burned my books on the spot.

My parents tried to complain to the authorities but the principal and teacher both lied and claimed they gave me the books back and that if anyone had burned them I must have done it myself. Needless to say the authorities believed the adults and not some out of state High School kid (since we had just moved to the state) who wasn?t a member of the dominant religion in the area.

I also joined some online anime forums run by the dominant religion where I lived thinking it would be a good way to get to know the people of the area. It turned out to be nothing more than a way for the parents to strictly regulate and control what their children were watching in regards to anime.

Since I am a fan of yaoi and yuri series the moment I mentioned a few I was immediately flamed by other members, It reached the point where I finally closed my account and looked around for another forum to join as I was tired of getting close to 100 + messages a month. I lost count of the religious subscriptions I was anonymously signed up to by other members of the forum. Needless to say I was not interested in the nonsense being sent my way.

Those two events led me to change my user name to indifference as I decided that if others do not like my love of anime then as I my name says I am indifferent to their opinion in that respect as I have no intention of changing to fit their narrow views of what they think is acceptable.

Ironically I like the new user name better than my previous one. As for changing it? I've toyed with the idea of going back to using my first name Crystia, like I use to. But I've grown use to indifference so it's not likely to happen any time soon. I do find it ironic that joining myOtaku and then later OtakuBoards was a completely and totally different experience in that I was never harassed at all. So in a sense I didn't need a different user name after all. lol[/COLOR]
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There were some people in the past who thought that my username came from the higher portion of an audio frequency. But no, that’s not where I got it from. I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to music.

My name actually came from a videogame called “Megaman 7” on the SNES. There’s a character in the game named Bass who has a loyal wolf partner called Treble. Together they serve as the ultimate rivals of Megaman and Rush, the heroes of the game. There really was no significant meaning in choosing to use “Treble” as my username. I just thought that Treble was a really awesome looking sidekick and the bad guys were always cooler than the good guys. More importantly, it was different from all the usual anime names that people fought over for.

And I don’t think I have ever changed my username throughout my time here. Well, actually I did capitalized the letter “t” in my name so that it could look more formal and stuff. Also, I have no intention to change my username since I’m so use to it now.
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[FONT="Arial"]Oh man. I am all over the internet.

I'll start here, though. I remember first signing up as [B]Ailes de Velour[/B], (although there used to be a member called [B]CaramelGhost[/B], which was most likely me as well, regardless of me having no remembrance of signing up under that name) and I remained under that name, which supposedly meant Wings of Velvet, for several months.

Much later, I resigned up as [B]Amelia[/B] (I didn't know we could request a name changed). That was and still is my favorite girl's name, and at the time I considered it a kind of pseudonym. Eventually I changed the name to [B]Marsh[/B], which was derived from the name of the Runescape character one of my friends gave me. Finally, I decided to change to [B]Clurr[/B], which is what a lot of my friends call me and is kind of a nickname (my real name is Claire). I don't plan on changing anytime soon, as this name fits the best.

I go by Clurr on two other message boards as well, and it has been my myspace display name for well over a year.

Now, my AIM, Livejournal, and Blogspot username is [B]nils nectar[/B]. Nils is my favorite male name, and nectar pays homage to my band (Nectar of the Gods). Plus, they both begin with the letter N, so it sounds pretty cool.

Pretty much any username I have that isn't one of those two names is probably taken from some AFI song ([size=1]like my old Yahoo screen name, intobanality, is from Death of Seasons: "writhing with sickness, thrown into banality, I decay."[/size]) I very rarely sign up for anything under any name other than Clurr, though.[/FONT]
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Well besides the fact that my real name Darren is usually taken, [[SIZE="1"]and the fact that I rarely sign up for anything anyway[/SIZE]] I thought it would be nice to have something that reflected a bit of what I like and what is the driving force in my life. So since I play the cello and I?m into classical music, I used the last name of one of my all time favorite composers. Simple and to the point.

I have no plans to change it since I doubt my love for classical music is going to change anytime soon. Though I do have to admit that when other members change theirs it does take a bit of getting use to. Because after a while, you tend to think of them as that name, much in the same way you would in real life. Like Takuya who recently changed his to GuyYouMetOnline. I'm still getting use to that after being in the same rp for seven months no less. It just seems weird! Though I'm sure so many months down the road I'll be thinking of them as that name instead of their old one.
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Neuvox: Old French for New, or Reborn.

Raiha: Japanese for Child of Thunder/Rage.

Fitting enough, considering I almost always used the name 'Raiha' after reading it in 9th grade in 'Memoirs of a Geisha.' Of course I now discover that it's also the name of an anime character that happens to have blue hair and be so generic as to be disappointing. Oh well. The Neuvox is derived from an old rock band that nobody has ever heard of and fitting enough that I added it after OB upgraded again.

Anyway, I once was known as 'Lapraseye' on a Pokemon forum, or 'Lapras666' in one of my more combatative stages, but on OB I started as 'Setsuna' as in Sailor Pluto. If you can't remember this, dont' worry. The only people that do are Charles aka 'The Great Frying Pan Man or 'El Crazy White Boy' and Sephiroth. And even THAT is hazy.

My personality? What you see, is often how I am. Sexy Talk with Raiha is exactly how I'd answer those questions when asked of me in real life. I am caustic, sardonic, sarcastic, blunt, and easily offended. Shocker? I think not![/FONT][/COLOR]
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When I was younger there was an rpg fansite owned by the german named Doc Ower. Two of his underlings who ran the site were named Brain and Mynd. I used to chat it up with these guys alot and then one day they disappeared. I took brain's name and turned it into my AIM handle MachineBrainX. After that I took Mynd's handle and used it to sign up for various message boards, email accounts etc. (he probably goes by something else now cause I took up every peace of internet real estate I could with the name Mynd Ara).

When I came to myO and OB, I knew that the name I wanted to go by would not be taken already by the anime legions, that name was Malkav. If I were to go to any other board in the world, I can guarantee you that Malkav is taken, and I despise numbers in screen names.

Malkav, as told in Vampire: The Masquerade/ World of Darkness canon, Malkav was the progenitor of the vampire clan Malkavians. As with all the vampire clans in the World of Darkness setting, Malkavians suffer from a specific flaw: in this case, they are incurably insane. However, many Malkavians believe their insanity to be a strength rather than a weakness. Exactly why they all suffer from insanity is unknown, but according to the Book of Nod, all third-generation vampires were cursed by Caine after the second-generation vampires were destroyed. One of these third-generation vampires was Malkav, from whom Malkavians come.

According to Malkavian legend, when Malkav was killed, all his childer came to his corpse and drank the blood of their father, thus collectively diablerizing Malkav. He is said to speak inside each and every Malkavian's soul and connects them into one collective consciousness. This "hive mind" is sometimes called "the Cobweb" or "the Malkavian Madness Network", which contains each thought and memory that any Malkavian in the world has ever had (and sometimes is about to have).

Google Malkavian one day if you want the full story behind Malkav. He has the most interesting legend of all Antediluvians.
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[SIZE="1"]I suppose I'm in the same boat as SunfallE, given unusual nature of my handles outside of OB which is usually [B]'Zeitgeist Glee[/B]' or some variety of it, so chances are if you see a username like that on a forum you browse, it's me. Unsurprisingly Zeitgeist Glee is my AIM handle and my MSN username, though there's an underscore

As to how I came up with the name, well honestly I'm not really sure. Back a few years ago I was a bit infamous for changing my AIM handle to something I felt reflected me a little better. When I changed my username to Gavin, my own first name which was something of a fashionable thing to do among my friends at that time, I decided my handles didn't fit any more. Originally I was going with joke names or ones that reflected my Irish heritage, but when they either didn?t fit or were taken I kinda went outside the box.

Anyway, after watching the film Swordfish and hearing one of the hacker guys use the term Zeitgeist, I decided I liked the sound of it and added Glee to act as the second half, as Zeitgeist is nearly always taken on sites. Funnily enough, though Glee fits with the word Zeitgeist in meaning, it was completely unintended as the Glee refers to something other than the concept of happiness. After that I?d found the name that expresses me perfectly and have been using it for probably 2 years at this stage.

As for OB, well that one I?ve already explained. [B]Gavin[/B] is my first name and at one stage a lot of Oldies decided to change their usernames to their first names, as mostly people just referred to them by them. As well as that, I think by then, we weren?t really just people who were reflected by their taste in videogames or anime anymore.

Other usernames, there?ve been plenty of them, I started off as [B]Majin Gogeta[/B] in September/October 2001, created a new account as [B]Shadow Demise[/B] in November and did the same again in December becoming [B]Red XIII[/B]. This was all before people were able to change usernames of course, when that was introduced I became [B]Outcast[/B], later changing to [B]Lynx[/B], then [B]Kane[/B] and finally my current nom de guerre. And that as they say is a wrap.

Personality wise I don?t think I?ve changed very much, at the start I was fairly shy, not really sure how to express myself to others but still, I think anyway, honest and fun-loving. Nowadays I?m fairly relaxed and uninhibited, though being married to Raiha will do that to you, I love you too honey ;) and still up for some fun times with other members writing in the Arena. [/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Some of yall's names have the coolest histories evar. Every time I post in one of these incarnations, my post is rediculously large... oh well...

When I was around 8 years old I made up a video game in which the main character was named [B]Tical[/B]. From that point on, I used the name Tical like crazy, and in sequels to that story i'd use names like [B]Tigen [/B]and such. When I first entered the internet world on a [B]Yu-gi-oh![/B] forum many moons ago, my screenname was naturally Tical. My email adress, on the other hand, was [B]'Ticalultimate' [/B]because Tical was already taken. Considering myself the only true Tical, I added the 'ultimate'. I used Tical when I signed up for [B]Otakuboards[/B]. When I first signed up, my cousin also signed up as [B]Otaku_Samurai88 [/B]though he didn't ever come here.

When Tical got banned, I assumed control of O_S88. This username also held special significant because it was the name of the publication company my cousin and I pretended to be the owners of >_> Since my little brother had the email adress [B]MetalSonic700[/B], I also signed up here with that. I was also the one controlling it ^^;;

Eventually I ended up creating a new account, [B]Kyo no Ryu[/B], that lived on otakuboards for a long time. Kyo no ryu translates to 'Kyo's Dragon'. I didn't know this at the time, I thought it was 'Kyo the Dragon' >_> found out later... either way, it was inspired by [B]Samurai Deeper Kyo[/B]. anywho I used it a long time (and I also had like 6 sockpuppets i don't remember...) but eventually lost the password. I created some other account and purposefully got myself banned. I was IP banned...

My next name was [B]ThatOneOddDude[/B]. This is another name that holds a lot of meaning to me. I've never been 'normal' by any kind of comparison, but i absolutely hate thinking of myself as 'weird' or 'crazy'. Those titles are cliche and ignorant and I hate them. As a person who has lived in 17 different houses, I've always wondered how my past friends would remember me. I figure I could be remembered as that one odd dude.

With that account, i had like 5 name changes >_< The first one was [B]ThoraxTheImpaler[/B]. This was taken from a skit on [B]X-play [/B]in [B]the Adventure of Bob And Steve [/B]using [B]Splinter cell 3's [/B]co-op mode. Bob was calling himself [B]Thor-axe the impaler[/B]. I couldn't fit the whole name so I used the bug part. Also, I believe it was rifles who made me a sweet banner referencing the skit.

Next was during an... um... 'transitional period' of my life. it was [B]Hug_Monster[/B], which I actually also used on theOtaku and Gaia as well as some other places I think... either way, everything was purple and I'd rather not talk about it...

Back then were hard times, and I remember during that winter break, every morning I would stay up till the morning so that I could sit out on my 'patio' and watch the sun rise. One day i decided that I wanted to become a nomad... i thought that eventually I would ride gorseback across the country and live off the land or whatever. So I made my name [B]? Nomad Tical ? [/B]cuz that cross thing was my 'symbol'.

Later it went back to Tical. Then even more later I started this theme of making everything Blue. (I even did the story [B]Princess of Blue [/B]at that time) and so my name was [B]Tical Blue[/B]. This was also my name on other places, I think. Either way, this would be my last name before leaving the internet for a while...

Then I came back to OB as [B]FOY [/B]or [B]Flourescent Optic Yellow[/B]. A little while later I became obsessed with the song[B] 21st Century Digital Boy [/B]by [B]Bad Religion[/B], but since most places don't allow a name that long, I decided to use 2006 and then [B]2007DigitalBoy[/B].

Almost everywhere that I was using the name Tical, I abandoned it (discluding youtube). The email I mostly use is Metalsonic700 which is my name in some places, but for the most part Digital Boy has really stcuk with me, because I think theat's really the best way to describe me. I am 100% a product of the 21st century, lol. Anyway, I use that name everywhere with variations such as [B]digitalboyDB [/B]and such. Oh, and I still have a rarely-used sockpuppet here that I use when I'm on my brother's mac :p I'm sure he'll post here eventually...[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="goldenrod"]My user name is simple. It?s the name of my Bichon and also my avatar and signature banner. [[SIZE="1"]Well when I'm not sporting an avatar/banner set for the OtakuBoards Survivor RP I'm in[/SIZE]] Though I've got links to my Bichon avatar/banner in my signature since you can't have two at the same time. :p Anyway, when I was first thinking of what to use I decided on my dogs's name since I love my dog and I wanted to have a Bichon themed avatar and signature set. I chose it because in the end, even though I love anime and other fun names from them, in the end I love my dog more. ^_^

I only belong to OtakuBoards and myOtaku but I suppose if I ever get another account somewhere, it will probably be some form of variation of her name as I?m quite fond of it. ^_^ I have no plans to change it because in truth I adore the name. I've always liked to give pets real names, or rather I should say more than a simple name like Spot. Plus Aaryanna is pretty. So I definately do not plan on changing it. I like it too much to do that. ^_^ [/COLOR]
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Haha, I remember posting in one of the versions of this thread a while back... so here's another go at it ^_^

Back when I was in 6th grade, the grade school I was in had just gotten internet - this was about 9 years ago; so the internet was still rather new to kids my age in the rural area we lived in. My sister was a year older, and in the high school - I knew she had gotten an email address, so I finally came into the 7th grade, I asked her to help me make one, since I had no idea how to go about it :P

When I asked her to help me set one up, she explained how you could make the name anything you want - that was when Outlaw Star, the anime we all know and love, was first airing on Cartoon Network - and I had fallen in love with it. Particularly Melfina, but... *cough cough* Where were we?

Ah, yes - so I said I really liked that series; and she came up with outlawstar69 -- it's a motif I've been using ever since; with slight changes for aim (outlawstar86te). If you see a forum or user name somewhere that has either of those usages... then that's me.

Wow... remembering that almost makes me feel old, since Outlaw Star is considered a classic anymore.
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My original OB username was [b]Double_B_Daigo[/b] back on what I believe was Version 5 or 6. It was a name I had created for a character I had created for a Trigun sequel that I never created. Double B stands for Double Barrel, Daigo being my bad spelling of the latino name "Diego". It's still my AIM handle. I stuck around for about a year or so with that name, made a small dent in the OBs, and then moved. I soon found I was unable to log in with my account where I moved to due to IP Address errors.

After that unfortunate event, I moved onto an OBs-Style Anime-themed message board called "GreyFairy" were I dwelled for a few months and even became a mod of an OB-style RPG area that I masterminded and suggested. It was there that I took on the name [b]ReFlux[/b], after going through a phase where I wanted to be a DJ.

Around the time Ver. 6 (or 7?) came around, I made my triumphant return to OB and never looked back to GreyFairy. I created a new account and used the name [b]ReFlux[/b]. For some time, things were good, but then life got busy and I ended up taking a hiatus of several months, nearly a year.

Then I returned. I decided to have a new start, so I took on a new name. [b]Mugen[/b], based on my favorite anime character to date, Mugen from Samurai Champloo (it also means Infinite/Illusion in Japanese apparently). Then I made another huge hiatus of several months.

During that hiatus, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater came out and became my favorite game of all time. The game's main villain was a woman called [b]The Boss[/b] and she was the first female game character that I ever believed was as awesome as she acted (boo on Lara Croft and Tifa). At the end of the game, [spoiler] she dies and passes on her title, [b]The Boss[/b], onto the game's main character Naked Snake,[/spoiler] dubbing him Big Boss.

So, when I returned to OB, I decided to make yet another new start and came with the coolest name I could muster which still had a reference that I hoped some people would get (no body has yet). [b]The Boss[/b]. So, technically, I use the name of both a man and a woman. Regardless, both people with the name are awesome bad-ace characters. I'm androgynous anyways, so I guess it works, haha.

[b]The Boss[/b] has been the longest lasting name I've had on OB and I've made a pretty good reputation on it, so I don't plan on ever changing. It's here to stay, and I couldn't be happier.

Plus, it's nice to hear everyone call me [b]Boss[/b], even when they disagree with me, haha. [b]The Boss[/b] ftw.

On MySpace, I go by the name [b]Mister Asterisk[/b] or a variation of it. [b]Mister Asterisk[/b] is also my yahoo screen name and YouTube handle. The Boss was taken, and like Malkav, I refuse to ever lower myself to using numbers in any screen name. [b]Mister Asterisk[/b] comes from the way that passwords are always blanked out when you type them in, most commonly with asterisk symbols (***). So really, it's like a spy name, a man with no name or a name that is hidden. Mr.******. I plan on eventually changing my AIM handle to that, as my current Skype name is also [b]Mister Asterisk[/b]. Pretty much, anywhere except for OBs and Group Sounds, that is what I go by.
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]Screw your repeat threads, they are not good for you.

Either way.

I've had alot of handles but the only about three that have been around for any length of time are my variants of[B] silpheed[/B] and [B]silpheedpilot[/B] which silpheed being the fighter craft in a videogame (Also named Silpheed, my personal favorite shooter) and pilot being, uh, the person who pilots the craft. Simple enough.

Another of mine that has stuck through the years has been [B]A Merc For Hire[/B] naturally a war type name I normally used that handle in videogames. Many ones such as Delta Force 2, CSS, Battlefield 2 and so on and so forth. My Xbox Live GamerTag is also [B]A Merc For Hire[/B]

And the last one I'm known for is [B]Mister Riot[/B]. Not only is it my AIM handle I normally use that one for arcade name entries and all my save data names, and normally the name of my created or re-named hero go under the name [B]Riot[/B], [B]Mr. Riot[/B], or [B]Mister Riot[/B]. Heck, even one of my WoW characters is a variant of [B]Mister Riot[/B], albeit heavily modified. His name is Mistteriote.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Well, I've had two accounts now.. but I'll just talk about this one (since I've changed it.. since the last thread AND because no one is suppose to know who I am... sneaky).

So, I got my user name mostly by Final Fantasy 10. If you wanted to get everyones ultimate weapons, then you had to fight an Earth Eater. Which had about a million hit points. So, then I combine that with King (Which would come from King Cactuar) and I would have my oh so awesome user name!
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[COLOR="Navy"]Well, my name is inspired by the movie Premonition, no I kid.

Well my first name Ålpha-Æpsilon was inspired by the Megaman game "Command X" when I started playing it. Next up was Splitkeyblader because of my everlasting Kigndom Hearts obsession, plus it was around the time I met Keyblade Wielder and joined her RP, which I failed in! >_< I also met Acheron, who is now tekkaman. So all three of us were big KH fans.

My third name was Forgotten-Hero, I never really knew why I named myself that.[/COLOR]
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[quote name='silpheedpilot'][SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]Screw your repeat threads, they are not good for you.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]So why exactly do you bother to reply to them then? I mean if they really aren't good for you, wouldn't that be an oxymoron to reply to it in the end? LOL! And yeah say what you will. They [I]are[/I] good for you. Especially for all the new members who weren't around when this was done before, so for them, it's NOT a repeat thread. Duh! [spoiler]Oh were you expecting something here? Sorry, but the truth is painful so too bad.[/spoiler]

And just to stay on topic, not that I ever plan on changing my user name, but if I did, I'd probably go with something else classical like Rachmaninoff's first name Sergei. Or I would find some other composer that I really like and use their name. Or perhaps I'll clobber the Darren here who stole my name and used it first. :p I kid.
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[color=blue]Well, as most of you know, my username is my real name. ^_^ I'd been debating for a WHILE to do this, or just to stick with Skye - which is what everyone thought was my real name for a looong time. I still <3 that friggin name.

DB is probably the only other person who has changed their name quite so much as I did ? not to mention the fact that we Rped together a LOT. I?m, like, a name-change goddess. O_o I previously had the name [b]Squiggles[/b], which I actually had back on my other account. Some might be familiar with the quote: ?Smiles and wiggles, squeals and giggles.? Hence, Squiggles. It was my child-nickname.

Before that was [b]Caoimhe[/b], which means ?beautiful? in Welsh. I just liked the name. ^_^ Then there was the name [b]Jayden[/b], also just one I liked. Before that, [b]Lapis[/b] as in the stone. And my first ever name in this account was [b]Serendipity[/b]. That simply meant ?an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident,? which I felt was appropriate at the time.

Then there was my old account. My first name in that account was [b]Rhian[/b]. It was short for Rhiannon, which was one of my friends name, and I adored it. After that came [b]Mouse[/b], which was during my Matrix-obsession phase. Next was [b]Paertekarka[/b]? and I still have no idea where it came from. [b]Skye[/b] was next, which as I told you was my online name for a long time. I wanted the name Salem, but someone already had it so instead I changed it to [b]WhiteSalem[/b]. That was my T*Witches phase. [b]Delirium[/b] was my name at the beginning of the Sexy Six era. Then there was [b]Squiggles[/b] ? the first time! Lastly was [b]Fiacha[/b] which was Gaelic for ?little raven.?

I had two previous accounts before that, both of which got banned. The first one EVER was Sailor Star. >.< Sailor Moon influenced. That one got banned by The Harlequin. The second was first GuardianStorm, then callmegoddess04, another T*Witches influence.

I?ve probably had names I don?t remember. o_O

On other sites I usually go by Skye, or variations on the names I've had here. My Gaia Online name is Caoimhe Faelan, which means beautiful little wolf. Before that it was BrierLotus. Don't ask, cause I don't know.[/color]
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[quote name='SunfallE'][COLOR="goldenrod"]It?s been a while since we?ve had one of these and because [B][U]repeat threads are a good thing[/U][/B], I say it?s time we had one again. [/COLOR][/QUOTE]I agree, they are good. Honestly, I just don't understand the negative attitude towards repeat topics. Once the rest of you kids have lived as long as I have, you'll realize that on some level, everything you talk about, read, wear, listen to musically, etc. Will be a repeat on some level. All I'd have to do is pull out some of my older clothing that is practically identical to what kids are wearing today and raving over how 'new' it is to prove my point.

Anyway, as many of you know, my user name is simple. It's based on my daughter's user name Aaryanna. Since I'm her mother, all I did was add _Mom to the end, since I'm Aaryanna's Mom. ;) I'm not very original when it comes to names. But then other than OtakuBoards, I've never joined a forum before and I really have no plans to join another one. Keeping up with one is more than enough for me.

Overall the name has no special meaning beyond what I just explained, and if I did change it, it would be to something reflecting what I am. A mother. But for now I see no reason to change it since I like it. Though if people prefer to call me by my given name Kathy, that's fine too. :catgirl:
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